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Hacienda Times Digest Mar 23

March 23rd, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

Fitness Class Schedule A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Monday, March 20 connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Meridian Balance Massage
Tuesday, March 21 Indulge yourself in a new way to rid your body of toxins and bring
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am your system back into a state of balance, this specialized massage
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am therapy will guide your meridians to an extraordinary relaxing feeling.

Begins with a dry exfoliation to remove excess and remnants of the past
Wednesday, March 22
followed by a warming compress to receive the benefit of organic
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
essential oil, continued by a neck, scalp and shiatsu massage complete
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am
the experience
Thursday, March 23 80 min $200 USD + TAX
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Restorative Stretch: 9:30am-10:30 am Hacienda Signature Ritual

Friday, March 24
Inspired by the rhythms and formations
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
abundantly present in nature, this beautiful
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
ritual brings balance and harmony to the
mind and body. Like the ocean waves and
Saturday, March 25 delicate patterns in the seashells, the body’s
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am energy undulates and spirals, creating the
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am vibrancy and power inherent in each of us.
This ritual will awaken and simulate that energy, release the tensions
Sunday, March 26 built up in daily life, and promote overall well-being. The experience
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am begins with a welcoming foot cleanse, followed by purifying
exfoliation, continued by a deep massage to relieve tension and expand
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
the breath. We use herbal compresses with traditional medicinal plants
to reach areas of profound tension and release blocked energy, while
Private classes pure essential oils nourish and replenish, leaving you feeling refreshed
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes and vibrant.
upon request. 2 hrs $270 USD + TAX

Four Hands Massage

Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.

75 minutes - $295 USD + TAX


December 26 , 2016 – May 15 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $220.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $175.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $155.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $740.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$360.00 USD $495.00 USD $775.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
Deadly Rampage in Heart of London Legislator Aids

LONDON — A knife-wielding knew who he was. Trump’s Claim
assailant driving a sport utility Driving a large
vehicle mowed down panicked sport utility vehi- Of Surveillance
pedestrians and stabbed a police cle, the assailant
officer outside Parliament on slammed into pedes-
Wednesday in a deadly assault, trians on Westmin-
prompting the evacuation of the ster Bridge near Par- WASHINGTON — For weeks,
prime minister and punctuating liament, killing two President Trump has insisted that
the threat of terrorism in Europe. people and injuring President Barack Obama tapped his
At least five people, including many others, before phones even as the F.B.I. director
the assailant, were killed and 40 crashing into a rail- and members of Trump’s own party
others injured in the confusing ing. A third person said there was no evidence for his
swirl of violence, which the po- injured on the bridge charge. But on Wednesday, Trump
lice said they assumed had been died at a hospital. got a big assist from a powerful
“inspired by international terror- The driver then House Republican who said Trump
ism.” It appeared to be the most TOBY MELVILLE/REUTERS approached Par- or his closest associates may have
serious such assault in London A victim was tended to after a driver liament, where he been “incidentally” swept up in for-
since the deadly subway bomb- plowed through pedestrians on stabbed an armed eign surveillance by American spy
ings more than a decade ago. Westminster Bridge on Wednesday. police officer to agencies.
Throughout a turbulent after- death and was fatal- Rep. Devin Nunes of California,
noon, ambulances, emergency ly shot by the police. the chairman of the House Intelli-
vehicles and heavily armed se- terrorist attack on the streets of The dead officer was identified gence Committee, introduced the
curity officers thronged the area our Capital this afternoon.” as Keith Palmer, 48, a member of new claim into the controversy over
outside Parliament, as one of the The prime minister also said the Parliamentary and Diplomat- Russian meddling in the election.
busiest sections of London was that “the full details of exactly ic Protection Command. Yet Nunes said on Wednesday
cordoned off and evacuated. what happened are still emerg- “This is the day we have that he had no evidence to support
Prime Minister Theresa May ing,” but she confirmed that the planned for but we hoped would Trump’s claims of wiretapping.
was spirited to her office. She met attack had been carried out by never happen,” Assistant Com- Democrats denounced the disclo-
with the government’s emergen- a lone male assailant. As of late missioner Mark Rowley said. sure and said it bolstered the need
cy committee and issued a state- Wednesday, his identity had not “Sadly, it’s now a reality.” for an independent investigation.
ment on Wednesday night de- been released, but Scotland Yard KATRIN BENNHOLD “I very much appreciated the fact
nouncing “the sick and depraved officials said they believed they and STEPHEN CASTLE that they found what they found,”
Trump said, evidently referring to
G.O.P. Faces Painful Choice on Health Vote sources Nunes said he would not
In fact, Nunes said on Wednesday
WASHINGTON — For the NEWS ANALYSIS of us.” that he had no evidence to support
House Republicans who have Trump has begun a last-min- Trump’s claims of wiretapping.
never served under a Republi- bill. But as of late Wednesday, ute campaign to both sweet talk He also acknowledged that the
can president — roughly two- roughly 30 Republicans had said and vaguely threaten fellow incidental intelligence gathering
thirds of them — the vote sched- they either would vote against Republicans into supporting on Trump associates — during the
uled for Thursday on a measure the measure or had not made up the leadership’s hastily written presidential transition late last year
to replace President Barack their minds. That left the bill’s bill, though the measure, which — was not necessarily unlawful or
Obama’s health care law is a sponsors short of the 216 votes would replace the Affordable inappropriate. American intelli-
legislative fantasia, the culmina- needed, and on Wednesday night Care Act’s health insurance gence agencies typically monitor
tion of seven years of campaign Ryan scheduled a meeting to try mandate and generous subsidies foreign officials of allied and hostile
promises impeded by Obama’s to win over skeptics. with tax credits to buy insur- countries, and they routinely sweep
veto pen. If House Republicans reject ance, has been criticized by the up Americans who may be taking
But weeks of back-room mach- the measure, the relationship right and the left. part in the conversation or who are
inations to bring a disparate between the White House and Trump met with a group of being spoken about.
group of lawmakers on board Republican leaders in Congress the most conservative House The real issue, Nunes said, was
have left many Republicans will suffer a powerful blow. In members at the White House that he could figure out the iden-
with an excruciating choice: Washington, failure often begets on Wednesday, and Republican tities of Trump associates from
Pass a bill with an extremely more failure, as opposition forc- leaders are depending on him to reading reports about intercepted
limited constituency that could es strengthen, allies fragment finish the job. Indeed, this week communications that were shared
well wreak havoc with their own and bipartisanship evaporates. many Republicans have begun among Obama administration offi-
voters, and with Republicans’ “How do we have any momen- to acquiesce to his and the House cials. He said some Trump associ-
re-election prospects, or vote it tum to do anything else?” asked leadership’s desires, accepting ates were also identified by name in
down, undermining President Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C. that the bill, however flawed, as the reports. Normally intelligence
Trump’s agenda. “Without this bill, I don’t know the best they are going to get. agencies mask the identities of
Speaker Paul D. Ryan said how you do tax reform,” he said. At least for now, though, too American citizens who get inciden-
Wednesday that he was confi- If the bill fails, “it’s going to have many have not. tally swept up in intercepted com-
dent the House would pass the negative repercussions for all JENNIFER STEINHAUER munications. (NYT)


