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Hacienda Times Digest Feb 13

February 13th, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Fitness Class Schedule atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Monday, January 13 the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am Hacienda Signature Ritual

Tuesday, January 14 Inspired by the rhythms and formations abundantly present in nature, this
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am beautiful ritual brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. Like the ocean
waves and delicate patterns in the sea shells, the body´s energy undulates and
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am
spirals, creating the
vibrancy and power
Wednesday, February 15
inherent in each of
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
us. This ritual will
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am
awaken and

stimulate that energy,
Thursday, February 16 release the tensions
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
built up in daily life, and promote overall well-being. The experience begins with
Yoga: 9:30am-10:30 am
a welcoming foot cleanse, followed by a purifying exfoliation, continued by a

deep massage to relieve tension and expand the breath. We use herbal
Friday, February 17
compresses with traditional medicinal plants to reach areas of profound tension
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
and release blocked energy, while pure essential oils nourish and replenish,
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
leaving you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Saturday, February 18
2hrs.. - $270 USD + TAX
Spinning: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am

Sunday, February 19
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Gentleman´s Facial

A deep cleansing and therapeutic facial
designed for the unique skin care needs of
Private classes men. It includes exfoliation and a soothing
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes mask to help repair the damage caused by the
upon request. environment, daily shaving, skin sensitivities,
and aging.
This treatment leaves the skin refreshed and

80 minutes - $170 USD + TAX

HACIENDA SPA Rejuvenate your Body.
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Replenish your Soul.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .

FROM THE PAGES OF Midnight in New York

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Russia’s Military Turmoil Envelops U.S. Security Council

Denies Airstrikes WASHINGTON — These are may hang in the balance. on counterterrorism, foreign
chaotic and anxious days inside Although Trump suggested to policy, nuclear deterrence and
Killed Civilians the National Security Council, reporters aboard Air Force One other issues of war and peace —
on Friday that he was unaware
is based on conversations with
the traditional center of manage-
ment for a president’s dealings of the latest questions swirling more than two dozen current and
with an uncertain world. around Flynn’s dealings with former council staff members
WASHINGTON — Russian mili- Three weeks into the Trump ad- Russia, aides said over the week- and others throughout the gov-
tary officials have vociferously de- ministration, council staff mem- end in Florida — where Flynn ernment. All spoke on the condi-
nied that their airstrikes have killed bers get up in the morning, read accompanied the president and tion that they not be quoted by
civilians in Syria, going so far as to President Trump’s Twitter posts Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo name for fear of reprisals.
say that eyewitness accounts that and struggle to make policy to fit Abe — that Trump was monitor- “It’s so far a very dysfunction-
a major hospital was bombed last them. Most are kept in the dark ing the reaction to Flynn’s con- al N.S.C.,” Rep. Adam B. Schiff of
year in the brutal fight to retake about what Trump tells foreign versations. There are transcripts California, the senior Democrat
Aleppo were mere fabrications. leaders in his phone calls. Some of a conversation in at least one on the House Intelligence Com-
But a new analysis that draws on staff members have turned to en- phone call, recorded by American mittee, said in a phone interview.
satellite images, security camera crypted communications to talk intelligence agencies, which may In a separate phone interview,
videos, social media and even footage with their colleagues, after hear- determine Flynn’s future. K. T. McFarland, the deputy na-
from the Kremlin-backed Russian ing that Trump’s top advisers are Stephen Miller, the White tional security adviser, said early
television network has challenged considering an “insider threat” House senior policy adviser, was meetings of the council were brisk-
Moscow’s claims that its airstrikes program that could monitor cell- circumspect on Sunday about Fly- er, tighter and more decisive than
on behalf of the Syrian military were phones and emails for leaks. nn’s future. Miller said on NBC’s in the past, but she acknowledged
an exercise in prudent restraint. The national security adviser, “Meet the Press” that possibly career officials were on edge.
The analysis shows that the hospi- Michael T. Flynn, has hunkered misleading the vice president “Not only is this a new adminis-
tal, contrary to claims by a Russian down since investigators began on communications with Russia tration, but it is a different party,
general, was bombed multiple times. looking into what, exactly, he was “a sensitive matter.” Asked if and Donald Trump was elected
It indicates that Russian aircraft told the Russian ambassador to Trump still had confidence in Fly- by people who wanted the status
used incendiary munitions and clus- the United States about the lift- nn, Miller responded, “That’s a quo thrown out,” McFarland said.
ter bombs, despite the Kremlin’s de- ing of sanctions imposed in the question for the president.” “I think it would be a mistake if
nials, and concludes that Syrian forc- last days of the Obama adminis- This account of life inside the we didn’t have consternation
es used chlorine gas on a far greater tration, and whether he misled council — offices made up of about the changes — most of the
scale than is commonly believed. Vice President Mike Pence about several hundred career civil ser- cabinet haven’t even been in gov-
The analysis is presented in a those talks. His survival in the job vants who advise the president ernment before.” (NYT)
report, “Breaking Aleppo,” which
is to be made public on Monday by Top Plays Fall Victim to High-Tech Scalpers
the Atlantic Council, a Washing-
ton-based policy research center.
The report comes as President LONDON — “Hamilton” and ers of “Harry Potter” are refusing the day “Hamilton” tickets went on
Trump has signaled an interest in the new “Harry Potter” play are to accept resold tickets. sale in London, with a face value of
forging better ties with President the hottest theatrical shows of Cameron Mackintosh, produc- up to $200, tickets were being pro-
Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, which the moment, with “Hamilton” er of “Cats,” “Les Misérables,” moted for resale at up to $6,000.
could include working more closely outgrossing everything else on “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed
with the Russian military in Syria. Broadway and Harry, Hermione “Miss Saigon,” is on the front Child,” a critically acclaimed se-
Syrian forces, backed by Hez- and Ron drawing hordes of mug- lines of the latest battle against quel to J. K. Rowling’s books, is try-
bollah fighters, Iran’s paramilitary gles to London’s West End. resellers. In addition to being a ing a similar, labor-intensive ap-
Quds Force and Russian air power, But both shows have fallen producer, he is a theater owner in proach in London. The producers
took Aleppo in late December. The prey to high-tech scalpers who the West End, including Victoria have hired workers who are comb-
capture of the city was an important harvest large quantities of seats Palace, where “Hamilton” will be- ing through sales records and
milestone that gave the government and resell them at exorbitant gin performances in November. broker sites, looking for evidence
of President Bashar al-Assad con- markups. When “Hamilton” For the tickets that just went of unauthorized bulk buying — of-
trol over all of Syria’s major cities opened on Broadway, nearly on sale, the show is trying pa- ten via bots, which are computer
and strengthened Moscow’s hand 80 percent of seats were bought perless ticketing, in which you programs used by scalpers — as
in talks over the country’s future. by automated ticket bots, and for get an email confirming your well as for tickets offered on resale
While the Atlantic Council report Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final per- credit-card purchase. On the day websites. The producers say they
acknowledges that his victory in formance, resellers were seeking of the show, you have to bring have stopped about 2,500 online
Aleppo has solidified Assad’s hold an average of $10,900 a seat. the same credit card and run it sales and have refused to accept
on power, at least for now, it argues Now, as “Hamilton” prepares through a scanner to get in. In tickets from about 150 patrons.
that the ruthless strategy and tac- to open in London this fall and theory, this complicates efforts “We have no silver bullet, but
tics used by the Syrian and Russian “Harry Potter” plans to open on by would-be resellers. we are trying to do everything we
governments would make the Syr- Broadway next year, the produc- The downsides: It makes it can within the law, and it has made
ian president “a poor if not harm- ers of both shows are trying to harder to purchase tickets as gifts, a massive difference,” said Sonia
ful partner” in efforts to defeat the contain scalping. The producers and there is a risk of congestion Friedman, a lead producer of “Har-
Islamic State and other extremist of “Hamilton” are trying paper- or confusion at the theater doors. ry Potter.” MICHAEL PAULSON
groups. MICHAEL R. GORDON less ticketing, while the produc- And the method is not fail-safe. On and BEN SISARIO


Fed by Anger, Migrating North, but to Mexico, Not the U.S.

