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Hacienda Times Digest Feb 27

February 27th, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Fitness Class Schedule atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Monday, February 27 the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am Ultimate Escape

Tuesday, February 28 Total body renewal, head
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am to toe, with detoxifying
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am products and nourishing
oils. This spa program is
Wednesday, March 1 perfect for a day of
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am complete indulgence and renewal. Beginning with a welcoming foot
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am ritual to determine the best products and techniques, the experience
proceeds with a full body exfoliation with and a purifying clay body
Thursday, March 2 wrap to cleanse and remove toxins. Then a therapeutic hot stone massage
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
promotes deep relaxation and continues the process of releasing. Our
Yoga: 9:30am-10:30 am
healing stone signature facial provides nourishment and vitality for the

Friday, March 3 face, and detailed attention for the hands and feet puts the finishing
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am touches.
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am 6hrs, 30min. - $590 USD + TAX

Saturday, March 4
Spinning: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Personalized Therapeutic Massage
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am

Sunday, March 5 Experience the healing effects of customized massage work on your
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am specific problem areas. Our skilled therapist will see to it that muscle
tension simply melts away through the use of neuromuscular and trigger

point massage applied to specific areas of the body, as well as isolated
stretching, circulatory, and lymphatic techniques where needed.
Private classes
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request.

50min. - $155 USD + TAX
80min. - $200 USD + TAX

Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Rejuvenate your Body.

Replenish your Soul.

FROM THE PAGES OF Midnight in New York

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Despite Strife, Trump to Seek Rise in Military Spending

De Blasio’s Job WASHINGTON — President Gary Cohn; and the White House didn’t vote, or people who didn’t
Trump will instruct federal agen- chief strategist, Stephen K. Ban- vote for him, into the fold. Inside
Is Looking Safe cies on Monday to assemble a non — is intended to make a big the Beltway and with the media,
budget for the coming fiscal year
there’s this focus on the palace in-
splash for a president eager to
that includes sharp increases in show that he is a man of action. trigue. Out in the rest of the coun-
Defense Department spending Trump’s top advisers huddled try, they are seeing a guy who is
Nearly eight months ago, with and drastic enough cuts to do- in the White House this week- focused on jobs and the economy.”
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval rat- mestic agencies that he can keep end to work on his Tuesday The budget plan, a numerical
ings anchored below 50 percent in his promise to leave Social Secu- night prime-time address. They sketch likely to be substantial-
New York City, a high-powered po- rity and Medicare alone, accord- focused on a single, often over- ly altered by House and Senate
litical consultant publicly vowed to ing to four senior administration looked message amid the chaos Republicans — and opposed by
help fund and advise a viable cam- officials. of his first weeks in the White congressional Democrats — will
paign to defeat the mayor in the 2017 The budget outline will be the House: the assertion that the be Trump’s first big step into a
election. first move in a campaign this week reality-show candidate is now a legislative fray that he has large-
A dozen would-be mayors have to reset the narrative of Trump’s president determined to keep au- ly avoided during the first 40 days
since met with the consultant, turmoil-tossed White House. dacious campaign promises on of his administration. Instead of
Bradley Tusk, a A day before delivering an ad- immigration, the economy and legislating, he has focused on a
millionaire for- dress on Tuesday to a joint session the budget, no matter how slop- succession of executive orders
mer adviser to of Congress, Trump will demand py or disruptive it looks from the on immigration and deregulation.
de Blasio’s prede- a budget with tens of billions of outside. Resistance from federal agen-
cessor, Michael dollars in reductions to the En- “They might not agree with cies could ease some of the deep-
R. Bloomberg. vironmental Protection Agency everything you do, but people est cuts in the initial plan before a
Tusk is still and State Department, according will respect you for doing what final budget request is even sent
looking. to the four officials. Social safety you said you were going to do,” to Congress. And Capitol Hill will
With just over Mayor Bill de net programs, aside from the big said Jason Miller, a top commu- have the last word.
six months until entitlement programs for retirees, nications strategist on the Trump To meet Trump’s defense re-
the Democratic Blasio would also be hit hard. campaign who remains close to quest, lawmakers in both parties
primary, no cred- This budget plan — a product the White House. would have to agree to raise or
ible challenger — a person with of a collaboration between the Of- “He’s doing something first, end statutory spending caps on
some combination of name recogni- fice of Management and Budget and there’s time for talk later,” defense and domestic programs
tion, a political base, governmental director, Mick Mulvaney; the Na- Miller added. “This is ultimately that were imposed by the 2011
experience and the funding to wage tional Economic Council director, how he’s going to get people who Budget Control Act. (NYT)
a knockdown campaign — has
emerged. ‘Enemy of People’ Label Has Fraught History
In an era when political neophytes
have captured offices as high as the
White House, the lack of challeng- MOSCOW — The phrase was nation embrace a label that, after “A few days ago, I called the
ers to de Blasio, a Democrat, may too toxic even for Nikita Khrush- the death of Stalin, even the Sovi- fake news the enemy of the peo-
seem mystifying. chev, a communist not known for et Union found to be too freighted ple because they have no sourc-
De Blasio has mostly failed in squeamishness. As leader of the with sinister connotations? es — they just make it up,” the
polls to win the support of white Soviet Union, he demanded an Nina Khrushcheva, the president said, adding that the
voters, even many Democrats. He end to the use of the term “enemy great-granddaughter of Khrush- label applied only to “dishonest”
is struggling to contain a surging of the people” because “it elimi- chev and a professor of interna- reporters and editors. Hours lat-
homeless population. He clashes nated the possibility of any kind tional affairs at the New School er, Sean Spicer, the White House
fruitlessly and often with Gov. An- of ideological fight.” in New York, said the phrase was press secretary, barred journal-
drew M. Cuomo, a fellow Democrat. “The formula ‘enemy of the “shocking to hear in a non-Soviet, ists from several news organiza-
His administration is mired in people,’ ” Khrushchev told the moreover non-Stalinist setting.” tions, including The Times, from
a series of overlapping fund-rais- Soviet Communist Party in a 1956 Her great-grandfather, she said, attending a briefing in his office.
ing investigations, including some speech denouncing Stalin’s cult “of course also used Soviet slogans By using the phrase, Trump has
by the United States attorney for of personality, “was specifical- and ideological idioms but still demonstrated that the language
the Southern District of New York, ly introduced for the purpose of tried to stay away from sweeping of “autocracy, of state nationalism
Preet Bharara, that could result in physically annihilating such indi- denunciations of whole segments is always the same regardless of
indictments of de Blasio or top offi- viduals” who disagreed with the of the Soviet population.” the country, and no nation is ex-
cials in the coming weeks. supreme leader. In Trump’s case, he is brand- empt,” Khrushcheva said.
It might seem enough fodder for It is difficult to know if President ing as enemies a segment of the In all likelihood, she said, he had
any challenger. But defeating an Trump is aware of the historic res- American population — specifi- not read Lenin, Stalin or Mao Ze-
incumbent in New York City is no onance of the term, a label gener- cally representatives of what he dong, but the “formulas of insult,
easy task; a one-term mayor has ally associated with despotic com- calls the “fake news” media, in- humiliation, domination, brand-
been ousted only twice in the last munist governments rather than cluding The New York Times. ing, enemy-forming and name
50 years: Abraham D. Beame by democracies. But his decision to He has used the phrase more calling are always the same.”
Edward I. Koch in 1977, and David unleash the terminology has puz- than once, including Friday The White House did not re-
N. Dinkins by Rudolph W. Giuliani zled some historians. Why would during an attack on the news me- spond to a request for comment.
in 1993. J. DAVID GOODMAN the elected leader of a democratic dia at a conservative gathering. ANDREW HIGGINS


U.S. General Aims U.S. Forces Play Key Role Against ISIS in Mosul
To Resume Military HAMAM AL-ALIL, Iraq — One

