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Hacienda Times Digest Feb 9

February 9th, 2017

Thu Feb 9 Fri Feb 10 Sat Feb 11 Sun Feb 12 Mon Feb 13

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

Fitness Class Schedule
A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Monday, February 6
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Tuesday, February 7
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Serenity and Prosperity Couples Ritual
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am

Wednesday, February 8
2 Hrs. - $250 USD + TAX per person
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am
Enjoy the time to relax and unwind with a partner in the luxurious
privacy of our couple’s suite. Beginning with a soak in the private garden
Thursday, February 9
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Jacuzzi, the ritual involves a full body exfoliation with black and white
Yoga: 9:30am-10:30 am sesame seeds and sesame seed oil massage,
leaving the body nourished and entirely

tension-free. The sesame seeds signify
Friday, February 10
prosperity among local cultures, and the
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
colors of black and white support the balance
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am SERENITY
of opposing energies in nature. An

aromatherapy scalp treatment concludes the experience, head to toe.
Saturday, February 11
Spinning: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Sport Massage
Sunday, February 12
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
The perfect way to improve stamina and increase flexibility, this

combination of customized
massage work and stretching
Private classes
is great after a workout, a
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. long walk on the beach, or
even a week by the pool. The

massage incorporates
stretches, compression, rocking and shaking all to release muscle tension
and increase circulation, as well as joint mobility. Loose fitting clothes are

80min. - $195 USD + TAX
Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .

FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

SENATE CONFIRMS Court Pick Calls Critique ‘Demoralizing’
SESSIONS TO LEAD M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s vate conversation with Sen. Rich- motives and qualifications of
jurists charged with deciding
ard Blumenthal, D-Conn., as he
THE JUSTICE DEPT. nominee for the Supreme Court, paid courtesy calls on Capitol Hill them, according to judges and
privately expressed dismay on
to build support for his confirma-
legal experts from across the po-
Wednesday over Trump’s in- tion. An account of the discussion litical spectrum. The tradition is
creasingly aggressive attacks was confirmed by a White House important to preserving the sep-
WASHINGTON — Sen. Jeff Ses- on the judiciary, calling the pres- adviser who spoke on condition aration of powers that is a pillar of
sions was confirmed on Wednesday ident’s criticism of independent of anonymity because he was not American democracy, establish-
as President Trump’s attorney gen- judges “demoralizing” and “dis- authorized to comment. ing an independent judiciary to
eral, capping a bitter and racially heartening.” The spectacle of a Supreme serve as a check on the executive
charged nomination battle that The remarks by Gorsuch, cho- Court nominee breaking so stark- branch, they argued.
crested with the procedural silenc- sen by Trump last week to serve ly with the president who named Trump’s rhetorical battle with
ing of a leading Democrat, Sen. Eliz- on the nation’s highest court, him underscored the unusual na- the judiciary may end up harm-
abeth Warren. came as the president lashed out ture of Trump’s public feud with ing his cause in a case that may
Sessions survived a near-party- at the federal appellate judges the judiciary. Speaking to a group end up before the Supreme Court,
line vote, 52 to 47, the latest sign of who are considering a challenge of sheriffs and police chiefs on by potentially stiffening the re-
the extreme par- to his executive order banning Wednesday, Trump said the ap- solve of judges who feel their in-
tisanship at play travel from seven predominantly pellate judges had failed to grasp dependence is under attack.
as Trump strains Muslim countries. The president concepts even “a bad high school McConnell called Trump’s com-
to install his cab- called their judicial proceedings student would understand.” ments “extremely self-defeating
inet. No Republi- “disgraceful” and described the “This is highly unusual,” said and self-destructive” because of
cans broke ranks courts as “so political.” Michael W. McConnell, a former their potential to sway judges to
in their support Those remarks followed federal judge who directs the Con- rule against Trump.
of a colleague Trump’s weekend Twitter out- stitutional Law Center at Stan- “Judges who hear criticism of
who will become burst in which he derided a Se- ford University. “Mr. Trump is this sort are not going to be in-
Sen. Jeff the nation’s top attle circuit court judge who shredding longstanding norms of clined to knuckle under; it’s going
Sessions law enforcement blocked his travel ban as a “so- etiquette and interbranch comity.” to stiffen their spines to be even
official after two called judge” whose “ridiculous” Presidents have tradition- more independent,” said McCo-
decades in the Senate. ruling would be overturned. ally tried to refrain from even nnell, who was nominated to his
But the confirmation process — Gorsuch expressed his disap- appearing to intervene in court judgeship by President George
ferocious even by the standards of pointment with Trump’s com- cases that concern them or their W. Bush.
moldering decorum that have de- ments about the judiciary in a pri- policies, or from impugning the JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS
fined the body’s recent years — laid
bare the Senate’s deep divisions at Battle for Syrian City Is Geopolitical Test of War
the outset of the Trump presidency.
Democrats spent the hours be-
fore the vote on Wednesday seeth- BEIRUT, Lebanon — A north- more closely in a diplomatic ef- peared to be partly succeeding.
ing over the rebuke of Warren, who ern Syrian city that is one of the fort aimed at resolving the con- Russian and Turkish state-affili-
had been barred from speaking on Islamic State’s last enclaves in flict, after fitful and repeated ated news media said that Turkey
the floor. Late Tuesday, Republicans the country is under assault by failures led by the United Nations and Russia had been coordinating
voted to formally silence Warren military forces bearing down and the United States. to prevent clashes outside Al Bab,
after she read from a 1986 letter by from all sides. But in the battle for Al Bab, and Syrian fighters on the ground
Coretta Scott King that criticized The complication is that the Russia and Turkey must trans- confirmed the coordination.
Sessions while serving as a United advancing forces — the Syrian form their newfound understand- These developments come
States attorney in Alabama. Army and pro-government mili- ing into results on the ground, amid a broader geopolitical re-
For weeks, Republicans have re- tias backed by Russia, and Syri- with the ambitious goal of push- ordering of the participants in
jected any suggestion that Sessions an rebels backed by Turkey — are ing their Syrian partners into de the tangled Syria conflict. After
cannot be trusted on civil rights, sworn enemies. facto military cooperation. Oth- the government’s crushing vic-
arguing that he had been tarnished Their simultaneous race to erwise they risk creating a new tory over rebel fighters in the
unfairly over accusations of racial seize the city, Al Bab, has turned flash point. city of Aleppo late last year, and
insensitivity that have dogged him into a test of how a global re- The coming days will show if the election of President Trump,
since the 1980s . alignment of powers supporting the Syrian foes, who do not al- who has called for closer Ameri-
“Everybody in this body knows Syria’s antagonists could help re- ways obey their patrons, will can-Russian coordination, Russia
Senator Sessions well, knows that shape or end the nearly six-year- work together for the first time has accelerated efforts to lead in-
he is a man of integrity,” Sen. Dan old conflict. against the Islamic State, or drive ternational diplomacy on Syria.
Sullivan, R-Alaska, said during the Al Bab, which had roughly out the extremists and then try to There are high hopes in Da-
debate on Wednesday. 100,000 people when the war be- kill one another. mascus that the United States
Sessions brings a sharply conser- gan in 2011, is the last urban area The answers could shed light will move closer to a de facto al-
vative bent to the Justice Depart- held by the Islamic State west of on whether Russia and Turkey liance with Russia in Syria and
ment. A former prosecutor, he prom- its proclaimed capital, Raqqa. have the leverage to push the op- abandon its military support
ises a focus aligned with Trump in Russia and Turkey have posing Syrian sides into substan- for groups seeking the ouster of
pushing a “law and order” agenda. swerved in recent months from tive negotiations and real change. President Bashar al-Assad.
(NYT) outright hostility to working As of Wednesday, they ap- ANNE BARNARD


