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March 5th 2018

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
personal trainers! connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Fitness Class Schedule the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.

Monday, March 5 Four Hands Massage
Yoga: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am This is a synchronized and powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time
letting go during treatments. The benefits increased
circulation, intense state of calm, deep relaxation and
Tuesday, March 6 stress reduction. It is easy to see how the four hand
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am massage is not only wonderful to experience, but also
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am has positive benefits. This combination of benefits
restores a sense of calm to the entire body, mind and
Wednesday, March 7 spirit, allowing one to find a bit of inner balance again.

Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am
75 minutes - $295 USD + TAX

Thursday, March 8
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:00 am 10:00 am Healing Essentials Aromatherapy Massage
Mat Pilates: 10:30am-11:30 am
As a beautiful way to relax and escape for a while,
Friday, March 9 this treatment is designed to encourage your body to
Functional Training: 8:00 am-9:00 am release and flow, completely surrendering to its own
Spinning: 9:30 am- 10:30 am internal rhythm. Our welcoming foot cleanse offers
Reformer Pilates: 11:00 am- 12:00 pm
you grounding and stability, our dry brush exfoliation

removes excess and remnants of the past, while a
Saturday, March 10
*Cardio Strength Circuit 8:00 am - 9:00 am relaxing aromatherapy massage with essential oils, all
Yoga: 10:00 am- 11:00 am applied to the back along the spine, will lull your
body into a blissful state of peace and comfort. The
Sunday, March 11 ritual is complete with a warming facial
Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am – 9:00 am aromatherapy compress and invigorating scalp
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am massage.

80min. - $220 USD + TAX
Private classes
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes The Hacienda Spa Café is available daily
upon request. serving a selection of healthy snack foods,
beverages and freshly made smoothies. Let the

Café create a smoothie to your taste, or choose
from our Smoothie menu. The Café offers wifi
service. Adjacent to the Spa Café you can
practice and improve your golf game on the
putting green. Putters and golf balls are
*Mix of cardio on bike, step including TRX & available at the Spa Café.
Weights overall cardio workout with added
strength exercises Rejuvenate your Body.
Replenish your Soul.


December 26 , 2017 – May 15 , 2018

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $230.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $185.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $165.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $760.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$370.00 USD $510.00 USD $800.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

Important news for important people Volume 3111 Monday March 05, 2018
International Business Sports
Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday US President Donald Trump appears American Michelle Wie delivered Cabo San Lucas
vowed to work with the Social Dem- intent on moving forward next week when it mattered most Sunday, drain- Mostly cloudy (day)
ocrats for the “good of Germany” as on US steel and aluminum tariffs ing a 40-foot putt for a birdie on the Sunrise: 6:39 AM
the centre-left party agreed to join her with no exemptions for allies, the US last hole to claim a dramatic one- Sunset: 6:24 PM
new coalition, but... P.2 commerce secretary... P.3 stroke victory at the HSBC... P.5 Humidity: 63% 67-73 F

