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Hacienda Times Digest Abril 09

April 9th, 2017

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Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
personal trainers! atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Fitness Class Schedule traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.

Monday, April 03 Detoxifying Desert Journey
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am This treatment package is a completely purifying experience, which leaves the
body cleansed, hydrated, and fully energized. The package begins with a
traditional energetic cleansing with Sage and a welcoming ritual. This is
Tuesday, April 04 followed by a Juniper and Cypress body scrub, which stimulates the lymphatic
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am system and refines the skin. A full body deep lymphatic massage invigorates,
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am and purifies, with the application hot and cool stones to flush and restore the
system. The body is covered in fresh extract from the Nopal plant, and wrapped
with a warmed linen sheet while the therapist performs a relaxing scalp
Wednesday, April 05
massage and finishes off with a full facial. The results are astounding.
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am
3 Hrs - $345 USD + TAX
Thursday, April 06
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Restorative Stretch: 9:30am-10:30 am Four Hands Massage

Friday, April 07 This is a synchronized and powerful treatment for
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am anyone who has a hard time letting go during
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am treatments. The benefits increased circulation, intense
state of calm, deep relaxation and stress reduction. It
Saturday, April 08 is easy to see how the four hand massage is not only
wonderful to experience, but also has positive
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am benefits. This combination of benefits restores a sense
of calm to the entire body, mind and spirit, allowing one to find a bit of inner
balance again.
Sunday, April 09
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am 75 minutes - $295 USD + TAX
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Spa Café
Private classes The Hacienda Spa Café is available daily
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes serving a selection of healthy snack foods,
upon request. beverages and freshly-made smoothies. Let the
Café create a smoothie to your taste, or choose

from our Smoothie menu. The Café offers wifi
service. Adjacent to the Spa Café you can
practice and improve your golf game on the
putting green. Putters and golf balls are
available at the Spa Café.
Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.


December 26 , 2016 – May 15 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $220.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $175.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $155.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $740.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$360.00 USD $495.00 USD $775.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF 8pm in New York

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
BOOM OR BUST U.S. Strike on Syria Stirs Fleeting Hope

PARTISAN DIVIDE ravaged the life of Ebrahim Ab- tory for Human Rights. Arabia backed the rebels, while
Six years of war in Syria have
Russia and Iran helped Assad.
The strike on the air base was
OVER ECONOMY bas, 27. the most direct, deliberate mili- ple have been killed. Many more
Now more than 400,000 peo-
tary intervention by the United
Abbas, a computer techni-
cian, was detained for protesting States against Assad’s forces have been maimed. Half of Syria’s
against the Syrian government since the war began. Trump said prewar population of 22 million
Economics has a foundation in and shot in the stomach. He he had launched the strikes be- have fled their homes.
hard numbers — employment, in- watched his brother die in a shell- cause he was moved by images of Jan Egeland, secretary general
flation, spending — that has largely ing attack. He escaped, but his women and children choking on of the Norwegian Refugee Coun-
allowed it to sidestep the competing father, a diabetic, died later from poison gas. cil, which does aid work in Syria,
partisan narratives that have afflict- a lack of medicine, and his mother “That was a horrible, horrible said he could not comment for or
ed American politics and culture. was killed by a sniper. thing,” he told reporters the day against the strikes by the United
But not anymore. Since Donald It was from his refuge in Tur- after the attack. “And I’ve been States, but said that “they do not
Trump’s victory in November, con- key that Abbas heard about Pres- watching it and seeing it, and it solve any of my urgent priorities.”
sumer sentiment has diverged in ident Trump’s decision to launch doesn’t get any worse than that.” For the humanitarian situation
an unprecedented way, with Repub- 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian air But while the strikes on Thurs- to improve, aid workers would
licans convinced that a boom is at base to punish President Bashar day appeared designed to limit need more border crossings for
hand, and Democrats foreseeing an al-Assad for a chemical weapons the chances of retaliation, Trump getting aid into the country, as-
imminent recession. attack. It felt good. has offered no proposals to end surances that air and ground
“We’ve never recorded this be- “Watching a world power tak- the war or to assuage the vast forces would not attack hospitals
fore,” said Richard Curtin, who di- ing revenge for civilians against human suffering it has generat- and better access to besieged and
rects the University of Michigan’s the Syrian regime gave me a ed, dispatching fleeing Syrians suffering communities, includ-
monthly survey of consumer senti- surge of hope and made me a bit across the globe. ing nearly 400,000 people within
ment. Although the outlook has oc- optimistic,” Abbas said. The number affected by the an hour’s drive of Damascus, the
casionally varied by political party But the attack will not bring conflict boggles the mind. What capital.
since the survey began in 1946, “the back all that he has lost. In a mea- began as an uprising in 2011 esca- “It is heartbreakingly frustrat-
partisan divide has never had as sure of how entrenched the war lated into a civil war as protesters ing to be a humanitarian worker
large an impact on consumers’ eco- is, there were new airstrikes on took up arms to respond to the and to have the resources and
nomic expectations,” he said. Saturday on the town targeted government’s repression and to the supplies but not to be able
At the same time, familiar eco- in the chemical-weapons attack, seek its ouster. to reach these people,” Egeland
nomic data points have become with at least one person killed, Over time, countries like the said. KARAM SHOUMALI
Rorschach tests. That was evident according to the Syrian Observa- United States, Turkey and Saudi and BEN HUBBARD
after the government’s monthly
jobs report on Friday; Republicans’ The Trump Doctrine: Don’t Follow Doctrine
talking points centered on a 10-year
low in the unemployment rate,
while Democrats focused on a sharp WASHINGTON — As he ment with the world that eases strike against Syria after Assad
decline in job creation. confronted a series of inter- allies’ fears. crossed it in 2013.
“Things that were less politicized national challenges from the “Our decisions,” Trump said Trump’s action in Syria last
in the past, like how you feel about Middle East to Asia last week, Saturday, “will be guided by our week was welcomed by many
the economy, have become more po- President Trump made certain values and our goals — and we American allies who had fretted
liticized now,” said Michael R. Strain, News that nothing was will reject the path of inflexible over Obama’s reluctance to take
director of economic policy studies Analysis certain about his ideology that too often leads to a greater leadership role in the
at the conservative American Enter- foreign policy. To unintended consequences.” Middle East and feared Trump
prise Institute in Washington. the extent that a Trump Doctrine That concept, flexibility, seems would withdraw even more.
Lawrence H. Summers, who is emerging, it seems to be this: key to understanding Trump. Robert Danin of the Council
served as Treasury secretary un- Don’t get roped in by doctrine. Now, world leaders are trying to on Foreign Relations said there
der President Bill Clinton and was In a week in which he host- detect a method to the man. has been a “shift away from
Obama’s chief economic adviser ed foreign heads of state and “There is no emerging doc- the rhetoric of pure American
during his first term, said he, too, launched a cruise missile strike trine for Trump foreign policy self-interest narrowly defined,
was struck by the big swing in eco- against Syria’s government, in a classical sense,” said Kath- as espoused by candidate Don-
nomic sentiment. Trump dispensed with his own leen H. Hicks of the Center for ald Trump. What has emerged
“It is a remarkably big switch dogma and forced other world Strategic and International is a new language of American
from October,” he said. leaders to re-examine their as- Studies. “There are, however, leadership in the world that we
Whether the optimists or pessi- sumptions about how the United clear emerging characteristics have not heard before from Pres-
mists prove more prescient about States will lead in this new era. consistent with the attributes of ident Trump.”
the economy’s trajectory, Summers He demonstrated a highly im- the man himself: unpredictable, But Hicks said Trump’s un-
said, the split in perceptions will per- provisational and situational ap- instinctual and undisciplined.” predictability was risky. “Bright
sist. “I’d bet there will be some minor proach that could inject a risky On Syria, Trump had mocked lines, derived from clear interests
convergence,” he said, “but there will unpredictability into relations President Obama for setting and enforced well, are generally
still be a large divergence on what with potential antagonists, but a “red line” against the use of best, and I don’t think Donald
should be a matter of objective reali- also opened the door to a more chemical weapons and urged Trump likes to be constrained by
ty.” NELSON D. SCHWARTZ traditional American engage- him not to launch a punitive bright lines.” PETER BAKER


