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Hacienda Times Digest Jan 13

January 13th, 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

Fitness Class Schedule A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,

the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Monday, January 9
Functional Training 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Tuesday, January 10
Strong by Zumba™ 8:00 am – 9:00 am Total body renewal, head to toe, with detoxifying
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am products and nourishing oils. This spa program is
perfect for a day of complete indulgence and
Wednesday, January 11 renewal. Beginning with a welcoming foot ritual to
Glutes Abs and Legs: 8:30 am - 9:30 am determine the best products and techniques, the
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am experience proceeds with a full body exfoliation
with and a purifying clay body wrap to cleanse and remove toxins. Then a
Thursday, January 12 therapeutic hot stone massage promotes deep relaxation and continues the
Spinning 8:00 am- 9:00 am process of releasing. our healing stone signature facial provides nourishment and
Yoga: 9:30 am – 10:30 am vitality for the face, and detailed attention for the hands and feet puts the
finishing touches.
Friday, January 13
Functional Training 9:00 am –10:00 am 6 Hrs 30 min - $595 USD + 16 %TAX
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am

Saturday, January 14
As a beautiful way to relax and escape for a while, this
Spinning: 9:00 am – 10:00 am
treatment is designed to encourage your body to release and
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am – 11:30 am
flow, completely surrendering to its own internal rhythm.

Our welcoming foot cleanses offers you grounding and
Sunday, January 15 stability, our dry brush exfoliation removes excces and
Strong by Zumba™ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
remmants of the past, while a relaxing aromatherapy

massage with essential oils, all applied to the back along the spine, will lull your

body into a blissful state of peace and comfort. The ritual is complete with a

warming facial aromatheraphy compress and

Private classes invigorating scalp massage.
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. 80 min. $220 usd + 16% TAX


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016
Tarifa Pública $180 USD Tarifa Paquete $110 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $125 USD
Tarifa Pública $210 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $150 USD
Tarifa Pública $245 USD

Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $85 USD
Tarifa Pública $140 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $95 USD
Tarifa Pública $160 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $190 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.
El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de práctica previo a
la ronda y agua embotellada.


Tarifa X 1 Ronda

Julio - Octubre 31, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $115 USD
Tarifa Pública $195 USD

Noviembre 1-Diciembre 25, 2016 Tarifa Paquete $140 USD
Tarifa Pública $230 USD

Diciembre 26, 2016 –Mayo 15, 2017 Tarifa Paquete $165 USD
Tarifa Pública $ 275 USD

Nota: Tarifas en dólares americanos, IVA incluido.

El green fee Incluye: carrito compartido por ronda de golf (Con GPS) , uso del área de
práctica previo a la ronda, agua embotellada, estaciones de comida y bebida .