Unrest Persists SALTILLO, Mexico — With the

In Romania rise of President Trump and his
vows to harden the borders of the
United States and step up depor-
tations, Josué, 31, an undocument-
BUCHAREST, Romania — Ex- ed immigrant from Honduras, has Waiting for
actly one week after the largest decided to remain in Mexico. food at the
protests in a quarter of a century “In my case, I’d like to be in the Community
rocked Romania, an estimated United States to work,” he said Center for
70,000 demonstrators filled the during a recent interview at Casa Migrant
square outside the main govern- de Migrante, a migrant shelter Assistance
ment building in Bucharest on here in Saltillo. “But this presi-
Sunday evening, determined to dent, he doesn’t want anybody in Caborca,
show those in power that the crisis because he doesn’t like anybody.” ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES Mexico
was far from over. Josué, who like other immi-
While significantly less than grants interviewed requested tem. In 2016, 63 percent of appli- perfectly with asylum,” said Javier
the half a million who took to the partial anonymity because of cants, not including those who Martínez Hernández, a lawyer at
streets across the country last Sun- their undocumented status, is dropped their cases during the Casa de Migrante, which helped
day, the Bucharest demonstration now exploring ways to gain legal- review process, received asylum more than 100 migrants apply for
was still a potent sign of the resil- ize his status in Mexico. or some other form of protection, refugee status in 2016, more than
ient unrest in the country and the The number of migrants de- up from 46 percent in 2015. double the number in 2015.
loss of trust between the new gov- ciding to stay in Mexico is still Most applicants in the last few Still, the allure of the United
ernment, only in office since the thought to be a small fraction of years have been from El Salvador States is hard to extinguish.
beginning of January, and a large the hundreds of thousands using and Honduras, which have been Wendy and her husband, José,
sector of the population. the country as a transit corridor convulsing with gang violence. have both found work — he with
Sunday was the 13th night in a to enter the United States. But the The increase in asylum peti- an air-conditioner contractor
row that protesters occupied Pi- growing attractiveness of Mexico tions in Mexico also stems from and she cleaning a private home.
ata Victoriei (Victory Square) in is reflected in the country’s asy- the rise in detentions on the coun- The boys are happy in their new
Bucharest, after the government lum program. Last year, more than try’s southern flank, an effect of school. Yet the family is having a
passed an emergency ordinance 8,100 foreigners applied for asy- an American-backed plan begun hard time covering expenses.
on Jan. 31 that decriminalized some lum, nearly three times as many as in 2014 to better control the flow “I still have that aspiration to
low-level corruption offenses, in- in 2015, and more than 15 times as of people and goods crossing the go to the United States or Canada
cluding cases of official misconduct many as five years ago, according Mexico-Guatemala border. After some day,” José said. But Wendy
in which the financial damage was to the Mexican government. being stopped by the immigration saw where the conversation was
less than 200,000 lei, or $47,000. At the same time, Mexico, under authorities, some detainees have heading, and she intervened.
Protests have also taken place in pressure from international mi- come to learn that they may be el- “Our idea is to have our own
more than 50 towns and cities. gration officials and immigrants’ igible for asylum, either through home, build our own business.
In the face of the backlash, the advocates, has been granting asy- word of mouth from other detain- That’s the idea,” she said enthusi-
emergency ordinance was re- lum at increasingly higher rates, ees or during screenings. astically. “If we had a home of our
pealed a week ago, but that has in part because of improvements “Many come here not knowing own, I’d stay here for the rest of
not stopped the demonstrations of to its intake and processing sys- that the experiences they’ve had fit my life.” KIRK SEMPLE
anger. Many in the square on Sun-
day continued to call for the res- In Brief
ignation of Prime Minister Sorin
Grindeanu, as well as the presi-
dents of the Chamber of Deputies Switzerland Eases Path to Citizenship country’s second-largest city, began knocking on
and the Senate, among the highest doors early in the morning to remind residents with-
political offices in the country. The posters seen in several cities and provinces in a radius of about 1.2 miles, to leave their homes.
“We don’t trust this govern- featured two very similar young women: both born Though residents had been given several days’
ment. They lied to us. We want this in Switzerland, educated in Swiss schools, now in warning, with leaflets posted around the city and an
government to resign,” said Maria their 20s and working full time. They even share online campaign by the local authorities, some were
Stoica, 38, an information-tech- the given name Vanessa. The point, though, was the reluctant to leave and had to be convinced by the po-
nology business analyst. For her, crucial way they differ. One Vanessa is a Swiss citi- lice that their properties would remain intact. (NYT)
it was the 10th night of protesting. zen, while the other is not, and is locked in a lengthy
The government had hoped that and expensive procedure to obtain citizenship even
it had weathered the worst of the though her family put down roots in Switzerland Cambodia Opposition Leader Resigns
crisis. On Wednesday, it survived two generations ago. The posters backed a govern- The embattled leader of Cambodia’s main oppo-
a no-confidence motion. A day lat- ment-sponsored measure that would ease the path sition party abruptly quit on Saturday in the face of
er, the prime minister accepted to citizenship for third-generation immigrants. And increasing government pressure, ceding a political
the resignation of Florin Iordache, on Sunday, the measure was approved in a nation- stage he had occupied for more than two decades.
the minister of justice and one of wide referendum. (NYT) The resignation of Sam Rainsy came after the gov-
the architects of the ordinance. ernment began a series of moves that would allow it
But his resignation appears to 72,000 Displaced by Bomb Removal to dissolve the Cambodia National Rescue Party he
have done little to appease the pro- led, in advance of crucial local elections set for June.
testers. “They promised one thing, In Greece’s biggest peacetime evacuation ever, The opposition has also been hit with a barrage of
but did another,” said Vlad Puiu, 41, about 72,000 people left their homes in the city of lawsuits and leaked telephone conversations be-
a retail manager. “We are here to Thessaloniki on Sunday as experts defused and tween leading figures and women purported to be
make sure what happened won’t removed a World War II bomb from below a gas sta- their mistresses. It was unclear whether Sam Rain-
happen again.” KIT GILLET tion. Hundreds of police officers in Thessaloniki, the sy, 67, was leaving politics for good. (NYT)


Trump’s Sons Forge Ahead, Expanding and Navigating Conflicts

President Trump’s old office on company in a big way,” Eric said. no new overseas deals. asked. “To use that as the way to
the 26th floor of Trump Tower in “His DNA built the company. His The Washington Post reported enrich yourself is laughable.”
Manhattan sits unoccupied, unof- DNA also built us. We’re exten- that when Eric visited Uruguay on The continuation of the global
ficial storage space for the gather- sions of him in so many ways.” business in January, the trip cost operations of the Trump Organi-
ing trove of memorabilia that his He and Don Jr. insist that they taxpayers nearly $100,000 in hotel zation is fraught with problems,
two oldest sons say they hope will do not need their father’s input bills for the required Secret Ser- though, with even Republican ob-
eventually be turned over to their to run the company. And even as vice agents and for embassy staff servers questioning whether the
father’s presidential library. questions remain about potential members. There was also the dust- brothers can steer clear of trouble,
But just one flight down, in Eric conflicts of interest, they say that up over the decision by Nordstrom regardless of their intentions.
and Donald Trump Jr.’s cramped they plan to forge ahead with ex- and other retailers to stop selling Even with no new foreign deals,
offices, their father is ever-pres- panding the Trump Organization. their sister Ivanka’s clothing line. the company is in a position to get
ent — in the seven copies of a re- On Saturday, they will cut a Don Jr. called that “disgusting,” tax breaks and other inducements
cent issue of Golf Digest with his ribbon at their company’s new- and both brothers said their father from state and local officials. While
photo and the headline “Golfer- est branded property, billed as a was right to take Nordstrom and such incentives are hardly unusual
in-Chief” on the cover stacked on “magnificent golf course” in the other retailers to task. for growing businesses, with this
Eric’s desk; in his visage looping booming United Arab Emirates “He’s Papa Bear,” Eric said. family business they will unavoid-
endlessly on CNN; in the card- city of Dubai, before hundreds However, their expressions ably raise questions of whether the
board cutout of the president of Emirati power brokers. Back tightened and their voices rose players involved might be seeking
watching from behind a stash of home in the United States, they when they were asked, in separate special White House favors.
blueprints in the corner. are planning to open a new bou- interviews, about suggestions that “People are going to offer them
This is the conundrum facing tique hotel chain, Scion. their father was using the presiden- sweetheart deals,” said Peter
the two brothers as they assume With the aggressive push for- cy as a way to enhance the family’s Schweizer, the conservative au-
control of the empire their father ward, though, comes the per- profits. “Who in their right mind thor whose book “Clinton Cash”
built: How do they move forward, sistent thrum of ethical qualm. would try to enrich themselves by argued, among other things, that
and navigate the ethical shoals, Just last week, news that Eric had spending a fortune to run against Clinton had used her position as
at a business predicated on the traveled to the Dominican Repub- 17 seasoned politicians on the Re- secretary of state to favor donors
brand of the man they have vowed lic to restart a stalled project there publican side, to then go up against to the foundation. “It is just the
to distance themselves from? prompted controversy, given the the Clinton machine, Wall Street, way it works.” ERIC LIPTON
“His DNA will always be in the Trump Organization’s pledge of Hollywood, P.C. culture?” Don Jr. and SUSANNE CRAIG
Carter’s Stand for Solar, Decades After the Cardigan Al Jarreau, a Grammy