Chinese Media Rising China Waters Imperil a World of Progress

Assail Airstrike GUANGZHOU, China — The lar development — and they are

On Syria by U.S. rains brought torrents, pouring in- poised to drown decades of prog-
to basements and malls, the water
ress, scrambling global supply
swiftly rising a foot and a half. chains and raising prices on goods.
BEIJING — With President Xi The city of Dongguan, a man- The Chinese government has
Jinping safely out of the United ufacturing center here in the become an outspoken voice on cli-
States and no longer President world’s most dynamic industrial mate change. President Xi Jinping,
Trump’s guest, China’s state-run region, was hit especially hard by who met this past week with Pres-
media on Saturday was free to de- the downpour in May 2014. More ident Donald Trump, has urged
nounce the missile strike on Syria. than 100 factories and shops were the signatories of the 2015 Paris
Xinhua, the state news agency, inundated. climate accord to follow through
called the strike the act of a weak- Next door in Guangzhou, an on their pledge.
ened politician who needed to flex ancient, mammoth port city of 13 “Air pollution is a direct chal-
his muscles. In an analysis, Xin- million, helicopters and a fleet of lenge to people, it’s right in their
hua also said Trump had ordered 80 boats had to be sent to rescue face,” said Ma Jun, founder of the
the strike to distance himself trapped residents. Tens of thou- citizen-led Institute of Public and
from Syria’s backers in Moscow, sands lost their homes, and 53 Environmental Affairs in Beijing.
to overcome accusations that he square miles of nearby farmland “So they’ve made noise, and things
was “pro-Russia.” were ruined. The cost of repairs have changed in terms of air pollu-
That unflattering assessment topped $100 million. JOSH HANER/THE NEW YORK TIMES tion policy by the Chinese author-
reflected China’s official opposi- Flooding has been a plague Climate change is said to cut ities. On the other hand, climate
tion to military interventions in for centuries in southern China’s China’s GDP by 1.4 percent. change is happening at a different
the affairs of other countries. But Pearl River Delta. So even the speed. Sea level rise is not some-
it was also a criticism of Trump, rains that May soon drifted from thing you easily notice.”
who Xi had hoped was a man Chi- the headlines. There was no official against the growing threat of The World Bank projected the
na could deal with. hand-wringing about what caused climate change. Economically, potential cost of damage to coastal
Chinese officials had feared that the floods or how climate change Guangzhou now has more to lose cities worldwide from rising seas
the two leaders’ 24-hour encoun- might bring more extreme storms. from climate change than any oth- to be somewhere near a trillion
ter at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate A generation ago, this was most- er city on the planet, according to a dollars. It estimates that China is
in Florida might be marred by an ly farmland. Three vital rivers World Bank report. already losing 1.4 percent of its an-
anti-China outburst from Trump. leading to the South China Sea, Researchers say there is abun- nual G.D.P to climate change.
Instead, it was interrupted by the along with crisscrossing tributar- dant evidence that the effects of Prosperity will ultimately be-
unexpected missile attack. ies, made the low-lying delta a fer- climate change can already be long to cities and nations around
Trump wants China to do more tile plain, famous for rice. Guang- seen — in higher water levels, in- the world that find ways to capi-
to deter the development of nu- zhou, formerly Canton, had more creasing temperatures and ever talize on strategies of resilience
clear weapons by North Korea, than 1 million people, but by the more severe storms. against the inevitable impact of
its ally, and some Chinese ana- 1980s, China set out to transform And climate change not only climate change.
lysts viewed the Syria attack as the whole region. poses a menace to those who live Flooding is not an insurmount-
a reminder to Xi that the United China built a gargantuan collec- and work here, or to the immense able hurdle, said Robert J. Nicholls,
States could also attack the North. tion of cities the size of nations with concentration of wealth and in- a professor of coastal engineering
The missile strike on Syria barely a pause to consider their toll vestment. It is also a threat to a in England. The Chinese can build
overshadowed meetings that U.S. on the environment, much less the world that has grown dependent smarter cities with restored water-
and Chinese officials described future impact of global warming. on everything produced in the ar- fronts, among other changes.
as big-picture conversations on Today, the region is a goliath of in- ea’s factories. “The challenge for the Chinese,
trade as well as North Korea, dustry with a population exceed- The rising South China Sea and as it is for so many others,” he said,
which stopped short of producing ing 42 million. the overstressed Pearl River net- “is taking the long view.”
specific agreements. But here, as elsewhere, break- work lie just 1 meter or so below MICHAEL KIMMELMAN
Both sides agreed that the North neck development comes up much of this new multitrillion-dol- and JOSH HANER
Korean threat had reached a “very
serious” stage, Secretary of State
Rex W. Tillerson said. He said the Admiration for Leader Turns Into Dismay in Myanmar
United States was prepared to take
its “own course” if China did not do MAWLAMYINE, Myanmar — The world has been shocked by In a televised speech to the
more to rein in the North. (NYT) No one expected governing to be reports that the military has car- nation commemorating her first
easy for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ried out atrocities, including rape year in office, Aung San Suu Kyi
who became Myanmar’s de facto and murder, against the Rohing- struck a defensive note, saying
leader a year ago after her par- ya, a Muslim minority in western people could choose another lead-
ty won a landslide election that Myanmar, but Aung San Suu Kyi er if they were unhappy with her.
ended more than a half-century has said little on the matter and “If you think I am not good
of military rule. Even so, her first done even less. enough for our country and our
year has been a disappointment Her government’s growing sup- people, if someone or some orga-
to many. pression of speech on the internet nization can do better than us, we
She made it a priority to end the seems perverse for a onetime de- are ready to step down,” she said.
long-running ethnic insurgencies mocracy icon who spent 15 years Some voters apparently lis-
that have torn the country apart, under house arrest. Among the tened. In parliamentary by-elec-
Criticism of the U.S. airstrike but her anemic peace effort has public, patience is wearing thin. tions last weekend, her National
“She doesn’t have support like
League for Democracy won only
proved fruitless so far, and fight-
was delayed until Xi Jinping ing between government forces before,” said Zar Zar Oo, 31, a ven- nine of 19 seats.
ended his trip to the U.S. and ethnic groups has increased. dor at the Yangon train station. RICHARD C. PADDOCK