Games With Egypt week after Iraqi forces began
their push into western Mosul,
American firepower is playing Members
CAIRO — The top commander an essential role in softening the of Iraq’s
of American military operations in opposition from the Islamic State. elite Rapid
the Middle East said during a vis- The thunderous booms from Response
it here on Sunday that the United howitzers near Hamam al-Alil, a Division in
States wanted to resume a major town along the Tigris River, are Mosul, whose
military exercise with Egypt that just part of the American mili- western half
President Barack Obama can- tary’s contribution to keep the remains under
celed in 2013 to protest the killings Iraqi offensive moving forward.
of hundreds of civilian protesters. Capt. Geoffrey Ross, who com- Islamic State
“It is my goal to get that exer- mands the unit of self-propelled ARIS MESSINIS/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES control.
cise back on track and try to re-es- artillery, said his soldiers had been
tablish that as another key part of busier than he had anticipated. ism service seized a nearby mili- with more problems than they
our military relationship,” Gen. “It’s considerably more than we tary base last week. can handle. But the Islamic State,
Joseph L. Votel, the head of the thought we were going to shoot That ground has been taken at also known as ISIS or ISIL, has
United States Central Command, when we left Fort Hood,” he said a cost. Four Iraqis were killed in responded by concentrating its
told an Egyptian television inter- on Saturday, as one of his howit- action and 53 wounded on Friday, firepower on what it believes to be
viewer. zers hurled another round toward according to an American official the Iraqis’ main line of attack.
Votel’s comments were made Mosul, 15 miles to the northwest. who requested anonymity to dis- In ISIS’s version of combined
after he met with President Abdel At Qayyarah Airfield West, an cuss the statistics. That is a small arms warfare, it has sent drones
Fattah el-Sisi and top Egyptian Iraq base 40 miles south of Mosul, a fraction of the nearly 500 dead and equipped with bombs even as
military and Defense Ministry United States Army task force fires 3,000 wounded that Iraqi forces it lobbed mortars and deployed
officials. It also comes amid a gen- Himars satellite-guided rockets at suffered in their push to secure suicide car bombers, whom the
eral warming of relations between targets. Apache attack helicopters, the eastern half of the city during militants use as a primitive but
Sisi and President Trump. equipped with Hellfire missiles, an earlier, 100-day offensive. often effective way to deliver pre-
Even before Trump took office, stand ready to carry out their mis- But the toughest part of the bat- cision-guided munitions.
Obama had agreed to resume sions from the base’s airfield. tle, the house-to-house combat in Iraqi troops have been spooked
the provision of major weapons That firepower, the decision to the narrow streets of the old part by the ISIS drones, which some-
systems, including F-16 fighter position American advisers closer of western Mosul, lies ahead. The times hover in swarms of three to
planes, M1A1 Abrams tanks and to the fighting and the determined Islamic State’s military tactics five. The United States military
Harpoon missiles. The delivery efforts of the Iraqi forces them- have also added to the challenge. has used its firepower to try to mit-
of those systems by Obama had selves have yielded some notable With the encouragement of the igate the drone problem, just as it
been suspended in 2013 after the gains. Iraq’s federal police have Americans, the Iraqi strategy has targeted ISIS’s car bomb factories,
Egyptian military ousted Mo- fully secured the Mosul airport, been to mount an attack on mul- mortar teams and command post.
hamed Morsi, Egypt’s first dem- while Iraq’s elite counterterror- tiple axes to present the militants MICHAEL R. GORDON
ocratically elected president and
a leader of the Muslim Brother- In Brief
But growing concern over the
threat of militants in Sinai, many Indians Are Wary of Coming to U.S. Human Rights and pro-government media said
of whom have pledged loyalty troops were about six miles west of Palmyra, which
to the Islamic State, as well as Jeena Sharma, 25, was in the process of applying is home to some of the world’s most treasured ar-
Egypt’s decision to buy weapons for a work visa to the United States when news chaeological sites. The Islamic State overran the
from Russia and France, led the came that two Indian engineers had been shot in city, prized for its ancient Roman archaeological
Obama administration to reverse a Kansas bar by a man who drunkenly questioned ruins, for a second time in December. In March last
course. their immigration status. Even as she endeavored year, government forces had captured the town end-
The first joint American and to convey to her mother the difference between ing a 10-month rule by the extremists. (AP)
Egyptian exercise began in 1980 Kansas and New York City, where she hopes to
and was expanded until it became move, Sharma felt her own apprehensions growing,
a major biannual undertaking. as the days passed and President Trump made no Vatican Is Protecting Pope’s Image
The largest “Bright Star” exer- statement on the crime. “It’s definitely very scary God’s love may be free, but the Vatican says it has
cise, as the maneuvers are known, for me at the moment,” she said. “It’s almost as if a a copyright on the pope. Unnerved by the prolifera-
included about 70,000 troops from brown person is dead, like it doesn’t matter.” Indians tion of papal-themed T-shirts, snow globes and tea
11 nations and was held in 1999. are the largest recipients of temporary skilled work- towels around the world, the Vatican has warned
Even if agreement on resuming er visas, known as H-1B visas, which the Trump it intends to “protect” the image of Pope Francis
the exercise is reached soon, it administration intends to cut back. (NYT) and “stop situations of illegality that may be dis-
may take 18 months or longer for covered.” It also wants to protect the crossed keys
a new “Bright Star” to be held as Syria Pounds Rebel-Held Area in Homs emblem of the Holy See. “The secretary of state will
funds need to be included in the undertake systematic surveillance aimed at moni-
Pentagon future budget requests. Government warplanes pounded a rebel-held toring the way in which the image of the Holy Father
If the exercise is resumed, it is neighborhood in the central city of Homs on Sunday, and the emblems of the Holy See are used, interven-
likely to be much smaller than the killing at least three and wounding dozens, Syrian ing with opportune measures when necessary,” the
massive exercise of 1999 and to be opposition activists said, and President Bashar Vatican said. To back up this declaration, the Vati-
focused more on terrorist threats. al-Assad’s forces pushed ahead in Syria’s offensive can has hired the global law firm Baker McKenzie
MICHAEL R. GORDON on the historic town of Palmyra held by the Islamic to protect its intellectual property rights, the Italian
and DECLAN WALSH State. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for daily Corriere della Sera reported. (AP)


He’s a Town Pillar. Now He Faces Deportation. In Brief

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. — at the restaurant last summer as Hernandez had two drunken-driv-
Ask residents of this coal-min- police officers were facing criti- ing convictions from 2007, a cir- Father of Dead SEAL
ing crossroads about President cism around the country. How he cumstance that could make him Refused to Meet Trump
Trump’s decision to crack down took part in just about every com- a higher priority for deportation. The father of the commando
on undocumented immigrants munity committee or charity effort Friends of his say he crossed into killed in a Special Operations raid
and most offer no protest. Trump, around — the Rotary Club, cancer the United States from Mexico in in Yemen last month said in an in-
who easily won this mostly white fund-raisers, city cleanup days, the late 1990s and had started but terview published this weekend
southern Illinois county, is doing even scholarships for the Red- never completed efforts to legal- that he had refused to meet with
what he promised, they say. birds, the high school sports teams, ize his status. President Trump on the day his
As Terry Chambers, a barber, which are the pride of this city. As Victor Arana, a lawyer, be- son’s body was returned home,
put it, the president simply wants “I think people need to do things gan pressing to seek release for and criticized the White House
“to get rid of the bad eggs.” the right way, follow the rules, and Hernandez on bond until his case over the mission, saying, “Don’t
But then they took Carlos. obey the laws, and I firmly believe can be heard, the community has hide behind my son’s death to
Juan Carlos Hernandez Pache- in that,” said Lori Barron, the own- rallied around him, writing pleas prevent an investigation.” The fa-
co — just Carlos to the people of er of a beauty salon. “But in the for leniency to the officials who ther, William Owens, told The Mi-
West Frankfort — has been the case of Carlos, I think he may have will decide his fate. ami Herald that “the government
manager of La Fiesta, a Mexican done more for the people here The letters have piled up — owes my son an investigation,”
restaurant in this city of 8,000, than this place has ever given him. from the county prosecutor, the referring to Chief Petty Officer
for a decade. He always greeted I think it’s absolutely terrible that former postmaster, the car dealer, William Owens, 36, a member
people warmly at the door, and he he could be taken away.” the Rotary Club president. of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6. The
knew their children by name. But On Feb. 9, Hernandez, 38, was In his note, Richard Glodich, death of Owens on Jan. 29, in
people here tick off more things arrested by federal immigration the athletic director at Frankfort the first Special Operations raid
they know Carlos for. agents near his home and taken Community High School, wrote, approved by Trump, came after
How one night last fall when to a detention facility in Missouri. “As a grandson of immigrants, I a chain of miscues and misjudg-
the fire department was battling The federal authorities confirmed am all for immigration reform, ments that plunged the elite
a two-alarm blaze, Hernandez that he remained in custody, but but this time you have arrested a commandos into a firefight with
appeared with meals for the fire- would not comment on the reason GOOD MAN that should be used Qaeda militants in a mountainous
fighters. How he hosted a “Law for or timing of his arrest. as a role model for other immi- village in central Yemen. (NYT)
Enforcement Appreciation Day” Immigration officials noted that grants.” MONICA DAVEY
Virginia Primary Tests Power of Anti-Trump Train Doctor Donates Kidney
To Save Sick Colleague
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Ask offer insights about the political in next year’s midterm elections. It’s not unusual for a surgeon to
Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Demo- landscape: the first statewide elec- The nomination was thought to save another doctor’s life. But Dr.
crat, what defines this year’s race tion of the Trump era set in a state be Northam’s for the taking until Colleen Coleman did so by going
for governor in Virginia, and he that both presidential hopefuls Perriello made a surprise entry in under the knife to help an ailing
does not mention President Trump contested last year. But by trying January, vowing to make Virginia, colleague who desperately need-
a single time. Ask the same ques- to nationalize the race, Perriello the only Southern state that sup- ed a kidney. Coleman donated
tion of former Rep. Tom Perriello, has transformed the primary into ported Hillary Clinton, “a firewall” to Dr. Brian Dunn, an anesthesi-
Northam’s rival for the Democrat- a test of whether the liberal rage against the new president. ologist she works with at Hoag
ic nomination, and he invokes the toward the new president can be “A lot of the establishment said Hospital Newport Beach, Calif.,
president in the first sentence. harnessed to win a state campaign. that I clearly didn’t get Virginia, whose kidneys failed from chemo-
“I think it’s fierce resistance to And if he is successful in bend- that this was not a local issue,” therapy he received as a teenager
the kind of hateful politics Trump ing an election that usually cen- Perriello said. “This was actually to treat a stomach tumor. Coleman
has represented and putting for- ters on taxes, transportation and a matter of me having very much came through after one donor
ward a better vision of how we’re education toward the divisive oc- a sense of where Virginia voters withdrew her offer and Dunn’s
going to build an inclusive econo- cupant of the White House, he will were in terms of their concerns.” doctor advised him against ac-
my,” Perriello said here last week have sketched out a new strategy It remains to be seen whether cepting a kidney from a patient
after a town hall meeting. for Democrats during the Trump that claim is correct — the answer with Lou Gehrig’s disease. (AP)
The campaign for Virginia gov- administration that is surely to be will come in the primary on June
ernor was already expected to mimicked in the party’s primaries 13. JONATHAN MARTIN ‘People’s Court’ Judge,
Joseph Wapner, Dies
First Big Test for Mattis: Producing Options to Fight ISIS Joseph A. Wapner, a Califor-