Urging Nuclear Major Assault Opens a New Frontier in Syria

Upgrade to Face WASHINGTON — Hundreds Syrian fighters

‘Bellicose Russia’ of Syrian opposition fighters and northeast
their American military advisers ,
backed by American artillery and of Raqqa in
The general who oversees the attack helicopters, have begun February.
United States’ atomic weapons ar- a major operation to cut off the On Tuesday,
senal has expressed concern over western approaches to Raqqa, the United
what he described as “much more the city the Islamic State has pro- States began
aggressive” behavior by Russia in claimed as its capital, officials said bringing in
recent years, saying it justifies the Wednesday. hundreds of
need for a strengthened and mod- It was the first time that the Syrian fighters
ernized nuclear deterrent force in United States has carried out an
this country. air assault in its campaign against to seize a dam
Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein of the the Islamic State in Syria, and the DELIL SOULEIMAN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES and a town.
Air Force made the remarks attack reflected the leeway the
against the backdrop of a reas- Trump administration has given stage in the broader offensive to a spokesman for the American-led
sessment by the Trump adminis- its commanders to carry out oper- cut off and seize Raqqa. Its ob- command in Baghdad.
tration of American nuclear poli- ations without prolonged review. jective was to take control of the As the operation unfolded, Syr-
cy, including whether nuclear dis- In a significant commitment of Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates Riv- ian state television and local res-
armament, as advocated in 2010 American forces, Marine Corps er near Lake Assad, the nearby idents asserted that at least 30
under President Barack Obama, howitzers and Army Apache attack town of Tabqa and a local airfield. Syrian civilians were killed in an
is a realistic goal. helicopters provided firepower for An immediate goal was to take air strike that hit a school where
Weinstein, the deputy chief of the operation along with American the dam intact, but the structure they had taken shelter in Raqqa
staff for strategic deterrence and warplanes. Army surface-to-sur- was still under the control of the Province on Tuesday. American
nuclear integration, said in an in- face Himars rockets, which are Islamic State, also known as ISIS military officials acknowledged
terview with editors at The New based in northern Syria, may be or ISIL, and officials said that the the United States had been car-
York Times that he believed that used. American Special Opera- fighting was intense. rying out air strikes in the area.
history had shown that nuclear tions forces are advising the Syr- “The fighting is raging on as I These officials said they could not
deterrence had basically kept the ian fighters, although a military speak and is expected to last sev- confirm the reports of civilian ca-
peace between the major powers spokesman asserted that they are eral weeks until the dam, airfield sualties, but would investigate.
since the end of World War II. not in direct, front-line combat. and city are free from ISIS con- MICHAEL R. GORDON
The general expressed confi- The mission represented a new trol,” said Col. Joseph E. Scrocca, and ANNE BARNARD
dence that the United States’ nu-
saying, “I sleep very well at night.” Millions at Risk of Starvation in Yemen and Somalia
clear arsenal remained effective,
But like an aging vehicle, the gen-
eral said, the arsenal is overdue GENEVA — The world has on- cy assistance to a total of five mil- have kind of a perfect storm now
for an overhaul. ly three to four months to save lion people in Yemen, Somalia and where protracted conflict is over-
“When you look at our deter- millions of people in Yemen and northeast Nigeria as well as areas lapped or exacerbated by natural
rent, it was really built in the Somalia from starvation, as war of South Sudan, where famine has hazard, drought in particular, in
1960s,” he said, and was last up- and drought wreck crops and already been declared. the Horn of Africa, which is lead-
dated in the 1980s. “It should have block deliveries of food and med- “We have probably a window ing to the situation we are facing
happened in 2000 and 2001,” the ical care, the International Com- of three to four months to avoid now,” he said.
general said, but “obviously our mittee of the Red Cross said on a worst-case scenario,” Dominik More than 20 million people are
country was a little bit busy in Wednesday. Stillhart, the Red Cross’s director facing famine in Yemen, Somalia,
2001 based on another horrific The aid agency still needs of operations worldwide, said at South Sudan and northeast Nige-
act.” RICK GLADSTONE $300 million to deliver emergen- a news briefing in Geneva. “We ria, aid agencies say. (Reuters)
In Brief

Restored Jesus’ Tomb Reopens itors and disputes among feuding denomina- holding political rallies in support of a refer-
Thousands of Christian pilgrims and tions, which were previously unable to agree endum in which Turks will decide whether to
expand their president’s powers.
on plans to fix the shrine.
members of the clergy gathered at a modest
shrine in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday
to celebrate the completion of a monthslong Erdogan Warns West on Safety Brussels Commemorates Attack
effort, hundreds of years in the making: the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Tur- Belgians united in their small, divided
restoration and repair of Jesus’ tomb. The key warned Europeans on Wednesday that country on Wednesday to commiserate and
shrine had been propped up by an unsightly they would no longer be able to walk safely remember the coordinated suicide bombings
iron cage since the 19th century. Constructed in the street if Western politicians continued that struck Brussels one year ago, killing 32
by the Roman emperor Constantine I in the with perceived provocations against Turkish people and injuring more than 320. The Islam-
fourth century, the shrine covers the cave in leaders. Erdogan’s warning turned out to ic State claimed responsibility for the attacks.
which, the faithful believe, Jesus was buried be awkwardly timed, coming hours before a The first two blasts ripped through the Brus-
before his resurrection. The edifice, contained deadly attack outside the British Parliament. sels airport on March 22, 2016, turning a busy
in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, is one His comments were a response to restric- travel hub in the heart of Europe into a scene
of the faith’s holiest sites. It was worn down tions placed on his surrogates in European of carnage. Then a bomb went off miles away
by centuries of water damage, fire, candle countries including Germany and the Neth- in the Maelbeek subway station at the peak of
smoke, humidity, bird droppings, human vis- erlands, where they have been barred from rush hour. (NYT)


