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Hacienda Times Digest Feb 5

February 5th, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Fitness Class Schedule atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Monday, January 30 the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am Sport Massage

Tuesday, January 31 The perfect way to improve stamina and increase flexibility, this
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am combination of customized
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am massage work and stretching
is great after a workout, a
Wednesday, February 1 long walk on the beach, or
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am even a week by the pool. The
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am massage incorporates

stretches, compression, rocking and shaking all to release muscle tension
Thursday, February 2
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am and increase circulation, as well as joint mobility. Loose fitting clothes are
Yoga: 9:30am-10:30 am required.

Friday, February 3
80min. - $195 USD + TAX
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am

Saturday, February 4 Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure
Spinning: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am 45min $50 USD + TAX / 60min $75 USD + TAX

Sunday, February 5 This treatment includes cleansing and massage of the hands and feet,
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am exfoliation, masque, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, application of
emollient balm and polish.

Private classes Paraffin Treatment
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. For dry hands in need of

serious help, this moisturizing treatment for hands and feet includes

exfoliation, massage and warm gloves with aroma-therapeutic paraffin.

Hands or Feet 30min $40 USD + TAX

Rejuvenate your Body.

HACIENDA SPA Replenish your Soul.
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm




Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .

FROM THE PAGES OF 8pm in New York

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
For Court Pick, a Lesson From Boyhood ADMINISTRATION

WASHINGTON — Judge Neil cism of government rooted in his and that market forces would MOVES TO APPEAL
M. Gorsuch’s first taste of rough- home of Colorado and nurtured in bring more discipline to regu-
and-tumble Washington politics Washington during the 1980s. An lation. As she cut spending and RULING ON TRAVEL
was bitter and lingering. examination of his early, forma- pared back rules, critics called
He was 15 years old and his tive years finds that he swam in her an enemy of the environ-
mother was a high-ranking offi- the liberal wa- ment. Her downfall came when,
cial in the Reagan administration ters of Colum- at White House direction, she WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The
caught in an ugly showdown with bia and Har- refused to turn over documents Trump administration moved Satur-
Congress. When she was forced vard and re- related to a toxic-waste program. day night to appeal a Federal District
to step down, her reputation in belled against Congress cited her for contempt. Court ruling that blocked the presi-
tatters, young Neil was furious. the dominant By most accounts, he did not dent’s immigration order, setting the
“You should never have re- thinking to de- dwell on it later in life, but it clear- stage for a legal showdown over his
signed,” he told his mother, Anne velop a fully ly echoed in his work. In prepar- authority to tighten the nation’s bor-
Gorsuch Burford, by her later Neil Gorsuch formed con- ing a moot court brief at Harvard ders in the name of protecting Amer-
account. “You didn’t do anything servative phi- on workplace safety, he tried icans from terrorism.
wrong. You only did what the losophy that to add material concerning the The brief notice of appeal came
president ordered. Why are you has propelled him to the thresh- E.P.A. that did not fit, recalled a after a chaotic day in which the gov-
quitting? You raised me not to be old of the Supreme Court. classmate, Ellen M. Bublick, who ernment complied with the district
a quitter. Why are you a quitter?” Those early years shaped his is now a law professor at the Uni- court’s ruling by allowing the entry
More than three decades later, views on the law and life and pro- versity of Arizona. In his time as of refugees and travelers from seven
Gorsuch, a federal appeals court vided a searing lesson in the real- an appeals court judge in Denver, predominantly
judge in Denver, has been nomi- ities of the political world. Despite his most notable writings have Muslim nations.
nated to the Supreme Court by the family ordeal, friends and rel- concerned the power of govern- At airports
President Trump and faces a po- atives said, he emerged from the ment regulators. around the world,
litical culture more caustic than crucible of his youth tempered Gorsuch’s mother did not live small numbers
the one that destroyed his moth- about politics yet not soured on to see the day he would be nom- of travelers from
er’s public career. public service. He decided to pur- inated to the Supreme Court. But the previously
Now 49, he arrives at his own sue goals similar to his mother’s. for the family, his rise represents banned countries
moment of testing as a child of The first woman to lead the En- a vindication of sorts. If he sur- began ventur- Judge Robart
the Reagan revolution who saw vironmental Protection Agency, vives confirmation, he will have ing trips to the
up close the promise and the per- Burford argued that states were conquered the capital that did her United States,
ils. He inherited a frontier skepti- better custodians of resources in. (NYT) knowing the judge’s ruling could be
overturned at any time. The State
G.O.P. and Trump Rush to Reverse Energy Rules Department reversed its cancella-
tion of visas for people from the sev-
en affected countries — Iran, Iraq,
WASHINGTON — The docu- nullified a measure intended this time,” said Luke Popovich, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Ye-
ment carried the title “A Roadmap to curb the venting of gas wells a vice president at the National men — and aid groups scrambled to
to Repeal,” a concise list of Obama on federal lands, and began the Mining Association, an industry take advantage of an opportunity for
administration environmental process of rolling back other reg- trade group. refugees to enter the United States.
regulations that a Koch broth- ulations, including one enacted A three-way alliance has now On Saturday night, as Trump ar-
ers-backed group was pressing to limit damage that coal mines been formed among Congress, rived at a Red Cross gala at Mar-a-
President Trump and Congress to cause to streams — each items on the Trump administration and in- Lago, his Florida resort, reporters
quickly reverse. the “Roadmap to Repeal.” dustries that struggled to reverse asked him if he was confident he
It was a tally of rules that energy On Friday, with his own exec- what they saw as an out-of-control would prevail in the appeal. “We’ll
industry executives and lobbyists utive orders, Trump took up two rush to regulate by the Obama ad- win,” he replied. “For the safety of
had waged a futile fight against for more items on the list, including ministration. the country, we’ll win.”
eight years, donating millions of a call to rewrite major provisions This new alignment of power is Trump had lashed out at Judge
dollars to lawmakers who vowed of the Dodd-Frank Act, legislation causing alarm among not only en- James Robart of the Federal Dis-
to help block them, filing lawsuits crafted by the Obama adminis- vironmental groups but also oth- trict Court in Seattle throughout
to try to overturn them and hiring tration and passed by Congress er — mostly liberal — advocates the day. In a Twitter post, he wrote,
experts to generate reports that in response to the 2008 financial who have spent much of the past “The opinion of this so-called judge,
questioned the need for them. meltdown. eight years pushing for new rules which essentially takes law-en-
But in a flurry of activity this Not since the Reagan admin- to cover Wall Street banks, broad- forcement away from our country, is
past week, Congress did what istration has Washington moved band providers, teacher prepara- ridiculous and will be overturned!”
Charles G. and David H. Koch — so quickly to roll back or nullify tion requirements, prepaid credit Late Saturday, the Justice De-
who own a conglomerate that sells so many federal regulations, one cards and even companies that partment asked the United States
hundreds of products, including of the clearest signs of an abrupt sell high-calorie foods in vending Court of Appeals for the Ninth Cir-
gasoline, jet fuel and coal — and shift of power in a government machines. cuit to block Robart’s ruling. It is
other industry leaders had been now under one-party control that All of these measures, and ma- not clear how quickly the court will
asking for. has flipped the script of winners ny others, now stand a chance of act. The State Department said ref-
Using a rarely invoked law, the and losers. being reversed, watered down or ugees could begin arriving as early
Republican-controlled Congress “It is a big, fat victory, after all blocked. ERIC LIPTON as Monday. MARK LANDLER