That task has eluded far more experienced diplomats in previous administrations Much-trumpeted mission
Leaving troubles behind, Netanyahu to meet with ‘true friend’ Trump New US advisors hope to give
Afghan soldiers vital boost
In another move strongly support- A brigade of seasoned American
ed by Netanyahu, Trump froze tens of soldiers has arrived in Afghanistan
millions of dollars in aid payments to in recent days on a much-trumpeted
the Palestinian Authority. mission to offer a new type of train-
Those two actions drew an angry ing -- as well as motivation -- to be-
response from Palestinian leaders, leaguered Afghan partners.
who accused Trump of blatantly fa- Pentagon officials hope the deploy-
voring Israel and said the United ment of hundreds of battle-hardened,
States had lost the ability to serve as expert troops across the country will
an honest broker in any Israeli-Pales- help turn the tide in the war, but Af-
tinian peace negotiations. ghanistan watchers are skeptical
The peace process grew even more about how much difference they can
complicated recently after Jared make in the 16-year-old conflict.
Kushner, the president’s son-in-law Most of the troops in the so-called
and one of his senior advisers, lost his Security Force Assistance Brigade,
top-secret security clearance. or SFAB, have multiple Afghanistan
That will greatly complicate Kush- combat deployments under their
ner’s efforts to negotiate an “ulti- belts, speak some level of Pashto or
mate” peace agreement between Is- Dari and -- after having themselves
rael and the Palestinians, as Trump undergone special training -- have
commissioned him to do. now volunteered to return.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo AFP) That task has eluded far more ex- “They are coming here because
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Ne- ideology is a populist, conservative perienced diplomats in previous ad- they are passionate about the mis-
tanyahu is to meet his “true friend” ideology which says that the old lib- ministrations. sion,” Navy Captain Tom Gresback,
Donald Trump in Washington on eral elites are against us,” said Gayil Analysts say it is hard to see how a spokesman for NATO’s Resolute
Monday during a visit that will take Talshir, a political scientist at Jerusa- progress can be made when the Pales- Support mission in Kabul, told AFP.
him away from swirling accusations lem’s Hebrew University. tinians feel abandoned by the United The United States and NATO have
of personal corruption and a govern- “I think from that perspective it is a States and Netanyahu faces pressure already tried various training models
ment crisis roiling the Israeli scene. boost” for Netanyahu. from hard-liners in his coalition to for Afghan security forces, but even
On Friday, police questioned Ne- Netanyahu will also take part, dur- accelerate settlement construction in after all these years many units re-
tanyahu for five hours over a bribery ing his four-day visit, in the annual -- even the annexation of -- the oc- main beset by corruption and deser-
scandal that some commentators say conference of the American Israel cupied West Bank. tions and are suffering horrendous
could spell his political doom. In two Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Meantime, a deep divide over Is- casualty rates. US officials have also
separate cases, the police last month the influential pro-Israeli lobbying rael and the Palestinians has emerged tracked dozens of cases of reported
recommended that he be charged group. in the US. Poll results early this year human rights violations in Afghan se-
with bribery, fraud and breach of pub- The two leaders are certain to dis- from the Pew Research Center show curity units, including several involv-
lic trust. At the same time, Netanyahu cuss Trump’s recognition of Jerusa- 79 percent of Republicans sympa- ing child sexual assault.
is grappling with a spreading govern- lem as the Israeli capital -- a move thize more with Israel than with the The Pentagon has been training
mental crisis that could lead to early warmly embraced by Netanyahu Palestinians, while only 27 percent of partner forces in various conflicts for
elections. though widely denounced in most Democrats say the same. decades, and the approach has been
But he will find a warm welcome capitals -- as well as the struggle to But Netanyahu is not thought to be buoyed in recent years by local forc-
at the White House from a president curb Iran’s regional influence. overly concerned about any delay in es’ successes against the Islamic State
who has pursued a policy of unswerv- Breaking with his predecessors restarting the peace talks. group in Iraq and Syria. What differ-
ing support for Israel and its govern- and defying warnings, Trump on De- In his encounters with Trump and entiates the SFAB from other Afghan
ment. cember 6 announced his intention to at the AIPAC conference, he is ex- missions is not just the US soldiers’
The two leaders are not only move the US embassy from Tel Aviv pected to focus mainly on Iran as Is- experience, but the fact they will be
friendly, they use some of the same to Jerusalem. The White House plans rael’s greatest enemy, and one he says patrolling closer to the conflict’s front