In Brief Jackie Kennedy’s Letters to Man She Told No

LONDON — In November 1967,
Putin Rival Is Barred four years after her husband’s as- you were to Jack.”
Ormsby Gore had
From Presidential Run sassination, Jacqueline Kennedy expressed incredulity
traveled to the temples of Angkor at her choice of Onas-
A Russian court on Wednesday Wat in Cambodia on a much-pub- sis, and she tried to
derailed a presidential run by licized trip with David Ormsby respond.
Aleksei A. Navalny — the only op- Gore, a friend of her husband and Onassis, she wrote,
position candidate with a broad himself a recent widower. is “lonely and wants to
popular following — by reviving There was much speculation protect me from being
a four-year-old criminal convic- of a romantic attachment. A few lonely. And he is wise
tion. The decision by the district months later, Ormsby Gore, a for- and kind. Only I can
court was widely viewed as a mer British ambassador to Wash- decide if he can, and I
move by President Vladimir V. ington, proposed marriage. She decided.
Putin to eliminate his only viable turned him down. “I know it comes as
rival in an election scheduled for In a handwritten letter, filled a surprise to so many
March 2018. Although Putin has with anguish and a touch of cru- ANDREW TESTA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES people,” she continued.
been coy about his decision to run elty, she explained her decision to For sale: Jacqueline Kennedy’s letters to “But they see things
for a fourth term, there is little marry Aristotle Onassis instead. her rejected suitor, David Ormsby Gore. for me that I never
question that he will. Some ob- “If ever I can find some healing wanted for myself.”
servers had speculated that the and some comfort — it has to be Matthew Haley,
president would want a weighty with somebody who is not part of Harlech, dated Nov. 13, 1968, a the head of fine books and man-
opponent to lend legitimacy to his all my world of past and pain,” she month after her marriage to On- uscripts at Bonhams, said that
next victory. (NYT) wrote. “I can find that now — if the assis and five months after the as- “you just don’t get this quantity of
world will let us.” sassination of Robert F. Kennedy. insight into Jackie’s personal life
Yemen Backtracks The letter was part of a set of pa- In it, Mrs. Kennedy spoke of the and that level of intimacy.”
Ormsby Gore was her husband’s
On Halting U.S. Raids pers found in locked red-leather love and bond she felt for Ormsby great friend, but “the fact that they
Gore, whose wife had died in May
cases discovered only last month
Yemen’s government said on in Wales at the family home of 1967. “We have known so much & developed such an intimate friend-
Wednesday that it had requested Ormsby Gore, who died in 1985. shared & lost so much together — ship in such a short space of time is
a “reassessment” of an American They are being auctioned in Lon- Even if it isn’t the way you wish important,” he said, even if built on
commando raid last month that don next month by his grandson to now — I hope that bond of love and shared sadness.
killed several women and chil- help restore the house. pain will never be cut.” Ormsby Gore did marry again,
dren and closer coordination on The letters point to the depth of Writing from Onassis’ yacht in in 1969, to Pamela Colin, an Amer-
future operations, but said that it feeling behind the public mask of Greece, in a clear if cold message, ican who bore more than a pass-
had not suspended future raids one of the most celebrated women Mrs. Kennedy told Ormsby Gore: ing resemblance to Mrs. Onassis.
by United States Special Oper- of her time. “You are like my beloved beloved He died in 1985, at 66, after a car
ations forces. Citing American Among them is the letter to brother — and mentor — and the crash. Mrs. Onassis attended his
officials, The New York Times had Ormsby Gore, also known as Lord only original spirit I know — as funeral. STEVEN ERLANGER
reported on Tuesday that Yemeni
authorities, angry about the civil-
ian casualties incurred last month Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in Two Months
in the first counterterrorism op-
eration authorized by President A rapidly advancing crack in region of likely softer ice to anoth-
Trump, had withdrawn permis- Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice er, which explains its step-wise
sion for the United States to run shelf has scientists concerned progress.”
Special Operations ground mis- that it is getting close to a full Ice shelves, which form through
sions against suspected terrorist break. The rift has accelerated runoff from glaciers, float in water
groups in the country. (NYT) this year in an area already vul- and provide structural support
nerable to warming tempera- to the glaciers that rest on land.
British Official Gives Up tures. Since December, the crack When an ice shelf collapses, the
His U.S. Citizenship has grown by the length of about glaciers behind it can accelerate
toward the ocean. Higher tem-
five football fields each day.
Boris Johnson, Britain’s col- The crack in Larsen C now peratures in the region are also
orful foreign secretary, who is reaches over 100 miles in length, helping to further the ice shelf’s
best known for his leading role and some parts of it are as wide as retreat.
in campaigning for his country’s two miles. The tip of the rift is only If the ice shelf breaks at the
departure from the European about 20 miles from reaching the crack, Larsen C will be at its small-
Union, has given up his American other end of the ice shelf. est size ever recorded.
citizenship, a United States Trea- Once the crack reaches all the AFP PHOTO/NASA/MARIA-JOSE VINAS That would also leave the ice
sury Department list showed way across the ice shelf, the break A massive rift in the front much closer to the ice shelf’s
Wednesday. Born in New York, will create one of the largest ice- Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen compressive arch, a line that sci-
Johnson, 52, held dual citizenship bergs ever recorded, according entists say is critical for structural
until last year. He had long com- to Project Midas, a research team C ice shelf on Nov. 10. support. If the front retreats past
plained about having to pay taxes that has been monitoring the rift that line, scientists say, the north-
in the United States even though since 2014. Because of the amount free within the next few months,” ernmost part of the shelf could
he was 5 when he last lived there. of stress the crack is placing on the said Adrian J. Luckman of Swan- collapse within months. It could
The United States taxes nationals remaining 20 miles of the shelf, sea University in Wales, who is a also significantly change the land-
who live abroad on their world- the team expects the break soon. lead researcher for Project Midas. scape of the Antarctic peninsula.
wide income. (NYT) “The iceberg is likely to break “The rift tip has moved from one JUGAL K. PATEL