‘Spider-Man’ Has No ‘Lone Wolves’: ISIS Guides Plots From Afar

His Day in Court HYDERABAD, India — When

the Islamic State identified a
PARIS — He is an acrobatic bur- promising young recruit willing
glar, one referred to here as “Spi- to carry out an attack in one of In-
der-Man.” But all Vjeran Tomic dia’s major tech hubs, the group
needed to break into this city’s Mu- made sure to arrange everything
seum of Modern Art in the spring down to the bullets he needed to
of 2010 and pull off a near-perfect kill victims.
heist were a few tools, two plung- For 17 months, terrorist opera-
ers, pliers and a lucky star. tives guided the recruit, a young
Before dawn that day, he had engineer named Mohammed
loaded his Renault with five mas- Ibrahim Yazdani, through every
terpieces from Picasso, Braque, step of what they planned to be
Matisse, Léger and Modigliani, the Islamic State’s first strike on
worth over 104 million euros, or Indian soil.
about $112 million. All he left be- They vetted each new member
hind were empty frames, leaning of the cell as Yazdani recruited ATUL LOKE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
against the museum’s walls. helpers. They taught him how to ISIS has employed encrypted messaging to plan violence. In
“It’s one of my easiest and big- pledge allegiance to the terrorist Hyderabad, India, the site of one of its intended attacks.
gest heists,” Tomic boasted on group and securely send the state-
Friday outside the courtroom ment.
where he and two men accused as And from Syria, investigators attacker is the internet. As a result, remotely guided
accomplices were on trial. believe, the group’s virtual plot- In the most basic enabled at- plots in Europe, Asia and the
Tomic has made a living robbing ters organized for the delivery of tacks, Islamic State handlers acted United States in recent years,
luxurious apartments, sometimes weapons as well as the precursor as confidants and coaches, coaxing including the attack on a commu-
using an arbalest, ropes, snap chemicals used to make explo- recruits to embrace violence. In nity center in Garland, Tex., were
hooks and a harness to scale fa- sives, directing the Indian men to the Hyderabad plot, the terrorist initially labeled the work of “lone
cades and gain entry. In 2000, he hidden pickup spots. group reached deep into a country wolves,” with no operational ties
stole works by Renoir and Braque Until just moments before the with strict gun laws in order to ar- to the Islamic State, and only later
from two Parisian apartments, arrest of the Indian cell, here last range for pistols and ammunition was direct communication with
one of his 14 convictions to date. June, the Islamic State’s cyber- to be left in a bag swinging from the the group discovered.
The prosecutor requested that planners kept in near-constant branches of a tree. While the trail of many of these
Tomic, who was charged with touch with the men, according to For the most part, the oper- plots led back to planners living
stealing cultural property, be sen- the interrogation records of three atives who are conceiving and in Syria, the very nature of the
tenced to 10 years in prison and a of the eight suspects obtained by guiding such attacks are doing group’s method of remote plot-
€300,000 fine, or about $325,00. A The New York Times. so from behind a wall of anonym- ting means there is little depen-
verdict is expected at the end of As officials around the world ity. When the Hyderabad plotters dence on its maintaining a safe
the month. BENOÎT MORENNE have faced a confusing barrage of were arrested last summer, they haven there or in Iraq. And visa
attacks dedicated to the Islamic could not so much as confirm the restrictions and airport security
In Brief State, cases like Yazdani’s offer nationalities of their interlocutors mean little to attackers who strike
where they live and no longer
troubling examples of what coun-
in the Islamic State, let alone de-
terterrorism experts are calling scribe what they looked like. Be- have to travel abroad for training.
Detailing this kind of plot direc-
Romania Repeals Decree enabled or remote-controlled cause the recruits are instructed tion has become a critical focus of
to use encrypted messaging appli-
attacks: violence conceived and
After five straight days of mass guided by operatives in areas con- cations, the guiding role played by counterterrorism officials in the
protests and predictions that a trolled by the Islamic State whose the terrorist group often remains United States and Europe.
half-million people might take to only connection to the would-be obscured. RUKMINI CALLIMACHI
the streets on Sunday, Romania’s
month-old government withdrew
a decree on Saturday that had de- Argentina’s Immigration Order Rattles South America
criminalized some corruption of-
fenses. “We will hold an extraordi- BUENOS AIRES — Argentina is comparisons to President Trump tina as a place to commit offenses,”
nary meeting on Sunday to repeal so used to celebrating immigration and igniting a fierce debate over Macri has said.
the decree, withdraw it, cancel it,” as a cornerstone of society that a immigration. Macri’s immigration mea-
Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu 19th-century saying, to govern is to “A decree like this scares people,” sures, while not as far-reaching as
said late Saturday evening. (NYT) populate, remains in use to this day. said Arfang Diedhiou, 33, a Senega- Trump’s decision to halt refugees
But in an abrupt shift coinciding lese immigrant who runs his own from around the world and freeze
Louvre Museum Reopens with the immigration restrictions clothing store here in the capital, visas from seven predominantly
put in place by the Trump adminis- Buenos Aires. “It came out just af- Muslim nations, are raising diplo-
The Louvre Museum in Paris tration, President Mauricio Macri ter what Trump did, a coincidence matic tensions in the region.
reopened to the public Saturday a has issued a decree curbing immi- that seems very strange to me.” But opinion polls in Argentina
day after a machete-wielding as- gration to Argentina, with his gov- Argentina’s president, the son showed widespread support for
sailant shouting “Allahu akbar!” ernment declaring that newcom- of an immigrant, has echoed some limiting immigration, and some
attacked French soldiers and ers from poorer countries in Latin of Trump’s “America First” theme, say the new decree does not go far
was shot by them. On Saturday, America bring crime. making it clear that his “first con- enough. One right-wing congress-
an official in Egypt identified the The measures announced by cern” should be “caring for Argen- man is even calling for a wall to be
attacker as Egyptian-born Abdul- Macri in recent days made it much tines, caring for ourselves.” built on the border with Bolivia.
lah Reda Refaie al-Hamahmy, 28, easier to deport immigrants and “We cannot continue to allow SIMON ROMERO
who remained hospitalized. (AP) restrict their entry, prompting irate criminals to keep choosing Argen- and DANIEL POLITI


Exposing Racism With His Pen and His Lens In Brief

The copper-jacketed bullet to- UNPUBLISHED BLACK HISTORY lawsuit. Met Museum’s Ambitions
re through a civil rights worker’s Justice Department officials al-
shoulder, stopping within an inch the field secretary of the Student so sought a federal court order to Are Leading to Stumbles
of his spine. The shotgun blast Nonviolent Coordinating Commit- prevent the city and county from The Metropolitan Museum
shattered the car windows of four tee, clipboard in hand, pointed to denying blacks the right to pro- of Art’s deficit has approached
voting rights activists and gouged the holes left by the shotgun blast test, after the police unleashed a $40 million and forced the buyout
the wall of a nearby home. in the wall of a weathered home. German shepherd dog on peace- or layoff of some 90 employees.
And a fire destroyed voter reg- In another frame, the charred de- ful marchers and jailed voting After enjoying boom years, one
istration equipment and materials tritus of the fire — set by a person rights activists. of the most pre-eminent cultural
outside the city’s Voter Registra- or persons unknown — littered It was the first time that feder- institutions in the world is now
tion Headquarters, leaving the the street outside the old voting al officials had taken such a step, struggling with missteps and the
street strewn with rubble. headquarters. Sitton noted in his article about perils of overreaching at a time of
It was 1963 in Greenwood, Miss., In yet another frame, Medgar Greenwood, which was published uncertain resources. Some cura-
a battleground in the fight for civ- Evers, the state field secretary in April of 1963. (Only three of the tors and trustees have zeroed in
il rights, and white officials were of the N.A.A.C.P., addressed a many photographs that he took on Thomas P. Campbell, the Met’s
playing down and ignoring a series packed voter registration rally at during his time in Greenwood director and chief executive
of attacks intended to discourage the local African Methodist Epis- were published with this article.) since 2008, as well as the board
thousands of African-Americans copal church in what may well But with every step forward, it that has backed him. Several
from registering to vote. be the only photograph taken of seemed, there were several steps people inside the museum, most
Claude Sitton, the renowned Evers by The Times. back. Two months later, on June of whom spoke anonymously
New York Times correspondent, African-Americans account- 12, 1963, an assassin killed Evers for fear of losing their positions,
shot photos and took meticulous ed for 61 percent of the county’s in Jackson, Miss. said Campbell had tried to do too
notes, exposing the racial violence population. Yet only 1.9 percent That afternoon, hundreds of much too fast, including overhir-
with his pen and with his lens. of blacks of voting age were reg- African-Americans took to the ing in the digital department and
Sitton is best known for his istered, compared with 95.5 per- streets in protest. And Sitton was overspending on an additional
words, but there is power in the cent of whites. The Justice De- there with his pen, his notebook building, and on rebranding. At
black-and-white images he cap- partment, contending that whites and his camera. the same time, some hope that by
tured on Tri-X film in 1963. were disenfranchising blacks with RACHEL L. SWARNS reckoning with its troubles, the
In one frame, Robert P. Moses, discriminatory voting laws, filed a and DARCY EVELEIGH Met is set to turn a corner. (NYT)
Elite Troops Top Casualty List as U.S. Shifts Strategy Zika Fears Hit Hotel Tax

