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Hacienda Times Digest Agosto 28_Neat

August 28th, 2017

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A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of sensation,
Beauty and Balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place
and invites guests to relax while restoring a connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic
architecture and traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas, the Spa offers a
peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.


With 15% Discount

Aloe Cooling Wrap.

This wonderfully soothing and cooling treatment is a welcome relief for sun exposure or
the desert heat. Aloe vera is well known for it healing restorative effects, great for dehydrated or
sunburned skins. The treatment includes a soothing mask and treatment with cool marble stones
to help reduce any inflammation, and simply please all the senses.

50 min. $95 USD + TAX

Purifying Back Treatment.

Tension from the whole body accumulates in the upper and lower back. Our Back Treatment
works to release this tension, purifying with warm compresses and essentials oils, while
relaxing with a hot stone massage. Toxins are extracted with a green clay mask, while a scalp
massage or reflexology completes the experience.

50 min. $130 USD + TAX / 80 min. $195 USD + TAX

Scalp Massage and Foot Reflexology.

Allow your body to experience the amazing effects of scalp massage and foot
reflexology. You will feel the entire body slip away into total relaxation while you
experience this very popular treatment, giving yourself a chance to relax, recover, and

50 min. $135 USD + TAX / 80 min. $190 USD + TAX

HACIENDA SPA Rejuvenate your Body,
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Replenish your Soul!


July 1 , – October 31 , 2017
Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $180.00 $145.00 $140.00 $115.00 $200.00 $160.00
Twilight 12:30 pm $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $80.00 $140.00 $115.00
Includes Food & Beverages
Rates per foursome $480.00 $420.00 $560.00
(*No time restriction) Includes Food & Beverages


$250.00 USD $330.00 USD $500.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

FROM THE PAGES OF Midnight in New York

MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
U.S. TO OVERHAUL Streets of Houston Turned Into Rivers

NUCLEAR ARSENAL apocalyptic onslaught of pound-
HOUSTON — What felt like an
DESPITE THE RISK ing rains and rapidly rising Houston
floodwaters brought the nation’s
fourth largest-city to its knees waded
Sunday, as highways and resi- through
During his speech last week about dential streets turned into rivers, floodwaters
Afghanistan, President Trump waist-high waters choked off ac- on Telephone
slipped in a line that had little to cess to homes, and hospitals and Road on
do with fighting the Taliban: “Vast officials begged boat owners to Sunday. Five
amounts” are being spent on “our pitch in with a massive and fran- people have
nuclear arsenal and missile de- tic rescue operation. been reported
fense,” he said, as the administra- The chaos inflicted by the
tion builds up the military. remains of Hurricane Harvey THOMAS B. SHEA/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES dead.
The president is doing exactly played out across an enormous
that. Last week, the Air Force an- swath of Texas and most conspic- from officials to ensure safety.” city was preparing to house up to
nounced major new contracts for uously in this metropolitan area In Houston on Sunday morning, 5,000 evacuees in a “mega-shel-
an overhaul of the American nu- of 6.6 million that has long been Mayor Sylvester Turner declared ter” opening on Tuesday.
clear force: $1.8 billion for initial used to storms blowing in off the that “most major thoroughfares The Weather Service raised
development of a highly stealthy Gulf of Mexico, but has seldom, if and their feeder roads” were now the possibility of 50 inches of to-
nuclear cruise missile, and nearly ever, faced a scene like this one. “impassible.” He urged those tal rainfall in some areas. And the
$700 million to begin replacing the The storm, which made landfall whose lives were not endangered federal government was promis-
40-year-old Minuteman missiles in late Friday as a Category 4 hurri- to refrain from calling an overbur- ing 5,000 federal employees on
silos across the United States. cane, has left five people reported dened 911 system, noting that of- site in Texas and Louisiana to as-
While both programs were de- dead, many others injured and ficials had already received more sist state and local officials.
veloped under President Barack untold numbers of homes and than 2,000 rescue calls. In a flurry of tweets on Sunday,
Obama, the Trump administration businesses flooded, damaged or Turner announced the opening President Trump wrote, “Good
has seized on them. They are the destroyed. “This event is unprece- of the George R. Brown Conven- news is that we have great talent
first steps in a remaking of the nu- dented & all impacts are unknown tion Center as a shelter. West of on the ground.” The president
clear arsenal — and the bombers, & beyond anything experienced,” Houston, San Antonio was housing promised to visit Texas “as soon
submarines and missiles that deliv- the National Weather Service said 1,000 evacuees in emergency shel- as that trip can be made without
er the weapons — that the govern- on Twitter Sunday. “Follow orders ters. In Dallas, to the north, that causing disruption.” (NYT)
ment estimated in Obama’s tenure
would cost $1 trillion or more. Dramatic Resues Unfold All Across Houston
Obama argued that by making
nuclear weapons safer and more
reliable, their numbers could be re- HOUSTON — The rain had be- said of his family’s ordeal. People searched their phones for
duced, setting the world on a path gun to fall again on Sunday after- The Durbins, whose first task traffic alerts and safe passages.
to eliminating them. Some of his noon when there was a roar over after being reunited was to re- Even National Guard soldiers
aides, believing that Hillary Clinton Interstate 610. A Texas Depart- trieve their daughters from a rel- traveling in civilian vehicles were
would win the presidential election, ment of Public Safety helicopter ative’s house, were hardly alone left to consult Google Maps.
expected deep cutbacks in the plan. was hovering overhead, a rescu- in being plucked to safety. Hous- Once residents were rescued,
Trump has not spoken of any such er and a resident joined together ton on Sunday was a study in whether by emergency officials
reduction, and his warning to North by a harness and arms. desperate improvisation, streets or volunteers, they were typical-
Korea that he would meet any chal- The men touched down in an and highways turned into rivers, ly unsure of where they would
lenge with “fire and fury” suggest- emptied traffic lane. They un- boats and helicopters more useful spend Sunday night and beyond.
ed that he may not subscribe to the hooked from each other. Seconds than cars, and dramatic rescues National Guard soldiers used a
view of most past presidents that later, the rescuer and his helicop- taking place virtually every- van to ferry rescued passengers
the United States would never use ter were off again. where one looked. across still more flooded water
such weapons in a first strike. Robert Durbin, 33, then was The National Guard and a flo- to another dry area, where they
“We’re at a dead end for arms con- left to find his wife, Danielle, who tilla of private boat operators would be relocated once again.
trol,” said Gary Samore, who was a had been airlifted in her pajamas swarmed the city in search of “They’re going to take you
top nuclear adviser to Obama. minutes earlier. Shoeless, he residents in distress, many who from there to a shelter or some-
At issue over the cruise missile ran through the parking lot that had been frantically calling the thing like that,” Maj. Randy Still-
and the rebuilding of the land-based had sprung up on the interstate, authorities for help all day long. inger of the Texas Army National
fleet is an argument over nuclear de- searching, his eyes scanning the Stranded residents mounted the Guard told some of his passen-
terrence. “Deterrence works if our cars and vans. He soon found her backs of some soldiers, who wad- gers. “I’m not sure, but it’s better
adversaries know that we can hold in a television crew’s vehicle. ed through thigh-high waters than being here.”
at risk things they value,” said the They had been on the roof of to take evacuees to trucks that During one ride, a woman
Air Force secretary, Heather Wilson. their home since about 8 a.m., and would drive them to safety. asked if she would be safe in her
“This weapon will enhance our abili- they expected to lose all of their On the highways, some motor- eventual destination: “It’s high
ty to do so.” DAVID E. SANGER possessions, except those in the ists, stalled themselves, got out enough that we’re not going to
and WILLIAM J. BROAD attic. “That was insane,” Durbin and tried to push others to safety. drown?” ALAN BLINDER