PTA Gift for All a Touchy Subject in California In Brief

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Of That money has also funded the cal news website, a Malibu mother
all the inequalities between rich school’s choral program, teacher said the plan would “bring every- Stephen Bannon’s Beliefs
and poor public schools, one of aides, a science lab and a tele- body to a mediocre middle ground Can Be Traced to Book
the more glaring divides is PTA scope. that serves nobody.” Stephen Bannon has read the
fund-raising, which in schools The funding program is con- Megan Histand, PTA presi- book three times. “The Fourth
with well-heeled parents can gen- sidered a national model, and dent at Franklin Elementary in Turning,” a 1997 work by amateur
erate hundreds of thousands of has many enthusiastic support- Santa Monica, said that sharing historians Neil Howe and William
dollars a year or more. ers. But for some locals it is a parent donations across schools Strauss, lays out a theory that
Several years ago, the San- sore point that has helped fuel a was “pragmatic,” since all the dis- United States history unfurls in
ta Monica-Malibu school board long-simmering secession move- trict’s students feed into two high predictable, 80-year cycles of
came up with a solution: Pool ment in which Malibu — more schools, and that parents should prosperity and catastrophe. And
most donations from across the solidly affluent than Santa Moni- want their children’s classmates it foresees catastrophe around
district and distribute them equal- ca — would create its own district, to be academically and socially the corner. The book delineates
ly to all the schools. allowing it to keep all of its dona- well prepared. history into four seasonal cycles,
This has paid big benefits to the tions in its own schools. Still, some parents at her school, or “turnings”: growth, matura-
needier schools in this wealthy The donation-balancing sys- one of the wealthiest in the dis- tion, decay and destruction. It
district, like the Edison Language tem was put in place in 2011 by the trict, objected after their PTA is the kind of provocative idea
Academy in Santa Monica, where district’s crusading former su- gave $200,000 to the central fund that Bannon loves. But it is also
half the children qualify for free perintendent, Sandra Lyon, and when it was falling short of its the kind of thinking that his
or reduced-price lunch. The cam- the elected school board. Malibu fund-raising goal last year. opponents see as evidence that
pus is decorated with psychedelic parents — and a few from Santa “The idea that a parent is helping he is too Machiavellian and idio-
paintings of civil rights icons such Monica — objected to the change, another child without helping their syncratic for the job of President
as Cesar Chavez and the Rev. Dr. saying they worried that affluent own child is a myth,” said Histand, Trump’s chief strategist. (NYT)
Martin Luther King Jr., the work families would stop giving alto- who has worked in theater produc-
of the school’s art teacher Martha gether or flee to private schools. tion and, in addition to her labor
Ramirez Oropeza, whose salary is At one rowdy school board meet- running the PTA, is a stay-at-home In Fla., a Treasure Chest
paid by the pooled contributions. ing covered by Malibu Patch, a lo- parent. DANA GOLDSTEIN Of Chinese Literature
Haley Casts Herself as Trump’s Leading Diplomat promising young scholar of Chi-
In 1971, Elling O. Eide was a
nese poetry, working on his Ph.D.
UNITED NATIONS — Before chemical attack that killed more jected a compromise, but made it thesis and teaching at the Univer-
and after he became president, than 80 people in his country. The clear she was not happy to be led sity of Illinois. Then came a letter
Donald Trump made it pretty same day, she was named a full by other countries in the direction that set in motion the creation
clear that he didn’t see much val- member of the coveted principals’ of a compromise. of either a wonder or a folly: a
ue in the United Nations. So when committee on Trump’s National Soon after she walked out of the great library of Chinese literature
he named Nikki R. Haley as his Security Coun- Security Council’s chambers that housed amid the Spanish moss
choice for U.N. ambassador, many cil. evening, news emerged that the and alligator ponds of Florida’s
wondered whether he was simply In the U.N. United States had, in fact, fired gulf coast. The newly opened
shunting a tough critic into a triv- Security Coun- dozens of Tomahawk missiles at library is a testament to one
ial post. cil, she pushed an air base in Syria. man’s vision of bringing a sliver
In the past week, Haley made it for a sharply Haley, 45, a former governor of the academy to Sarasota. Eide
increasingly clear that she has no worded draft of South Carolina, has created at amassed 75,000 volumes, includ-
intention of being sidelined. To the resolution to least the impression among her ing 50,000 in Chinese: one of the
contrary, as diplomats at the Unit- remind the fellow ambassadors that she is largest private Chinese-language
ed Nations saw it, she managed to Nikki Haley Syrian govern- carving out a space for herself in libraries in the world. (NYT)
elbow herself into a leading, out- ment to share an administration where it isn’t
spoken role in the Trump admin- the flight logs always clear who is guiding con- Manafort Stressed
istration. of all its air operations with inter- tentious policy. The French am- Vigor and Value
On Wednesday, she was the national investigators. She con- bassador, François Delattre, con-
first senior official in the admin- fronted Russia for blocking it, and cluded Thursday evening that she Paul Manafort is the rarest of
istration to warn that the United on Thursday evening — in what was “clearly very influential in the professional pitchmen: one who
States could take unilateral action diplomats described as tense ne- Trump administration.” knows how to sell to a salesman.
against Syria’s president for the gotiations — Haley not only re- SOMINI SENGUPTA That was evident by the effort
he made to gain a foothold in
S.C. Inmates Charged With Strangling 4 Other Prisoners President Trump’s campaign, a
pitch documented by letters and
memos that were made available
Two South Carolina prison in- rectional Institution in Columbia, gled them. An arrest warrant said by a former Trump associate. The
mates serving life sentences for the state capital, said Thom Berry, Ham had also been stabbed with a writings provide a glimpse into
murder were charged with killing a spokesman for the state law en- broomstick that had been sharp- how Trump invited an enigmatic
four other inmates inside a maxi- forcement division. ened into a weapon. international fixer, who is under
mum-security prison, the author- The slain inmates were identi- Simmons and Philip have admit- investigation by U.S. intelligence
ities said Saturday. fied as John King, 52, Jason Kelley, ted killing the men, and at least a services, a Senate committee
The accused inmates, Denver 35, William Scruggs, 44, and Jim- portion of the attacks was captured and investigators in Ukraine, to
Jordan Simmons, 35, and Jacob my Ham, 56. by the prison’s surveillance video the apex of his campaign with
Theophilus Philip, 25, were each The authorities said Simmons cameras, according to the arrest minimum vetting. The answer?
charged with four counts of mur- and Philip lured the four men into a warrants. The reason the four were Through family and friends, hand-
der for the killings at Kirkland Cor- cell on Friday morning and stran- killed was not clear. (NYT) shakes and hyperbole. (NYT)


New Head of Soros Fund Has Defied Markets, and Expectations

From the moment Dawn Fitz- Dawn to upset the status quo across Eu-
patrick stepped onto the Ameri- Fitzpatrick, rope. The United States is only be-
can Stock Exchange trading floor the new chief ginning to absorb the implications
as a clerk in 1992, she sensed that of Donald J. Trump’s young presi-
the odds were against her. Sur- investment dency. Markets around the world
rounded by men in jackets bark- officer for are holding steady but seem liable
ing trade orders, she stood out in Soros Fund to drop on any given day.
her pleated skirt and twin sweater Management, Fitzpatrick is bullish. She be-
set. Traders around her began wa- is taking over lieves stocks in the United States,
gering over how long Fitzpatrick, at a precarious having hit record highs, can rise
then 22, would last. moment for higher still. But she attributes this
“The floor was definitely not a optimism to what she says are
place for people who were cute, global markets. fundamentally healthy compa-
prim and proper,” Fitzpatrick said nies, not investor giddiness over
in a recent interview. ANDREA MOHIN/THE NEW YORK TIMES the Trump presidency.
Those who bet against her lost. son, a co-founder of BlackRock, mize wealth. There is a direct link “In reality, if we had Hillary
Fitzpatrick began her career at and Stanley Druckenmiller, the between the money that is made Clinton as our president, I think
O’Connor & Associates, the Chi- billionaire investor. Even Steven at Soros and its founder’s philan- we’d be here or higher,” Fitzpat-
cago firm that was later acquired Mnuchin, the new Treasury secre- thropic endeavors. Soros, now 86, rick said.
by UBS as the Swiss bank’s inter- tary, was once brought in to open a is an outspoken supporter of Dem- Among the new challenges she
nal hedge fund. She rose to lead lending business. ocrats including Hillary Clinton, will face is all that turnover at
the firm and become one of Wall But since Druckenmiller left the and travels the world seeking to Soros. Fitzpatrick may be at less
Street’s most powerful women. firm in 2000, Soros Fund Manage- promote democracy. risk because, unlike some pre-
Now, largely unknown outside ment has churned through eight Though Fitzpatrick is regis- vious chief investment officers,
the industry, Fitzpatrick faces her chief investment officers. It’s a re- tered as a Republican, she ap- she will be reporting to the family
biggest and most public challenge markable turnover for the top of pears unfazed that her investing office’s board of directors, rather
yet: working for George Soros, any company, even among hedge acumen will in turn support So- than just Soros, who is the chair-
the estimable octogenarian inves- funds, which are known for a cut- ros’s activism. man of the board.
tor and philanthropist. throat culture. It’s even less typ- “If we do a good job in terms of Fitzpatrick says that although
Last Monday, she started as ical in the sleepy world of family generating returns, the impact she is more bullish on the stock
chief investment officer of So- offices, where employees manage the money created can have is market than her boss, they are
ros Fund Management, which the assets of a single clan, which tremendous, and that’s really mo- not out of sync on the big picture.
manages around $26 billion is how the Soros funds are now tivating,” she said. “As an investor,” she said, “you
of Soros’s personal and family structured after years of accept- Yet Fitzpatrick, 47, takes over have to continuously evolve and
wealth. In taking the job, she fol- ing outside investor money. at Soros at a moment of global learn.”
lows in the footsteps of finance And Soros is not just another uncertainty. Impending elections ALEXANDRA STEVENSON
legends including Keith Ander- family office designed to maxi- in France and Germany threaten and KATE KELLY
The New Sun Kings: How China Came to Dominate Solar Power

WUHAN, China — Russell Ab- cials began toying with slashing its products convert sunlight into
ney raised two children on solar the subsidies they offer domestic electricity is increasingly close to
power. The 49-year-old Georgia solar-panel buyers. Gao’s busi- that of panels made by American,
Tech graduate worked for the ness dried up, and he laid off half German and South Korean compa-
last decade in Perrysburg, Ohio, of his workers. “I have been work- nies. Because China also buys half
a suburb of Toledo, an equipment ing hard and was just off to a good of the world’s new solar panels, it
engineer for the largest American start,” he said. “Now I have to start effectively controls the market.
solar-panel maker. over.” Now, China’s policy shifts and
On the other side of the world, China’s solar-panel makers cut business decisions can have the
Gao Song boasted his own solar their prices by more than a quar- same kind of global impact once
success story. Gao, who lives in ter to compensate, sending global GIULIA MARCHI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES wielded by power brokers in
the Chinese city of Wuhan, in- prices plummeting. Western com- Workers install solar panels Washington, New York and De-
stalled solar panels on his roof panies found themselves unable to on a roof in Wuhan, China. troit. Already, China is the world’s
four years ago and found it so lu- compete, and cut jobs from Germa- largest maker and buyer of steel,
crative that he went into business ny to Michigan to Texas and points cars and smartphones. While it
installing them for others. By last beyond. Those points included oratory has involved smokestack does not necessarily dominate
summer, he and 50 employees Perrysburg, where Abney and 450 industries like steel — industries those industries, its government
were installing solar-panel sys- other employees suddenly found in which the jobs were already ministries are moving to replicate
tems on nearly 100 roofs a month. themselves out of work. “Within disappearing. But economists and that success with robots, chips
Then China shook the global so- just a few months, it all came crash- business groups warn that China’s and software — just as in solar.
lar business — and transformed ing down,” Abney said. industrial ambitions have entered Chinese panel makers “have the
both their lives. President Trump, who pressed a new phase. China aims to be- capital, they have the technology,
“A small vibration back in Chi- President Xi Jinping of China on come dominant in industries of the they have the scale,” said Ocean
na,” said Frank Haugwitz, a long- trade and other issues last week future like renewable energy, big Yuan, the chief executive of Grape
time solar industry consultant in when they met at Mar-a-Lago in data and self-driving cars. Solar, a distributor of solar panels
Beijing, “can cause an avalanche Palm Beach, Fla., has vowed to China is home to two-thirds of based in Eugene, Ore. Of Ameri-
in prices around the world.” end what he calls China’s unfair the world’s solar-production ca- can rivals, he said, “they will crush
Late last summer, Chinese offi- business practices. Much of his pacity. The efficiency with which them.” KEITH BRADSHER


