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Times Digest June 5

June 5th , 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
personal trainers! sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Fitness Class Schedule traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Monday, June 05
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Hacienda Signature Ritual
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am
Inspired by the rhythms and formations abundantly present in nature, this
beautiful ritual brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. Like the ocean
Tuesday, June 06 waves and delicate patterns
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am in the sea shells, the body´s
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am energy undulates and spirals,
creating the vibrancy and
Wednesday, June 07 power inherent in each of us.
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am This ritual will awaken and
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am stimulate that energy, release
the tensions built up in daily life, and promote overall well-being. The experience
Thursday, June 08 begins with a welcoming foot cleanse, followed by a purifying exfoliation,
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am continued by a deep massage to relieve tension and expand the breath. We use
Restorative Stretch: 10:30 am-11:30 am herbal compresses with traditional medicinal plants to reach areas of profound
tension and release blocked energy, while pure essential oils nourish and
Friday, June 09 replenish, leaving you feeling refreshed and vibrant.
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am 2hrs.. - $270 USD + TAX

Saturday, June 10 Gentleman´s Facial
Yoga: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am A deep cleansing and therapeutic facial
designed for the unique skin care needs of men.
Sunday, June 11 It includes exfoliation and a soothing mask to
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am help repair the damage caused by the
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am environment, daily shaving, skin sensitivities,
and aging.
This treatment leaves the skin refreshed and
Private classes invigorated.
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes 80 minutes - $170 USD + TAX
upon request. Spa Café

The Hacienda Spa Café is available daily serving a

selection of healthy snack foods, beverages and freshly-
made smoothies. Let the Café create a smoothie to your
taste, or choose from our Smoothie menu. The Café offers
wifi service. Adjacent to the Spa Café you can practice
and improve your golf game on the putting green.
Putters and golf balls are available at the Spa Café.
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Rejuvenate your Body. Daily 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Replenish your Soul.


May 16 th – June 30 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $210.00 $170.00 $160.00 $130.00 $240.00 $190.00
Early Twilight 12pm $175.00 $140.00 $145.00 $115.00 $195.00 $155.00
Twilight 1:30pm $150.00 $120.00 $120.00 $95.00 $170.00 $135.00
Includes Food & Beverages

Rates per foursome $560.00 $460.00 $640.00
(After 11 am) Includes Food & Beverages


$435.00 USD $675.00 USD
$320.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

FROM THE PAGES OF Midnight in New York

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Bank at Center Britain Vows to Crack Down on Terror

Of U.S. Inquiry LONDON — Declaring populist, U.K. In-
“enough is enough,” Prime Min- dependence Par-
A Tool of Russia ister Theresa May vowed on Sun- ty said it would
day to conduct a sweeping review
continue with its
of Britain’s counterterrorism scheduled cam-
strategy after three knife-wield- paign events.
It has offices in a sleek Manhattan ing assailants unleashed an as- May said the
skyscraper. Its bonds are accessible sault late Saturday night, the election would
to millions of American investors. third major terrorist attack in the go ahead on
And it holds ties to some of New country in three months. Thursday as
York’s biggest banks. At least seven people were planned.
Despite this presence on Wall killed and dozens more wounded, The prime
Street, detailed in previously un- including 21 who remained in crit- DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES minister led
reported financial records, Vnesh- ical condition, as the men sped Forensic police officers on London Bridge a an emergency
econombank, or VEB, is no normal across London Bridge in a white meeting of her
bank. It is wholly owned by the Rus- van, ramming numerous pedes- day after three assailants killed seven people. security cabinet
sian state. It is intertwined with trians before emerging with large on Sunday morn-
Russian intelligence. And the Rus- hunting knives for a rampage in The Islamic State claimed re- ing. In a statement afterward, she
sian prime minister is, by law, the the capital’s Borough Market, a sponsibility for the attack, saying said the government would inten-
chairman of its supervisory board. crowded nightspot. it was as carried out by “a detach- sify its counterterrorism efforts
Now VEB is at the center of an in- In a matter of minutes, the ment of Islamic State fighters.” to deal with Islamist radicalism
ternational firestorm that threatens three assailants were chased Analysts said the Islamic State at home and to try to restrict “the
to consume the Trump presidency down by eight armed officers who considers anyone whose actions safe spaces it needs to breed.”
because its chief — a prominent fired about 50 rounds, killing the were inspired by the group to es- “Everybody needs to go about
graduate of Russia’s spy school — men. sentially be a member. their lives as they normally
met with Jared Kushner, President The assault came days before On Sunday morning, May’s would,” she said. “Our society
Trump’s son-in-law, during the pres- national elections this week and Conservative Party and the should continue to function in
idential transition. after the British government had opposition Labour Party an- accordance with our values. But
Three years ago, in response to downgraded the threat level to nounced they were suspending when it comes to taking on ex-
Moscow’s military intervention in “severe” from “critical,” meaning campaigning for parliamentary tremism and terrorism, things
Ukraine, the Obama administra- that an attack was highly likely, elections out of respect for the need to change.”
tion imposed sanctions on VEB that but not imminent. victims. However, the right-wing, STEVEN ERLANGER
have effectively kept it from taking
on most new business in the United Trump Aims at Mayor, and Foreign Ties Strain
States. Since then, however, VEB
has quietly kept up appearances on
Wall Street in the event that sanc- WASHINGTON — On one lev- The latest contretemps came The friction has been especially
tions would be lifted, according to el, President Trump reacted to when Trump heaped scorn on acute for more than a year be-
interviews with American bankers Saturday night’s terrorist attack Mayor Sadiq Khan of London. tween Trump and Khan, the first
and government officials. in London much as his predeces- “At least 7 dead and 48 wound- Muslim to serve as mayor of a
That moment appeared to be sors might have. He expressed ed in terror attack and Mayor of major Western European capital.
nearing with Trump’s victory. solidarity and telephoned Brit- London says there is ‘no reason During last year’s presidential
There are other government-con- ain’s prime minister to offer con- to be alarmed!’ ” Trump wrote on race, Khan criticized Trump’s
trolled banks in Russia, Sberbank dolences. “WE ARE WITH YOU,” Twitter. proposal to temporarily ban all
and VTB, but they are primarily he wrote to Britons. Trump either misunderstood Muslims from entering the Unit-
retail banks. VEB serves a very But even as the investigation what Khan had said or distorted ed States and endorsed Hillary
different role, lending only to large into the attack was getting under- it. During an interview shown on Clinton.
borrowers, many of them politically way, he wasted little time in using the BBC, the mayor said he was Critics of Trump in Britain and
connected. the episode to defend his hotly “appalled and furious that these the United States faulted him for
To that end, the bank over the last disputed travel ban on visitors cowardly terrorists would target” his acrimonious response to the
decade has lent freely in ways that from certain predominantly Mus- innocent civilians and vowed that Saturday assault. “I don’t think
dovetail with government priorities lim countries and to criticize the “we will never let them win, nor that a major terrorist attack like
and make it a tool of Russian soft judges who have blocked it. And will we allow them to cower our this is the time to be divisive and
power. The purse strings opened by Sunday morning, he decided city.” He went on to say that res- to criticize a mayor who’s trying
for two influential groups in partic- to go after the mayor of London idents should not worry as they to organize his city’s response to
ular: oligarchs building Olympic for not being tough enough on encounter more police officers this attack,” former Vice Presi-
sites in Sochi and companies in Rus- terrorism. patrolling the streets. dent Al Gore said on CNN’s “State
sian-speaking eastern Ukraine. Along the way, he mischar- Khan’s office later dismissed of the Union” on Sunday.
“This is not a bank,” said Karen acterized the mayor’s position, Trump’s post, saying the mayor But the White House showed
Vartapetov, a public finance analyst renewed a trans-Atlantic feud was too busy to reply. no signs of backing down, and a
at Standard & Poor’s. “We should stretching back a year and wid- The exchange reflected the top aide to Trump amplified the
rather treat this bank as a govern- ened his rift with America’s Euro- tensions between Trump and attack shortly afterward.
ment agency.” (NYT) pean allies just a bit further. America’s close allies in Europe. PETER BAKER