In Brief Hezbollah Acts as Iran’s Agent and Hammer

BEIRUT, Lebanon — For three
8 Climbers Die in Alps decades, Hezbollah maintained a
Eight mountain climbers died singular focus as a Lebanese mil-
in three accidents this weekend itary group fighting Israel. It built
in the Austrian and the Italian a network of bunkers and tunnels
Alps. The Austrian Red Cross near Lebanon’s southern border, Hezbollah
said five mountain climbers died trained thousands of fighters to fighters led
Sunday in the Austrian Alps in battle Israel’s army and built up an a tour for
Wildgerlostal on Mount Gabler, arsenal of rockets capable of strik- Lebanese
east of Innsbruck. Three Italian ing far across the Jewish state. and foreign
mountain climbers also died this But as the Middle East has
weekend, two of them on Sunday changed, with conflicts often hav- journalists in
after falling into a crevasse in ing nothing to do with Israel, Hez- July near the
the Italian Alps. The Italian news bollah has changed, too. SERGEY PONOMAREV FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Syrian border.
agency ANSA said one of the cre- It has expanded its realm of op-
vasse victims had been rescued erations. It has sent legions of fight- Guards Corps, providing the link build has changed conflicts in the
Sunday in grave condition but ers to Syria. It has sent trainers to to a growing network of militias. region. In Syria, the militias have
later died. (AP) Iraq. It has backed rebels in Yemen. Interviews with officials, fight- played a role in propping up Pres-
And it has helped organize a battal- ers, commanders and analysts ident Bashar al-Assad, an Iranian
Ex-Thai Leader Flees ion of militants from Afghanistan from nine countries, and with ally. In Iraq, they are battling the Is-
that can fight almost anywhere.
members of Hezbollah, bring to
lamic State and promoting Iranian
For two years, Yingluck Shi- As a result, Hezbollah is not just light an organization with new interests. In Yemen, they have tak-
nawatra, the former prime minis- a power unto itself, but is one of power and reach. Increasingly, en over the capital city and dragged
ter of Thailand, battled criminal the most important instruments Iranian leaders rely on Hezbollah Saudi Arabia, an Iranian foe, into a
charges of negligence and claims in the drive for regional suprem- to pursue their goals. costly quagmire. In Lebanon, they
that she had cost the country acy by its sponsor: Iran. Iran and Hezbollah are Shiite broadcast pro-Iranian news and
billions of dollars. She appeared Hezbollah is involved in near- powers in a part of the world that build forces to fight Israel.
in court and assured her support- ly every fight that matters to is predominantly Sunni. For Iran, a In the battle for Aleppo last year,
ers that she would fight. But on Iran and, more significantly, has Persian nation in a mostly Arab re- a turning point in the Syrian war,
Friday, when the time arrived for helped recruit, train and arm an gion, Hezbollah lends not just mil- Iranian-supported militants hailed
the Supreme Court to render its array of new militant groups that itary might but also Arabic-speak- from so many countries their diver-
verdict, Yingluck was missing. are also advancing Iran’s agenda. ing leaders and operatives who can sity amazed even those involved.
She sent word that she was ill. Founded with Iranian guidance work in the Arab world. “On the front lines, there were
But senior members of her party in the 1980s as a resistance force For Hezbollah, the alliance lots of nationalities,” said Hamza
say they believe she slipped out against the Israeli occupation means money for running a so- Mohammed, an Iraqi militiaman
of the country rather than face of southern Lebanon, Hezbol- cial services network in Lebanon, who was trained by Hezbollah and
the prospect of spending up to 10 lah became the prototype for the with schools, hospitals and scout fought in Aleppo. “Hezbollah was
years in prison. Her whereabouts kind of militias Iran is now back- troops, as well as for weapons, there, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis
remained a mystery on Sunday. ing around the region. Hezbollah technology and salaries for its tens — everyone was there, with Irani-
Party officials said they had no has evolved into a virtual arm of thousands of fighters. an participation to lead the battle.”
idea where she was. (NYT) of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary The network Hezbollah helped BEN HUBBARD
Labour Party Calls for Gradual Transition From the E.U.

LONDON — The opposition La- The party’s new stance, he said, Labour’s “transitional period” both major parties at the time.
bour Party called on Sunday for an was “a grown-up acknowledg- was nothing more than a diver- But the referendum results
indefinite “transition period” of de ment that bespoke transitional sionary stalling tactic. specified neither a timetable for
facto membership in the Europe- arrangements are highly unlikely “This is all spin and no princi- the break nor priorities for the fu-
an Union even after the deadline to be negotiated, agreed and es- ple,” said the Liberal Democrats, ture relations with the continent.
for an exit in early 2019, clarifying tablished in the next 18 months.” the party that has championed re- Both parties are now promising
for the first time the party’s ad- The Tories dismissed the La- maining in the European Union. to preserve as much as possible of
vocacy of a gradual and narrow bour proposal as “a weak attempt “Even Mr. Starmer is only propos- European free trade rules, which
break with the continental bloc. ing to remain in the single market are vital to the British economy.
It was the latest in a series of during a transitional period, and But on immigration, they are also
signs that momentum for a clean Hoping to preserve rules refuses to say he will back mem- pledging to impose new restric-
break with the European Union for free trade, but not bership after that.” tions on the movement of people.
has faltered since the Conser- The Labour position echoes a Starmer wrote that Labour
vatives lost their parliamentary those for free migration. call in a government position pa- would seek “a strong and lasting
majority in June and started grap- per this month for an extension of new relationship with the E.U. —
pling with the weight of negotiat- Britain’s participation in the Euro- not as members, as partners.”
ing the departure. to kick the can down the road.” pean free trade bloc as talks con- But, he added, the “transition-
“There is now near consensus “Labour have no idea what tinue past the deadline “in order al period” should not be a “nev-
that a transitional period is an they want,” a Conservative party to avoid a cliff edge for individuals er-ending purgatory,” because
economic and political necessity,” spokesman said. “They have no and businesses on both sides.” that would not tackle “central
Keir Starmer, Labour’s shadow vision for what Britain should look Fifty-two percent of voters chose issues the referendum exposed
secretary for exiting the Europe- like outside the E.U.” to leave the European Union in a — in particular the need for more
an Union, wrote in a newspaper Those who oppose Brexit were referendum a little over a year ago, effective management of migra-
column outlining the new position. hardly more welcoming, saying defying the recommendation of tion.” DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK


Fatigue and Training Gaps Spell Disaster at Sea In Brief

WASHINGTON — Two dead- ter the Fitzgerald collided with ly on grueling watch schedules Horror Movie Director
ly collisions between high-tech a freighter near Tokyo in June, that leave captains and crews ex-
destroyers and easy-to-spot, and a second destroyer, the John hausted, even though the service Tobe Hooper Dies at 74
slow-moving cargo ships in a little S. McCain, collided with a tanker ordered submarines to abandon Tobe Hooper, who realized just
over two months have stunned last Monday while approaching similar schedules two years ago. how terrifying a chain saw in the
many in the Navy and sent top Singapore, Navy investigators The Navy’s examination of wrong hands could be and used
leaders scrambling for answers. have been piecing together the whether systemic issues contrib- the insight to make one of the
But shipboard veterans had long causes of the fatal crashes. (On uted to the accidents will also re- most influential horror movies
seen signs of trouble. Factor in a Sunday, the Navy said it had re- view ship operations and episodes of the last century, “The Texas
shrinking Navy performing the covered the last of the bodies of at sea over the past decade. Chain Saw Massacre,” died on
same duties as a larger fleet did a the 10 sailors who died on the Mc- “This is truly a shock to the Na- Saturday in Los Angeles. He was
decade ago, constant deployments Cain.) Congress has set hearings vy’s system,” James G. Stavridis, 74. The Los Angeles County cor-
that leave little time to train and re- next month that will include top a retired four-star admiral who oner’s office said Sunday that he
lentless duties that require sailors commanders and safety auditors. commanded destroyers, said of died of natural causes, The Asso-
driving 9,000-ton vessels to endure Officers said the accidents — the recent crashes. “It’s hard to ciated Press reported. Hooper’s
sleepless stretches that would be and two nonlethal episodes earlier believe it is simply coincidental.” other directing credits included
illegal for bus drivers, and avoid- this year — were almost certainly Vice Adm. William Douglas “Poltergeist,” the 1982 ghost story
able accidents can happen, current influenced by systemic problems Crowder, a retired commander he made with Steven Spielberg,
and former officers said. that persist despite repeated of the Seventh Fleet, agreed. “As and episodes of television shows
“What seems impossible — that alarms from congressional watch- the Navy conducts this broad like “Tales From the Crypt,” but
two ships could hit in the middle of dogs and the Navy’s own experts. look in its mirror, I suspect it will his most enduring contribution
the ocean — becomes very real,” More than a dozen current and recognize many blemishes that was certainly “The Texas Chain
said Robert McFall, a former Na- former ship commanders who are neither new nor previously Saw Massacre,” a low-budget
vy lieutenant commander who served in the western Pacific said unknown,” he said. “The key issue 1974 sleeper that became a cult
served as the operations officer of the strain on the Navy’s fleet there is whether the Navy will com- hit, helped establish horror con-
the destroyer Fitzgerald in 2014. had caused maintenance gaps mit to the fundamental changes ventions that are still widely used
“If you are not at your best, events and training shortfalls. required to actually cure those and influenced countless other
can start that lead to a disaster.” Compounding the stress, they shortfalls.” DAVE PHILIPPS directors. (NYT)
Since the loss of 17 sailors af- said, the Navy allows ships to re- and ERIC SCHMITT
Program That Aided 800,000 Immigrants Under Fire Anarchists Storm Rally
Black-clad anarchists on
Sunday stormed into what had
Jessica Rojas beat poverty to has pledged to keep the program ending the program. been a largely peaceful protest
put herself through engineering alive, calling recipients, also Discussions about the program in Berkeley, Calif., against hate
college, where she collected acco- known as Dreamers, “absolutely inside the White House took on and attacked at least four people,
lades for academic achievement. incredible kids.” new urgency after a group of con- including the leader of a politi-
After graduating last year, Rojas, But recently, key players in servative state attorneys general cally conservative group who
who grew up in Chicago, was hired his administration have advised threatened to sue the Trump ad- canceled an event a day earlier
by a utility company to help mod- Trump to wind down the program, ministration in federal court un- in San Francisco because of fears
ernize the city’s electrical grid. and his attorney general, Jeff Ses- less the administration begins to violence could break out. The
But her life could soon be up- sions, has informed him he consid- dismantle the program by Sept. 5. group of more than 100 hooded
ended in a showdown over a ers it unconstitutional and cannot A decision by the administra- protesters, with shields embla-
five-year-old initiative, Deferred defend it in court, according to tion not to defend DACA in court zoned with the words “no hate”
Action for Childhood Arrivals, or people familiar with the discus- “would almost certainly spell a and waving a flag identifying
DACA, which has granted per- sions who insisted on anonymity death knell for the program,” said themselves as anarchist, busted
mission to stay and work to about to describe private deliberations. Paul Virtue, a partner in the law through police lines, avoiding se-
800,000 immigrants like Rojas While the White House has de- firm of Mayer Brown who in the curity checks by officers to take
who were brought illegally to the clined to comment on the fate of 1980s and ’90s was a senior official away possible weapons. (AP)
United States as children. DACA, several officials and peo- at the Immigration and Natural-
Since attacking DACA on the ple briefed on the discussions now ization Service, as the agency was Evasive on Trump Values
campaign trail, President Trump say the president is on the brink of then known. MIRIAM JORDAN
Secretary of State Rex W.
Drug May Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer Tillerson, addressing President
Trump’s blaming of “both sides”
in the racially charged violence
A drug that fights inflamma- people who are still at risk despite it is unlikely to be widely used. in Charlottesville, Va., declined to
tion can reduce the risk of heart standard therapies. Cardiovascular disease is the say on Sunday whether Trump’s
attacks and strokes, and possibly “This is fantastic,” said Dr. Da- leading cause of death worldwide response represented “American
lung cancer, in people who have vid J. Maron, the director of pre- and in the United States. Globally, values.” “The president speaks
already had one heart attack and ventive cardiology at Stanford it killed 15 million. for himself,” Tillerson said on
are at high risk for another, a new University School of Medicine. The drug that was studied, “Fox News Sunday.” Asked by
study finds. “The green light just went on for canakinumab, is marketed under the host, Chris Wallace, about a
Researchers outside the study full-fledged investigation and de- the brand name Ilaris, but was ap- United Nations statement con-
say the findings represent a ma- velopment of effective and cost-ef- proved to treat a type of juvenile demning the president’s words,
jor milestone — proof of a biolog- fective new therapies.” rheumatoid arthritis and other Tillerson said that “I don’t believe
ic concept that opens the door But experts also cautioned that rare disorders, not heart disease. anyone doubts the American peo-
to new ways of treating and pre- potentially fatal side effects of the It costs about $200,000 a year and ple’s values” or the government’s
venting cardiovascular disease in drug, as well as its high cost, mean is made by Novartis. (NYT) commitment to them. (NYT)


Samsung’s Profile Could Help Scion Go Free In Brief

SEOUL — This is a partial list predict a fierce legal battle. chaebol, “rich family” in Korean.
of the businesses of Samsung, The government is run by a The 10 largest chaebols gener- Storm Closes Key Oil
the South Korean business em- president, Moon Jae-in, and a po- ate revenue accounting for over Operations in Texas
pire: smartphones, microchips, litical party that have criticized 80 percent of South Korea’s gross
insurance, gas ovens, hospitals, the excesses of the biggest com- domestic product. They are among Key oil and gas facilities
dishwashers, cargo ships, stocks, panies. That has many predicting the companies that the pre-demo- along the Texas Gulf Coast have
microwave ovens, apartment that Lee, if his conviction is up- cratic military rulers partnered temporarily shut down as Trop-
buildings, vacuum cleaners, cred- held, will serve out his term. with to build a global exporting ical Storm Harvey pounds the
it cards, pharmaceuticals, air-con- But to many South Koreans, powerhouse after the Korean War. region with torrential rain and
ditioners and bidets. Samsung and its offshoots sym- Among those 10 giants, six of high winds, virtually assuring
Samsung is South Korea’s No. 1 bolize the country’s rise from war their leaders have been convicted gasoline prices will rise in the
brand and, when all its products and poverty to become one of the of white-collar crimes, yet many storm’s aftermath. Even before
are added together, its single big- original Asian economic success were pardoned or their sentences Harvey made landfall as a Cat-
gest export. It dominates the na- stories. Should Samsung stumble were commuted. egory 4 hurricane late Friday,
tion’s business and social life. That while Lee is in prison, public pres- “It’s high time to think hard dozens of oil and gas platforms
dominance may make it difficult sure could mount to free him. about whether the chaebol system had been evacuated, at least
to keep its top executive in prison. “Samsung is the No. 1 brand of is the right one for Korea,” said Yoo- three refineries had closed and
A South Korean court on Fri- Korea, one we’re proud of,” said Kyung Park, director at APG Asset at least two petrochemical plants
day sentenced Lee Jae-yong, the Cho Wung-ki, a 78-year-old retired Management, the investment had suspended operations. How
third-generation de facto leader of businessman whose son works for manager of the Dutch pension soon they reopen depends on
one of the world’s largest business Samsung. “That’s why I don’t be- fund that holds stakes in Samsung the severity of flooding and the
empires, to five years in prison for lieve putting Lee Jae-yong in jail companies. She added, “In the 21st resumption of power. Experts say
bribery, embezzlement and oth- actually helps the country at all.” century, you can’t have one person it’s still too early to say, with the
er charges. Lee’s attorneys have Samsung is among a group calling the shots. That is too dan- storm still moving through the
said they will appeal, and experts of family-run companies called gerous.” JEYUP S. KWAAK region on Sunday. (AP)

Economists Fear a Spate of Threats to Growth Maine Blueberry Crop
Falls With Disease
GRAND TETON NATIONAL possibility that the United States dangers of protectionism. Maine’s wild blueberry crop
PARK, Wyo. — In the decade since might fail to pay its debts. The most immediate threat to is likely to be much smaller this
the financial crisis, economic pol- Monetary policy lost its usual the world’s economies is posed by year than in recent summers be-
icy makers, professors and pro- place in the spotlight. the looming deadline for Congress cause the industry is contending
testers have gathered here every “Some of you flew 10, 15 hours to raise the federal “debt ceiling,” with troubles such as disease and
August to argue about the best to get here, and you’ve been sit- allowing the government to bor- a lack of pollination. In recent
ways to return to faster growth. ting here and you haven’t heard row money to pay its bills. Even years, crop sizes have soared and
This year, they gave up. anything about monetary pol- a temporary break in payments prices have plummeted, bringing
The formal agenda and corridor icy,” joked Jason Furman, who could cause a financial crisis. uncertainty to a key state indus-
conversations at the annual con- was head of President Barack Powell, a Republican, warned in try, and prices hit a 10-year low
ference hosted by the Federal Re- Obama’s Council of Economic a pair of interviews on the financial of 27 cents per pound to farmers.
serve Bank of Kansas City instead Advisers. Then he dived into an networks CNBC and Fox Business David Yarborough, a professor
focused mostly on making sure unrelated talk about the benefits that a default would deliver “a ma- of horticulture at the University
things don’t get worse. of government spending. jor shock to the economy.” That is of Maine, said “mummy berry”
Financial regulators warned Janet L. Yellen, the Fed’s chair- “not something we need right now,” disease, a crop-killing ailment
against deregulation. Proponents woman, talked about the dangers he added dryly. He also empha- caused by a fungal pathogen, and
of free trade warned against pro- of financial deregulation, and Ma- sized that the Fed could not shield other factors could cut the har-
tectionism. Jerome H. Powell, a rio Draghi, president of the Euro- the economy from the consequenc- vest by as much as 36 percent this
Fed governor, warned against the pean Central Bank, discussed the es. BINYAMIN APPELBAUM summer. (AP)
Statesman Bourbon Hits Big Screen and Liquor Store Shelves