Winner, Dies at 76
PLAINS, Ga. — The solar pan- toral America in an age of climate try’s “energy problem,” remains a
els — 3,852 of them — shimmered change and political rancor. keen student of energy policy. Al Jarreau, a versatile vocalist
above 10 acres of Jimmy Carter’s But Carter’s project has come in- “I hope that we’ll see a realiza- who sold millions of records and
soil where peanuts and soybeans to operation at a dizzying moment tion on the part of the new admin- won a string of Grammys for his
used to grow. The panels could for renewable energy advocates. istration that one of the best ways work in pop and R&B as well as
power more than half of this small Although solar power consump- to provide new jobs — good-paying his first love, jazz, died on Sun-
town, from which Carter rose tion has more than doubled in the and productive and innovative jobs day in Los Angeles. He was 76.
from obscurity to the presidency. United States since 2013, President — is through the search for renew- His death was announced by his
Nearly 38 years after Carter in- Trump has expressed skepticism able sources of energy,” Carter, 92, manager, Joe Gordon, who said
stalled solar panels at the White about the costs of such energy said. “I haven’t seen that happen that Jarreau had been hospital-
House, only to see them removed sources, and he has pledged to re- yet, but I’m still hoping for that.” ized for exhaustion two weeks
during Ronald Reagan’s admin- vive the languishing coal industry. But Trump’s views have alarmed ago. On the advice of his doctors,
istration, the former president is Yet in some rural areas, renewable Carter. “I’m afraid — and hope that he had canceled his tour dates
leasing part of his family’s farm- energy projects have emerged as I’m wrong — that Trump might do and retired from touring. (NYT)
land for a project that is both cut- important economic forces. the same thing that Ronald Reagan
ting edge and homespun. It is, Carter, now decades removed did and say we can be sufficient G.O.P. Works to Shore
Carter and energy experts said, a from the night in February 1977 ourselves without renewable en- Up Health Exchanges
small-scale effort that could hold when he donned a cardigan ergy,” Carter said. “But I hope he
lessons for other pockets of pas- sweater and spoke of the coun- doesn’t do that.” ALAN BLINDER After denouncing the Afford-
able Care Act as an abomination
Trump’s Law Enforcement Priorities Said to Be Out of Step for seven years, Republicans
in Congress, working with the
Trump administration, are ur-
President Trump’s approach to using alternatives to prosecution unnecessary from a public safety gently seeking ways to shore up
crime, which began to take shape and incarceration. standpoint, it also endangers our health insurance marketplaces
in a series of moves last week, “We need not use arrest, con- communities.” created by the law. While Presi-
generated swift criticism from lib- viction and prison as the default The organization, the Law En- dent Trump said as a candidate
erals and civil rights groups. response for every broken law,” forcement Leaders to Reduce that “Obamacare is certain to
But it also stirred dissent from Ronal W. Serpas, a former po- Crime and Incarceration, is made collapse of its own weight,” Re-
another quarter: prominent po- lice chief in Nashville and New up of more than 175 police officials publicans fear such an outcome
lice chiefs and prosecutors who Orleans, and David O. Brown, a and prosecutors, including Charlie because, now that the fate of the
fear that the new administration former Dallas chief, wrote in a Beck, Los Angeles’s police chief; health law is in their hands, they
is out of step with evidence that report released last week by a Cyrus R. Vance Jr., Manhattan’s could be blamed by consumers
public safety depends on building leading law enforcement group. district attorney; and William J. and Democrats. The administra-
trust, increasing mental health “For many nonviolent and first- Bratton, the former police chief in tion is poised to try to stabilize
and drug addiction treatment, and time offenders, prison is not only New York and Los Angeles. (NYT) insurance markets. (NYT)


Activism Hits the Older Tech Companies In Brief

SAN FRANCISCO — As soon Yet even at some of these com- Agency, three young women
as President Trump signed his panies, there are stirrings of defi- started a petition last week to Ford Bets $1 Billion
executive order on immigration, ance. At IBM, a petition has been encourage Oracle to join the am- On Robotics Start-Up
some of the biggest tech compa- circulating that proclaims, “We icus brief. Hundreds of employees
nies went quiet. Their executives have a moral and business imper- have signed it. A co-chief execu- Ford Motor is spending $1 bil-
did not sign legal briefs, brandish ative to uphold the pillars of a free tive of Oracle, Safra Catz, and the lion to take over a robotics start-
statements or dissent on Twitter. society by declining any projects chief executive of IBM, Virginia up to acquire more expertise
They strove for business as usual. which undermine liberty.” The or- Rometty, became advisers to needed to reach its ambitious goal
This was the older, stodgier, ganizers say nearly 1,000 verified Trump during the transition. of having a fully driverless vehi-
less glamorous part of the tech employees have signed. Oracle declined to comment. cle on the road by 2021. The big
universe. These executives are This is a delicate subject for At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, bet announced Friday comes just
generally not household names. big tech companies, none more employees have been asking why a few months after the Pittsburgh
Most of the companies have little than Big Blue. Trump during the it did not sign the amicus brief. start-up, Argo AI, was created by
presence in the excitable consum- campaign explored the idea of a Meg Whitman, the chief executive, two alumni of Carnegie Mellon
er marketplace. Some are govern- Muslim database, although his responded Friday that “simply, we University’s robotics program,
ment contractors. remarks were inconclusive. As were not contacted to participate.” Bryan Salesky and Peter Rander.
Among these companies are detailed by the United States Ho- She said the company would be The alliance between Argo and
IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, locaust Memorial Museum, the taking a more assertive role. Ford is the latest to combine the
Qualcomm, Cisco Systems, Dell Nazis used IBM’s punch-card Dell and Cisco declined to com- spunk and dexterity of a tech-
and Oracle. When 127 companies technology in 1939 to do a census. ment. Qualcomm did not respond nologically savvy start-up with
signed an amicus brief last week in That data led directly to Adolf to a request for comment. Ed the financial muscle and manu-
a Seattle court that said Trump’s or- Eichmann’s Jewish Registry. Barbini, vice president for corpo- facturing know-how of a major
der “violates the immigration laws At Oracle, the Silicon Valley da- rate communications at IBM, de- automaker in the race to develop
and the Constitution,” none of these tabase giant whose first custom- clined to comment on the petition. autonomous vehicles. (AP)
six companies were on the list. er was the Central Intelligence DAVID STREITFELD
‘Lego Batman’ Bests
Asian Tech Titans Rip Page From Trump’s Playbook ‘Fifty Shades Darker’
Moviegoers could choose
HONG KONG — In his book on and the head of Foxconn, Terry States, while European compa- violence, sex or family-friendly
deal making, President Trump of- Gou, have made big, public plans nies have been mostly silent. In- fare this weekend with three di-
fered a key piece of advice on get- to invest in America. Together, tel’s chief executive, Brian Krzan- verse new offerings that all drew
ting what you want: Promise big. the deals proposed would help to ich, did appear with Trump to an- healthy numbers at the North
“I play to people’s fantasies,” he create more than a million new nounce a $7 billion Arizona plant. American box office. “The Lego
said in 1987’s “The Art of the Deal.” American jobs and tens of billions Trump’s focus on job protection, Batman Movie” took the top spot
“People want to believe that some- of dollars in new investments. tariffs and the dictating of terms with $55.6 million, dominating
thing is the biggest and the great- Toyota Motor of Japan promised to business leaders is closer to the “Fifty Shades Darker,” which
est and the most spectacular. I call last month to spend $10 billion in more mercantilist outlook that Ma, attracted $46.8 million, according
it truthful hyperbole. It’s an inno- America over the next five years, Son and Gou see in China, Japan, to studio estimates Sunday. The
cent form of exaggeration — and a which would essentially match its Taiwan and other places in Asia. other R-rated sequel in theaters
very effective form of promotion.” previous spending levels. News re- “They see where this guy this weekend, “John Wick:
Some of Asia’s biggest deal ports that Samsung of South Korea Trump is coming from, and, at a Chapter 2” took third place. With
makers already understand that may also build an American plant visceral level, identify with him,” $30 million, it more than doubled
principle — and are making big won praise from Trump on Twitter. said Alberto Moel, an analyst at the debut of the original. The Kea-
promises accordingly. In contrast, American firms Sanford C. Bernstein. nu Reeves hit man flick became
In recent months, Alibaba’s have made largely symbolic or “It plays directly into their a sleeper hit on the small screen,
founder, Jack Ma; the Japanese modest promises to keep a small style,” he said. “These guys are and that good will helped bolster
tech investor Masayoshi Son; number of jobs in the United political animals.” PAUL MOZUR interest in the follow-up. (AP)
Swiss Voters Reject Plans to Overhaul Nation’s Corporate Tax System