nia judge who became a widely
WASHINGTON — As Defense he would “bomb the hell” out of the ditional troops on the ground in recognized symbol of tough but
Secretary Jim Mattis prepares militants, “take out” their families Syria. fair-minded American jurispru-
to submit his first big pitch to his and “take the oil” — Pentagon But Pentagon officials said there dence during the 12 years he sat
new boss — options for accelerat- leaders said they were preparing was little appetite in the Defense on the bench of the syndicated
ing the fight against the Islamic more nuanced options. Department for a full-fledged television show “The People’s
State — he is balancing the need Mattis will probably present American military mission in Syr- Court,” died on Sunday at his
to rein in President Trump’s more Trump a range of options that in- ia that would include thousands home in Los Angeles. He was
extreme impulses without dis- clude loosening some battlefield of additional combat troops. Any 97. His death was confirmed to
tancing himself too much and los- restrictions and allowing Amer- such move could leave the United The Associated Press by his son
ing White House favor. ican troops to get closer to the States responsible for picking up David. Wapner had served for 20
For all of Trump’s bombast fight. the pieces after a defeat of the Is- years on the California Municipal
about the fight against the Islamic Mattis may also recommend lamic State. HELENE COOPER and Superior Courts before mov-
State — he said as a candidate that putting a limited number of ad- and ERIC SCHMITT ing to daytime television. (NYT)


Chief Keeps CNN Going at Trump, an Ex-Fan In Brief

He is a favorite target of Pres- picion toward the news media, each other since the early 2000s,
ident Trump’s ire, the leader of a perhaps no battle is more pitched when Zucker put Trump in prime Trump Won’t Cut Social
television network that the White than that between Trump and time as host of the NBC show “The Security or Medicare
House routinely accuses of ped- CNN. The president has shouted Apprentice.” Both men share an
dling “fake news,” and a conten- down the network’s correspon- obsession with ratings and a love President Trump has no plans
tious figure in his own right whose dents, posted insults at its anchors of spectacle. to cut Social Security or Medi-
showcasing of Trump in the pres- in real time on Twitter and turned Both supporters and detractors care, administration officials
idential campaign led to howls anti-CNN epithets into a rallying of Zucker, who declined a ne-on- said Sunday. Treasury Secretary
from the political establishment. cry, electrifying the crowd on Fri- one interview for this article, say Steven Mnuchin told Fox News
But nibbling filet mignon in a day at the Conservative Political he can handle — and even relish- Channel’s “Sunday Morning Fu-
private dining room atop Central Action Conference by slamming es — a harsh spotlight. A wunder- tures” that “we are not touching
Park, Jeffrey A. Zucker, the pres- the “Clinton News Network.” kind who ran the “Today” show at those now.” Asked about potential
ident of CNN, did not look like a Later, CNN’s White House re- 26 and rose to become chief execu- cuts to the programs on ABC’s
man perturbed. “Our folks are just porter was one of several journal- tive of NBC Universal, Zucker has “This Week,” the deputy White
doing their jobs,” Zucker declared ists barred from a briefing with weathered professional and per- House press secretary, Sarah
at a recent lunch with journalists. Trump’s press secretary, Sean M. sonal setbacks, landing at CNN Huckabee Sanders, said Trump
Zucker, 51, has rarely shied from Spicer, a move the network called after being ousted from NBC and was “committed” to keeping his
a fight, but he has also never faced retaliatory and the anchor Jake beating back cancer twice. promise to leave Medicare and
an antagonist quite like this. Tapper deemed “un-American.” “One of the keys to his success,” Social Security alone. (AP)
In an extraordinary news con- Under the guidance of Zucker, said Andrew Heyward, a former
ference on Thursday, Trump CNN is now an elbows-out player president of CBS News, “is he’s got 1,000 Wendy’s to Add
denounced CNN as an organ of in national politics, vociferously an almost eerie self-confidence,
“anger and hatred” and accused pledging to hold a truth-averse that allows him to float an inch Self-Ordering Kiosks
Zucker directly of “bias.” White House to account. above the pavement at all times.” Wendy’s has plans to install
In an era of hostility and sus- Trump and Zucker have known MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM self-ordering kiosks at about
1,000 locations by the end of the
Coal Industry Tries to Reframe a Fuel’s Image year. A typical location would
have three kiosks, The Columbus
Dispatch reported. Higher-vol-
President Trump has ques- Task Force. Together, they are lob- believe the coal industry may ume restaurants will be given pri-
tioned the science behind climate bying for a tax bill to expand fed- be shifting its views on climate ority for the kiosks. Wendy’s chief
change as “a hoax” in positioning eral subsidies to reduce the envi- change more for its own business information officer, David Trimm,
himself as a champion of coal. The ronmental impact of coal burning. interests than any newfound love said the kiosks are intended to
three largest American coal pro- The technology they are promot- for the environment. appeal to younger customers and
ducers are taking a different tack. ing is carbon capture and seques- “To the extent that they are say- reduce labor costs. (AP)
They are voicing greater con- tration, an expensive and unwieldy ing things that seem much more
cern about greenhouse gas emis- method of trapping carbon dioxide rational than in the past, they ‘Get Out’ Has Big Debut
sions in order to frame an image of emitted from coal-fired plants be- are trying to persuade skeptical
coal as a contributor to a clean-en- fore the gas can blanket the atmo- investors that coal has a future,” Great reviews and buzz
ergy future — an image intended sphere and warm the planet. said David Hawkins, director of propelled comedian Jordan
to foster their legislative agenda. “We have to accept that there the climate program at the Natu- Peele’s directorial debut, the mi-
Executives of the companies, are reasonable concerns about ral Resources Defense Council. cro-budget thriller “Get Out,” to a
Cloud Peak Energy, Peabody En- carbon dioxide and climate, and Still, he said his group was will- chart-topping opening weekend
ergy and Arch Coal, are going so something has to be done about ing to work with the companies, with $30.5 million, according to
far as to make common cause with it,” said Richard Reavey, vice pres- even while it was suing them in estimates Sunday. The Blum-
some of their harshest critics, in- ident for government and public court on other issues, “if they are house-produced and Universal
cluding the Natural Resources affairs at Cloud Peak Energy. willing to join in properly crafted Pictures-distributed film cost an
Defense Council and the Clean Air Environmentalists say they legislation.” CLIFFORD KRAUSS estimated $4.5 million. (AP)
In an Attempt to Expand Globally, Netflix Makes Friends With Carriers