Hotel tax revenue in Mi-
By nearly every measure, Chief older and more experienced than on small groups of elite warriors. ami-Dade County has dropped
Petty Officer William Ryan Owens the vast majority of troops, better “This counterterrorism model at a rate not seen since the Great
was exceptional. Owens, 36, who trained and more decorated. Many is much more efficient,” said Lin- Recession, a decline in public
was killed by enemy fire during were veterans of the wars in Iraq da Robinson, a counterterrorism money some attribute to tourists
a raid in Yemen last week, was a and Afghanistan who survived the expert at the RAND Corporation. afraid of the Zika virus. Hotel
team leader in the Navy’s most official end of combat operations But the flip side, she said, is that taxes in December fell 7 percent
elite commando force, SEAL only to find themselves still fight- the American troops left in harm’s from the amount generated the
Team 6, and had earned numer- ing in the same countries. way are some of the most experi- previous year for the fourth
ous awards for heroism under fire Over the last year, Special Oper- enced and valuable. month in a row, a slump not seen
during a dozen deployments. ations troops have died in great- In 2010, more than 500 service since 2009, The Miami Herald
But on a moonless night when er numbers than conventional members were killed in action. reported. (AP)
gunfire erupted as he approached troops — a first. During the wars Since the beginning of 2016, 18
a suspected terrorist compound, in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have died. But 12 of them were Russian Sues BuzzFeed
hitting him in the chest, he joined made up only a tiny sliver of the elite trainers and commandos
a group in which he was sudden- dead. That they now fill nearly the serving with the Army Special A Russian technology execu-
ly more typical. Two-thirds of the whole casualty list shows how the Forces or the Navy SEALs. Spe- tive who was named in a dossier
troops killed in action in the last 12 Pentagon, hesitant to put conven- cial operations troops make up containing unverified allegations
months served in Special Opera- tional troops on the ground, has about 5 percent of the military. about connections between
tions units. Like Owens, they were come to depend almost entirely DAVE PHILIPPS President Trump and the Russian
government has sued BuzzFeed
White House Scuttles Plan to Reopen ‘Black Site’ Prisons News, which published the infor-
mation. The defamation suit was
filed in court on Friday in Broward
WASHINGTON — The White detainees that deleted language In addition, the revised draft, County, Fla., according to law-
House appears to have backed contemplating a revival of the would not revive a 2007 executive yers for the executive, Aleksej
off on its consideration of reopen- C.I.A. prisons, according to offi- order issued by President George Gubarev, the chief of XBT, based
ing overseas “black site” prisons, cials familiar with its contents. W. Bush, and later rescinded by in Luxembourg. The suit focuses
where the C.I.A. once tortured The draft order retains other President Barack Obama, that on allegations, made near the
terrorism suspects, after a leaked parts of the original that focus on laid out a limited understanding end of the dossier, that Gubarev
draft executive order prompted making greater use of the mili- of which torture techniques count and his company were involved
bipartisan pushback from Con- tary’s Guantánamo Bay prison. as war crimes under the Geneva in hacking operations against the
gress and cabinet officials. Those sections, reflecting repeat- Conventions. Such a move would leadership of the Democratic Par-
On Thursday, the White House ed vows from President Trump, in- reduce the legal risk to interroga- ty. When it published the dossier,
circulated among National Secu- clude a call to bring newly captured tors who employ harsh tactics not BuzzFeed noted that it contained
rity Council staff members a re- terrorism detainees there and to on that list, like prolonged sleep errors and that its claims had not
vised version of the draft order on freeze plans for any more transfers. deprivation. CHARLIE SAVAGE been verified. (NYT)


His Doctors Were Stumped. Then He Took Over His Case.

They called him the Beast. A nurse checks again, barely avoiding a fatal brain
David Fajgenbaum was the fit- bleed. He persuaded his doctors
test of his friends at the University the port on to remove and test a piece of a
of Pennsylvania’s medical school, Dr. David lymph node. It turned out that five
a 6-foot-3 gym addict and former Fajgenbaum months before he started noticing
quarterback at Georgetown. through which symptoms, his T cells — one of the
“This guy was a physical speci- he will receive key weapons in the body’s immune
men,” said his former roommate, treatment. He arsenal — had started activating.
Grant Mitchell. has Castleman Then, three months before his re-
But in July 2010, Fajgenbaum, lapse, he had started producing
a 25-year-old doctor-in-training, disease, a more VEGF, a protein that tells the
woke up drenched in sweat. His condition that body to make more blood vessels.
lymph nodes were swollen. He felt remains largely He believed that if he could get
stabs of abdominal pain, and odd a mystery. his body to shut down that commu-
red bumps began sprouting across JESSICA KOURKOUNIS FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES nication line, known as the mTOR
his chest. He felt very tired. estimated 30 million people in the ‘What was this?’ ” he said. “And I pathway, he might be able to stop
“Guys, I think I’m dying,” he re- country — or about 10 percent of remember the doctor saying, ‘We his immune system from overre-
called telling his friends. the population — are living with don’t know what it was, but let’s acting and prevent a relapse. He
A doctor in the emergency room one of the nearly 7,000 rare diseas- just hope it doesn’t come back.’ ” and his doctors turned to sirolimus,
told him that his liver, kidneys and es that have been identified. It took one month for symptoms a drug given to kidney transplant
bone marrow were not working Fajgenbaum declined rapidly as to return, while he was conva- patients to prevent their bodies
properly. The doctor had no idea his immune system went haywire. lescing in Raleigh, N.C. Doctors from rejecting the organ.
why his body was failing. “What A retinal hemorrhage, a type of shipped a piece of his lymph node In January, Fajgenbaum, 31 and
do you think is going on?” he re- ministroke, temporarily blinded to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, an assistant professor of medicine
members the doctor asking him. his left eye. Fluids leaked out of his where pathologists pinpointed his at Penn, marked his three-year an-
Pursuing the answer to that blood vessels, a sign his liver was disease. The condition, called Cas- niversary since starting on sirolim-
question would transform Fajgen- failing. Over the next two weeks, tleman disease, had been known us. “I feel 100 percent,” he said.
baum from a patient on the brink of he gained about 70 pounds of ex- since the 1950s but has remained “I didn’t think that I would ever
death five different times, whose ill- tra fluid and his brain fogged over. largely a mystery. A hallmark of get to leave the hospital, and now
ness stumped specialists, to one of The doctors tried a huge dose of the condition is enlarged lymph here I am, fighting back,” he said.
the leading researchers in his field. steroids. Slowly, his body began to nodes, but the form Fajgenbaum “It’s the ultimate motivator.”
He has used himself as his own fight back. His kidneys and liver had — multicentric Castleman KATIE THOMAS
test subject, and may have found a began functioning again, and the disease — is even more rare and
treatment for his rare disease. extra fluid receded. Seven weeks deadly. Only about 1,200 to 1,500 ONLINE: CASTLEMAN DISEASE
Fewer than 8,000 people in the later, Fajgenbaum left the hospi- people are discovered to have it The full story of a physi-
United States are found to have his tal, in September 2010. “I remem- every year in the United States. Æ cian’s fight for his life:
condition in any given year. But an ber asking the doctor, saying, In December 2013, he got sick
China Gains on the U.S. in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

Robert O. Work, the veteran de- at the Council on Foreign Relations. international competitions in
fense official retained as deputy In August, the state-run China speech synthesis and in transla-
secretary by President Trump, Daily reported the country had tion between Chinese and English
calls them his “A.I. dudes.” begun development of a cruise language texts. The company,
The breezy moniker belies their missile system with a “high level” which Chinese technologists said
serious task. The dudes have ad- of artificial intelligence. The new has ties with the government for
vised Work as he has sought to re- system, known as the Long Range development of surveillance tech-
shape warfare by bringing artifi- Anti-Ship Missile, appears to be nology, said that it is working on
cial intelligence to the battlefield. a response to a missile the United a “Humanoid Answering Robot.”
But as the nation’s leaders plan States Navy is expected to deploy “Our goal is to send the machine
on retaining the United States in 2018 to counter growing Chinese to attend the college entrance ex-
military advantage with a signif- military influence in the Pacific. amination and to be admitted by
icant commitment to artificial in- SACHIN TENG The system’s targets are chosen key national universities in the
telligence and robotic weapons, services company Baidu, where by human soldiers, but the missile near future,” said Qingfeng Liu,
the global technology balance of he will oversee its ambitious plan uses A.I. technology to avoid de- Iflytek’s chief executive.
power is shifting. to become a global leader in A.I. fenses and to make targeting deci- Kai-Fu Lee, a Taiwanese-born
As consumer electronics man- And last year Tencent, devel- sions, the Pentagon said. “They are A.I. researcher who had a role in
ufacturing has moved to Asia, oper of the mobile app WeChat, making their machines more cre- establishing Microsoft’s and Goo-
both Chinese companies and the a Facebook competitor, created ative,” said John Arquilla, a strat- gle’s China-based research labo-
nation’s government laboratories a research laboratory and began egist at the Naval Post Graduate ratories, believes the A.I. gap has
are making major investments in investing in American-based arti- School in Monterey, Calif. significantly narrowed. “Using a
artificial intelligence. ficial intelligence companies. Andrew Ng, chief scientist at chess analogy,” he said, “we might
The advance of the Chinese was “The Chinese leadership is in- Baidu, said the United States may say that the ‘grand masters’ are still
underscored in January when Qi creasingly thinking about how to be too myopic and self-confident largely North American, but the
Lu, a veteran Microsoft artificial ensure they are competitive in the to understand the speed of the Chinese occupy increasingly great-
intelligence specialist, left the next wave of technologies,” said Ad- Chinese competition. er portions of the ‘master-level’ A.I.
company to become chief oper- am Segal, a specialist in emerging Iflytek, a Chinese artificial scientists.” JOHN MARKOFF
ating officer at the Chinese web technologies and national security intelligence company, has won and MATTHEW ROSENBERG


Voice. Vice. Veracity. How ‘Girls’ Changed Television, or Didn’t.