ZURICH — Swiss voters on Swiss system of direct democracy years more to implement it. cantons give foreign companies.
Sunday rejected plans to overhaul — opposed the plans, which the In the meantime, companies Some pay virtually no tax above
the corporate tax system, sending country’s political and business might stop investing in or even an effective federal tax of 7.8 per-
the government back to the draw- elite embraced under internation- quit Switzerland, Maurer said. He cent.
ing board as it tries to abolish ul- al pressure, provisional results played down the risks of black- Switzerland agreed with the
tra-low tax rates for thousands of showed. lists, saying the more immediate O.E.C.D. in 2014 to abolish by 2019
multinational companies without Finance Minister Ueli Maurer danger was that individual coun- the special status, which has been
triggering a mass exodus. said the government now needed tries would start double taxation an attractive perk for around
Most Swiss recognized the time to analyze and address with of Swiss-based companies. 24,000 multinationals looking to
country needs reform to avoid cantons the situation that busi- The European Commission said lower their tax bills. That provi-
being blacklisted as a low-tax pa- ness leaders called a dangerous it would comment on Monday. sion will now remain in place past
riah. But new measures proposed legal limbo. Switzerland has been in the the original deadline.
to help companies offset the loss “It will not be possible to find a firing line of the European Union The Swiss government says
of their special status breaks had solution overnight,” Maurer said and the Organization for Econom- such special-status companies
created deep divisions. during a news conference in Bern, ic Cooperation and Development employ 150,000 people and con-
Just over 59 percent of voters — adding that it could take a year club of rich countries for years tribute half of federal corporate
who have the last word under the to come up with a new plan and over the special tax status that taxes. (Reuters)


Amazon’s Living Laboratory on the Streets Before a Trip,

A ‘Test Drive’
SEATTLE — On a busy road in
this city’s Ballard neighborhood, a Amazon is
curious new grocery store is taking an online In Virtual Reality
shape, beginning another effort by
Amazon to use the residents of its retailing giant, From raising money for St.
hometown as guinea pigs. but in Seattle Jude Children’s Research Hos-
Workers are finishing up a drive- it is testing pital to rolling out a new airline
way with a series of parking stalls, brick-and- business class service, travel
protected from the rain by a steel mortar forms. companies and tourism boards
canopy. When the store opens, cus- Among them Advertising are increasingly
tomers will buy their items online, is its Treasure turning to virtual
schedule a time slot to pick them reality to expand their reach and
up and pull into the stalls, where Truck for flash entice prospective clients.
employees will whisk orders to RUTH FREMSON/THE NEW YORK TIMES sales. In November, the Tourism
their cars, according to city plan- Authority of Thailand released
ning department documents. ting its stamp on the city by using customers use new stores and four 360-degree videos, including
Across town in the SoDo neigh- it as a lab for its expanding array tweak them as they gather data. one on an elephant sanctuary
borhood, another Amazon drive- of unconventional experiments in Amazon’s 25,000 employees in near Chiang Mai and another on
up grocery store is under con- bricks-and-mortar retailing. Seattle also offer feedback. the Khao Luang Cave in western
struction. Late last year, Amazon Analysts and tech executives Still, one of Amazon’s more puz- Thailand.
began testing a convenience-store believe Amazon’s goal is to cap- zling experiments in Seattle is the “With social media and distri-
concept in Seattle, Amazon Go, ture a bigger share of some forms Treasure Truck, a delivery vehicle bution channels so fragmented,
that uses sensors and other tech- of shopping, food being the big- from which customers can pick up we have to appeal to the senses of
nology so shoppers can check out gest, that may never move entire- items offered during flash sales consumers,” said Steven Johnson
without having to visit a cashier. ly online. And it isn’t alone in using through the Amazon mobile app. Stevenson, the authority’s mar-
And in late 2015, it opened its first Seattle, home to Starbucks and oth- Adam Croft, an audio producer keting manager for the Eastern
physical bookstore in a shopping er major brands, as a test site. for Microsoft, said he had bought United States. “We want them
mall in north Seattle, before ex- “I look at Seattle as the center of a drone and a “Star Wars” BB-8 to be able to touch, feel, see and
panding to over a half-dozen other the retail universe,” said Herb So- droid toy from the truck. hopefully one day smell Thailand.”
locations around the country. rensen, a consultant to brands on “Seattleites will say they hate Virtual reality, he said, “allows
Amazon’s success in online com- shopping behavior. Amazon taking over downtown, consumers to interact with us in a
merce has transformed Seattle by The most obvious reason Ama- but at the same time when Ama- way they never have before.”
bringing jobs, wealth and an almost zon tries out ideas in its own back- zon rolls out something special, Maria Walter, managing direc-
insatiable appetite for office space yard is that it makes life easier for after everyone complains about tor of product development and
— along with grumbling about how corporate leadership to see them it, the first thing people want to do brand strategy for United Air-
expensive the city is getting. At the in action without having to get on is go check it out,” Croft said. lines, said one reason it had opted
same time, the company is put- planes. Executives scrutinize how NICK WINGFIELD to use virtual reality to begin pro-
moting its new Polaris business
Threat Posed by Axis of Murdoch and Trump class service last summer was
that the technology could help
the carrier re-establish itself as
The ties that bind the most that Murdoch’s highly influen- their grievances is to take place at an innovator.
powerful media mogul in the tial news organizations were The Journal on Monday). More than 10,000 people —
world to the leader of the free covering Trump’s campaign and Journal representatives members of the general public
world just keep getting stronger. transition, their executive chair- declined to discuss Murdoch’s and travel trade, as well as United
Or we keep learning just how man was entangled in a financial interaction with the paper’s chief employees — watched a 360-de-
strong they are. arrangement of the most per- editor, Gerard Baker. A spokes- gree virtual reality demonstration
Mediator The question is sonal sort — tied to his children’s woman, Colleen Schwartz, said, of Polaris at roadshows in the car-
Jim where that leaves financial well being — along with “no one stands in the way” of the rier’s domestic hub cities last year.
Rutenberg the rest of the world the president’s daughter. paper’s mission to be “fearless, More will do so at events this year
when they’re done Ivanka Trump is the presi- accurate and unbiased.” in Europe, Asia and Australia.
divvying it up. dent’s most trusted adviser. And But staff members’ concerns Many people who watched the
They are Rupert Murdoch, the she is married to another trusted that the paper is tilting Trump’s demonstration last year were
founder of the media giants 21st adviser, Jared Kushner, who is so way erupted anew two weeks ago using virtual reality for the first
Century Fox and the News Cor- close with Murdoch that he even when Baker wrote a note to editors time, Walter said. “It definitely
poration, and President Trump. helped him set up his bachelor requesting it avoid describing the got their attention in a way a bro-
The Financial Times reported pad after his last divorce, The countries affected by Trump’s im- chure would not,” she said.
the latest example of their close- New Yorker reported. migration order as “majority Mus- Henry Harteveldt, travel an-
ness last week: that Trump’s The latest news about the Mur- lim,” which was in keeping with alyst for Atmosphere Research,
daughter Ivanka was a trustee of doch-Trump axis is acutely prob- Trump’s own talking points. After suggested that premium travel
the nearly $300 million fortune lematic for the leadership at The the outcry, Baker shifted course. brands, as well as destinations
Murdoch set aside for the two Wall Street Journal — owned by The Journal is a pillar of the trying to reposition themselves
children he had with his third News Corporation — as it seeks to fourth estate meant to hold the or reach a new group of consum-
wife, Wendi, who arranged the quell a rebellion from staff mem- powerful to account. Murdoch ers, were turning to virtual reali-
trusteeship. Ivanka Trump gave bers who believe that the paper will have to decide whether its ty because it provided “authentic,
up that oversight role in Decem- has held them back from more independent ink is thicker than breakthrough creative content.”
ber, before her father’s inaugura- aggressively covering Trump. (As his corporate ambitions, political “You can’t just have an ad,” he
tion but well after Election Day. Joe Pompeo of Politico reported ideology or ties to the new family said. “You have to have an experi-
That means the whole time last week, a meeting to discuss at the White House. ence.” JANE L. LEVERE


