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December 16th, 2016

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!
Fitness Class Schedule A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Monday, December 12 connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Functional Training: 8:00 am - 9:00 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Yoga: 9:30 am 10:30 am
Tuesday, December 13
TRX: 7:30 am – 8:30
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am Our program designed for the most activity-oriented guests.Wheter on the water,
the golf course, or walking the marina, this package will help to recover sun-
stressed skin, release and recuperate overworked
Wednesday, December 14 muscles, and soothe rough hands and feet. Our special
Glutes Abs and Legs: 8:30 am - 9:30 am sports oriented Golfers Rescue massage helps to stretch
Functional Training: 10:00 am-11:00 am the muscles, loosen and open the joints, and create much
freer movement and energy flow. We pair they massage
Thursday, December 15 with a mini-facial cleanse and re-hydrating mask,
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am finishing with a manicure a pedicure to recover stressed hands and feet.
Yoga: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
4 Hrs - $380 USD + 16 %TAX
Friday, December 16
Restorative Stretch: 9:00 am –10:00 am Children´s Spa Menu
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am All children´s treatment will be offered in the pool area and

pool cabanas only.
Saturday, December 17
Spinning: 9:00 am – 10:00 am Spa Bubble Manicure and Pedicure
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am A simple manicure or pedicure made even better with bubbles of all sizes! More
than just the fun of having your nails painted also enjoy the surprise and fantasy
of cleansing bubbles!
Sunday, December 18 30min. - $35 USD + TAX (each one)
TRX: 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Cabo Coconut Hand
Delicious coconut helps to make the
Private classes skin soft and repair any damage done by time in the sun.
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. Enjoy this wonderful treatment with massage and coconut
50min. - $65 USD + TAX

Rejuvenate your Body.

Replenish your Soul.

Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2016 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2016 The New York Times

China’s Signal Hurdles for U. S. in Fight Against Hackers

On Sea Bases: WASHINGTON — When a sus- “You can indict 400 people. aliases he used online. His father
pected Russian cybercriminal They don’t care,” said Robert E. was a member of the Russian
We’re Armed named Dmitry Ukrainsky was Anderson Jr., who until last year Parliament. The Secret Service
served as the F.B.I.’s most senior
had followed his digital trail to
arrested in Thailand last sum-
mer, the American authorities executive overseeing computer Vladivostok, and they asked for
hoped they could whisk him back investigations. help catching him.
BEIJING — China signaled on to New York for trial. The American government Within weeks, all evidence of
Thursday that it had placed weap- But the Russian authorities divides the cybersecurity world Seleznev’s online identity van-
ons on disputed South China Sea moved to persuade Thailand not into two categories: attacks ished. Rather than advancing the
islands and would use them like a to extradite him, saying that he directed or sponsored by gov- case, the Russian government
“slingshot” to repel threats, com- should be prosecuted at home. ernments, and those conducted had set it back, the American
pounding a tense relationship with American officials knew that if by criminals. But Russian hack- authorities believed. Prosecu-
the incoming Trump administration. Ukrainsky got on a plane to Mos- ing defies easy categorization, tors described their conclusion
The Chinese message suggested cow, he would soon be back at American officials say, because in court documents: “Further
that China was deviating further work in front of a computer. the Russian government tacitly coordination with the Russian
from a pledge made by its president The dispute over Ukrainsky supports many private hackers government would jeopardize ef-
to not militarize the islands. highlights the difficulties that the and occasionally taps them for forts to prosecute this case.” The
The comments left little doubt United States faces in combating freelance government work. American authorities were left to
that such installations were part of Russian hackers, including those In May 2009, for instance, Se- pursue Seleznev by themselves.
China’s plan to deepen its territori- behind the attacks on the Demo- cret Service agents met in Mos- The Russians are not always
al claim over the islands, which has cratic National Committee. That cow with their counterparts in uncooperative. This week they
raised tensions with its neighbors hack influenced the course of a the Russian Federal Security deported a man wanted by the
over their rival claims and with presidential campaign and was Service. The Americans said they F.B.I. on charges of stealing hun-
Washington over freedom of navi- the culmination of years of in- were investigating a hacker who dreds of millions of dollars from
gation in the South China Sea. creasingly brazen digital assaults had installed malicious code in Wall Street banks. But Joshua
They were also likely to further on American infrastructure. the software that some American Samuel Aaron, 32, who was ar-
complicate China’s already testy re- The United States has few businesses used to process cred- rested Wednesday at John F. Ken-
lations with President-elect Donald options for responding to such it card transactions. The hacker nedy International Airport after
J. Trump. China’s rapid creation of hacks. Russia does not extra- was stealing millions of credit arriving on a flight from Moscow,
artificial islands in the South China dite its citizens and has shown card numbers and selling them. is an American, not a Russian.
Sea has already become a major that it will not easily be deterred The agents provided a name ADAM GOLDMAN
source of tension. through public shaming. — Roman Seleznev — and the and MATT APUZZO
Repeatedly this year, the Chinese
have accused the United States of Partisan Gulf Grows Wider in North Carolina
making “provocative” moves by
sending warships near some of the
islands, known as the Spratlys. RALEIGH, N.C. — There have to the people of North Carolina.” trol of the state and county elec-
The Chinese have been creating been four years of civil disobedi- Republican lawmakers intro- tion boards from the governor.
harbors, runways and reinforced ence, reputation-bruising boy- duced a flurry of bills in a special Currently, the county and state
hangars big enough for military cotts over bathroom access and session this week to undermine boards of elections have a ma-
aircraft on the islands. But new sat- legal battles over voting laws and Cooper by stripping him of his jority board from the governor’s
ellite images made public this week gerrymanders. The election for ability to make key appointments party. Under the new law, Repub-
appeared to reveal weapons em- governor took a month to settle. to state and local boards and licans will be in control in election
placements for the first time. But if anyone here thought mandates legislative approval of years and Democrats in non-elec-
The Center for Strategic and In- that Democrat Roy Cooper’s his cabinet. tion years.
ternational Studies in Washington, victory would open a new era of The session generated remind- The House passed another key
which released the images through cooperation and calm, all they ers of one in March that led to the bill, enhancing the power of the
its Asia Maritime Transparency Ini- had to do was listen Thursday to divisive “bathroom bill” limiting state superintendent of educa-
tiative, said they showed “large an- Evan Hughes, a lettuce farmer gay and transgender rights. tion, who is a newly elected Re-
tiaircraft guns and probable close- from Durham. At around noon, The law passed in March is publican, and mandating Senate
in weapons systems,” which can Hughes, 35, was in front of North seen as playing a role in Cooper’s approval of Cooper’s cabinet ap-
theoretically thwart cruise missile Carolina’s legislative offices, be- defeat of Gov. Pat McCrory, a Re- pointments, a significant shack-
attacks. rating the executive director of publican. The General Assembly ling of his authority.
The Defense Ministry statement, the state Republican Party for its went into a special session to pass The special session stunned
posted on its website in response latest gambit to strip Cooper of the bill, and McCrory signed it the North Carolinians on both the
to the images, did not specify many of his powers as governor same night. right and the left.
what kinds of weapons the images before he even takes office. The new legislation moved “We didn’t think it would be
showed but said any military hard- “We’re talking about chang- quickly through committees and rock-throwing from before Day 1,”
ware on the islands was reasonable. ing the rules at the last minute,” floor votes on Thursday, where said Rick Henderson, editor of
It repeated China’s contention that Hughes said. “The people of Republicans hold large majori- Carolina Journal, a publication
its construction on the islands is North Carolina are sick and tired ties in both chambers. Senators of the John Locke Foundation,
mainly for civilian purposes. of the G.O.P.’s antics — anti-dem- passed one of the major bills, a conservative think tank in Ra-
CHRIS BUCKLEY ocratic antics. It is embarrassing which removes partisan con- leigh. TRIP GABRIEL