A scene in the coming movie bourbon has been appearing on revolve around Kentucky distillers master taster, chose barrels from
“Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” liquor store shelves since spring. whose products predated Prohibi- the warmest parts of the compa-
the sequel to the hit starring Colin By introducing its product tion. When he happened to bump ny’s warehouses to produce what
Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, before the release of the movie, into a cousin of Campbell Brown, Brown described as a “charac-
unfolds in a cave and involves the Old Forester is not only hoping president of Old Forester, at a ter-rich” flavor, at 95 proof.
Advertising discovery of a to capitalize on the cachet of the cocktail party, an idea was hatched Because consumers are be-
dusty safe filled Kingsman characters discussing to incorporate the brand, which coming savvier, the stakes have
with amber bottles of old bourbon. and enjoying Statesman bour- claims to be the oldest bourbon become higher for brands trying
It was an ideal spot for a product bon. It is also trying to establish in continuous production on the to gain exposure in creative
placement. But the director, Mat- what marketers are seeking market. ways. “The brand needs to feel
thew Vaughn, took that commer- more than ever: authenticity. Characters in the film, played by, like something the characters
cial device and reversed it. “This is authentic storytell- among others, Channing Tatum would be proud of,” said Nancy
What is in the safe is Statesman ing with the product in there,” and Jeff Bridges, will produce, Hansell, brand strategist at
bourbon, a spinoff of the long- Vaughn said. “I think this is the drink and discuss the bourbon, Siegel & Gale. “If it feels like a
standing Old Forester brand pro- future of advertising.” which became available well be- direct line of the media property,
duced by Brown-Forman of Lou- Vaughn said he and Jane Gold- fore the movie’s Sept. 22 release. it instantly becomes a different
isville, Ky., since 1870. Statesman man wrote the sequel’s script to Jackie Zykan, Old Forester’s thing.” ZACH SCHONBRUN


A Game You Can Control With Your Mind AMC Theaters

Will Try to Bar
SAN FRANCISCO — When you cool,” said Ed Boyden, a profes-
sor of biological engineering and
pull the headset over your eyes brain and cognitive sciences at the MoviePass Users
and the game begins, you are
transported to a tiny room with M.I.T. Media Lab who advises one
white walls. Your task is to break of those start-ups. Membership to the theatergo-
out of the room, but you cannot Neurable’s prototype uses vir- ing subscription service Movie-
use your hands. You must use tual reality goggles from HTC, a Pass surged after it dropped its
your thoughts. consumer electronics company, prices this month, with more than
You turn toward a ball on the and seven EEG sensors placed at 150,000 new users signing up in
floor, and your brain sends a com- specific spots around your head. just two days. Its members can
mand to pick it up. With another But given the physical limits of now go to the movies 365 times a
thought, you send the ball crashing what these sensors can read, an year for $9.95 a month, and so far
into a mirror, breaking the glass EEG-based game is unlikely to do they have been going in droves,
and revealing a few numbers scrib- CHRISTIE HEMM KLOK FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES more than select digital objects. according to data released by one
bled on a wall. You mentally type Michael Thompson, a In a few years, Facebook hopes of the company’s investors.
those numbers into a large keypad Neurable executive, with to have a system that allows peo- But not everyone is happy:
by the door. And you are out. ple to type with their thoughts five AMC Theaters, the country’s
Designed by Neurable, a small the prototype for a game times as fast as they now type us- largest cinema chain, has said
start-up founded by Ramses Al- that users play with their ing a smartphone keyboard. But a that it is looking for ways to block
caide, an electrical engineer and thoughts. number of neuroscientists argue subscribers from using the Mov-
neuroscientist, the game offers that such speed will come only with iePass app to buy tickets to its the-
what you might call a computer devices planted inside the skull. aters. In a statement, AMC derid-
mouse for the mind, a way of se- title Awakening, and a few hun- Neuralink, the latest company ed MoviePass as “a small fringe
lecting items in a virtual world dred others tried it this month at from Elon Musk, the founder of Tes- player” and said the service was
with your thoughts. the Siggraph computer graphics la and SpaceX, has ambitions that “not welcome here.”
Incorporating a headset with conference in Los Angeles. appear to stretch much further, to MoviePass, which was founded
virtual reality goggles and sensors Driven by investments from eventually implanting chips in peo- in 2011, announced on Aug. 15 that
that can read your brain waves, the United States government ple’s brains. The dangers of brain it would lower the cost of its unlim-
this prototype is a few years from and by the herd mentality that surgery make this unlikely. ited monthly subscription from as
the market. And it is limited in so often characterizes the tech “In the physical sciences, there much as $50 in the most expensive
what it can do. You cannot select an world, a number of a start-ups and are physical boundaries,” said cities to a flat nationwide rate of
object with your mind unless you bigger companies like Facebook Matt Angle, a neuroscientist and $9.95. The deal works at 91 percent
first look in its general direction, are working on ways to mentally the founder of Paradromics. “To of theaters in the United States, the
narrowing the number of items control machines. They are also think that you’ll be able to blow company said, but it does not apply
you may be considering. looking for smoother ways to use through fundamental laws by to 3D or IMAX movies. Members
But it works. I recently played virtual reality technology. sheer ambition and enthusiasm is can see one movie a day.
the game, which has the working “Neurotechnology has become naïve.” CADE METZ MoviePass pays the full ticket
price for a film and then makes
Uber Chooses Expedia’s Chief as Its New C.E.O. those tickets available to subscrib-
ers. AMC said the average nation-
wide price for a ticket at one of its
SAN FRANCISCO — Uber of Sunday afternoon and the ness continued to grow, Kalanick’s theaters was $9.33 in the most re-
chose Dara Khosrowshahi, who board decided on Khosrowshahi. management style faced scrutiny cent quarter. A MoviePass custom-
leads the online travel company Uber, the company’s board and and investors mutinied against er who saw 31 movies in a month
Expedia, to be its chief executive, Expedia did not respond to re- him. would pay 32 cents for each film.
on Sunday, two people with knowl- quests for comment. How much of an impact Khos- It works out to be a good deal for
edge of the decision said. The Choosing Khosrowshahi is cru- rowshahi can have on Uber is un- consumers, but AMC said a $9.95
selection capped a contentious cial to returning stability to Uber, certain. The company still bears price was “not in the best interest
search process as the ride-hailing the world’s biggest ride-hailing the imprint of Kalanick, who is on of moviegoers, movie theaters
company sought to move past a company, which has been without Uber’s board. and movie studios.” And maybe
turbulent period. a leader since its co-founder, Tra- The search for a new C.E.O. was not even MoviePass itself.
Khosrowshahi emerged as the vis Kalanick, stepped down under riven by discord, especially be- “From what we can tell, by defi-
leading candidate from a field of pressure on June 20. Under Kala- tween Kalanick and Benchmark, a nition and absent some other form
three finalists over a weekend of nick, Uber changed the transpor- venture capital firm that is a major of other compensation, Movie-
Uber board meetings, according tation landscape by offering peo- Uber shareholder and has a seat on Pass will be losing money on ev-
to the two people, who spoke on ple the ability to summon a ride Uber’s board. Kalanick and Bench- ery subscriber seeing two movies
the condition of anonymity be- through an app, and the privately mark had their own preferred can- or more in a month,” AMC said.
cause the details were confiden- held company swelled to a nearly didates for a new chief. Benchmark AMC also said MoviePass’s ap-
tial. $70 billion colossus. also has sued Kalanick to try to proach to pricing could hurt the
One finalist, Jeffrey R. Immelt, But Uber’s future became force him off the board. film industry long-term because it
the former chief of General Elec- murkier this year when the com- The logjam was only broken “will not provide sufficient revenue
tric, withdrew on Sunday when pany was pummeled by scandal in the past few days. Immelt and to operate quality theaters nor will
it became clear that he did not after scandal, including sexual ha- Khosrowshahi presented to the it produce enough income to pro-
enough have support, the two rassment accusations in the work- board on Friday, said the people vide filmmakers with sufficient in-
people said. The board then was place, a Department of Justice with knowledge of the process. centive to make great new movies.”
leaning toward Meg Whitman, the criminal investigation into some Whitman presented on Saturday. MoviePass declined to explain
chief of Hewlett Packard Enter- of its methods, and an intellectual Whitman had previously said how it makes money by selling
prise, the people said. But matters property dispute with a self-driv- more than once that she planned memberships at the lower rate.
changed quickly over the course ing car rival. While Uber’s busi- to stay at H.P.E. MIKE ISAAC LIAM STACK