As he sat in his office in Paris, Such negotiations have become ship will take center stage on Mon- of them initially resisted such deals
Christian Bombrun, an executive increasingly commonplace for day when Reed Hastings, the com- with online content providers, gain-
at Orange, the French cellphone Netflix as its global ambitions pany’s chief executive, gives the ing access to Netflix’s exclusive
and cable operator, got an unex- have taken the content stream- keynote address on the first day programming helps set them apart
pected call. It was Netflix, the ing service far from its California of the Mobile World Congress. The from rivals, just as customers’ on-
American streaming giant, pro- roots into markets across Europe, conference is an annual trade show line habits have shifted toward
posing a deal. Latin America and Asia. in Barcelona, Spain, where execu- video, particularly on their smart-
Netflix was looking to offer its Netflix’s partnerships with tives from the telecom, media and phones and other mobile devices.
movies and television program- cable and cellphone operators technology worlds gather to meet “Netflix wants to be exposed
ming to the 10 million Orange worldwide give it almost instan- and, potentially, sign new deals. to as many people as it can,” said
customers across France. What taneous access to potential new Hastings’s address — part sales Tom Harrington, an analyst at
followed were six months of often users without spending a fortune pitch, part industry update — Enders Analysis, a media and
tense negotiations, as the compa- on advertising and distribution comes as Netflix’s attention has telecom industry research com-
nies wrestled over the details. deals in markets where its brand turned to overseas subscribers. pany in London. “Telecom oper-
At times, both sides thought the and content may be relatively un- For cable and cellphone compa- ators want to keep people inside
talks would fail. But, Bombrun known. nies from Bulgaria to Bolivia, the their walls, so they are willing to
said, “we got a deal done.” This growing symbiotic relation- calculation is simple. Though many let Netflix in.” MARK SCOTT


Chip Makers Try to Protect Their Future in U.S. Endorsers Turn

Political and Keep
LEHI, Utah — Nestled at the A silicon wafer at
foot of the Wasatch Mountains the IM Flash plant Their Deals
here, the IM Flash plant is a par- in Lehi, Utah, which
agon of American high-tech man-
ufacturing. Micron Technology This month, in an act that some
Robots glide along the ceiling, and Intel own together might once have considered com-
moving silicon wafers the size of to share costs. mercial suicide, Stephen Curry,
dinner plates between hulking the N.B.A.’s marquee attraction,
machines that deposit and etch cut as well as other ways criticized the chief executive of
microscopic layers of material to to improve the financial Advertising his own sneaker
build the most advanced memory incentives for chip mak- brand, Under
chips in the world. ers to locate new projects Armour, for complimenting Pres-
For the 1,700 technicians and here. Although the United ident Trump.
scientists who tend to the robots JIM MCAULEY FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES States has 76 semiconduc- After Under Armour’s C.E.O.,
and troubleshoot problems in the tor plants, many of them Kevin Plank, described Trump’s
manufacturing process, the jobs ing high American tax rates and are older, and few new ones are pro-business approach as “a real
offer generous pay and benefits the hefty subsidies offered by for- being built. asset” to the country, Curry told
and easy access to Utah’s many eign governments for new semi- Intel, whose work force relies The San Jose Mercury News, “I
outdoor attractions. conductor plants, which can cost heavily on highly skilled immi- agree with that description, if you
For Intel and Micron Technology, as much as $10 billion. grants, is also pressing the ad- remove the ‘et.’ ” He later said he
the two American companies that Chip makers are hopeful that ministration to continue allow- would not be afraid to leave any
jointly own and operate IM Flash, President Trump, who has prom- ing such immigrants to enter the company “if it wasn’t in line with
the venture allows both of them to ised large corporate tax cuts and country. who I am.”
sell cutting-edge, three-dimension- a tougher approach to trade with The chip industry spends about The reaction was forceful — in
al memory chips while sharing the China, will help them. one-fifth of its revenue on re- support of Curry. Other Under
multibillion-dollar costs of a mod- Intel’s chief executive, Brian M. search and development, but it Armour endorsers, like the mov-
ern semiconductor factory. Krzanich, made a public display of also wants more federal funding ie star Dwayne Johnson, also
While companies based in his faith in the administration this for basic research. known as the Rock, and the bal-
the United States still dominate month when he stood by Trump in “We would like this adminis- lerina Misty Copeland, released
chip sales worldwide, only about the Oval Office to announce that tration to double down on invest- their own critical statements
13  percent of the world’s chip the company would spend $7 bil- ments in basic research in univer- aimed at Plank. One analyst
manufacturing capacity was in lion to complete a leading-edge sities,” said John Neuffer, the chief downgraded Under Armour’s
this country in 2015, down from chip factory in Chandler, Ariz., executive of the Semiconductor stock price target, to $14 from $24
30 percent in 1990, according to creating 3,000 full-time jobs. Industry Association, a trade per share. And on Feb. 15, Plank
government data. Intel said it was talking with the group that represents American took out a full-page ad in The Bal-
Chip makers attribute the de- Trump administration and Con- chip makers. “Help us pedal fast- timore Sun saying, in part, that
cline to a variety of forces, includ- gress about a broad corporate tax er.” VINDU GOEL his comments “did not accurately
reflect my intent.”
Assailing the White House From a Glass House had since spoken to Curry, John-
A spokeswoman said Plank
son and Copeland and “they all
And the award for best political Start by acknowledging and year — and older Americans. understand the context in which
stemwinder goes to. … celebrating the obvious: After “The OscarsSoWhite hashtag those comments were made.”
After a movie awards season two straight years of #Oscars- has to be viewed as a synecdo- Leigh Steinberg, who is per-
that was already one for the po- SoWhite controversy, the Acad- che for ‘industry so white,’ ” said haps best known as being the in-
litical history books, it was the emy Awards had a impressive Franklin Leonard, the founder spiration for Tom Cruise’s sports
Mediator Oscars’ turn to number of nominations for black of The Black List, a script crowd- agent character in “Jerry Magu-
speak truth to actors and black producers. sourcing site. ire,” was stunned. “In days past,
Jim Rutenberg power from a But no one in Hollywood seems “If you view #OscarsSoWhite what would Under Armour have
place of privilege on Sunday. willing to make any bets that this as being only about more nomi- done?” Steinberg said. “They
On Saturday, when the actor will be the start of a lasting trend. nations for black actors at the Os- would have cut Steph Curry.”
Casey Affleck used an acceptance This year’s nominations didn’t cars then you totally missed the As more endorsers relinquish
speech to call President Trump’s change the fact that the number point, and a lot of people did miss their political neutrality, compa-
policies “un-American” and of minorities in the ranks of stu- the point,” Leonard said. nies may have to decide if signing
“abhorrent” at the Independent dio executives remains low; that Hollywood’s diversity issues, a celebrity like Curry is worth it
Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, it the female director continues to of course, aren’t all that different if they don’t agree on matters be-
created the expectation that the be that rarest of species, and the from those of corporate America. yond the color of the sneaker.
stars were going to go full-on, po- consequences for bad behavior — Leonard’s argument is that in “He is not biting the hand that
litical-cultural warrior mode. alleged or confirmed — still seem Hollywood, the more diverse the feeds him. The hand that he’s
But a poll by The Hollywood to go by a sliding scale based on executive ranks the better the feeding bit him,” said Harry
Reporter last week found that who your connections are or your chance for diversity in storytell- Edwards, the sociologist and
two-thirds of Trump voters turn potential at the box office. ing. As The Atlantic reports in its civil rights activist who helped to
off awards shows at the first hint And all the celebration of the latest issue, his list, which polls inspire the raised-fist protest by
of politics. black nominees this year was top studio executives on the best Tommie Smith and John Carlos
And, for all the talk of inclusion tempered by what-about-us com- scripts they’ve read, has helped during the 1968 Summer Olym-
in the political speechifying, how plaints from Asian-Americans, push into production great pics. “We always had that a little
inclusive is Hollywood’s own Hispanics, women — whose screenplays including “Slumdog bit backwards, but now it is clear
house, anyway? nominations fell in non-acting Millionaire” and “Spotlight,” both whom is feeding whom.”
The answer is not very. categories compared with last of which won best picture. ZACH SCHONBRUN