populist arguments and appeals. to open the new facility on May 14, seeks a permanent military presence lines than trainers have done in recent
Netanyahu has embraced the coinciding with the 70th anniversary in neighboring Syria. years -- putting them at greater risk.
Trumpian tactic of denouncing as of Israel’s creation. The prime minister is also expect- They will help Afghans hone a
“fake news” the corruption allega- Netanyahu said late Saturday as he ed to call again for changes to, or the variety of skills including marks-
tions hanging over his head, while in- was preparing to leave for the US that cancellation of, the nuclear accord manship and weapons training, and
sisting he is the target of a politically he hoped Trump could attend the cer- between world powers and Iran, said combat medics will teach Afghan
motivated smear campaign. “I think emony. “I’m very grateful to him for Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli am- partners how to better handle battle-
they are partners in ideology, and the this historic decision,” he said. bassador to Washington. field trauma.

Page 2 Monday March 05, 2018
“We now have clarity. The SPD will be in the next government”
Merkel vows ‘good for Germany’ as SPD paves way for fourth term

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sun- immigration policy without imposing
day vowed to work with the Social a limit.” The party’s parliamentary
Democrats for the “good of Germa- group leader Alice Weidel predicted
ny” as the centre-left party agreed to that “the bill will come at the latest in
join her new coalition, but the veteran 2021.” Wary of ceding further ground
leader will go into her fourth term to the far-right Islamophobic outfit,
with weaker cards than before. Merkel’s conservatives and the SPD
Two in three of the SPD’s rank have agreed to review their coopera-
and file voting in a crunch referen- tion in two years. Dissenting voices
dum backed a new partnership with in the SPD also promise to keep the
Merkel’s conservatives, heralding an long-time partners on their toes.
end to the political stalemate that has The SPD’s youth chief Kevin Kue-
plagued Europe’s biggest economy hnert, who ran an impassioned cam-
since September’s inconclusive elec- paign against the planned coalition
tions. known as “GroKo”, expressed disap-
But the chancellor, in power for 12 pointment at Sunday’s vote result.
years, has had to pay a high price to “When criticism is necessary, then
coax the reluctant Social Democratic (FILES) German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressing a press conference (Photo AFP) it will come from us,” he vowed,
Party (SPD) back into another love- “We now have clarity. The SPD Merkel is expected to launch her adding that young Social Democrats
less “grand coalition”. will be in the next government,” fourth government by mid-March. won’t rest until there is a “fundamen-
Congratulating the SPD for its said SPD’s caretaker chairman Olaf But the long-serving leader faces a tal renewal” in the party.
“clear result”, Merkel said she was Scholz, adding his party plans to send far rockier road ahead. The tension within the party over
looking forward to “further coopera- three male and three female ministers A crushing majority enjoyed by her its partnership with Merkel was il-
tion for the good of our country,” ac- to the cabinet. conservatives and the SPD in the last lustrated by the silence that met
cording to a tweet attributed to her on European partners waiting impa- coalition has been trimmed to a slim news that the “yes”-camp prevailed,
her CDU party’s account. tiently for Germany to end its longest 56 percent (399 out of total 709) of prompting Spiegel Online to headline
Stung by their worst post-war re- stretch of coalition haggling since the seats in parliament this time round. its story “Hardly any rejoicing”.
sults, the SPD had initially ruled out end of the war heaved a sigh of relief, Both sides had been weakened Within the ranks too, Merkel, who
another four years under Merkel’s with French President Emmanuel as voters angry about the arrival of once seemed invincible, is looking
shadow. Macron calling the SPD decision more than a million asylum seekers increasingly vulnerable as calls grow
But after Merkel’s attempt to cob- “good news for Europe.” in Germany since 2015 turned to the louder for change.
ble together a government with two In a nod to the “GroKo” as the far-right party Alternative for Ger- But crucially, at a congress this
smaller parties failed, the SPD relent- grand right-left coalition is known many (AfD). The AfD, which would week, her party also formally ap-
ed. With the party riven over the way in Germany, European Commission be the biggest opposition party in pointed its new general secretary, An-
forward, the leadership promised its vice president Frans Timmermans Germany as the SPD joins the gov- negret Kramp-Karrenbauer, tapped
more than 460,000 members the final wrote on Twitter: “GroGO! For soli- ernment, vowed to go after Merkel’s by Merkel to kickstart the renewal
say on any coalition deal. darity in Germany and EU!” CDU over its “continuation of the process.