A Debut Novelist’s Descent Into Darkness Concern Over

Kennedy Gala
It’s clear from the first few sen- waiting tables when he sold the
tences of Gabriel Tallent’s “My novel to Riverhead in 2015.
Absolute Darling” that the novel’s But in an interview, it became As Trumps Skip
fierce, vulnerable, semi-feral her- clear that Tallent’s splashy debut is
oine, Turtle Alveston, is in a pre- far from an overnight success sto- When the White House
carious situation. ry. It took him about eight years to R.S.V.P.’d “no” this month to the
The gravel driveway of her de- get the novel into a form he felt was 2017 Kennedy Center Honors
crepit house is littered with bullet publishable. His mother is the fic- — the first time a president and
casings. The living room window tion writer Elizabeth Tallent, and a first lady have backed out of
is boarded up, covered with shot he grew up in a literary household. attending — it allowed both the
up rifle targets. Dirty skillets are Tallent said he approached Trumps and the gala’s hosts to
left on the porch for raccoons to writing about Turtle’s abuse “with breathe sighs of relief.
lick clean. When she gets home trepidation, and my trepidation But the decision has led to con-
from school, Turtle, 14, picks up a had several valences.” But he cerns that a precedent has been
loaded Sig Sauer pistol lying on MICHAEL FRIBERG FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES was compelled to write about it set for future presidents, allow-
the counter and levels it at the The author Gabriel Tallent in specific, unsparing language ing them to skip the starry event
target. Her father, Martin, smiles — in part because he feels that when politics intrudes.
without looking up. in Little Cottonwood Canyon violence against young women is Some of this year’s honorees
The novel’s ominous opening outside of Salt Lake City. too often treated as a plot point in planned to shun a reception at the
passages make two things evi- literature, rather than as a way to White House to protest President
dent: Turtle is in grave danger, understand a victim’s experience. Trump’s remarks about white su-
and yet she isn’t the prototypical, place and humanity is doomed. At “It can feel exploitative, and premacists in Charlottesville, Va.
passive fictional girl in peril. 6, she learns how to fire a bolt-ac- there’s a tendency for hurt young There were concerns that some
With its unconventional heroine tion pistol. At 14, she’s become an women to be symbols in literature stars might skip the show or that
and unflinching portrayal of an expert sharpshooter and hunter and not characters in themselves,” Trump’s presence might prove
abused girl’s fight to save herself, who can navigate the forests in the he said. “I didn’t want Turtle to be a a drawback at a moment when
the novel seems poised to become dark, identify edible plants, make poster child or a stock case, I want- some corporate leaders were dis-
the breakout debut of the year. fire with a bow drill and shoot, ed her to feel like her own person.” tancing themselves from him.
The novel has drawn ecstatic skin and roast a rabbit over a fire Tallent has been stunned by the Without the president, the
blurbs from writers like Celeste of dried grass and twigs. She’s at praise that the novel has received, event loses the halo of power and
Ng, Phil Klay and Stephen King, home in the wilderness, but is fail- but all the attention feels remote bipartisanship that distinguishes
who declared the book a “master- ing at school and estranged from to him from his home in Utah, it from many other tributes and
piece” on par with “Catch-22” and her peers and teachers. She’s where he spends much of his free galas. “It actually brings luster to
“To Kill a Mockingbird.” alone except for Martin, a sadis- time rock climbing. the event when the president ap-
Turtle’s story unfolds on the tic monster who would sooner kill “I live among climbers and pears — that’s one of the reasons
coast of Northern California, in her than lose control over her. health care professionals, so all of it’s such a valuable award,” said
the lush, untamed forests, gulches In a literary world that can our conversations are about health Michael M. Kaiser, a former pres-
and tide pools around Mendocino. sometimes feel claustrophobi- care and climbing,” he said. “Books ident of the Kennedy Center, add-
She lives with her paranoid, sur- cally close-knit, Tallent seems are this thing I secretly think about ing that the presence of the presi-
vivalist father — a self-taught phi- to have arrived fully formed. A when everyone’s talking about dent also typically helped from a
losopher and gun nut who teaches 30-year-old rock climber who what sick lines they’re going to sink fund-raising standpoint.
her that the world is a treacherous lives in Salt Lake City, Tallent was tomorrow.” ALEXANDRA ALTER Donors who contribute more
than $10,000 a year to the center
KenKen are given access to advanced
sales. Single seats cost $500 to
$6,000 each, while four-seat boxes
Answers to Puzzles
go for $40,000 and six-seat boxes
for $50,000. The event typically
raises about $7 million.
One of this year’s honorees, Nor-
man Lear, the television producer,
said that he would skip the White
House reception, in part, to protest
Trump’s call to eliminate the Na-
tional Endowment of the Arts.
The center was established as
“a living memorial” to President
John F. Kennedy. One board mem-
ber, David C. Bohnett, emailed:
“As a trustee of the Kennedy Cen-
ter, I’m guided by the words of
President Kennedy, from October,
1963, as etched on the walls of his
Fill the grid with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each living memorial: ‘I look forward
heavily outlined box will produce the target number shown, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication or to an America which will reward
division, as indicated in the box. A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1-4. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6. achievement in the arts as we re-
ward achievement in business or
For solving tips and more KenKen puzzles: For feedback: [email protected]
statecraft.’ ” MICHAEL COOPER
KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved.


Going for a Run in Sierra Leone? Don’t Invite Friends

DAKAR, Senegal — In Sierra Leone, it was that large numbers jog in the streets “with a on a day when shops and offices are closed and
common to spot bands of young people jog- hint of menace, raining insults, obstructing the streets are empty?” asked Andrew Mar-
ging on weekend mornings in cities across the traffic, pounding on vehicles, playing loud rah, a Sunday jogger in Freetown, the capital.
country, where exercising in groups is popu- music” and robbing those they pass. Government officials are thought to be wor-
lar. Some crews ran in complete silence, while Francis Munu, the inspector general of the ried about the influence these running groups
others sang and clapped as they loped along, police force, speaking in a radio interview, might have as the country moves toward a
sometimes following vehicles blaring music. said that “unruly individuals” often join the major presidential election set for early next
Now, the authorities have put an end to jogging groups and are “snatching phones” year. The ruling party, the All People’s Con-
the practice, citing disorderly and criminal and “causing public unrest.” gress, may be trying to avoid a repeat of the
behavior. But local rights activists have con- Some runners were skeptical. Weekends, the events that helped it secure power during the
demned the ban, calling it an attempt to limit peak time for pack running, are generally qui- presidential campaign a decade ago.
group assemblies and to stifle free expression et. Shops have been ordered shut on Sundays The party, then part of the opposition, was
ahead of elections early next year. since an outbreak of Ebola three years ago accused of paying young people, in cash and
The national police force issued a statement that killed thousands. The streets are virtually alcohol, to take to the streets in jogging packs
last month prohibiting group jogging, saying abandoned except for the runners. “How can on the weekends, singing hate songs and
the authorities have “observed with dismay” people snatch phones and cause public unrest shouting slogans against the government.
The All People’s Congress won that election
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz and its candidate, Ernest Bai Koroma, be-
came president. Koroma won re-election but
PUZZLE BY DAN MARGOLIS cannot run again because of term limits.
ACROSS 41 Negligible 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Two opposition politicians who are ex-
1 Battery fluid 42 Rest of the
afternoon 14 15 16 pected to campaign for president, Julius
5 Wide keyboard Maada Bio and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, are
key 44 Notable (and 17 18 19
grammatically often seen jogging in Freetown. As they run,
10 Loch ___ incorrect) supporters trail them, singing and offering
monster declaration by 20 21 22
14 Variety of Mr. Bumble in praise. The crowds flowing behind them
wrestling “Oliver Twist” 23 24 25 have recently become bigger. Karim Bah,
15 Overcharge 46 Top dogs 26 27 28 29 30 the secretary general for the Movement for
16 Loads and loads 49 Curb, with “in” 31 32 33 34 35 Social Progress, said the ban reflected a gov-
17 Extremely 50 Urban’s opposite ernment nervous about its election prospects.
obstinate 51 Staple of sci-fi 36 37 38 39 “The right to peaceful protests has been
20 Kathmandu’s filmmaking, for under attack since this government came to
land short 40 41 42 43 power,” Bah said. “We have to defend our right
21 Little League 53 Web site? 44 45 to freedom of assembly. This is unacceptable.”
coach, often 57 Acting haughtily Abu Bakarr Suma, a computer and phone
22 Ushered and pompously 46 47 48 49 technician in Freetown, said he and his run-
23 Rikki-tikki-___ 60 Fell to the ning mates plan to register their group as a
(Kipling seabed 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 social club, which can be an expensive and
mongoose) 61 Figure made by a
figure skater 57 58 59 time-consuming process. But they hope to ob-
25 City in Spain or tain police clearance to jog again soon.
Ohio 62 Document with 60 61 62
the line “I hereby “I don’t know if that will work,” Suma said.
26 Person who’s bequeath …”
talented but not 63 64 65 “But even if it works for us, there are others
versatile 63 Work units, in who may not have the means to register their
physics 8/28/17
31 “To be, or not to group. That means their freedom will be limit-
be” speaker 64 Chooses actors 3 “No need to 24 Food, informally 41 Oil-producing ed.” JAIME YAYA BARRY
for wake me” rock
32 Sleep like ___ 25 1982 comedy
65 London’s ___ 4 Fight (with) for which Jessica 43 ___ Thomas,
33 To the ___ (fully) Coward Theater Lange won Best N.B.A. Hall-of-
36 Charades player, 5 “I” problem? Supporting Famer
essentially 6 Light-skinned Actress 44 “Appreciate it!”
DOWN and blond, say
37 Fortuneteller’s 1 The first “A” of 26 Units of 45 Orville or Wilbur 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
card N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr. 7 Fish that’s a resistance •
39 Road shoulder 2 Like puppies and sushi staple 27 Execute 46 Came up Tom Brady, Editor
40 Foxy kittens 8 “Holy mackerel!” perfectly, as a 47 Like some email: [email protected]
9 Hi-___ monitor routine •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 10 To wit 28 TV award 48 Point on antlers TimesDigest Sales Office
51 “Pet” that’s a
11 Escape capture 29 Destiny plant phone: (212) 556-1200
IN CA HO OT S C LA SH by fax: (646) 461-2364
BO YL ES LA W H EL LO 12 Not liquid or 30 West Bank inits. 52 Play dates? email: [email protected]
OR AL PHA SE AS LA N gaseous 33 Big butte 54 The Supremes, •
OM NI AF TE RS HA VE 34 ___ and crafts e.g.
KA SE M EPE E F EY 13 ___ pad 35 Big workday for 55 ___ of Man For advertising information
SU BR OS A F LA W notebook) Saint Nick 56 Prison and to request a media kit
JO B L IN K M ALA WI 18 Trumpet 38 Not feel 100% compartment contact InMotion Media:
AV ATA RS BO DY MA N 58 Instant, for short phone: (212) 213-5856
YE SA ND LO UD EYE 19 “Moving right ___ 39 Boston, email: [email protected]
GR EG DI ET TI P …” informally 59 Elevations: Abbr. •
AT M W OM B N OB ID Home delivery subscribers who have
TH EB IG BA NG MA GI Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
SE TO N ANA LG ES IC ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
BR AI D C OM EA LI VE Read about and comment on each puzzle: [email protected]
YE LL S K NE EH OL ES Crosswords for young solvers:



States Dare to Think Big on Climate Fascism, U.S. Style

As sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., Joe Ar-
The one bright spot amid the generally Center, an energy research and advocacy orga- paio engaged in blatant racial discrimination.
gloomy news about climate change, and the nization. And the economies of the nine states His officers systematically targeted Latinos,
Trump administration’s resistance to doing have grown faster than the economy of the often arresting them on spurious charges and
anything about it, is the determination of a num- rest of the country. The program has reduced at least sometimes beating them up when they
ber of states to take action on their own. ground-level pollution that causes respiratory questioned those charges. Read the report
California just strengthened its commitment illnesses and other diseases, providing nearly from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Di-
to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now the $6 billion in public health benefits, according to vision, and prepare to be horrified.
nine Northeastern states that form the Region- Abt Associates, a research company. Many Latinos were sent to Tent City, which
al Greenhouse Gas Initiative have done much All this serves to chastise Gov. Chris Chris- Arpaio proudly called a “concentration camp,”
the same, in a further rebuke to the know-littles tie, who pulled New Jersey out of the program where they lived under brutal conditions, with
and do-nothings like Scott Pruitt, the head of the in 2011. The Republican and Democratic can- temperatures inside the tents sometimes rising
Environmental Protection Agency, who are call- didates to replace Christie say they want New to 145 degrees. When he received court orders
ing the shots on climate policy in Washington. Jersey to rejoin the initiative. Virginia may also to stop these practices, he ignored them, which
The states, including Connecticut, Massachu- decide to join if the Democratic candidate for led to his conviction for contempt of court.
setts and New York, last week agreed to reduce governor wins this November. But we now know that Donald Trump tried
greenhouse gas emissions from power plants The R.G.G.I. agreement will be the subject of to get the Justice Department to drop the case
an additional 30 percent by 2030, on top of the a public meeting in Baltimore on Sept. 25, after against Arpaio, a clear case of attempted ob-
40 percent cut they have achieved since the pro- which states will incorporate it into their laws. struction of justice. And when that ploy failed,
gram began in 2009. New York, Massachusetts and several other Trump, who had suggested that Arpaio was
The nine states require power plants to buy R.G.G.I. states have laws (or have issued ex- “convicted for doing his job,” pardoned him.
permits to pollute. Over time, these permits de- ecutive orders) that commit them, on paper, to There’s a word for political regimes that
cline in quantity. The idea of such cap-and-trade reducing all greenhouse gas emissions 80 per- round up members of minority groups and
systems is to put a price on emissions, giving cent from 1990 levels by 2050. To meet ambi- send them to concentration camps, while re-
utilities an incentive to figure out ways to re- tious targets like these, the states will need to jecting the rule of law: What Arpaio brought
duce emissions. Utilities can trade permits with reduce emissions from cars and trucks while to Maricopa, and what the president has just
one another. Since it began, the initiative has ramping up solar and wind power to produce endorsed, was fascism, American style.
raised $2.7 billion, which the states have invest- the electricity required by hybrid and electric So how did we get to this point?
ed in energy efficiency, in helping low-income vehicles and new mass transit fleets. Trump’s motives are easy to understand. For
people pay electricity bills and in renewable Many of these targets are, at the moment, one thing, Arpaio, with his racism and authori-
sources of power like wind and solar. (The other aspirational. But that does not mean they are tarianism, really is his kind of guy. For another,
R.G.G.I. states are Delaware, Maine, Maryland, unachievable, and, in any case, their ambition the pardon is a signal to those who might be
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.) and that of the governors behind them, like tempted to make deals with the special inves-
Even as emissions have come down, electric- Andrew Cuomo of New York, Charlie Baker of tigator as the Russia probe closes in on the
ity rates have fallen by an average of 3.4 per- Massachusetts and Jerry Brown of California, White House: Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.
cent in the nine states, according to the Acadia shame President Trump and his appointees. Finally, standing up for white people who
keep brown people down pleases Trump’s
Unemployment in Black and White base, whom he’s going to need more than ever
as the scandals creep closer and the big policy
wins he promised keep not happening.
The recent finding by The New York Times end, with evident disregard for the fact that The only real check on the president comes
that black students are still vastly underrepre- black unemployment is at levels that prevailed from Congress, which retains the power to im-
sented at the nation’s top colleges and univer- for white workers in 2012, when the economy peach; even the potential for impeachment
sities is one sign of how little the country has was in the shadow of the Great Recession. can constrain a bad president. But Republi-
managed to accomplish to close racial gaps. Another hard truth is that even when the cans control Congress; how many of them be-
Unemployment rates among black workers economy picks up and employers are on a hir- sides John McCain have offered denunciations
give a similarly gloomy picture. The jobless ing binge, black people have a harder time get- of the Arpaio pardon? The answer is, very few.
rate for black Americans is generally about ting jobs and are paid less than similarly situat- Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, had a
twice that of white Americans, a ratio that per- ed white workers. That is what happened from spokesman declare that he “does not agree
sists no matter the level of educational attain- 1996 to 2000, the last genuinely hot job market, with this decision” — not exactly a ringing
ment. The unemployment rate for black work- and it points to racial discrimination, not just in statement. Yet Ryan did better than most of his
ers is now 7.4 percent and for white workers is hiring, but in a range of public policies. These colleagues, who have said nothing.
3.8 percent. For college-educated workers, the include the dearth and high cost of child care, This bodes ill if, as seems all too likely, the
recent average jobless rate was 4.2 percent for which harms single mothers the most; poor Arpaio pardon is only the beginning: We may
blacks, compared with 2.5 percent for whites. public transportation in many rural and subur- well be in the early stages of a constitutional cri-
The hard truth is that the persistence of twice- ban areas, which makes keeping a job difficult; sis. Does anyone consider it unthinkable that
as-high joblessness for black workers has led and mass incarceration of black men. Trump will fire Robert Mueller, and try to shut
policy makers to accept it is as normal. The Fed- The whole economy is weighed down by the down investigations into his links to Russia?
eral Reserve’s monetary policy is supposed to higher unemployment among black Amer- Does anyone have confidence that Republicans
foster stable prices and full employment. But the icans, in part, because it deprived the econo- in Congress will do anything more than express
Fed has favored inflation fighting over boosting my of consumer demand, the main engine for mild disagreement with his actions if he does?
employment, a policy bias that generally leads growth. Worse, the job and wage gap signals a As I said, there’s a word for people who send
it to raise interest rates before the job market is loss of human potential, a singularly valuable members of ethnic minorities to concentration
as strong as possible, as measured by low unem- form of capital. The economy cannot be said to camps, or praise such actions. There’s also a
ployment and rising pay for all workers. The Fed be at full employment while black workers lag word for people who go along with such abus-
has raised rates twice this year and many offi- behind their white counterparts. Nor can the es: collaborators. How many such collabora-
cials appear to favor a third increase by year’s society be said to be just or healthy. tors will there be? I’m afraid we’ll soon find out.