For Volunteers, Tumultuous Wait for Refugees In Brief

A hearty cheer some 50 voices dreams and cautious hopes. Syrian family, the church had been
strong greeted the eight members “When the plane landed, I felt wanting to sponsor another with 75 Detectives to Be
of the Khoja family Tuesday night that now this is a reality,” said the Church World Service, which is Deployed to Bronx
as they wheeled their luggage patriarch, Mahmoud Khoja, 58. one of the nine resettlement agen- The New York Police Depart-
into the arrivals area of Kennedy On the ground in the United cies working with the State De- ment on Wednesday announced
International Airport. States, the groups working to partment. Motivated by Trump’s plans to send 75 new investiga-
It came from volunteers of Rut- bring refugees in — often affiliated campaign pledge to limit the flow tors to the Bronx to address a
gers Presbyterian Church in Man- with churches and synagogues — of refugees, the church’s task force steep and longstanding shortage
hattan who signed on to sponsor had been going through their own grew to more than 40 people and of detectives in the department’s
this family of Kurdish Syrian ref- whipsaw of emotions. Rutgers raised more than $50,000. most violent and underserved
ugees months ago, only to find Presbyterian’s refugee task force On Jan. 6, the volunteers were borough. The chief of detectives,
them caught up in a maelstrom of put a typical New York spin on the given the family’s name and origi- Robert K. Boyce, told city law-
presidential politics, judges’ deci- crisis, turning to its high-placed nal arrival date: Jan. 30. makers that the influx was aimed
sions and delays. contacts and deep pocket of dona- “We knew that an executive at easing enormous caseloads,
“We heard that we can’t go to tions to see if it could bring the fam- order would be coming and we which retired police leaders say
America and now we are here and ily into the country despite the ban. thought we’d get the family in un- have hindered investigative
we can’t believe our eyes,” said Su- The group enlisted several im- der the wire,” said Dave Mammen, work in the Bronx for decades.
zan Khoja, 28. migration lawyers, the American the church administrator coordi- Homicides in New York City
Khoja; her five siblings, ages 12 Civil Liberties Union and human nating the refugee task force. have been falling, but the depart-
to 31; and her parents left Aleppo rights professors in Istanbul. Not quite: Five days later came ment’s plans for the Bronx reflect
and had been living in Istanbul “They are so tenacious,” said Trump’s order. a growing recognition by police
for a few years. Their arrival at Kate Rice, a member of B’nai Je- Sarah Krause, a senior direc- chiefs in cities experiencing up-
Kennedy, just before an appellate shurun synagogue, who joined the tor at Church World Service, ticks in murder that heavy case-
court in San Francisco heard ar- Rutgers multifaith coalition. marveled at the volunteers’ en- loads let crimes go unsolved and
guments about whether President Ultimately, their scrambling gagement. “This situation made feed street violence. (NYT)
Trump’s indefinite ban on Syrian did not reopen the window for the many of us feel powerless, and
refugees should be reinstated, family to arrive. The courts did. they were trying to find power in a
was the dramatic end to 12 days Since last spring, when Rutgers powerless situation,” she said. Teen Vandals’ Sentence
fraught with confusion, deferred Presbyterian brought over its first LIZ ROBBINS Has a Reading List
Oakland Knew of Illegal Housing Before Fatal Fire historic black schoolhouse in Vir-
After five teenagers defaced a
ginia with racist and anti-Semitic
For weeks after the devastat- before the fire. “Oakland has been given some graffiti last year, a judge handed
ing fire that killed 36 people at an The records show 39 code en- tough punches over the decades down an unusual sentence. She
Oakland warehouse in December, forcement inspections at the but that doesn’t excuse this,” he endorsed a prosecutor’s order
officials dodged questions about warehouse and a neighboring said. It just doesn’t.” that they read one book each
whether city agencies had been vacant lot from 2004 to 2016. The The fire at the warehouse, month for the next 12 months and
aware that the structure was ille- Fire Department was called four which was named the Ghost Ship write a report about it. The books
gally occupied. times to the same addresses and by the artists who illegally resided must address some of history’s
On Wednesday, the city re- the Police Department respond- inside, was the deadliest structur- most divisive and tragic periods.
leased 600 pages of public records ed to calls 19 times over the past al fire in the United States in more The teenagers can read “Night,”
showing that the authorities were decade. than a decade. All but one of the by Elie Wiesel, to learn about the
well aware of the warehouse and Despite these citations, city offi- people killed in the fire on Dec. Holocaust. They can read Maya
the activities inside. The docu- cials did nothing to shut down the 2 were there to attend a concert Angelou’s landmark 1969 book, “I
ments — which were made avail- building. held without a permit. Most of the Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,”
able after requests by a number of Mike Madden, whose 23-year- victims were young people who for an unsparing account of the
publications, including The New old son Griffin Madden was killed were overcome by thick fumes of Jim Crow South. (NYT)
York Times — detail dozens of vis- in the fire, said the scores of visits smoke and were trapped on the
its and inspections by the police, to the warehouse by the authori- second floor of the building when Contractor Indicted
firefighters and other city em- ties “validate the view that the fire a treacherous, makeshift stair- In Stealing of Secrets
ployees in the months and years was preventable.” case collapsed. (NYT)
A former security contractor
North Carolina Judges Block Limits on Governor’s Power was indicted on Wednesday on
charges of stealing a trove of
highly classified information that
A three-judge state court pan- hearing on one of Gov. Roy Coo- mation games behind us.” federal prosecutors, for the first
el in North Carolina on Tuesday per’s cabinet picks. Cooper has The ruling by the panel of North time, said included documents
held up part of a new Republi- called the law, which was signed Carolina Superior Court judges is on sensitive counterterrorism
can-backed law that strips import- in December in the waning days of limited to legislative oversight of operations, a foreign intelligence
ant power from the newly elected his Republican predecessor’s ten- Cooper’s cabinet selections. Law- target the C.I.A. was tracking
Democratic governor. ure, a politically motivated power makers last year also approved and the launch of a satellite. The
The ruling, temporarily halting grab. 11th-hour changes including re- 20-count indictment that was
the requirement that the governor “The court is absolutely correct ducing the total number of execu- unsealed in Maryland federal
seek legislative approval for his in their decision and should not be tive appointees. court offered just a glimpse of
cabinet selections, escalated the intimidated by threats from leg- Legislative Republicans have what prosecutors claim Harold
partisan tensions that have shak- islative leaders,” Cooper said in a defended the new rules as a legal, T. Martin III, 52, stole undetected
en up the state, and came shortly statement, in which he urged the reasonable check on the gover- for years. Martin was arrested in
before a scheduled State Senate state “to put these partisan confir- nor’s power. MITCH SMITH late August. (NYT)


Showing Support for Trump, Intel to Build Plant THE MARKETS

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel, the House several weeks ago to coor- cal. “We focus on the issues that DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
world’s largest computer chip dinate the announcement. That we care about,” he said after the 31.60 11.12 2.11
manufacturer, will invest $7 bil- outreach to the administration il- Wednesday’s announcement. ↘ 0.16% ↗ 0.20% ↗ 0.09%
lion to build a factory in Arizona, lustrates the tightrope that Silicon In the case of Trump, Intel said 20,058.69 5,685.34 2,295.19
adding 3,000 jobs, the company’s Valley companies are walking. it agreed with his desire to im-
chief executive said on Wednes- Intel was one of nearly 130 com- prove the investment climate for EUROPE
day after meeting with President panies that signed a legal brief American manufacturers.
Trump at the White House. challenging Trump’s Jan. 27 ex- In other areas, such as Trump’s BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
The factory, which will comple- ecutive order temporarily block- desire to curb immigration and FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
ment two other Intel semicon- ing the entry of all refugees and of end free-trade agreements, In- 2.60 6.06 12.13
ductor plants in Chandler, Ariz., immigrants from seven predom- tel disagrees, and it is telling the ↗ 0.04% ↘ 0.05% ↗ 0.26%
had been under consideration for inantly Muslim nations. Earlier, White House so. 7,188.82 11,543.38 4,766.60
several years. Krzanich criticized the order on Smith said Trump had offered
Standing beside Trump in the Twitter, declaring, “As a compa- Intel no financial incentives to ASIA/PACIFIC
Oval Office, Brian Krzanich, ny co-founded by an immigrant, build the factory in Arizona.
Intel’s chief executive, said the we support lawful immigration.” As Intel looks beyond servers JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
company had decided to proceed Yet Intel, like other large tech- and personal computers to new NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
now because of “the tax and regu- nology companies, also supports markets like other Internet-con- 96.82 153.56 14.36
latory policies we see the admin- the Trump administration’s plans nected devices, cars and tablets, ↗ 0.51% ↗ 0.66% ↗ 0.46%
istration pushing forward.” to reduce corporate regulations. sales are growing again, and it 19,007.60 23,485.13 3,167.45
Trump said: “The people of Ar- Stacy J. Smith, the executive needs the new factory. “We’re
izona will be very happy. It’s a lot vice president who oversees building it for our own business AMERICAS
of jobs.” manufacturing and sales, said reasons,” Smith said.
He said Intel called the White Intel considered itself apoliti- VINDU GOEL CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Debt Woes Spur Worry Over Fate of the Euro ↗ 38.68 ↗ 399.30 ↗ 201.24
15,537.48 64,598.20 46,930.19
Even as global stock mar- about how Europe — and Germa- ised in summer 2012 to do what-
kets climb, worries are building ny, in particular — can cope with ever it took to save the euro, but COMMODITIES/BONDS
among investors that long-sim- escalating debt pressures in Italy the debt burdens of Italy and
mering debt troubles in Greece and Greece. Greece have become progres- GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
and Italy will put additional The result has been a sell-off of sively worse amid the stagnation
strain on the euro. European government bonds as of their economies. ↗ 3.40 ↘ 0.06 ↗ 0.17
Over the past year, aggressive investment funds reassess the Italy’s debt as a share of its $1,237.60 2.34% $52.34
bond buying by the European risks of holding such securities. economic output has risen to 133
Central Bank and encouraging In Italy, some hedge funds are percent from 123 percent during
signs of economic growth across making direct bets that the pric- that period. In Greece, debt has FOREIGN EXCHANGE
Europe have helped the eurozone es of Italian bonds will collapse. increased to an expected 183 per-
overcome a series of political The yield on Italy’s benchmark cent of the country’s total econo- Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
jolts, including Britain electing to 10-year note — which moves in my from 159 percent.
quit the European Union and Ital- the opposite direction of its price These figures highlight a harsh Australia (Dollar) .7636 1.3096
ian voters rejecting the proposals — has doubled to 2.3 percent economic reality: Just as an in- Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6577 3.1149
Brazil (Real)
of a reform-minded government. since late last fall. The yield on the dividual will struggle to pay off Britain (Pound) 1.2527 .7983
Yet with the central bank ex- equivalent Greek note has jumped a punishing credit card bill if her Canada (Dollar) .7603 1.3153
pected to eventually unwind its to nearly 8 percent from 6.7 per- salary stays flat or falls, a country China (Yuan) .1456 6.8700
purchases of government bonds cent at the beginning of the year. cannot reduce its debt pile with- Denmark (Krone) .1438 6.9548
and other assets, investors are in- Mario Draghi, the European out expanding its economy. Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0215 46.5700
Egypt (Pound)
creasingly becoming concerned Central Bank’s president, prom- LANDON THOMAS Jr. Europe (Euro) 1.0688 .9356
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1289 7.7595
Trump Says Nordstrom Treated His Daughter ‘Unfairly’ Japan (Yen) .0089 20.4815
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1202 8.3184
Singapore (Dollar) .7056 1.4172
WASHINGTON — President ing debates about whether corpo- the company. So. Africa (Rand) .0746 13.4051
Trump lashed out on Wednes- rations would tailor their conduct Sean Spicer, the White House So. Korea (Won) .0009 1145.4
day at the Nordstrom depart- to suit a bellicose president. But press secretary, said Trump’s Sweden (Krona) .1131 8.8443
ment store chain for dropping his in those cases, his ire targeted tweet was not about business but Switzerland (Franc) 1.0048 .9952
daughter Ivanka’s accessories government contracts or depart- about “an attack on his daughter.” Source: Thomson Reuters
and clothing line, once again rais- ing American jobs — not his fami- “For people to take out their
ing ethical questions about the ly’s personal fortunes. concern about his actions, or his
relationship between his presi- Six days after Nordstrom an- executive orders, on members of ONLINE: MORE PRICES
dency and his family’s sprawling nounced that, based on sales, his family, he has every right to AND ANALYSIS
business interests. it would no longer carry Ms. stand up for his family,” he said. Information on all United
Trump has already broken with Trump’s products — a decision On Wednesday, Nordstrom Æ
tradition by singling out compa- that prompted some Trump sup- maintained that it had pulled Ms. States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
nies for criticism, like Boeing, porters to call for a boycott of the Trump’s products based on their tual funds, commodities and foreign
Lockheed Martin and automak- stores — the president took to declining sales performance. stocks along with analysis of indus-
ers, sometimes causing gyrations Twitter to complain that “Ivanka RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA try sectors and stock indexes:
in their stock prices and prompt- has been treated so unfairly” by and RACHEL ABRAMS