When “Girls” premiered on HBO in 2012, it women — we might overlook the strength of
was an instant lightning rod. A dramedy about its humor. WESLEY MORRIS
four 20-something women searching for ca- CHRONICLING THINK-PIECE CULTURE
reers and companionship in New York, it was In the final season of “Girls,” Hannah Hor-
praised for its sexually frank, wryly satirical vath (Lena Dunham) tells a magazine edi-
look at millennial angst, chastised for its lack tor about what she considers to be one of her
of diversity and dissected in an endless stream strengths. “I have a strong opinion about ev-
of essays and social media posts. erything,” she says, “even topics I’m not in-
“Girls,” “Veep,” “Scandal,” “Bunheads” and formed on.”
“The Mindy Project” debuted within months of This is only fitting for the protagonist of
one another, all centered on complicated wom- the show that may have achieved the highest
en whose problems are not designed to seem opinions-generated-to-viewers-attracted ratio
adorable. Though “Girls,” created by Lena DANIELLE LEVITT/HBO on television, a statistic the collection you are
Dunham, who also stars as the would-be writer Left to right: Jemima Kirke, Allison reading proudly adds to.
Hannah Horvath, is not a ratings powerhouse, Williams, Lena Dunham and Zosia The hot-takers of the world have weighed
it has a devoted, outspoken following. Mamet of “Girls.” in on, in part: its diversity, or lack thereof;
At the start of its sixth and final season, its generational representativeness, or lack
which premieres on Feb. 12, as Hannah gets thereof; its characters’ entitlement; its treat-
a big break as a writer, Shoshanna (Zosia Ma- were cured with humor before they turned ment of nudity, consent and highly specific
met) embarks on a new job, Marnie (Allison tragic and bitter. And there were few caution- sexual acts.
Williams) endures a messy divorce, and Jessa ary tales. “Girls” could have been a BuzzFeed “Girls” is both the ultimate obsession of
(Jemima Kirke) holes up with Adam (Adam listicle of “Awkward Sex Encounters You’ll think-piece culture and its most astute chron-
Driver), “Girls” hasn’t lost its attention-grab- Have in Your 20s.” JENNA WORTHAM icler. It is a series about precisely the sort of
bing ways. Here, critics look at the impact STINGING THE AUDIENCE young, wired, highly educated people who
“Girls” made (and didn’t make) on TV. “Girls” doesn’t have a laugh track. To watch would have strong feelings about “Girls.”
PORTRAYED SEX REALISTICALLY it alone is to laugh when no one else is, to laugh Above all, it’s the coming-of-age of a writer
According to Hollywood, women can have when you’re not sure scrabbling for exposure in the era of overshar-
completely satisfying sexual experiences you should. Laugh- ing, confession and comments sections.
without ever taking off their bras, and man- ing alone might feel JAMES PONIEWOZIK
age to reach euphoric orgasms within min- weird, but it’s right
utes. “Girls” never bothered with any of these and cathartic, too. The
tropes. From the show’s first episode, the sex comedy stings — the
was sweaty, it was characters, sometimes
weird, it was jiggly, you. And because the
it was unflattering. show is a study in emo-
Which is to say: It tional bruising and re- HBO
was realistic. crimination, it can be
The women had hard to remember you Lena Dunham
sex for the messy laughed and easy to re- and Allison
fun of it, for valida- call the sting. Williams.
tion, even when it This is a long way of
was fleeting, and saying that “Girls,” fundamentally, is a come-
occasionally out of dy — of the body, of relationships, of working,
obligation. HBO of entitlement, of generational funk. At its best,
Questionable it’s a satire of a lot of those things, too. But for
moments — of Zosia Mamet and any number of reasons — it’s also a chillingly CRAIG BLANKENHORN/HBO
which there were Alex Karpovsky in good drama, it’s a show by and about women, Lena Dunham, left, and Chelsea Perretti
oh so many — Season 2. and we’re still (still) weirded out by funny in Season 6 of “Girls.”
Amazon, Netflix and Others Bankroll Oscar-Nominated Movies

One common complaint about the Oscars ginning to change how Oscar-nominated mov- theatrical qualifying run, and has been avail-
addresses the Academy of Motion Picture Arts ies are seen. These services are financing, pro- able on demand since it first ran on ESPN.
and Sciences’ perceived tendency to honor ducing and distributing movies they hope will That’s admittedly a very small percentage
movies that ostensibly no one has seen. A cou- win Oscars. “Manchester by the Sea,” distrib- of Oscar-nominated movies, but it’s still news,
ple of months ago, I was listening to a podcast uted by Amazon Studios, landed six nomina- and I reckon that percentage is going to in-
featuring two of the West Coast’s more colorful tions, including for best picture; while it’s still crease in coming years. Another Amazon-pro-
Oscar commentators, and one of them excited- playing in theaters, it will hit video on demand duced movie, Whit Stillman’s cheekily hilari-
ly put “La La Land” in the category of films no and at least one streaming service — Amazon ous Jane Austen adaptation, “Love & Friend-
one has seen. At the time, the movie had not yet Video, naturally — in early February. On Ama- ship,” produced by Amazon, was a dark-horse
been released. zon, it will be free for Amazon Prime members; hopeful for a screenplay nomination; it didn’t
“La La Land” is in about 2,000 theaters, others will have to pay a fee to rent or own. make the cut but has been on the service for
about half the number that super-wide releas- Right now, one of the five nominees for best a few months now. Amazon Studios has a sev-
es will be in at the height of their glory — and is documentary, Ava DuVernay’s “13th,” is on enth Oscar nomination, in the best foreign-lan-
doing well enough that you can say some peo- Netflix, the company that produced the mov- guage film category: “The Salesman,” from the
ple have seen it, and now that it has garnered ie. One of this year’s other best documentary Iranian director Asghar Farhadi; the company
14 Oscar nominations, more people will. nominees, “O.J.: Made in America,” in fact, is one of the film’s American rights owners.
This year, streaming video services are be- aired as a television mini-series after a brief GLENN KENNY