As Adele Takes Top Honors at Grammys, She Lauds Beyoncé

LOS ANGELES — Adele swept But as if a demonstration of the
the 59th annual Grammy Awards Like a fertility quick changes that are coming
for her album “25,” an enormous goddess: over the business, her performance
hit around the world, in a night was followed by the best new artist
that shut out Beyoncé from the Beyoncé prize to Chance the Rapper, who
major awards and featured rever- performed has fully embraced streaming and
ent tributes and, at times, pointed songs from become a sensation without a re-
political commentary. her album cord company behind him.
Adele won five awards, includ- “Lemonade” PERFORMERS GET POLITICAL The
ing album of the year for “25” and on Sunday at night included political statements,
record and song of the year for the the Grammy some more overt than others. Katy
hit song “Hello,” a historic sweep Perry performed her new single
that Adele accomplished five years Awards in Los “Chained to the Rhythm” in a white
ago with her last album, “21.” She is KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES FOR NARAS Angeles. pantsuit and a sparkling armband
the only artist to win album, record that said “Persist,” an apparent ref-
and song of the year twice. her humanity, flaws included. formed the songs “Love Drought” erence to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
And in an acknowledgment of Adele opened the show singing and “Sandcastles” from her album Her number concluded in front of a
the music industry’s rapidly shift- her hit “Hello,” in a performance “Lemonade.” When she accepted projection of the Constitution.
ing business model, three Gram- that was somewhat shaky at first the award minutes later for best But by far the fiercest was by
mys, including best new artist, but still showed her power as a vo- urban contemporary album, Be- the veteran hip-hop group A Tribe
went to Chance the Rapper, a gos- calist. Later, in a tribute to George yoncé read a prepared statement Called Quest, whose members ac-
pel-influenced rapper from Chi- Michael, she started to sing his that sounded like a manifesto. cused “President Agent Orange”
cago whose music was released song “Fastlove” but stopped it Explaining her ambitions of of “perpetuating evil” throughout
independently and was available abruptly, cursing into the micro- “Lemonade,” an album and film, the country, before dancers broke
only on streaming services. phone and apologizing that she she said, “It is important to me to through a prop wall behind them
The night had been seen as a needed to start over to get it right. show images to my children that and women in Islamic garb took
contest between Adele and Be- (CBS bleeped the profanity.) reflect their beauty,” so they would the stage. At the end, the group and
yoncé, megastars who were up Beyoncé offered a jaw-dropping, “have no doubt that they are beau- its company raised their right fists
against each other in all the ma- multimedia homage to mother- tiful, intelligent and capable.” She in the air in the black power salute,
jor categories. In her acceptance hood in a segment that stunned the added, “This is something I want while the band member Q-Tip re-
speech for album of the year, celebrities in attendance and im- for every child of every race.” peatedly shouted, “Resist!”
Adele paid tearful tribute to Be- mediately let social media on fire. Beyoncé, who had been nomi- TRIBUTES TO PRINCE AND GEORGE
yoncé, and told her, “I adore you After an affectionate introduction nated for nine awards, more than MICHAEL Besides Adele’s homage
and I want you to be my mommy,” by her own mother, Tina Knowles, any other artist, won only two: to George Michael, the show also
after winning record of the year. Beyoncé appeared as a crowned best urban contemporary album included a purple-hued tribute to
Her comment was a refer- fertility goddess with her pregnant for “Lemonade” and a music video Prince with the Times, the long-
ence to Beyoncé’s showstopping belly highlighted for the camera; at prize for the song “Formation.” time Minneapolis funk group that
performance, which along with one point, her 5-year-old daughter, BIG NIGHT FOR CHANCE THE RAPPER often performed with Prince, and
Adele’s showed two sides of diva- Blue Ivy, ran around her. For the music industry, Adele rep- with Bruno Mars, who imperson-
hood. Beyoncé appeared as a god- Surrounded by dancers, and resents a supreme form of success ated Prince from his makeup and
dess of femininity, while Adele en- with projected images of herself in what has become the old model: performance style to the shape of
deared herself to the crowd with in saffron robes, Beyoncé per- selling millions of CDs to her fans. his guitar. BEN SISARIO
RECORD OF THE YEAR: “Hello,” Adele
Answers to Puzzles ALBUM OF THE YEAR: “25,” Adele
SONG OF THE YEAR: Adele Adkins & Greg
Kurstin, songwriters (Adele)
NEW ARTIST: Chance the Rapper
“Stressed Out” — Twenty One Pilots
“Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings
Gershwin” — Willie Nelson
POP VOCAL ALBUM: “25,” Adele
Down” — The Chainsmokers featuring
“Culcha Vulcha” — Snarky Puppy
David Bowie
Fill the grid with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each Megadeth
heavily outlined box will produce the target number shown, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication ROCK SONG: “Blackstar” — David Bowie,
songwriter (David Bowie)
or division, as indicated in the box. A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1-4. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6. ROCK ALBUM: “Tell Me I’m Pretty” —
For solving tips and more KenKen puzzles: For feedback: [email protected] Cage the Elephant
KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved.
— David Bowie


In Japan, Changing Course for Rapidly Aging Tastebuds

YOKOHAMA, Japan — The 94-year-old an aging population with meals for those who thickening products that can be added to
man had come for lunch at a Chinese restau- have difficulty chewing or swallowing. meals during preparation to alter the texture
rant, and he was determined to make the most Japan has the world’s highest proportion of of various foods and ease swallowing. The
of his squid and leek stir-fry. people 65 and older, at more than a quarter of thickening gels make it possible for chefs to
Eigo Shinoda, a former shipbuilding execu- its population. The country is a global leader reshape the food into visually pleasing dishes.
tive and fighter pilot in World War II, spends in adapting to the needs of its aging citizenry, At the Mutuai nursing home in Odawara,
his days in a wheelchair and has trouble eat- with racks of reading glasses at bank count- chefs try to offer a variety of meals. “Solving
ing solid food. But that was no impediment as ers and walking cane holders in city offices. the eating problem is not just about averting
he dug into his meal recently. With its expanding efforts to accommodate pneumonia or suffocation, dehydration or mal-
That’s because the staff at the restaurant, the growing population of the elderly, Japan nutrition,” said Eiichi Saitoh, vice president at
Kaze no Oto, had puréed the stir-fry in a food offers a foretaste of the kinds of societal chang- Fujita Health University in Toyoake. “It is also
processor and served it to his group from a es that are beginning to shake a number of a quality-of-life issue because it is the most im-
nearby nursing home. While it didn’t look that wealthy places with rapidly aging populations, portant activity for our pleasure.”
appetizing, Shinoda licked his plate clean. including many countries in Western Europe Restaurants like Kaze no Oto are moving
Kaze no Oto, in a suburb of Yokohama, is as well as South Korea and Hong Kong. to accommodate a customer base that might
one of the few restaurants in Japan catering to Now companies are developing special otherwise be consigned to daily doses of
bland rice porridge and mashed vegetables,
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz or even feeding tubes.
According to Isamu Shibamoto, a speech,
PUZZLE BY BRENT SVERDLOFF AND MICHAEL BLAKE language and hearing therapist at Seirei Chris-
ACROSS 36 1980s cop show 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 topher University in Shizuoka Prefecture,
1 Name of five that TV Guide
Norwegian kings once ranked as 14 15 16 about five million people have been diagnosed
5 Words after work the greatest TV with swallowing problems. That number is ex-
drama of all time
or museum 17 18 19 pected to rise to 6.6 million in a decade.
10 Former Iranian 40 Dollar bill 20 21 22 At Kaze no Oto (which translates as “The
leader 41 Robber Sound of Wind”), the kitchen is too small to
14 How Charles 42 Singer Fitzgerald 23 24 25 accommodate the large vacuum ovens or
Lindbergh flew 43 Battery for a TV the counter space needed for the meticulous
across the remote 26 27
Atlantic 44 Window unit reshaping of gelled food. The day the nurs-
15 French 46 James Earl Jones 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 ing home group arrived, Motoko Hirose, the
department or Tommy Lee 36 37 38 39 restaurant manager, stood in the kitchen chop-
capital known in Jones ping and putting multiple plates of squid and
Roman times as 53 Zones
Nemausus 40 41 42 leek stir-fry through a single food processor.
16 ___ Nostra 54 String quartet 43 44 45 The restaurant is owned by Aishima, a re-
(crime group) gional nursing home operator in Kanagawa
17 Rock and roll 55 An evergreen 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 prefecture that runs 21 dementia-care facili-
has one in 57 Gentlemen ties. Toshihiko Aizawa, Aishima’s founder and
Cleveland 58 Ruckus 53 54 55 56
19 Pro’s opposite 60 Made off with 57 58 59 chief executive, said that for now the restau-
rant would not be profitable if it relied only on
20 Org. that 61 Freezing rain
monitors gun 62 Mexico’s ___ 60 61 62 its oldest customers. But as Japan’s society
sales California ages, he said, the restaurant industry won’t be
21 Reached 63 One-named New 63 64 65 able to afford to ignore them.
22 Shop employee Age singer “There are not enough young people,” he
23 Words of 64 Succinctly put 2/13/17 said. “We cannot stay profitable without the
greeting 65 What the Ugly 4 Stereo control: 18 Devour with the 43 State that the senior customers.” MOTOKO RICH
26 Chandon’s Duckling became Abbr. eyes Arctic Circle
partner in 5 Walking 22 Cookie morsel passes through
Champagne DOWN 6 Saks ___ Avenue 24 Laze 44 Aesthetic taste
27 Blossom-to-be 1 Worker 7 Former Italian 25 Share a border 45 “Call me ___!”
28 October protection org. P.M. whose with “O.K., you’re …!”
birthstone 2 Reluctant (to) name means 28 “Well, what have 46 Proverbial 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
30 Play, as a guitar 3 Like the band “beloved” we here!” waste maker •
33 Dem.’s Josie and the 8 Cut again, as 29 Brooch 47 Heavenly hunter Tom Brady, Editor
counterpart Pussycats grass 30 ___ Lanka 48 “Bad, bad” email: [email protected]
9 China’s Mao 31 Item in a golfer’s Brown of song •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE ___-tung pocket 49 Small egg TimesDigest Sales Office
10 Reduced, with 32 B-ball official 50 Houston player, phone: (212) 556-1200
LA SE RT AG SQ UI BS “back” 33 Alternative once fax: (646) 461-2364
US ED TO BE SU ND AE 11 Beehive product to arbitrary 51 Metes (out) email: [email protected]
SP IK ELE E R AT ED A 12 Houston player governance 52 Spanish wine •
TI NO LA WS DO CK S 13 Poem like 34 Wriggly fish region, with “La” For advertising information
ERE CT TH AW S L AO “The swallow 35 Smokey Bear ad, 56 Horse whose
RE DH AT IL A D AR N flies up / e.g., for short coat is sprinkled and to request a media kit
with white hairs
YO WZ AH OR ME Into a blue 37 Doesn’t leave contact InMotion Media:
HA WK EYE MO PH EA D evening sky, / 38 Deice 58 F.D.R.’s successor phone: (212) 213-5856
AC HE CA RI OU Summer’s small 59 “Six-pack” email: [email protected]
VT EN ASA SPAS MS herald” 39 Gave for a while muscles •
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A Republican Call to Climate Action Ignorance Is Strength