In Brief No Block Unscathed in Mosul’s Street Fight

Ruling Party in Mexico MOSUL, Iraq — The Islamic The Islamic
Nears Very Narrow Win State’s grip on Mosul has shrunk State’s
to a tighter circle of neighbor- stronghold in
Alfredo del Mazo Maza, the hoods in the western part of the
candidate from Mexico’s govern- city. But many civilians are still Mosul, Iraq, is
ing party, appeared to be heading trapped in those areas, and the shrinking, but
toward a narrow victory late Sun- militants are giving no ground the civilian toll
day night in the fiercely fought easily. is mounting. A
election for governor of Mexico’s As we traveled with Iraqi forces woman hurt in
most populous state, according through the Rifai neighborhood an airstrike in
to early official returns, state last month, evidence of a brutal
officials said. But Andrés Manuel street fight was all around. The May in Iraq.
López Obrador, the populist lead- destruction was immense, and
er of the main opposition party, it seemed not a single house was IVOR PRICKETT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
said that the preliminary count free of bullet holes — or worse.
for the vote in the State of Mexico While clashes still raged in the taken up position and was shoot- When asked why the men didn’t
“did not correspond to reality” last remaining pockets of Islamic ing at vehicles as they crossed just engage the militant fighters
and that technically, the results State control in Rifai, displaced the road. He fired at a large group more directly themselves rather
were “still a tie.” According to people began to trickle out at of fleeing civilians, narrowly than risk more civilian lives by us-
officials, an initial sampling gave dusk. The number of people who missing. The shot flew over their ing airstrikes, one young soldier
del Mazo of the Institutional Rev- are managing to flee their homes heads, hitting an upturned car be- said they wanted to finish the fight
olutionary Party, known as the seemed much lower than during hind them. The crowd was split, with no casualties on their side.
P.R.I., 32.75 to 33.59 percent of the earlier parts of the battle for the with half running back to where Maybe this way of thinking
vote, while his main opponent, west. they had come from. points to the high rate of attrition
Delfina Gómez Álvarez of the Na- After laboriously clearing Rifai, There was no other way for the Iraqi forces have had over the
tional Regeneration Movement, Iraqi special forces soldiers took them to get to safety, so they last few years of fighting the Is-
or Morena, received 30.73 to up defensive positions and they waited for a military vehicle to lamic State. Or maybe it is an indi-
31.53 percent. (NYT) waited for their next orders. Then cross the road and used the dust cation of a fight so bitter that utter
came the Islamic State’s counter- it kicked up as cover to make a run destruction is acceptable as long
Gaza Dating Website Is attack. for it. Women carrying children, as the enemy is beaten.
Ahead lies Mosul’s Old City, and
Under the cover of a sudden
Boon to Widows of Wars sandstorm, the jihadists fought relatives carrying the infirm — all perhaps the worst fight yet.
moved as quickly as they could.
Majdi and Ghada Abu Mustafa the troops for hours before be- Somehow, they made it out un- Some of the soldiers here, as
met on the website Wesal — it ing driven off. On the front line hurt. well as one resident who had
means communion or reunion the next morning, the soldiers Little has been left unscathed managed to flee, spoke of jihadist
in Arabic — a first-of-its-kind there told how intense gunfire in these neighborhoods. Coalition fighters’ trying to round up people
matchmaking website in Gaza. It during the storm battle had set airstrikes are still being called in still living in the area and forcing
has been successful, and not just their sandbag walls on fire. They frequently in the middle of dense- them to retreat with them toward
because Tinder and other dating seemed amazed that the Islamic ly populated neighborhoods, and the Old City.
apps are banned or severely State remained well equipped and the civilian toll has been immense. It is a chilling thought, and hor-
frowned on in Gaza City. Its capable. But the Iraqi forces have seemed rifyingly consistent with how the
founder knows his demographic At one junction on the edge of reluctant to advance at all without Islamic State has fought this bat-
well: residents of the religiously Rifai, an Islamic State sniper had the air support. tle for months. IVOR PRICKETT
conservative Gaza Strip, with its
men have been killed in the three Filipinos on the Run From Duterte’s Drug Crackdown
culture of resistance. Some 1,400
wars with Israel since 2008, leav-
ing many widows who would like MANILA — Every morning be- more than 4,000 people accused of among them are police informers.
to remarry. Tradition, however, fore dawn, Rosario Perez checks using or selling illegal drugs have One man said that just talking to
can make it difficult for them to to make sure her sons are still been killed and thousands of oth- the wrong person could be fatal.
wed single men. (NYT) alive. The three brothers, all in er killings are classified as “under “What we’re seeing here is the
their 20s, sleep at the houses of investigation,” fear and mistrust rule of law being replaced by a
Manila Attacker Identified friends and relatives, moving reg- have gripped many neighbor- system of fear and violence,” said
Jose Manuel Diokno, a human
hoods of Manila and other cities.
ularly, hoping that whoever may
The man who set fire to a Ma- have been assigned to kill them Many young men are staying rights lawyer in Manila.
nila casino last week, killing 37 will not catch up with them. indoors, out of sight. Others have The clergy providing sanctu-
people, was not a terrorist but a They are not witnesses on a fled the urban slums, where most ary, part of a coalition called Rise
heavy gambler who was deep in mob hit list, or gang members hid- of the killings occur, and are camp- Up, operate in secret, fearing the
debt and had lost his job, the po- ing from rivals. They are simply ing out on farms or lying low in vil- church’s protection will not be
lice and relatives of the man said young men living in the Philip- lages in the countryside. enough to keep vigilantes from
Sunday. The man, identified as pines of President Rodrigo Dute- The Roman Catholic Church coming after them.
Jessie Carlos, 42, was a Filipino, rte. has vocally opposed Duterte’s “The most vulnerable are al-
a father of three and a former em- “How could I not send them to deadly campaign, and an under- ways an easy target, even if they
ployee of the Philippines’ Depart- hide?” said Perez, 47, after peek- ground network of churches and are under our sanctuary,” said
ment of Finance who was banned ing in on two of her sons and phon- safe houses is offering sanctuary Jun Santiago, a lay brother of the
in April from entering casinos, at ing the third. “We can barely sleep — quietly. Congregation of the Most Holy
his family’s request, because of out of fear.” In the most heavily targeted Redeemer and a member of Rise
his gambling addiction, the au- Nearly a year into Duterte’s vi- slums, neighbors are wary of Up. “We don’t know who the kill-
thorities said. (NYT) olent antidrug campaign, in which talking to each other, unsure who ers are.” AURORA ALMENDRAL