Johnson Outduels Spieth to Win in a Playoff In Brief

OLD WESTBURY, N.Y. — who carded a 69. The pair fin- to hand Spieth the victory.
Dustin Johnson is known for his ished at 13-under 267, four strokes Johnson, 33, won the 2016 United Stanton Hits No. 50
distance, and he did not disap- ahead of Jhonattan Vegas (65) States Open for his lone major vic- Roused from its apathy for
point the fans who flocked to Glen and Jon Rahm (68). tory. After winning three consecu- baseball, South Florida let out a
Oaks to see him smash balls like “I thought that was a fun show tive starts between mid-February long roar Sunday for Giancarlo
Aaron Judge taking batting prac- to be a part of,” said Spieth, who and late March, Johnson entered Stanton, who responded with a
tice. His final drive at The North- was bidding for his fourth victory this year’s Masters as the prohib- wave from the top step of the dug-
ern Trust — on the 475-yard par-4 of the season. He laughed. “I was itive favorite, but he hurt his back out, affording the crowd a good
18th hole, where he and Jordan hoping it wasn’t going to be that and had to withdraw. He would not look at the sport’s newest 50-ho-
Spieth began a sudden-death much fun,” he said, adding, “It’s regain his pre-Masters form until mer man. Stanton reached the
playoff — measured 341 yards and very difficult holding a lead on a this tournament, the first of four round number with a tiebreaking
took a water hazard along the left difficult golf course when the guy events in the FedEx Cup playoffs. drive in the eighth inning, helping
side out of play. you’re playing with goes bogey It was played on a course with the surprising Miami Marlins
But Johnson’s defining shot in free and doesn’t even really sniff a plush fairways, egg-white sand sweep the San Diego Padres
his one-stroke victory on Sunday bogey and shoots four-under. You traps and clean sightlines that call with a 6-2 victory. Baseball fever
traveled a mere 17 feet 5 inches, know, hats off to D. J.” to mind Augusta National. broke out at Marlins Park, where
the length of a par putt that he The 19-hole duel on Sunday be- “It’s been a tough road to get Stanton earned a curtain call
made on the final hole of regula- tween Johnson and Spieth, who back to where I feel like my game’s for the first time since the place
tion to stay alive in a showdown were paired together, provided able to compete out here,” John- opened in 2012. (AP)
with Spieth, 24, this year’s British delayed gratification for all the son said, adding, “This week’s the
Open champion. golf fans who had anticipated first week that I felt like my game A.L. SCORES
Johnson, the world No. 1, closed watching them play at least 18 ex- was in really good shape and is
with a bogey-free, four-under-par tra holes at the 2015 United States back to where it was, where I feel SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
66 and birdied the first extra hole Open — until Johnson missed a like I’ve got complete control over Detroit 6, Chicago White Sox 3
Cleveland 4, Kansas City 0
to beat the third-ranked Spieth, four-foot par putt on the 72nd hole it.” KAREN CROUSE L.A. Angels 7, Houston 6
For Seattle, Five First-Inning Errors, and an Exeunt Minnesota 7, Toronto 2
Cleveland 12, Kansas City 0
Baltimore 2, Boston 1
Chicago White Sox 7, Detroit 1
The Seattle Mariners staged a Indians and the Boston Red Sox. lost it on the transfer to his throw- Houston 7, L.A. Angels 5
version of Shakespeare in the ball- The mistakes began with Star- ing hand, letting Sanchez score. Oakland 8, Texas 3
park Sunday afternoon at Yankee lin Castro on second base with Two batters later, Jacoby Ells- N.L. SCORES
Stadium, performing their own one out. Gary Sanchez’s single to bury doubled to left field, scoring
comedy of errors in the first in- left field was misplayed by Ben Judge and Gregorius. Segura bob- SATURDAY’S LATE GAMES
ning against the Yankees. Gamel, allowing Castro to score bled the relay and then bounced a Pittsburgh 1, Cincinnati 0
Fly balls were dropped. Routine and tie the game, 1-1. throw home in an attempt to cut Chicago Cubs 17, Philadelphia 2
Colorado 7, Atlanta 6
ground balls were muffed. In all, After a walk by Aaron Judge, the down Headley, who slid in safely. Miami 2, San Diego 1, 11 innings
the Mariners made five first-in- Yankees loaded the bases when Di- As the crowd roared in delight St. Louis 6, Tampa Bay 4
ning errors — becoming the first di Gregorius hit what appeared to with each blunder, Mariners Man- Arizona 2, San Francisco 1
team to commit that many in a be a catchable fly ball into shallow ager Scott Servais could only Milwaukee 3, L.A. Dodgers 0
single inning since the 1977 Chi- left field. But center fielder Guiller- stare silently in the dugout. SUNDAY
Miami 6, San Diego 2
cago Cubs, according to the Elias mo Heredia was playing too deep Segura’s trifecta of errors was Pittsburgh 5, Cincinnati 2
Sports Bureau. The miscues led to and Gamel charged late, forcing the most by a shortstop in one in- Colorado 3, Atlanta 0
five unearned Yankees runs. shortstop Jean Segura to backped- ning since Castro committed three Mets 6, Washington 5, 1st game
Taking advantage of the gaffes, al and whiff on the catch. with the Cubs in 2011. “I don’t re- Philadelphia 6, Chicago Cubs 3
the Yankees sailed to a 10-1 victory Chase Headley followed by member,” Castro said, laughing. Tampa Bay 3, St. Louis 2, 10 innings
Arizona 11, San Francisco 0
ahead of two home series against grounding to third baseman Kyle “I don’t want to ever remember, Milwaukee 3, L.A. Dodgers 2
division leaders — the Cleveland Seager, who fielded the ball but either.” SETH BERKMAN Washington 5, Mets 4, 2nd game
WEATHER Houston 77/ 74 5.84 77/ 73 R 79/ 74 R Cape Town 73/ 52 0 75/ 52 S 60/ 50 R
Kansas City 74/ 65 0.54 79/ 57 S 79/ 59 S Dublin 70/ 55 0.01 70/ 50 Sh 61/ 47 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 81/ 68 0 102/ 76 S 102/ 75 S Geneva 83/ 63 0 85/ 62 PC 88/ 64 S
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 90/ 76 1.13 91/ 78 Sh 91/ 79 Sh Hong Kong 85/ 81 0.71 86/ 78 Sh 92/ 81 PC
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 73/ 63 0.25 72/ 58 PC 78/ 62 S Kingston 90/ 82 0.04 90/ 81 PC 91/ 81 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 78/ 63 0 75/ 62 PC 71/ 61 C Lima 66/ 56 0 68/ 60 PC 68/ 59 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 87/ 75 0.23 85/ 75 R 89/ 74 T London 79/ 61 0 81/ 60 S 78/ 56 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 79/ 62 0 77/ 64 PC 72/ 62 C Madrid 82/ 68 0.15 75/ 62 T 77/ 62 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 107/ 88 0.01 110/ 87 C 110/ 86 S Mexico City 75/ 59 0.04 73/ 60 PC 71/ 58 C
Salt Lake City 98/ 68 0 97/ 70 S 98/ 71 S Montreal 73/ 50 0 75/ 56 S 77/ 55 C
San Francisco 77/ 60 0 77/ 59 S 72/ 58 S Moscow 63/ 48 0 56/ 50 R 59/ 47 C
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 87/ 62 0 90/ 62 PC 85/ 58 S Nassau 93/ 80 0 92/ 78 PC 92/ 78 PC
Albuquerque 92/ 67 0.23 86/ 62 T 87/ 63 PC St. Louis 86/ 63 0 80/ 64 T 81/ 64 PC Paris 82/ 64 0.14 87/ 64 PC 92/ 65 S
Atlanta 84/ 72 0 82/ 68 PC 84/ 70 C Washington 79/ 66 0 78/ 67 PC 74/ 65 Sh Prague 75/ 63 0 72/ 51 PC 77/ 55 S
Boise 98/ 62 0 99/ 68 S 100/ 70 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 79/ 61 0 79/ 64 S 80/ 65 S
Boston 71/ 59 0 70/ 57 S 68/ 58 PC Rome 85/ 64 0 89/ 68 S 87/ 66 S
Buffalo 75/ 52 0 77/ 57 C 77/ 60 C Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 61/ 39 0 55/ 35 R 59/ 36 PC
Charlotte 84/ 68 0 78/ 66 C 78/ 63 C Acapulco 91/ 77 0.11 85/ 76 T 82/ 76 T Stockholm 61/ 39 0 67/ 51 PC 71/ 57 PC
Chicago 76/ 62 0.01 77/ 63 T 78/ 61 PC Athens 88/ 75 0 92/ 77 S 93/ 73 PC Sydney 65/ 47 0.10 60/ 47 PC 62/ 48 S
Cleveland 79/ 52 0 80/ 61 Sh 76/ 60 T Beijing 69/ 65 0.28 81/ 57 PC 75/ 58 PC Tokyo 84/ 73 0.02 84/ 77 C 87/ 77 C
Dallas-Ft. Worth 84/ 74 0.48 84/ 71 C 85/ 72 PC Berlin 72/ 63 0 73/ 54 S 78/ 59 S Toronto 72/ 51 0 73/ 59 C 73/ 56 PC
Denver 85/ 63 0 89/ 60 S 92/ 60 S Buenos Aires 64/ 55 0.02 74/ 62 T 70/ 46 R Vancouver 76/ 59 0 78/ 59 S 78/ 58 S
Detroit 77/ 58 0 74/ 63 T 73/ 61 C Cairo 97/ 77 0 93/ 75 S 93/ 75 S Warsaw 79/ 57 0 68/ 49 PC 70/ 51 S