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

Bold Promise Comey Faces Inquiry Over Clinton Case

Hard to Keep WASHINGTON — The Justice fice said that it was initiating Republicans attacked Comey
Department’s inspector general the investigation in response after he decided there wasn’t
On Health Act said on Thursday that he would to complaints from members of sufficient evidence she had mis-
Congress and the public about ac-
open a broad investigation into
handled classified information
how the F.B.I. director, James B. tions by the F.B.I. and the Justice to prosecute her. The Clinton
Comey, handled the case over Department campaign believed the F.B.I. in-
As a candidate in July 2015, Don- Hillary Clinton’s emails, includ- during the vestigation was overblown and
ald J. Trump promised that he would ing his decision to discuss it at a campaign that seriously damaged her chances
repeal Obamacare and replace it news conference and to disclose could be seen to win the White House and re-
with “something terrific.” 11 days before the election that he as politically sented Comey’s comments about
The Senate voted, 51 to 48, on had new information that could motivated. Clinton at his news conference.
Thursday for a measure setting lead him to reopen it. For Comey But they were particularly up-
Congress on the path toward repeal- The inspector general, Michael and the agen- set about Comey’s two letters,
ing President Obama’s health care E. Horowitz, will not look into the cy he heads, James B. which created a wave of damag-
law, and Trump is now a few days decision not to prosecute Clinton the Clinton Comey ing news stories at the end of the
from taking office. The public, how- or her aides. But he will review investigation campaign, when they thought
ever, knows little more about his actions Comey took that Clinton was political- they had put the email issue be-
proposal than it did 18 months ago. and many of her supporters be- ly fraught from the moment the hind them.
In comments on Tuesday and lieve cost her the election. F.B.I. received a referral in July The emails that the F.B.I. re-
Wednesday, Trump described when They are: the news conference 2015 to determine whether Clin- viewed proved irrelevant.
a Republican health reform bill in July at which he announced ton and her aides had mishandled F.B.I. officials said on Thursday
would be released — “very quickly.” he was not indicting Clinton but classified information. Senior that they welcomed the scrutiny.
But he has yet to give details about described her behavior as “ex- F.B.I. officials believed there was In a statement, Comey described
the policies it would contain. tremely careless”; the letter to never going to be a good outcome, Horowitz as “professional and
“We’re going to have a health care Congress in late October in which since it put them in the middle of a independent” and promised to
that is far less expensive and far bet- he said that newly discovered bitterly partisan issue. cooperate with his investigation.
ter,” he said Wednesday. emails could potentially change Whatever the decision on “I hope very much he is able to
Trump accurately describes prob- the outcome of the F.B.I.’s investi- whether to charge Clinton with a share his conclusions and ob-
lems with the current health care gation; and the letter three days crime, Comey, a Republican for- servations with the public be-
system for Americans under 65: before the election in which he mer Justice Department official cause everyone will benefit from
“You have deductibles that are so said that he was closing it again. appointed by President Obama, thoughtful evaluation and trans-
high, that after people go broke pay- The inspector general’s of- was going to get hammered. parency,” Comey said. (NYT)
ing their premiums which are going
through the roof, the health care Latest to Disagree With Trump: His Nominees
can’t even be used by them because
their deductibles bills are so high.”
Premiums for health insurance WASHINGTON — America were confirmed as defense sec- Trump has derided. [Page 3.]
plans in the United States are high. should not torture. Russia is a retary, he would support the Iran Transition officials said they
And increasing deductibles can menace. A wall at the Mexican nuclear agreement, which Trump were unconcerned by the differ-
make needed coverage a financial border would not be effective. A has derided. “When America ences. Sean Spicer, who will be
stretch even for the insured. blanket ban against Muslims is gives her word, we have to live the White House press secretary,
But solving those problems is not wrong. Climate change is a threat. up to it and work with our allies,” said that Trump had chosen peo-
as easy as identifying them. The Those statements are in op- Mattis said at his hearing, a stark ple for their expertise, not their
real reason health care premiums position to some of the most sig- contrast from Trump’s view that ability to parrot his positions.
and deductibles are so high is that nificant declarations that Presi- the Iran negotiations produced Still, all signs indicate that
medical care is very expensive in dent-elect Donald J. Trump made “one of the dumbest deals ever.” the last word on policy will be
the United States. before his improbable ascension Rex W. Tillerson, whom Trump Trump’s. “At the end of the day,
Obamacare has been successful to the White House. They are also has chosen to be secretary of each one of them is going to pur-
in getting health insurance to people the words of his own nominees to state, parted ways with the pres- sue a Trump agenda and a Trump
who lacked it before. About 20 mil- lead the nation’s most important ident-elect on a range of issues vision,” Spicer said Thursday.
lion more Americans had insurance government agencies. this week, calling President But Sen. Susan Collins, R-Me.,
last year than before the law passed, In their first week of grilling Vladimir V. Putin of Russia a re- said the broad gulf between
according to an Obama administra- before congressional panels, gional and international threat Trump and the nominees was
tion estimate. But the health law, Trump’s cabinet nominees broke who should be countered with “a unusual. “It suggests to me that
largely focused on insurance regu- with him on almost every major proportional show of force.” Til- Donald Trump wants advisers
lation, did not drive down the cost policy that has put Trump out- lerson rejected a ban on Muslim who will bring him different
of medical treatments. Health care side Republican orthodoxy, par- immigrants and called the United views,” said Collins, a member
and health insurance continue to be ticularly in the area of national States’ commitment to NATO “in- of the Senate intelligence panel
expensive. security. violable.” that grilled Pompeo. “That would
That means that a Republican James N. Mattis, a retired Ma- And Trump’s appointee to head be very healthy. Or it could lead
plan that is cheaper and better than rine Corps general, who long ago the C.I.A., Rep. Mike Pompeo of to confused messages both to our
Obamacare will be hard to deliver. expressed his opposition to tor- Kansas, vigorously defended allies and our adversaries.”
MARGOT SANGER-KATZ ture, said on Thursday that if he the intelligence agencies, which JENNIFER STEINHAUER