Climate Science Obstacle: Stubborn Students In Brief

WELLSTON, Ohio — To Gw- Gwen — the most vocal of a raft of are reckoning with students for Cost Rises for Overhaul
en Beatty, a junior at the high student climate skeptics — with whom suspicion of the subject is
school in this proud, struggling, calm, evidence-based responses. deeply rooted. Of Nuclear Arsenal
Trump-supporting town, the new Gwen, 17, could not put her In rural Wellston, a former coal President Barack Obama left
science teacher’s lessons on cli- finger on why she found Sutter, and manufacturing town seeking a momentous decision to the
mate change seemed explicitly whose biology class she had en- its next act, rejecting the key find- Trump administration: whether
designed to provoke her. joyed, suddenly ings of climate science can seem to continue a 30-year, $1 trillion
So she provoked him back. so insufferable. like a matter of loyalty to a way of program to remake America’s
When the teacher, James Sutter, Sutter, sensing life already under siege. atomic weapons, as well as its
ascribed the recent warming of that his facts “What people ‘believe’ about bombers, submarines and land-
the Earth to heat-trapping gases and figures global warming doesn’t reflect based missiles. President Trump
released by burning fossil fuels were not help- what they know,” Dan Kahan, a has pledged to overhaul the arse-
like the coal her father had once ing, was at a Yale researcher who studies po- nal, which he has called obsolete.
mined, she asserted it could be a loss. And the litical polarization, has stressed But his challenge is growing:
result of other, natural, causes. James Sutter day she grew in talks, papers and blog posts. “It The first official estimate of the
When he described the flood- so agitated by expresses who they are.” project, prepared by the Congres-
ing, droughts and fierce storms a documentary But public-school science class- sional Budget Office, will put the
that scientists predict within the he was showing that she bolted rooms are also proving to be a rare cost at more than $1.2 trillion, 20
century if such carbon emissions out of the school left them both place where views on climate percent more than the figure en-
are not sharply reduced, she chal- shaken. change may shift, research has visioned by Obama. Trump’s pro-
lenged him to prove it. “Scientists “It was just so biased toward found. There, in contrast with posed budget calls for increases
are wrong all the time,” she said saying climate change is real,” much of adult life, it can be hard to in research and development
with a shrug, echoing those cel- she said later, trying to explain entirely tune out new information. for new weapons, but it does not
ebrating President Trump’s an- her flight. “And that all these peo- “Adolescents are still heavily grapple with the budget-busting
nouncement last week that the ple that I pretty much am like are influenced by their parents, but cost of producing a new fleet of
United States would withdraw wrong and stupid.” they’re also figuring themselves delivery vehicles. (NYT)
from the Paris climate accord. As more of the nation’s teachers out,” said Kathryn Stevenson, a re-
For his part, Sutter occasionally seek to integrate climate science searcher at North Carolina State
fell short of his goal of providing into the curriculum, many of them University. AMY HARMON Cosby Trial Set to Begin
When Bill Cosby walks into a
Portland Killings Dredge Up Legacy of Racist Laws Pennsylvania courtroom on Mon-
day, the issues before the jury will
concern only what he may have
PORTLAND, Ore. — The fatal ing old wounds. “The xenophobia, Aryan Nations had arrived, spin- done 13 years ago to one woman
stabbing of two good Samaritans the racism, the caustic narrative ning out the idea of a mythic Cas- in his stone mansion outside
who intervened when a man on a that has been fomented at the cadia where the old flames of ra- Philadelphia. But to his accusers,
commuter train shouted slurs at national level are also having an cial purity would be kept alive and Cosby’s trip to the Montgom-
two women — both African-Amer- impact here and adding to that multiculturalism kept at bay. ery County Courthouse began
ican, one in Muslim dress — has legacy here in Oregon,” she said. On Sunday, thousands of dem- decades ago in hotel rooms and
reawakened bitter memories of The Pacific Northwest’s his- onstrators gathered in downtown other spots where they say the
this state’s past and revived a de- torical attic is full of artifacts that Portland, some for a long-planned entertainer led a less public life as
bate over what people here call residents would just as soon forget, rally by supporters of President a sexual predator. The trial, fore-
the “two Oregons,” where islands like the “lash law.” The legislation Trump, and many more for a coun- cast by the judge to last about two
of tolerance abut places awash in was passed in 1844, when the Ore- terdemonstration. Tensions ran weeks, will focus on charges that
frustration and rage. gon Country, as it was called, was high, and at least 14 people were in 2004 Cosby drugged and sexu-
“Oregon hasn’t resolved its bigger than Texas — encompass- arrested as the opposing camps ally assaulted Andrea Constand,
history,” said Dani Ledezma, the ing what is now part of five West- jeered and chanted at one another. a Temple University employee to
interim executive director of the ern states. The law said that any Officers confiscated numer- whom he had become something
Coalition of Communities of Color, black person, free or slave, would ous weapons. But the two groups of a mentor. Cosby, 79, has said he
based in Portland. And the harsh be “whipped twice a year until he were kept separated, and mostly will not testify at the trial. (NYT)
language and tone of national pol- or she shall quit the territory.” dispersed peacefully when their
itics, she said, are now exacerbat- By the 1970s, groups like the rallies ended. KIRK JOHNSON Historic Yosemite Climb
An elite climber has reached
Navy Warship Named for Giffords Is Almost Ready for Sea the mighty summit of El Capitan
in Yosemite National Park in
WASHINGTON — In January ter a living woman since the cutter it was christened in June 2015 by California. The climber, Alex Hon-
2012, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Harriet Lane — named after the Jill Biden, the wife of Biden. It is nold, made it to the top in about
D-Ariz., decided to resign her niece of President James Buchan- the third naval ship named after four hours on Saturday using
seat, a sad coda to the assassina- an — was commissioned in 1857. a living woman, and the 16th for a only his hands and feet. Honnold,
tion attempt she had miraculously Next weekend, the 418-foot Ga- woman in American history. 31, became the first to climb the
survived, but which left her badly brielle Giffords will be commis- “When we celebrate the com- 3,000-foot granite wall alone with-
disabled. sioned in Galveston, Tex., and pre- missioning this weekend,” Gif- out a safety harness or ropes to
On that day, Giffords got a call pared for duty. Hillary Clinton and fords said, “I will be thinking of catch him if he fell. The most diffi-
from Ray Mabus, the secretary of former Vice President Joseph R. the thousands of hardworking cult part of the route is about 2,300
the Navy at the time, who told her Biden Jr. are expected to attend. Americans who built this ship and feet up, where there are very
the Navy planned to name a war- Previously, the ship was offi- the brave men and women who small holds where only a thumb
ship in her honor. It would be the cially named at the Pentagon, its will serve aboard her.” can fit.”I was pretty much elated,”
first Navy warship to be named af- keel was laid in Mobile, Ala., and JENNIFER STEINHAUER Honnold said Sunday. (AP)


Sugar Talks May Hint at Trump’s Nafta Strategy In Brief

MEXICO CITY — The sugar watching to gauge what the sugar sugar market. But when Mexican ABC Heads to Trial
barons of Florida, Alfonso and negotiations signal about Wash- exports soared in 2013, Ameri-
José Fanjul, have been equal-op- ington’s approach to renegoti- can producers struck back, filing Over ‘Pink Slime’ Story
portunity political donors for ating the North American Free claims of unfair trading practic- Beginning Monday, ABC will
decades. When Donald J. Trump Trade Agreement. es. The Commerce Department defend itself in a defamation case
was preparing to take office as “In Mexico, everybody is look- agreed, and prepared to assess over its reports on a processed
president, the Fanjul brothers ing at the sugar agreement be- punitive duties on Mexican sugar. meat product called “pink slime.”
wrote another check. Among the cause it’s a thermometer of how To head those duties off, the Beef Products Inc., based in
contributors to Trump’s inaugural things are going to be managed,” Mexican government and Mexi- Dakota Dunes, S.D., sued the net-
festivities was Florida Crystals, a said Juan Cortina Gallardo, the can sugar refiners accepted limits work in 2012, saying its reporting
Fanjul-owned company. president of Mexico’s sugar cham- on exports as well as a minimum misled consumers about the
The brothers most likely had ber, which represents refiners. price in two agreements signed at product’s safety, leading to social
more on their mind than a sump- It is up to Commerce Secretary the end of 2014. media outrage and the removal
tuous ball. Led by the Fanjuls, Wilbur L. Ross to find a compro- Mexican officials face their own of the item from grocery stores,
large American sugar produc- mise that Mexican negotiators political pressure to come up with fast-food restaurants and school
ers and refiners were eager for will accept; otherwise, he risks a a strong agreement. cafeterias. The company said
the new administration to tackle trade war. And Ross must also bal- “If you cave on sugar if you’re that the product was safe, and
some business left unfinished by ance the power of the sugar lobby Mexico, then what does that say that the backlash had caused it to
the Obama administration: an against United States food manu- about what you’re going to do in close three of its plants and lay off
agreement to control imports of facturers who argue that any deal Nafta negotiations?” said Andrew about 700 workers. ABC stands
Mexican sugar. that raises the cost of sugar will I. Rudman, a former United States by its reporting. (NYT)
Now, with a Monday deadline drive away jobs. trade official, who is a managing
for the United States and Mexico In 2008, Mexico became the director at ManattJones Global
to settle on an accord, business- only country in the world with un- Strategies. Dawa to Change Name
es on both sides of the border are restricted access to the American ELISABETH MALKIN A New Jersey convenience
store called Dawa has agreed to
Oculus Founder Builds a Return on a Virtual Wall change its name after a lawsuit
from Wawa, according to recent-
ly filed court documents. Dawa
Palmer Freeman Luckey was politics on social media. And he He has accumulated a lot of toys and Wawa agreed that the Pater-
the kind of wunderkind Silicon has a new start-up in the works, a with that Facebook money. Most son-based store would change its
Valley venerates. When he was company that is developing sur- of his properties are registered name, though the filing doesn’t
just 21, he made an overnight for- veillance technology that could to more than a half-dozen compa- specify what it will be called. “Da-
tune selling Oculus VR to Face- be deployed on borders between nies. wa” is a casual way to say “come
book for $2 billion in 2014. countries and around military Luckey is getting more com- in” in Korean and is interpreted to
But the success story took a bases, according to three people fortable with politics. In April, he mean “welcome.” (AP)
sideways turn this year when familiar with the plan who asked held a fund-raiser in California for
Luckey was pressured to leave for anonymity because it is still Sen. Ted Cruz, whose home state, All Ears at Apple Event
Facebook months after news confidential. Texas, has the longest border with
spread that he had secretly donat- The new business is the latest Mexico. And Luckey discussed Apple will show off its latest
ed to an organization dedicated note in the charmed and very the idea of using sensor technol- software and hardware, includ-
to spreading anti-Hillary Clinton unconventional life of Luckey. ogy on the Mexican border with ing Macs and iPads, at its annual
internet memes. The spokesman He stood to receive hundreds of Stephen K. Bannon, President conference for developers on
for a new medium — virtual reali- millions of dollars from the sale Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Monday. The most anticipated
ty — briefly became an exile. of Oculus to Facebook, he said in according to a person familiar item is a new voice-controlled
Now Luckey is back. Unbur- court in January during a trial in- with the meeting. The White speaker that would compete with
dened by a big company’s cul- volving a dispute between Oculus House didn’t respond to a request the Amazon Echo and Google
ture, he’s more freely sharing his and a games publisher. for comment. NICK WINGFIELD Home devices. (NYT)
Outcry Over EpiPen Prices Hasn’t Made Them Lower