Mistreatment of Detainees by For-Profit Firms In Brief

More than 20 prisoners were charge of burglary. His death on prisoner. The guards, who were Democrats Fail to Push
shackled and packed on a privately March 7 was at least the fifth on a employees of P.T.S. and its sub-
operated bus as it zigzagged from P.T.S. vehicle in five years. Eight sidiaries, U.S. Prisoner Transport Gorsuch Into Specifics
Wisconsin to Georgia this month. months earlier, Loretta Lynch, and U.S. Corrections, cuffed his In his final day of questioning
The men and women were being then the attorney general, had wrists behind his back. at confirmation hearings, Judge
extradited to jurisdictions where told a congressional committee Then, as he began to complain Neil M. Gorsuch continued to
they had open arrest warrants or that her office would investigate of chest pain and repeatedly said, answer with generalities on
pending criminal cases, and some for-profit extradition companies “I can’t breathe,” they put him in a Wednesday, frustrating Demo-
had been traveling for more than after the Marshall Project and segregation cage, prisoners said. crats who seemed unable to rattle
10 days as the bus picked up and The New York Times revealed a Eli, of Queens, pleaded with him or pin him down. “You have
dropped off prisoners. pattern of abuse in the industry. the guards to call 911 for 20 to 30 been very much able to avoid any
Bathroom stops were infre- Since 2000, 24 people have been minutes, prisoners said. But the specificity like no one I have seen
quent, several prisoners said, so killed or seriously injured in more guards accused him of faking his before,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein
the passengers urinated in bot- than 50 crashes on private vehi- distress, the other prisoners said. said. Sen. Richard J. Durbin,
tles and defecated on the floor. cles operated by these businesses. “I watched that man beg for D-Ill., said he was searching
The heat failed and temperatures State correction departments his life,” said Ronald Snavley, 47, to find “a beating heart and an
dropped to freezing. The condi- and local law enforcement agen- whose extradition from Indiana to independent streak” behind
tions were so deplorable that at cies hire extradition companies Florida to face a drunken-driving Gorsuch’s testimony. After trying
one point, they all scribbled down to retrieve fugitives and suspects. charge took two weeks. Other pris- over a span of 20 hours over two
their contact information, hoping Because they cross so many juris- oners said they had screamed for days, Democrats were not able to
to reconnect later to sue the owner dictions, oversight falls into a gray help as Eli eventually fell uncon- move Gorsuch off script. Instead,
of the bus, Prisoner Transporta- zone. Companies are governed by scious. A guard tried unsuccess- interest in the hearing seemed
tion Services, the nation’s largest a 2000 federal law known as Jean- fully to resuscitate him, they said. to wane, and many in the Capitol
for-profit extradition company. na’s Act, which set standards for A lawyer representing P.T.S., came to view a confirmation as
But shortly after Kevin Eli add- the treatment of prisoners but has Alex Little, said in a statement inevitable. Gorsuch managed to
ed his name to the list, near Co- been enforced only once. that the company had opened an endure as much by what he did
lumbus, Ga., he was dead. Seven prisoners on the bus said investigation into Eli’s death. not say as by what he did. (NYT)
Eli, 29, was being transported Eli’s troubles started when he got ELI HAGER
from Virginia to Florida to face a into an altercation with another and ALYSIA SANTO
Manafort Aided Putin
Trump Budget Cuts Rankle Republican Governors Trump, former campaign manag-
Before signing up with Donald
er Paul Manafort secretly worked
Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky Mick Mulvaney, to protest a White at job training and economic re- for a Russian billionaire with a
was unrestrained in his praise for House proposal to defund the Ap- vitalization, including regional plan to “greatly benefit the Putin
President Trump: Opening for palachian Regional Commission, development agencies like the Ap- Government,” The Associated
him at a rally on Monday, Bevin, a an economic development agen- palachian commission. They are Press has learned. The report
conservative Republican, echoed cy that spans 13 states and steers also protective of grants from the quickly raised fresh alarms in
Trump’s “America First” slogan millions of dollars in federal mon- Department of Housing and Ur- Congress about Russian links to
and only gently noted the nagging ey to Kentucky. ban Development and a $3.4 bil- Trump associates. Manafort pro-
divisions in their party. As Trump and his advisers lion job-training program funded posed in a confidential strategy
“We now have a president and press for bone-deep cuts to the through the Labor Department. plan as early as June 2005 that he
a Congress that are united in par- federal budget, Republican gov- Trump’s budget office has pro- would influence politics, business
ty, and yet we still have disagree- ernors have rapidly emerged as posed to eliminate or deeply slash dealings and news coverage
ments among us,” Bevin said, in- an influential bloc of opposition. funding for all of those programs, inside the United States, Europe
sisting, “This is healthy and good.” They have complained to the along with dozens of others. and former Soviet republics to
In private, Bevin has been White House about reductions By way of defending such cuts, benefit President Vladimir Pu-
blunter about the party’s dis- they see as harmful or arbitrary, Mulvaney said the White House’s tin’s government. (AP)
agreements. Just days before ap- and they plan to pressure mem- priority was military spending
pearing with Trump in Louisville, bers of Congress to oppose them. and that other reductions were
he joined a conference call with Of acute concern to Republicans necessary to advance that goal. Couple Charged in Death
the president’s budget director, are a handful of programs aimed ALEXANDER BURNS The story that Wendy Lavarnia
told the police on Monday was
Photos Show Thinner Ice, and Less of It, at North Pole horrifying: Her 2-year-old son
had grabbed a loaded 9-millli-
meter handgun, pointed it at his
After a season that saw tempera- been seeing,” said Mark Serreze, Wednesday that sea ice in the Arc- 9-year-old brother, and pulled
tures soar at the North Pole, the the director of the National Snow tic had reached maximum extent, the trigger. That is how her son,
Arctic has less sea ice at winter’s and Ice Data Center, a govern- of about 5.5 million square miles, Landen, was shot in the head, she
end than ever before in nearly 40 ment-backed agency in Boulder, on March 7. That is an area near- said. At home alone with her four
years of satellite measurements. Colo. “We’re heading for summers ly twice the size of Australia, but children, she called the police.
The extent of ice cover — a re- with no sea ice coverage at all.” about 470,000 square miles less But the police say that questions
cord low for the third straight Serreze said that such a situa- than the average maximum from abound about the fatal shooting
year — is another indicator of the tion, which would leave open ocean 1981 to 2010. — including who shot the boy and
effects of global warming on the in summer until fall freeze-up be- Much of the ice also appears to whether it was an accident. On
Arctic, scientists said. gins, could occur by 2030, although be thinner than normal, Serreze Tuesday, Lavarnia, 28, and her
“This is just another exclama- many scientists say it may not hap- said, another result of the unusual- husband, Kansas Lavarnia, 31,
tion point on the overall loss of pen for a decade or two after that. ly warm temperatures in the Arctic were charged with first-degree
Arctic sea ice coverage that we’ve The data center said on this winter. HENRY FOUNTAIN murder in Arizona. (NYT)


AT&T Pulls YouTube Ads, Citing Hate Speech THE MARKETS

AT&T and Johnson & John- that their ads would appear near Now, the issue is taking hold DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
son, among the biggest adver- content promoting things like with American advertisers, with 20.6 25.08 4.93
tisers in the United States, were terrorism, said Brian Wieser, a the car rental company Enter- ↘ 0.01% ↗ 0.43% ↗ 0.21%
among several companies to say media industry analyst at Pivotal prise announcing a temporary 20,665.95 5,818.91 2,348.95
Wednesday that they would stop Research. halt of spending on YouTube on
their ads from running on You- Google has been under siege in Wednesday. Verizon, while it did EUROPE
Tube and other Google properties Europe after reports that brands’ not mention Google or YouTube,
amid concern the company is not advertising appeared next to ex- said Wednesday that it would sus- BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
doing enough to prevent brands tremist material and other offen- pend “all digital nonsearch adver- FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
from appearing next to offensive sive content on YouTube and some tising inventory” after learning its 53.62 58.01 7.73
material online. of the roughly two million sites in ads “were appearing on nonsanc- ↘ 0.73% ↘ 0.48% ↘ 0.15%
The companies made the Google’s display network. tioned websites,” which presum- 7,324.72 11,904.12 4,994.70
moves, which did not extend to The company has defended it- ably included ads on YouTube and
Google’s search ads, amid boy- self by noting that it prevents ads websites in Google’s ad network. ASIA/PACIFIC
cotts of YouTube by several Euro- from running near inappropriate AT&T said in its statement: “We
pean advertisers. material “in the vast majority of are deeply concerned that our ads JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
On Tuesday, Google had out- cases.” may have appeared alongside NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
lined steps it would take to stop Still, several advertisers have YouTube content promoting ter- 414.50 272.71 16.16
ads from running next to “hateful, pulled some of their ad spending. rorism and hate. Until Google can ↘ 2.13% ↘ 1.11% ↘ 0.50%
offensive and derogatory con- They include the British govern- ensure this won’t happen again, 19,041.38 24,320.41 3,245.45
tent” on YouTube and websites in ment, The Guardian, the pharma- we are removing our ads from
its display network. While Google ceutical company GSK and the Google’s nonsearch platforms.” AMERICAS
pledged to improve, brands want- French advertising multinational SAPNA MAHESHWARI
ed to hear there would be zero risk Havas. and DAISUKE WAKABAYASHI CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Health Insurer Is Rare Opponent of G.O.P. Plan ↗ 38.35 ↘ 1,903.90 ↘ 193.19
15,351.48 62,980.37 48,487.30
LONG BEACH, Calif. — In re- licans’ provisions that promise the Republicans’ bill in the House
cent weeks, Dr. J. Mario Molina near-term stability for the insur- as it comes to an expected vote on COMMODITIES/BONDS
has anxiously approached law- ance exchanges and a repeal of a Thursday. Provisions that would
makers on Capitol Hill and gover- tax on health insurance. cap federal funding for Medicaid GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
nors across the country, warning While big insurers like United- to the states or cut subsidies for
them that the Republican efforts Health Group and Aetna have lower-income people threaten to ↗ 3.20 ↘ 0.02 ↗ 0.20
to overhaul the health care sys- already largely abandoned the upend some of the markets where $1,249.30 2.40% $48.04
tem could be devastating for in- individual marketplaces, Molina Molina and other insurers have
surers and patients alike. Healthcare has been a mainstay been trying to cement a baseline
As head of the California com- of the current federal health care clientele. FOREIGN EXCHANGE
pany founded by his father, Mo- law, offering Medicaid plans in Insisting that he is not bluffing,
lina has become one of the few 12 states and Puerto Rico. It has Molina said that his company Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
insurance executives publicly signed up about one million cus- might also have to abandon the
criticizing the House bill, which tomers in the state marketplaces, individual market after this year Australia (Dollar) .7676 1.3028
he believes could strip away cov- and more than doubled its reve- because so much is in flux. Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6588 3.0870
Brazil (Real)
erage for millions of their clients nue in the last three years to near- While the exit of other insurers Britain (Pound) 1.2482 .8012
and cause considerable turmoil ly $18 billion. has been problematic, a with- Canada (Dollar) .7504 1.3326
for the insurance industry. The But now Molina, a Democrat drawal by Molina “would be huge- China (Yuan) .1454 6.8785
major insurers have mostly who took over Molina Healthcare ly damaging,” said Sabrina Cor- Denmark (Krone) .1452 6.8888
stayed silent during the debate, in 1996 and runs it with his broth- lette, a professor at Georgetown Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0212 47.0800
Egypt (Pound)
supporting some of the Repub- er and sister, is warily watching University. REED ABELSON Europe (Euro) 1.0793 .9265
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1288 7.7659
Survival of Sears and Kmart Is in Doubt, Owner Warns Japan (Yen) .0090 19.0205
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1182 8.4606
Singapore (Dollar) .7156 1.3974
The corporate owner of Sears from its investments and financ- Sears Holdings has lost more than So. Africa (Rand) .0796 12.5590
and Kmart said on Tuesday that ing activities to fund operations. $5 billion over the last three years So. Korea (Won) .0009 1116.2
there was “substantial doubt” “Our historical operating re- as sales have declined. Sweden (Krona) .1137 8.7979
that it could continue operating, sults indicate substantial doubt Sears, through its catalog, has Switzerland (Franc) 1.0090 .9911
as brick-and-mortar stores con- exists related to the company’s been a fixture of American homes Source: Thomson Reuters
tinue to face challenges in an ability to continue as a going con- for more than a century. Kmart
e-commerce world. cern,” it said in its annual report. became a major national pres-
In a filing with the Securities The disclosure is a setback for ence in the 1960s as a big-box de- ONLINE: MORE PRICES
and Exchange Commission, the the company and for Edward S. partment store, with Blue Light AND ANALYSIS
corporate owner, Sears Holdings Lampert, the hedge fund manager Special discounts. Information on all United
Corporation, cited its efforts to who engineered the combination As of January, Sears Holdings Æ
cut costs, sell property, tap new of the two legends of American re- said, it had 1,430 Sears and Kmart States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
funding sources and make other tail 13 years ago. He has shut down stores in the United States. By tual funds, commodities and foreign
moves to stanch the red ink. Still, it stores, reshuffled the company’s contrast, a decade ago it had about stocks along with analysis of indus-
reported a $2.2 billion loss for last organization and pushed to have 3,800 stores in the United States try sectors and stock indexes:
year and said it had to use money a greater online presence. Still, and Canada. CARLOS TEJADA