When I travel to Asia, I’m fairly often met at
The most important thing about a carbon York and Massachusetts have adopted cap-and- the airport by someone holding a sign reading
tax plan proposed last week may be the people trade systems that use emission permits to low- “Paul.” Why? In much of Asia, names are giv-
behind it: prominent Republicans like James er emissions over time. The last serious effort to en family first, personal second; at home, the
Baker III, George Shultz and Henry Paulson impose a national price on carbon came in 2009. prime minister of Japan is referred to as Abe
Jr. Their endorsement of the idea may be a Cap-and-trade legislation passed the House, but Shinzo. And the mistake is forgivable when it’s
breakthrough for a party that has closed its never received a vote in the Senate. made by a taxi driver picking up a professor.
eyes to the perils of man-made climate change Since then, Republican control of one or both It’s not so forgivable, however, if the presi-
and done everything in its power to thwart ef- houses of Congress has thwarted climate leg- dent of the United States makes the same mis-
forts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. islation. As a result, President Barack Obama take when welcoming the leader of one of our
This gang of Republican elder statesmen — turned to administrative actions to reduce emis- most important economic and security part-
they call themselves the Climate Leadership sions, including the Clean Power Plan and high- ners. But there it was: Donald Trump referring
Council — is not made up of the usual environ- er fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks. to Abe as, yes, Prime Minister Shinzo.
mentalists, which is why their proposal might The Climate Leadership Council argues that Abe did not, as far as we know, respond by
gain traction, though probably not right away. conservatives should support a carbon tax be- calling his host President Donald.
Their proposal would tax carbon emissions cause it is a more market-friendly approach Trivial? Well, it would be if it were an isolated
at $40 a ton to start and would be paid by oil than Obama’s regulations. And after a carbon instance. But it isn’t. What we’ve seen instead
refineries and other fossil fuel companies that tax is put in place, the council says, the govern- over the past three weeks is a display of igno-
would pass costs on to consumers with higher ment should eliminate most of those rules, since rance on every front. Worse, there’s no hint that
gas and electricity prices. The money raised they won’t be needed. But there are legitimate either the White House or its allies in Congress
would be returned to Americans through divi- fears that the tax alone might not achieve emis- see this as a problem. They appear to believe
dend checks; a family of four would get about sion reductions on the scale needed to save the that expertise, or even basic familiarity with a
$2,000 a year to start. This would help people planet from out-of-control warming, and that subject, is for wimps; ignorance is strength.
adjust to higher energy prices and give them regulations and other policies like public invest- We see this on legal matters: In a widely
an incentive to reduce consumption or switch ments in renewable energy will be needed, too. quoted analysis, the legal expert Benjamin
to renewable sources of energy. Most lower-in- Neither President Trump nor Republicans in Wittes described the executive order on refu-
come and middle-class families would get back Congress have embraced the proposal. gees as “malevolence tempered by incompe-
more than they pay in taxes. To avoid placing Their dismissal of the idea is myopic and puts tence,” and noted that the order reads “as if it
American industry at a disadvantage, imports their party out of step with the country. A majori- was not reviewed by competent counsel at all.”
from countries that do not impose a comparable ty of Americans want the government to address We see it on national security matters, where
tax would be subject to a per-ton tax on the car- climate change — 78 percent of registered vot- the president continues to rely on a chief ad-
bon emitted in the production of their products, ers support taxing emissions, regulating them viser who, suspicious closeness to the Kremlin
while exports to those nations would not be. or doing both, according to a Yale survey con- aside, appears to get his strategic information
Ireland, Sweden and British Columbia have ducted after the election. The Republican elders from right-wing conspiracy theorists.
carbon taxes. The European Union, Quebec, are offering their party an opening to change the We see it on education, where the hearings
California and Northeastern states like New conversation. They should take the cue. for Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, re-
vealed her to be completely ignorant about
Haunted by Student Debt in Old Age even the most elementary issues.
We see it on diplomacy. How hard is it to ask
someone from the State Department to make
The experience of being crushed by student Some older borrowers are carrying their sure that the White House gets foreign leaders’
debt is no longer limited to the young. New fed- own loans, but most fell into debt helping their names right? Before the Abe flub, the agenda for
eral data shows millions of Americans who are children or grandchildren, either by borrowing the state visit by Theresa May, the British prime
retired or nearing retirement face this burden, directly or co-signing loans. The federal govern- minister, repeatedly misspelled her name.
as well as the possibility of having their Social ment needs to give priority to people who are And on economics — there’s nobody home.
Security benefits garnished to make payments. struggling to survive over the companies that But let me not be too hard on the Tweeter-in-
Americans age 60 and older are the fast- collect their loan payments. That means ending chief: disdain for expertise is part of his party.
est-growing age group of student loan debt- the practice of seizing the Social Security bene- At this point, someone is bound to say, “If
ors. Older debtors, many of whom live on fixed fits of poor or disabled student loan debtors. they’re so dumb, how come they won?” Part of
incomes, are more likely to default. When that Most federal student loan borrowers are eli- the answer is that disdain for experts — sorry,
occurs with federal loans, as happens with near- gible for income-based repayment plans under “so-called” experts — resonates with an im-
ly 40 percent of such borrowers who are 65 and which distressed borrowers can pay as little as portant part of the electorate. Bigotry wasn’t
over, the government can seize a portion of their nothing per month, but loan servicing compa- the only dark force at work in the election;
Social Security payments — even if it pushes nies, which sometimes cheat borrowers, do a so was anti-intellectualism, hostility toward
them into poverty. About 20,000 Americans terrible job of enrolling people in this program. “elites” who claim that opinions should be
over the age of 50 in 2015 had their Social Securi- The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is based on careful study and thought.
ty checks cut below the poverty line because of rightly pushing the industry to do a better job of In some ways, this cluelessness may be a good
student loans, with poverty-level benefits falling informing borrowers of their rights and enroll- thing: malevolence may indeed be tempered by
even further for 50,000 others, according to a re- ing them in the affordable payment program. incompetence. It’s not just the court defeat over
port by the Government Accountability Office. Still, the government should automatically immigration; Republican ignorance has turned
A report issued last month by the Consumer enroll borrowers in income-based repayment what was supposed to be a blitzkrieg against
Financial Protection Bureau shows that the when their accounts become delinquent — but Obamacare into a quagmire, to the great benefit
number of Americans age 60 and older with stu- before they default. Those who have reached of millions. And Trump’s imploding job approval
dent loan debt has grown fourfold over the last default should be enrolled in the rehabilitation might help slow the march to autocracy.
decade, to 2.8 million in 2015 from about 700,000 plan, which offers affordable payments. But meanwhile, who’s in charge? Crises hap-
in 2005. The average amount owed by these bor- Meanwhile, Congress should exempt Social pen, and we have an intellectual vacuum at the
rowers has nearly doubled, to $23,500. Security income from garnishment. top. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Sprewell Visits. Minds Boggle. Knicks Win. In Brief