In Brief Rebel. Fugitive. Hero? Haiti Erupts Over Arrest

MIAMI — Even by the standard
U.S. Trade Restrictions of Haitian rebels, Guy Philippe
On Sudan to Be Lifted was acting pretty confidently for a
After nearly 20 years of hostile man on the D.E.A.’s list of wanted
relations, the American govern- drug traffickers.
ment plans to reverse its position He publicly sauntered into a
on Sudan and lift trade sanctions, government office last week to
Obama administration officials pick up the certificate that con-
said late Thursday. Sudan is one firmed his election to the Haitian
of the poorest, most isolated and Senate, a document he thought
violent countries in Africa, and would offer the legal immunity
for years the United States has he so craved. Later that day, he
imposed punitive policies in an popped in unannounced at the
attempt to get Sudan to stop vio- Scoop FM radio station outside
lating the human rights of its own the capital, Port-au-Prince.
people. On Friday, the Obama ad- “We stopped the show, greeted HECTOR RETAMAL/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES
ministration will announce a new him and allowed him to speak for The arrest of Guy Philippe, a Haitian rebel leader, is stirring
Sudan strategy. For the first time 47 minutes,” said Gary Pierre Paul anger at the United States. A protest in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
since 1997, Sudan will be able Charles, the station’s chief execu-
to trade with the United States, tive.
which could allow it to buy goods Then, after the interview ended, populist hero, particularly in his moved two dozen people from the
like tractors and spare parts and an undercover investigator pre- native southwest region. region, while church groups hired
attract investment. In return, tended to offer Philippe a friendly So the landmark arrest quick- private planes to evacuate volun-
Sudan will improve access for aid hug, but instead pointed a pistol ly led to chaos on Haiti’s streets, teers. The Red Cross followed the
groups, stop supporting rebels in at his belly and handcuffed him. and is further complicating the advice of the American Embassy
neighboring South Sudan, cease A phalanx of police officers sur- already fraught relationship and sheltered in place.
the bombing of insurgent territo- rounding the station fired warning the country has with the United Philippe, 48, is a former police
ry and cooperate with American shots that were heard on the air. States. and military official with a poor
intelligence agents. (NYT) Before the plane that would Almost immediately, many human rights record. In 2004, he
bring him to the United States members of Haiti’s parliament staged an invasion of his home
took off, Haitian National Police questioned the legality of expel- country in a successful quest to
Poles Greet U.S. Troops officers and American drug en- ling a man from his own country force out the president at the time,
The long convoy from an Amer- forcement agents stopped to pose without so much as a hearing. Jean Bertrand Aristide.
ican armored brigade slid across for cheery snapshots. Then the violence started. In the A year after the rebellion, he
the German frontier into Poland After failing time and again southwestern city of Jeremie, fu- was secretly indicted by a feder-
just before 10 a.m. on Thursday. A to bring Philippe into custody rious mobs began throwing rocks, al grand jury in the United States
dozen residents from the south- through the years, American of- breaking windows and vowing to that accused him of running drugs
western border town of Olszyna ficials had at last brought in one kill foreigners. from Colombia out of Haiti, and
turned up to watch. The convoy of their most-wanted Haitian sus- American missionaries were laundering money. Each time
is the first installment of what are pects. But even though Philippe forced to flee their outposts and United States authorities were
promised to be several thousand was once one of the most feared seek shelter at a United Nations close to apprehending him, some-
NATO troops to be based across rebel leaders in recent Haitian compound. The United Nations one would tip Philippe off.
Eastern Europe. Poland and oth- history, he is also something of a Humanitarian Air Service re- FRANCES ROBLES
er countries have been yearning
along the alliance’s eastern flank South Korea’s Blacklist of Artists Adds to Outrage
for a permanent troop presence
to keep President Vladimir V. Pu-
tin of Russia at bay. (NYT) SEOUL, South Korea — When international arts festival, an act on charges of blacklisting cul-
the South Korean artist Hong Gwangju’s mayor later admitted tural figures deemed unfriendly
Russia Battles Smoking Sung-dam produced a painting was due to government pressure. and barring them from govern-
ment-controlled support pro-
that depicted President Park
The retaliation did not stop
Russia’s millennials may be Geun-hye as a scarecrow manipu- there, Hong said. “Dozens of grams.
the country’s last generation of lated by evil forces, including her conservative activists showed So far, two versions of the black-
cigarette smokers. If a proposal dictator father, her senior aides up in front of my apartment like list have been reported by the
introduced by the Health Minis- discussed how to “punish” Hong, a goon squad, shaking my photo- news media, citing anonymous
try is adopted, Russia will ban the according to a diary one of them graphs and calling me a ‘Commu- sources. Officials, including the
sale of cigarettes to people born kept. nist painter,’ ” he said. “I received special prosecutor in the case,
in 2015 and after. About 33 per- Soon after the painting’s com- death threats on the phone.” Park Young-soo, have confirmed
cent of Russian adults use tobac- pletion in August 2014, the retalia- As it turned out, Hong was one the existence of the blacklist but
co products. In 2013, President tion began as planned in the aide’s of thousands of artists reportedly have not released it.
Vladimir V. Putin, a nonsmoker, diary, which surfaced in Novem- blacklisted by the government of A 2015 version of the list includ-
signed a law that banned smok- ber in the investigation into the Park, whose powers have been ed more than 9,000 people, ac-
ing in most public places and corruption scandal that has led to suspended as she faces an im- cording to news reports. The list
raised taxes on tobacco products. Park’s impeachment trial. peachment trial on charges of cor- contained some of South Korea’s
The number of children ages 13 to First, a pro-government civic ruption and abuse of power. most beloved filmmakers, actors
15 who smoke declined to 9.3 per- group sued Hong on charges of de- On Thursday, three of Park’s and writers, including the direc-
cent in 2015 from 25.4 percent faming Park. Then his work was former aides, including one of tor of “Oldboy,” Park Chan-wook,
in 2004, according to the Health excluded from the Gwangju Bi- her former culture ministers, and the “Snowpiercer” actor Song
Ministry. (NYT) ennale, South Korea’s best-known Kim Jong-deok, were arrested Kang-ho. CHOE SANG-HUN