Snarl of Foreign Ties in a Trump Hotel Deal

Before taking office, Donald J. The Ritz- GAINERS AND LOSERS
Trump pledged that his business Carlton % Volume
empire would forgo new deals Moscow, Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
abroad while he was president.
But as the Trump Organization which Yusuf 10 MOST ACTIVE
unveils a new brand of hotels, Sarimsakci, Bankof (BAC) 22.94 ◊0.08 ◊0.3 1676340
FordMo (F)
that promise is not preventing the the brother AMD (AMD) 14.10 +0.28 +2.0 611144
company from bringing foreign of Alterra’s Snap (SNAP) 21.82 +1.44 +7.1 473246
Nike (NKE)
deals home. president, Sirius (SIRI) 5.10 ◊0.09 ◊1.7 324999
The company, now largely run Mukemmel WellsF (WFC) 55.33 ◊0.52 ◊0.9 277209
Chesap (CHK)
by Trump’s eldest sons, Eric and Sarimsakci, Pfizer (PFE) 34.47 +0.22 +0.6 261079
Donald Jr., has been pursuing a
Dallas hotel project with a real helped % Volume
estate firm that has Turkish roots. SPENCER PLATT/GETTY IMAGES oversee. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
The hotel, if built, would fall under
the Trump Organization’s Scion vite the foreign entanglements stayed in 2013. On that project, 10 TOP GAINERS 23.78 +3.48 +17.1 333
Albire (ALBO)
chain, a more affordable alterna- and potential conflicts of interest Yusuf worked with a Kazakh Duluth (DLTH) 22.02 +2.76 +14.3 33759
tive to its five-star luxury line. that the company said it sought to businessman who has ties to the XOMA (XOMA) 11.15 +0.70 +13.0 2394
Ominto (OMNT)
+1.25 +12.6
An examination by The New avoid in its dealings. strong-arm leader of that country. Gemphi (GEMP) 11.66 +1.26 +12.1 1917
York Times found that Alterra Alterra’s president, Mukem- In January, Trump and his law- XBiote (XBIT) 18.77 +1.95 +11.6 3003
XenonP (XENE)
+0.95 +11.3
Worldwide, the real estate firm mel Sarimsakci, is a familiar face yers announced his ethics plan Acacia (ACIA) 58.90 +5.40 +10.1 22355
that would own the hotel and be in Dallas, where he has recruited that included putting his business Applie (AAOI) 52.63 +4.40 +9.1 22053
Concer (CNCE)
partners with the Trumps, has foreign investment to other de- in a trust managed by his two el-
business ties in Russia, Kazakh- velopments. Sarimsakci is also der sons and an executive, while % Volume
stan and at least two dozen other listed on an expert consultant also appointing an outside ethics Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
countries. Ordinarily, such inter- website charging $465 an hour for adviser and a chief compliance 10 TOP LOSERS
national experience would be a advice on doing business in such counsel to review potential deals. Sears (SHLD) 7.98 ◊1.12 ◊12.3 41357
selling point for the firm, but it is countries as Iran, Mexico and The potential partnership with Profes (IPDN) 9.04 ◊0.89 ◊9.0 1500
a complicating factor when deal- Nigeria. And he has counseled Sarimsakci’s firm has not yet Condor (CDOR) 11.35 ◊1.05 ◊8.5 15586
ing with Trump’s company, where the governments of Sri Lanka, cleared those ethical hurdles, Windst (WIN) 5.91 ◊0.48 ◊7.5 75996
concerns already have been Azerbaijan, Sudan and Georgia, and lawyers scrutinizing the Regenx (RGNX) 20.45 ◊1.65 ◊7.5 25701
Stewar (SSFN)
raised internally about some of among others, he acknowledged deal have raised concerns about Nike (NKE) 53.92 ◊4.09 ◊7.1 373996
Alterra’s foreign connections. to The Times. some of the foreign connections, PerryE (PERY) 21.24 ◊1.58 ◊6.9 3429
Vocera (VCRA)
These revelations show that His brother and business part- according to a person briefed on Source: Thomson Reuters
as the Trump Organization rolls ner, Yusuf Sarimsakci, has helped the matter but who was not au-
out its new hotel line — proper- oversee numerous developments thorized to speak publicly about
ties that the Trumps will manage around the world, including the Trump Organization business. Stocks on the Move
and their partners will own — a Ritz-Carlton in Moscow near the STEVE EDER
partnership with Alterra may in- Kremlin, a hotel where Trump and BEN PROTESS Stocks that moved substantially or traded
heavily on Wednesday:
China’s Bets on Sensitive Start-Ups Worry Pentagon Sears Holdings Corp., down $1.12 to
$7.98. The retailer said in a regulatory
filing that there is “substantial doubt” it will
HONG KONG — When the The deals are ringing alarm national Studies, who is familiar be able to remain in business.
United States Air Force wanted bells in Washington. According to with the report. Nike Inc., down $4.09 to $53.92. The
help making military robots more a white paper commissioned by The Chinese deals can pose shoe and athletic apparel retailer reported
perceptive, it turned to a Bos- the Department of Defense, Bei- a number of issues. Investors weaker sales than expected and investors
ton-based artificial intelligence jing is encouraging Chinese com- could push start-ups to strike were not pleased with its outlook.
start-up called Neurala. But when panies with government ties to partnerships or make decisions U.S. Bancorp, down 9 cents to $52.60.
Neurala needed money, it got lit- invest in American start-ups spe- that could expose intellectual Banks fell for the fourth trading day in a
tle response from the military. cializing in critical technologies property. They can also get an in- row as interest rates decreased again.
So Neurala turned to China, like artificial intelligence and ro- side glimpse of how technology is FedEx Corp., up $4.08 to $195.92. The
landing an undisclosed sum from bots to advance China’s military being developed and could have shipping company’s holiday-season results
an investment firm backed by a capacity as well as its economy. access to a start-up’s computers. were mixed, but analysts expect its busi-
state-run Chinese company. The white paper, which was Some Republicans have called ness to improve.
Chinese firms have become distributed to the Trump admin- for tighter regulation of foreign Duluth Holdings Inc., up $2.76 to $22.02.
significant investors in American istration this week, concludes takeovers by giving a broader The clothing and tools supplier had a
start-ups working on technolo- that United States government mandate to the Committee on strong fourth quarter and its annual fore-
gies with potential military ap- controls that are supposed to pro- Foreign Investment in the United cast was better than analysts expected.
plications. The start-ups include tect potentially critical technolo- States. It reviews foreign take- PPG Industries Inc., down 23 cents to
companies that make rocket gies are falling short, according overs of American companies, but $104.25. PPG offered to buy industrial
engines for spacecraft, sensors to three people knowledgeable critics say that its scope does not paints and chemicals company AkzoNobel
for autonomous Navy ships, about its contents, who spoke on include smaller deals and that it for about $24 billion, which AkzoNobel
and printers that make flexible the condition of anonymity. has other weak spots. rejected.
screens that could be used in “How do you deal with a mili- A spokesman for the Depart- Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.,
fighter-plane cockpits. Many of tary competitor playing in your ment of Defense said it “will not up 44 cents to $45.10. Utility companies
the Chinese firms are owned by most innovative market?” asked discuss the details or components continued to do better than the rest of the
state-owned companies or have James Lewis, a senior fellow at of draft internal working docu- market as investors snap up high-dividend
connections to Chinese leaders. the Center for Strategic and Inter- ments.” (NYT) stocks as bond yields fall. (AP)