The Evacuation ‘Road on Fire’ for Men Fleeing Drought, War

Of Aleppo Is AGADEZ, Niger — The world Men and boys

Underway Again dismisses them as economic mi- listened as the
grants. The law treats them as
manager of
criminals who show up at a na- the migrant
BEIRUT, Lebanon — After tion’s borders uninvited. Prayers
months of fierce bombardment alone protect them on the journey transit center
and failed diplomacy, the Syrian across the merciless Sahara. in Agadez,
government began removing But peel back the layers of Niger, read the
residents from the last rebel-held their stories and you find a com- names of those
districts in Aleppo on Thursday, a plex bundle of trouble and want who would
process that solidifies President that prompts the men and boys be boarding
Bashar al-Assad’s control over the of West Africa to leave home, en- buses to
country’s largest city. dure beatings and bribes, board a JOSH HANER/THE NEW YORK TIMES return.
About 1,000 people boarded smuggler’s pickup truck and try to
buses and ambulances that car- make a living far, far away. destination, then maybe to Italy. gled up with economic, political
ried the first batch of evacuees They do it because the rains “To try my luck,” was how Bok- and demographic pressures.
out of the rebel enclave. A second have become so fickle, the days oum put it. “I know it’s difficult. “Climate change on its own
group of more than 1,000 people measurably hotter, the droughts But everyone goes.” doesn’t force people to move but it
departed later, and a third left af- more frequent and fierce, making This journey has become a rite amplifies pre-existing vulnerabil-
ter nightfall. it impossible to grow enough food of passage for West Africans of his ities,” said Jane McAdam, an Aus-
Assad hailed the evacuation, on their land. Some go to the cities generation. The slow burn of cli- tralian law professor who studies
saying the “liberation” of Aleppo first, only to find jobs are scarce. mate change makes subsistence the trend. They move when they
would serve as a historical water- Some come from countries ruled farming, even more of a gamble. can no longer imagine a future liv-
shed, like the birth of Christ, the by dictators, like Gambia, whose Pressures on land and water fuel ing off their land — or as she said,
revelation of the Quran, the col- longtime ruler recently refused to clashes, big and small. Insurgen- “when life becomes increasingly
lapse of the Soviet Union and the accept the results of an election he cies simmer across the region, intolerable.”
two world wars. lost. Others come from countries prompting United States coun- But many of these people fall
It remained unclear how many crawling with jihadists, like Mali. terterrorism forces to keep watch through the cracks of internation-
people, both civilians and fighters, In Agadez, a fabled gateway from a base outside Agadez. al law. The United Nations 1951
remained in eastern Aleppo, but town through which hundreds of This year, more than 311,000 refugee convention applies only
aid workers guessed it would take thousands exit the Sahel on their people have passed through Aga- to those fleeing war and persecu-
several days to get them out. way abroad, I met dozens of them. dez on their way to either Algeria tion, and even that treaty’s obliga-
If successful, the evacuation One was Bori Bokoum, 21, from a or Libya, and some onward to Eu- tion to offer protection is increas-
will return the whole city to As- village in the Mopti region of Mali. rope, according to the Internation- ingly flouted by many countries.
sad’s control, which would be a Fighters for Al Qaeda clash with al Organization for Migration. The In such a political climate, poli-
turning point in the nearly six- government forces in the area, largest numbers are from Niger cy makers point out, the chances
year conflict. Since early in the one of many reasons making a liv- and its West African neighbors, of expanding the law to include
war, Aleppo has been split, with ing had become much harder than including Bokoum’s home, Mali. those displaced by environmen-
the government holding the west in his father’s time. Scholars of migration count tal degradation are slim to none.
and rebels holding the east. One bad harvest followed an- people like Bokoum among the It explains why the more than 100
But military aid for the Syrian other, he said. Not enough rice and millions who could be displaced countries that have ratified the
government from Iran, Russia millet could be eked out of the soil. around the world in coming de- Paris climate agreement this year
and the Lebanese militant group So, as a teenager, he ventured out cades as rising seas, widening acknowledged that environmen-
Hezbollah turned the tide in the to sell watches in the nearest mar- deserts and erratic weather tal changes would spur the move-
government’s favor. The evacu- ket town, then worked on a farm in threaten traditional livelihoods. ment of people, but kicked the can
ation deal was reached between neighboring Ivory Coast, saving For the men who pour through down the road on what to do about
Russia and Turkey, which backs up for this journey. Libya was his Agadez, these hardships are tan- them. SOMINI SENGUPTA
the rebels, after months of heavy
shelling and airstrikes that killed In Brief
hundreds of people.
Rebels in east Aleppo had
also frequently shelled gover- Evidence of Explosives in Jet Crash the deadly bombing of a Coptic cathedral in Cairo on
ment-held areas, killing civilians Sunday and vowed more such attacks. (NYT)
there, too. Many people on that Egypt said Thursday that explosive traces had
side of the city were glad to see the been detected on the bodies of passengers retrieved U.S. Defers Aid to Philippines
rebels ousted. from EgyptAir Flight 804, which plunged into the
The loss of a foothold in Aleppo Mediterranean Sea in May and killed all 66 people on The United States said on Thursday that it had
would be a major blow to the op- board. The announcement by the Civil Aviation Min- deferred giving economic aid to the Philippines
position, which would then hold istry offers the strongest suggestion yet that a bomb because of concerns about the rule of law as the
sway in only one of Syria’s provin- might have felled the airliner as it flew to Cairo from brutal campaign on drugs under President Rodrigo
cial capitals, Idlib, where the Syr- Paris. Previously, officials had focused on a fire as a Duterte appears to show no signs of slowing down.
ian branch of Al Qaeda is a major likely cause. Still, it was not clear why Egyptian offi- The United States Embassy in the Philippines said
force. The less territory the rebels cials had taken so long to draw the conclusion about that the deferral did not preclude the country from
hold, the harder it is for the United explosives — most of the bodies were recovered receiving grants in the future. The decision reflect-
States and its allies to get the Syr- from the sea by July — and experts said the cause of ed “significant concerns around the rule of law and
ian government to negotiate with the crash remained a mystery. The announcement civil liberties in the Philippines,” said Molly Koscina,
them, the Obama administration’s came amid new fears in Egypt over intensifying a spokeswoman for the embassy. More than 2,000
goal. BEN HUBBARD violence by the Islamic State and affiliated groups. people have been killed at the hands of the police
and HWAIDA SAAD Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for since Duterte assumed office in June. (NYT)