Table Full of Trump Voters Who Don’t Regret It In Brief

MONTICELLO, Iowa — The Ta- him, possible ethical conflicts, his support, including reports this Obama Surprises Biden
ble of Knowledge was delving into the donors and billionaires of his week that American intelligence
President-elect Donald J. Trump’s cabinet, his pushback against agencies are investigating un- With Medal of Freedom
plans to upend government, and intelligence findings on Russian verified accounts of meetings be- President Obama surprised
marveling at how he had forced hacking in the election. But there tween Trump aides and Russian Vice President Joseph R. Biden
his fellow Republicans in the does not seem to be much angst officials, as well as sex tapes pur- Jr. on Thursday by bestowing the
House to reverse themselves on in Iowa among portedly made of Trump in Mos- Presidential Medal of Freedom
gutting the Office of Congressio- those who vot- cow. On Wednesday, Trump called on him, calling
nal Ethics. ed for Trump, the allegations completely false. Biden “my
“He’s getting responses; things including some “The way it is nowadays, unless brother” in a
are happening,” said Jerry Retz- Democrats and I see positive proof, it’s all a lie,” tearful good-
laff, a retiree. “He got Congress to independents. Ameling said on Wednesday. He bye in the East
turn themselves around with one Monticello, added he was more concerned Room of the
tweet.” in rural east- that government officials might White House.
“There’s no secret the press ern Iowa, is as Jerry Retzlaff have leaked the material to the For the first
doesn’t like him, and neither does close as any news media. “We need law and time, Obama
a lot of the leadership,” he added. place to the epi- order back in this country.” awarded the
“And that’s because he’s planning center of the political quake that Mike Staudt, a retired farmer medal with
on making a lot of changes.” made Trump president. from Marble Rock, said he had no distinction, an
The eight men around a rectan- Iowa gave Trump a 15-percent- problem with a candidate who had added level Joseph R.
gular table meet daily for break- age-point reversal over President run as the voice of the working of veneration Biden Jr. with
fast at Darrell’s diner, all while Obama’s easy victory here in 2012. people but was stocking his cabi- that previous his medal.
solving the world’s problems, Al Ameling, 58, a technical an- net with the ultrawealthy. presidents had
hence their gathering’s nickname. alyst who lives in Marble Rock, “I know these guys are really reserved for
Washington may be veering near the Minnesota border, vot- rich,” he said. “If they replace their recipients like Pope John Paul II
from one Trump pre-inaugural ed for Obama in 2008, sat out in own concerns with the concerns of and Colin L. Powell, the former
controversy to another: unproved 2012 and enthusiastically backed the country, they can make things secretary of state. “To know Joe
reports of Russia’s holding em- Trump. Nothing he has heard really move forward.” Biden is to know love without
barrassing information against since Election Day has shaken TRIP GABRIEL pretense, service without self-re-
gard, and to live life fully,” Obama
C.I.A. Choice Would Seek ‘Robust’ Data on Russia said during the televised ceremo-
ny, as Biden wiped tears from his
eyes and dabbed at his nose with
WASHINGTON — The first Pompeo — and America’s 17 in- C.I.A., under his leadership, would a handkerchief. (NYT)
battle that Rep. Mike Pompeo telligence agencies — is how to continue to pursue intelligence
prepared to fight was against the handle a president who embrac- on Russian hacking — allegations Deal to Curb Police Bias
Russians, when he commanded es President Vladimir V. Putin of that have come amid a swirl of un-
a tank platoon in Germany in the Russia while the agency tries to substantiated rumors about links Nearly two years after the
twilight of the Cold War. On Thurs- keep Russia in check. So far, noth- between the Trump campaign and death of a black man in police cus-
day, he made clear he was ready to ing in the C.I.A.’s 69-year history the Russian government. tody in Baltimore led to violent ri-
take on America’s old adversary if has prepared it to deal with a pres- “I will continue to pursue for- ots here, the Justice Department
confirmed as director of the Cen- ident who is as openly derisive of eign intelligence with vigor no and city leaders announced on
tral Intelligence Agency. its work as Trump. matter where the facts lead,” Thursday an agreement to im-
But doing so may result in a bat- The dispute has stoked fears at Pompeo said. He added that he pose greater oversight and train-
tle closer to home: Pompeo and the the C.I.A. that Trump could halt or would do this “with regard to this ing on a police force found to have
C.I.A. versus President-elect Don- seek to limit inquiries into Russian issue and each and every issue.” routinely harassed minorities.
ald J. Trump, whose denigration hacking and other issues, current The C.I.A. under his leadership, The city came under Justice De-
of the intelligence agencies has and former agency officials said. he said, would provide “accurate, partment scrutiny after the man,
opened an extraordinary breach Pompeo may have somewhat as- timely, robust and clear-eyed Freddie Gray, 25, died of a spinal
between an incoming president suaged those concerns on Thurs- analysis of Russian activities.” cord injury he received while in
and the spies who will serve him. day when he was asked at his MATTHEW ROSENBERG police custody in 2015 as he was
The question hanging over Senate confirmation hearing if the and MARK MAZZETTI being transported in a van. (NYT)
Obama Ends Exemption for Cuban Migrants Who Come to U.S. Without Visas