A Surprise Ending: ‘Moonlight’ Wins Best Picture

LOS ANGELES — In an epic flub feel like there’s no mirror for you,
that drew gasps of horror — and that your life is not reflected,
joy — at the Dolby Theater here, the academy has your back the
Warren Beatty mistakenly named A.C.L.U. has your back, we have
“La La Land” best picture at the your back — and for the next four
89th Academy Awards on Sunday years, we will not leave you alone,
night, but in reality “Moonlight” we will not forget you,” Jenkins
won Hollywood’s top prize. said from the stage.
The producers of “La La Land” Among the nominees leaving
were still thanking their families with nothing: “Lion,” an adoption
and fellow artists when the inter- tearjerker with six nominations,
jection came that “Moonlight” had and the box office hit “Hidden Fig-
in fact won, as everyone wondered ures,” which had three nods.
if it was a joke. But it wasn’t, and PRIZES FOR DAVIS AND MAHERSHA-
the “La La Land” people exited LA ALI Davis won the best support-
the stage as producers and stars PATRICK T. FALLON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES ing actress Oscar — her first — for
of “Moonlight,” just as stunned as The director Barry Jenkins, center, accepting the best picture playing a world-weary housewife
everyone else, walked on. Oscar for “Moonlight,” after “La La Land” was announced. in “Fences.” An intense, nearly
Beatty and Faye Dunaway had overcome Davis touched on her
presented the best picture award. family, her industry “cheerlead-
When Beatty opened the enve- said Barry Jenkins, the director heroic World War II medic, won ers,” the film’s director (Washing-
lope, he took an extended pause of “Moonlight.” “But to hell with Oscars for sound mixing and ton), graveyards, dashed dreams
before showing the card to Dun- dreams, I’m done with it, because film editing, a category that is of- and the playwright August Wilson,
away, who then announced “La this is true. Oh my goodness.” ten predictive of the best picture who adapted his “Fences” for the
La Land” as the winner Held up as an escapist, be- winner. Kenneth Longergan won screen and whom Davis praised as
“I want to tell you what hap- lieve-in-yourself antidote for the the best screenplay statuette for someone who “exhumed and exalt-
pened,” Beatty said in the cha- times, the neo-musical “La La his “Manchester by the Sea,” the ed the ordinary people.”
otic moments after “Moonlight” Land” won six Oscars, including story of a grieving New England The best supporting actor award
was announced as the winner. statuettes for Damien Chazelle’s handyman. Casey Affleck, who went to Ali, who tearfully thanked
“I opened the envelope, and it directing and Stone’s acting, during played the lead role in Lonergan’s the cast and crew of “Moonlight”
said “Emma Stone, La La Land.” a jaunty ceremony that swung be- film, beat Denzel Washington and his own family. “Peace and
That’s why I took such a long look tween self-celebration and political (“Fences”) for best actor. blessings,” he said.
at Faye and at you. I wasn’t trying acrimony — before its wild ending. The supporting acting prizes After two years when the Acad-
to be funny. This is “Moonlight,” “Well, I don’t know what hap- went to Viola Davis for her perfor- emy of Motion Picture Arts and
the best picture.” pened,” said the host, Jimmy Kim- mance in “Fences,” about a Pitts- Sciences was criticized for over-
“Moonlight,” the story of a mel. “I blame myself for this. Let’s burgh family in the 1950s, and Ma- looking black actors and films
young, gay, black man, won three remember it’s just an award show, hershala Ali for his portrayal of a about African-American experi-
statuettes in total, including best we hate to see people disappoint- sympathetic drug dealer in “Moon- ences, this year’s nominee list was
adapted screenplay and best sup- ed but we got to see some extra light,” which also won the adapted remarkably diverse. Six black
porting actor. speeches.” screenplay Oscar, for Barry Jen- actors received nominations — a
“Very clearly, even in my DIVERSE SET OF WINNERS “Hack- kins and Tarell Alvin McCraney. record. BROOKS BARNES
dreams this could not be true,” saw Ridge,” the true story of a “All you people out there who and CARA BUCKLEY
BEST PICTURE “Moonlight”
Answers to Puzzles BEST ACTOR Casey Affleck, “Manchester
by the Sea”
BEST ACTRESS Emma Stone, “La La
COSTUME DESIGN “Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them”
DIRECTION Damien Chazelle, “La La
in America”
FILM EDITING “Hacksaw Ridge”
Fill the grid with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each Squad”
heavily outlined box will produce the target number shown, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication SCORE “La La Land”
or division, as indicated in the box. A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1-4. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6. SONG “City of Stars” from “La La Land”
For solving tips and more KenKen puzzles: For feedback: [email protected] LIVE ACTION SHORT “Sing”
KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved.
VISUAL EFFECTS “The Jungle Book”


‘Affordable Underground Furniture’: Coffin Clubs Catch On

SYDNEY, Australia — Roger Terry and his D.I.Y. Coffin Club and a former fiberglass
wife, Grace, have little interest in quilting, molding specialist, said the club, established
fishing or book clubs. in 2013, had 120 members.
Instead, the Terrys meet with other retired The oldest member of the Hawke’s Bay
friends each Tuesday at a disused sports cen- clubs is 94, with mid-70s being the average
ter to build coffins, a hobby that has gathered age of club members.
followers across New Zealand. “It gives us old fellas something of interest,
“We have a heap of fun,” said Grace Terry, something to do,” Roger Terry said. “But it
77, a former nurse in Hawke’s Bay, on the also serves a purpose.”
North Island of New Zealand. “I’ve seen peo- The country’s first coffin club was estab-
ple come alive making their own coffins.” lished in 2010 by a palliative care nurse, Katie
Grace Terry’s own coffin, painted mauve Williams, in a makeshift workshop in her yard
and decorated with deep purple hydrangea in Rotorua, also on the North Island.
LOTTIE HEDLEY FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES blooms, sits in the couple’s home, waiting to “It grew from there,” said the treasurer
At the Hawke’s Bay D.I.Y. Coffin Club, be lined. of the Kiwi Coffin Club Rotorua, Joanne La
members finished one of their projects. Roger Terry, chairman of the Hawke’s Bay Grouw, 66, who decorated her mother’s coffin,
including the beading inside.
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz The club’s motto is “fine and affordable un-
derground furniture.”
PUZZLE BY ZHOUQIN BURNIKEL The caskets are inscribed with the club’s
ACROSS 40 “When You Wish 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 initials, K.C.C., and are built to meet national
1 “No problem for ___ a Star”
me!” 43 Manning who 14 15 16 standards: Each of the coffins has a water-
6 Peru’s capital was twice Super 17 18 19 proof lining and is strong enough to hold a
10 Omar of Fox’s Bowl M.V.P. body.
“House” 45 Watch or clock 20 21 22 The coffins are made from particleboard
14 Dickens’s “___ 47 Showed in kits and are shaped like traditional caskets or
House” syndication, say 23 24 25 as rectangles.
15 Per item 49 Justice Kagan 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 The coffins can also double as aboveground
16 Hand lotion 50 Numbered hwy. furniture at home, disguised with cushions
ingredient 51 Abbr. before a 34 35 36 or blankets, until it is time for their primary
17 Intimidates, in a credit card date purpose.
way 52 Feeling blue 37 38 39 40 41 42
19 Crime scene 54 ___ card “We like to say it is only a box until you put
barrier (cellphone chip) 43 44 45 46 someone in it,” said La Grouw, whose mother
20 Goes to, as a 56 Exercise in a 47 48 49 50 died at 94 last year.
meeting pool The coffin kits cost about $170, significantly
21 Not as hard 58 Cross-reference 51 52 53 54 55 less than what an undertaker would charge
23 Airport up the for further for a coffin of similar quality.
coast from LAX information 56 57 58 59 60 61 Club membership in Rotorua is about $7 a
24 Flash mobs, 62 Male deer 62 63 64 65 year and $17 in Hawke’s Bay.
once 63 On a lower floor
25 “Science Guy” 66 “___ kleine 66 67 68 Grace Terry said that once people finish
Bill Nachtmusik” creating their own coffins at the club, they
26 Jean ___, father 67 “Ars Amatoria” 69 70 71 often build others for charity, or return to help
of Dadaism poet other members.
29 “Oh, darn!” 68 Foe 2/27/17 “It’s very social,” she said.
32 Fired (up) 69 Ones in suits? 2 Ski area near 22 Name first 46 Van Gogh or Van MICHELLE INNIS
encountered in
Salt Lake City
34 Period between Genesis 2
wars 70 Big name in pet 3 “Cool!” 24 “Understand?,” 47 Moses parted it
36 Goat’s cry 71 Aid in storm- 4 Pub game slangily 48 Beautifully
37 World’s fair, for tracking 5 Artist Georgia 26 Big galoot strange
who is known
short for her flower 53 “Me, too”
38 Circus animals canvases 27 Tyrannosaurus 55 2016 Disney film 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
that balance DOWN 6 Cheryl of set in Polynesia •
beach balls on 1 “2 Broke Girls” “Charlie’s 28 Classroom 57 10 and 8 for Tom Brady, Editor
their noses airer missile email: [email protected]
Angels” Bart and Lisa
7 Wall St. debuts 30 Followed a Simpson, •
weight-loss plan
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fax: (646) 461-2364
AR MA DI LL O A RE NA 33 Island ESE of e.g. email: [email protected]
TO MR IP LE Y H AD NT 10 Has supper Oahu 59 Terminals •
AT EI T E XC AL IB UR 11 Unlined sheets 35 Pepsi, for one 60 Like the score
NE RT S R IA L S OLO without any 39 Just knows 7-7 For advertising information
IT SY AB OR IGI NA L 41 Month before 61 Humorous and to request a media kit
CO E B IE N M IN ER S 12 Sailor who’s Nov. Bombeck contact InMotion Media:
smitten by Olive
CA RE LO SS Oyl 64 Lab eggs phone: (212) 213-5856
SC OR NS BE NT AP R 13 Get angry 42 Born: Fr. email: [email protected]
CA PE CO DB AY CL UE 18 Pig noses 44 Police dept. 65 Damascus’s •
land: Abbr.
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Missing: That Infrastructure Plan Archenemy of Truth