If the Knicks had hoped that as a visiting player. Now retired, Sunday was less about the game
Sunday afternoon’s game against Sprewell had not been back to the and more about the Knicks trying Spieth Breezes to Win
the San Antonio Spurs would be a Garden in over a dozen years, but to create some feel-good vibes in At Pebble Beach
return to a semblance of normal- there he was on Sunday. As were an arena that has so few of them.
Jordan Spieth kept it simple
cy, that notion did not last long. King and Johnson, and a number of The images of eight former Knicks, Sunday and won the AT&T Peb-
KNICKS 94 With less than other Knicks from the past. including Sprewell, were flashed ble Beach Pro-Am for the ninth
SPURS 90 four minutes Four days after Charles Oakley, on the Jumbotron during the game. PGA Tour title of his career. He
gone in the first another former Knicks star, was Oh, yeah: the game. Although
quarter, the Knicks’ owner, James led from the arena in handcuffs the Spurs have won five N.B.A. ti- started with a six-shot lead, and
L. Dolan, who has been in the mid- and two days after Dolan barred tles over the last two decades while no one got closer than three all
dle of the most recent mayhem, him from the Garden and charac- the Knicks, under Dolan, have of- day. He putted for birdie on all
sat down at his courtside seat at terized him as a troubled person, ten imploded, it was the Knicks but one hole and closed with a
Madison Square Garden. He was the Knicks were on a full-scale who came out on top, beating San 2-under 70 for a four-shot victory
flanked by two former Knicks public relations offensive. Antonio, 94-90, for just their sev- over former U.S. Amateur cham-
stars — Bernard King and Latrell Dolan had been criticized for the enth victory in their last 27 games. pion Kelly Kraft, who shot 67. U.S.
Sprewell, with another alumnus, way Oakley was treated during Coach Jeff Hornacek had ripped Open champion Dustin Johnson
Larry Johnson, just one seat away. the Wednesday incident and for into his team for a lack of effort, shot 68 to finish third. Spieth ran
King played for the Knicks before the negative statements he made especially on defense. Maybe his off 14 straight pars until a 30-foot
Dolan was on the scene. Johnson about Oakley. The Knicks had al- words had an effect. Sunday was birdie on the par-3 17th. That
works for the team. But Sprewell ready created image problems for just the second time in the last 16 allowed for an easy walk up the
had a dramatic falling out with the themselves through their general- games that the Knicks did not al- 18th with a four-shot lead. (AP)
Knicks and Dolan after he was trad- ly awful play and from the critical low at least 100 points to an oppo- N.H.L. SCORES
ed in 2003, including an obsceni- barbs the team’s president, Phil nent. Anthony had a solid-enough
ty-laced tirade directed at Dolan Jackson, has kept aiming at the game, leading the Knicks with 25 SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
on his first visit back to the Garden team’s lone star, Carmelo Anthony. points. MIKE VORKUNOV Rangers 4, Colorado 2
St. Louis 4, Montreal 2
Tampa Bay 4, Winnipeg 1
U.S. Soccer Looks to Premier League for a Boost Buffalo 3, Toronto 1
Washington 6, Anaheim 4
Arizona 4, Pittsburgh 3, OT
U.S. Soccer is continuing a sig- coaching that will produce the entrusting the disparate jobs of Chicago 5, Edmonton 1
nificant overhaul of its develop- kind of world-class talent the Unit- national team coach and technical San Jose 4, Devils 1
mental program with the hiring ed States has long coveted. director to one person, as the fed- Minnesota 6, Detroit 3
of the top sports scientist in En- U.S. Soccer will announce the eration did with the former coach Islanders 5, Colorado 1
gland’s Premier League, who will hiring of Bunce, 31, on Monday. Jurgen Klinsmann, was a mistake. Nashville 5, Dallas 3
join the federation this month as “There is incredible potential in About a year before Klinsmann Boston 4, Montreal 0
Vancouver 4, Buffalo 2
its director of high performance. U.S. Soccer,” Bunce said. was fired, Sports Illustrated re-
In the newly created position, Millions of children play youth ported that the technical direc- N.B.A. SCORES
the scientist, James Bunce, will soccer in the United States, Bunce tor’s responsibilities he was as- SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
be responsible for creating a noted. “Our challenge is to build signed were being divided among Milwaukee 116, Indiana 100
high-performance sports sci- the most robust performance de- several U.S. Soccer officials. Last Cleveland 125, Denver 109
ence and sports medicine plan partment possible to maximize summer, U.S. Soccer’s president, Philadelphia 117, Miami 109
Golden State 130, Oklahoma City 114
for the federation and overseeing that potential,” he said. Sunil Gulati, acknowledged that Dallas 112, Orlando 80
its enactment for all programs, He added, “I was happy at the the technical director’s job was “a Houston 133, Phoenix 102
most notably with the youth na- Premier League and had just been group effort” — one encompass- Boston 112, Utah 104
tional teams. The move is part of promoted, but the scope of this ing not only talent identification SUNDAY
a broader, holistic effort by U.S. role was just too big to turn down.” but also the youth national teams Minnesota 117, Chicago 89
Knicks 94, San Antonio 90
Soccer to identify prospects and Bunce’s hiring also seems to be and coaching and referee develop- Detroit 102, Toronto 101
provide them the support and the an admission by U.S. Soccer that ment. SIMON AUSTIN Sacramento 105, New Orleans 99
WEATHER Houston 85/ 71 0 73/ 62 C 71/ 48 R Cape Town 77/ 64 0 75/ 60 PC 78/ 63 S
Kansas City 52/ 43 0 50/ 31 C 54/ 27 S Dublin 39/ 36 0.28 49/ 42 PC 47/ 43 R
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 75/ 50 0 75/ 56 S 72/ 53 PC Geneva 48/ 36 0 48/ 36 PC 53/ 36 S
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 79/ 64 0 82/ 66 S 83/ 66 PC Hong Kong 66/ 51 0 67/ 59 S 67/ 61 S
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 39/ 29 0 46/ 29 PC 39/ 20 PC Kingston 79/ 75 0.13 85/ 74 Sh 85/ 74 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 36/ 32 0.41 38/ 26 W 39/ 34 S Lima 83/ 72 0 84/ 72 PC 84/ 72 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 82/ 55 0 77/ 59 Sh 79/ 60 PC London 43/ 36 0.40 48/ 36 S 52/ 44 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 42/ 40 0.21 44/ 28 W 46/ 33 S Madrid 54/ 43 0.46 53/ 39 Sh 54/ 38 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 75/ 62 0 73/ 56 PC 73/ 55 PC Mexico City 77/ 50 0 75/ 48 PC 75/ 45 PC
Salt Lake City 42/ 28 0 41/ 23 S 44/ 26 S Montreal 23/ 8 0.15 28/ 8 Sn 23/ 21 PC
San Francisco 64/ 45 0 59/ 48 PC 61/ 51 PC Moscow 25/ 24 0.16 23/ 21 Sn 39/ 25 Sn
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 49/ 34 0 54/ 36 PC 53/ 43 PC Nassau 82/ 61 0 80/ 67 S 81/ 67 S
Albuquerque 50/ 47 0.01 43/ 33 Sn 48/ 29 PC St. Louis 57/ 46 0 52/ 38 PC 57/ 32 PC Paris 46/ 30 0.06 51/ 39 S 56/ 45 S
Atlanta 72/ 63 0 62/ 38 S 67/ 45 PC Washington 52/ 45 0.09 47/ 31 W 52/ 38 S Prague 36/ 30 0 37/ 22 S 39/ 24 S
Boise 41/ 27 0 43/ 25 S 45/ 25 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 95/ 77 0 97/ 77 PC 94/ 77 S
Boston 35/ 19 0.60 35/ 21 Sn 35/ 26 PC Rome 63/ 43 0 61/ 44 PC 61/ 41 S
Buffalo 34/ 32 0.37 29/ 23 SS 39/ 27 PC Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 91/ 57 0 89/ 57 S 88/ 57 S
Charlotte 79/ 59 0 64/ 34 S 62/ 43 PC Acapulco 90/ 70 0 85/ 70 PC 84/ 69 PC Stockholm 30/ 10 0 39/ 29 PC 41/ 25 S
Chicago 47/ 35 Tr 45/ 31 S 47/ 26 S Athens 46/ 43 0 48/ 39 C 48/ 36 PC Sydney 75/ 74 0.02 78/ 66 S 76/ 68 PC
Cleveland 46/ 37 0.04 37/ 30 PC 49/ 30 S Beijing 54/ 25 0 53/ 24 S 47/ 25 S Tokyo 48/ 34 0 51/ 37 S 48/ 37 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 72/ 62 0 60/ 44 C 51/ 41 R Berlin 34/ 26 0 35/ 24 S 40/ 28 S Toronto 30/ 27 0.29 28/ 19 SS 37/ 27 C
Denver 49/ 29 0 50/ 26 PC 53/ 29 S Buenos Aires 72/ 67 0.92 75/ 61 T 79/ 63 C Vancouver 43/ 34 0 46/ 31 S 48/ 41 PC
Detroit 45/ 35 Tr 40/ 29 S 46/ 28 PC Cairo 66/ 55 0 65/ 51 PC 61/ 48 PC Warsaw 25/ 18 0.04 25/ 15 PC 35/ 26 S