Coveted Headwraps Offer

Style, Come With a Message

In a matchbox-size studio on wasn’t a place you could walk into
the third floor of a building in East and say, ‘May I have two head-
Harlem, Paola Mathé unfolds a wraps?’ ” she said.
sienna and black printed scarf. So she decided to create that
To most observers, the 21-by-70- place.
inch piece of fabric is just a strip Mathé, 30, is quick to admit that
of cotton, but for Mathé, it’s the black women have been covering
cornerstone of her fast-growing their heads “forever,” but she be-
label, Fanm Djanm, which means lieves she was one of the first peo-
“strong woman” in Haitian Creole. ple to change how women wore PHOTOGRAPHS BY ERIC T. WHITE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
Mathé, born in Pétion-Ville, wraps. Paola Mathé introduced her label Fanm Djanm in 2014.
Haiti, and raised in New Jersey, “Why not wear a headwrap on
stands 5-foot-10 but often appears the red carpet instead of just to
taller thanks to the vibrantly pat- cover your head to run errands?” in April 2014 after settling on the order is delivered with a card illus-
terned wraps she regularly wears she said. “It’s this beautiful, pow- approximately 21-by-70-inch trating ways to put on the wrap.
around her head. On a recent Sun- erful accessory that promotes wrap because it could be twisted The online store also provides vid-
day afternoon, she wore her sim- strength and power and culture.” and contorted into the various eo tutorials on how to style some
plest black wrap, which she said She quit her job managing two shapes and designs that made her of the more than 30 styles sold.
made her feel regal. restaurants in Harlem and began feel regal and strong. Since starting Fanm Djanm,
When the self-described designing wraps with one ques- The first wrap sold in 10 min- Mathé has attracted more than
“dreamer and romantic,” who has tion in mind: What would make utes. Within the first year of 100,000 Instagram followers and
been praised for making “color- all kinds of women, with diverse business, Mathé started selling thousands of dedicated customers
ful the new black,” moved to New backgrounds and wildly different jewelry, with a focus on items who sometimes get to meet her at
York in 2009, she was struck by daily routines, buy her product? she had struggled to find for her- pop-up shops around New York
how often strangers stopped her “Women would like a brand self, like gold arm and neck cuffs, and in Montreal, Philadelphia,
to ask where she bought her head- with a message,” she said. “The which are now among the store’s Puerto Rico and Trinidad.
wraps. Some people emailed her, idea of promoting strong women best-selling items. “I think one of these days I’ll
others reached out on her blog, through the headwrap.” The wraps are made with cot- book a trip so I can be at Paola’s
Finding Paola, and others left While she knew early on that ton from the Netherlands and oc- pop-up shop,” said Tonya Ervin,
comments on Instagram. “I’d look her wraps would be for all wom- casionally from Senegal, raw silk who has placed 14 Fanm Djanm
at them like they were insane,” en, she wanted her ad campaigns and linen from Italy, and denim orders since the end of 2015.
Mathé said. “Like, just go to a fab- to prominently feature women of from around the United States. “Paola’s saying to young women,
ric place.” color. “I created images I would The simplest wax cotton wraps ‘Hold your head up high.’ I take
But the constant curiosity and have loved to see as a young black start at $22; the more elaborate those words and tell my little one
compliments about her go-to ac- girl in Haiti,” she said. raw silk ones, which can be worn the same thing.”
cessory got her thinking. “There Mathé introduced Fanm Djanm formally, cost around $60. Every TARIRO MZEZEWA
Is Huda Kattan the Kim Kardashian West of Beauty Bloggers?

Every month there seems to be a newly there, pursuing something out of passion and
minted beauty star — someone whose so- making a business out of it. I just can’t wait for
cial media feed highlights trends, how-tos, the comparisons to stop.”
product reviews and more to her plentiful With what she has in store this year, Kattan,
followers. 33, may just step out from the Kardashian
But in the world of influenc- shadow. Her makeup line, Huda Beauty,
Skin Deep
ers, not all fight in the same which she introduced in 2013 with a false lash-
Bee Shapiro weight class. And one woman es collection, successfully expanded last year
in particular has emerged as with the addition of hit lip liners, liquid matte
a force to be reckoned with, a Kim Kardashian lipsticks and an eye shadow palette.
West of the beauty influencer economy, if you Sephora, for one, was surprised at how well
will: Huda Kattan of @HudaBeauty, who has her lip liners (called Lip Contours because
18 million Instagram followers, heads a name- Kattan uses them to make her lips look big-
sake makeup line and is introducing a Huda ger, she said) sold. As a category, lip liners
Beauty emoji collection called Hudamoji (not are often an afterthought because they were
unlike Kardashian West’s Kimoji) this spring. created to support lipsticks. Yet Kattan’s Lip
That there is a resemblance to Kardashian DUNCAN CHARD FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Contour release last May was “one of the big-
West in looks (dark and curvaceous), style Huda Kattan has emerged as a force to gest launches in years,” said Artemis Patrick,
(glamorous and sexy) and family (Kattan’s be reckoned in the world of influencers. the senior vice president for merchandising
business partner is her sister Mona Kattan; at the retailer.
her sister Alya is her social media manager) Relatable and sometimes giggly, Kattan
only fuels the comparisons. Based in Dubai, category. is not in the makeup game to make a quick
Huda Kattan was in New York recently for “I can understand getting compared to the buck. “We’ve had really big brands approach
a Women’s Wear Daily beauty event — last Kardashians,” she said, reclining on a plush us because they’re interested in investing,”
year the publication anointed her the Digital seat at the Park Hyatt in Midtown. “We’re she said. “But we own this, and I’m building a
Innovator of the Year in the “prestige” beauty 2017 women who are ultimately going out brand.”