A New Jersey Man Leads Four Parallel Lives Editor’s Row

Intriguing questions about fate, he and Amy Schneiderman were TRANSIT, by Rachel Cusk. (Farrar, Straus
identity and the power of individu- 4 3 2 1 about to set off on a long journey & Giroux, $26.) The shadowy narrator of
als to control their own lives hover together.” this novel, the second in a trilogy, moves
to London and begins to renovate a
over Paul Auster’s “4 3 2 1,” an epic By Paul Auster Amy’s status as Ferguson’s soul dilapidated house as she recovers from
bildungsroman that presents the 866 pages. Henry Holt & Co. $32.50. mate and ideal sexual partner is the death of her marriage.
reader with four versions of the so persuasively established that ARTHUR AND SHERLOCK: Conan Doyle
formative years of Archie Fergu- it’s profoundly disorienting to and the Creation of Holmes, by Michael
son, a Jewish boy born in Newark solidly middle class; in yet anoth- come across alternate scenarios Sims. (Bloomsbury, $27.) How did an
in 1947. er, it’s rich. In the most striking in which she’s Ferguson’s cousin obscure 26-year-old doctor achieve the
Auster explains the origin of variation, Rose and Archie move or, most inconveniently, his step- most enduring literary accomplishment
Ferguson’s unlikely surname in to Manhattan, immersing them- sister. of his generation in just six weeks?
the novel’s opening paragraph, selves in a more sophisticated Unfortunately for Ferguson, SELECTION DAY, by Aravind Adiga.
then proceeds from Ferguson’s urban world of art galleries, clas- and for the reader, Amy drifts out (Scribner, $26.) Poor brothers prepare to
childhood to his early 20s. sical music, foreign films and pri- of his orbit during their college try out for Mumbai’s elite cricket team.
What makes “4 3 2 1” original vate schools. years, leaving him to face the on- A HOUSE FULL OF FEMALES: Plural
and dauntingly complex is that Ferguson himself is mostly in- set of adulthood without “his most Marriage and Women’s Rights in Early
Auster sets all four of his stories different to money — he’s a child important comrade” at his side. Mormonism, 1835-1870, by Laurel
on parallel tracks and tells them of the ’60s, after all, scornful of Ferguson falls into bed with Thatcher Ulrich. (Knopf, $35.) Ulrich, a
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, looks at
more or less simultaneously, giv- bourgeois materialism — and numerous women and a couple of how women experienced the contentious
ing us four versions of Chapter 1 his identity remains consistent men (in one story line, he happens new practice of polygamy in the 1840s.
(1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4), followed by whether he’s attending a public to be bisexual), but none of these EARNING THE ROCKIES: How Geography
four versions of Chapter 2 (2.1, 2.2, high school in New Jersey or a fan- partners can compare with the Shapes America’s Role in the World, by
2.3 and 2.4) and so on. cy prep school in Manhattan. He’s girl who got away. Robert D. Kaplan. (Random House, $27.)
In all four versions, he’s the only a good athlete, a serious student “4 3 2 1” is a very long novel — Kaplan argues that geography and union
child of Rose Adler — sometimes with a social conscience, a pas- it’s actually four books in one, or made the United States a world power,
she’s a photographer, sometimes sionate cinephile, a budding writ- at least three and a third — and but he observes that globalization dimin-
a stay-at-home wife and moth- er and a precocious young lover. like many gargantuan tomes, it ishes America’s geographic advantages.
er — and Stanley Ferguson, an What changes with each sce- loses steam and focus in the final THE CROSSING, by Andrew Miller. (Euro-
industrious, uncommunicative nario are the people Ferguson stretch. pa, paper, $18.) A closed-off, mysterious
man who owns either a single comes in contact with and the in- In addition to the parade of for- woman leaves her husband and child and
appliance store called 3 Brothers fluence they exert on his life. The gettable post-Amy lovers, there’s sails across the Atlantic alone.
Home World or a chain of appli- most important of these recurring too much textbook-style rehash- THE PATRIOTS, by Sana Krasikov. (Spie-
ance stores called Ferguson’s. characters is Amy Schneiderman, ing of the political turmoil of the gel & Grau, $28.) Krasikov’s sweeping
debut novel sends three generations of
In each retelling, the family whom the teenage Ferguson first ’60s, and more about the minus- an American Jewish family to Russia in
lives in a different (but almost encounters at a barbecue in Chap- cule particulars of young Fergu- their turns.
identical) New Jersey suburb — ter 2.1. Her effect on him is instan- son’s literary and journalistic ca- ONCE WE WERE SISTERS: A MEMOIR,
Montclair, West Orange, Millburn taneous: reers than most readers will care by Sheila Kohler. (Penguin, paper, $16.)
or Maplewood. “And then he heard her voice for to know. A South African novelist writes with
In each of the variations, how- the first time, Hello, Archie, and But despite these flaws, it’s “eternal regret” about her sister, who
ever, a fateful event at Stanley’s at that moment he knew, knew impossible not to be impressed — was abused and possibly killed by her
business (a burglary, a fire, a trag- beyond any doubt that they were and even a little awed — by what husband, in this moving memoir.
ic death or a buyout) leads to al- destined to be friends, which was Auster has accomplished. “4 3 2 1” SIGNALS, by Tim Gautreaux. (Knopf,
tered circumstances. a ridiculous assumption to make, is a work of outsize ambition and $26.95.) The 21 stories in this collection
As a result, the Fergusons of of course, since how could he have remarkable craft, a monumental begin as realistic fiction but march inevi-
Chapter 2 are more easily dis- known anything at that point, but assemblage of competing and tably into poetry.
tinguishable. In one version, the there it was, a feeling, an intuition, complementary fictions, a novel The full reviews of these and other
family has taken a step down the a certainty that something im- that contains multitudes. recent books are on the web:
economic ladder; in another, it’s portant was happening and that TOM PERROTA

Paperback Row

THE WIDOW, by Fiona Barton. (Berkley, $16.) After CARRY ME, by Peter Behrens. (Anchor, $17.) The country’s myriad influences, from Orthodox Chris-
her husband dies in a gruesome accident, Jean, troubled times framed by war are also the back- tianity to contemporary Russia.
this debut novel’s namesake widow, is thrust again drop for Behrens’s novel, which tells the story CAST OF CHARACTERS: Wolcott Gibbs, E. B. White,
into the spotlight. Her husband had been a chief of Billy Lange and Karin, the German-Jewish James Thurber, and the Golden Age of The New Yorker,
suspect in a missing child case that captivated woman he loves. Growing up in England and Ire- by Thomas Vinciguerra. (Norton, $18.95.) In this
the country, and his death has renewed interest in land during World War I, Billy saw his father, a ensemble biography, Vinciguerra chronicles the
the crime. With some reporters suspecting Jean German, interned, and felt the deep isolation that early years of the magazine, roughly spanning the
knows more than she has let on, she seems poised accompanies discrimination; later, living in 1930s Jazz Age through the end of World War II, with a
to reveal her story. Frankfurt, he dreams of escaping with Karin to focus on how many of its editorial stars shaped the
THEIR PROMISED LAND: My Grandparents in Love America, whose allure is a bright spot amid Hit- The New Yorker’s legacy for decades to come.
and War, by Ian Buruma. (Penguin, $17.) Drawing ler’s rise to power. GIRL THROUGH GLASS, by Sari Wilson. (Harper
on thousands of his grandparents’ letters, Buru- IN EUROPE’S SHADOW: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Perennial, $15.99.) The choreographer George Bal-
ma sketches the story of their marriage, which Journey Through Romania and Beyond, by Robert D. anchine’s long shadow is evident in the stories of
spanned World War I and II — and the turbulent Kaplan. (Random House, $18.) Kaplan first visited 11-year-old Mira, a ballet student in 1977, and Kate,
era in which they lived. His is a “wholly under- Romania more than three decades ago as a young a present-day dance historian. As Namara Smith,
standing, moving account of what it meant to be journalist, reporting on the horrors under its re- the reviewer for The Times, put it, the novel is less
Jewish and English in one of the most troubled pressive government. Drawing on his reporting about ballet “than the costs of early virtuosity —
times of the last century,” according to Nick Fras- from later trips, he traces Romania’s shift away the feeling of being propelled by a force you don’t
er, the reviewer for The New York Times. from Communism, and attempts to untangle the understand and can’t control.” Joumana Khatib