Why Silicon Valley Booed Immigration Ban

SAN FRANCISCO — The “Silicon Valley is unlikely, as held American start-ups that GAINERS AND LOSERS
workers of Silicon Valley make a phenomenon — it is not the were then valued at $1 billion or % Volume
unlikely revolutionaries. As default state of the world,” said more. They discovered that more Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
a group, they are relatively John Collison, an immigrant than half of them were founded
wealthy, well educated and well from Ireland who is a co-founder by one or more people from out- 10 MOST ACTIVE
connected. of Stripe, a payments start-up side the United States. And 71 Bankof (BAC) 22.67 ◊0.23 ◊1.0 1022153
State Of Many workers who based in San Francisco. percent of them employed immi- AMD (AMD) 13.56 +0.27 +2.0 758575
Gilead (GILD)
the art populate the world’s One important reason Silicon grants in crucial executive roles. Chesap (CHK) 31.04 ◊0.05 ◊0.8 382213
Parsle (PE)
Farhood richest tech com- Valley can exist at all, he said, One common misperception of Twitte (TWTR) 18.72 +0.46 +2.5 371615
Manjoo panies will be fine if is that it is welcoming to people Silicon Valley is that it operates Freepo (FCX) 15.53 +0.01 +0.1 301424
the Affordable Care from far outside its borders. “I go like a factory; that anyone can fill FordMo (F) 12.38 +0.04 +0.3 263928
Act is repealed. Most will not be all across the world, and every a particular role. Nuance (NUAN) 16.60 +0.71 +4.5 249596
inconvenienced by the proposed other place is asking, ‘How do we Today’s most ambitious com- % Volume
Mexican border wall. replicate Silicon Valley where panies are looking for the best Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
Under President Trump, tech we are — in London, in Paris, in people to come up with some
workers could enjoy a windfall. Singapore, in Australia?’ ” never-before-seen widget — to re- 10 TOP GAINERS 452.00 +85.01 +23.2 102
WinsFi (WINS)
They may get tax credits for The reason those places have imagine what widgets should do. Cohere (COHR) 190.65 +29.31 +18.2 14073
child care costs and their compa- so far failed to create their own “It’s about the couple ideas Walker (WD) 37.27 +10.90 +15.5 14691
+5.17 +16.1
Univer (UVV)
nies may be allowed to repatriate indomitable tech hubs is that ev- that are going to be invented that AmerRe (ARL) 8.15 +1.07 +15.2 106
foreign profits. eryone there wants to come here. are going to change everything,” Brinks (BCO) 49.95 +6.35 +14.6 53552
+5.65 +14.1
Lument (LITE)
The protests that swept “The U.S. is sucking up all the said Aaron Levie, the co-found- USATru (USAK) 7.89 +0.94 +13.5 3766
+2.85 +13.3
through Silicon Valley and Se- talent from all across the world,” er and chief executive of the Kforce (KFRC) 24.20 +19.73 +12.1 28425
TESARO (TSRO) 182.68
attle in the last two weeks were Collison said. “That’s not a normal cloud-storage company Box.
not motivated by short-term fi- state of affairs.” Immigrants bring new per- % Volume
nancial gain. To understand why But, Collison added, “I think spectives that lead to new ideas. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
tech employees went to the mat that’s kind of fragile.” Under Mike Krieger, who is a 10 TOP LOSERS
against Trump’s executive order Trump, the immigrant-friendly co-founder of Instagram, the SPSCom (SPSC) 53.81 ◊12.51 ◊18.9 18348
barring immigrants from seven dynamic could change — and photo-based social network app, Orbote (ORBK) 30.00 ◊4.73 ◊13.6 35489
Muslim-majority countries, you it could bring about the ruin of said it found instant success WescoA (WAIR) 13.00 ◊2.00 ◊13.3 22291
◊0.98 ◊13.0
Hornbe (HOS)
need to understand the crucial American tech. partly because he eliminated UsanaH (USNA) 55.40 ◊7.25 ◊11.6 5729
role that America’s immigration To outsiders, this may sound most text from the app. He knew Coheru (CHRS) 23.60 ◊3.05 ◊11.4 159368
Akamai (AKAM)
◊7.57 ◊10.6
policies play in the tech business. alarmist. But even a casual trip from growing up in Brazil that Aware (AWRE) 5.05 ◊0.60 ◊10.6 2326
People in tech see something through most histories of the English would hinder adoption in Porter (PBIB) 17.60 ◊1.10 ◊10.5 11993
Genera (BGC)
cataclysmic in Trump’s execu- industry reveals an outsize role most parts of the world. Source: Thomson Reuters
tive order, and in the other immi- played by immigrants. “Every step of the way while
gration crackdowns waiting in Last year, researchers at the we were creating it,” he said, “we
the wings: the end of America’s National Foundation for Amer- were thinking, can you create Stocks on the Move
standing as a beacon for the ican Policy, a nonpartisan think something with international
world’s best inventors. tank, studied the 87 privately appeal?” Stocks that moved substantially or traded
heavily Wednesday:
Lionsgate Roars Back After Abysmal Start to 2016 Nordstrom Inc., up $1.75 to $44.53. After
initially slipping, the stock recovered after
President Donald J. Trump criticized the re-
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — In dios saw as a fool’s errand. in a report, “Our hypothesis was tailer for treating his daughter “so unfairly.”
July, Lionsgate was stuck under What a difference six months wrong.” As a reason, Juenger cit-
a storm cloud. makes. Lionsgate’s marketing ing research that Starz subscrib- Gilead Sciences Inc., down $6.30 to
Several of the company’s mov- department turned each of those ers appreciate the service and its $66.83. The biotechnology company fore-
ies had been critical and com- potential misfires into a major new streaming app. cast disappointing sales as revenue from
its hepatitis C drugs weakens.
mercial debacles, including “The hit. “A Madea Halloween,” made Lionsgate’s stock has climbed
Divergent Series: Allegiant” and for $20 million, took in $75 mil- nearly 40 percent since mid July. Myriad Genetics Inc., up $1.12 to $16.52.
“Gods of Egypt,” which also em- lion, the second highest gross “We’re pleased with the strong The diagnostic test company said sales of
broiled Lionsgate in a humiliating for a “Madea” film. The $40 mil- momentum,” Jon Feltheimer, Li- hereditary cancer tests started growing
white-washing casting contro- lion “Hacksaw Ridge” collect- onsgate’s chief executive, said on again in the latest quarter.
versy. Even worse, Lionsgate’s ed $164 million and received a conference call with analysts on Container Store Group Inc., down 52
June takeover of the Starz cable six Oscar nods. “La La Land,” Tuesday to discuss the company’s cents to $3.80. The storage products re-
operation had been a bust on Wall which cost $30 million, is cruis- fiscal third-quarter results. tailer said holiday sales disappointed.
Street: Not only did the $4.4 bil- ing toward $300 million in ticket For the period that ended on Bank of America Corp., down 23 cents to
lion deal fail to boost Lionsgate’s sales and could take home a best Dec. 31, revenue grew 12 percent, $22.67. Financial stocks slumped as bond
stock price, but shares went lower. picture award. (A “La La Land” to $752 million, compared with yields and interest rates moved lower.
And the end of Lionsgate’s Broadway musical is already on the year-earlier period. After Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., down 11
year looked like more misery, the assembly line.) adjusting for one-time charges, cents to $32.13. The tire maker’s sales
with three problematic movies Lionsgate films received 26 Os- profit stood at $34 million, a 36 dropped as revenue fell in every region
— another chapter in a tired drag car nominations, by far the most percent drop. The year-ago quar- during the fourth quarter.
queen comedy series (“Boo! A of any movie company. ter benefited from the blockbust- Allergan PLC, up $8.56 to $241.17. The
Madea Halloween”), a violent Some analysts have been eat- er finale of the “Hunger Games” Botox maker’s fourth-quarter results came
war film from the disgraced ing crow about the Starz deal. On series. out ahead of analysts’ estimates.
Mel Gibson (“Hacksaw Ridge”) Jan. 17, for instance, Todd Juenger “Still not for the faint of heart,” Panera Bread Co., up $18.63 to $232.90.
and an original musical (“La La at Bernstein Research upgrad- Juenger wrote of Lionsgate’s The bakery chain announced solid
Land”) that most competing stu- ed Lionsgate’s stock and wrote stock. BROOKS BARNES fourth-quarter results. (AP)