WASHINGTON — President relief will be subject to remov- said had agreed to accept the re- tility between the United States
Obama said Thursday that he was al, consistent with U.S. law and turn of its citizens. and Cuba.
terminating the 22-year-old policy enforcement priorities,” Obama “What we’ve agreed to is that The so-called “wet foot, dry
that has allowed Cubans who ar- said in a statement, released just the past is past, and the future will foot” policy, which dates to 1995,
rived on United States soil without eight days before he is to leave be different,” said Jeh Johnson, owes its name to its unusual rules,
visas to remain in the country and office. “By taking this step, we are the Homeland Security secre- which require Cubans caught
gain legal residency, an unexpect- treating Cuban migrants the same tary. “This is us repealing a policy trying to reach the United States
ed move long sought by the Cuban way we treat migrants from other unique to Cuba given the nature by sea to return home, yet allow
government. countries.” of the relationship 20 years ago, those who make it onto American
“Effective immediately, Cuban The action came through a new which is very different right now.” soil to stay and eventually apply
nationals who attempt to enter Department of Homeland Securi- The move places a finishing for legal, permanent residency.
the United States illegally and ty regulation and a deal with the touch on Obama’s efforts as pres- JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS
do not qualify for humanitarian Cuban government, which Obama ident to end a half-century of hos- and FRANCES ROBLES


U.S. Says Fiat Chrysler Flouted Emissions Rules THE MARKETS

The Environmental Protection ing the air we breathe,” said Cyn- The 104,000 affected vehicles DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
Agency on Thursday accused thia Giles, an assistant adminis- include the light-duty 2014, 2015 63.28 16.16 4.88
Fiat Chrysler of installing secret trator at the E.P.A. She said the and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokees ↘ 0.32% ↘ 0.29% ↘ 0.21%
software that allowed more than software resulted in excess emis- and Dodge Ram 1500 trucks with 19,891.00 5,547.49 2,270.44
100,000 of its diesel vehicles to sions of nitrogen oxides, which 3-liter diesel engines sold in the
emit toxins above legal levels. have harmful health effects. United States, the E.P.A. said. EUROPE
The case has echoes of one Giles stopped short of describ- At issue is software installed
against Volkswagen, which on ing the software as a so-called in all modern diesel vehicles that BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
Wednesday pleaded guilty to defeat device of the sort used calibrates an engine’s perfor- FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
criminal conspiracy as part of a by Volkswagen to cheat on die- mance and controls emissions 1.88 125.13 24.74
widespread emissions-cheating sel emissions tests. But she said levels. Federal regulations allow ↗ 0.03% ↘ 1.07% ↘ 0.51%
scheme. In both cases, the gov- there was no doubt that Fiat diesel cars to shut off emissions 7,292.37 11,521.04 4,863.97
ernment focused on software Chrysler’s software “is contrib- controls in certain situations — to
inside vehicles that can adjust uting to illegal pollution.” protect an engine from overheat- ASIA/PACIFIC
emissions levels. Sergio Marchionne, chief exec- ing, for example.
The accusations against Fiat utive of Fiat Chrysler, mounted In the Volkswagen case, ille- JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
Chrysler also appeared to be part an impassioned defense, deny- gal software caused cars to shut NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
of a last push by the Obama ad- ing that the company had inten- down emissions controls during 229.97 106.33 17.13
ministration to finish investiga- tionally broken the law. “There’s normal driving conditions. In ↘ 1.19% ↘ 0.46% ↘ 0.55%
tions and negotiations involving not a guy” at the automaker “who the case involving Fiat Chrysler, 19,134.70 22,829.02 3,119.63
companies. would try something as stupid” emissions controls in the affected
The emissions breach de- as cheating on emissions tests, he cars shut down only during some AMERICAS
scribed by the government said. “We have done, in our view, driving conditions, according to
“threatens public health by pollut- nothing that is illegal.” the E.P.A. HIROKO TABUCHI CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Amazon Will Add 100,000 Jobs in Next 18 Months ↘ 73.38 ↗ 1,648.00 ↗ 127.33
15,418.16 64,093.87 46,060.98