A statement said Sunday Which left five people dead and demolished a building
Uganda president fires police chief, security minister Sixth suspect arrested over deadly explosion in Leicester
Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni was killed after being held captive for Police probing an explosion in the Two other men, also in their 30s
has fired controversial police chief three-weeks by kidnappers demand- central English city Leicester last and from East Anglia, who were ar-
Kale Kayihura as well as the coun- ing a huge ransom. week, which left five people dead rested on Friday were “released un-
try’s security minister, a statement The rising insecurity further dis- and demolished a building, arrested a der investigation” over the weekend,
said Sunday. credited a police force widely viewed sixth suspect on Sunday. police said. The blast on February 25
Kayihura, a serving general, was by the public to be incompetent and “A man in his 40s, from East An- near Leicester city centre destroyed
once regarded as the most powerful corrupt. glia, has been arrested on suspicion a supermarket and a two-storey flat
military officer in the country but has In the aftermath of Kaweesi’s as- of manslaughter,” local police said in above it.
recently fallen out of favour with Mu- sassination -- which remains un- a statement. A 46-year-old woman and her two
seveni who has ruled Uganda since solved -- Museveni said “criminals “He is currently in police custody teenage sons were killed in the blast,
he took power at the head of a rebel have infiltrated the police” and or- where he will be questioned by detec- along with one of their girlfriends,
army in 1986. dered Kayihura to “clean the police.” tives.” 18, and a 22-year-old woman.
Kayihura was appointed inspector Nevertheless, in May 2017 Kayi- It follows the charging Saturday of Police, who have said there ap-
general of police in 2005, the same hura’s contract was renewed. three other men with arson with in- peared to be no link to terrorism,
year that a successful referendum Since then a rival security body tent to endanger life and five counts have urged the media and public not
was held on restoring multi-party -- the Internal Security Organisation of manslaughter. to speculate about the cause of the
democracy to the East African nation (ISO) -- has made several high profile The accused -- all in their 30s and explosion. “With three people now
after a near 20-year ban on political arrests of senior policemen viewed from Leicester, the nearby city of charged and due in court, it becomes
parties. as being close to Kayihura who are Coventry, and Oldham in north-west even more important, for legal rea-
His tenure as police chief was accused of corruption and torture as England -- will appear in court Mon- sons, that this message is heeded,”
characterised by the proliferation of well as gangsters who have admitted day. Leicestershire police said Saturday.
military-style units in the force and working with the police.
an increase in the perceived politi- Some Ugandans have accused
calisation of the police. Kayihura of being too close to Presi-
Since the March 2017 assassina- dent Paul Kagame of Rwanda and
tion of Felix Kaweesi -- a senior po- there have been unsubstantiated ac-
liceman who had been viewed as his cusations in the tabloid press that the
potential successor -- Kayihura has pair have secretly plotted to over-
come under pressure for failing to throw Museveni. In the same state-
curb growing insecurity. ment Museveni fired the minister in
At least 23 women have been killed charge of ISO -- Henry Tumukunde --
in unsolved murders around the capi- who has been openly critical of police
tal, there has been a spate of deaths failings. Tumukunde and Kayihura
of foreign nationals and last week a have been engaged in a public tussle
woman from an influential family for over 15 years.