FIRST LADIES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21
ACROSS 49 2013 best seller by 94 Fix, as an election 22 23 24
1 16-ounce container Sheryl Sandberg 95 Cab destination? 25 26 27 28 29
6 Material 53 Pennsylvania 100 Geometric toy
commonly used vacation locale, with whose sides change 30 31 32 33 34
during cathedral “the” depending on how
construction 56 Pokey’s pal on TV it’s folded 35 36 37 38 39
14 Primitive timer 57 Spanish she-bear 101 Drop a bit 40 41 42 43 44 45
19 Pinnacles 60 Running a bit 103 Arthurian princess 46 47 48
20 Sidney Poitier’s behind 105 Poetic preposition
1980 autobiography 61 Part of a stock 106 Scrape (out) 49 50 51 52 53 54 55
21 Moretz of “Carrie” exchange? 107 Go online 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
22 Performs, biblically 64 Overcome a certain 108 Remove fat from, as 64 65 66 67
23 When soap operas career barrier … or a soup
what the answers
first flourished to the starred clues 110 Caramel candies 68 69 70 71
24 They’re measured do? from Hershey 72 73 74
by pluviometers 68 Heavy weight 112 Opposite of
25 Geneticist’s study 69 “Same with me” standing 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83
26 Rage 70 Move hastily 113 Getting ready to 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
28 Sheena who sang “U 71 Also-ran in 2000 swing 91 92 93
Got the Look” with 114 Lake catch
Prince 72 Gray squirrel, in 94 95 96 97 98 99 100
29 “No worries” slang 115 White who is the 101 102 103 104 105 106
oldest person ever
30 It helps you achieve 74 Send elsewhere to host “S.N.L.” 107 108 109 110 111
for the night, as
balance a roommate, in 116 Participate in
33 Highlighter shades modern lingo deciding 112 113 114
34 %: Abbr. 75 Easy-to-carry 117 Took care of 115 116 117
35 Reply to “No telescope 2/5/17
offense” 79 Cubs’ home DOWN
37 Aid after a 80 Less safe for a plane 1 Superfluous part of 17 Texting while 52 Org. with a travel 82 Clown (around)
driving, e.g.
computer crash, say landing, in a way an essay 83 [Yawn]
40 Get 84 Change from black- 2 *One who 18 Anchor’s place 54 Bills, e.g. 85 Rule by governing
41 Mark and-white 64-Acrossed for 27 Enter, as data 55 Hit record? board
44 Mosaic pieces 86 Classical musician Supreme Court 31 Cousin of “OMG!” 57 “Yi-i-ikes!” 87 Altar constellation
46 Question after a with a Presidential justices … 32 Guido who painted 58 Pacific 88 *… for Best
photo finish Medal of Freedom 3 Emphatic refusal “Massacre of the 59 Ending with teen Directors
47 “How’s it hangin’?” 87 Pub vessel 4 After deductions Innocents” 61 Certain 89 Ranger’s station
48 Click “Going” on a 91 Permeates 5 Gift-shop item 36 Today conservative skirt 90 Che Guevara’s real
Facebook event, e.g. 92 Behind 6 Hurriedly showed 37 “Hmm, guess so” 62 Hillary Clinton in first name
oneself out? 1969 or Bill Clinton 93 Puts forward, as
PL AY ER TO OL BA R D EA LE R 7 “J to ____ L-O!” 38 Loo, for short in 1970 effort
O EUVRE VA MO OS E ARCAD E (Jennifer Lopez 39 ____ rally 63 Monster
T ERE SA S KABAN D L I T MU S album) 42 What boats 95 Factor in area
TW OS TR I P ER SE RV I C EA CE shouldn’t do 65 Fictional spacecraft calculation
EA R M ON EY TR EE ZE N 8 *… for astronauts created by the Time 96 “____ little silhouetto
DYA N LOT PO I W ES BE ST 9 Like over four 43 ____ Gay (W.W. II Lords of a man” (Queen
OB I S P UNK UF O billion people plane) 66 Like lettuce lyric)
TH RE EBEA RS G I VE ME F I VE 10 “Victory is yours” 44 Best Foreign Film of 97 Desert NE of the
CO OL BEA NS DA YT RAD ER 11 Mexican president 2005, set in South 67 West Coast air Sinai Peninsula
BR O ELS E E LF I RON ONO Enrique Peña ____ Africa
YA MS TW EN TY ON E A NT S 45 Kennedy who was 73 Overly 98 *… for Nobel
TAF T S ER I F L I LT 12 Zac of “Neighbors” the mother of Maria 74 Two-____ (smallish laureates
BARRACK S F AC ET I M E 13 Professors answer Shriver car) 99 1941 chart-topper
S I XDE GR EE S C ASH I S K I NG to them “Maria ____”
AT E I T ANN TA YL OR FE ND I 14 Reading material 46 Aid for the handy, 75 ____-fi 101 Slice for a hearty
YES FO YT EG G F I F I DO G for a Hollywood informally 76 Yapping dog, for appetite
AU TO M I EN S S I N S agent 49 Letters of “pride” short
J ACK LO N DON E L I T EE I G HT 77 *… for secretaries 102 Miner’s strike
AFA R O BE SE TA K I N D RE I 15 *… for British prime 50 Alternative to a of state 104 Catches off base
MEM O L ON ER STE AD E ARN ministers pound
IWI N E XT S S AN S B US T 16 Most-wanted 51 Emphatic 78 “Don’t be so dumb!” 109 Apologia pro vita ____
Answer to puzzle for 1/29/17 invitees agreement 81 Rip off, informally 111 60 minuti

Answers to this puzzle will appear in next Sunday’s TimesDigest, and in next Sunday’s New York Times.




Trump’s Random Insult Diplomacy Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

President Trump has a tense relationship,
These ought to have been the honeymoon of insults and provocations with exemplary re- to say the least, with African-Americans. He
days of Trump-era diplomacy. With no major straint, White House officials have done noth- earned it. He built his political base in part by
foreign policy crisis to troubleshoot and world ing to dial down the tension. Late last month, questioning the legitimacy of the first black
leaders anxious to decipher what, exactly, they insisted they would find a way to bill Mex- president and demanding to see his birth cer-
America First would look like on the global ico for a border wall, perhaps by slapping tax- tificate. He used racism for traction.
stage, President Trump had an opportunity to es on imports. This message left Peña Nieto no So what was his demeanor on Wednesday,
reassure allies and start laying the foundation option but to cancel a trip to Washington that when he marked Black History Month by sit-
for joint approaches to international challenges. had been arranged to begin undoing the dam- ting down with a handful of black leaders in the
Then the president began picking up the age. In a subsequent call between the two lead- Roosevelt Room? Did he ramp up the courte-
“beautiful” Oval Office phone. In the span of a ers, Trump reportedly threatened Peña Nieto sy? Go out of his way to emphasize that he’d be
couple of weeks, Trump has rattled the world with deploying troops across his border to take a president for all and that he fully appreciated
by needlessly insulting allies and continuing care of “bad hombres.” This was, his aides later the struggles and hardships of black Ameri-
to peddle the dumbfounding narrative that the claimed, just a joke. cans? Not so much.
United States has long been exploited by allies Diplomats and foreign policy professionals But he did talk about his struggles. His hard-
and foes alike. were still reeling from that revelation when the ships. He couldn’t mention Martin Luther King
His administration has not departed radical- first accounts of the call with Prime Minister Jr. without flashing on the King bust in the Oval
ly from some core positions it inherited from Malcolm Turnbull of Australia trickled in. Fum- Office, noting that there had been an erroneous
the Obama administration. Last week, for in- ing about an agreement the Obama adminis- report of its removal.
stance, it admonished Russia over its desta- tration and Turnbull had reached to resettle King’s martyrdom became Trump’s martyr-
bilizing role in eastern Ukraine and signaled refugees stranded in offshore prisons run by dom. Black History Month turned into Trump
unease about Israeli settlements. Yet Trump’s Australia, Trump went ballistic. The American Appreciation Day.
pugnacious approach to foreign relations and president reportedly hung up on Turnbull after Me, me, me, me, me.
his first executive orders — the most mis- declaring that “this was the worst call by far” There’s no topic that Trump can’t bring back
guided of which was the sweeping travel ban with a foreign leader that day. around to himself, no cause as compelling as
targeting people from seven predominantly Other administration officials have been no his own. And while I and many others have ex-
Muslim nations — have already undermined less abrasive. Nikki Haley, the ambassador to amined his outsize egomania before, its migra-
America’s standing. The fallout has included the United Nations, made her debut in New tion into his administration can’t be noted too
large demonstrations in Europe, searing news York warning that the United States was “tak- often or overstated.
coverage and strong rebukes from United Na- ing names” of allies who “don’t have our backs.” This isn’t just some random brush stroke in
tions officials. When the time comes, as it assuredly will, his portrait. It’s his primary color. It’s every-
It began, predictably, with Mexico. Trump for Trump to pick up the phone to make tough thing. It drives policy. It warps diplomacy. And
made America’s southern neighbor and requests of traditional allies in moments of cri- it badly hobbles his leadership, because you
third-largest trading partner the prime punch- sis, he shouldn’t be surprised if it is the person can’t inspire others if nearly all of your energy
ing bag of his campaign. While Mexico’s pres- at the other end of the line who ends the call goes so transparently and unabashedly into
ident, Enrique Peña Nieto, has met the deluge abruptly. inflating yourself.
Consider last week’s telephone call with
Unfairly Squeezing Student Borrowers the prime minister of Australia. The news ac-
counts of this rightly focused on Trump’s gra-
tuitous combativeness with the leader of one of
Companies that are paid by the government failed borrowers “at every stage of repayment” our closest allies, but I was equally riveted by
to collect payments for federal student loans by opting for shortcuts that saved on its operat- another detail: The president spent a portion
and to guide borrowers through the process are ing expenses but cost borrowers money. of the call reliving and reveling in his Electoral
eager to see the Trump administration cripple The federal lawsuit is particularly critical of College victory.
the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, how Navient handles a federal program that But that’s the smaller problem with his as-
which has primary authority over the industry. allows most federal student loan borrowers to sessment. The larger one is that when you’re
That would leave more than 42 million feder- enroll in income-based payment plans in which selling a revolution and convincing yourself of
al student loans borrowers at the mercy of loan monthly payments can fall all the way to zero. it, you’re obliged to scale your actions to your
servicing companies that are already driving Borrowers have a right under the law to ap- exaggerations.
up repayment costs and pushing people to- ply for enrollment in these plans, but, accord- Trump’s analysis of people and situations
ward default — which destroys their financial ing to the lawsuit, Navient steers people into hinges on whether they exalt him. A news or-
lives — by steering them away from affordable a costlier option called forbearance, in which ganization that challenges him is inevitably
payment plans the government created. they can take a break from payments but inter- “failing.” A politician who pushes back at him is
These practices are aggravating the student est keeps building. invariably a loser. Middle-school cliques have
debt crisis, which is already dragging on the The suit also charges that Navient told more moral discernment.
economy by making homes or cars unafford- credit reporting agencies that borrowers had He railed against executive orders until they
able for many people. Increasingly, student debt defaulted when they had not; deceived peo- were his. He denounced the coziness between
is even dogging Americans into retirement, ple with private loans about the process for politicians and Wall Street until he was doing
when they are more financially vulnerable. getting co-signers released; and made the the snuggling. He cried foul at presidential
The scope of the problem is outlined in new same payment processing errors month after getaways that cost the taxpayers millions until
lawsuits that the consumer protection bureau month, even after borrowers had flagged the Mar-a-Lago beckoned.
and the attorneys general of Washington and mistakes. And Trump’s copious tweeting is about
Illinois have filed against the largest student Navient has denied wrongdoing and says self-aggrandizement and instant gratifica-
loan servicer, Navient. It handles $300 billion in it will fight the suit. But given the large num- tion. You know how some animals spread their
private and federal loans for 12 million people — ber of complaints that customers have filed wings, broaden their chests or stand extra tall
roughly one in four student borrowers. The bu- against Navient at the bureau, the charges to impress mates and intimidate rivals? That’s
reau said Navient systematically and illegally have the ring of truth. Trump with the “caps lock” key.