Donald Trump’s unrelenting assault on the
Which of Donald Trump’s many campaign proposing tax credits to private developers, a media is an assault on the implacability of
promises would bring real benefits to the plan more likely to provide a windfall for proj- truth, the notion of accountability and the pow-
economy? Which would almost certainly win ects that would be built anyway. The credits er of free speech. It is also a bow to the conspir-
support even among people who voted against wouldn’t spur needed investment in water sys- acy theorizing that Trump is wont to do.
him? And which seems to have disappeared tems, mass transit and other infrastructure that Last week at CPAC, Reince Priebus delivered
completely from the White House radar? are public utilities, not vehicles for private profit. a soliloquy lamenting Trump’s negative media
The answer to all three questions is Trump’s A big infrastructure package involving coverage, saying, “we’re hoping that the media
pledge to put his self-described talents as a government spending would, politically and would catch up eventually.” Trump’s “boss,”
builder to work by spending $1 trillion on re- economically, be a slam-dunk compared with Steve Bannon, immediately blasted the notion:
storing the country’s crumbling bridges, pot- other misguided investments and policies, like “The reason Reince and I are good partners is
holed roads, rust-bucket trains and shabby building a border wall or cutting taxes for the that we can disagree. It’s not only not going to
airports. More than a month into his presiden- wealthy. Experts say the United States needs a get better. It’s going to get worse every day.
cy, no such plan has emerged, and there are no huge increase in spending on public works after “And here’s why. By the way, the internal logic
signs that one is coming anytime soon. years of neglect and to prepare for the increased makes sense. They’re corporatist, globalist me-
Evidence suggests that the plan is on hold; threat from climate change. The American So- dia that are adamantly opposed — adamantly
Republican sources told the news organization ciety of Civil Engineers gives the country’s in- opposed to an economic nationalist agenda
Axios last week that the White House wouldn’t frastructure a grade of D+ and says that $3.6 like Donald Trump has.” He later added: “And
unveil an infrastructure proposal until 2018. trillion in spending is required by 2020. as economic conditions get better, as more jobs
Congress, meanwhile, seems fixated on oth- Three-quarters of people surveyed by Gallup get better, they’re going to continue to fight. If
er issues — rolling back Obamacare, cutting last year said they wanted the federal govern- you think they’re going to give you your country
taxes — while its leaders, the House speaker, ment to increase infrastructure spending. Many back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.”
Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, the Senate in Congress, including liberal stalwarts like Sen. The conspiracy theory Bannon posits here is
majority leader — seem unenthusiastic about Bernie Sanders, are practically begging Trump perfectly shaped for the xenophobe: America’s
the idea of a huge infrastructure spending pro- to move on this issue. Last month, Democratic media has economic interests that extend well
posal. “I hope we avoid a trillion-dollar stimu- senators introduced a $1 trillion plan. beyond this country’s borders, and Trump’s
lus,” McConnell said in December. Trump’s indolence and Congress’s palpable “America first” message poses a bottom-line
It was never quite clear what Trump even lack of initiative sit in contrast to the speed with threat to the media’s global prosperity. The
meant by a $1 trillion plan. During the campaign which President Barack Obama and congressio- threat is so urgent that the American media is
he seemed to suggest that the government nal Democrats were able to engineer a nearly $1 willfully damaging the only real asset it has —
would spend that much money on fixing roads, trillion economic stimulus bill in 2009, a task credibility — by inventing falsehoods designed
railroads and the like. But two important sup- completed in less than six weeks. At the current to damage Trump and insulate its profitability.
porters — Wilbur Ross, soon to be secretary of pace, Trump’s American greatness project may As far-fetched as this may sound to any rea-
commerce, and Peter Navarro, an economics never get off the ground, remaining no more sonable person, one must always remember
professor who now heads a trade council for the than a slogan, a testament to the emptiness of his that Trump isn’t a reasonable person or even
president — published a white paper in October populist promises to help the forgotten workers. a particularly smart one. The day after Ban-
non spoke, Trump himself came to CPAC and
Mental Illness, Untreated Behind Bars reaffirmed his commitment to this anti-media
crusade, parroting Bannon’s language.
Trump said: “A few days ago I called the fake
President Trump has talked about cracking because their behaviors are annoying. Of the news the enemy of the people. And they are.
down on a nonexistent crime wave. Rarely does 2,300 inmates in his county, an estimated 40 per- They are the enemy of the people.”
he talk about the kinds of support law enforce- cent suffer from mental illness. The jail distrib- Trump is Bannon’s puppet, whose one sus-
ment needs or what keeps communities safe. utes 700 prescriptions a day and spends nearly taining parlor trick is to deliver incoherence
So it might have come as a surprise to him $8 million a year on care for the mentally ill. with confidence. Strangely enough, people find
when a member of the National Sheriffs’ Asso- Last year, Congress passed the Comprehen- comfort in this kind of imperfect parlance.
ciation at a White House meeting this month sive Justice and Mental Health Act, which re- Trump doesn’t seem to register that lying —
brought up an urgent problem sheriffs face — authorizes millions of dollars for state and local all the time! — is not allowed. He doesn’t seem
the mental health crisis that has filled jails to efforts to reduce the number of imprisoned men- to understand that news, by its very nature,
bursting with mentally ill people who would be tally ill people. It also passed the Mental Health is the publishing of that which those in power
more effectively dealt with through treatment. and Safe Communities Act, which supports would prefer to conceal. He doesn’t seem to re-
Trump acknowledged that “prison should not training for police officers to recognize signs of alize that fawning promotion of politicians’ po-
be a substitute for treatment” and said his ad- untreated mental illness and expands treatment sitions is not the exercise of journalism but the
ministration would try to address this challenge. for those returning to society from prison and promotion of propaganda. Or maybe he does
A good start would be to extend the public health jail. Congress must now fund these programs. and is enraged at the absence of propaganda.
system into jails and prisons, which take in the Some states are working to make sure that The press won’t pat Trump on his head for the
poorest and most illness-prone people in society. inmates are signed up for Medicaid when they few things he gets right, and then turn a blind
Mental health problems are rampant in jails, are released. Still, it’s even more critical that the eye to the overwhelming majority of things he
often because the illness was a factor in the of- federal government do away with rules that pre- gets wrong. That’s not how it works. Trump
fensive conduct. The cost of caring for and su- vent inmates from receiving Medicaid. wants to brand the press as the enemy of the
pervising mentally ill inmates makes them two The rules, based on the punitive idea that peo- people when the exact opposite is true: A free,
to three times more expensive to house. Once re- ple who break the law do not deserve public help, fearless, adversarial press is the best friend a
leased, they often stop taking their medications, essentially cut inmates off from the public health democracy can have. The press is the light that
which lands them in trouble with the law. system while forcing cash-strapped corrections makes the roaches scatter. Remember this ev-
Sheriff John Layton of Marion County, Ind., systems to pick up the cost of psychiatric care. ery time you hear Trump attack the press: Only
who raised this problem at the White House, Denying inmates that care is both inhumane and people with something to hide need be afraid of
noted that often mentally ill people are jailed more costly to taxpayers in the long run. those whose mission is to seek.