A few weeks ago, I visited the So I was surprised when my changed, even as revenue has continue complaining.
local pharmacy to fill an EpiPen pharmacist informed me, months skyrocketed, hitting $11 billion But hope springs eternal. With
prescription. after those floggings and apol- last year. The firm is a case study the recent criticisms coming on
You might recall EpiPen as last ogies had faded from the head- in the limits of what consumer the heels of last year’s controver-
year’s poster child for out-of-con- lines, that I would still need to pay and employee activism, as well sies, Mylan will have to change,
Adventures trol drug prices. $609 for a box of two EpiPens. as government oversight, can right?
Didn’t we solve this problem?
Perhaps. But only if people stay
Outraged par-
in CApitAlism ents, presidential Not quite. What’s more, Mylan Which means if we’re hoping angry and active. Doctors need
Charles candidates and is back in the news. On Wednes- for a different outcome, some- to write different prescriptions.
Duhigg even both parties day, regulators said the company thing more needs to be done. Pharmacists need to guide pa-
in Congress man- had most likely overcharged Mylan is a prime example of tients to alternatives. Investors
aged to unite to attack Mylan for Medicaid by $1.27 billion. how easy it is for leaders to say should examine further efforts to
the price increases. By August, Mylan has been called out one thing publicly and act dif- elect new Mylan board members.
the company was making mea again and again over the years ferently in private. And Mylan’s In the meantime, I still be-
culpas and renewing its promise — by the company’s own employ- behavior persists because it is lieve — perhaps foolishly — that
to “do what’s right, not what’s ees, regulators, patients, politi- hard — and often tedious — for sustained attention might create
easy.” cians and the press — and hasn’t both employees and the public to change.


G.M. Aims to Drive Future of Self-Driving Cars A Superhero

For the Women
DETROIT — The chief execu- Mary T.
tive of General Motors, an auto- Barra, the
maker synonymous with Detroit, chief executive In Hollywood
saw the future of driving not in the
Motor City but on the streets of of General Something huge happened at
San Francisco. Motors, with the box office over the weekend.
Mary T. Barra was in the back a Chevrolet “Wonder Woman” became the
seat of a prototype self-driving Bolt EV at the top grossing movie in the United
electric car as it wound its way company’s States, after having its premiere
through the city’s downtown a headquarters on Friday.
year ago. She wanted to see for in Detroit. The movie was directed by
herself whether automation was a woman. Her name is Patty
ready to take over from a driver — Jenkins, and by the end of the
safely, and on a mass scale. JOE VAUGHN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES weekend she had
Driving in a situation like that, mediAtor made history with
“you have to make a decision,” she and beat out Silicon Valley rivals a Silicon Valley start-up that de- Jim the biggest domes-
recalled. “Generally if you decide like Google, Tesla and Uber with veloped the driverless technolo- Rutenberg tic opening for a
to go, you decide to speed up. Or no legacy business to encumber gy powering Barra’s ride in San female director.
you stop.” If the technology works, them. Francisco. You could hear the Champagne
she said, it will make the right de- “The auto industry is on the It is a perilous challenge — bal- popping from coast to coast,
cision: “The car knows.” cusp of significant change, and ancing the demands of a global au- along with the joyful cries that
After that drive, Barra made G.M. has to prove that a longtime tomotive business with an aggres- maybe Hollywood would finally
her own decision to speed up, con- established player can be up to sive push into expensive high- realize it’s time to demolish the
vinced that such cars were worth the task,” said Michelle Krebs, a tech models — that has already glass border crossing for women
betting the company on. Within senior analyst with the car-shop- claimed victims. Last month, Ford directors. The celebration was
six months after what she called ping site Autotrader, who has Motor ousted its chief executive, only picking up where it had left
her “aha! moment” in San Fran- followed the company since the Mark Fields, a move aimed at off in France after Sofia Coppola
cisco, a fleet of self-driving Chev- 1980s. “If you look at their past sending a signal that it could keep became the second woman to
rolet Bolts, the company’s new performance, their record has pace. win the best director award at the
electric car, was being built at a been spotty at best.” But G.M. is making a case that it Cannes Film Festival since its
G.M. assembly plant in Michigan. General Motors is making a big can be a leader in the auto indus- founding in 1939.
It was a first for any major car wager that it can succeed, shed- try of both today and tomorrow. Now, I hate to stink up the par-
company. The question now is ding overseas operations while “We are very, very serious and ty, but is it a little hard to fathom
whether a company identified investing $600 million this year intent on putting something on the that we’re hitting these marks
with the industry’s bygone glo- in self-driving cars and other road,” Barra said of the company’s only now. These are indisputably
ry days can be a trendsetter in advanced technologies. It spent automated vehicles. “We definite- signs of progress and, as such,
21st-century transportation — $1 billion on Cruise Automation, ly want to be first.” BILL VLASIC something to toast. But that prog-
ress has come too slowly.
Men Take New Paths, and Ads Tag Along culture,” said Sue Kroll, the
“It’s where we are in our
president for marketing and
It wasn’t that long ago that ADVERTISING grandfathers, teachers, uncles, distribution at Warner Bros., the
commercials for the body spray coaches and brothers can influ- studio behind “Wonder Woman.”
Axe spoke to a certain type of Juliet Williams, a gender studies ence children. “When things work on this kind
male fantasy: Guys used the professor at the University of Cal- This kind of “dadvertising” of massive scale, people are
product and women who looked ifornia, Los Angeles. Advertising has boomed the past two years. surprised.” Of course, she noted,
like supermodels flocked to them. aimed at women then featured During the 2015 Super Bowl, for they shouldn’t be.
However, the latest campaign “the opportunistic appropriation example, several commercials Yet how could it be otherwise
from Axe, introduced in May, is of mainstream feminism,” she featured men as caring fathers. when, according to the Center for
all about expanding the idea of said. Advertisers have long ignored the Study of Women in Television
masculinity. A video poses the And while these brands are the reality of masculinity, said and Film at San Diego State Uni-
question “Is it O.K. for guys …” heading in the right direction Michael Kimmel, a professor of versity, only 7 percent of the 250
and applies it to everything from with how they portray men, Wil- sociology and gender studies at top-grossing films in the United
wearing pink, to having long hair, liams said, advertising still tends Stony Brook University. Kimmel States last year had female di-
to being bad at sports. to stick to clichés. has worked with Dove Men+Care rectors? That was down slightly
Men — Axe and some other “When you look at the images, to evolve its marketing to men. from 2015, when the actress An-
brands seem to have suddenly they’re still superstereotypical,” But while more brands than jelica Huston told my New York
discovered — are not all hetero- she said. “Even if he’s changing ever are portraying girls and Times colleague Maureen Dowd:
sexual, sex-driven bodybuilders. diapers, he’s still going to be a women with more respect, some “It’s kind of like the church. They
“It used to be one rigid rule for buff dad wearing plaid or a white burger, beer and truck brands don’t want us to be priests. They
what a man should be,” said Rik T-shirt.” continue to rely on traditional want us to be obedient nuns.”
Strubel, the global vice presi- With more men taking a more definitions of masculinity. That’s the way it has been in
dent for Axe, which is owned by active role in the daily respon- “We’re really in a moment of Hollywood, where until relatively
Unilever. “That, thankfully, has sibilities of child care, Dove the mainstreaming of the idea recently men almost exclusively
changed.” Men+Care is unveiling its “There that girls can be anything,” said called the shots, and rarely faced
This updated portrayal of to Care” advertising campaign Williams of U.C.L.A. “We haven’t accountability for their own be-
masculinity by some brands is on Monday. In the campaign, the seen the same shift with men. It’s havior. If real change is going to
reminiscent of “femvertising” skin care brand — which is also still ‘boys will be boys.’” come for women in Hollywood, it
from roughly a decade ago, said owned by Unilever — shows how MATT KRUPNICK may just take a super hero.