Hirst Is Back in an Underwater Fantasy The Diva Departs

VENICE — Damien Hirst is staring into Richard Strauss’s opera “Der Rosenkava-
the eyes of a jade Buddha, its face seemingly lier” is about the passage of time. It’s the story
abraded by the vestiges of time. “I think he of a wealthy married woman, the Marschallin,
looks damn good, considering he’s 2,000 years who is having an affair with a much younger
old,” he said. Nearby, the sculpture of a pha- man, and who realizes that she is getting old-
raoh resembles Pharrell Williams. er and that he will move on. Her most famous
After years of silence, this artist known for aria is about wanting to stop the clocks. At the
his love-it-or-hate-it artworks is orchestrating end of the opera, she accepts the inevitable and
his own comeback. On a recent morning, Hirst surrenders her lover to a younger woman.
could be found at the Palazzo Grassi watching Robert Carsen’s new
his crew put the finishing touches on his first staging of “Rosenkavalier”
major show of new work in 10 years. Opening emphasizes the theme of
on Sunday and called “Treasures from the change and upheaval by
Wreck of the Unbelievable,” it is an underwa- moving the setting from
ter fantasy, with sculptures and objects fash- FILIPPO MASSELLANI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES 18th-century Vienna to the
ioned to look as though they were antiquities Damien Hirst’s show “Treasures From moment when the piece was
dredged from sea floor. The works will fill the the Wreck of the Unbelievable” at written, on the eve of World
Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi in Venice. War I. It becomes an opera Renée
two museums run by François Pinault, the Pa- about the end of an era, or
risian collector. even the end of the world. Fleming
The show is seen as Hirst’s attempt, at 51, to artifacts was placed on a ship, the Unbeliev- For Renée Fleming, the
kick-start his career, which has suffered since able, which sank. Divers rescued more than superstar soprano who will sing the Marschal-
2008. Tapping into the romance of shipwrecks, 100 works — giant sculptures of sea monsters lin at the Met, and for music, this really is the
he and his patron are embarking on a giant encrusted with coral and semiprecious stones; end of an era: This “Rosenkavalier” may well
artistic and financial gamble. “Treasures” golden monkeys, unicorns and tortoises; as be her farewell to staged opera. She will sing
cost Hirst millions of dollars to produce and well as a goddess whose face looks oddly like her final performance on May 13.
Pinault millions to present. Collectors who Kate Moss, a marble pharaoh that resembles People who know Fleming, 58, say that she
have been offered the works report that prices Rihanna and a bronze statue of Mickey Mouse, has been planning this moment for years. The
start around $500,000 apiece rising to upward covered with centuries of marine decay. novelist Ann Patchett, said recently: “For as
of $5 million. With Hirst’s market untested on Will the public — and collectors — bite? For long as I’ve known Renée, the thing she always
such a grand scale, the question the art world is the past month, a publicity campaign has re- talks about is the fact that it’s all going to end.
asking is, will he sink or swim in Venice? leased clues meant to lead up to the Big Reveal. She has always had this feeling: ‘I’m a carton of
Francesco Bonami, a curator who organized Some have already begun to kick up a fuss. yogurt with an expiration date stamped on it,
a major exhibition of Hirst’s work in Doha, In March, animal activists dropped 88 pounds and that day will come and I’ll be thrown out.’ ”
Qatar, four years ago, said, “In his bombastic, of dung outside the Palazzo Grassi, including So Fleming is trying to say goodbye on her
exaggerated way, Damien has created a nar- a message at the museum’s door that read own terms. “You don’t want people to be say-
rative the likes of which the public has never “Damien Hirst Go Home.” (The show contains ing, ‘Oh my God, please stop,’ ” she said in Lon-
seen. Many will call it bad taste or kitsch, but neither dead animals nor butterflies, another don as she prepared to finish the “Rosenkava-
it’s more than all of that. It’s Hollywood.” Hirst signature.) The reason for their protest, lier” run there. “Or, ‘I heard her when.’ ”
“Treasures” presents a visual fairy tale they said, is that the exhibition is “an insult to a Her departure is a watershed moment for
rooted in mythology, theology and the artist’s city of REAL art.” her extravagant art form, which is always
imagination. The story goes like this: In 2008, For every critic, there is a Hirst fan. imagining itself in trouble — what is opera
a shipwreck was discovered off the coast of “Damien’s career has been made without re- about except crises? — but may really be in
East Africa that is said to have contained a gard to curators or critics,” said Nicholas Se- peril this time. Not only is opera more divorced
stash of treasures belonging to Cif Amotan II, a rota, the departing director of the Tate, which than ever from mainstream culture, but also
freed slave from Turkey who lived between the held a 2012 Hirst retrospective. “That leaves its core audience, the people who buy subscrip-
first and early second centuries and who had the museum world a bit nervous.” tions, is literally dying off.
amassed great wealth. His collection of art and CAROL VOGEL CHARLES McGRATH
Feist Wants to Ask You Some Questions About Sadness

“What are 10 words to describe the way you sure,” her first LP in six years, is concerned turn to wails and tinny riffs
experience your sadness?” “What makes you with similarly lofty themes and broad ques- clang until they break.
feel tenderness?” “Describe a lonely day in one tions, with the music serving as her version “There’s been a lot of
sentence.” of an answer. “Here I am living in my life,” she sad times lately,” she said,
This is how Leslie Feist, the Canadian singer said, “and songs occur to help me make sense speaking somewhat ab-
and songwriter, returns to public life: armed of it.” Epiphanies are not the point. “I know less stractly to avoid revealing Leslie Feist
with 16 prompts that she calls “The Pleasure now than I ever did about how life is supposed their roots, while parsing
Questionnaire” — an icebreaker of sorts for the to go. It’s relaxing.” the decision to put “a word
strangers she will meet while promoting her This is the semi-Zen state of a singer, now 41, that so doesn’t seem to fit” at the forefront of
new album, “Pleasure,” out April 28. who has rejected a kind of fame that did not suit her new work, which hardly oozes joy. (“Plea-
She realizes it’s a big ask. “It’d be hard to her in favor of a more intimate version of her sure” is also the album’s first song and single.)
know if even within a lifetime of friendship own making. A decade removed from “1234,” “It’s such an inaccurate, one-dimensional
some of these topics on the questionnaire the accidental midcareer hit that altered the word that, in fact, when you look a little closer,
would be tackled,” Feist wrote in an email. course of her life, Feist has turned further in- it carries in it yearning and loss and self-pun-
“They’re just the things I’d most like to know.” ward with “Pleasure.” The album is largely just ishment,” she said. “Pleasure is implicit in pain,
It’s true that the survey is an accurate indi- her singular voice and guitar, but it pummels which is implicit in pleasure.”
cator of where Feist’s head is lately — “Plea- with intimacy and tape hiss as raw whispers JOE COSCARELLI