‘Going Once ... ’: Coffee With Ivanka Trump In Brief

WASHINGTON — Ozan M. the auction on LOT #: 1182106, iting charitable donations, said Increasingly, Surnames
Ozkural, a London-based invest- hosted by a company called Char- Norm Eisen, who served as an Are Latino, Census Says
ment manager, found a creative itybuzz. The money was to go to a ethics lawyer early in President
way to gain access to the new first foundation led by Ivanka Trump’s Obama’s tenure. Obama and his Taylor and Thomas are out.
family: He bid nearly $60,000 to brother, Eric, to benefit St. Jude wife, Michelle, have attended oc- Lopez and Gonzalez are in. Six of
have a cup of coffee with Ivanka Children’s Research Hospital of casional charitable fund-raising the 15 most common surnames
Trump for a charity event. Tennessee. events. The Obamas also allowed in the United States were of His-
Ozkural wanted to meet with But Eric Trump told The New their daughters’ high school to panic origin in 2010, compared
Ivanka Trump to gain insight into York Times on Thursday that he auction off magazines they had with four of 15 in 2000 and none
topics like President-elect Donald was considering shutting down signed, Eisen said, but they did as recently as 1990. Smith, John-
J. Trump’s possible future deal- the bidding about an hour after not auction off access to them- son, Williams, Brown and Jones
ings with Turkey and other na- The Times raised questions about selves. still remain the most common of
tions where Ozkural invests. the auction. “You never, ever want to have 6.3 million last names reported
Ozkural is one of several The charitable fund-raising by government officials using their in 2010, according to a Census
high-profile bidders in a com- Trump’s children is problematic, public office for the private gain, Bureau analysis released on
petition to win time with one of ethics lawyers said, because of even for a worthy charity,” Eisen Thursday, but Garcia had edged
Trump’s children. Other bidders the unusual role they are playing said. “That was how we did it.” up from eighth to sixth, closing in
include the owner of a Tex-Mex in the transition process, with The circumstance with the on Jones and Brown. (Rounding
restaurant chain from Hous- Ivanka and her husband, Jared Trumps is not an exact parallel; out the Top 10 were Miller and
ton who wants to press Trump, Kushner, attending meetings the all of the incoming first family will Davis.) The ascendancy of the
through his daughter, about im- president-elect had with execu- not live in the White House. Hispanic names reflects both
migration policy, and a real estate tives from major technology com- In a brief telephone interview the surge of immigrants from
executive and fringe presidential panies, and with the prime minis- about the auction, Eric Trump — Latin America and the fact that
candidate from Florida who wants ter of Japan, and Trump’s oldest who is expected to remain at the Hispanic surnames tend to be
to send a message to Trump about son, Donald Jr., helping to select Trump Organization — said that less diverse (16 percent of His-
election fraud. the nominee for interior secretary. he was trying to navigate the panic people have one of the top
Now they may not get a chance The Obama administration “new world” he is in since his fa- 10 Hispanic names). Garcia and
to “Enjoy Coffee with Ivanka prohibited any member of the ther’s win. ERIC LIPTON Rodriguez were joined in the Top
Trump in NYC or DC,” by winning first family from directly solic- and MAGGIE HABERMAN 10 in 2010 by Martinez. (NYT)
White Supremacist Is Guilty in Church Massacre Despite Headphones,
Hearing Loss Declines
CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann The jury deliberated for only acknowledgment from the chief As concern rises over the effect
S. Roof, a self-radicalized young about two hours on Thursday, defense lawyer, David I. Bruck, of continuous use of headphones
white supremacist who killed nine and as a clerk began to read the that Roof was responsible for the on hearing, a new paper by re-
black parishioners last year when guilty verdicts, a few women in “astonishing, horrible attack” on searchers has found something
he opened fire during an assault on the courtroom nodded with satis- June 17, 2015. unexpected. The prevalence
Emanuel African Methodist Epis- faction. After the court adjourned, Roof had chillingly confessed of hearing loss in Americans of
copal Church, was found guilty by the two adult survivors of the at- to investigators nearly 18 months working age has declined. The pa-
a federal jury here on Thursday. tack, Felicia Sanders and Polly earlier and revealed his purpose per, published on Thursday in the
Roof, 22, stood, his face emotion- Sheppard, shared a long embrace. in a blatantly racist manifesto journal JAMA Otolaryngology —
less, as a clerk read the verdict “I wasn’t expecting anything that he published online. His Head & Neck Surgery, used data
aloud in Federal District Court, less,” Sanders told reporters later. choice of targets seemed intense- from the National Health and Nu-
where he had been charged with “I knew it was going to be guilty, ly premeditated, although he also trition Survey, which periodically
33 counts, including hate crimes guilty, guilty, all the way through.” researched other black church- administers tests to a represen-
resulting in death. Sanders’s husband, Tyrone, es and a festival elsewhere in tative sample of the population.
Roof, whose lawyers conceded called Roof “pure evil.” South Carolina before settling on The investigators compared data
his guilt, will face the same jurors The outcome seemed a fore- Charleston because, he wrote, collected between 1999 and 2004
when they gather on Jan. 3 to de- gone conclusion from the first it is the “most historic city in my with data from 2011 and 2012. They
cide whether he will be sentenced minutes of the trial, which began state.” KEVIN SACK reported that while 15.9 percent
to death or life in prison. on Dec. 7 and included a swift and ALAN BLINDER of the population in the earlier
period had problems hearing, 14.1
Scientists Say the Clock of Aging Might Be Reversible percent of the more recent group
had hearing loss.
At the Salk Institute in La Jolla, standing of human aging and the be wound back to a more youthful Sex Offender Guilty
Calif., scientists are trying to get possibility of rejuvenating human state. Of Murdering 4 Women
time to run backward. tissues by other means. The aging process is clocklike
Biological time, that is. In the The Salk team’s discovery, re- in the sense that a steady accu- Jurors took an hour Thursday
first attempt to reverse aging ported in the Thursday issue of mulation of changes eventually to convict a California sex offend-
by reprogramming the genome, the journal Cell, is “novel and ex- degrades the efficiency of the er of killing four women — crimes
they have rejuvenated the organs citing,” said Jan Vijg, an expert on body’s cells. In one of the deepest that were mostly committed
of mice and lengthened their life aging at the Albert Einstein Col- mysteries of biology, the clock’s while he was being tracked by
spans by 30 percent. The tech- lege of Medicine in New York. hands are always set back to zero GPS and that now make him eli-
nique, which requires genetic The finding is based on the at conception: However old the gible for a death sentence. Steven
engineering, cannot be applied heterodox idea that aging is not parents and their reproductive Dean Gordon showed no emotion
directly to people, but the achieve- irreversible and that an animal’s cells, a fertilized egg is free of all in court. A penalty phase will be-
ment points toward better under- biological clock can in principle marks of age. NICHOLAS WADE gin Monday in Santa Ana. (AP)


Hacked Yahoo Records for Sale on Dark Web THE MARKETS

SAN FRANCISCO — Some collective based in Eastern Eu- email accounts and was disclosed DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
time around August 2013, hack- rope quietly began offering the in September. Yahoo has said it 59.71 20.18 8.75
ers penetrated the email system whole database for sale, accord- believes the 2014 attack was spon- ↗ 0.30% ↗ 0.37% ↗ 0.39%
of Yahoo, one of the world’s larg- ing to Andrew Komarov, chief sored by a government entity. 19,852.24 5,456.86 2,262.03
est and oldest providers of free intelligence officer at InfoAr- On Thursday, Yahoo’s stock
email services. The attackers mor, an Arizona cybersecurity plunged 6 percent as investors EUROPE
quietly scooped up the records of firm. Three buyers — two known worried that Verizon Communi-
more than 1 billion users. spammers and an entity that ap- cations would abandon deal to BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
The intruders also obtained the peared more interested in espio- buy Yahoo’s internet businesses FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
security questions and backup nage — paid about $300,000 each for $4.8 billion. 49.82 121.56 49.99
email addresses used to reset lost for a complete copy of the data- Komarov said on Thursday ↗ 0.72% ↗ 1.08% ↗ 1.05%
passwords — valuable informa- base, he said. that his company obtained a co- 6,999.01 11,366.40 4,819.23
tion for someone trying to break The attack, which Yahoo dis- py of the database and over the
into other accounts owned by the closed on Wednesday, is the larg- last few months alerted military ASIA/PACIFIC
same user, and particularly use- est known data breach of a com- and law enforcement authorities
ful to a hacker seeking to break pany. in the United States, Australia, JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
into government computers: Yahoo still does not know who Canada, Britain and the Europe- NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
Several million of the backup ad- broke into its systems in 2013, an Union about the breach. After 20.18 397.22 22.21
dresses belonged to military and how they got in or what they did those parties verified the authen- ↗ 0.10% ↘ 1.77% ↘ 0.71%
civilian government employees with the data, it said Wednesday. ticity of the stolen records, he 19,273.79 22,059.40 3,118.32
from dozens of nations. The company has made more said, some of them went to Yahoo
No one knows what happened progress tracking down a sep- with their concerns. AMERICAS
to the data during the next three arate hacking episode in 2014, VINDU GOEL
years. But last August, a hacking which compromised 500 million and NICOLE PERLROTH CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
6 Generic Drug Makers Accused of Fixing Prices ↗ 21.13 ↗ 101.96 ↘ 348.58
15,218.31 59,280.57 45,871.96
An investigation into generic The accusations, as well as market share and avoid compet-
drug prices took its most signif- state and federal investigations, ing on price. COMMODITIES/BONDS
icant turn yet on Thursday, as have left a cloud of uncertainty Both Teva, an Israeli drug mak-
state attorneys generals accused over the industry. While several er, and Mylan, the suit says, en- GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
two industry leaders, Teva Phar- other big generic drug companies gaged in anticompetitive behav-
maceuticals and Mylan, and four have received subpoenas, it was ior, but not with each other — co- ↘ 33.50 ↗ 0.04 ↘ 0.12
smaller companies of engaging in unknown where the inquiries ordinating instead with smaller $1,127.80 2.61% $51.97
brazen price-fixing schemes. would lead. The generic drug companies.
A civil complaint filed by 20 business is already on the defen- The suit’s focus is two drugs, a
states accuses the companies of sive and struggling to recover delayed-release form of the anti- FOREIGN EXCHANGE
conspiring to artificially inflate from a barrage of public criticism biotic treatment doxycycline hy-
prices on an antibiotic and a dia- in the past year over high prices. clate, and glyburide, a commonly Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
betes drug, with executives coor- The complaint on Thursday used diabetes drug.
dinating through informal indus- describes a cozy industry culture One form of doxycycline, for Australia (Dollar) .7354 1.3598
try gatherings and personal calls. and argues that those events of- example, went from an average Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6589 3.3685
Brazil (Real)
“We believe that this is just ten crossed the line to violate an- market price of $20 for a bottle Britain (Pound) 1.2427 .8047
the tip of the iceberg,” George C. titrust rules. Generic drug mak- of 500 pills in October 2013 to an Canada (Dollar) .7495 1.3342
Jepsen, the attorney general in ers that hoped to begin selling a average market price of $1,849 China (Yuan) .1441 6.9410
Connecticut, whose office start- new drug first seek out rivals, the in April 2014, according to a con- Denmark (Krone) .1401 7.1370
ed the investigation in June 2014, suit says, in hopes of reaching an gressional report. Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0216 46.3200
Egypt (Pound)
said in an interview Thursday. agreement on how to to maintain KATIE THOMAS Europe (Euro) 1.0412 .9604
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1289 7.7599
California to Regulate Energy Use of Desktop Computers Japan (Yen) .0085 20.3217
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1154 8.6659
Singapore (Dollar) .6929 1.4433
Computers are moving into power all of the computers in the nually, based on the most recent So. Africa (Rand) .0716 13.9610
a more earth-friendly future: country is the equivalent of the emissions data. The energy com- So. Korea (Won) .0008 1184.1
California’s state energy agency output of 30 large power plants mission projects that the stan- Sweden (Krona) .1063 9.4085
voted unanimously Wednesday emitting 65 million metric tons of dards will save about as much Switzerland (Franc) .9708 1.0301
to approve new regulations for carbon dioxide equivalent every electricity as 350,000 households Source: Thomson Reuters
energy efficiency in desktop com- year, according to estimates from use in a year.
puters and monitors. the Natural Resources Defense “This has been a long time in
The rules are the country’s first Council. the making,” said Pierre Del- ONLINE: MORE PRICES
attempt to regulate the energy The new standards, some parts forge, who works on energy AND ANALYSIS
use of desktop computers and of which go into effect Jan. 1, 2018, efficiency in the technology sec- Information on all United
represents another step in the would reduce carbon dioxide tor for the Natural Resources Æ
state’s efforts to drastically lower emissions in California by an es- Defense Council, adding, “It’s a States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
its greenhouse gas emissions. timated 730,000 tons, less than 1 milestone, especially in terms of tual funds, commodities and foreign
Computers use more energy percent of total statewide emis- the energy efficiency of comput- stocks along with analysis of indus-
than many other consumer elec- sions, and save consumers about ers and monitors.” try sectors and stock indexes:
tronics — the electricity used to $370 million on electric bills an- TATIANA SCHLOSSBERG