Amazon’s warehouse in Bal- scenes is an example of what the highly paid engineers and soft-
timore is a rare economic bright economist Joseph Schumpeter ware developers in addition to COMMODITIES/BONDS
spot there, employing 3,000 peo- termed “creative destruction,” hourly warehouse workers. But
ple full-time in a city ravaged by the process in which new indus- for people on the wrong side of that GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
poverty and few opportunities for tries rise and replace old ones. transition, it’s the equivalent of an
less educated workers. But creation tends to get more economic hurricane. ↗ 3.30 ↘ 0.01 ↗ 0.78
And with Amazon’s announce- press than destruction, and “There are huge benefits to $1,198.90 2.36% $53.84
ment Thursday that it plans to Thursday’s announcement from consumers from Amazon,” said
hire 100,000 new employees in Amazon is no exception. Lawrence Katz, a distinguished
the next 18 months, the Baltimore The company’s hiring plans are labor economist at Harvard. “But FOREIGN EXCHANGE
facility and at least 70 other Ama- good news. But to understand the the workers they are hiring aren’t
zon fulfillment centers across the forces roiling the American econ- the same ones being laid off.” Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
country stand to be among the omy, it’s key to remember that on- Amazon’s announcement
biggest beneficiaries. line retailing has destroyed many comes as the company is introduc- Australia (Dollar) .7492 1.3348
Fifteen miles away in the sub- times that number of positions at ing forms of automation that could Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6577 3.1878
Brazil (Real)
urbs, all that is left of Owings malls across America. one day cost jobs. It uses robots in Britain (Pound) 1.2171 .8216
Mills Mall is rubble, demolition That’s not necessarily a bad many of its warehouses, though Canada (Dollar) .7616 1.3131
having started in the fall, after thing over the long term. Greater it says they work in conjunction China (Yuan) .1452 6.8890
the last anchor stores, Macy’s productivity is essential for eco- with people instead of replacing Denmark (Krone) .1429 6.9991
and J. C. Penney, closed. nomic growth, and, the company them. NELSON D. SCHWARTZ Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0216 46.2800
Egypt (Pound)
The contrast between the two said, the 100,000 figure includes and NICK WINGFIELD Europe (Euro) 1.0620 .9416
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1290 7.7541
Robots to Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Feared, Study Says Japan (Yen) .0087 21.8068
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1174 8.5192
Singapore (Dollar) .7010 1.4266
The robots are coming, but the work tasks — more than 2,000 ac- rently demonstrated technology” So. Africa (Rand) .0741 13.4863
march of automation will dis- tivities across 800 occupations, either already in the marketplace So. Korea (Won) .0009 1175.0
place jobs more gradually than from stock clerk to company boss. or being developed in labs. That, Sweden (Krona) .1118 8.9429
some alarming forecasts suggest. The institute, the research arm of the report says, translates into Switzerland (Franc) .9903 1.0098
A measured pace is likely be- the consulting firm McKin sey & $15.8 trillion in wages and the Source: Thomson Reuters
cause what is technically possi- Company, concludes that many equivalent of 1.1 billion workers
ble is only one factor in determin- tasks can be automated and that worldwide. But only 5 percent of
ing how quickly new technology most jobs have activities ripe for jobs can be entirely automated. ONLINE: MORE PRICES
is adopted, according to a new automation. But the near-term “This is going to take decades,” AND ANALYSIS
study by the McKinsey Global impact, the report says, will be said James Manyika, a director of Information on all United
Institute. Other crucial ingredi- to transform work more than to the institute and an author of the Æ
ents include economics, labor eliminate jobs. report. “How automation affects States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
markets, regulations and social Globally, the McKinsey re- employment will not be decided tual funds, commodities and foreign
attitudes. searchers calculated that 49 per- simply by what is technically fea- stocks along with analysis of indus-
The report, which was released cent of time spent on work activi- sible, which is what technologists try sectors and stock indexes:
Thursday, breaks jobs down by ties could be automated with “cur- tend to focus on.” STEVE LOHR