‘See Now/Buy Now’: A Runway Success? Browsing

“The current way of showing a in a relatively siloed approach. It
collection four months before it is has been an incredibly exciting The Art Kids
available to customers is an anti- and intense period.” on the Block
quated idea, and one that no lon- And big shifts in company struc-
ger makes sense,” Tom Ford said ture can require big leaps of faith. Neither Mike Eckhaus nor Zoe
last February, before announcing Ralph Lauren was one of the Latta, the team behind Eckhaus
that in September he would join first houses to embrace the see Latta, has any formal fashion
Burberry as it moved to a “see now/buy now strategy. But Stefan training. Instead, their creative
now/buy now” model, with collec- Larsson, brought in as chief exec- foundations can be traced to
tions available immediately after utive in 2015, stepped down last their art
appearing on the runway. week citing differences with the school back-
Tommy Hilfiger followed suit, as designer Ralph Lauren. (Larson grounds,
did Ralph Lauren. At one point, it was a champion of the see now/ with each
seemed fashion might have a fully buy now model.) On the day of the earning a de-
fledged revolution on its hands. announcement, shares in the com- gree from the
Fast-forward six months. Did CLARA VANNUCCI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES pany fell by 12 percent, the biggest Rhode Island
the predictions come to pass? Tommy Hilfiger has embraced one-day plunge in a year. Before School of
The brands say yes. But there the see now/buy now model. that, the stock had fallen by 22 Design (Eck-
is little concrete evidence to back percent in the last 12 months. haus studied
up their claims. No global brand Perhaps that is why for some, sculpture;
at the forefront of this movement available online. the middle ground appears to be Latta, tex-
has presented detailed numbers “We’re delivering on the desire the best position. tiles). It’s
to support assertions of a spike for instant gratification and blend- Massimo Ferretti, executive little wonder, then, that their
in sales thanks to shoppable run- ing the worlds of fashion and pop president of Aeffe, the Italian par- designs have a sculptural, perfor-
ways. culture together,” the designer ent group of brands that include mative quality, an effect abetted
“I don’t see anyone moving in- Tommy Hilfiger said. Moschino and Alberta Ferretti, by the label’s out-of-the-box,
to this aggressively at this point,” Despite considerable restruc- was an early adopter of the run- diversely cast runways. More
said Luca Solca, a luxury analyst turing costs, Avery Baker, chief way-capsule model. Around 10 per- surprising — and the crux of their
at Exane BNP Paribas. “So far, we brand officer of Tommy Hilfiger, cent of the Moschino business is talent — is that the D.I.Y.-look de-
are in experimental mode.” said traffic to in- made up of see now/buy now sales. signs can still be appreciated, and
Still, many who led the charge creased by 900 percent in the first But, Ferretti said: “I would worn, by those who have never
are increasing their bets. 48 hours after the Tommy Now never consider moving the entire set foot in an art studio.
Last September, the Tommy unveiling. Multiple styles sold out business over to this new and ex- Indigo denim pants, $290; at
Hilfiger brand built a Tommy in 24 hours. perimental strategy. Ultimately,
Pier at South Street Seaport for “Obviously it has been a huge quality ready-to-wear needs time
the Tommy Now unveiling. The learning curve for all of us,” Baker for true creativity and quality to The Inveterate
brand’s next show, today at Venice said. “A switch to this kind of oper- flourish. It is just not conceivable
Beach in Los Angeles, is said to be ational model requires extremely to create and scale collections Sophisticate
even bigger. Every item shown on intense collaboration between three months in advance.”
the runway will be immediately teams that would typically work ELIZABETH PATON Catherine Holstein introduced
Khaite in fall 2016 with the idea
What You Need to Know About This Fashion Season of exploring, in her words, “a
fresh perspective on American
The world is topsy-turvy — on years; now there is a chance to the Swiss P. T. Barnum of fashion, is Since hitting
this we all agree. But when down breathe — and for some enter- bringing his special brand of show- shelves, the
is up and up is down, and everyone prising designers, a chance to gr- manship to New York for the first line has be-
is busy looking in all directions at ab the spotlight. Certainly, this is time (normally he shows in Milan). come a go-to
once because so much is going on, how Raf Simons, making his debut Expect superstars! Expect him to for a certain
what happens to hemlines? Flux, at Calvin Klein on Friday in what out-Kanye Kanye — who is show- kind of New
of course. Fashion is not exempt. is the most anticipated moment ing again. Will he keep his hubris in York City cool
Disruption is the overriding trend of the week, is thinking (if he can check? Given his friend-of-Trump girl — one for
of the ready-to-wear season. Cit- make that brand relevant again, status, will Melania attend? Or will whom simplic-
ies and the separation of the sexes it will be a game-changer). He is she show up at Ralph Lauren, to ity is beautiful,
are just a couple of the elements debuting his men’s and women’s support the creator of her Inaugu- and comfort,
under scrutiny. As fashion month wear together, on the same run- ration Day suit? We’ll have to wait as engendered by only the finest
begins in New York on Thursday, way, the better to send a clear and see. cashmere, is the ultimate luxury.
here is what you need to know: message about the newly unified There is one politician who we Particularly successful was her
It starts with an exodus. Three aesthetic of the brand. know for sure is making a guest ap- tailored take on denim. According
designers have momentarily de- Then there are Fernando Garcia pearance during the week. Hillary to Holstein, the company has sold
camped to Los Angeles: Tommy and Laura Kim, the new creative Clinton. The former Democratic roughly 1,000 pairs since August,
Hilfiger, Rachel Comey and Re- directors at Oscar de la Renta, nominee for president is going to and racked up wait lists for every
becca Minkoff. Another — Hood who are introducing a different close the week as a guest speaker style. Her secret lies in knowing
by Air — has gone to Paris. kind of combination, and merg- at the United States Postal Ser- what her demographic wants.
This may sound like rats leaving ing their first outing for the brand vice’s First-Day-of-Issue Stamp “Being a female is powerful,” she
a sinking ship, but there is another with their own brand, Monse, by Dedication Ceremony for the Os- said. “I don’t think about the oth-
way to think of it: opportunity! using the latter as something of an car de la Renta Forever stamp at er males in the business much.”
We’ve been complaining about opening act for the former. Grand Central Terminal. Ribbed knit sweater, $709; at
an overcrowded schedule for Speaking of new: Phillip Plein, VANESSA FRIEDMAN Matches,