Page 3 Monday March 05, 2018
“I know he’s had conversations with a number of the world leaders” Wall Street Indexes
Trump tariffs expected next week, with no country exemptions: Ross Dow Jones 24,538.06 - 0.29%
+ 1.08%
S&P 2,691.25 + 0.51%
International Stock Indexes
US President Donald Trump appears The European Union has said it is the Europeans have threatened to Australia 5,928.896 - 0.74%
intent on moving forward next week drawing up measures against leading put something on. Well, in our sized Frankfurt 11,913.71 - 2.27%
on US steel and aluminum tariffs US brands like Harley-Davidson and economy, that’s a tiny, tiny fraction of Italy 21,912.14 - 2.39%
with no exemptions for allies, the Levi’s jeans, while China warned it one percent.” London 7,069.90 - 1.47%
US commerce secretary said Sunday, “won’t sit idly by” if its interests are “So while it might affect an in- Madrid 9,531.10 - 2.13%
minimizing the threat of retaliation as hurt. dividual producer for a little while, Paris 5,136.58 - 2.39%
“pretty trivial.” Canada, which has the most to lose overall it’s not going to be much Tokyo 21,181.64 - 2.50%
“I know he’s had conversations as the top source of US steel and alu- more than a rounding error,” he said. Toronto 15,384.59 - 0.06%
with a number of the world leaders,” minum imports, has called the tariffs The move has been highly contro- Latin-American Stock Indexes
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross “unacceptable.” versial among Republicans and with- Bogota 1,456.38 - 0.68%
said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The de- Ross, who said he expected them in the administration, but Trump on Buenos Aires 31,900.70 - 0.35%
cision, obviously, is his. But as of the to go into effect in the coming week, Friday tweeted that “trade wars are Lima 20,832.77 + 0.38%
moment, as far as I know, he’s talking played down the impact on the US good, and easy to win.” Mexico 47,548.11 - 0.11%
about a fairly broad brush.” economy of retaliatory measures. Peter Navarro, a top White House Panama 457.37 - 0.03%
Trump ignited fears of a trade war He said $9 billion in US tariffs trade advisor, said the administra- Santiago 5,545.48 + 0.32%
and an outcry from US trading part- would be a fraction of one percent of tion would consider exemptions on Sao Paulo 85,761.34 + 0.45%
ners this week when he abruptly an- the US economy. a case-by-case basis but “no country Venezuela 4,161.850 - 0.84%
nounced blanket 25 percent tariffs “So, the notion that it would de- exclusions.” Most Active Stocks
on imported steel and 10 percent on stroy a lot of jobs, raise prices, dis- “As soon as you start exempting 3M Co
aluminum. rupt things, is wrong,” he said. countries you have to raise the tariffs Alcoa
British Prime Minister Theresa “As to the idea of retaliation, sure on everybody else. As soon as you Amex
May said she raised her “deep con- there may well be some sort of re- exempt one country, then you have AT&T
cern” over the tariffs in a phone call taliation, but the amounts that they’re to exempt another country and so it’s B. of America
with Trump on Sunday, her office talking about are also pretty trivial. a slippery slope,” he said on CNN’s Boeing
said. “It’s some $3 billion of goods that “State of the Union.” Caterpillar
French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said Sunday
Cisco Systems
EU aims to tax internet giants at ‘two to six percent’: France Coca Cola
The EU will soon unveil a plan for Luxembourg, depriving other nations billion (195 billion euros) a year in Dupont
taxing major internet companies like of their share of the revenue even lost revenue, according to a 2015 es- Exxon Mobil
Amazon and Facebook by imposing a though they may account for more of timate. General Electric
levy of two to six percent on revenues a company’s earnings. Asked if the proposed rate might H.P.
in every country where they operate, “The heads of these companies be criticised as too low, Le Maire Home Depot
French finance minister Bruno Le know themselves that this system said: “I would rather have a law that IBM
Maire said Sunday. can’t continue,” minister Bruno Le can be implemented quickly instead Intel
“The range will be from two to six Maire said. of drawn-out negotiations.” Johnson & Johnson
percent; but closer to two than to six,” Critics say the tax-avoidance strat- American tech giants appear to JPMorgan
Le Maire told the Journal du Diman- egies used by the tech titans known believe the European tax revamp Kraft Heinz Co
che newspaper. as GAFA -- Google, Amazon, Face- is in the cards, with several already McDonalds
The European Commission has book and Apple -- deprive EU gov- announcing pledges to pay more in Merck & Co
said it will present by end March an ernments of billions of euros while each country where they operate as Microsoft
overhaul of its tax rules, which cur- giving them an unfair advantage over governments step up their fiscal de- Pfizer
rently allow US digital economy smaller rivals. mands. Procter & Gamble
giants to report their income from The Organisation for Economic Amazon said last month that it had Travelers Cos
across the bloc in any member state. Cooperation and Development says settled a major tax claim in France United Tech.
That leads them to pick low-tax na- such strategies cost governments and that it would start declaring all its Verizon
tions like Ireland, the Netherlands or around the world as much as $240 earnings in the country. Wal-Mart
Walt Disney
“The problem is that the French market is tough, very competitive... but 80 percent of vineyards sell their champagne in France”
Record year for French champagne fails to cheer grape growers
At first glance, 2017 was a stellar their shipments by volume,” said of dismal economic growth. As a re- can afford to pay a lot for the grapes.”
year for French champagne, with Aurelie Ringeval-Deluze, a wine sult, more vineyards are selling their Of the roughly 15,800 vineyards
307 million bottles sold for a record industry expert at the University of grapes directly to the big houses in- counted by the Champagne Commit-
4.9 billion euros ($6.0 billion) -- but Reims, in the heart of champagne stead of trying to compete with their tee for 2016, about 4,400 produce and
many of those growing the grapes see country. own champagne. sell their own bottles -- a number that
little to celebrate. Sales within France dipped 2.5 “Vineyards are increasingly depen- has been falling steadily.
Sales in France actually fell amid percent last year -- but the drop was dent on the houses to sell their stocks, Many of those hoping to stay in the
rising competition from Italian pro- 4.9 percent for the smaller houses, or because they have the means to go game are themselves trying to sell be-
secco and Spanish cava, meaning 2.5 million fewer bottles, according sell the bottles in distant markets at yond France, encouraged by the 8.4
vineyard owners hoping to sell their to the Champagne Committee trade high prices,” Toubart said. “So they percent rise in exports last year.
own bubbly are having to rethink body.
their strategies, and their prospects. “The problem is that the French
The big champagne houses -- il- market is tough, very competitive... Foreign Exchange
lustrious names like Krug, Moet & but 80 percent of vineyards sell their
Chandon and Veuve Clicquot -- ac- champagne in France,” said Maxime EURO USA CAN UK AUS SWISS H.KONG JAP
counted for some 72 percent of total Toubart, head of the Champagne EURO - 1.23 1.59 .89 1.59 1.15 9.60 131.00
sales, which rose by 0.4 percent. Winegrowers’ Union. USA .81 - 1.28 .72 1.28 .93 7.81 106.38
Smaller vineyards and coopera- Restrictions meant to ensure qual- CAN .63 .78 - .57 1.01 .75 6.10 83.00
tives made up the rest, but their share ity -- like ageing the wine at least UK 1.12 1.38 1.75 - 1.79 1.28 10.80 147.00
has been shrinking in recent years, in 18 months -- mean that champagne AUS .63 .78 .99 .56 - .75 6.10 82.00
large part because of a reliance on the is pricier than other domestic and SWISS .87 1.07 1.33 .78 1.33 - 8.40 114.00
domestic market. foreign sparkling wines, and French H.KONG .10 .13 .16 .09 .16 .12 - 13.60
“From 2007 to 2016, the vine- consumers have been feeling the JAP .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .07 -
yards have lost about 25 percent of pinch more generally after a decade