The Return of Goldman Sachs

“Government Sachs” is back. to be a Goldman partner and GAINERS AND LOSERS
After eight years in the polit- survive if you’re stupid, lazy or % Volume
ical wilderness, its name syn- unprofessional.” Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
onymous with the supposedly Trump, a spokeswoman of his
undue and self-serving influence told me, sees no contradiction 10 MOST ACTIVE
in Washington that here. “He’s said from the begin- Bankof (BAC) 22.92 ◊0.15 ◊0.7 1199819
Common brought us the finan- ning that he’ll hire the very best FiatCh (FCAU) 10.76 ◊1.14 ◊10.3 956335
SenSe cial crisis and the people for the job regardless of FordMo (F) 12.59 ◊0.08 ◊0.6 364791
◊1.15 ◊10.4
AKStee (AKS)
James B. Wall Street bailout, where they worked before,” said Freepo (FCX) 15.27 ◊0.60 ◊3.8 339076
Pfizer (PFE)
Stewart Goldman Sachs is the spokeswoman, Hope Hicks. Chesap (CHK) 6.93 +0.01 +0.1 305169
again making its Goldman’s chief executive, GE (GE) 31.39 ◊0.08 ◊0.3 298407
presence felt. In the Trump ad- Lloyd C. Blankfein, dismisses Micron (MU) 22.31 ◊0.48 ◊2.1 275265
ministration, to an unprecedent- the notion that the firm has any % Volume
ed degree, economic policy mak- undue influence in Washington. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
ing is largely being handed over “It’s an imprimatur on our firm
to people with Goldman ties. that we have such good people 10 TOP GAINERS 29.86 +7.14 +31.4 44132
Applie (AAOI)
The Goldman alumni include HILARY SWIFT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES that the administration wants Adviso (ABCO) 42.00 +5.85 +16.2 28993
Steven T. Mnuchin, the nominee The president-elect is picking to hire them,” he said. “It pains ClubCo (MYCC) 17.35 +2.35 +15.7 30018
Centur (CENX)
+1.38 +15.3
for Treasury secretary; Gary D. me to lose some of them. But Magell (MPET) 13.20 +1.30 +10.9 5306
Cohn, tapped as director of the advisers from the bank. the perception that they’ll go to Syndax (SNDX) 23.96 +0.72 +10.2 1111
Merus (MRUS)
+2.21 +10.2
National Economic Council and Washington and then favor us is Neurod (NDRM) 22.95 +2.05 +9.8 4053
White House adviser on econom- paigned against Wall Street, false. The reverse is true. They’ll Clovis (CLVS) 53.49 +4.16 +8.4 34579
Assemb (ASMB) 13.79
ic policy; and Stephen K. Ban- excoriated Sen. Ted Cruz for his bend over backward to avoid
non, who was named chief White ties to Goldman, and castigated that. They’re not going to serve % Volume
House strategist. Jay Clayton, Hillary Clinton for giving paid the interests of Goldman Sachs. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
named to head the Securities and speeches to big banks. They have their own careers and 10 TOP LOSERS
Exchange Commission, is a Wall The Goldman influx has so far reputations to worry about.” VistaO (VSTO) 29.58 ◊8.21 ◊21.7 114828
Street lawyer who has represent- drawn little criticism, perhaps Exhibit A may be Gary Gens- OcwenF (OCN) 5.05 ◊0.76 ◊13.1 88197
ed Goldman. because worries about what once ler, at the time the youngest Insigh (NSIT) 35.71 ◊5.16 ◊12.6 5323
Signal (SGNL)
◊1.32 ◊12.1
This week, President-elect Don- would have been deemed undue person to be made partner at Invent (SNAK) 7.28 ◊0.97 ◊11.8 3509
ald J. Trump hired Dina H. Powell, influence now mix with relief Goldman (when he was 30). Two Lonest (LONE) 18.50 ◊0.88 ◊11.2 1560
Limone (LMNR)
◊2.28 ◊11.0
a Goldman partner who heads im- that there is some adult supervi- liberal senators tried to block his AKStee (AKS) 9.87 ◊1.15 ◊10.4 357191
pact investing, as a White House sion in the executive branch. nomination to head the Commod- FiatCh (FCAU) 14.00 ◊1.14 ◊10.3 956335
Entero (ETRM)
adviser. Anthony Scaramucci, On balance, “it’s a plus,” said ity Futures Trading Commission Source: Thomson Reuters
a Goldman alumnus, is on the Michael R. Bloomberg, the for- on the grounds that he was too
Trump transition committee and mer New York City mayor who close to Wall Street. But by the
is expected to be named to a White built his fortune on Wall Street. time he left the agency, it had Stocks on the Move
House position as well. “Whatever you may think of filed a record number of cases
And this after Trump cam- them individually, you can’t get against major Wall Street banks. Stocks that moves substantially or traded
heavily on Thursday:
Tougher on Corporate Crime. For Now. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, down
$1.14 to $9.95. Federal regulators pre-
pared to accuse the company of installing
When the dust settled on the ecuting corporate employees, to Yates or Caldwell. As expect- an illegal device in some of its vehicles to
2008 financial crisis, not a single and Leslie R. Caldwell, who took ed, the officials announcing the cheat government emissions tests.
top Wall Street executive went over the Justice Department’s white-collar cases are leaving Hess Corp., down $2.99 to $58.85. The
to prison. criminal division. the Justice Department. energy company will take a $3.8 billion
And for that, the Obama admin- The changes started with a few The Volkswagen case was one charge in the quarter and will spend more
News istration’s Justice big banks pleading guilty and of Caldwell’s last acts. on exploration and production in 2017.
Now, the Obama administra-
Analysis Department took built to a flurry of activity this tion’s legacy falls into the hands Mylan N.V., down 51 cents to $36.77.
week, when Yates’s new guide-
one lashing after
Rival CVS slashed its price on a generic
another, from Congress, the press lines appeared to bear fruit. of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Presi- version of Adrenaclick, a lesser-known
and a few maverick judges. The On Tuesday, the Justice De- dent-elect Donald J. Trump’s pick treatment similar to Mylan’s EpiPen.
critics coined a new phrase — partment announced the indict- for attorney general. Sessions, Micron Technology Inc., down 48 cents
that banks and their executives ment of three former traders a Republican from Alabama, to $22.31. Chipmakers and technology
were “too big to jail” — and it from some of the world’s biggest is expected to receive Senate companies took some of the largest losses
reverberated through Wall Street banks, accusing them of a con- approval. He has criticized the on the market Thursday.
and Washington, a taunting re- spiracy to manipulate prices too-big-to-jail philosophy since Capital One Financial Corp., down $1.25
minder of the ones who got away. in a currency market. The next joining the Senate. to $87.89. Bank stocks traded lower as
Over the past two years, the day brought a guilty plea from “This is a dangerous philos- bond yields and interest rates dropped.
Justice Department, loath to be Volkswagen as well as criminal ophy,” he said in 2010 amid the Randgold Resources Ltd., up $1.41 to
seen as treating the corporate charges against six Volkswagen investigations into the banks $81.78. Metals companies traded higher
world with kid gloves, began executives for their roles in the at the heart of the financial col- as the prices of gold and other precious
changing its approach. Two emissions-cheating scandal. As lapse. “Normally, I was taught, if metals rose.
prosecutors with specialties in soon as Friday, the auto parts they violated the law, you charge Straight Path Communications Inc., up
white-collar cases helped spear- maker Takata is expected to them. If they did not violate the $9.72 to $41.13. The wireless spectrum
head the push: Deputy Attorney plead guilty over deadly airbags. law, you do not charge them.” license company said it resolved an inves-
General Sally Q. Yates, who But whether these changes BEN PROTESS tigation by the Federal Communications
created new guidelines for pros- set a lasting precedent is not up and MATT APUZZO Commission. (AP)