U.S. Travel Bans Would Harm World Cup Bid In Brief

NYON, Switzerland — The it would “not help” if Trump suc- European soccer, he is a vice pres-
United States’ hopes of hosting ceeded in placing harsher limits ident of FIFA, world soccer’s gov- Fowler Wins in Florida
the World Cup in 2026 will be dam- on travel to the United States from erning body and the organizer of Rickie Fowler didn’t care about
aged, perhaps critically, if Presi- certain countries in the near term. the World Cup. Bids for the 2026 pretty. He cared about winning.
dent Trump’s travel restrictions Though Trump’s initial 90-day tournament must be submitted by Staked to a four-shot lead, Fowler
come into full force, Europe’s top ban on immigration and travel December 2018. FIFA will choose hit one putt into a sprinkler hole
soccer official said. from seven Muslim-majority the host at a congress in May 2020. and a tee shot into the water. But
Aleksander Ceferin, installed countries was overturned by a The Trump administration’s when his lead was cut to one shot,
last year as president of UEFA, federal court, he has vowed to in- proposed 90-day ban applied only Fowler answered with two big
the sport’s governing body in Eu- troduce a second executive order to seven countries, but it caught birdie putts to regain control and
rope, said measures that might that could limit travel from those the eye of world soccer officials finished off a four-shot victory in
prevent players, fans or jour- nations, at least temporarily. because at least three of those the Honda Classic in Palm Beach
nalists from attending the event “It will be part of the evaluation, countries have national teams Gardens, Fla. The bogey-bogey
would count against any bid. The and I am sure it will not help the that could be affected if it becomes finish kept him from setting the
United States is a clear favorite United States to get the World more than a temporary policy. 72-hole record at PGA National.
to be awarded the 2026 tourna- Cup,” Ceferin said. “If players can- One of them, Iran, has played in That wasn’t important. At his feet
ment, either on its own or as part not come because of political deci- the World Cup three times since was a crystal trophy, something
of a joint North American bid with sions, or populist decisions, then 1998, and two others — Iraq and he hasn’t owned in 13 months. It
Mexico and Canada. the World Cup cannot be played Syria — have joined Iran in the lat- was Fowler’s turn Sunday. (AP)
But in an interview at UEFA’s there. It is true for the United er rounds of Asian qualifying for
headquarters last week, Ceferin States, but also for all the other next year’s tournament in Russia. N.B.A. SCORES
said immigration policy would countries that would like to orga- U.S. Soccer declined to com-
be among the areas considered nize a World Cup.” ment on Ceferin’s remarks on SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
during the evaluation of a United Ceferin’s warning is significant; Sunday. RORY SMITH Orlando 105, Atlanta 86
Knicks 110, Philadelphia 109
States bid, and he suggested that in addition to his position leading Miami 113, Indiana 95
Chicago 117, Cleveland 99
Last-Lap Surge Gives Busch First Daytona 500 Win Dallas 96, New Orleans 83
Houston 142, Minnesota 130
Golden State 112, Nets 95
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Kurt Busch’s victory came in his 17th names. Gone were drivers like the Milwaukee 100, Phoenix 96
Busch won his first Daytona 500 try in Nascar’s premier event. defending Cup champion Jimmie San Antonio 119, L.A. Lakers 98
on Sunday, prevailing with a last- Busch’s team owner is the former Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Memphis 105, Denver 98
lap pass on an afternoon that was driver Tony Stewart. “It’s prob- Busch, Brad Keselowski and Dan- Utah 102, Washington 92
more survival of the fittest than a ably the most patient race I ever ica Patrick. Boston 104, Detroit 98
Toronto 112, Portland 106
contest of the fastest. saw Kurt run,” Stewart said. It was the second wreck, which Oklahoma City 118, New Orleans 110
The race, Nascar’s biggest Patience was needed, given brought the fifth caution of the
showpiece and its season-open- all the caution flags. The only lap race, that took out Johnson, Nas- N.H.L. SCORES
ing event, was marred by one Busch led was the final one, but by car’s reigning champion. SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
crash after another, including a then many of his rivals were long “They started running into the Montreal 3, Toronto 2, OT
17-car wreck that took out, among gone. Of the 40 cars that started back of me off of Turn 2 and didn’t Pittsburgh 4, Philadelphia 2
others, all four members of the the race, only 25 finished. “It was stop until I crashed and took out San Jose 4, Vancouver 1
Colorado 5, Buffalo 3
Stewart-Haas Racing team. But it a mess out there,” said A. J. All- the field,” Johnson said. “That SUNDAY
was Busch, in the team’s only sur- mendinger, who finished third. could have been avoided, and it Boston 6, Dallas 3
viving entry, who came away with At one point, three multicar wasn’t called for. From the min- Calgary 3, Carolina 1
the win — though not unscathed. crashes had drawn half the field ute I got off of Turn 2 on the entire Columbus 5, Rangers 2
“This car’s completely into a vortex of accidents. When back straightaway, I kept getting Nashville 5, Edmonton 4
thrashed,” he said after his win. the racing resumed, it did so with- hit, and the rear tires are off the Chicago 4, St. Louis 2
Ottawa 2, Florida 1
“There’s not a straight panel on it.” out some of the sport’s biggest ground.” PETER KERASOTIS Arizona 3, Buffalo 2
WEATHER Houston 73/ 44 0 84/ 68 PC 84/ 69 PC Cape Town 77/ 63 0 88/ 62 S 86/ 62 S
Kansas City 51/ 26 0.01 59/ 49 F 70/ 32 C Dublin 54/ 43 0.11 44/ 31 T 46/ 35 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 58/ 50 0.03 61/ 48 R 65/ 46 S Geneva 59/ 28 0 57/ 43 PC 48/ 36 R
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 82/ 66 0 82/ 73 S 83/ 72 S Hong Kong 66/ 55 0 67/ 59 S 68/ 61 S
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 39/ 24 0 43/ 33 PC 44/ 26 Sn Kingston 86/ 75 0 86/ 74 Sh 87/ 75 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 42/ 35 0 54/ 44 S 56/ 54 R Lima 88/ 73 0 86/ 73 C 85/ 71 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 77/ 58 0 84/ 64 PC 86/ 66 PC London 52/ 47 0.50 48/ 36 T 46/ 38 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 43/ 37 0 58/ 43 PC 64/ 56 R Madrid 59/ 36 0 59/ 43 PC 59/ 39 C
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 68/ 52 0.02 67/ 52 R 64/ 46 Sh Mexico City 79/ 48 0 80/ 51 S 80/ 52 S
Salt Lake City 41/ 22 0 37/ 22 Sn 36/ 25 SS Montreal 31/ 28 Tr 42/ 25 SS 47/ 37 PC
San Francisco 56/ 42 0 55/ 44 C 58/ 43 S Moscow 30/ 20 0.01 37/ 24 C 36/ 33 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 41/ 35 0.22 43/ 32 C 46/ 41 C Nassau 88/ 70 0 84/ 69 PC 85/ 69 PC
Albuquerque 44/ 34 0 58/ 40 C 53/ 26 Sh St. Louis 49/ 28 0.01 61/ 52 C 76/ 52 T Paris 54/ 41 0 52/ 40 Sh 48/ 41 C
Atlanta 63/ 37 0 66/ 55 R 75/ 62 PC Washington 49/ 37 0 57/ 45 PC 66/ 61 C Prague 48/ 34 0 54/ 38 PC 48/ 36 R
Boise 38/ 28 0.02 40/ 27 SS 40/ 28 SS FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 81/ 77 0.02 86/ 73 T 86/ 76 T
Boston 43/ 39 0 54/ 38 S 52/ 46 R Rome 60/ 45 0 61/ 45 PC 61/ 50 C
Buffalo 32/ 27 0.01 46/ 35 PC 53/ 47 R Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 88/ 68 0.01 87/ 61 S 87/ 61 S
Charlotte 57/ 35 0 66/ 50 PC 75/ 59 PC Acapulco 87/ 68 0 86/ 71 PC 85/ 71 PC Stockholm 34/ 30 0.02 41/ 37 Sh 43/ 30 R
Chicago 49/ 21 0 51/ 43 PC 62/ 44 T Athens 61/ 54 0.16 62/ 50 PC 64/ 50 S Sydney 74/ 66 0.01 76/ 68 Sh 77/ 70 Sh
Cleveland 42/ 26 0.02 50/ 41 C 61/ 58 Sh Beijing 57/ 34 0 62/ 35 S 60/ 35 PC Tokyo 55/ 41 0 47/ 36 PC 49/ 38 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 63/ 40 0 80/ 64 F 82/ 56 PC Berlin 52/ 41 0.11 54/ 44 C 51/ 37 C Toronto 37/ 25 Tr 46/ 29 S 44/ 42 Sh
Denver 42/ 10 0 52/ 23 PC 39/ 17 Sn Buenos Aires 93/ 72 0 93/ 73 PC 93/ 70 S Vancouver 45/ 34 0 39/ 26 PC 43/ 35 PC
Detroit 42/ 25 0 49/ 37 PC 56/ 54 Sh Cairo 75/ 57 0 77/ 62 PC 83/ 57 PC Warsaw 45/ 30 0.15 52/ 40 PC 54/ 41 Sh