Page 4 Monday March 05, 2018
There have been no reported survivors from the plane’s 66 passengers and crew France
Rescue teams recover black boxes at site of Iran plane crash EU aims to tax internet gi-
Rescue teams have recovered the of the Aseman Airlines ATR-72 were There have been no reported sur-
black boxes of a plane that crashed found on Saturday by rescue teams, vivors from the plane’s 66 passen- ants at ‘two to six percent’
last month in the mountains of south- who had resumed search operations gers and crew. The crash site has The EU will soon unveil a plan for
western Iran leaving 66 people dead, in the Zagros mountains on Friday been hit by heavy snowfall in recent taxing major internet companies like
official media reported on Sunday. after bad weather forced them to halt days, making rescue operations par- Amazon and Facebook by imposing a
“The box that recorded flight pa- efforts for nearly a week. ticularly dangerous due to avalanche levy of two to six percent on revenues
rameters and the one with conversa- They were to be handed over to in- risks, according to officials quoted by in every country where they operate,
tions in the cockpit have been handed vestigators seeking to determine the local media. So far, only body parts French finance minister Bruno Le
over to judicial authorities,” Reza cause of the accident. The aircraft, on have been recovered from the scene Maire said Sunday.
Jafarzadeh, the public relations direc- a domestic flight out of Tehran, went of the crash. Forensic teams have per- “The range will be from two to six
tor of Iran’s civil aviation organisa- down in a snowstorm on February 18 formed tests on 51 samples of human percent; but closer to two than to six,”
tion, told official news agency IRNA. and crashed at a height of about 4,000 tissue in attempts to identify the vic- Le Maire told the Journal du Diman-
Jafarzadeh said the two black boxes metres (13,000 feet). tims, IRNA reported. che newspaper.
The European Commission has
In an initial public offering that could net the group up to 4.65 billion euros said it will present by end March an
Siemens eyes 4.65 bn euros in Healthineers IPO overhaul of its tax rules, which cur-
rently allow US digital economy
Siemens said Sunday it plans to list The offer period is expected to be- chines and diagnostic equipment, giants to report their income from
its Healthineers medical unit on gin Tuesday and last until March 15. is one of Siemens’ largest and most across the bloc in any member state.
March 16, in an initial public offer- Depending on the final offer price profitable divisions and a leading in- That leads them to pick low-tax na-
ing that could net the group up to 4.65 and interest in the IPO, “Siemens dustry player worldwide. tions like Ireland, the Netherlands or
billion euros ($5.73 billion). would receive gross proceeds of be- The division recorded revenues of Luxembourg, depriving other nations
The industrial giant is selling a 15 tween 3.9 billion euros and 4.65 bil- 13.8 billion euros in the 2017 fiscal of their share of the revenue even
percent stake in Healthineers, with lion euros,” the group said in a state- year with adjusted profits of 2.5 billion though they may account for more of
the price range set at 26 to 31 euros ment. Healthineers, which makes euros. That gave it a profit margin of a company’s earnings.
per share. medical devices such as X-ray ma- some 18 percent, according to Siemens. “The heads of these companies
know themselves that this system
“Geneva really ought to have been a lovely salon” can’t continue,” Le Maire said.
Critics say the tax-avoidance strat-
Profits, doubts in equal measure at Geneva Motor Show egies used by the tech titans known
This year’s Geneva Motor Show “dinosaur juice”, or else make the ficial intelligence and telecommu- as GAFA -- Google, Amazon, Face-
comes at a curious time for an auto jump to electric or at least hybrid. nications. Such qualities are not the book and Apple -- deprive EU gov-
world enjoying record profits yet also The top global constructors have preserve of the traditional automobile ernments of billions of euros while
gripped by doubt midway through the earmarked investments worth tens constructor. giving them an unfair advantage over
grand transition from diesel to elec- of billions of euros (dollars) over the The last few weeks have seen a smaller rivals.
tric and self-driving vehicles. past few years to accelerate their push slew of carmakers post record prof- The Organisation for Economic
“Geneva really ought to have been to electric. Yet the commercial upshot its -- but the question is the degree to Cooperation and Development says
a lovely salon,” says, with heavy iro- of the strategy remains unclear. which that will act as a springboard to such strategies cost governments
ny, Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, director This year’s Geneva show, the 88th paying for the switch to a new auto- around the world as much as $240
of German-based Center Automotive edition, will see the unveiling of sev- tech world. billion (195 billion euros) a year in
Research of Europe’s first major car eral new electric models and concepts Eric Kirstetter of the Roland Berg- lost revenue, according to a 2015 es-
show of the year running from March at Tuesday and Wednesday’s media er consultancy told AFP that, cur- timate.
8 to 18. days, before opening its doors to the rently, some constructors are doing Asked if the proposed rate might
“The luxury car makers continue to general public on Thursday. “very well,” yet their “future is very be criticised as too low, Le Maire
present their new models and world- Among new potential star turns complicated”. said: “I would rather have a law that
wide sales set new records in 2017. are Jaguar’s first all-electric model, They must “reduce costs in such can be implemented quickly instead
“But behind the glamour and the the production version of the I-Pace, a way as to make savings allowing of drawn-out negotiations.”
finery are plenty of worry wrinkles.” as well as Hyundai’s Kona, adver- them to achieve their R&D plans,” American tech giants appear to
Adding to the worries is a new tised as the world’s first fully electric said Kirstetter, adding this will in- believe the European tax revamp
threat by US President Donald sub-compact SUV. volve surmounting “a problem of is in the cards, with several already
Trump to tax imported European cars Constructors also have to contend squaring the financial circle.” announcing pledges to pay more in
“which freely pour into the U.S”, if with the fact that where fuel engines That, he says, is “an equation ex- each country where they operate as
Brussels retaliates in response to his are concerned, their greater emissions tremely difficult to resolve in order governments step up their fiscal de-
announced plans for tariffs on im- of CO2 will render a tough challenge to make the necessary investments to mands.
ported steel and aluminium. compliance with future European develop new generations of vehicles Amazon said last month that it had
Number one over-riding concern, norms. while continuing to invest massively settled a major tax claim in France
though, is the increasing slide in die- They will have to cut CO2 emis- in improving the combustion engine” and that it would start declaring all its
sel sales, a blow for European con- sions to an average 95 grams per kilo- in the shorter term. earnings in the country.
structors who had essentially sought metre across the board by 2021 from The task may be more readily
to bet the house on diesel as they 130 grams in 2015, or face swingeing surmountable for pioneers in the de-
strove for years to cut CO2 emissions fines. velopment of alternatives to diesel,
with the support of public authorities. Automakers are bound to continue including the Renault-Nissan alli-
The emissions cheating scandal, investing, furthermore, to ensure im- ance, with both leaders in the move
which blew up at Volkswagen in proved performance of their combus- towards electrification, while Toy-
2015, has heaped discredit on a tech- tion engines as these still make up the ota has an early jump on the hybrid
nology criticised for belching out bulk of sales. And yet they will prove market. However the future of a
nitrogen oxide and harmful particu- progressively less of an earner as vol- metamorphosing industry ultimately
lates. umes inexorably fall off. pans out, the 700,000 Salon visitors
Major cities including Paris have Traditional constructors also have expected to descend on Geneva’s
announced their intention to ban die- a wary eye on sector newcomers, led Palexpo in the coming days will be
sel progressively while a top German by those in the electric vanguard such able to cast their eyes over some 900
court last month opened the way to as Tesla, as well as high-tech giants vehicles. Monday will see the car of
banning older diesel cars from the Apple or Google and would-be Chi- the year unveiled from seven finalists
streets on air quality grounds. nese rivals all seeking their slice of a for the accolade.
Diesel’s fall from grace has pushed “smart car” cake. The contenders are the Alfa Ro-
constructors to turn their attention to The future belongs to those whose meo Stelvio, Audi A8, BMW series
production of more-in-demand mod- vehicles enjoy ever more autonomy 5, Citroen C3 Aircross, Kia Stinger,
els running either on petrol, dubbed through increasing recourse to arti- Seat Ibiza and Volvo XC40. Bruno Le Maire (Photo AFP)