7 From N.F.L. Join Pro Football Hall of Fame In Brief

HOUSTON — The running gers, then two with the Jets, the 1999 season, when the Rams cap- Duke Tops Pittsburgh
backs were known simply by their 5-foot-10 Tomlinson was as dan- tured their only Lombardi Trophy.
initials: L.T. and T.D. The quarter- gerous catching the ball (4,772 Davis was a sixth-round pick In Krzyzewski’s Return
back served as ringmaster for career yards) as he was running out of Georgia in 1995 who caught The 21st-ranked Duke Blue
“The Greatest Show on Turf.” it (13,684). In 2003, he became the the eye of Broncos Coach Mike Devils, playing at home on Sat-
LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell first player to Shanahan. He became the starting urday, beat Pittsburgh, 72-64, in
Davis and Kurt Warner were vot- rush for 1,000 tailback, and from 1996 to 1998 he Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s return
ed into the Pro Football Hall of yards and catch helped the Broncos to 45 victories to the bench after back surgery.
Fame on Saturday night. Joining 100 passes. and two Super Bowl titles. In 1998, Grayson Allen scored 21 points,
them were the sack master Jason In choosing Davis became the fourth runner to Amile Jefferson 15 and Jayson
Taylor — in on his first ballot, just Davis and War- surpass 2,000 yards, with 2,008. Tatum 12 to help Duke (18-5, 6-4
like Tomlinson — and Morten An- ner, the 48 vot- Andersen, the kicker, lasted 25 Atlantic Coast Conference) win
dersen, the N.F.L.’s leading scor- ers answered seasons, played in 382 games and its third straight. (AP)
er, who became the second pure yes to the ques- LaDainian scored 2,544 points for five teams. n NO. 3 KANSAS STUNNED Deonte
placekicker to make the Hall, join- tion of whether Tomlinson Taylor was defensive player of Burton hit seven 3-pointers and
ing Jan Stenerud. a few dominat- the year in 2006 with 13½ sacks scored 29 points, Monte Morris
Seahawks safety Kenny Easley ing years were and finished his 15-year career, added 25, and Iowa State rallied
made it as a senior nominee, while enough to be enshrined. Warner’s most of it with the Dolphins, with to beat No. 3 Kansas, 92-89, and
the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones heyday was 1999 to 2001 with the 139½ sacks, eight interceptions end the Jayhawks’ 51-game home
was chosen in the contributor cat- Rams. Sharing the backfield with and 29 fumble recoveries. winning streak. (AP)
egory. Among the candidates who Marshall Faulk, a Hall of Famer Easley was defensive rookie of
did not get in were wide receiver now, and throwing to Torry Holt the year in 1981, defensive player of 204,906 Watch Golfers
Terrell Owens and the former and Isaac Bruce, Warner won two the year in 1984, and a four-time All-
commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Most Valuable Player awards and Pro pick who helped Seattle reach Byeong Hun An took a one-
In nine years with the Char- one at the Super Bowl to close the its first A.F.C. title game in 1983. (AP) stroke into the final round of the
Phoenix Open before a golf-re-
Athletes Stand to Gain in Settlement With N.C.A.A. cord crowd of 204,906 in Scotts-
dale, Ariz. An shot a six-under 65
and was 16 under after 54 holes.
Thousands of current and for- “watershed” and estimated that violated antitrust law. Martin Laird was second after
mer college athletes could receive eligible players would receive In 2015, the N.C.A.A. — under also shooting 65. (AP)
$5,000 or more from an agreement checks from $5,000 to $7,000. pressure from its five most pow- n GARCÍA LEADS IN DUBAI Sergio
to settle part of an antitrust law- The settlement ended litigation erful conferences, the Big Ten, García made a birdie putt from 6
suit against the N.C.A.A., a lawyer begun in 2014 by Shawne Alston, a the Big 12, the Pac-12, the South- feet in darkness to take a three-
for the plaintiffs estimated. West Virginia football player. For eastern and the Atlantic Coast — shot lead into the final day of the
The N.C.A.A. and 11 confer- years, N.C.A.A. scholarships were altered its scholarship limits and Dubai Desert Classic in the United
ences reached a $208.7 million not allowed to cover more than tu- allowed them to include the full Arab Emirates. Henrik Stenson
settlement Friday in the case, ition, books, and room and board. cost of attendance. The amount was second at 13 under. (AP)
a class-action suit brought by Alston contended that the limit is calculated by each university.
players over the value of an ath- was an illegal cap and that finan- Alston’s lawsuit asserted that ath- N.H.L. SCORES
letic scholarship. If the deal is ap- cial aid should account for what is letes who got scholarships from SATURDAY
proved by a judge, about 40,000 commonly called the cost of atten- 2009 to 2016 but had not received Los Angeles 1, Philadelphia 0, OT
players from top-level football dance, including broader living the cost-of-attendance adjust- Washington 3, Montreal 2
teams and from Division I men’s expenses like clothing, off-cam- ments were entitled to the money. Colorado 5, Winnipeg 2
and women’s basketball will be el- pus meals and travel home. The N.C.A.A. will cover the cost N.B.A. SCORES
igible to receive payments. Later in 2014, a federal judge of the settlement from its reserve FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
Steve Berman, a lawyer for the ruled in another case that the funds. No university will be asked Dallas 108, Portland 104
players, called the settlement a N.C.A.A.’s limited scholarships to contribute. BEN STRAUSS Phoenix 105, Sacramento 103