A Deadly Voyage and a Dramatic Rediscovery Editor’s Row

In August 2016, the Crystal Se- crew back in the 19th century. THE EVANGELICALS: The Struggle to
renity, an 820-foot luxury cruise Ice Ghosts Watson suggests that the Inuit Shape America, by Frances FitzGerald.
liner with 13 decks, a casino, six knew all along where the Frank- (Simon & Schuster, $35.) FitzGerald looks
at the issues that have concerned conser-
restaurants and a driving range, The Epic Hunt for the Lost lin wrecks were located, but that vative Protestants since they abandoned
set off on its first voyage from Franklin Expedition white men either failed to ask their separation from the world and
Alaska to New York through the By Paul Watson them or, if they did, misunder- merged with the Republican Party.
fabled Northwest Passage. 384 pages W. W. Norton & Co. $27.95. stood the answers they received. WHITE TEARS, by Hari Kunzru. (Knopf,
About two weeks after leav- The hero of the second half of $26.95.) Two white hipster record pro-
ing Alaska, the Crystal Serenity “Ice Ghosts” is Louie Kamookak, ducers create a “classic” blues song as an
passed by the spot where, in April The Epic Hunt for the Lost Frank- an amateur Inuit historian, who internet hoax, but it turns out (perhaps)
1848, two Royal Navy ships, the lin Expedition,” also points to a dedicates himself to gathering to be real. This dark, complex ghost story
Terror and Erebus, on a mission to surprising area of continuity. and interpreting as many of the about racial privilege, cultural appropri-
discover and navigate the North- In 2008, the Canadian govern- Inuit stories about Franklin as he ation and the blues is written with Kunz-
west Passage for the first time, ment announced a government can find, and who plays a key role ru’s customary eloquence and skill.
were abandoned by their crew. initiative to locate the wrecks of in guiding the marine archaeolo- SEX AND THE CONSTITUTION: Sex,
The ships, commanded by Rear the two ships. The prime minister, gists to the correct search areas. Religion, and Law From America’s Origins
Adm. Sir John Franklin, had been Stephen Harper, saw the project “Ice Ghosts” brings the Franklin to the Twenty-First Century, by Geoffrey
trapped in ice for more than a year, as a symbolic element of a larger story up to date, covering not only R. Stone. (Liveright, $35.) A professor’s
history takes off as it approaches the
and were most likely running low effort to assert Canadian sover- the discovery of the Erebus in 2014, increasingly tolerant present.
on food. Poorly equipped, and eignty over the Arctic in opposi- but also the discovery of the Terror, JERZY, by Jerome Charyn. (Bellevue Lit-
dragging lifeboats filled with tion to counterclaims by Russia 40 miles to the north, in 2016. erary, paper, $16.99.) This novel, based on
tons of gear and supplies, much and the United States. Watson’s prose can be uneven the life of the celebrity fiction writer and
of which proved useless, the hun- This question of sovereignty sometimes, but he provides sharp fabulist Jerzy Kosinski, has a light touch
dred or so remaining men first had become pressing because and entertaining portraits of the but manages to lift heavy subjects.
walked east across the frozen sea, the reduction in summer sea ice various Franklin obsessives whose BLITZED: Drugs in the Third Reich, by
then south along the coast of King meant that the Northwest Pas- experience and expertise fed into Norman Ohler. Translated by Shaun
William Island. None of them sur- sage was likely to become a sig- the 2008 initiative: men like Walter Whiteside. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,
vived, but the question of how, and nificant trade route and, perhaps Zacharchuk, who built his own scu- $28.) The Third Reich was literally
when, and why they died has con- more important, that the massive ba tank out of a fire extinguisher, an altered state, according to Ohler’s
tinued to fascinate amateur and untapped oil and gas resources glued his own wet suit out of sheets provocative account: methamphetamines
professional historians ever since. of the Arctic might soon become of neoprene and became Canada’s for the SS and the troops, and cocaine,
Nearly 170 years and untold commercially exploitable. first professional marine archaeol- steroids, sex hormones and an early form
tons of carbon dioxide emissions When the wreck of the Erebus ogist, or Jim Balsillie, the billionaire of OxyContin for the Führer.
separate the world of the Crystal was discovered in 2014, Harper co-founder of Research in Motion, Extraordinary Adventure of “Les
Serenity from the world of the made the announcement at a vic- the makers of the BlackBerry Misérables,” by David Bellos. (Farrar,
Terror and the Erebus. The Nor- torious news conference, where smartphone, who ended up buying Straus & Giroux, $27.) Rarely has a work
wegian explorer Roald Amund- he declared the Franklin expedi- and refitting a fishing trawler to of literature suffered so at the hands of
sen completed the first success- tion had “laid the foundations of participate in the search. publishers, translators, filmmakers and
ful navigation of the Northwest Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.” The book’s style can be digres- musical impresarios, as Bellos’s impecca-
Passage in 1906, but it is only in Watson, himself a Canadian, sive and occasionally confusing, bly researched book demonstrates.
the last decade, with the dramat- doesn’t display much sympa- but it’s quick, enjoyable and some- EVENINGLAND: Stories, by Michael
ic shrinking of summer sea ice thy for Harper’s political mach- times gripping reading. Franklin Knight. (Atlantic Monthly, $25.) Knight
because of man-made climate inations. “Ice Ghosts” works to aficionados will want to add it to pays careful attention to the details of
change, that large-scale luxury undermine Harper’s hubris by their libraries, and for anyone in- desperation among prosperous charac-
tourism in the High Arctic has be- arguing, fairly convincingly, that terested in the past and the future ters in his impressive story cycle set in
come a realistic possibility. the group that really owns the of the Arctic, it’s a much cheaper and around Mobile Bay, Ala.
The differences are stark and Franklin story (and, by implica- and more environmentally friend- The full reviews of these and other
obvious, yet Paul Watson’s in- tion, owns the Arctic) is the Inuit, ly option than a stateroom on the recent books are on the web:
triguing new book, “Ice Ghosts: who had contact with the Franklin Crystal Serenity. IAN McGUIRE

Paperback Row

THE LAST PAINTING OF SARA DE VOS, by Dominic mon & Schuster, $16.) In 1939, Mary North is given Entebbe Airport, the Most Audacious Hostage Rescue
Smith. (Picador, $16.) A 17th-century Dutch painting a teaching job just as London’s students are evac- Mission in History, by Saul David. (Back Bay/Little,
and a forgery of it kick off a highbrow mystery. uated, leaving behind only those who are mentally Brown, $18.99.) In 1976, hijackers forced the pilot
After the painting is stolen from Marty de Groot, impaired, disabled or black. Cleave drew upon his of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to
whose family had owned it for generations, Marty’s grandparents’ correspondence for his novel, which Paris to land in Entebbe, Uganda, and took the
streak of bad luck comes to an end. Years later, the Michael Callahan, the reviewer for The New York plane’s passengers hostage. David recounts the
hidden commonalities between him, the artist — Times Book Review, praised for its “ability to stay episode in thrilling, minute-by-minute detail, with
the only female painter in a Dutch guild at the time small and quiet against the raging tableau of war.” attention to the masterminds behind the hijacking
— and the painting’s forger come into full view. THE SUN IN YOUR EYES, by Deborah Shapiro. (Mor- and the Israeli government’s decision to carry out
WHITE TRASH: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in row/HarperCollins, $14.99.) It has been 10 years the dangerous rescue mission.
America, by Nancy Isenberg. (Penguin, $17.) This since Viv and Lee, the daughter of a musician THE RETURN: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between,
masterly cultural history traces the United States’ who died when she was a child, lived together in by Hisham Matar. (Random House, $17.) Matar’s
changing relationship to white poverty — from college, and nearly three since Lee all but dropped father, a prominent Libyan dissident, disappeared
Britain’s desire to banish its undesirable citizens from view. But when she suddenly reappears, into a regime prison in 1990; his fate remains un-
to North America, to the stigmas and epithets at- asking Viv to join her on a quest to recover her known. This memoir, one of the Book Review’s 10
tached to the underclass, to racial anxieties about father’s unfinished album, the trip offers both Best Books of 2016, examines the grief of a family
becoming a “mongrel” nation. women a chance at closure. left in the dark, with meditations on dictatorship
EVERYONE BRAVE IS FORGIVEN, by Chris Cleave. (Si- OPERATION THUNDERBOLT: Flight 139 and the Raid on and art’s capacity to console. Joumana Khatib