Page 5 Monday March 05, 2018
“That has to be the best putt of my career” Athletics
Golf: Birdie on last hole gives Wie dramatic win in Singapore Renaud Lavillenie
seals ‘crazy’ treble
American Michelle Wie delivered France’s Renaud Lavillenie displayed
when it mattered most Sunday, drain- all his experience to bag a “crazy”
ing a 40-foot putt for a birdie on the third world indoor pole vault title on
last hole to claim a dramatic one- Sunday as Briton Andrew Pozzi hailed
stroke victory at the HSBC Women’s the late Roger Bannister as the inspi-
World Championship. ration behind his hurdles triumph. In
All day long it had seemed as a bold show of gamesmanship, the
though a moment of magic was need- Frenchman came into the competi-
ed to lift the trophy, with so many tion at 5.70 metres -- which six of
players within sight of the lead at the the 15-strong field failed to make --
Sentosa Golf Club. passed at 5.80 and went clear at 5.85
But Wie’s 11th-hour birdie helped and 5.90 after one failure at the latter.
her break free from a pack of four With no fewer than nine men own-
players that included a heartbroken ing season’s bests of 5.88m or better,
Jenny Shin of South Korea, who had the pressure was on at the business
led coming into the last before bogey- end of a gripping vaulting display.
ing. American Sam Hendricks (5.85)
The 25-year-old Shin had one shot eventually took silver from Poland’s
to spare from Americans Wie, Nelly Piotr Lisek on countback as a host of
Korda and Danielle Kang until fluff- rivals fell by the wayside.
ing her lines. But world record holder Lavillenie
She found the sand, and then a bo- Michelle Wie of the US kisses (Photo AFP) was left punching the air in triumph
gey five for a seven-under 65 that left elle Kang, 25, to force a play-off with that’s golf,” said Korda. Wie had as he cleared 5.90 for a title to add to
the door open for Wie. Wie. been pecking away at the two play- his previous wins in 2016 and 2012.
With the victory, Wie claimed her Kang went wide to end the day ers who had led the event for most of “I’m very, very happy. The com-
fifth career LPGA title with a final- with a two-under 70. the day, and neither Korda nor Kang petition was a real battle,” said the
round seven-under 65, for a closing Korda’s gettable knock took a bend were ever able to break free from 31-year-old who won Olympic gold
score of 17-under par 271. to the right and into misery and a one- each other or from the field. in 2012 and silver in 2016.
“That has to be the best putt of my under 71 for the rising star, who had The two Americans were then “The competition was very long
career,” said an elated Wie, whose looked so unflappable all week long. overtaken by the surging Shin, who and very intense as you can see with
last win was the US Open in 2014. Canadian Brooke Henderson then claimed the lead outright with a bird- seven athletes trying to jump 5.90m.
“It’s been a tough journey but I’m birdied the last for a 67 and a share of ie four on the 16th after never really “To be able to secure one more
just really proud that I pulled myself second on 16 under 272 with the pair. attracting notice until the business gold medal in the world champion-
out of it.” Korda was consoled by sister and end of the tournament. ships is a crazy feeling.”
There had been chances on the last fellow LPGA star Jessica as she left The trophy looked to be her’s for Fittingly on the day Bannister died
for both Nelly Korda, 19, and Dani- the course. “It definitely hurts, but the taking until that final hole. aged 88, British team captain Pozzi
said his victory in the 60m hurdles
“On 6 May 1954 Roger made the impossible possible” had been inspired by the first man to
Athletics great Bannister a true all-rounder run a mile in under four minutes.
“Roger Bannister was an unbe-
British athletics great Roger Ban- nister’s personal hero Sydney Wood- before collapsing as he crossed the lievable athlete and unbelievable
nister, whose death aged 88 was erson had been seriously attempting line. But he had, as Coe said, “made person,” said Pozzi, whose winning
announced on Sunday, may have the four minute mile for a quarter of the impossible, possible”. 7.46sec edged American Jarret Eaton
achieved sporting immortality by a century. Weeks later, Bannister lost the re- into silver.
becoming the first man to run a mile “It was as much a psychological cord to John Landy. “I’m very sorry that he has left us
in under four minutes yet he did not as it was a physical barrier and Ban- But he had his revenge over his but I read one of his quotes before
consider this to be his greatest athlet- nister’s success allowed mankind to Australian rival when he beat him heading down to the track: ‘Every
ics achievement and was arguably enter a new world filled with possi- that August in the Commonwealth morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up
prouder of his career as a neurologist. bilities,” added Coe of a record that Games final in Vancouver, Bannister and it knows it must move faster than
But it is hard to exaggerate the since 1999 has been held by Moroc- overtaking on the final bend in a race the lion or it will not survive’.”
landmark significance to athletics co’s Hicham El Guerrouj with a time dubbed the ‘Miracle Mile’. Two defending track champions
when, more than 60 years ago, Ban- of 3:43.13. “Vancouver was the pinnacle of stepped up to win successive titles,
nister ran a mile (1.6 kilometres) in a “Bannister’s achievement was my athletics career. It is very diffi- but there was no luck for Brittney
time of three minutes 59.4 seconds on a moment in history that lifted the cult to break records during Olympic Reese, the American bidding for a
the old cinder surface at Oxford Uni- hearts of a nation and boosted the competition, but winning races was fourth world indoor long jump title
versity’s Iffley Road athletics track. morale of a world still at a low ebb better than holding world records,” who was pushed into silver by Ser-
Bannister’s death was announced after the war. We have all lost a gi- said Bannister in 2014. bian Ivana Spanovic.
while the World Indoor Champion- ant and for many a deep close friend- 1954 also saw Bannister win gold Spanovic went out to 6.96m on her
ships were taking place in Birming- ship.” Born in Harrow, northwest at the European Championships in fourth jump to beat Reese by 7cm.
ham, where Sebastian Coe, the IAAF London, on March 23, 1929, Ban- Bern before he retired from the track In a slow tactical race, Ethiopia’s
president and himself one of Britain’s nister finished fourth in the 1952 to concentrate on his medical career. Yomif Kejelcha produced a devastat-
greatest athletes, having won two Olympic 1500m, having travelled to He went on to become Master ing last-lap spurt to defend his 3000m
Olympic 1500 metres gold medals in Helsinki with hopes of a medal. (head) of Pembroke College, one of title with some ease, the 20-year-old
the 1980s, summed up his importance The Oxford University medical the constituent colleges that make crossing the line in 8:14.41 ahead of
to the sport. student turned his sporting focus to up Oxford University and enjoyed a teenage teammate Selemon Barega.
“On 6 May 1954 Roger made the becoming the first man to run a mile career as a world-renowned neurolo- “During the race I saw everyone was
impossible possible,” Coe said. “Just in under four minutes, with the clos- gist, with Bannister saying there was very confident, but I was the one con-
one year after the coronation of the est anyone had then got to the mark a “gentle irony” when he was diag- trolling everybody,” said Kejelcha,
young Queen Elizabeth II and the time of 4.01.4 by Sweden’s Gunder nosed with Parkinson’s disease -- a who said he would now target the
conquering of Everest he ran the first Hagg in 1945. condition that progressively damages 5000m world record of 12:37.35 set
sub four-minute mile on 6 May 1954 But with close friends Brasher and part of the brain over time -- in 2011. by his compatriot Kenenisa Bekele.
with the help of Christopher Chat- Chataway, both world-class athletes He was knighted in 1975, becom- There was no holding back in the
away and Chris Brasher. in their own right, acting as pacemak- ing known as ‘Sir Roger’ and he women’s 800m as Burundi’s Fran-
“The world’s best runners, such as ers, Bannister made history at Iffley helped to develop the first tests for cine Niyonsaba also successfully de-
Paavo Nurmi, Jack Lovelock, Arne Road in 1954. On the final half-lap, anabolic steroids as part of the cam- fended her title in 1:58.31, the fastest
Andersson, Gunder Hagg and Ban- he went to the front and kicked clear paign against drugs in sport. time run over the distance this season.