A Painstaking Mission to Save Atlanta’s Huge Civil War Painting

ATLANTA — What, exactly, do you do with engineering quandaries, curatorial challeng- Atlanta to display the cyclorama.
a 130-year-old work of art, mythmaking and es, and political and racial sensitivities that “Everything that we know about Civil War
Civil War history that is longer than a football linger more than 150 years after Gen. William memory, all of those stories, can in some way
field, more than 40 feet tall and urgently in T. Sherman’s military campaign here. Yet after be described by using this painting as an ex-
need of a new home? taxpayers spent years supporting an imper- ample,” Jones said.
This city is finding out. After decades of iled painting in a building troubled by leaks Indeed. “The Battle of Atlanta,” prepared
disrepair and disinterest in the painting and temperature fluctuations, formal opposi- in Milwaukee by a team of German artists,
commonly known as the Atlanta Cyclorama, tion to the effort, which is privately funded by was completed in 1886, when cycloramas
workers this month are moving the panora- philanthropists, is strikingly scarce. — massive panoramic projects intended to
ma as part of a $35 million plan to rescue and “The fact that this painting has survived give viewers the sensation of standing in the
maintain a titanic, deteriorating example of when so many others were left out to mold depicted landscape — were a leading form of
an art form that has mostly disappeared. and rot and get burned up and whatever entertainment, and the colossal works trav-
Saving “The Battle of Atlanta,” which is is nothing short of a miracle,” said Gordon eled the country. During its tour of the North,
among the largest oil paintings in the world, L. Jones, the senior military historian and “Atlanta” was widely interpreted as depicting
has proved to be an undertaking of remark- curator at the Atlanta History Center, which the 1864 struggle here for what it was: a deci-
able complexity. It is rife with logistical tests, reached a license agreement with the City of sive and pivotal victory for the Union that left
an estimated 12,140 people dead, most of them
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz Confederate troops.
Then the exhibition moved to the South, and
PUZZLE BY ROSS TRUDEAU in November 1892, The Atlanta Constitution
ACROSS 36 Damage the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 newspaper printed a masterstroke of spin:
1 Bit of resistance reputation of an advertisement that said the cyclorama’s
4 Where or why, in 37 Do monumental 13 14 15 16 scene was the “only Confederate victory ever
Latin work? 17 18 19
7 Pats, e.g., before 38 Trounce, painted.” The painting attracted large audi-
1970 informally 20 21 22 23 ences and was donated to the city around the
13 Nowhere to be 39 Get seen by, like, turn of the century. But the crowds dwindled,
found, informally 24 25 26 in part because motion pictures increasingly
14 Radius neighbor 42 Bird whose 27 28 29 30 31 32 replaced cycloramas as entertainment, and
wings are used
16 Subject of a as stabilizers, generations of decline began. A major resto-
notable 2016 not for flying 33 34 35 36 37 ration that concluded in 1982 bought the At-
referendum 43 Old English
17 “The only serious Christmas meat 38 39 40 41 42 lanta Cyclorama more time before the paint-
thing in the 45 France’s ___ du ing’s quality and appeal began to wane again.
world,” per Oscar Bourget 43 44 45 46 47 In Atlanta, a city that was a cradle of the
Wilde civil rights movement but is within sight of a
18 Manhattan’s ___ 46 Joshed 48 49 50 state-owned monument to the Confederacy at
Village 48 Back in the day 51 52 53 54 55 56 57
19 Mercury, on the 49 Ljubljana Stone Mountain, reviving the “Battle of Atlan-
periodic table resident 58 59 60 61 ta” cyclorama is a means to clarifying history.
20 Biography 51 Fast-food inits. “It’s been caught up in ‘the Lost Cause,’ and
subtitled “The 53 “Vous êtes ___” 62 63 64 65 that made it a sore subject for a lot of people,”
Invention of 54 Words of Jones said of the painting. “We’ve got to un-
India” compassion 66 67 68
22 Able but 58 Buckskins wrap that, and we’ve got to get past that, and
unwilling to read 61 1953 prize for 69 70 71 we’ve got to be able to talk about ‘the Lost
24 It’s debatable Churchill 2/9/17 Cause’ objectively and talk about it for what
25 Stadium cry 62 Ride to the 69 Like New York 10 35-Down, across 44 Phrase it is and what it’s not. This is a way we can do
26 Trifling amount World Trade City drivers, in the 15-Down differently, as a that.” ALAN BLINDER
27 Perceived popular belief 11 Film director question
intuitively 63 Give ___ (yank) 70 Soak (up) Martin 47 Like the BBC’s
30 Exam that takes 65 It ends in 71 Oxford-to- 12 Ocular malady headquarters,
2 hrs. and 45 London dir. 15 “Pond” architecturally
mins. 66 At original speed, 21 Designer 50 Prospects
33 It has a top musically DOWN Gernreich 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
and a bottom 67 When repeated, 52 8-Down, across •
with nothing in Mork’s sign-off 1 Neighbor of a 23 “Rumor has it …” the 15-Down Tom Brady, Editor
between 68 Motor oil brand Yemeni 28 Early strings 55 Take down a peg email: [email protected]
2 56-Down, across 29 Male duck
the 15-Down 56 2-Down, across •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 3 Numbers class, 31 Crowning point the 15-Down TimesDigest Sales Office
in England 32 What a load 57 Avoid having phone: (212) 556-1200
TALC SN AP ET AS might land with an arranged fax: (646) 461-2364
SI GH ST AB S R AN T 4 41-Down, across 33 Common clown marriage, maybe email: [email protected]
PRA IRI EO YS NI TE the 15-Down name 58 Honeybunch •
MA XI MS LE CH E 5 Suffix with form 34 Triumphant
UM PE D G IM ME SH EL 6 Comedian Aziz boast 59 Caesarean For advertising information
PE OR IA ON TI ME 7 Drive a getaway 35 10-Down, across and to request a media kit
ST RA IG HT SH OO car for, say the 15-Down 60 Past the contact InMotion Media:
YA K O S AKA TM I 8 52-Down, across 40 Bona fide regulation phone: (212) 213-5856
period, informally
the 15-Down
PO RTR AI TP AI N 41 4-Down, across email: [email protected]
S ONO MA RU LI NG 9 Surfer’s tether the 15-Down 64 One, to Juan •
TR AI NS PO T N OL IE Home delivery subscribers who have
RO SS I R AI DE D Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
AM SO LETTE RDR OP ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
WE AN AX EL S E UR O Read about and comment on each puzzle: [email protected]
SO US NY SE DE BT Crosswords for young solvers:



The Quiet Grandeur of the Courts Warren Persists

It’s a dark and dismal time for American lib-
The most reassuring sound in these rancor- dence to back up assertions — a much quicker erals. Except for the part where the opposition
ous early days of the Trump administration and more reliable path to the truth than Twitter. keeps shooting itself in the foot.
was the legal debate over the president’s travel At one point, Judge William Canby Jr. asked We will now pause to contemplate the fact
ban during live-streamed oral arguments in a August Flentje, the Justice Department lawyer that this week the Senate Republicans at-
federal appeals court on Tuesday. defending the order, “How many federal offens- tempted to forward their agenda by silencing
No gratuitous insults, no personal threats or es have we had being committed by people that Elizabeth Warren while she was reading a let-
childish tantrum — only judges and lawyers came in with visas from these countries?” ter from Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow.
debating complex issues with respect and re- Flentje declined to answer, saying that the lit- In explanation, Majority Leader Mitch Mc-
straint. It was the sound of grown-ups taking igation was moving very fast. He then referred Connell basically called Warren a pushy girl.
responsibility for governing the country. to “a number of people from Somalia” who had The subject was the nomination of Sen. Jeff
Contrast that with the unfiltered outbursts been convicted of terrorist crimes in the United Sessions for attorney general. The debate was
Americans have endured from President States, but said that the government had not in- going to be endless. It was evening and nobody
Trump since he signed his slapdash order sus- cluded any of these cases in the record. was listening. Warren was reading a letter
pending entry for people from seven predomi- For stretches of the hourlong argument, Coretta Scott King wrote about Sessions in 1986.
nantly Muslim countries, and all refugees. the judges and lawyers waded deep into the That was when Sessions was rejected for a
Trump’s attacks on judges who questioned case’s various procedural technicalities — not federal judgeship on the basis of an impressive
his order were too much even for his nominee material that would usually appeal to a wide record of racial insensitivity as a U.S. attor-
to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch of audience. But that is the majestic routine of the ney in Alabama. The charges included joking
the federal appeals court in Denver. Gorsuch law: applying well-established precedents and about the Ku Klux Klan and referring to the
called the comments “demoralizing” and “dis- principles to decide cases in the present and N.A.A.C.P. as “un-American.”
heartening,” according to a senator with whom provide some assurance of predictability for His supporters say he’s changed. Indeed,
he met on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. the future. It may not carry the adrenaline hit Sessions has evolved into a senator who is well
Trump berated a federal judge who tempo- of a tweet, but it has kept the country relatively liked by his peers and obsessed with illegal im-
rarily blocked the order last week, calling him stable and peaceful for most of its history. migrants. Totally different person.
a “so-called” judge on Twitter. Trump appears as uninterested in this as King’s letter was not flattering. (“…has
The three-judge panel of the Court of Ap- he is in so much else about the democratic used the awesome power of his office in a shab-
peals for the Ninth Circuit, based in San Fran- process. He complained on Wednesday about by attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly
cisco, appeared skeptical of the administra- the pace of the legal debate on the travel ban, black voters.”) But none of it was a surprise.
tion’s argument on Tuesday that the executive which is not even two weeks old, saying it is Yet McConnell decided to shut down Warren,
order is essentially unreviewable. It has not “really incredible” that it is “going on so long.” claiming she had “impugned the motives and
yet issued a ruling, but that didn’t stop Trump, Trump continues to demean his office in conduct” of a fellow senator.
who wrote early Wednesday on Twitter, “If the 140-character increments, firing off broadsides McConnell cited Rule 19, which comes up
U.S. does not win this case as it so obviously at anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Mean- about once a generation when somebody calls
should, we can never have the security and while, on Tuesday, the tedious work of a branch a colleague an idiot or a liar. This was different.
safety to which we are entitled. Politics!” of government Trump sometimes seems to “She was warned,” McConnell said later.
The judges did as they should, aggressively wish did not exist reminded the country what “She was given an explanation. Nevertheless,
questioning both sides and demanding evi- government based on the rule of law looks like. she persisted.”
Wow, nothing worse than a woman who
All of Islam Isn’t the Enemy won’t stop talking.
The social media exploded. There was a day
when people only took to Facebook to post pic-
Is President Trump trying to make enemies organization, it is a collection of groups and tures of their vacation. On Wednesday they
of the entire Muslim world? That could well movements that can vary widely from country were pouring in to watch Elizabeth Warren
happen if he follows up his primitive ban on to country. While the Brotherhood calls for a so- read her forbidden letter.
refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim ciety governed by Islamic law, it renounced vio- Extremely conspiratorial minds suggested
nations with an order designating the Muslim lence decades ago, has supported elections and the whole thing was a Republican plot to pro-
Brotherhood — perhaps the most influential has become a political and social organization. mote Warren as a presidential candidate, since
Islamist group in the Middle East — as a ter- Stephen Bannon, the chief White House they believe Trump could defeat her in 2020.
rorist organization. strategist, once called the Brotherhood “the This presumes that McConnell is suffering
Such an order, now under consideration, foundation of modern terrorism.” And Frank from a pathological case of advance planning.
would be seen by many Muslims as another Gaffney Jr., an anti-Muslim analyst who heads More likely he’s exhausted from dealing with
attempt to vilify adherents of Islam. It appears a small think tank, recently told The Times that a White House occupant who’s managed, just
to be part of a mission by Trump and his clos- the Brotherhood’s goals are “exactly the same” this week, to accuse the media of not covering
est advisers to heighten fears by promoting a as those of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. terrorism and to suggest that George W. Bush
dangerously exaggerated vision of an America It is wrongheaded to tar all Brotherhood was more of a killer than Vladimir Putin.
under siege by what they call radical Islam. members with one brush. The Brotherhood is And the Republicans in Congress can’t figure
The struggle against extremism is complex, associated with political parties in Indonesia, out how to work around him.
and solutions must be tailored both to the facts Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Ye- “They’re definitely squirming,” said Rep. Joe
and to an understanding of the likely conse- men and even Israel. Many of those parties are Crowley, the chairman of the House Democrat-
quences. Since 1997, the secretary of state has America’s partners. ic caucus.
had the power to designate groups as foreign Trump made America look cruel and incom- The Democrats are immersed in an ongoing
terrorist organizations, thus subjecting them petent in the eyes of the world with his sweep- battle between centrists and progressives and
to sanctions. ing immigration edict. Now talk of branding a long way from coming up with a united mes-
There are good reasons that the Brother- the Brotherhood as a terrorist group has fueled sage. “There’s still anger and a bit of depres-
hood, with millions of members, doesn’t merit darker fears of an administration intent on go- sion, but … they’re giving us incredible fodder
the terrorist designation. Rather than a single ing after not just terrorists but Islam itself. to use against them,” Crowley said.


Falcons Revamp Defensive Staff After Collapse In Brief

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — coach; Matt LaFleur is expected way through the third quarter. Big 12 to Withhold Part
After squandering a 25-point lead to be named offensive coordinator Tom Brady and the New England Of Baylor Revenue Share
in the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Fal- of the Los Angeles Rams. Patriots scored 31 consecutive
cons are shaking up their defen- Smith will likely be replaced by points, winning 34-28 in overtime. The Big 12 Conference said
sive staff. a coach already on staff. The Fal- The Patriots piled up 546 yards Wednesday it will withhold mil-
The team said Wednesday that cons are considering defensive and a staggering 37 first downs lions of dollars in revenue from
Coach Dan Quinn has dismissed backs coach Marquand Manuel, while running more than twice Baylor until an outside review
coordinator Richard Smith and linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich as many plays as Atlanta, 93-46. determines the university and
defensive line coach Bryan Cox, and defensive passing game coor- Brady, the game’s most valuable athletic department are comply-
though there is a chance Smith dinator Jerome Henderson. player, completed 43 of 62 pass- ing with Title IX guidelines and
could stay with the Falcons in an Smith, 61, served as defensive es for 466 yards and two touch- other regulations in the wake of
advisory role. coordinator during Quinn’s first downs. In addition, New England a campus sexual assault scandal.
The changes mean the N.F.C. two seasons in Atlanta, after work- made two straight 2-point conver- The league said it would withhold
champions will have two new co- ing as a linebackers coach in Den- sions to force the first overtime 25 percent of future revenue
ordinators next season. Kyle Sha- ver. He has more than 25 years of game in Super Bowl history. distribution payments to Baylor.
nahan left to become head coach N.F.L. coaching experience. Cox, 48, had been with the Fal- The Big 12 paid out $30.4 million
of the San Francisco 49ers and Under Smith, the Falcons cons for three seasons. He played to each conference member last
was replaced as offensive coordi- showed significant improvement in the N.F.L. for 12 years, earning year, so a quarter of that would
nator by Steve Sarkisian. over the second half of the season three trips to the Pro Bowl. be $7.6 million if the payment re-
Also, the Falcons promoted and two playoff victories with a Carter will be in charge of a mained the same this year. (AP)
Keith Carter to running backs unit that often started as many group of running backs that in-
coach with Bobby Turner report- four rookies and four second-year cludes 1,000-yard rusher Devonta Nascar Says Damaged
edly leaving to join Shanahan’s players. Coleman and backup Tevin Cole-
staff in San Francisco. In addition, But in the Super Bowl, Atlanta man, one of the league’s most dy- Cars Will Be Sidelined
they will need a new quarterbacks could not protect a 28-3 lead mid- namic backfield pairs. (AP) Nascar will not permit dam-
aged race cars to return to the
N.F.L. Retirees Urged to Register for Concussion Deal track this season unless the
repairs can be made on pit road
within a tight window. The ban
PHILADELPHIA — A federal yers reminded participants that lawyers hope the first checks will on wrecked race cars continu-
judge on Wednesday urged N.F.L. they must register for the settle- be sent out by early summer. ing to compete was announced
retirees to register for a concus- ment by Aug. 7, which could make “It’s been a long road for many Wednesday in a series of a rule
sion settlement that could cost the them eligible for treatment and of these N.F.L. players and these updates for the 2017 season. (AP)
league $1 billion over 65 years. damage awards. families,” said Christopher See-
About 22,000 retirees are en- The awards could reach several ger, a lead player’s lawyer. N.B.A. SCORES
couraged to get baseline neuro- million dollars for younger men The N.F.L. this week is moving WEDNESDAY
logical testing. The league expects with the most severe neurological the first $65 million in payments Cleveland 132, Indiana 117
more than 6,000 of them to even- damage, such as amyotrophic lat- into trust funds that cover injury San Antonio 111, Philadelphia 103
tually be diagnosed with demen- eral sclerosis, or A.L.S. The aver- claims, baseline testing and edu- Atlanta 117, Denver 106
tia or Alzheimer’s disease. age award is expected to be about cation. The league must then pay Detroit 121, L.A. Lakers 102
Washington 114, Nets 110, OT
The deal approved by Senior $190,000 for those suffering from $120 million more into the injury L.A. Clippers 119, Knicks 115
United States District Judge Ani- Alzheimer’s disease or moderate fund over the next six months. Memphis 110, Phoenix 91
ta Brody resolves thousands of dementia. The awards cover A.L.S., Par- Miami 106, Milwaukee 88
lawsuits that accused the N.F.L. The awards do not cover mood kinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dis- Minnesota 112, Toronto 109
of hiding what it knew about the disorders or future cases of chron- ease, dementia and deaths involv- Utah 127, New Orleans 94
risks of repeated concussions in ic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., ing C.T.E. The awards will vary N.H.L. SCORE
order to return players to the field. which some consider the signa- based on a person’s diagnosis, age WEDNESDAY
At a hearing Wednesday, law- ture disease of football. Players’ and time in the N.F.L. (AP) Chicago 4, Minnesota 3,OT