Season of Change and Challenge for a Team NASCAR STANDINGS

1 Kurt Busch 56 Leader
HOLBROOK, Ariz. — The word for a house built 2 Ryan Blaney 44 -12
Joey Logano 43 -13
teenage boys amble off the school in a traditional and 3 Kevin Harvick 42 -14
bus like so many old souls, knees sacred style. He paus- 5 A.J. Allmendinger 39 -17
and backs stiff, eyes puffy and es. “I know I need to 6 Aric Almirola 37 -19
Kyle Larson
36 -20
hollowed. leave if I want to be 7 Chase Elliott 33 -23
The previous of service to my peo- 9 Denny Hamlin 33 -23
on evening this Na- ple.” He peers at me. 10 Paul Menard 32 -24
BasketBall vajo basketball “These choices are
Michael troop from Chinle painful, right?” Columbus Stays Hot
Powell High School had Cooper Burbank is
played a rollicking the youngest Chinle Cam Atkinson and Alexander
game against the Monument player, a preter- Wennberg each scored twice to
Valley Mustangs, on the northern naturally calm and lead the Columbus Blue Jackets
edge of the Navajo Nation. The talented freshman to a 5-2 victory over the host
boys from Chinle led by their who deals with his Rangers on Sunday. Sergei Bo-
renowned coach, Raul Mendoza, CAITLIN O’HARA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES own dislocation. He brovsky stopped 28 shots to tie
69, went on a late run and won The Chinle Wildcats, a Navajo grew up in the red his career high with his 32nd
the game. Their trip back home basketball team, before an away game mesa northlands and win. Josh Anderson also scored
took three hours, their bus rolling against rival Holbrook last month. attended a middle and Oliver Bjorkstrand had two
through moonlit mountain passes school of 108 stu- assists to help the Blue Jackets
and mesas, and plains. The boys dents. His parents win for the fourth time in five
fell into bed well past midnight. leave their starkly beautiful land — his mother is a teacher and his games. Columbus moved past the
Then they woke up and board- of family and clans, a reservation father a custodian — wanted him Rangers into third place in the
ed the bus again, this time riding that is bigger than West Virginia. to attend a bigger school, with Metropolitan Division. (AP)
two hours south for a Saturday af- Hope and fear jostle. more course offerings, to prepare n BLACKHAWKS 4, BLUES 2
ternoon game here in Holbrook, a Nachae Nez, a 5-foot-9 shoot- for college. So they took a hard Artem Anisimov scored with
high prairie crossroads. ing guard, a senior and a fine swallow and left grandmother, 5:20 left in the third period to lift
These Navajo teenagers are student, sits in the bleachers and cousins and clans behind and host Chicago over St. Louis for
practitioners of “rez ball,” a pell- talks of his future. He lives in a moved to Chinle, where the high its fourth straight win and ninth
mell, pass-cut-and-shoot style of small town tucked against the red school has more than 1,000 stu- in its last 10. Anisimov beat Jake
hoops. They deeply desire a state sandstone flanks of the Chuska dents and Cooper and his parents Allen from the right edge of the
championship. They also are Mountains. He dreams of attend- are outsiders. crease for his 22nd goal. Tanner
perched on that precarious cliff ing a four-year college. “They say Many weekends, the Burbanks Kero added an empty-netter with
wall between adolescence and it’s hard for natives to leave the travel back to their village. 2.6 seconds left. Patrick Kane
manhood, and that brings other rez,” he says. “I like to go home and clear assisted on Anisimov’s winner
questions and yearnings. “Your favorite place if you’re a my head,” Cooper says. He adds, and scored a power-play goal.
The seniors study college cat- Navajo, it’s your grandmother’s softly: “My life needs challenges. Jonathan Toews also had a goal
alogs and wonder if they should hogan,” he adds, using the Navajo I know that.” for surging Chicago. (AP)
A Bat the A’s Hope Has Surprises Like a Game 7 Home Run Still in It

MESA, Ariz. — Rajai Davis turn. The game’s fastest pitcher “He’s always expected to be the difference, the
watched on television in 1993, a could be four outs from a title in been unpreten- final piece to a championship.
few days after his 13th birthday, Game 7, facing a little guy chok- tious, not wor- That was bold for a role player,
as Joe Carter hit a home run to ing up on his bat to have a chance. ried about the but few other 38th-round draft
win the World Series. He remem- The pitcher will probably prevail. perception of picks spend a day in the majors,
bers Carter’s joyous But you never really know. him. You sort of let alone a decade. In his early pro
on romp around the Davis did not end last season saw that run- seasons, Davis turned to Bible
BaseBall bases in Toronto. He as a World Series champion. His ning around study as a source of strength. His
Tyler decided then to be a Cleveland Indians lost Game 7 Rajai Davis the bases.” faith still sustains him.
Kepner baseball player. to the Chicago Cubs, 8-7, in 10 in- Davis, 36, “Those people that are in the
“That’s when I re- nings. But his two-run, game-ty- has come Bible, I believe those are actual
ally started dreaming about the ing homer off Aroldis Chapman, through Oakland before, from people and the things that they did
big leagues, making that moment a sizzler down the left-field line 2008 through 2010. The A’s were actually happened,” Davis said.
happen,” Davis said here last in the eighth inning, sent Cleve- his third team, after Pittsburgh “And I believe if it happened to
week, before a morning practice land into delirium and made the and San Francisco, before Toron- them, it could happen to me. It’s
with the Oakland Athletics. “I was game a classic. With one unlikely to and Detroit. With Cleveland just a different time. That’s what I
a three-sport athlete, but I fig- swing, Davis became an endur- last season, he hit .249 with 12 believe in, and you can’t convince
ured as I got older, baseball was ing example of baseball at its homers, a career high. His 43 me that it didn’t happen.”
going be my sport. breathtaking best. steals led the American League. The spellbinding charm of Da-
“I don’t like getting hit in foot- “When we brought him out For most of the postseason, Da- vis’s moment — that hitter, that
ball, and in basketball I just don’t for his physical and had lunch, vis struggled. He was hitless in the pitcher, that sliver of time — will
have the height,” he continued. we talked about it and he was playoffs and 3 for 20 in the World linger, a reminder of everything
“Baseball, I think, is an even play- just as excited as he probably Series before facing Chapman. baseball can be. We all saw it, so
ing surface, because you’ve got was then,” said David Forst, the Yet he never doubted himself, we can all believe it, with the same
to throw the ball over the plate — general manager of the Athletics, and spoke with pride on the off conviction of Davis in things he
and I’ve got a stick.” who signed Davis to a one-year, day before Game 6. Every time he has only read. This was not a fable.
In baseball, everyone takes a $6 million contract last month. had joined a team, Davis said, he This actually happened.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .

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