Page 6 Monday March 05, 2018

The aim of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid (81 squares) that is subdivided into 3x3 “sub-squares, with each of the numbers one through nine, besides
the ones that are already filled with numbers.
The rule is that each number appear only once per row, once per column, and only once per sub-square. It is rather easy to solve, in fact no math-
ematical knowledge is required. The solutions are indicated below.
Have fun!

Beginners Advanced
4 7 1 6 2 5 2 4 5 7

2 3 8 7 4 8

7 6 3 2 8 1 3 5 2

1 3 9 7 4 9 3

5 6 1 3 9 1 2 4 3 4 5 6 6 7 7 8
9 10 11
9 4 2 1 7 12 2 13 14 4 15 16
17 18 19
2 4 9 5 1 9 20 21 5 1 6
22 23 24 25
4 2 7 9 26 27 1 28 7
29 30 31
3 9 1 8 5 6 5 1 32 3 33 34 35 4

36 37

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ACROSS DOWN
1 First woman 2 Locale
9 10 11
4 Extras 3 Railway
9 Tree 5 Pummeled
12 13 14 15 16 11 Chances of winning 6 Mud brick
12 Not (prefix) 7 Road (abbr.)
17 18 19 13 Bullets 8 Sports channel
15 Philly locale 10 IBM Competitor
20 21 17 Yielding 12 Usable
20 Conger 14 Turbulent
21 Adolescent 16 Discrimination based on age
22 23 24 25
22 Malicious 18 Horsefly
24 Federal Bureau of Investigation 19 Information
26 27 28 26 Stingy 23 Famous composer
29 Loudness unit (abbr.) 25 Runs into gently
29 30 31 30 Traveled by horse 27 Bomb
31 Millimeter 28 Scarlet
32 Antelope 33 United States (abbr.)
32 33 34 35
34 Sink 35 Caesarʼs 49
36 Stop
36 37 37 Acid drug
Fold Fold
ACROSS 9 8 7 3 6 2 5 4 1 DOWN 1 2 9 6 8 4 D I P K U D U (52)8183105037
[email protected]
1 First woman 2 3 4 1 9 6 8 5 7 2 Locale 8 4 9 2 3 F B I E V I L F [email protected]
Information Source:
4 Extras 7 5 9 4 3 8 1 2 6 3 Railway 1 4 5 6 S U C C U M B I N G Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Printed and distributed locally in each hotel.
All rights reserved.
9 Tree 4 7 6 8 5 9 3 1 2 1 5 Pummeled 5 4 7 P A O D D S A M M O E L M U N Reproduction in whole or in part by any printed
or electronic without permission of the publisher.
11 Chances of winning 5 2 3 6 1 7 9 8 4 6 Mud brick 6 8 9 2 S P A R E S E V E
12 Not (prefix) 7 Road (abbr.) Solution:
13 Bullets 8 Sports channel
15 Philly locale 10 IBM Competitor
17 Yielding 12 Usable
20 Conger 14 Turbulent
21 Adolescent 16 Discrimination based on age
22 Malicious 18 Horsefly
24 Federal Bureau of Investigation 19 Information
26 Stingy 23 Famous composer
29 Loudness unit (abbr.) 25 Runs into gently
30 Traveled by horse 27 Bomb
31 Millimeter 28 Scarlet
32 Antelope 33 United States (abbr.)
34 Sink 35 Caesarʼs 49
36 Stop
37 Acid drug

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