Victory Is Hers, in Battles Onscreen and Off Overstepping

Comic License
LOS ANGELES — Patty Jen- (She won for “The Beguiled,” a
kins and “Wonder Woman” just coming drama set during the Civil
broke Hollywood’s superhero War.) Kathryn Bigelow, the only I know what he meant. Lots
glass ceiling. woman to have won an Oscar for of people know what he meant.
“Wonder Woman,” starring Gal directing, has one of the most hot- Nonetheless, the thing about
Gadot, took in about $100.5 mil- ly anticipated films of the summer some jokes is that they’re open to
lion at North American theaters in “Detroit,” a thriller about a 1967 interpretation, and the interpre-
over the weekend, according to police raid. tation isn’t up to him.
comScore. The turnout — in a Sony and Marvel have both an- CritiC’s “Him” is Bill Ma-
surprise, almost equally split be- nounced major superhero films notebook her, whose HBO talk
tween women and men — was one about female characters (Silver Wesley show is “Real Time
of the best ever for a nonsequel Sable, Black Cat) that are directed Morris With Bill Maher.”
superhero film. or co-directed by women. And on this week’s
During the past four years, as The success of “Wonder Wom- installment, on Friday night,
Warner Bros. has tried to follow an” will probably encourage stu- dammit, “real” happened.
Marvel Entertainment in creating dios to do more to equalize the It was the moment that Ma-
an interconnected constellation playing field. For years, female her welcomed Sen. Ben Sasse,
of critically acclaimed superhero superheroes were held back by R-Neb., whose new book, “The
blockbusters, effort after effort in- CLAY ENOS/WARNER BROS. PICTURES the argument — a ridiculous one Vanishing American Adult,” ar-
volving male characters and male “Wonder Woman,” with Gal in the eyes of most critics — that gues that traditional adulthood is
directors has fallen short. Super- Gadot, made $100.5 million. male ticket buyers would stay dead. After some softballs:
man? Nope. Batman and Super- home if a woman led the action; MAHER: “Halloween used to be a
man in one film? Even worse. the failures of “Catwoman” in 2004 kid thing.”
So the pressure on the las- Twitter early Sunday. “Amazing.” and “Elektra” in 2005 were used as SASSE: “It’s not anymore?”
so-wielding “Wonder Woman,” Jenkins, whose only previous proof. MAHER: “Not out here. No. Adults
directed by Jenkins and released film was the celebrated but mi- “You see certain properties dress up for Halloween. They
on Friday, was astronomical. The cro-budgeted 2003 indie “Mon- strike a cultural nerve — hit the don’t do that in Nebraska?”
$150 million film also came loaded ster,” was instantly catapulted to zeitgeist — and ‘Wonder Woman’ SASSE: “Yeah. We don’t do that
with gender politics — the super- the A-list by the “Wonder Woman” truly serves as a prime example,” quite as much.”
hero genre has long been movie- results. Ditto Gadot, who Holly- Jeff Goldstein, Warner’s president MAHER: “I gotta get to Nebraska
dom’s biggest boys’ club, on both wood believes has emerged as an of domestic distribution, said by more.”
sides of the camera — and a mis- Angelina Jolie for a new genera- phone on Sunday. “Patty Jenkins SASSE: “You’re welcome. We’d
fire could lead to further exclu- tion. accomplished something spectac- love to have you work in the fields
sion: Leave the superheroics to But the “Wonder Woman” suc- ular.” with us.”
the dudes. cess also contributes to an un- “Wonder Woman,” backed by MAHER: “Senator, I’m a house
Instead, she nailed it. The box mistakable moment for women in a thundering worldwide market- nigger.”
office result was on par with Hollywood, which has been under ing campaign estimated to cost Immediately, he told the audi-
“Iron Man,” the 2008 film that attack for pervasive sexism. at least $150 million, sold an ad- ence that he was joking. But, on
kick-started Marvel’s lineup, and Last month, Sofia Coppola be- ditional $122.5 million in tickets Saturday, he apologized. HBO
beat the arrivals of Captain Amer- came only the second woman in overseas. called his remarks “inexcusable”
ica, Thor and Doctor Strange. the long history of the Cannes “We’re all pretty giddy,” Gold- and said it would edit that seg-
“Holy moly,” Jenkins wrote on Film Festival to win best director. stein said. BROOKS BARNES ment out of future broadcasts.
Maher didn’t commit a hate
KenKen crime. He overstepped his privi-
lege as a famous comedian. But if
he crossed a line, it’s one that, for
Answers to Puzzles white people, has never moved.
But the climate around other
sorts of propriety does seem dif-
ferent. Last week also featured
perhaps the greatest dent in
Kathy Griffin’s comedy career.
She lost her New Year’s Eve host-
ing job for CNN after staging a
photo of herself and a decapitated
Donald J. Trump effigy. People of
all political stripes deplored her.
The Secret Service was conduct-
ing an investigation of her.
Should Maher lose his job?
That would be too easy. “Real
Time” is the sort of laboratory
where just this sort of problem is
talked — or shouted — out.
Fill the grid with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each Maher may not learn a lesson.
heavily outlined box will produce the target number shown, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication or But there would be a lesson in
division, as indicated in the box. A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1-4. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6.
that, too.
For solving tips and more KenKen puzzles: For feedback: [email protected] We’ve been not learning that
KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. one for centuries.


Message of Defiance at Concert Honoring Manchester Victims

GREATER MANCHESTER, England — about coming to Sunday’s concert, but that Nobody. You’ve broken no-
The message onstage and in the crowd at she ultimately overcame it. “It puts you on body. You’ve not.”
“One Love Manchester,” a benefit concert for edge a bit, but you can’t let those things affect Speaking onstage at
victims of the Manchester attack that was you, you can’t stop it from living your life, do- the concert on Sunday,
hosted by the pop star Ariana Grande, was ing what you want to do,” she said. Grande’s manager, Scooter
one of defiance. Tyron Webster, another One Love Man- Braun, praised the crowd
The event was Grande’s first appearance chester attendee, said he and his friends for its bravery. “Last night
since a suicide bombing at her May 22 concert decided to come to the concert on Sunday be- this nation was challenged,
at the Manchester Arena killed 22 people, cause it was their duty to carry on. “We’re not Ariana and all of you were chal-
including children, and wounded dozens of going to let one person’s cowardly act ruin our Grande lenged, and you had a de-
others. It came less than 24 hours after anoth- life,” Webster said. “We’re going to go to this cision to make if you were
er terrorist attack rocked the capital, London, concert, we’re going to have an amazing time, going to come out here
about 200 miles away. Seven civilians died in we’re going to enjoy life, we’re going to sing at tonight,” he said. “And this is so beautiful. You
the Saturday night attack. the top of our voices.” guys made that decision. You looked fear right
After Saturday night’s events in London, “And we’re going to just prove them wrong,” in the face and you said, no, we are Manches-
Lily Garner, 22, said she felt some trepidation he added. “Like, who have you broken? ter, and the world is watching.”
Perhaps the most emotional moment early
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz in the evening came when Grande performed
with a children’s chorus, after which she
PUZZLE BY PAUL COULTER appeared to choke up. The audience crooned
ACROSS 40 Very thin, as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
clouds along in loud unison as Chris Martin sang a
1 Doofus
41 How some 13 14 15 cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger,”
5 Campus bigwig and reacted with massive cheers when the
ground balls are
9 Leave standing fielded 16 17 18 Manchester band’s singer, Liam Gallagher,
at the altar 43 Longtime news later took the stage as an unannounced per-
13 Greek inits. 19 20 21 former.
counterpart to 45 “___ whillikers!” 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Mars The concert, which took place on the city’s
46 One-cent coin southwest outskirts, about 3.5 miles away
14 “Tickle Me” doll since 1909 30 31
15 Walks in water 49 Ballet footwear from the city center Manchester Arena,
up to one’s 32 33 34 35 where the bombing occurred, was broadcast
ankles, say 50 Email address 36 37 38 39 40 live by BBC television and radio, aired on oth-
ending for a
16 Early radio student er radio stations and live-streamed online.
transmitter 41 42 43 44 45 Outside the arena on Sunday, fans, some
51 Busy bee in
18 Download for a Apr. of whom had attended Grande’s Manchester
Kindle 46 47 48
54 Oil cartel Arena concert, offered mixed reasons for at-
19 Deep-frying need 56 Useful item for 49 50 51 52 53 tending Sunday’s concert.
20 “The Farmer in finding a lost Becky Jones, 21, who was at Grande’s con-
the ___” pet 54 55 56 57 cert on May 22, said she heard the blast but
22 Letter after “ar” 58 Brief brawl 58 59 60 61 62 63 knew something serious had gone wrong only
23 Apply gently, as 62 Common game when she smelled burning. “I knew I wanted
cream in a school gym 64 65 66 to come,” she said of Sunday’s concert.
25 Part of 64 Soothing 67 68 69 “I wasn’t going to let it stop me,” she added,
“business,” succulents
phonetically 65 U2’s lead singer 6/5/17 referring to the prospect of another terrorist
30 “Raiders of the 66 Biblical brother DOWN 17 Elton John/Tim 42 Alka-Seltzer attack, “because it’s something I love to do.”
Lost Ark” star with a birthright Rice Broadway sound CHRISTOPHER D. SHEA
1 Wash oneself
32 102, in ancient 67 Bad thing to musical 44 Blue hues
Rome blow … or what 2 Stackable 21 11-Down symbol
34 Common Market each of the cookies 24 Prepare, as tea 47 As required, after
letters circled letters 3 Citrus peels
in this puzzle 26 Dummy at a 48 Classic art
35 A sensible sort represents 4 Norway’s capital protest march subject 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
36 Like a sorry- 68 Greek H’s 5 Announce 27 Lasso loop 51 Pursue, as in tag •
looking dog 69 Some whistle Tom Brady, Editor
38 Tiny blowers 6 “Xanadu” band, 28 Figure of speech 52 Rice dish email: [email protected]
for short
29 Without purpose 53 Highest possible
7 In the thick of grade •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 30 Hard-to-hit TimesDigest Sales Office
8 At least pitches 55 Geezer phone: (212) 556-1200
FA SC IA S P IR AT ES 9 The “one” in a 31 Freeze 57 Trucker on a radio fax: (646) 461-2364
AR CA DI A ARA CH NE one-two 32 Tragic clown in 58 Never left the email: [email protected]
RE AP ER S C ON CI SE 10 Vow from a bride “Pagliacci” bench, say •
PA RI AH S A NT ES UP or groom 33 Lacking sense 59 Inventor Whitney
OW ES TO MA NT RA 11 Sign between 36 Shed old 60 Craggy peak For advertising information
SA UC ER S B AT TL ES Cancer and Virgo feathers and to request a media kit
TY PE NO WI N S ER T 12 “Shame on you!” 61 Letter after contact InMotion Media:
BI Z 37 Casual calls 22-Across phone: (212) 213-5856
RU ST B EZE L P RI E 15 “Ver-r-ry 39 Blade in a 63 Paternity email: [email protected]
AN TI WA R T AP IO CA interesting!” sporting match identifier •
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AL FR ED O L AT ER ON Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
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A New Attack, and Agony, for Britain A Shrinking America