In China, Using a Touch Screen to Touch Up

HONG KONG — Your phone Millions of GAINERS AND LOSERS
can make your face whiter. A women turn % Volume
touch can taper your jaw. It can to Meitu, an Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
slim your cheeks. Of course, it can
make you thinner. aspirational 10 MOST ACTIVE
In China, beauty can come from beauty app, Bankof (BAC) 23.16 +0.49 +2.2 1618345
Chesap (CHK)
a swipe. A photo app called Meitu to create AMD (AMD) 10.86 +0.31 +2.9 488405
gives its users the power to cre- idealized Apple (AAPL) 115.82 +0.63 +0.5 462762
Yahoo (YHOO)
ate idealized versions of their re- versions of GE (GE) 31.26 ◊0.24 ◊0.8 430711
al-world selves. Its makers say: themselves. A Valean (VRX) 13.60 ◊0.52 ◊3.7 410889
DryShi (DRYS)
+1.85 +52.1
“Our mission is to make the world woman getting Barric (ABX) 14.00 ◊0.73 ◊5.0 373162
WellsF (WFC)
a more beautiful place.”
Meitu and its related apps are fake eyelashes % Volume
hugely popular in China. The GIULIA MARCHI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES in Beijing. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
apps have 446 million users, and
Meitu says more than half of the eral steps beyond. Cheeks can be who wrote a book about cosmetic 10 TOP GAINERS 5.40 +1.85 +52.1 386774
DryShi (DRYS)
photos circulated on social media stretched and pinched. Chins can surgery in China called “Buying GencoS (GNK) 9.15 +2.39 +35.4 2288
there in June were filtered using be shaved off. Eyes can be con- Beauty.” Beauty, she says, is seen Pier1I (PIR) 8.57 +2.09 +32.3 275055
+1.36 +27.1
Globus (GLBS)
its editing app. toured. as a step toward success in work athena (ATHN) 115.91 +21.54 +22.8 32875
“Meitu makes everybody look In addition, its tools are tailored and in society. Southw (OKSB) 28.50 +4.70 +19.7 19069
more beautiful in an easy way,” toward a standard of beauty that “Eventually it may not work Kalvis (KALV) 7.55 +1.23 +19.5 1320
EagleB (EGLE)
+0.85 +16.8
says Du Sha, 26, a graduate stu- is particular to China and coun- in that way,” she said, “but that’s Aquino (AQXP) 17.77 +2.29 +14.8 18273
+3.36 +13.3
Nutani (NTNX)
dent who uses it mainly to erase tries like South Korea and Japan: people’s perception of it.”
acne and to smooth her skin. pale skin, elfin features, skinny Cosmetic surgery has boomed, % Volume
Meitu, the company, hopes its limbs and wide eyes. but in China, unlike other places, Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
app will have appeal elsewhere. “I want to look cuter some- it is a market for the young. In 10 TOP LOSERS
This week it completed a $629 times,” said Zha Nan, 23, an in- China, people under 35 are the NantHe (NH) 9.71 ◊1.90 ◊16.4 10362
million initial public offering in formation technology researcher main customers for cosmetic Gulfpo (GPOR) 23.01 ◊3.87 ◊14.4 160340
Hong Kong, and is exploring tak- who has used the app for years. surgery, while 80 percent of peo- Signal (SGNL) 7.16 ◊1.09 ◊13.2 5958
◊1.00 ◊11.0
RedLio (RLH)
ing its selfie apps to other parts of Meitu approaches the subject ple getting plastic surgery in the FirstM (AG) 7.35 ◊0.84 ◊10.3 84409
the world. Its shares traded mod- of looks in a manner that reflects United States are over 35, accord- FirstN (FNBC) 6.50 ◊0.70 ◊9.7 19436
Genius (GNUS)
estly lower on their first day, valu- common thinking in China — like ing to a report on the industry by Silver (SLW) 17.04 ◊1.64 ◊8.8 140551
ing Meitu at $4.6 billion. money and education, beauty is HSBC. It cited, as one motivator, TahoeR (TAHO) 14.01 ◊0.84 ◊8.8 39966
Airgai (AIRG)
The question is whether the something one can aspire to. the prevalence of smartphone Source: Thomson Reuters
world wants Meitu’s idea of beau- It’s a case of “ ‘I do it because apps that expose people to beauty
ty. Apps like Instagram and Snap- I would like to have a beauti- marketing and encourage them
chat have long allowed people to ful photo in my C.V.,’ ” said Wen to scrutinize their photos. Stocks on the Move
apply flattering filters and wash Hua, a gender consultant for the AMIE TSANG
out their pores. Meitu goes sev- United Nations Population Fund and EMILY FENG Stocks that moved substantially or traded
heavily on Thursday:
Facebook Mounts Effort to Tide Flow of Fake News Eli Lilly & Co., up $3.70 to $71.37. The
drugmaker’s 2017 profit and sales fore-
casts were stronger than expected.
For weeks, Facebook has had to confront questions about cial network, with a vast ecosys-
been questioned about its role in its moral obligations and ethical tem of false news creators who Pier 1 Imports Inc., up $2.09 to $8.57.
The home decor company raised its guid-
spreading fake news. Now the standards regarding what ap- thrive on online advertising and ance following strong third-quarter results.
company has mounted its most pears on the network. who can use other social media
concerted effort to combat the Its experiments on curtailing and search engines to propagate Mondelez International Inc., up $1.88
problem. fake news show that Facebook their work. Google, Twitter and to $44.71. Bloomberg News reported
Facebook said on Thursday recognizes it has a deepening re- message boards like 4chan and that Kraft Heinz might try to buy the Oreo
that it had begun a series of ex- sponsibility for what is on its site. Reddit have all been criticized for cookie maker.
periments to limit misinforma- But Facebook also must tread being part of that chain. Athenahealth Inc., up $21.54 to
tion. The tests include making it cautiously in making changes, be- Still, Facebook has taken the $115.91. The maker of billing and medical
easier for its 1.8 billion members cause it is wary of exposing itself most heat over fake news. The practice management software issued
to report fake news, and creat- to claims of censorship. company has been under that 2017 projections that were better than
ing partnerships with outside “We really value giving people spotlight since Nov. 8, when Don- analysts expected.
fact-checking organizations to a voice, but we also believe we ald J. Trump was elected the 45th Synchrony Financial, up 99 cents to
help it more clearly indicate when need to take responsibility for president. Trump’s unexpected $36.93. Banks and other financial institu-
articles are false. The company is the spread of fake news on our victory almost immediately led tions jumped as bond yields and interest
also changing some advertising platform,” said Adam Mosseri, a people to focus on whether Face- rates continued to climb.
practices to stop purveyors of Facebook vice president who is in book had influenced the elector- Yahoo Inc., down $2.50 to $38.41. The
fake news from profiting from it. charge of its News Feed. ate, especially with the rise of hy- company disclosed another huge hack,
Facebook is in a tricky position. He said the changes resulted perpartisan sites on the network one that could affect more than 1 billion
It has regarded itself as a neutral from of many months of internal and many examples of misinfor- user accounts.
place where people can freely discussion about how to handle mation, such as a false article that Pinnacle West Capital Corp., down 12
post, read and view content, and false news articles. claimed Pope Francis had en- cents to $75.85. With bond yields at their
it has said it does not want to be an What impact Facebook’s moves dorsed Trump for president that highest in more than a year, stocks that
arbiter of truth. But as its reach will have on fake news is unclear. was shared nearly a million times pay hefty dividends like utilities traded low-
and influence have grown, it has The issue is not confined to the so- across the site. MIKE ISAAC er. (AP)