WEATHER Houston 87/ 65 0 70/ 50 S 75/ 67 PC Cape Town 76/ 63 0 84/ 64 S 90/ 66 S
Kansas City 27/ 24 0.01 35/ 29 PC 63/ 45 PC Dublin 46/ 30 0 41/ 33 C 38/ 34 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 71/ 60 0 76/ 60 PC 65/ 56 R Geneva 43/ 38 0.11 39/ 33 SS 44/ 32 PC
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 86/ 67 0 84/ 64 T 78/ 64 S Hong Kong 69/ 61 0.02 63/ 50 S 63/ 53 PC
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 14/ 2 0 18/ 15 S 44/ 31 PC Kingston 86/ 77 0 89/ 76 PC 89/ 76 S
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 60/ 36 0 31/ 17 Sn 30/ 28 PC Lima 82/ 72 0 83/ 71 PC 81/ 72 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 84/ 60 0 79/ 48 PC 73/ 53 S London 41/ 37 0.24 40/ 31 Sh 37/ 31 C
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 66/ 41 0 33/ 17 Sn 31/ 28 PC Madrid 49/ 38 0 50/ 33 PC 46/ 37 Sh
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 77/ 55 0 84/ 59 PC 86/ 61 C Mexico City 76/ 50 0 75/ 42 S 75/ 46 S
Salt Lake City 60/ 40 0 62/ 50 PC 54/ 36 R Montreal 34/ 14 0.03 14/ 2 PC 10/ 7 S
San Francisco 64/ 56 0.16 63/ 53 R 59/ 46 Sh Moscow 9/ -11 0.14 24/ 21 C 26/ 23 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 41/ 34 0.33 55/ 42 R 47/ 38 Sh Nassau 88/ 71 0 84/ 67 S 78/ 66 S
Albuquerque 64/ 33 0 68/ 42 S 73/ 45 PC St. Louis 36/ 34 0.04 34/ 28 S 62/ 49 PC Paris 46/ 36 0 44/ 30 PC 38/ 28 S
Atlanta 66/ 55 Tr 52/ 31 PC 59/ 42 PC Washington 74/ 56 0 41/ 23 Sn 41/ 36 PC Prague 27/ 24 0 27/ 23 C 35/ 28 SS
Boise 48/ 32 0.11 54/ 39 Sh 52/ 30 PC FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 90/ 79 0 87/ 76 PC 89/ 76 PC
Boston 51/ 25 0 30/ 10 Sn 24/ 15 S Rome 57/ 43 0.01 57/ 45 C 59/ 44 Sh
Buffalo 36/ 34 0.01 22/ 16 SS 27/ 26 Sn Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 81/ 52 0 84/ 58 S 85/ 56 S
Charlotte 66/ 52 0 53/ 23 PC 53/ 38 PC Acapulco 89/ 72 0 87/ 72 S 88/ 72 S Stockholm 28/ 12 0 29/ 23 C 30/ 23 C
Chicago 29/ 27 Tr 25/ 18 S 42/ 34 C Athens 57/ 48 0.10 56/ 45 C 54/ 43 C Sydney 81/ 70 0.38 84/ 72 W 95/ 75 S
Cleveland 38/ 36 0.01 26/ 17 SS 35/ 33 SS Beijing 43/ 26 0 37/ 20 S 42/ 20 S Tokyo 50/ 38 0 41/ 38 R 48/ 35 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 69/ 54 0 62/ 45 PC 73/ 61 PC Berlin 27/ 23 0 27/ 23 PC 33/ 25 PC Toronto 30/ 28 0.01 23/ 16 PC 27/ 25 Sn
Denver 57/ 36 0 68/ 45 PC 73/ 45 PC Buenos Aires 81/ 63 0 83/ 66 PC 80/ 64 T Vancouver 35/ 21 0.13 44/ 40 R 45/ 32 Sh
Detroit 34/ 30 0 24/ 15 SS 33/ 31 Sn Cairo 75/ 61 0 70/ 51 S 71/ 52 S Warsaw 18/ 14 0.10 23/ 14 SS 24/ 16 S


The N.H.L.’s Problem With the Science of Head Injuries

In the 1950s, tobacco companies has acknowledged the link. Hand it all over, the league said, C.T.E., the N.F.L. has been or-
responded to research proving a Documents filed Monday in so it can “probe the scientific dered to pay an unlimited amount
link between smoking and lung United States federal court in Min- basis for published conclusions” to retired players who have been
cancer by trying to discredit the nesota showed that the N.H.L. had and “confirm the accuracy of pub- affected by the neurological
science. They formed their own demanded troves of information lished findings.” disorders. But the N.H.L. doesn’t
SpOrtS research group to poke from research done by neurology This tactic sounds familiar to seem willing to accept that its
Of the holes in the data and to experts at Boston University who Stephen Hecht, a scientist who athletes, too, might suffer the ef-
stave off public panic
fects of frequent brain trauma.
for more than 40 years has been
have examined the brains of more
timeS that cigarette smoking than 200 athletes for C.T.E. and researching the connection be- C.T.E. has been diagnosed in all
Juliet could cause serious dis- have done groundbreaking work tween smoking and cancer. five professional hockey players
Macur eases and death. on the subject. The university is In 1973, Hecht joined the Amer- whose brains were studied by
More than 60 years not a party in the case. ican Health Foundation, a group Boston University, and in 92 of the
later, the N.H.L. has responded to The N.H.L. has asked Boston whose founder, Ernst L. Wynder, 96 N.F.L. players studied, accord-
a class-action lawsuit regarding University for research materi- was an author of an influential ing to a university spokeswoman.
head injuries with a similar ap- als, unpublished data and, among study in 1950 that linked smok- But N.H.L. Commissioner Gary
proach. many other things, the C.T.E. ing to lung cancer. It essentially Bettman needs more informa-
The suit, brought by former research center’s information instigated Big Tobacco’s aggres- tion about it, perhaps from the
players and their families, claims on the people who donated their sive campaign to prove that the league’s own scientists, who need
that the league hid the dangers of brains for study — brains that science connecting smoking to to double-check Boston Univer-
brain trauma. were donated in many cases on cancer was wrong. sity’s work. Apparently, the uni-
It now looks as if the N.H.L., the condition of anonymity and “They will try to discredit you versity’s peer-reviewed studies
which makes about $4 billion a are protected by medical privacy at every stop, and it’s harass- — there are more than 60 — are
year, has chosen to go after the laws. The league also wants med- ment,” Hecht said Wednesday just not enough.
science behind the brain disease ical records of the deceased and from his office at the University of But Hecht did point out an up-
called chronic traumatic en- interview notes which would in- Minnesota, where he a professor. side to the N.H.L.’s tactic.
cephalopathy, or C.T.E. It’s late clude details of discussions with “But when you’re right in science, “If there’s somebody out there
to this game. Even the N.F.L. — a their families, even though most you’re right.” saying what you’re doing is
longtime and loud naysayer that of the athletes never even played Because blows to the head wrong,” he said “it only makes
blows to the head cause C.T.E. — professional hockey. in football have been linked to you want to work harder.”

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