My whole life I have taken for granted Amer-
These are trying times for Britain. Two gro- Islamist extremism” that perversely justifies ica’s leadership in the world. America’s might
tesque terror attacks within two weeks. An slaughtering the innocent and vulnerable in and majesty were cornerstones of internation-
important and unexpectedly close election the name of the Islamic State and its purport- al relations, cooperation and diplomacy. We
Thursday on how to exit Europe. The issues ed caliphate. were a beacon and balance to the world. Amer-
involved — stopping terrorism without sacri- Yet despite the provocation, it is essential ica has been imperfect — sometimes disas-
ficing democratic values, ending a long rela- that neither candidate succumb to the tempta- trously so — but it always seemed to me bent
tionship with the least damage to both sides tion of pledging or imposing the sorts of draco- toward the belief that America and the world
— would be enough for any nation. nian measures suggested by some commenta- could be made more perfect.
The latest outrage, the attack in central tors, such as locking up Muslims. Disrupting Well, that time has come to a close. Ameri-
London, provoked strong reactions from both democracy and undermining its values is sur- ca is exiting the world stage. Donald Trump is
candidates. “Enough is enough,” said Prime rendering to just what the terrorists want. drawing the curtains.
Minister Theresa May, adding that there had The political fallout for Thursday remains Trump has had, and continues to have, an
been “far too much tolerance of extremism” in to be seen. The prevailing wisdom when May unhealthy and inexplicable admiration for the
Britain. “All communities must come together,” called the election on April 18, reversing her world’s strongmen, dictators and authoritari-
declared the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. earlier insistence that she would not, was that an regimes — Russia and Vladimir Putin stand
Both said that the election should proceed and she would win by a landslide over a disjoint- out among the rest — while simultaneously
that the attacks could not be allowed to disrupt ed Labour Party. And whatever the outcome, chiding and chastising America’s traditional
the democratic process. there is little likelihood that Britain will reverse allies and those countries’ leaders.
Though different in tone, these were grown- position and stay in the European Union. But From the way Trump has treated America’s
up responses that contrasted sharply with her lackluster campaign, a flip-flop on social neighbors — Mexico about immigrants and the
President Trump’s bizarre Twitter barrage in policy and failure to participate in a political financing of his ridiculous wall, Canada over
which he variously scorned the mayor of Lon- debate, combined with a better-than-expect- trade practices on energy, lumber and dairy
don for seeking to reassure his people, blamed ed performance by Corbyn (of whom awfully (he called policies surrounding dairy trade
political correctness for what he said was the little was expected, to be sure) have steadily “a disgrace”) — to the way he has treated our
world’s weak response to terrorism, claimed trimmed her party’s margin in the polls. friends in Europe, Trump is singlehandedly
that the attacks bolstered his case for a travel The Tories are still expected to come out ushering in a new era of American decline.
ban on Muslims and argued that gun control ahead, though the failure of so many pundits Last month in Europe, Trump was as boorish
was pointless, because terrorists in this case to anticipate the victories of Brexit or Donald and belligerent as it was possible to be, lash-
had used knives and a truck. Trump have made many people understand- ing out at our NATO allies about their defense
That both May and Corbyn have not similar- ably chary of predictions. spending just after having been gracious and
ly politicized these horrible events is reassur- Add to these uncertainties a new wild card magnanimous to leaders in the Middle East.
ing. Whatever their path to suicidal violence, — terrorism, and a shaken citizenry. One week Then last week Trump thumbed his nose at
whatever their political motives, the Man- ago May’s prospects looked certain. But as a the world and the planet by announcing that
chester bomber and the three London attack- former prime minister, Harold Wilson, once fa- he would pull America out of the Paris climate
ers shared, as May put it, “an evil ideology of mously noted, a week is a long time in politics. accord, even though a Yale survey found the
agreement was popular and a majority of
Undoing All the Good Work on Cuba Americans in every state — including those
that Trump won — wanted the United States to
stay in the agreement.
To the long list of Barack Obama’s major ini- Obama’s opening to Havana has enabled the But even beyond whether or not it was pop-
tiatives that President Trump is obsessed with freer flow of people, goods and information be- ular, staying in was right. More than 190 coun-
reversing, we may soon be able to add Cuba. In tween the two countries, even as differences tries — most of the countries on the planet —
2014, Obama opened a dialogue with Cuba af- remain over human rights. Obama’s approach are signatories to the agreement. We have one
ter more than a half-century of unyielding hos- also encouraged Latin American countries to planet. It is in trouble. The world must band
tility, leading to an easing of sanctions. Trump be more receptive to the United States as a together to save it. How does it look for the
promised in his campaign to return to a more partner in regional problem-solving. world’s last remaining superpower to simply
hard-line approach. If he does, he will further A large pro-engagement coalition that in- walk away? This is not putting America first,
isolate America, hurt American business inter- cludes lawmakers from both parties, business- this is putting America on a path of regression
ests and, quite possibly, impede the push for es and young Cuban-Americans is pushing and isolationism. This is putting our future and
greater democracy on the Caribbean island. the White House to build on the foundation of the future of the planet in peril. This is dumb,
Soon after his election, Trump declared, engagement it inherited from Obama, not tear hazardous and shortsighted.
vaguely but ominously, that if Cuba did not it down. Engage Cuba, representing business Then, for me, the icing on the cake was
“make a better deal,” he would “terminate the groups, economists and leading Cuba experts, Trump’s absolute lack of grace and tact in his
deal.” He gave no specifics and no decisions has estimated that any reversal of Obama’s response to the London terror attacks over the
have been announced. But details of what a policies would cost the American economy weekend. His first response was not to express
policy reversal could look like are emerging. $6.6 billion and affect more than 12,000 Amer- his horror and extend America’s condolences
The aim generally would be to reimpose lim- ican jobs. and offer American assistance. No, that would
its on travel and commerce, supposedly to pun- As with his decision to withdraw from the have required that he possess a shred of empa-
ish Cuba’s despotic government, now led by global climate agreement, Trump’s approach thy and common decency. Instead, his first in-
Raúl Castro. Among the measures being con- to Cuba reflects a craven desire to curry favor stinct was to use the attacks as political fodder
sidered are blocking transactions by American with his political base, in this case conserva- to advance his own failed domestic agenda to
companies with firms that have ties to the Cu- tive Republicans from Florida who are vis- impose a “travel ban.”
ban military, which is deeply enmeshed in the cerally anti-Castro. That might help him get Trump is pulling America back and pulling
economy, and tightening restrictions on Amer- re-elected in 2020, but it would help no one else. America down. We are now witnessing the in-
icans traveling to Cuba that Obama eased last Strengthening ties with Cuba cannot guar- credible shrinking America, and it’s a sad sight
year before his historic trip to Havana. antee Cuban reforms, but it is the best bet. to behold.