In a Sacred Grove, Plan a Getaway

Worship and Connection Can’t take time off for a week-

long vacation? Getting away for a
The ritual drummers preceded her as she strode weekend is still a way to recharge
down the broad steps toward the Osun shrine, care- your batteries, said Shawna Huff-
fully balancing on her head a calabash filled with kola man Owen, the president of Huff-
nuts, palm oil and other offerings to the Yoruba gods. man Travel, a travel consultancy
She was not used to walking barefoot, so the sticks based in Chicago. “If you plan
and stones on the forest floor sometimes hurt her well,” she said, “a quick trip can be
feet, yet she continued on her course with a trance- a great break and even feel longer
like resolve. It was all part of an initiation ceremony than it is.”Here, her top tips:
of the traditional Ifa religion of the Yoruba, the larg- KNOW YOUR GOAL “Your week-
est ethnic group in southwest Nigeria, and the main end trip will be a waste if it doesn’t
reason she had traveled to the Osun-Osogbo Sacred accomplish what you’re looking
Grove in Nigeria. At home in Brooklyn people know to do,” Huffman Owen said. Trav-
her as AnnMarie Sealey. Here in Osogbo they call her elers interested in cultural at-
Ifaseye Orisabunmi Adeegbe. tractions, for example, might not
Sealey is one of many visitors from abroad with an appreciate a stay in a countryside
ancestral connection to Africa who come to the Sa- retreat with few sights nearby,
cred Grove, the high priestess Adedoyin Talabi Fani- while those who like to be pam-
yi said, standing next to her and a few other devotees pered wouldn’t enjoy a property
on the bank of the Osun River. There, a statue of the without a spa or one where the spa
goddess Osun was spreading her arms as if to wel- is small and has a limited menu of
come visitors to the 185 acres of dense forest dedicat- services. Plan a trip according to
ed to her. Osun, one of many Ifa deities, is the Yoruba ADOLPHUS OPARA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES what interests you most.
goddess of fertility. One of the recently restored structures in the PICK AN EASY-TO-REACH DESTI-
“People come here looking for their roots,” Faniyi Sacred Grove in Nigeria. NATION Enjoying your destination
said. As a high priestess of Osun, she guided Sealey — not spending all of your time
through her initiation process. traveling to and from it — is cru-
In the past, most Yoruba settlements had sanctuar- Sealey has never traced her forefathers, but she cial when
ies like the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove in the forests said she imagined they might have come from Nige- you have
nearby, but now there is no other place like it left in ria. Born in Trinidad, Sealey grew up in a Spiritual limited time
the cultural region of Yorubaland. This is why in 2005 Baptist family, but had been searching outside her off. Consider
Unesco declared it one of the two World Heritage religion for guidance. When her sister-in-law intro- places that
sites in Nigeria. Today it is the only one that can be duced her to an orisha ceremony, she felt a strong are within
visited safely, since the other is in the northeast, in an connection and learned more about Ifa online. In a four-hour
area still under threat from the Boko Haram. 2009 she decided to travel to Yorubaland. Since then drive or a
The grove, in the primary high forest just outside she has returned regularly. n o n s t o p
the city of Osogbo in southwest Nigeria, contains “Here I have found my life’s path,” Sealey said flight from
over 40 shrines and is visited by Osun worshipers, when she returned from the river, where she had home.
traditional healers who gather the medicinal plants completed her initiation. “It is the only place in the FULFILL A
that grow there, and tourists from all over the world. world I feel really at peace.” FEMKE VAN ZEIJL DREAM The
exception LARS LEETARU
Swimming With the Mysterious Sardine Disco Balls to choosing
an easily accessible destination,
Huffman Owen said, is using your
Thousands to millions of sar- is book a trip weekend getaway to fulfill a trav-
dines emerge from a coral wall with a local dive el fantasy such as flying to Paris
in cobalt waters just a few yards shop. A boat will to have dinner in that three-Mi-
from the shores of Cebu Island take you a few chelin-star restaurant you have
in the Philippines. They move in yards from the always wanted to dine at, going to
a single undulating cloud of sil- beach. You dive London to catch a tennis match at
ver that twists, turns, shrinks, in, swim down a Wimbledon or heading to Moroc-
expands and wraps itself around few feet and look co for a two-day trek in the Saha-
any object that gets in its way. At up at the fish ra. “Trips like these may require
times, it becomes a thundercloud, clouds. For the more effort and a bigger budget,”
blocking out the sun or clapping best view, head she said, “but they will be ones
violently as it suddenly flips its out early. But if that you will never forget.”
formation to evade a predator. you can’t make DO YOUR HOMEWORK Planning
“The morning sun strikes them, KEITH SEPE it soon, don’t is crucial to making the most of
and they shimmer,” said Julius A free diver swooping into a sardine ball. worry: They are your weekend away and avoiding
Santos, the founder of an adven- there every day, disappointment. If you’re head-
ture tour company called Island unlike the more ing to a spa, for example, be sure
Hopping Adventure Philippines, Cebu beaches about a decade ago famous sardines that migrate to to book treatments and fitness
who dived with the fish in Novem- and have been there ever since. South Africa only in the summer. classes as far in advance as pos-
ber 2015. “The silvery reflection With the winter cold bearing The sardines’ schooling behav- sible because many spas can be
creates a disco ball.” down, it’s a nice time to imagine ior is sometimes called a bait ball, fully booked on weekends. It’s
Sparkling balls of sardines like experiencing this phenomenon. and it confuses most predators also a good idea to book tables at
the one Santos described started To dive with the sardines in the and likely helps the sardines to nightclubs and restaurants.
appearing around a handful of Philippines, all you have to do survive. JOANNA KLEIN SHIVANI VORA


Rodents Run Wild in Paris. Blame the European Union.