India’s Persistent ‘Phone Romeos’ Random-Dial for Love

LUCKNOW, India — In a glass-sided call a wave of cheap new technology. it’s risky, it’s experimenting with that outside
center, police constables clicketyclack on India is justly proud of its mobile-phone rev- world which they don’t have much access to.”
computer keyboards, on the trail of a particu- olution. An estimated 680 million Indians use At the police call center in Lucknow, in
larly Indian sort of criminal. cellphones now, with three million new ones northern India, roughly 700 calls come in
The “phone Romeo,” as he is known here, coming online every month. every day, mostly from women complaining
calls numbers at random until he hears a Reports of phone stalking have increased of persistent calls from strange men. The Hin-
woman’s voice, in the hope of striking up a exponentially, leading to growing complaints dustan Times recently reported that phone
romantic attachment. Among them are over- of harassment. But an unknown number of recharging outlets were selling the numbers
eager suitors, tremulous supplicants and the such calls are successful, resulting in what of young women to interested men, charging
occasional heavy breather. an American anthropologist has labeled 500 rupees, about $7.60, for a “beautiful” girl
Intentionally dialing wrong numbers is a la- “wrong-number relationships.” and 50 rupees for an “ordinary” one.
bor-intensive way to find a girlfriend. But it is “It’s a new thing,” said Julia Q. Huang, a Recently, a complaint came from Geetika
increasingly common in a range of countries fellow in the anthropology department of the Chakravarty, 24, a makeup artist who grew
— Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh London School of Economics, who has writ- up traveling the world with her father, a diplo-
and India are examples — where traditional ten a scholarly paper on the practice among mat. After she returned to India from Canada
gender segregation has collided head-on with young women in Bangladesh. “It’s covert, last year, she posted her phone number in the
contact section of a salon’s Facebook page
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz and received so many calls from unknown
men that she blocked 200 separate numbers.
PUZZLE BY SANDY GANZELL “I do not know what their mind-set is,” she
ACROSS 38 2017 symbol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Cable channel in the Chinese said. “Sometimes they call and say, ‘I love
owned by Time zodiac 13 14 15 16 you.’ Sometimes they call and say, ‘I want to
Warner 40 Accented talk to Sonia,’ and I would say, ‘I am not Sonia,’
4 Lead-in to toe or approval 17 18 and they would say, ‘O.K., can I talk to you?’”
top 41 Boots 19 20 But the most persistent among them was
7 Countdown abbr. 43 Actress Skye from a man who would call three or four times
10 “Un ___” 44 Can 21 22 23 a day, urging her to meet him somewhere.
(answer to 45 Eye protector When she blocked his number, he would call
“Parlez-vous 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
français?”) 46 Writing on many 32 33 34 35 36 from another. She began to worry that he
13 Fashionable a chalkboard would track her down in person.
15 Distinctive 48 Tape recorder 37 38 39 40 When the police traced the number, the per-
filmmakers button son they found was Premsagar Tiwari, whose
17 One-horse 50 Certain varietal, 41 42 43 44 name in Hindi translates as “Sea of Love.”
carriage for short 45 46 47 48 49 Poring through Tiwari’s call records,
18 Alley seen on TV 52 Provide with Sachan found that he was using eight SIM
19 One may be 50 51 52 53 cards to contact more than 500 women.
deep 54 Game day 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Tiwari, 24, confessed readily and beseeched
20 Passed 57 Singer of the police not to imprison him.
21 Again … and the anthem 61 62 “One person is enough to fulfill you,” Tiwari
again “Hatikvah” said. “I have nobody. The person you love will
23 ___ Ming, 2016 (“The Hope”) 63 64 be somewhere, there, standing last in line.
Hall of Fame 61 Carry out 65 66 67 68
inductee You have to reach them somehow. And when
24 Thereabouts 62 Big to-do 3/23/17 you find that someone, you stop looking.”
The police were not impressed, and held
27 Unfeeling 63 Sticky stuff 1 “It is ___ that 12 Exhausted 39 Buyers of him in custody for 15 days. ELLEN BARRY
29 Line at a 64 Some is golden, not guidebooks
barbershop silence”: Samuel 14 Girl Scout cookie
32 Pickup line? 65 German direction Butler 42 What a long shot
33 Broadway 66 Short 2 When tripled, 16 Barely successful
avoidance of
opening 67 Show filmed et cetera calamity 47 Lunch spot
35 Perhaps not at at Rockefeller 3 Article of apparel 49 Form-fitting 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
all Center, for short that often leaves 22 Brand for casual wear •
37 Keats ode 68 Play (with) one arm bare weight-watchers 51 Matches Tom Brady, Editor
subject DOWN 4 Was encouraged 24 Barbarous email: [email protected]
5 Layabout 25 Caterpillar stage 53 Wan •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 6 Look at 26 Godlike, in a way 54 Auctioned car, TimesDigest Sales Office
searchingly perhaps phone: (212) 556-1200
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RE RU N R IP E S TA VE N.B.A. 30 Museum piece 55 x or y email: [email protected]
OD ET S O VA L E RR OR 8 Wreckage 56 Pac-12 team
CY CL EC YC LE CY CL E 31 River through •
SH OO ED ES L O VA 9 Good candidate England 58 Make some For advertising information
LI U R UM P L AP SE D for adoption changes to and to request a media kit
UN IS OU TH ER E 10 Settle by calling 34 Ending with 59 Old typesetting contact InMotion Media:
the question
RA NT RA NT RA NT RA NT machine, phone: (212) 213-5856
AE R OSO L K NO W 11 Lake connected 36 Incentive for informally email: [email protected]
PA ST AS TE AK AL I with lake-effect buying a new •
AN O O IL DE AC ON snow product, maybe 60 Pop of rock Home delivery subscribers who have
GO NGONGONGONGO N not received TimesDigest should call
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RI NS E V ER A E LD ER ($39.95 a year). [email protected]
SE TT O E DD Y N EA RS Read about and comment on each puzzle:



Trump’s Reckless Shame Game A Smell of Treason

The greatest political scandal in American
President Trump’s Homeland Security De- the Trump administration on the wrong side history was not Aaron Burr’s shooting of Al-
partment turned its immigration purge — and of the facts, in service of a campaign of fear. exander Hamilton, and perhaps wasn’t even
assault on the Constitution — up a notch this Trump has been trying to make Americans fear Watergate. Rather it may have been Richard
week. It posted the first of what it says will be unauthorized immigrants. He has succeeded Nixon’s secret efforts in 1968 to sabotage a U.S.
weekly online reports identifying state and in making these immigrants terrified of him, diplomatic effort to end the Vietnam War.
local law enforcement agencies that decline having declared open season on the undocu- Nixon’s initiative, confirmed only a few
its requests to keep immigrants in jail to give mented, in effect making every one of 11 million months ago, was meant to improve his election
federal agents time to pick them up. people a priority for deportation. Nobody — not chances that year. After Nixon won, the war
The idea is to name and shame these agen- parents of citizen children, not students, not dragged on and cost thousands of additional
cies, accusing them of recklessly loosing dan- those with clean records and deep American American and Vietnamese lives; it’s hard to
gerous aliens onto the streets. The report, on roots — is above suspicion or safe from arrest. see his behavior as anything but treason.
the Immigration and Customs Enforcement That fear has had palpable effects. Chief Now the F.B.I. confirms that we have had an
website, trumpets itself as a “Public Safety Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Depart- investigation underway for eight months into
Advisory.” It includes a grim warning from the ment announced on Tuesday that Latino immi- whether another presidential campaign col-
acting ICE director, Thomas Homan, about the grants had sharply become less willing to report luded with a foreign power so as to win an elec-
agency’s requests, called detainers: “When crimes. He said reports made by immigrant tion. To me, that, too, would amount to treason.
law enforcement agencies fail to honor immi- Latinos of sexual assault had dropped 25 per- I’ve been speaking to intelligence experts,
gration detainers and release serious criminal cent in 2017 through March 18, compared with Americans and foreigners alike, and they
offenders, it undermines ICE’s ability to pro- the same period last year. Reports of domestic mostly believe there was Trump-Russia coop-
tect the public safety and carry out its mission.” violence fell by 10 percent early this year. eration of some kind. It’s prudent to note that
The accusation is dishonest. The report is a And now, with his ICE detainer bulletins, James Clapper, the intelligence director under
sham. And the claim of protecting public safety Trump wants local law enforcers to be afraid Barack Obama, said that as of January he had
is ridiculous — dangerously so. of him, too. He wants them to fear being pub- seen no evidence of collusion but that he favors
When authorities decline to honor ICE de- licly blamed for crime by immigrants, to have an investigation to get to the bottom of it.
tainers, they can have any number of good rea- second thoughts about releasing anyone who I’m also told (not by a Democrat!) that
sons. A likely one is the Fourth Amendment, might give the administration an excuse to there’s a persuasive piece of intelligence
which forbids imprisoning anyone without brand them as complicit. on ties between Russia and a member of the
justification. If a police department is about to Trump’s indiscriminate search for immi- Trump team that isn’t yet public.
release someone who posts bail, it can’t prolong grants to deport keeps ICE from focusing on The most likely scenario for collusion seems
the detention — in essence, arrest that person real public safety threats. It antagonizes local fuzzier and less transactional than many Dem-
again — just because ICE asks it to. Courts agencies that want to do policing the right way. ocrats anticipate. A bit of conjecture:
have repeatedly ruled that the police cannot It emboldens corrupt local jurisdictions that The Russians for years had influence over
be forced to honor a detainer in violation of the engage in racial profiling and other abuses. Donald Trump because of their investments
Constitution. That is, without an arrest warrant And it makes immigrants fear and shun the with him, and he was by nature inclined to
from a judge. Which an ICE detainer is not. protection of law enforcement. admire Vladimir Putin as a strongman ruler.
Beyond the constitutional problems lies an The result: Everybody is afraid. And every- Meanwhile, Trump had in his orbit a number
argument about public safety, which also finds body is less safe. of people with Moscow ties, including Paul
Predator Colleges May Thrive Again had secretly worked for a Russian billionaire
The Associated Press reports that Manafort
close to Putin, signing a $10-million-a-year
Congress has tried since the 1940s to curb vulnerable to programs that are already failing contract in 2006 to promote the interests of the
predatory for-profit schools that survive al- the federal performance test. Putin government.
most solely on federal money while they sad- The industry is trying to cast this “gainful At some point, I suspect, members of the
dle students with crushing loans for useless employment rule” as onerous and unneces- Trump team gained knowledge of Russian
degrees. As the industry’s scandals grew and sary. But the abuses that prompted the devel- hacking into Clinton emails.
its role in the student debt crisis became more opment of this rule are well documented. This kind of soft collusion, evolving over the
excessive, the Obama administration estab- The gainful employment rule formulated course of the campaign without a clear quid
lished rules that could get the worst of these during the Obama administration requires pro quo, might also explain why there weren’t
programs off the federal dole. But the Educa- for-profit and nonprofit career-training pro- greater efforts to hide the Trump team’s ties
tion Department under its new secretary, Bet- grams to show that, on average, the annual to Russia, or to camouflage its softening of the
sy DeVos, seems ready to undermine those loan payments of their graduates amount to Republican Party platform position toward
regulations and let predatory schools flourish less than 8 percent of their total income, or less Moscow.
once again. than 20 percent of their discretionary income, One crucial unknown: Did Russia try to fun-
The department has hired two high-level after the cost of basic necessities. Programs nel money into Trump’s campaign coffers? In
officials from the for-profit sector — one of that fail for two out three years are supposed European elections, Russia has regularly tried
whom has since resigned. The other is from a to be cut off from federal aid. to influence results by providing secret funds.
school that the Consumer Financial Protection The test is hardly rigorous; only 9 percent I’m sure the F.B.I. is looking into whether there
Bureau fined last year for duping students into of career-training programs failed it. But 98 were suspicious financial transfers.
taking out costly private loans. percent of those were at for-profit colleges, ac- The fundamental question now is as monu-
The Education Department also announced cording to the Institute for College Access and mental as it is simple: Was there treason?
it would extend compliance deadlines for a rule Success, a nonpartisan research group. The issue cries out for a careful investigation
created to ensure schools train students for It’s clear that the Education Department has by an independent commission.
good jobs by requiring that their graduates’ av- the interests of the industry at heart. But the “There’s a smell of treason in the air,” Doug-
erage debt not be too burdensome compared to department cannot operate in a way that sets las Brinkley, the historian, told The Washington
their income. This delay could leave students up students for exploitation, failure and default. Post. He’s right, and we must dispel that stench.


Ex-Official Calls Sandusky Response Deficient In Brief

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The for- plaint that Sandusky had hugged and an indication that Spanier
mer Penn State athletic director her son in a football team shower. knew what he was talking about. Giants Sign Draughn
who pleaded guilty last week to He said he notified Joe Paterno Spanier has denied any aware- The Giants have signed veter-
child endangerment testified about it then, contradicting Pa- ness of the 1998 investigation. an running back Shaun Draughn.
Wednesday that he now thinks terno’s grand jury testimony six Paterno summoned Curley and The team announced the signing
his response to a 2001 complaint years ago that 2001 was the first Schultz to his home in 2001 to re- Wednesday, a little more than a
about Jerry Sandusky showering time he was aware of sexual abuse port that graduate assistant Mike month after releasing veteran
with a boy was inadequate. allegations against Sandusky. McQueary had just notified Pater- Rashad Jennings in a salary cap
Tim Curley, a prosecution wit- Paterno told The Washington no he had seen Sandusky sexually move. Draughn has played for
ness in the ongoing criminal trial Post before he died in 2012 that he abusing a boy in the team shower. six teams in six years, most re-
of former university president was unaware of the 1998 investi- McQueary testified on Tuesday he cently the San Francisco 49ers.
Graham Spanier, said he felt at gation. “You know it wasn’t like it was certain he characterized what He has played in 57 games with
the time they and fellow admin- was something everybody in the he saw as a sexual act to both Pa- seven starts. His career totals
istrator Gary Schultz did “what building knew about,” Paterno terno and Curley, but Curley con- include 225 carries for 723 yards
we thought was appropriate” by told the paper five years ago. “No- tradicted that version of events. and seven touchdowns, plus 80
banning Sandusky from taking body knew about it.” Curley said Paterno did not men- receptions for 597 yards and two
children into team facilities but Curley testified that he did not tion that Sandusky and the boy scores. He also has 17 special
not alerting police or child-welfare have any conversations with were naked, instead recalling that teams tackles. (AP)
authorities. Spanier about the 1998 incident, the coach described it as “horse-
“At the end of the day, I wish I which ended with a decision by play, wrestling in the shower.”
would have done more,” Curley the district attorney that criminal Curley said he made no effort to Tigers’ Cabrera on Mend
testified. charges were not warranted. determine the identity of the child Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel
Curley provided new details Curley said his description in a in the shower with Sandusky. Cabrera could soon return to the
about a 1998 investigation that 2001 email to Spanier of a first “sit- “Looking back now, I should lineup after being sidelined by
was prompted by a woman’s com- uation” was a reference to 1998, have,” he testified. (AP) back stiffness. Cabrera has been
out since leaving Venezuela’s
Surprisingly, SEC Has 3 Teams Vying for Elite 8 game last Saturday in the World
Baseball Classic. Detroit Man-
ager Brad Ausmus said Cabrera
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Tennes- just three teams in the N.C.A.A. bet against them. could play Friday against Atlan-
see’s Rick Barnes has coached in Tournament a few months ago, Kentucky is one of the hottest ta. (AP)
the Big East, the Atlantic Coast could have three in the Elite Eight. teams remaining, having won 13
Conference and the Big 12. He’s Kentucky, Florida and South in a row since losing at Florida in N.B.A. SCORES
made the N.C.A.A. Tournament Carolina play in the Sweet 16 on early February. The Gators beat
nearly two dozen times and ad- Friday night. The second-seed- East Tennessee State and Virgin- TUESDAY’S LATE GAMES
vanced to the Final Four. ed Wildcats (31-5) face No. 3 ia by a combined 41 points. And San Antonio 100, Minnesota 93
He’s been around. He’s seen it seed U.C.L.A. in Memphis. The the Gamecocks pulled off one of Milwaukee 93, Portland 90
done a number of different ways. fourth-seeded Gators (26-8) the bracket’s biggest upsets by L.A. Clippers 133, L.A. Lakers 109
So Barnes has credibility when take on No. 8 seed Wisconsin in knocking off No. 2 seed Duke in Charlotte 109, Orlando 102
he raves about his current league, New York, shortly after the sev- Greenville, S.C. Boston 109, Indiana 100
the Southeastern Conference. enth-seeded Gamecocks (24-10) The league, which has 11 nation- Washington 104, Atlanta 100
“I’ve said it all year: This league play No. 3 seed Baylor. al titles in men’s basketball, might Chicago 117, Detroit 95
is better than everybody’s giving The SEC joins three other con- have its best days ahead. Oklahoma City 122, Philadelphia 97
Denver 126, Cleveland 113
it credit for,” Barnes said Tuesday. ferences that have three teams in “There’s some great recruiting
Long considered a football the Sweet 16 — the Big Ten, Big 12 classes coming in that’s going to N.H.L. SCORES
power, the SEC is showing some and Pac 12. make the league even better next WEDNESDAY
basketball promise. The league, Given how the SEC has per- year,” Vanderbilt Coach Bryce Toronto 5, Columbus 2
which many thought might get formed so far, it might be foolish to Drew said. (AP) Islanders 3, Rangers 2