Warriors Win as Coach and Star’s Shot Return In Brief

OAKLAND, Calif. — If welcom- when they rallied to win the title in While the Warriors were heart- Dufner Bounces Back
ing back Steve Kerr, their ailing seven games. ened to have Kerr back, the Cav-
Jason Dufner rallied from
coach, were not enough to inspire How they gather themselves aliers motivated themselves with a four-shot deficit and holed a
the Golden State Warriors on Sun- to deal with the tornado the War- the belief, or hope, that the beat-
day night, Klay Thompson timed riors have become with Durant ing they took in Game 1 was just a 30-foot par putt on the 18th to
close out a victory in the Memorial
WARRIORS 132 the return remains to be seen. In Game slap in the figurative face, a cruel on Sunday in Dublin, Ohio. Dufner
CAVALIERS 113 of his miss- 2, Curry exploded for the first but beneficial reminder that the kept his composure during two
ing shooting
playoff triple-double of his ca-
Eastern Conference portion of the
Golden State leads touch for the reer — 32 points, 10 rebounds, 11 playoffs had been the equivalent rain delays to close with a four-un-
series, 2-0 occasion of a assists. Durant had 33 points and of prepping to fight a heavyweight der-par 68 and win by three shots.
132-113 victory over the Cleveland 13 rebounds, and Thompson, who champion by sparring with a light- He earned his fifth PGA Tour
victory and joined the host Jack
Cavaliers and a two-games-to- made just 3 of 16 shots in Game 1, weight.
none lead in the N.B.A. finals. added 22 points. “You cannot simulate what they Nicklaus as the only Ohio-born
winners of the Memorial.
The sight of Kerr, who had not In all, the Warriors made 18 bring to the table, no matter how
coached in the postseason as he 3-point shots, riddling the Cavs many days you have to prepare,” A.L. SCORES
dealt with complications from last from outside after destroying James said.
year’s back surgery, roused the them in the paint in Game 1. The Cavs, as promised, tight- SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
Boston 5, Baltimore 2
capacity crowd at Oracle Arena. LeBron James had a triple-dou- ened up their interior defense Houston 6, Texas 5
But it was the 3-point shooting ble of his own to lead the Cavs but wound up surrendering five L.A. Angels 7, Minnesota 2
fireworks by Stephen Curry, Kev- with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 14 3-pointers in the opening quar- Seattle 9, Tampa Bay 2
in Durant and, finally, Thompson assists, while Kevin Love had 27 ter — three by Durant and two by SUNDAY
that electrified the fans and de- points. Curry, who also did serious dam- Toronto 3, Yankees 2
Detroit 7, Chicago White Sox 4
flated the Cavs, who go home now “To have him back on the bench age from the free-throw line, hit- Boston 7, Baltimore 3
for Game 3 on Wednesday night in means a lot,” Curry said of Kerr. ting 10 straight. Cleveland 8, Kansas City 0
the position they were in last year, “We love his voice.” HARVEY ARATON Houston 7, Texas 2
Minnesota 3, L.A. Angels 2
Crowd Lifts Frenchwoman. Who Will Hoist Trophy? Washington 11, Oakland 10
Seattle 7, Tampa Bay 1
PARIS — With the four remain- — four in the quarterfinals and who defeated her last year. SATURDAY’S LATE GAME
ing Grand Slam winners all falling eight awaiting Monday’s fourth- The eighth-seeded Kuznetsova, Mets 4, Pittsburgh 2
in their fourth-round matches round matches. who won the 2009 French Open SUNDAY
Sunday at the French Open, there Kristina Mladenovic, the 13th and the 2004 United States Open, Atlanta 13, Cincinnati 8
will be a new women’s major seed and the highest-ranked fell, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2, to Caroline Wozni- Miami 6, Arizona 5
Pittsburgh 11, Mets 1
champion crowned Saturday at Frenchwoman, rode a sonic wave acki, the No. 11 seed. Philadelphia 9, San Francisco 7
Roland Garros. of crowd support in her 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 BEN ROTHENBERG Milwaukee 3, L.A. Dodgers 0
It is the first time that no past win over the fourth-seeded Mugu- NADAL AND DJOKOVIC ADVANCE Colorado 3, San Diego 1
major winners have reached the ruza. Mladenovic’s nickname, Kiki, Nine-time champion Rafael Na- Chicago Cubs 7, St. Louis 6
quarterfinal stage at a women’s rang out from the stands between dal and defending champion No- N.H.L. PLAYOFFS
Grand Slam event since the 1979 points, especially as she began to vak Djokovic both won in straight SATURDAY’S LATE GAME
Australian Open, and the first cement her lead in the third set. sets on Sunday to reach the men’s Nashville 5, Pittsburgh 1
time in Paris since 1977. Venus Williams, who will turn quarterfinals in Paris for the 11th Penguins lead series, 2-1
Venus Williams, Svetlana 37 this month, was the most estab- time. Nadal, who improved to SUNDAY
Kuznetsova, Samantha Stosur lished champion to fall, with her 99-2 in best-of-five-set matches on No games scheduled
and Garbiñe Muguruza, the de- collection of seven major titles. clay, beat No. 17 Roberto Bautista N.B.A. PLAYOFFS
fending champion, lost Sunday, The 10th-seeded Williams lost, Agut, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. Djokovic won, SUNDAY
leaving a dozen women in conten- 5-7, 6-2, 6-1, to Timea Bacsinszky, 7-6(5), 6-1, 6-3, over No. 19 Albert Golden State 132, Cleveland 113
tion who have never won a major the 30th seed and the same player Ramos-Vinolas. (AP) Warriors lead series, 2-0
WEATHER Houston 86/ 74 0.99 87/ 72 T 89/ 70 T Cape Town 66/ 51 0 70/ 50 S 71/ 54 S
Kansas City 83/ 68 0.07 89/ 62 S 80/ 56 S Dublin 59/ 45 0.07 59/ 46 R 60/ 46 T
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 75/ 64 0 79/ 61 PC 77/ 60 PC Geneva 68/ 59 0.17 68/ 53 T 65/ 48 T
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 87/ 76 0.02 89/ 80 Sh 90/ 78 T Hong Kong 91/ 84 0.10 90/ 83 T 90/ 81 Sh
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 90/ 63 0 81/ 58 S 81/ 59 S Kingston 91/ 81 0.04 91/ 80 W 91/ 80 W
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 70/ 56 0.08 71/ 56 T 60/ 51 Sh Lima 70/ 63 0 72/ 63 PC 72/ 63 S
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 83/ 72 0.09 85/ 71 T 84/ 71 T London 66/ 50 0.14 63/ 51 R 61/ 51 T
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 81/ 57 0.05 79/ 61 T 66/ 54 C Madrid 77/ 61 0.24 80/ 56 S 84/ 57 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 107/ 84 0 109/ 82 S 107/ 81 S Mexico City 87/ 57 0.04 81/ 58 PC 82/ 57 PC
Salt Lake City 96/ 68 0 87/ 63 S 92/ 67 S Montreal 72/ 50 0.03 63/ 51 R 64/ 48 R
San Francisco 66/ 54 0 70/ 52 PC 68/ 53 S Moscow 55/ 39 0 56/ 48 R 60/ 47 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 68/ 52 0 72/ 52 PC 80/ 55 PC Nassau 91/ 81 0.01 93/ 79 T 95/ 79 PC
Albuquerque 89/ 63 0 91/ 64 S 90/ 63 T St. Louis 87/ 74 0.21 91/ 63 PC 82/ 60 S Paris 70/ 46 0 73/ 53 PC 63/ 51 T
Atlanta 81/ 72 0.71 81/ 68 C 76/ 63 T Washington 86/ 62 0 77/ 65 R 78/ 59 PC Prague 65/ 55 0.30 73/ 53 PC 74/ 49 T
Boise 86/ 63 0.15 77/ 53 S 87/ 61 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 79/ 66 0 87/ 73 S 86/ 71 PC
Boston 69/ 55 0.05 57/ 50 R 53/ 50 R Rome 77/ 59 0 80/ 62 PC 78/ 62 PC
Buffalo 73/ 54 0.13 66/ 54 T 61/ 50 Sh Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 57/ 36 0 58/ 32 PC 61/ 31 S
Charlotte 87/ 70 0.19 83/ 68 T 81/ 61 C Acapulco 92/ 76 0.04 89/ 79 PC 89/ 80 PC Stockholm 63/ 48 0.01 66/ 48 T 69/ 49 PC
Chicago 91/ 71 0 73/ 53 S 73/ 53 S Athens 82/ 68 0.12 83/ 65 S 83/ 66 S Sydney 66/ 53 0 66/ 49 PC 63/ 51 PC
Cleveland 86/ 68 0.68 73/ 55 C 66/ 54 Sh Beijing 91/ 58 0 87/ 59 C 66/ 56 C Tokyo 78/ 64 0 74/ 64 PC 74/ 66 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 87/ 70 0.30 84/ 70 T 89/ 68 PC Berlin 66/ 61 0.31 71/ 55 PC 74/ 52 T Toronto 68/ 55 0.14 64/ 52 Sh 61/ 50 Sh
Denver 80/ 47 0 85/ 53 T 74/ 53 T Buenos Aires 61/ 44 0 56/ 34 PC 59/ 38 S Vancouver 63/ 50 0 66/ 50 PC 71/ 53 PC
Detroit 86/ 65 0.01 73/ 54 PC 68/ 53 PC Cairo 95/ 73 0 99/ 78 S 102/ 80 S Warsaw 80/ 54 0.02 74/ 54 PC 81/ 61 T