Fans of These Dogs Say Bald Is Beautiful In Brief

Anyone who has ever watched American
the Westminster Kennel Club Dog hairless Pistons Edge Raptors
Show knows how important it is for terriers at Tobias Harris had 24 points
a dog to have a proper hairstyle. off the bench, Kentavious Cald-
Some breeds are groomed to a breeder’s well-Pope added 21, including a
look like escapees from the Over- home in San go-ahead 3-pointer with 13.2 sec-
the-Top Coiffure Convention. Poo- Antonio, Fla. onds left, and Detroit overcame a
dles, their bodies adorned with Walkyr, left 16-point fourth-quarter deficit to
elaborate pieces of fluffed-up topi- is competing beat host Toronto, 102-101. Andre
ary; Yorkshire terriers, whose fur at the Drummond had 10 points and 18
is so silkily long that they appear Westminster rebounds for his 36th double-dou-
to have no legs; komondors, per- ble of the season. (AP)
haps the closest thing we have to Kennel Club TIMBERWOLVES 117, BULLS
sentient industrial mops — hair is ZACK WITTMAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Dog Show. 89 Andrew Wiggins scored 27
essential to these dogs. points and Karl-Anthony Towns
And then there are dogs with no person’s, although exceptionally pesky need to clip, condition and added 22 to help host Minnesota
hair at all. soft, Parker said, with the feel, as blow dry their (the dogs’) hair be- beat severely short-handed Chi-
At a news conference last someone once told her, of “a piece fore shows. cago. Ricky Rubio had 17 points,
month, the kennel club introduced of warm bologna.” Even stranger, though, is this: 11 assists and six rebounds and
three breeds that are participat- American hairless terriers are Not all hairless dogs are hairless. Minnesota shot 54 percent to help
ing for the first time in the dog basically mutant rat terriers. Chinese cresteds with hair are Coach Tom Thibodeau sweep the
show, which kicked off on Satur- They unexpectedly sprang into known as powderpuffs. Xolos season series against his former
day with the agility competition. existence in 1972, when a lone with hair are known as coated team. Gorgui Dieng added 10
Introduced along with two more hairless puppy was born into a lit- xoloitzcuintli. points and 13 rebounds. (AP)
conventional dogs — the fuzzy ter of rat terriers (terriers known But there also is a type of Amer-
pumi, cute as a Muppet, and the for liking to dig and to hunt rats) in ican hairless terrier — and this Islanders Bury Avalanche
un-fuzzy sloughi, an elegant crea- Louisiana. would seem to be an oxymoron
ture out of North Africa — was a The breeder “liked the hair- — known as the coated American Anders Lee scored two of the
somewhat startling breed called lessness of the puppy,” Parker hairless terrier. These dogs are Islanders’ three third-period goals
the American hairless terrier. explained, but had trouble pro- fully recognized by all the rele- to lead the hosts past N.H.L.-worst
What does that mean, hairless ducing any more — the hairless vant governing bodies, and ac- Colorado. Nick Leddy had a goal
terrier? gene is recessive — until the orig- cepted as legitimate members of and two assists, Ryan Strome and
“It means that he has no inal hairless dog “accidentally got the hairless breed, despite the fact Jason Chimera also scored, and
hair,” said Janet Parker of Jack- pregnant by one of her own sons.” that they have hair. Jean-Francois Berube stopped
son, Mich., whose hairless dog, Voilà, more hairless progeny. Parker isn’t buying it. “A hair- 25 shots. The Islanders improved
Walkyr, will be competing at Hairless terriers are known for less terrier with hair is a rat terri- to 7-0-2 in their last nine at home.
Westminster. having enthusiastic attitudes, for er, in my opinion,” she said. “If I’m They improved to 10-3-2 in their
Not short hair, as in a Dober- not triggering allergies in people going to have a hairless terrier, it last 15 to pull one point behind
man pinscher or a Labrador, but who can’t tolerate dog hair, for needs to be hairless.” Toronto and Philadelphia for the
no hair to speak of. Skin, actually. not shedding all over the house, KELLY WHITESIDE second wild-card spot in the East-
Walkyr’s skin is kind of like a and for freeing their owners of the and SARAH LYALL ern Conference. (AP)
Gehrig’s Fixer-Upper Awaits a Dedicated Buyer for the Long Run

The Iron Horse had brass fix- seum. “You can still feel Gehrig’s up a sign commem-
tures in his house. And galvanized presence in the house,” he said. orating the street on
steel wiring. He also had clap- But the house, it turns out, also which the house stands
board siding, parquet floors and a has a puzzling history — specifi- as Lou Gehrig Way.
screened-in porch. cally, it was foreclosed on in 1937 The house was
Lou Gehrig, the Yankees’ first while Gehrig’s parents, Christina bought last year by
baseman, bought the home in New and Heinrich, still owned it. a real estate broker,
Rochelle, N.Y., in December 1927, According to a deed in the West- Karan Garewal, and a
two months after completing one chester County clerk’s office, the partner. Garewal said
of the most successful seasons any new deed awarded the property to the house was now
major league hitter has ever had, the children of an earlier owner, Al- listed for $449,000.
culminating in a World Series title. exander List, who died in 1932 and Scinta has envi-
He then refurbished the three-bed- whose family held the mortgage KARSTEN MORAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES sioned the Yankees
room structure to accommodate while the Gehrigs lived there. The house in New Rochelle, N.Y., where buying the house, but
both himself and his parents. There is no explanation of why Lou Gehrig lived from 1927-33. the team might con-
But today the house, which still the Gehrigs did not pay and what tribute financially if
maintains some of Gehrig’s hand- role, if any, their son played in the the house becomes a
iwork, is in search of a new owner. case. After they left, Walter and Jo- Sears, recalled being there on Dec. nonprofit museum.
Arthur Scinta, a local preser- sephine Sears moved in as tenants. 7, 1941, the day of the attack on Pearl “Lou Gehrig is a cherished fig-
vationist and architectural his- They appear on the 1940 census Harbor. That was six months after ure in Yankee lore,” said Randy
torian, hopes the house, 13 miles as living there with their daugh- Gehrig, 37, died of amyotrophic Levine, the president of the Yan-
north of Yankee Stadium, can be ters, Mary Ann, 11, and Joan, 7. The lateral sclerosis, which became kees. “I’m sure there would be a lot
restored and preserved, perhaps daughters still live in the area. known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. of interest in preserving his legacy
even turned into a Lou Gehrig mu- Joan Straehle, 84, formerly Joan The City of New Rochelle has put in that way.” DAVID WALDSTEIN



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