PARIS — On chilly winter mornings, most “I haven’t seen this sort of situation in 39 overpopulation underground because the
Parisians hurry by the now-locked square years,” said Gilles Demodice, a manager in usual habitat for this animal are the sewers.”
that is home to the beautiful medieval Tour Paris’s animal pest control department. “Our work is to push them back down,” he
St. Jacques. Only occasionally do they pause, Rat invasion is an old problem in Paris — said.
perhaps hearing a light rustle on the fallen and a new one — and it is hard to get a grip But why are they proliferating? Could it be
leaves or glimpsing something scampering on. In 2014, the city promised a 100 percent everybody’s favorite scapegoat — the Euro-
among the dark green foliage. “de-ratization.” pean Union and its faceless, unaccountable
A bird? A cat? A puppy? No. A rat. In the 19th century, rats terrified and bureaucrats? Yes, it could.
No. Three rats. No. Look closer: 10 or 12 rats disgusted Parisians who knew that five cen- New regulations from Brussels, the Eu-
with lustrous gray-brown coats are shuffling turies earlier, the creatures had brought the ropean Union’s headquarters, have forced
among the dried autumn leaves. bubonic plague across the Mediterranean. countries to change how they use rat poison,
Paris is facing its worst rat crisis in decades. Today, no one talks about a 100 percent rat- said Dr. Jean-Michel Michaux, a veterinarian
Nine parks and green spaces have been free Paris. But why is the problem worse now and head of the Urban Animals Scientific and
closed either partly or entirely. Some, like the than in the past? Technical Institute in Paris.
Champs de Mars, home to the Eiffel Tower, is “We don’t know exactly why,” Demodice The old way of poisoning rodents involved
being “de-ratisized” in sections. said, “I think it might be because there is an a sort of deadly snack service in which park
employees put lethal pellets directly into the
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz burrows where the rats lived or sprinkled a
poison powder along the underground by-
ACROSS 39 Workshop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 The poison would cling to the rat’s fur “and
1 ___ Nast, 40 French then when the rat cleaned itself, licked itself, it
publisher of seasoning 14 15 16
Vogue 41 Pre-A.D. 17 18 absorbed the powder and was automatically
6 Baby 42 Incline press poisoned,” Michaux said.
11 Voodoo doll target, briefly 19 20 However, the old method could easily con-
action 43 “___ Ho” 21 22 23 taminate the water supply, and the poison
14 “Robin ___” (old (“Slumdog could be ingested by domestic animals or hu-
Irish ballad) Millionaire” 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 man beings, Michaux said.
15 Bittersweet song) 31 32 33 34 35 36 Now the European Union requires that the
spread 45 Like Beethoven’s poison be secured in small black plastic box-
17 Company Symphony No. 7 37 es, known as bait stations, and the rats have
concerned with 47 Drowned valley, 38 to actively seek it out. The United States has
net profits? maybe
19 Big name in pop 50 Full of moxie 39 similar restrictions.
Listening to Demodice, who has spent
20 Passover month 52 Sponges 40 41 42 much of life observing rats, it is almost possi-
21 Current 55 Was vindicated ble to feel affection for them.
positions? 57 Pasta strip 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
22 Scandalous ’80s 58 Cross swords 50 51 52 53 54 “Rats play a very useful role for us because
initials 59 Baby what they eat we do not need to dispose of, so
23 Old-fashioned 60 Flower known to 55 56 it’s very economical for us, and when rats are
verb suffix attract butterflies 57 58 underground they also clean the pipes with
24 “Isn’t ___ bit like 61 Victimizes, with their fur when they run through them.
you and me?” “on” 59 60 61 “So we need to keep them. They’re sort
(Beatles lyric) of our friends, but they need to stay below.
26 Black Friday 12/16/16 That’s all we ask: that they stay below.”
scene DOWN 6 Silvery fish 26 Postprandial 46 “___ Please, ALISSA J. RUBIN
28 Back on the 1 Maine’s ___ Bay 7 Like some bulls handouts We’re British”
(1971 stage
plane? 2 Classic theater 8 Crash-prone 27 Olden farce)
31 Server of pink name “Catch-22” pilot 29 Apple on an
champagne on 3 Crack 9 “It’s showtime!” iPod, maybe 47 Compact item
ice, in song investigators? 48 He can help after
37 Is perfectly 4 Agent’s handful, 10 “Rent” 30 Four-bagger a crash 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
punctual say 31 Doesn’t proceed 49 Grate •
38 Spoke 5 Ivanka’s younger 11 Was involved 32 “Laborare est expectations? Tom Brady, Editor
forthrightly brother ___” (Masonic email: [email protected]
12 Setting for motto) 50 Bunker Hill
paintings by general •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE Tintoretto and 33 One calling the TimesDigest Sales Office
Hieronymus shots on court? 51 Michelle of phone: (212) 556-1200
DE BU T T SK GR AF Bosch “Crouching Tiger, fax: (646) 461-2364
Hidden Dragon”
EL IZ A U PI CR ED O 13 Gen ___ 34 In concert email: [email protected]
FA LL IN GF LA T R AG ES 16 Manifest, e.g. 35 Word before ball 53 Quickly put •
CE L S OT S P OP UP S or shot (together)
EN YA FA SH IO NP LA TE 18 Fine and dandy 36 Collector’s item 54 Henry VIII’s For advertising information
MA R S WE AR 24 1937 Shirley sixth and to request a media kit
PR EE N S OL E G UM Temple title role 44 Memo abbr. 55 Fell contact InMotion Media:
GR AN DFAT HE RC LA US E 25 “Fooled Around 45 ___ Balbo, right- phone: (212) 213-5856
AS S J IM S A SY ET and Fell in Love” hand man to 56 Bad cholesterol email: [email protected]
YO WI E A BS hitmaker of 1976 Mussolini letters •
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DA RT RD S S KA TE Crosswords for young solvers:



Expect a Cozy Trump-Telecom Alliance Useful Idiots Galore

On Wednesday an editorial in The Times de-
During the campaign, Donald Trump railed man, Republicans will have a 3-to-2 majority scribed Donald Trump as a “useful idiot” serv-
against powerful corporations and promised on the commission. ing Russian interests. That may not be exactly
to prevent blockbuster mergers like the pro- One Republican commission member, Ajit right. After all, useful idiots are supposed to be
posed $85.4 billion deal between AT&T and Pai, said last week that net neutrality’s “days unaware of how they’re being used, but Trump
Time Warner. That was then. Since the elec- are numbered.” And a member of Trump’s probably knows very well how much he owes
tion, Trump has been decidedly less interested transition team, Mark Jamison, suggested in to Vladimir Putin.
in constraining the power of big companies. October that most of the F.C.C. could be elimi- Still, the general picture of a president-elect
It now appears that the AT&T acquisition of nated, with the much smaller agency focused who owes his position in part to intervention
Time Warner might be approved after all, ac- on licensing wireless frequencies. by a foreign power, and shows every sign of be-
cording to The Financial Times. Public interest groups, Democratic law- ing prepared to use U.S. policy to reward that
Investors and financial analysts are already makers and sensible Republicans in Congress power, is accurate.
betting that the Department of Justice and the ought to vigorously oppose Trump’s deregula- But let’s be honest: Trump is by no means
Federal Communications Commission under tory agenda. This won’t be easy, but they could the only useful idiot in this story. As recent re-
Trump will be more likely to approve mergers try to challenge policy changes by filing law- porting makes clear, bad guys couldn’t have
in this industry. suits against the F.C.C., a tactic the telecom in- hacked the U.S. election without a lot of help.
In addition to being more open to big deals, dustry has used countless times over the years Let me explain what I mean by saying that
Trump appears ready to do away with regu- to stymie or delay regulations they opposed. bad guys hacked the election. I’m talking about
lations on this oligopolistic industry. As it is, a Early next year, Senate Democrats will get the obvious effect of two factors on voting: the
lack of competition for some services is driving to choose a new commissioner for the F.C.C. steady drumbeat of Russia-contrived leaks
up prices. The cost of expanded basic cable TV after the departure of Chairman Tom Wheeler, about Democrats, and only Democrats, and
service, for example, increased at twice the who announced his resignation on Thursday, the dramatic, totally unjustified last-minute in-
rate of inflation from 1995 to 2005, according and Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel. tervention by the F.B.I., which appears to have
to the F.C.C. The Senate would have to confirm the Dem- become a highly partisan institution.
On the chopping block are net neutrality ocratic appointee as it would Trump’s choices. Does anyone really doubt that these factors
rules adopted by the F.C.C. in 2015 to prohibit Democrats ought to pick a strong consumer moved swing-state ballots by at least 1 per-
companies like Comcast and Verizon from giv- advocate who will use the position to speak cent? If they did, they made the difference in
ing preference to some content over others. out forcefully for more competition in the in- Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — and
For example, Comcast is not allowed to engi- dustry and common-sense approaches like net therefore handed Trump the election. Yes, the
neer its broadband network to download mov- neutrality rules. Susan Crawford, of Harvard election was hacked.
ies and TV shows from its NBC Universal sub- Law School, and Tim Wu, of Columbia Law So why did the subversion work?
sidiary faster than movies from Netflix. These School, are two experts who specialize in tele- It’s important to realize that the postelection
rules were upheld by the United States Court communication issues and fit that bill. Proper C.I.A. declaration that Russia had intervened
of Appeals for the District of Columbia in June. oversight, equitable access to services and fair on behalf of the Trump campaign was a confir-
But the F.C.C. under Trump is likely to repeal pricing in telecommunications ought to be bi- mation, not a revelation. The pro-Putin tilt of
them. Once Trump appoints a new F.C.C. chair- partisan concerns. Trump and his advisers was obvious months
before the election. By midsummer the close
A Brazen Power Grab in North Carolina relationship between WikiLeaks and Russian
intelligence was also obvious.
Did Republican politicians reject this foreign
Having lost the governorship of North Caro- his ability to make sensible reforms in many aid to their cause? No, they didn’t.
lina, Republicans there are resorting to a novel areas, including public education, health care This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Leaked
strategy to subvert the will of the voters: They and environmental policy. emails were breathlessly reported as shocking
are trying to strip the new governor of some of Republicans in North Carolina have used ag- revelations, even when they mostly revealed
his powers. gressive redistricting and voting suppression nothing more than that Democrats are people.
For weeks after the election, Gov. Pat Mc- measures that are among the most brazen in Meanwhile, the news media played up the
Crory refused to concede to Attorney General the nation to win elections. The courts have Clinton server story, which never involved
Roy Cooper, demanding recounts and alleging blocked some of these efforts, but Republicans any evidence of wrongdoing, but merged in
widespread voting fraud. It didn’t get him any- have found workarounds, for instance, by lim- the public mind into the perception of a vast
where. So on Wednesday, Republican lawmak- iting voting hours and sites. “email” scandal when there was nothing there.
ers introduced bills to require State Senate Even if Cooper were to succeed in beating Now what? If we’re going to have any hope
confirmation of cabinet appointments; slash back these efforts to weaken the governor- of redemption, people will have to stop letting
the number of officials who report to the gov- ship, he will assume power with Republican themselves be used the way they were in 2016.
ernor from 1,500 to 300; and give Republicans veto-proof majorities in the House and Senate. And the first step is to admit the awful reality of
greater clout on the Board of Elections. Cooper can travel around the state promot- what just happened.
With overwhelming Republican majorities ing a robust legislative agenda that includes in- That means not trying to change the subject
in both chambers, and a resentful lame duck vestments in public education and the repeal of to campaign strategy. It means not making ex-
governor, there seems to be little Democrats the discriminatory transgender restroom law cuses for news coverage that empowered that
can do to prevent the bills from being signed that McCrory and his legislative allies passed subversion.
into law in the days ahead. earlier this year, triggering a backlash by the And it means not acting as if this was a nor-
Cooper said on Thursday that he might chal- business community. He ought to remind tax- mal election whose result gives the winner any
lenge the constitutionality of the measures in payers how much of their money has been kind of a mandate, or indeed any legitimacy
court, arguing that sweeping changes to the wasted on legal challenges to Republican vot- beyond the bare legal requirements. It might
state’s power structure should not be rammed ing suppression efforts. And he should use his be more comfortable to pretend that things
through without careful consideration. If the victory to persuade them that even in a rigged are O.K., that American democracy isn’t on the
Republicans succeed in stripping much of the system, voters can defeat greedy leaders who edge. But that would be taking useful idiocy to
governor’s authority, they would hamstring have violated their trust. the next level.