HAVING NOTHING ON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21
ACROSS 48 Vivacity 90 Mournful work 22 23 24 25
1 Ecclesiastical leader 49 Neutral tone 91 MSN alternative 26 27 28 29
6 “Get out!” 50 Parliamentary 92 Musician in the
10 Blood enemy proceedings, e.g. woodwind section 30 31 32 33
14 Aussie critters 51 Romeo or Juliet 94 Runs through 34 35 36
18 Diaper option 53 ____ booster 97 Satirical depiction 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
19 Bridge shape 55 Drained of color of the story 45 46 47 48 49
of Noah?
20 French director 56 “Indubitably” 100 Most important
Clément 57 Product of a stable mounted 50 51 52 53 54 55
21 Martial art whose of comic-strip cavalryman? 56 57 58 59 60 61
name means “sword artists? 102 Opposite corner in a
way” 62 Kentucky college romantic triangle 62 63 64
22 Home for Bilbo 63 Communication 103 Bush league, 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72
Baggins system pioneered for short?
24 West Wing worker by Thomas 105 Jean who played 73 74 75 76
25 A lot Gallaudet, for short Aunt Martha 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84
26 A.L. East team: 64 Greek city where in “Arsenic and Old 85 86 87 88 89
Perseus was born
Abbr. Lace”
27 Contemptible sorts 65 Scaled-down 106 Important positions 90 91 92 93
28 The ladies-only 70 Ice-cream container 107 Alphas 94 95 96 97 98 99
Western-themed bar 109 Son of Gloria on 100 101 102 103 104
I own? 73 Calendar model “Modern Family”
30 Inspector Clouseau 74 Suffix with blast- 110 Food thickener 105 106 107 108
or Borat? 75 Eight-time Olympic 109 110 111 112
33 Peevish medalist Apolo 111 Big name among
radio shock jocks
34 Most contemptible Anton ____ 112 So-called “Butterfly 113 114 115 116
35 Blowup: Abbr. 76 Condo V.I.P. Capital of Alabama” 4/9/17
36 See 9-Down 77 Art Deco artist 113 Environmental bane 15 Reaching new 52 Hairy hunter 80 Train syst.
37 Like some quilt 78 Belgradian, e.g. 114 Hand (out) heights in ballet? of Genesis 82 Quarters : basketball
blocks 81 Audiophile’s 115 Study of the 16 Ancient theater 54 Big do :: chukkers : ____
39 Decoration in a deli collection heavens: Abbr. 17 Little lad 55 Elvis ____ Presley 84 Abrupt,
case? 83 Elizabeth with 116 Attacked 21 Aussie critters 57 Pitch in disconcerting
45 Tony who managed the memoir “Saving 23 Quick series of 58 “The BFG” author reaction
two World Series Graces” social-media posts 86 After-dinner
championships for 85 Audibly DOWN 59 Automaker that volunteer’s words
the Cardinals upset Belgian 1 Drei + fünf 28 Something seen introduced
47 Setting for Cardinals francophone? 2 Sign of spring at Frankenstein’s the Rambler 87 Pays de ____ (Nantes’s
birthday party?
home games, briefly 89 Words after “Sure!” 3 1992 Tim Robbins 29 Shopping ____ 60 Witch region)
Johansson film
CH ALK S M AD EA SA LUT ES mockumentary 31 Empty spaces 61 2004 Scarlett 88 Variety of hold ’em
AE R I A L A BO LL A C LO S ELY 4 Horse picker’s 32 Rhubarb adapted from “Lady 93 Frances who played
TV’s Aunt Bee
SW I M ME RW I T HARCH ED NE CK hangout, for short with deep roots? Windermere’s Fan”
SN A PPE A G A I NFU L E RN I E 5 Melodramatic NBC 62 Apt to go 94 Religious leaders
A PPE AR DE W I DS hit starting in 2016 36 Welcoming necklace Democratic 95 ____ President
MO ST LY AR I D REDS PHERE 6 Indian “masters” 37 DVD remote button
S ANAA AL SA CE S I DE 38 Go a mile a 65 Spit out 96 Baldwin offering
S KOR DO T NUB S M I A SM A 7 Hybrid bakery minute 66 Actress Sorvino 97 Central
A I D TOLO CA TE AS TR EE T treats 67 One opposed
SE TR AT E AAH AM Y A YN 8 Roman ____ 40 Woe for some 98 Gets ready to do
OL EA N L GB T M ET A S TL EO 9 With 36-Across, a 51-Acrosses 68 Big brass push-ups, say
F I R I LE AR E Z I T HERS Dr. Seuss book 41 Shine 69 Middling 99 Title opera heroine
TH RE ER OL LE D I NT OO NE 42 Tres + cinco 70 Work out who is a Druidic
C UERV O DOR A UNC S AGA 10 Marker maker 43 Two-tone treat spectacularly high priestess
SA NG NA GS AT M I NE D 11 Time on the throne
OT HER WI SE KN OW NA SYES 12 “____ Club” (No. 1 hit 44 Georgia senator 71 Beehive, for one 101 Kind of boots
ASH DAR ATR I A L for 50 Cent) who helped 72 Overcome 104 ETS offering
STE ER HEA VE TO FR I S SO N establish “don’t ask, 76 Authority
WI NG E DAND ST I N G I NG PES T 13 Removes, as a don’t tell” 107 Going nowhere,
AC RON YM DON N I E I NCA SH sticker 46 Correo ____ 78 Villainous visage
SHYN ESS P AGA N A S ANA S 14 They can provoke (words on foreign 79 Vegetarian 108 Women’s-
Answer to puzzle for 4/2/17 knee-jerk reactions correspondence) sandwich filling club event
Answers to this puzzle will appear in next Sunday’s TimesDigest, and in next Sunday’s New York Times.




Up Against the Wall Guided by Generals

By the standards of recent American presi-
A. By the way, if you want to know if a wall dreds of companies are expressing interest, dencies, two very normal-seeming things hap-
works, just ask Israel. Israel built a wall and preparing designs, creating renderings. Fi- pened in the Trump administration last week. On
it works. nalists are to be announced in June. It seems Wednesday, Steve Bannon, the president’s not
Q. And they heave rockets over it. certain that millions or billions of dollars will particularly effective strategist and ideologist,
A. Yeah, I know. Well, no. Now they’re doing be wasted, and miles of desert despoiled, be- was demoted out of the National Security Coun-
the rockets, yeah. That’s a — they have a — fore somebody someday pulls the plug. cil’s principals’ committee. And on Thursday, the
they have a different — they probably have a Customs and Border Protection specifica- president rained cruise missiles onto Syria.
bigger — they have a different kind of a prob- tions say the wall must be concrete or some The demotion suggested that Trump’s for-
lem. You have to build a real wall. They don’t other material, preferably about 30 feet high eign policy might be losing some of its prom-
have a real wall right now. They don’t have a but no less than 18 feet, “physically imposing,” ised “America First” distinctiveness; the
wall that works. “aesthetically pleasing,” impervious to tunnel- bombing seemed to confirm it. Allowing for
Did you get that? ing to a depth of six feet and tough enough to a few Trumpian flourishes, the strikes could
1. There’s a wall in Israel and it works. repel a sledgehammer, pickax, acetylene torch have happened under Bill Clinton or Ronald
2. But it doesn’t work. or similar tool for at least an hour. Reagan or George W. Bush, and so could the re-
If you are confused, it’s probably your fault, Those are tough requirements for a proj- sponse: Politicians of both parties offered sup-
because you are not Donald Trump, master ect whose very rationale collapses under the port, liberal hawks and neoconservatives were
builder, president of the United States and pressure of a few minutes’ thought. It has been happy, TV pundits talked up Trump’s new-
source of the quotation above, from an inter- a remarkable journey for an idiotic idea that found stature … and critics of U.S. warmaking
view with The Times’s editorial board before started life as an applause line, as Trump ad- were back to crying in the wilderness.
the election. Trump has always said stuff like mitted to The Times. So has the ideological revolution in U.S. for-
this, things that are self-contradictory or un- “If my speeches ever get a little off,” he said, eign policy been canceled? If you were expect-
true or breathtakingly mindless. It didn’t mat- “I just go: ‘We will build a wall!’ You know, if it ing Trump to pull U.S. troops out of all their
ter so much back when he was just a rich guy gets a little boring, if I see people starting to far-flung bases and leave entangling alliances
who liked to share his opinions with the world sort of maybe thinking about leaving — I can behind, then the strikes against Bashar al-As-
the way some people talk at the TV. sort of tell the audience — I just say, ‘We will sad are the latest evidence that you got played.
But now he is in the Oval Office, and the stuff build the wall,’ and they go nuts. ‘And Mexico But that doesn’t mean that Trump is just go-
he says is treated differently. A lot of it blows will pay for the wall!’ But — ah, but I mean it. ing to return to the same grooves as his prede-
away, but some stuff actually happens. Things But I mean it.” cessors. Most recent presidencies have been
roost in his brain and come out of his mouth In other words: distinguished by tugs of war between different
and Twitter feed, and before you know it, the 1. The wall is a decoy, a fake, a lie. groups of foreign policy hands — neoconserva-
federal government is taking proposals for 2. But he means it. tives and Kissingerians and Jacksonians under
Trump’s great border wall with Mexico. Hun- Did you get that? Republicans, liberal interventionists and liberal
realists and the antiwar left under Democrats.
Now, the Ball Is in John Roberts’s Court really have many normal foreign policy experts
The Trump administration, though, doesn’t
among its civilian officials. If Bannon’s vision is
Over the past two months, as the nation The Republicans immediately voted to change getting sidelined, it’s not like Jared Kushner is
has watched a new president drop one depth the chamber’s rules, killing the filibuster in ready with a deeply thought-out alternative.
charge after another — banning Muslim ref- order to grant Judge Gorsuch an up-or-down What Trump has instead are generals —
ugees; ordering the demolition of broadly ac- vote. That removed the filibuster as a hurdle James Mattis and H. R. McMaster and the oth-
cepted rules protecting air, water and Ameri- to all future Supreme Court nominees and, in er military men in his cabinet, plus, of course,
can consumers; flaunting conflict-of-interest the process, destroyed what had been a unique the actual professional military itself. And it’s
and other ethical standards honored by his feature of the Senate that guaranteed broad- this team of generals, not any of the usual for-
predecessors in office — Americans have based support for appointees to the highest eign policy schools, that seems increasingly
looked to the courts, the one aspirationally court in the land. likely to steer his statecraft going forward.
nonpartisan branch of government left to This failure of vision from Senate leaders of In certain ways a military-directed foreign
them, to stop him. both parties has now led the nation to a place policy promises to be more stability-orient-
Yet of late their faith in the judiciary, includ- where the fate of all Supreme Court nominees ed than other approaches to international
ing the Supreme Court, the system’s ultimate depends entirely on which party has a majori- affairs. It would be less prone to grand ideo-
arbiter, has been flagging, and the court has ty in the Senate. Provided their party controls logical ambitions than either liberal hawkish-
come to be seen as increasingly and more that majority, presidents no longer will feel ness or neoconservatism. But it would also be
openly partisan. This unhappy trend has con- much need to select a moderate, impartial skeptical of the shifts in our strategic posture
tinued despite Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.’s jurist — indeed, the politics of their base will and retreats from existing commitments.
intention, stated when he was a newly appoint- push them, as it did Trump, in the opposite di- Even as it prizes stability, the military has a
ed justice, “to keep any kind of partisan divide rection. If this situation stands — and there’s strong bias toward, well, military solutions
out of the judiciary.” no expectation it won’t — it could shake the whenever crises or challenges emerge.
It behooves Roberts now to restate that com- court system and the integrity of American Overall, the armed forces’ worldview — a
mitment; everywhere else in government, tox- jurisprudence to its core. status-quo bias plus doses of hard power — is
ic factionalism is the order of the day. On Thurs- It dramatically raises the stakes for Roberts, hardly the worst imaginable vision for Trump
day, in the Senate, neither party distinguished and his early praise for justices “willing to put to adopt. But where the president’s inability to
itself. In a cry of rage against the Republicans’ the good of the court above their own ideologi- back down from a big fight meets the military’s
nihilistic refusal in 2016 to grant even a hearing cal agendas.” Since he uttered those words, he willingness to start a lot of small ones lies the
to Barack Obama’s last nominee to the court, has led his majority to 5-4 decisions that serve great peril of his presidency: not deliberate
Democrats filibustered to block Neil Gorsuch, narrow conservative interests. If he continues warmongering, but an accidental escalation
President Trump’s nominee to that stolen Su- along that factional path, the responsibility for that his generals encourage, and that the ulti-
preme Court seat. They accomplished nothing. corrosion of the rule of law will be his. mate decider has no idea how to stop.


Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia Top Leaderboard at Masters

The 81st Masters tournament in five-under 31 on his way to a Masters champions (Jordan Spi- “I plan to play aggressive be-
is being played in the memory of five-under 67. He is tied at six un- eth, Adam Scott, Charl Schwartzel cause at this point, it’s win or go
Arnold Palmer, but it could be ded- der with Garcia, who carded his and Fred Couples), as well as Ro- home,” Spieth said.
icated to spine specialists. third consecutive subpar round, a ry McIlroy, who could complete a Sunday would have been the
From the four-time champion 70, to inch ever closer to an elusive career Grand Slam with a victory 60th birthday of Seve Balles-
Tiger Woods, whose chronic back major title. Rickie Fowler, who is here. teros, the two-time Masters
injury prevented him from play- also seeking his first major cham- Spieth, 23, posted a four-under champion who died of brain can-
ing here, to top-ranked Dustin pionship, is one shot back. 68 while grouped with Phil Mick- cer in 2011. Will Garcia celebrate
Johnson, who was also lost for the “It was there for the taking,” elson, 46, in a pairing that drew his idol’s birthday by winning
week in a freak fall that aggravat- Rose said, referring to the pictur- the largest gallery. Mickelson, a his first major title in his 74th at-
ed his lower back, that part of the esque conditions. “If you played three-time Masters champion, tempt? In his 73 previous starts,
body has been the back story of great, you got rewarded.” birdied the first two holes but Garcia has been a runner-up four
the tournament. He added, “If I had been two or played the next seven in five over. times, with 22 top-10 finishes.
So it is perhaps fitting that the three shots behind, I still would He equaled Spieth’s one under on With his 70, he cleared a mental
54-hole leaders are Justin Rose, have felt I was in great position.” the back nine, but the damage was hurdle that has clipped his prog-
who was sidelined for two months Funny that Rose should say done: Mickelson’s 74 left him out- ress time and again. Coming in-
at the end of last year with a bad that, because the leaderboard side the top 20 at two over. to Saturday, his career average
back, and Sergio Garcia, a veteran is as clogged as the traffic out- Spieth, the 2015 champion, was here in the third round was 74.92
from Spain whose backbone, on side the course on Washington in the final pairing on Sunday in strokes.
occasion, has appeared frail. Road, with Bugattis and Ferraris each of his first three trips to Au- Garcia, 37, is one of the game’s
Rose, the 2013 United States and Teslas backed up behind the gusta National. So playing from best ball strikers, but under pres-
Open champion, played Augusta front-runners. Their 14 nearest behind will be a novel and not un- sure, his putter has been known to
National Golf Club’s back nine challengers include four former pleasant experience. revolt. KAREN CROUSE
Favorites Fall Short in Kentucky Derby Prep Races N.H.L. SCORES

The long-shot Irap won the Practical Joke, the third choice, earned 40 points. Cloud Comput- Ottawa 3, Rangers 1
$1 million Blue Grass Stakes for paid $5.60 and $3.20 and earned ing earned 20 points, while the Philadelphia 4, Columbus 2
his first career victory and 100 40 points in the Derby standings. 21-1 shot True Timber finished Washington 3, Boston 1
points toward the Kentucky Der- McCraken, who entered unde- fourth and collected 10 points in N.B.A. SCORES
by, holding off Practical Joke by feated in four races and was the the system used to determine the FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
three-quarters of a length Sat- 8-5 favorite, returned $2.40 and 20-horse starting field for next Phoenix 120, Oklahoma City 99
urday as the favorite McCraken received 20 points. J Boys Echo month’s Kentucky Derby. L.A. Lakers 98, Sacramento 94
made a late charge at Keeneland in got 10 points for fourth. In Southern California, Gorm- A.L. SCORES
Lexington, Ky. At Aqueduct in New York, Irish ley won the $1 million Santa Ani- FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
Irap, a bay colt trained by Doug War Cry won the $750,000 Wood ta Derby by a half-length in the Arizona 7, Cleveland 3
O’Neill, paid $64.60 as a 31-1 long Memorial by three and a half West’s major prep for the Ken- L.A. Angels 5, Seattle 1
shot, getting into the mix quickly lengths. tucky Derby. SATURDAY
from the No. 6 post and battling Ridden by Rajiv Maragh, Irish Ridden by Victor Espinoza, Detroit 4, Boston 1
Wild Shot as the unbeaten Mc- War Cry ran one and one-eighth Gormley ran one and one-eighth Chicago White Sox 6, Minnesota 2
Baltimore 5, NY Yankees 4
Craken gave chase at the far turn. miles in 1:50.91, earning 100 miles in 1:51.16 and paid $14.40 to
Irap, ridden by Julien Leparoux, points on the Kentucky Derby win at 6-1 odds. N.L. SCORES
took charge at the stretch and leaderboard for the victory. The Battle of Midway was second, FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
held off runs from Practical Joke colt paid $9 to win for the trainer followed by Royal Mo and Reach Milwaukee 2, Chicago Cubs 1, 11 innings
and McCraken to pull off the up- Graham Motion. the World in fourth. Arizona 7, Cleveland 3
Cincinnati 2, St. Louis 0
set, covering one and one-eighth Battalion Runner, the co-favor- Iliad, the 3-1 favorite, finished SATURDAY
miles in 1 minute 50.39 seconds. ite at 2-1 with Cloud Computing, fifth in the 13-horse field. (AP) St. Louis 10, Cincinnati 4
WEATHER Houston 81/ 53 0 84/ 67 PC 80/ 67 C Cape Town 86/ 68 0.01 74/ 60 S 72/ 58 C
Kansas City 76/ 53 0 77/ 52 C 66/ 39 S Dublin 61/ 30 0 56/ 39 C 52/ 38 C
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 69/ 56 0 72/ 52 PC 76/ 53 S Geneva 70/ 39 0 73/ 46 S 72/ 46 T
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 78/ 58 0 80/ 68 PC 81/ 71 S Hong Kong 81/ 72 0 81/ 74 T 82/ 74 R
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 72/ 44 0 65/ 45 R 46/ 33 Sh Kingston 86/ 75 0 87/ 75 PC 86/ 75 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 56/ 39 0 65/ 48 S 76/ 53 S Lima 81/ 70 0 80/ 69 S 80/ 69 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 77/ 49 0 82/ 59 S 83/ 62 PC London 70/ 41 0 73/ 46 S 58/ 41 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 60/ 39 0 67/ 48 S 81/ 55 S Madrid 75/ 41 0 76/ 45 S 78/ 49 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 86/ 62 0 79/ 55 S 84/ 57 S Mexico City 79/ 56 0.04 81/ 54 PC 82/ 54 PC
Salt Lake City 58/ 41 0.22 48/ 33 Sh 58/ 39 PC Montreal 46/ 32 0 59/ 48 PC 69/ 52 C
San Francisco 55/ 49 0.17 60/ 48 S 65/ 50 PC Moscow 43/ 39 0.11 46/ 36 PC 50/ 41 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 50/ 43 0.09 57/ 41 C 51/ 38 Sh Nassau 81/ 68 0 83/ 70 PC 85/ 71 PC
Albuquerque 78/ 48 0 67/ 39 PC 69/ 43 S St. Louis 79/ 44 0 82/ 64 W 75/ 49 T Paris 70/ 43 0 76/ 49 PC 64/ 40 C
Atlanta 70/ 42 0 76/ 52 S 80/ 55 S Washington 64/ 40 0 71/ 52 S 83/ 60 S Prague 57/ 46 0 64/ 44 C 71/ 41 T
Boise 48/ 46 0.05 53/ 39 PC 54/ 35 PC FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 88/ 77 0 87/ 75 PC 88/ 74 C
Boston 49/ 38 0 60/ 47 S 69/ 52 S Rome 68/ 45 0 69/ 49 S 68/ 47 S
Buffalo 47/ 31 0 65/ 53 PC 68/ 53 PC Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 66/ 47 0 71/ 45 S 81/ 51 S
Charlotte 68/ 35 0 75/ 48 S 77/ 53 S Acapulco 89/ 74 0.04 86/ 75 PC 86/ 74 PC Stockholm 48/ 27 0 57/ 45 PC 53/ 34 PC
Chicago 67/ 36 0 77/ 62 C 73/ 42 T Athens 68/ 50 0 67/ 52 PC 67/ 52 PC Sydney 76/ 59 0 81/ 52 T 66/ 59 Sh
Cleveland 58/ 31 0 73/ 56 PC 75/ 57 PC Beijing 69/ 55 0 67/ 40 C 70/ 49 PC Tokyo 64/ 60 0.48 62/ 47 R 57/ 49 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 82/ 60 0 84/ 67 PC 78/ 60 T Berlin 59/ 46 0 63/ 44 PC 68/ 38 T Toronto 55/ 31 0 65/ 49 PC 68/ 54 PC
Denver 77/ 52 0 56/ 28 W 61/ 34 S Buenos Aires 81/ 64 0.22 75/ 57 T 66/ 54 R Vancouver 48/ 45 0.10 54/ 41 C 52/ 39 Sh
Detroit 60/ 34 0 72/ 57 PC 75/ 54 PC Cairo 81/ 61 0 81/ 64 PC 83/ 65 PC Warsaw 59/ 41 0 55/ 44 C 69/ 44 S