Fleece of the Century: A Bout Fit for the Times In Brief

LAS VEGAS — The world finally cord, a criminal one for hitting North Korea. Russia. Afghanistan.
had the two of them contained women, while McGregor has Sanctuary cities and border walls, Twins Rout Blue Jays
Saturday night, in a roped-off ring demonstrated a capacity for low the toppling of Confederate stat-
where they had to remain silent verbal blows touching on race, ues and the rise of white suprema- Byron Buxton knew his team-
and just get on with it. Two mouthy misogyny, Mayweather’s strug- cists? In other words, race plus? mates were paying extra close
welterweights, gle with reading, you name it. So, too, was the age-old attrac- attention when he stepped to the
On BOxing neither the best role They staged their performance tion of violent combat between plate for the final time Sunday.
Dan Barry model for his respec- before 14,623 fans at T-Mobile men, the blood lust we pretty up He delivered with one more big
tive fans, throwing Arena, many of the men in sharp with smiling ring girls and tuxe- swing. Buxton homered three
mocking looks and punches in a suits and no socks, many of the doed announcers. But in the end, times and set a career high with
spectacle of the inevitable. women in cocktail dresses and all the hype, all the blather, all five R.B.I.s, powering Minnesota
Conor McGregor, 29, a Dublin- heels, as if attired for a garish the posturing, all the media, was to a 7-2 victory against Toronto.
er more famous in some circles wake. There were A-list celebri- about only one thing: money. Buxton had four hits, scored four
than James Joyce, entered the ties, D-list celebrities, people who As Paul Rouse, a professor at runs and stole a base in his first
ring first; he is a mixed martial consider themselves celebrities, University College Dublin who career multihomer game. (AP)
arts champion who was unde- swarms of Irish people, and a specializes in sport, said, “It’s PHILLIES 6, CUBS 3 Big-hitting
feated in professional boxing posse of young women wearing a big ball of candy floss being rookie Rhys Hoskins hom-
because he had never fought a shirts emblazoned with the name confected by a small group of ered yet again, and he added a
round. Following soon after was of a company whose website re- men who are making themselves game-changing diving catch
Floyd Mayweather Jr., 40, easily quires that you confirm you’re an extremely rich by packaging up to his repertoire. Hoskins went
the best fighter of his generation; adult. Also, some boxing fans. something that people have al- deep for the fifth straight game,
he, too, was undefeated, at 49-0. Then there were the rest of us, ways done and selling it through and his stellar grab started a
This wildly lucrative contriv- the world, with the combat-sport modern telecommunications.” triple play in the fifth inning, lead-
ance posing as a boxing match spectacle available for broadcast With the fight’s purse, plus ing Philadelphia to a 6-3 victory
for the ages ended as expected. in over 200 countries and territo- merchandise sales, plus pay-per- over Chicago. (AP)
Mayweather pounded McGre- ries. Millions of viewers eager to views at $100 apiece, it is esti- ATHLETICS 8, RANGERS 3 A. J.
gor’s punch-reddened face until pay to see a pugilistic confection. mated that Mayweather, whose Griffin’s day began with a disput-
the referee granted mercy in the Willing suckers, all. nickname is Money, will earn ed balk call that was eventually
10th round, declaring a technical For months, pundits and schol- over $200 million. McGregor, it is waved off. That was about the
knockout and perhaps sparing ars had debated the existential thought, will earn $100 million. only thing that went in his favor.
some measure of the Irishman’s meaning of this event. Was it Fitting, then, that the event The right-hander gave up con-
future cognitive abilities. “I about the shifting fortunes in took place in Las Vegas. In a city secutive home runs to his former
thought it was close,” McGregor combat sports, with boxing in known for circuses and illusions, team in the second inning and
said, to the concurrence of no one. decline and mixed martial arts in two men exchanged blows for retired only 10 batters as Oakland
Mayweather, looking as though undeniable ascent? Was it about less than 30 minutes. Nothing beat Griffin and Texas, 8-3, on
he had just returned from a light race? Or was it a reflection of — mattered; nothing was at stake. Sunday to complete a three-game
jog, summed things up with a maybe even a distraction from And, when it was over, they sweep. Texas was outscored 19-7
charitable “I think we gave the — the times we live in, this Trum- hugged and laughed, a pair of in the series and managed only
fans what they wanted to see.” pian age when so much seems business partners who had just one home run after arriving with
Mayweather has another re- unsettled, if not unmoored? pulled off the score of the century. the major league lead. (AP)

Sascha Zverev Has Arrived. Can He Now Break Through?

It was close to 1 p.m. on Thurs- injuries, he is the No. 4 seed at Zverev, “a clear Zverev hits the ball with easy,
day, and Alexander Zverev, better the Open, his highest seeding at a possible future flowing power on both wings and
known as Sascha, was running Grand Slam tournament. And that No. 1.” wins easy points off a penetrating
late. He sat in the back seat of an added one more event. “Now we But Zverev serve that reaches upward of 130
S.U.V. making its way from the have the media round-table that has yet to make miles per hour. His base is growing
Billie Jean King National Tennis the top four seeds have to go to on it to a Grand stronger, and so is his nerve. He is
Center in Queens to Manhat- Saturday, too,” Apey said. Slam quarter- intent on improving his net play so
tan’s Upper West Side for a photo Zverev has played the game final. At the he can move forward more often.
shoot. He had no time to eat, so he better than anyone for the past Alexander United States And despite being taller than most
brought four trays of sushi. month. He won the Citi Open in Zverev Open he has of his peers at 6 feet 6 inches, he is
Patricio Apey, Zverev’s agent, Washington, and seven days later never made it nimble. “I’d never seen someone
took a long breath and rattled off took the Rogers Cup in Montreal, past the second so tall move so well since maybe
the commitments on Zverev’s a Masters 1000 event, one level round. “But this year feels differ- Marat Safin,” said Jez Green, who
schedule for the days before the below a Grand Slam tournament. ent,” Zverev said. was hired as Zverev’s trainer in
United States Open — five-hour Zverev ended Roger Federer’s He will begin his U.S. Open on 2013 after working with Murray.
photo shoot with Adidas, charity 16-match winning streak in Mon- tennis’s biggest stage — a night This year’s United States Open
event, player party and a sponsor treal and pocketed his second Mas- match in Arthur Ashe Stadium on may be his tournament to seize.
event where Zverev would play ters 1000 title of the year. In May, he Monday against Darian King. And “I feel different going into this
badminton in a courtyard. became the first 20-year-old to win his road to a first Grand Slam final Slam than I felt ever before,”
“And all of it is after the first, the Italian Open in a decade when seems clearer. With No. 2 Andy Zverev said. “I feel like I’m one of
second, third and fourth priority, he beat Novak Djokovic in straight Murray’s withdrawal on Saturday the ones who can compete for this
which are all preparing for the ac- sets. He is the youngest player in because of a hip injury, Zverev is Slam actually. Even though I won
tual tournament,” Apey said. the top 50 and is tied with Federer the highest seed in his half of the Rome, I didn’t feel this way going
Zverev, 20, is ranked sixth, but for the most titles this year, with draw, and No. 1 Nadal and No. 3 into Paris. I feel I can beat any-
with some top players out with five. Rafael Nadal, now No. 1, called Federer are in the other half. one.” NICK PACHELLI

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