Judge Tosses Familia’s Domestic Violence Case In Brief

FORT LEE, N.J. — A domestic violence incidents involving Fa- policy, which was developed in Virginia Tech Took Plans
violence charge against Mets milia and that no problems had conjunction with the players’
reliever Jeurys Familia was dis- been reported since Familia was union and put into effect on Aug. Virginia Tech Athletic Director
missed on Thursday by a munic- arrested at the family’s home in 21, 2015. Aroldis Chapman was Whit Babcock has confirmed that
ipal court judge in Fort Lee, N.J., Fort Lee early on Oct. 31. suspended for 30 games, Jose a former assistant coach turned
after the prosecutor indicated that As Judge John DeSheplo dis- Reyes for 51 games and Hector broadcaster at Wake Forest pro-
there was not enough evidence to missed the misdemeanor charge Olivera for 82. Chapman was not vided a former Hokies assistant
move the case to trial. of simple assault after briefly arrested, Reyes was not tried and with “some game plan informa-
The prosecutor, Arthur Bal- questioning Rivas, he also agreed Olivera served his suspension tion” in 2014. Babcock said in a
samo, said that Familia’s wife, to a request from Familia’s lawyer before he was convicted of misde- statement that he had no indi-
Bianca Rivas, had told him that to expunge the arrest. meanor assault in September and cation that the information was
scratches on her chest at the time “We’re happy the case is over,” sentenced to 10 days in jail. used during the game and did not
of the episode were made by their his lawyer, Paul Brickfield, said. In the collective bargaining identify the assistant. Wake For-
1-year-old son and that marks the Though the criminal case was agreement that was finalized est won that game, 6-3. Virginia
police had spotted on her cheek dismissed, Familia could still Wednesday, the union and M.L.B. Tech joined Louisville and Army
came from her resting her face on face penalties from Major League agreed to procedural changes in in acknowledging involvement
her hand while lying down. Baseball. Under baseball’s do- the domestic violence policy coer- in the scandal. The former Wake
Rivas also said that two knives mestic violence policy, Com- ing future episodes. Forest assistant Tommy Elrod
found on the bathroom floor by the missioner Rob Manfred has dis- One provision prohibits players was fired as the analyst on Demon
police had been used by Familia to cretion to discipline individuals from encouraging witnesses not Deacons radio game broadcasts
wedge the door shut when he had regardless of criminal charges, to cooperate. Another stipulates after the university determined
temporarily barricaded himself although any penalties can be that any relevant documents and that he had leaked or tried to leak
inside after an argument. challenged through an arbitrator. information from a police inves- game plans. (AP)
Balsamo also cited the fact that Three major league players tigation be turned over to M.L.B.
there were no previous domestic have been disciplined under the investigators. BILLY WITZ N.B.A. SCORES

F.B.I. Monitored Ali Connections to Nation of Islam WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAMES
Utah 109, Oklahoma City 89
San Antonio 108, Boston 101
The F.B.I. monitored Muham- which agency documents refer to to accept a draft call-up.) Milwaukee 108, Chicago 97
mad Ali and his ties to the Nation as an “all-Negro, semireligious, Few details seemed too small New Orleans 102, Indiana 95
Denver 132, Portland 120
of Islam, newly released docu- antiwhite” organization. for the F.B.I. to record. Ali’s di- San Antonio 107, Phoenix 92
ments from 1966 show. Any sign that Ali was growing vorce proceedings and traffic tick-
The F.B.I. said in the 142 pag- closer to the group received scru- ets are worth memos. N.H.L. SCORES
es of documents that it had in- tiny. His ordering and wearing of In a May 1966 memo, the bureau WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAMES
formants close to the Nation of a captain’s uniform from the Fruit says it is interested in Ali because Tampa Bay 6, Calgary 3
Islam who let them know the ins of Islam, the group’s paramilitary of his notoriety and his “close rela- Philadelphia 4, Colorado 3
and outs of Ali’s involvement with wing, was worth an entire memo. tionship” with the Nation of Islam. THURSDAY
the group. That involvement first The documents also note several But it says that it will not conduct Chicago 5, Islanders 4
Anaheim 4, Boston 3
came into full view right after Ali supposed disputes between Ali an investigation into his activities Arizona 3, Toronto 2, SO
won the heavyweight title in 1964. and the Nation of Islam, or Ali and for fear that he would charge the Los Angeles 4, Detroit 1
It was then that Ali affirmed Elijah Muhammad. bureau with harassment. St. Louis 5, Devils 2
that he belonged to the group and The bureau was also interested It concludes: “Should informa- Winnipeg 4, Florida 3, SO
would no longer be known as Cas- in any developments on the possi- tion be received indicating Clay is Minnesota 5, Nashville 2
Rangers 2, Dallas 0
sius Clay but as Muhammad Ali. bility that Ali would be drafted into definite security threat, we would,
Years later, Ali converted to or- the Army and whether he would of course, then institute active in- N.F.L. SCORE
thodox Islam. But in 1966 the F.B.I. seek conscientious objector sta- vestigation of all his activities.” THURSDAY
focus was on the Nation of Islam, tus. (The next year, Ali did decline VICTOR MATHER Seattle 24. Los Angeles 3