WEATHER Houston 85/ 59 0 85/ 67 PC 80/ 64 T Cape Town 81/ 66 0 76/ 58 C 71/ 55 S
Kansas City 55/ 36 0 75/ 55 Sh 71/ 47 T Dublin 40/ 36 0.41 49/ 38 PC 49/ 37 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 68/ 57 0 69/ 51 S 69/ 54 PC Geneva 55/ 45 0.14 62/ 44 C 59/ 42 C
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 82/ 63 0 80/ 68 T 78/ 69 Sh Hong Kong 72/ 69 0.02 77/ 67 PC 76/ 68 PC
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 40/ 22 0 44/ 36 R 47/ 33 R Kingston 86/ 78 0.14 85/ 73 PC 85/ 73 Sh
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 36/ 34 0 43/ 33 S 51/ 46 C Lima 82/ 72 0 84/ 73 C 83/ 73 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 87/ 54 0 75/ 60 PC 79/ 59 PC London 52/ 41 0.48 53/ 44 PC 56/ 41 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 42/ 38 0 46/ 32 S 54/ 50 PC Madrid 55/ 43 0.13 48/ 30 T 52/ 34 T
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 81/ 65 0 71/ 53 PC 78/ 56 S Mexico City 77/ 51 0 80/ 50 S 82/ 52 PC
Salt Lake City 61/ 53 0.31 52/ 37 R 62/ 46 PC Montreal 19/ 11 0 31/ 23 S 36/ 29 Sn
San Francisco 59/ 53 0.28 62/ 53 S 62/ 51 R Moscow 50/ 37 0.02 48/ 31 S 45/ 25 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 56/ 47 0.09 56/ 45 R 53/ 43 R Nassau 82/ 64 0 84/ 66 Sh 82/ 69 T
Albuquerque 81/ 52 0 63/ 40 W 66/ 38 S St. Louis 52/ 36 0 61/ 58 PC 77/ 59 C Paris 55/ 40 0.02 55/ 40 T 58/ 44 C
Atlanta 67/ 56 Tr 62/ 47 PC 71/ 56 PC Washington 49/ 45 0 49/ 35 S 63/ 52 PC Prague 43/ 37 0.18 50/ 39 C 52/ 34 PC
Boise 59/ 44 0.02 55/ 39 S 54/ 40 Sh FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 84/ 71 0 82/ 68 PC 84/ 70 S
Boston 41/ 33 Tr 37/ 26 S 45/ 40 Sh Rome 63/ 46 0 63/ 48 PC 67/ 50 PC
Buffalo 27/ 18 0 39/ 30 S 54/ 44 R Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 81/ 55 0 82/ 54 S 78/ 53 PC
Charlotte 62/ 53 0 57/ 36 PC 67/ 49 PC Acapulco 90/ 74 0 86/ 74 S 87/ 74 PC Stockholm 46/ 37 0 45/ 25 PC 45/ 34 PC
Chicago 37/ 29 0 49/ 48 C 71/ 48 C Athens 72/ 50 0 69/ 50 PC 70/ 51 S Sydney 84/ 71 0.24 74/ 67 Sh 73/ 66 PC
Cleveland 32/ 27 0 49/ 41 S 68/ 57 C Beijing 60/ 40 0 53/ 36 C 46/ 32 R Tokyo 57/ 45 0 55/ 41 C 53/ 41 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 84/ 65 0 84/ 66 W 80/ 54 T Berlin 52/ 34 0 47/ 36 PC 54/ 33 PC Toronto 28/ 17 0 37/ 30 PC 54/ 38 R
Denver 70/ 37 0 73/ 31 C 48/ 26 SS Buenos Aires 81/ 64 0 76/ 61 PC 79/ 62 PC Vancouver 55/ 46 0.06 52/ 42 C 52/ 40 Sh
Detroit 38/ 23 0 43/ 37 PC 66/ 49 C Cairo 77/ 64 0.03 78/ 57 S 76/ 55 S Warsaw 46/ 44 0.04 49/ 40 PC 52/ 30 PC


As Chris Paul Collects Steals, His Hands Pay a Steep Price

LOS ANGELES — Chris Paul returned late last month. Even who now plays for the Golden
examined his crooked knuckles now, with the Clippers vying for State Warriors.
and the surgical scars that form playoff position, he is trying to re- “Because he gets his fingers
tiny road maps on his hands. He gain his feel for the game. hit all the time,” said Paul, who is
has torn various ligaments in his “I see plays all the time where I averaging 17.6 points, 9.2 assists
thumbs and has broken bones in know I can reach for the ball and I and 1.9 steals a game. “He under-
his fingers. He has worn casts and know I can steal it,” he said. “But stands.”
splints. His hands, though, are the it’s like risk versus reward: Do I The challenge for Paul is that
indispensable tools of his trade, no go for it?” he relies on his hands. He is not,
matter how gruesome they look. Such is life for Paul, who cannot by his own admission, one of the
“I’ve got the worst fingers,” he help putting his hands in harm’s league’s most awesome physical
said. way. He tore ligaments in his right specimens. He is 6 feet tall and
Paul, the starting point guard middle finger in March 2010. He weighs 175 pounds. He is not par-
for the Los Angeles Clippers, long fractured his left index finger in ticularly fast and does not jump
ago established himself as one of ALEXIS CUAREZMA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES October 2015. He broke his right especially high. But he has excep-
the N.B.A.’s premier defenders. He Chris Paul has quick reflexes, hand last April, and he continues tional reflexes and a knack for an-
has collected more steals than any but he also injures his hands. to play with 16 pins and a metal ticipating plays.
other active player in the league: plate embedded in his palm. He “He could have been a boxer,”
1,892 and counting. A nine-time shoots with that hand. Rivers said. “I don’t know if he
All-Star, he clutters passing lanes. In a game against the Oklahoma In the process, he has become could have taken a punch, but he
He strips dribbles like paint thin- City Thunder, he jammed his left something of an expert on hands could have landed some for sure.”
ner. Doc Rivers, his coach, has thumb fighting through a screen, for colleagues. After J. R. Smith of After spending several weeks
concluded that Paul has the best tearing his ulnar collateral liga- the Cleveland Cavaliers fractured squeezing a tiny rubber ball to
hands he has ever seen. ment — not to be confused with his his right thumb in December, Paul rebuild the strength in his thumb,
“Gifted,” Rivers said. “His radial collateral ligament, the one called him to offer tips on his reha- Paul has returned to the court. He
hands are so damn quick.” he tore on his right thumb training bilitation. Whenever Paul jams a would like to stay there.
Three days after Rivers offered for the Olympics in 2012. thumb or sprains a finger, the first “Just trying to keep my hands
this assessment, Paul paid the As for his most recent injury, person he usually hears from is out of the way,” he said.
price for possessing such gifts. Paul missed 14 games before he Matt Barnes, a former teammate SCOTT CACCIOLA

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