WEATHER Houston 59/ 47 0.04 74/ 64 Sh 77/ 67 C Cape Town 73/ 64 0 75/ 60 S 83/ 64 S
Kansas City 46/ 19 0 48/ 37 S 59/ 44 Sh Dublin 45/ 34 0 43/ 31 PC 50/ 35 R
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 65/ 56 0 64/ 55 C 63/ 58 R Geneva 50/ 36 0.43 41/ 37 R 43/ 34 C
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 82/ 65 0 82/ 68 S 82/ 70 PC Hong Kong 73/ 62 0.14 73/ 62 S 71/ 63 S
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 34/ 13 0 26/ 19 PC 37/ 28 C Kingston 86/ 79 0.04 87/ 74 PC 88/ 74 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 34/ 22 0 42/ 33 PC 42/ 37 S Lima 85/ 74 0 84/ 73 PC 83/ 73 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 77/ 59 0 77/ 54 PC 80/ 59 PC London 48/ 36 0.17 45/ 30 PC 46/ 40 R
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 36/ 23 0 46/ 32 PC 48/ 39 S Madrid 57/ 50 0.03 51/ 35 Sh 59/ 39 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 74/ 48 0 77/ 53 PC 73/ 53 PC Mexico City 73/ 51 0 72/ 48 PC 74/ 48 PC
Salt Lake City 54/ 38 0.03 50/ 39 C 48/ 31 Sh Montreal 27/ 9 Tr 31/ 12 Sn 19/ 13 C
San Francisco 60/ 54 0.12 59/ 53 R 59/ 52 C Moscow 14/ 9 0.09 15/ 0 I 5/ -9 PC
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 47/ 36 0.61 41/ 34 R 39/ 32 Sn Nassau 79/ 71 0 81/ 66 PC 80/ 68 S
Albuquerque 63/ 30 0 61/ 36 S 60/ 37 PC St. Louis 41/ 19 0 52/ 38 PC 59/ 55 Sh Paris 45/ 41 0.55 50/ 40 R 46/ 39 R
Atlanta 49/ 31 0 58/ 46 C 64/ 54 R Washington 40/ 25 0 53/ 37 PC 54/ 45 S Prague 36/ 30 0 39/ 27 C 35/ 21 C
Boise 42/ 36 0.01 46/ 41 Sh 46/ 24 C FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 90/ 81 0 93/ 75 T 93/ 79 PC
Boston 33/ 21 0 42/ 28 PC 35/ 27 PC Rome 60/ 55 0.02 61/ 48 T 56/ 43 Sh
Buffalo 27/ 16 0.05 34/ 20 Sn 33/ 29 C Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 77/ 56 0 90/ 55 S 88/ 56 S
Charlotte 44/ 25 0 60/ 37 PC 66/ 50 S Acapulco 92/ 69 0 88/ 73 PC 87/ 73 PC Stockholm 34/ 30 0.01 35/ 27 SS 30/ 19 SS
Chicago 32/ 12 0 37/ 24 PC 47/ 38 PC Athens 66/ 41 0 65/ 50 PC 63/ 52 PC Sydney 86/ 73 0.06 96/ 76 PC 90/ 72 W
Cleveland 32/ 16 0 41/ 25 C 46/ 41 C Beijing 53/ 32 0 48/ 25 S 41/ 20 S Tokyo 56/ 41 0 55/ 47 R 57/ 38 S
Dallas-Ft. Worth 53/ 45 0 75/ 60 C 78/ 57 C Berlin 41/ 34 0 40/ 28 Sh 33/ 22 C Toronto 27/ 16 0.01 35/ 19 Sn 32/ 27 Sn
Denver 59/ 17 0 56/ 32 PC 58/ 30 PC Buenos Aires 86/ 66 0 72/ 56 PC 74/ 54 PC Vancouver 37/ 32 0.30 40/ 27 Sh 34/ 25 Sn
Detroit 30/ 13 0 38/ 21 SS 38/ 34 PC Cairo 68/ 46 0 68/ 50 S 70/ 52 S Warsaw 29/ 27 0 31/ 23 SS 29/ 16 Sn


Excusing a Cheating Past in New England

BOSTON — In New England, footballs, Alisha Karkera said.
the Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick, “ ‘I’m glad you got published,
is a mastermind, quarterback but, hmm, I don’t know if I agree
Tom Brady is superhuman, and with what you wrote,’ ” she re-
the entire organization is viewed called her father saying.
SportS as a model of profes- If her father accepted that the
of the sional football per- Patriots had cheated, Karkera
realized, it would mean accepting
timeS Outside New an uncomfortable conclusion
Juliet England, there’s far about his own ethics — that he
Macur more skepticism. supports a team that cheats.
The Patriots are con- Yet she is still amazed by the
sidered unrepentant cheaters, power of sports to affect the way
caught (and punished) more than people think. “I don’t want to say
once for their football crimes. Yet anything rude,” she said, “but
they keep winning. Could they football, it’s like a cult.”
be skirting the rules even today? Brady’s father, also named Tom,
Many football fans — nearly all spoke to a San Francisco television
of them outside New England — PHOTOGRAPHS BY GETTY IMAGES AND ASSOCIATED PRESS station last week and decried how
would not be surprised. Signs backing the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady, who the N.F.L. had punished his son.
David DeSteno, a professor of He said he would be thrilled to see
psychology in Patriots country, was suspended for four games after the “deflategate” debate. his son win the Super Bowl, even
at Northeastern University, in if that meant his son might receive
Boston, is not a football fan, but for the first four games of the sea- junior at Northeastern last year, the Lombardi Trophy from Com-
he is an expert on the psychology son after being accused of using it still doesn’t make sense. missioner Roger Goodell.
of emotion, hypocrisy and moral deflated footballs. Last fall, she interviewed “Somebody that has Roger
judgment. He said you can’t real- To the Patriots and their fans, DeSteno for a question-and-an- Goodell’s ethics doesn’t belong on
ly blame the Patriots faithful for ignoring the negatives is just a swer piece titled, “Why Does any stage that Tom Brady is on,”
believing their team can do no way to protect the team and the Patriots Nation Trust Tom Brady Tom Brady Sr. said.
wrong, and has done no wrong, legitimacy of their sport, DeSte- When No One Else Does?” She There’s absolutely no criticizing
even though it was twice caught no said. “It doesn’t matter what wanted to explain how fans could a father defending his child. Just
cheating by the N.F.L. sport it is, or what team it is, or have tunnel vision when it came as there is no persuading fans if
So the pre-Super Bowl chatter even if it’s sports at all,” he said. to their team. She had seen that they believe their beloved team is
marches on, focusing on Beli- “Just being a part of a group, any team loyalty in person. in the right. But like it or not, we do
chick’s genius, even though he group, is enough to excuse moral Her father, Sharad, is a long- know that love can be blind.
was fined a half-million dollars transgressions because in some time Patriots fan, a proud owner Being on the outside of that can
for videotaping opposing coaches way, you’re benefiting from it. of a Patriots championship take some getting used to. But it
in 2007, or Brady’s brilliance, Your moral compass shifts.” jacket. He was sure Brady had might be comforting to know that
even though he was suspended For Alisha Karkera, who was a nothing to do with deflating those these people just can’t help it.
Indian Teenager Begins a Lonely Climb in Golf

Aditi Ashok is only 18 years old, ranked as high as 33rd. beat Mehra in a playoff. “That was
but like any aspiring pro golfer, Ashok, at No. 100, is the high- huge,” Ashok said. “Simi is a fierce
she knows the story of Ok Hee Ku est-ranked Indian woman since competitor, but she encouraged
and Se Ri Pak, who in the 1980s Simi Mehra, who played on the me. When I won that event, I knew
and ’90s changed women’s golf by tour for several years beginning I wanted to be a professional.”
starting the South Korean wave. in 1997 and attained a career-high Now the second Indian mem-
Ashok may be that trailblazer ranking of No. 17 in 1998. ber of the L.P.G.A., Ashok plans
for India. She was among the ear- Professional sports for women to play at least six European Tour
ly leaders in the women’s tourna- was a foreign concept in India in tournaments this year, and as ma-
ment at the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 1990s, when Mehra launched ny L.P.G.A. events as possible.
parlayed that experience into two her golf career. She had no sup- Others hoping to follow Ashok’s
victories in the fall on the Ladies port from her country on any level success include seven Indian wom-
European Tour, where she earned and was encouraged only by her en who competed in the recent
top rookie honors for 2016 and peers on the L.P.G.A. Tour. Ladies European Tour qualifying
finished second in earnings with “I felt completely alone and a bit tournament in Morocco. When
seven top-10 finishes. lost during my first few years on Ashok won the 2015 event, there
Golf is an emerging sport some- tour,” said Mehra, now 44. “But I were only two Indians in the field.
where behind cricket, soccer, field had amazing women as my idols “I think our country never
hockey and tennis in India, a na- and friends who made me feel like thought that we could have con-
tion of more than 1.3 billion people. I belonged there.” tenders in golf,” Ashok said. “But
Ashok captured attention in
Anirban Lahiri is the only na-
Aditi Ashok at the L.P.G.A. tive of India with full status on her homeland for the first time at if golfers from a small country like
Korea can have success, it can be
qualifying tournament in the PGA Tour. Currently ranked 13 when she went against Mehra done by top players from India.”
Daytona Beach, Fla. 86th in the world, Lahiri has been in a 2011 professional event. She LISA D. MICKEY

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