WEATHER Houston 58/ 46 0 73/ 70 R 80/ 41 C Cape Town 81/ 63 0 82/ 63 PC 82/ 63 S
Kansas City 24/ 17 0 38/ 23 C 24/ -4 Sn Dublin 52/ 37 0.02 48/ 33 R 44/ 39 C
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 65/ 54 0.20 61/ 44 Sh 60/ 43 S Geneva 40/ 32 0 41/ 29 PC 40/ 29 PC
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 83/ 67 0 80/ 72 PC 84/ 75 PC Hong Kong 68/ 56 0 65/ 59 PC 69/ 66 PC
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 3/ -10 0 16/ 6 Sn 7/ -21 Sn Kingston 88/ 79 0 88/ 75 PC 90/ 76 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 27/ 24 Tr 28/ 27 PC 44/ 42 Sn Lima 73/ 65 0 77/ 65 PC 77/ 66 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 75/ 67 0 78/ 62 PC 85/ 66 F London 52/ 43 0 52/ 42 PC 50/ 38 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 27/ 25 0 29/ 26 PC 47/ 44 I Madrid 52/ 46 0.06 48/ 42 Sh 55/ 37 C
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 74/ 53 0 72/ 45 Sh 59/ 38 S Mexico City 74/ 52 0 73/ 51 PC 74/ 50 PC
Salt Lake City 44/ 32 0.01 50/ 19 R 25/ 13 PC Montreal 14/ 12 0.02 6/ 3 PC 23/ 20 Sn
San Francisco 62/ 51 0.87 54/ 40 PC 52/ 38 S Moscow 16/ 10 0.02 12/ 10 C 24/ 22 Sn
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 37/ 31 0 33/ 22 PC 33/ 30 SS Nassau 82/ 72 0 82/ 72 PC 84/ 74 PC
Albuquerque 57/ 37 0 59/ 41 W 44/ 21 W St. Louis 21/ 14 0 35/ 33 C 48/ 4 R Paris 48/ 31 0 50/ 35 PC 45/ 36 F
Atlanta 44/ 34 0 46/ 37 PC 65/ 60 C Washington 29/ 27 0 31/ 28 PC 52/ 49 I Prague 34/ 27 0 34/ 23 PC 33/ 26 PC
Boise 40/ 32 0.08 30/ 4 Sn 20/ 5 C FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 75/ 73 0.12 80/ 70 Sh 81/ 73 T
Boston 30/ 25 0 18/ 17 S 39/ 37 Sn Rome 61/ 45 0 56/ 36 S 55/ 35 S
Buffalo 16/ 10 0 23/ 17 SS 43/ 31 Sn Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 86/ 57 0 85/ 58 S 85/ 56 S
Charlotte 46/ 32 0 38/ 30 PC 53/ 49 C Acapulco 91/ 75 0.01 89/ 77 PC 88/ 76 PC Stockholm 33/ 19 0 35/ 27 C 36/ 31 C
Chicago 9/ -1 0 21/ 20 Sn 29/ -1 Sn Athens 59/ 30 0 50/ 40 PC 47/ 39 PC Sydney 68/ 63 0.41 77/ 70 Sh 89/ 65 T
Cleveland 16/ 11 0.06 22/ 22 C 48/ 28 R Beijing 41/ 19 0 43/ 21 PC 47/ 22 PC Tokyo 50/ 37 0 49/ 39 PC 56/ 43 S
Dallas-Ft. Worth 45/ 37 Tr 72/ 58 W 73/ 20 C Berlin 38/ 31 0 37/ 24 C 37/ 30 C Toronto 18/ 12 0.08 21/ 17 PC 37/ 28 Sn
Denver 54/ 12 0 45/ -6 W 7/ -5 Sn Buenos Aires 84/ 48 0 84/ 65 PC 93/ 71 PC Vancouver 32/ 19 0 30/ 19 S 31/ 25 PC
Detroit 17/ 7 0 21/ 19 Sn 35/ 17 Sn Cairo 63/ 52 0 64/ 50 S 67/ 52 S Warsaw 36/ 33 0.03 33/ 25 PC 31/ 25 S


High School Title Game Comforts a Bereaved Texas Town

ARLINGTON, Tex. — Even in Last Friday, the team played in
the discomfort of back and neck the semifinals a day after Pope’s
braces, Katie Kent, 15, wore her funeral, as all of Iraan looked
cheerleader uniform on Wednes- to the team for direction. “That
day for a pep rally to send her was a big moment,” Coach Mark
brother and his teammates off to Kirchhoff told his players. “Today
the state championship game. is a football game. That’s what we
She and several other cheer- love to do.”
leaders from Iraan High School The best team would leave with
had been seriously injured in a bus a championship ring, he said —
accident after a playoff victory on “And that’s you.”
Dec. 2. The crash killed Iraan’s It would not be easy.
booster club president and left the Bremond High arrived as a two-
chaperone for the varsity cheer- time defending state champion.
leader squad hospitalized with Its quarterback, Roshauud Paul,
multiple fractures. was named the state’s best player
All of the cheerleaders would at- COOPER NEILL FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES and plans to play next season at
tend Thursday’s title game. Kent The Iraan High School football team took the field Thursday Texas A&M. From the beginning
was not about to miss seeing her on Thursday, he was remarkably
brother, Clayton, playing quarter- before their state championship game. elusive. Eventually, Paul ran for
back for the Iraan Braves. five touchdowns and threw for a
“It’s my brother’s senior year cheerleaders, players, teachers with their smartphones, marvel- sixth as Bremond drew away in
and I’ve watched every sin- and administrators enormous- ing at the giant video screen that the second half to win, 49-28.
gle game he’s played since the ly grateful, some overwhelmed stretched from one 20-yard line For Iraan, it was a wrenching
third grade,” Katie Kent said. “I to the point of tears. Jim Baum, to the other. The field seemed lon- defeat. But heartening consola-
wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Iraan’s principal, said the heart- ger, wider than their field in Iraan. tion could be found in its persever-
Wellington High, Iraan’s oppo- felt offer of support from a cheer- But it was also a confirmation of ance. And in the reassurance that
nent in the semifinals, contributed leader who phoned him from the arrival. small towns can be counted on to
$3,000 toward a scholarship fund town of Sonora, Tex., had dis- “It’s not a dream anymore,” said give comfort to another in pain.
in memory of Liz Pope, 52, the solved him into a “puddle of goo.” Brandon Castaneda, 16, a run- “Football was huge,” said Baum,
president of Iraan’s booster club. As players took a pregame walk ning back and defensive lineman. Iraan’s principal, “but humanity
Such generosity left Iraan’s onto the field, they took videos “We’re here.” was bigger.” JERÉ LONGMAN
Craig Sager, a Colorful N.B.A. Reporter, 65, Dies In Brief

Craig Sager, an exuberant side- Craig Sager
line reporter for National Basket- was known Princeton Suspends
ball Association television broad- as much for
casts who was as well known for Swimming Team
his outlandishly garish outfits as his outlandish Princeton suspended the sea-
for the questions he asked coach- outfits as son of its men’s swimming and
es and players, died on Thursday for his brief diving team after the discovery of
in Atlanta. He was 65. interviews material on its electronic mailing
The cause was leukemia, ac- with basketball list that was “vulgar and offensive
cording to a spokesman for Turn- coaches as well as misogynistic and rac-
er Sports. After receiving the di- and players ist,” the university said. A decision
agnosis in 2014, Sager worked oc- whether to cancel the season will
casionally during what became a on N.B.A. be made in the next few days,
highly public illness. He received RONALD MARTINEZ/GETTY IMAGES broadcasts. said John D. Cramer, a university
blood transfusions to be strong spokesman. The suspension came
enough to travel to some games. But his journalism competed As his illness progressed, Sag- after an anonymous complaint
He last appeared in a game for attention with his psychedelic er had three bone marrow trans- alerted officials to “several mate-
broadcast in June and canceled wardrobe. He strode the sideline plants, two from his older son, rials” that were offensive. (NYT)
plans to work for NBC at the Sum- of N.B.A. arenas in lilac, orange, Craig II.
mer Olympics in Brazil in August banana yellow, black and lime After the Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Resigns After
to continue treatment. green outfits — some in med- defeated the Golden State War-
Sager brought deep knowledge leys of colors arrayed in stripes, riors in Game 6 of the N.B.A. Fi- Players Allege Assault
of basketball and a fun-loving plaids, swirls and other patterns nals, Sager interviewed the Cava- Sean Woods resigned Thursday
spirit to his work. He was known that resembled Rorschach tests. liers star LeBron James. After an- as Morehead State’s coach after
for working behind the scenes to He abhorred repeating any com- swering several questions, James an investigation into allegations
find news that he could use in his binations. reversed roles with Sager and by two players that Woods had
on-air reports or give to announc- “My clothes reflect who I am,” asked: “How in the hell did you assaulted them. He resigned two
ing colleagues like Marv Albert he wrote in “Living Out Loud: go 30-plus years without getting a days after being charged with
and Reggie Miller. Sports, Cancer and the Things finals game? That don’t make no misdemeanor battery in Evans-
“He was always hovering Worth Fighting For,” his autobiog- sense.” ville, Ind. Two players said they
around the benches,” Albert said raphy, which was published in No- Sager smiled and said, “Thanks had had altercations with Woods
in a recent telephone interview. vember. “I believe that life should a lot for entertaining me.” during a Nov. 19 game at the Uni-
“And players told him things.” be fun and so should your clothes.” RICHARD SANDOMIR versity of Evansville. (AP)

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