Behind Kevin Durant’s Jersey Number, a Cold-Blooded Murder

LAUREL, Md. — It was a soak- Kevin Durant Among those kids who tumbled
ing rain that night, and the blood chose his out of Craig’s van was a tall and
that spilled from the bullet holes of number skinny Durant. The activity cen-
a 35-year-old named Charles Craig to honor a ter was a home away from home
washed down a grate in the low for Durant, a safe and predictable
spot of the strip-mall parking lot. mentor from place, and Craig was a father fig-
Closing time at J’s Sports Café his youth, ure to those like Durant who did
here had sent a crowd outside, in- Charles Craig. not have close ties to their fathers.
to that hour when no good comes “It’s all about “If he would have died when
outside of a bar. Taunts and argu- doing it for he was 47 years old, I would have
ments turned to shoves and fists, somebody I switched my number to 47,” Du-
until it seemed that half the people love. rant told The Oklahoman in 2010.
were fighting and the other half “It’s all about doing it for some-
trying to break it up. JONATHAN FERREY/GETTY IMAGES body I love. It’s not about what’s
But the ferocity eventually fad- the better number and what looks
ed. Craig walked toward his car. a father figure and a coach. Not miles east of the Capitol. The boy better on me. It’s all about him.”
He was 6 feet 4 and 310 pounds long after, Durant began to wear spent countless hours and days But Durant knew few details of
when they measured him at the jersey No. 35, a nod to Craig’s age there over the next several years, Craig’s death. It was one of 173 ho-
medical examiner’s office a few when he died. learning from a series of coaches micides in Prince George’s Coun-
hours later. His friends knew Durant is 28 now, an eight-time and mentors. ty in 2005, an especially deadly
him as Big Chucky. A generation All-Star hoping to lead the Gold- Craig, as important as any of year, and 466 in the Washington
of children at a recreation center en State Warriors to an N.B.A. them, was the kind of man who area. It barely made news.
near Washington knew him as title. Fans around the world wear handed kids a few dollars to get It got so little attention because
their basketball coach. jerseys with Durant’s name and a snack, took them to the movies it was just one more murder in a
He never saw the shirtless man number. and offered them rides home. place where gunshot deaths were
come up behind, holding an unreg- To some, it is just a number. “He loved kids,” his mother, routine. And it got so little atten-
istered silver Colt revolver. To Durant and those who knew Claudette Craig, said in a recent tion because it happened before
One .38-caliber bullet nicked Craig, it is a person and a moment. interview. She was packing up her Durant was famous.
Craig’s 10th thoracic vertebra and “Every time I see it, it’s an in- house in Washington for a move Terrell Bush, who authorities
pierced his aorta. Three more fol- stant reminder,” said Melvin Mc- to Georgia, but had a photo of said had been living about a mile
lowed at close range. Cray, another of Durant’s child- Chucky on the kitchen table that from the shooting, was arrested
The shooting created pandemo- hood coaches and a childhood she wanted to carry with her. “He months later and faced trial in
nium in the parking lot. The killer friend of Craig’s. He snapped would do anything for any child. August 2006. At age 25, he was
left in a getaway car and dropped his fingers. “It’s instant,” he said He had a van, and he’d come by convicted and sentenced to life in
the gun. It was about 2:40 a.m. again. “It’s Chucky.” with a bunch of kids and say, ‘Ma, prison for first-degree murder.
A 16-year-old named Kevin Durant was about 8 when he I got a bunch of hungry kids, can Two days later, classes began
Durant was not at the scene, but met Craig at Seat Pleasant Activi- you feed ’em? I’d say, ‘If you get at the University of Texas, where
would soon hear what had hap- ty Center, brick on the outside and the food, I’ll cook it.’ He was a ter- Durant would begin to wear jer-
pened. Big Chucky was a mentor, orderly on the inside, about six rible cook.” sey No. 35. JOHN BRANCH
Pitcher Charlie Morton Could Help the Astros, if He Stays Healthy

The Houston Astros, overload- locity for command. But to the As- infielders. As hitters increasingly
ed with talented position players tros, he was worth a two-year, $14 tailor their swings to hit fly balls,
and dominant relievers, looked million gamble in free agency, and a pitcher like Morton — whose
like a contender in spring train- the early returns are promising. career average for homers per
ing. The only question would be Morton, 33, followed up his nine innings is just 0.7 — can be
their starting rotation — but Jeff impressive spring with six strong valuable.
Luhnow, their gener- innings against Seattle in the In the final week of the 2015
Extra al manager, wanted Astros’ third game of the season. season, with the Pirates at home
BasEs to make something After victories by Keuchel and in a pennant race against the
Tyler clear. McCullers, Morton allowed two rival Cardinals, Morton could not
Kepner “I do believe that runs and helped Houston to its survive the third inning of a blow-
Charlie Morton isn’t first 3-0 start in 16 years. out loss. He was proud to have
a back-of-the-rota- “The whole team is strong,” helped bring a winner to Pitts-
tion guy,” Luhnow said early in Morton said by phone on Friday. burgh, and stung by his failure in
the exhibition season. “He hit “I just don’t see how we’re not set ERIC CHRISTIAN SMITH/ASSOCIATED PRESS that moment.
97 three times in the first inning up to win. Just got to stay healthy, “I got booed off the field my
yesterday, with a lot of sink on his that’s the biggest thing.” The Astros have a $14 mllion last start as a Pirate, in a spot
pitches and good secondary stuff. Morton knows that painful contract with Charlie Morton. where the team’s counting on me
A healthy Charlie Morton could truth. He made just four starts and the fans show up and they’re
work himself into the conver- for Philadelphia last April before excited,” he said. “I know exactly
sation with Dallas Keuchel and succumbing to his fourth opera- (2014) and left hamstring (2016). how it feels to let people down in
Lance McCullers at the top of our tion in six years. Since working Yet with a thin market for start- that situation, and I’d really like
rotation.” a career-high 171 ⅔ innings for ing pitchers, the Astros acted to not end on that note.”
A few qualifiers: Morton has of- Pittsburgh in 2011, he has had quickly to sign Morton, eager to With the Astros thinking big
ten been hurt in his 10-year career, operations on his left hip (2011), pair his ground-ball tendencies this season, Morton should get
and he would gladly sacrifice ve- right elbow (2012), right hip with their young and athletic another chance.

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