In the Finals, Gold Cloth Is Still the Standard In Brief

NASHVILLE — Fans attending The teams in NASCAR STANDINGS
Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup the N.B.A.
finals in Pittsburgh received gold POS. DRIVER POINTS BEHIND
Martin Truex Jr. 545 Leader
giveaway T-shirts. So did those and N.H.L. 2 Kyle Larson 536 -9
attending Games 1 and 2 of the finals all use 3 Kevin Harvick 429 -116
416 -129
Kyle Busch
N.B.A. finals at the Golden State the color gold 4 Jamie McMurray 415 -130
Warriors’ arena in Oakland, Calif. in their logos. 6 Jimmie Johnson 414 -131
So did everyone who showed up in Predators fans 7 Brad Keselowski 410 -135
Chase Elliott
398 -147
Nashville on Saturday for Game 3 last Monday 9 Deny Hamlin 361 -184
of the N.H.L.’s title showdown. at a viewing 10 Clint Bowyer 349 -196
“Optically, it’s intimidating,”
said Chip Bowers, the Warriors’ party in Johnson Climbs Ranks
chief marketing officer. “You Nashville. Jimmie Johnson sped off on
look at 20,000 gold T-shirts in the the final restart during the AAA
crowd, you know you’re in an op- MARK HUMPHREY/ASSOCIATED PRESS 400 Drive for Autism on Sunday
posing venue.” Nevertheless, demand for Conference finals because he had and achieved a Nascar milestone,
In other years, perhaps. the prevailing hue in sports has already committed to the Pen- winning at Dover International
Gold may be a rare commodi- threatened to deplete the nation’s guins. Speedway in Delaware for the
ty, but these days, it is saturating supply of blank gold T-shirts and “And that’s the dicey part — ev- 11th time and moving into a tie for
the sports world. All four teams in rally towels. erybody was using so much gold,” sixth place on the career victories
the championship rounds of the For the Warriors, the precision Nord said. list. Johnson was forced to start
N.B.A. and the N.H.L. feature the of Stephen Curry’s shooting has The sports merchandise agen- from the rear of the field because
color, in one shade or another, on been matched only by the pre- cy BDA, which manages the pur- of a gear change, but he roared
their uniforms and logos. science of their marketing depart- chasing process for several teams past Kyle Larson in overtime on
Only one of the contenders has ment. Bowers ordered 312,000 in the four major professional the final restart. He tied the Hall of
actively fought the conformity. T-shirts in the team’s vibrant gold- sports, averts a gold rush by start- Fame driver Cale Yarborough for
The Cleveland Cavaliers would en yellow back in September. ing to procure stock three to four sixth on the wins list with 83. (AP)
rather watch a loop of Michael “There’s not a huge number of months before playoffs begin.
Jordan drilling The Shot over those shirts produced,” he said, “If it was us and three other
Craig Ehlo than distribute gold “but there are a number of teams teams with different colors, the Jimmy Piersall Dies at 87
items with the Warriors in town that use them.” conversations would be much dif- Jimmy Piersall, the often outra-
for Game 3 on Wednesday. In general, those shirts are ferent,” said Danny Shaklan, the geous outfielder and broadcaster
“We believe in every sense of harder to obtain than towels, said vice president for marketing and whose emotional breakdown
the word that we own that color,” Kevin Nord, who deals in both communications for the Preda- while a rookie with the Boston
said Tracy Marek, the chief mar- items as the president of Pro Tow- tors, whose gold — more of an egg Red Sox was portrayed in the
keting officer for the Cavaliers. els in Pittsburgh. yolk, really — is the exact shade 1957 movie “Fear Strikes Out,”
“But we’re not going to do any- He notifies teams a round or two used by the Cavaliers. “They’d tell a rare glimpse at an athlete’s
thing that will make us look like in advance if a supply is running me how much is out there, call me mental illness, died on Saturday
we’re rooting for Golden State — lean, as he had to do with the Pred- when you want. But it’s pretty in- in Wheaton,
let me make that very clear.” ators’ shirts during the Western tense right now.” BEN SHPIGEL Ill. He was 87.
After his break-
India vs. Pakistan Turns Into Diluted Cricket Rivalry down, Piersall
returned to
the Red Sox
BIRMINGHAM, England — The cricket rivalry is often re- merely India’s equal, but its supe- in 1953 and
“Any spare tickets for sale?” garded as the fiercest in any sport. rior. But now Pakistan has slipped seemed to have
On the road to Edgbaston Crick- When India and Pakistan have to eighth in one-day internation- surmounted
et Ground, the refrain from the met on the cricket field, it has been als, five places below India, and his emotional demons. In June
ticket touts went unanswered. fashionable to speak of “cricket sixth in Test matches, while India 1963, after hitting his 100th career
Demand for the India-Pakistan diplomacy.” And on occasion the is first. home run while playing for the
match on Sunday was so great sport has helped thaw relations. Still, the paucity of meetings Mets, he circled the bases in order
that the ground could have sold But cricket has also inflamed has one obvious beneficiary: the but running backward. After re-
out its 25,000 capacity eight times tensions. In 1997, India’s players International Cricket Council. tiring as a player, Piersall became
over. were pelted with stones in Kara- Matches between India and Paki- a Chicago White Sox broadcaster,
Fans realized that the chance to chi, Pakistan. In Kolkata, India, stan are so commercially valuable teaming with Harry Caray. (NYT)
see the two teams was a rare one. two years later, 60,000 fans were that the council fixes the draw to
Apart from international competi- evicted from the stands after riot- ensure that India and Pakistan
tions, for which it makes an excep- ing over an umpiring decision. face each other, as they have done Astros Extend Streak
tion, the Indian government refus- Yet the sense remains that, even for five consecutive I.C.C. events. George Springer hit two of
es to allow India’s cricket team to in Birmingham, where one in five On the previous four occasions, Houston’s four home runs, and
play Pakistan. people is British Indian or British India had won. the visiting Astros matched Tex-
The Indian government’s Pakistani, the rivalry has lost a lit- In Birmingham, the sepulchral as for the longest winning streak
stance illustrates how India-Paki- tle of its edge. skies posed more threat to that in the majors this season at 10
stan cricket games have long been In the stands, Indian blue out- record than Pakistan’s cricketers. games, beating the Rangers, 7-2.
fraught with geopolitical tensions, numbered Pakistani green by Perhaps never has the gulf be- The Astros tied a team record
stemming from the splitting of three to one, a metaphor for how tween Indian and Pakistani crick- from 1989 with their 10th straight
British India in 1947 into India and this has become an increasingly et been as great as on Sunday, road win. Houston’s sweep of Tex-
Pakistan and from ongoing con- lopsided rivalry. For most of the when India walked away with a as dropped the Rangers to 3-11
flict over disputed regions. rivalry’s history, Pakistan was not 124-run victory. TIM WIGMORE since their 10-game streak. (AP)



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