Florida Tourism Five Places to Check Out While in Montreal

Remains Strong Visitors to the Petite-Patrie

neighborhood northwest of Mon-
It hasn’t been an easy eight treal’s city center previously had
months for Florida. On June 12, little reason to venture beyond
an attack in an Orlando nightclub the Marché Jean-Talon, a pop-
killed 49 people. In July, the Zika ular food market. After all, the
virus surfaced in Miami’s Wyn- area’s main commercial artery,
wood neighborhood and eventu- Plaza St.-Hubert, is a bizarre
ally spread to other parts of the strip of formal-wear shops tout-
city, causing panic among resi- ing bargain-basement prices on
dents and tourists. And on Jan. ’80s-style prom and wedding
6, a gunman opened fire at Fort gowns. But lately, amid the se-
Lauderdale-Hollywood Interna- quins and satin, a growing roster
tional Airport, leaving at least five of cool cafes, coffee shops, baker-
people dead. ies and bars, many on residential
But at least so far, any damage side streets, has unexpectedly PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID GIRAL FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
to Florida’s travel market because bloomed in this transforming
of the events seems to be minimal, neighborhood. Above, a view of Plaza St.-
and several indicators show that MONTRÉAL PLAZA Hubert, home of Montréal
tourism to the state is thriving. Montreal’s food world was skep- Plaza. At left, dogsitting at
Florida generated $85.3 billion tical when the renowned local chef Artgang Montréal.
in spending by tourists in 2014, Charles-Antoine Crête announced
which made it second only to Cali- that his first solo venture would
fornia in tourism revenue, accord- be on Plaza St.-Hubert. But this the-glass wines include chardon-
ing to the U.S. Travel Association, bustling brasserie has been reli- nay from Ontario, and cocktails
a trade group. ably packed with diners. 6230, rue are mixed with spirits including
St.-Hubert; 514-903-6230; montre- Québécois vermouth and British Columbian gin. 901, rue St.-Zo-
ARTGANG MONTRÉAL hand pies, still warm from the ov- tique Est; 514-439-0992;
The crew behind Montreal’s en and sprinkled with chopped ha- CANDIDE CAFÉ
street-wear label Fake opened zelnuts, are alone worth a detour A fantastical mural inspired
this gallery and retail space in to this pint-size patisserie, which by Voltaire’s satire welcomes
2015, selling snap-back caps and opened on a residential block in patrons to this laid-back coffee
sweatshirts beside floor-to-ceiling December 2015. 1256, rue St.-Zo- shop. The space doubles as an
murals and framed works by top tique Est; 438-386-7177. art gallery and study lounge for
graffiti and street artists. 6524, rue YÏSST students sipping specialty coffee
Opened in May 2015, this bois-
Travelers still want to go St.-Hubert;514-750-3253; artgang- terous bar spotlights little-known drinks like the “Latte à la Rose du
Québec.” 6293, rue St.-Hubert; 514-
to Florida after some scary PÂTISSERIE BICYCLETTE domestic producers. Taps pour 560-4223;
events. Condo in Sunny Isles. The divine apple-and-caramel local craft beers and cider, by- INGRID K. WILLIAMS
Despite two cases of open- Affordable Fitness Getaways
fire shooting in less than a year,
there’s no reason for travelers
to Florida to fear for their physi- After the feasting and revelry of the holidays, at-
cal safety, said Mike Ackerman, tention in January often turns to fitness and health.
the chairman of the Ackerman Domestic and international hotels have designed
Group, a security consulting firm packages with spa treatments, fitness classes and
in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “It’s bad eating cleanses to help travelers detoxify.
luck that the shootings happened At Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa on
in Florida, but they were random Long Island in New York (pictured at right), rates GURNEY’S MONTAUK RESORT & SEAWATER SPA
and unrelated and could have hap- drop in the winter. In addition to on-demand audio
pened anywhere,” he said. meditations, the nightly rate includes fitness classes ($1,500 for two-day package versus a regular price of
“Florida is appealing for every like stand-up paddleboard yoga in the indoor seawa- $2,000) includes blood work, a massage, a nutritional
kind of traveler, so the long-term ter pool, spin and barre (January rates start at $320 consultation and a customized fitness program.
tourism prospects are strong,” a night versus $685 a night in the summer). The Sea- In a destination not necessarily known for detox-
said Rummy Pandit, the executive water Spa Package (two-night minimum stay) offers ing, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa has a Well-
director of the Lloyd D. Levenson additional value with a $125 per person spa credit. ness Beach Retreat package that includes a healthy
Institute of Gaming, Hospitality In Miami Beach the Confidante hotel has teamed breakfast, fitness classes and a “stress victim” spa
& Tourism at Stockton Universi- with V Art of Wellness to provide complimentary treatment (three-night minimum, from $459 a night
ty in New Jersey. “You have the fitness classes (rates in January from $229 a night). with promo code ZJ1). The daily 50-minute fitness
beach, gaming, Disney World and The daily 60-minute classes led by Christopher and classes include cardio boxing, spinning, “yogalates”
a wide range of budget and luxu- Tracie Vlaun include boot camp on the beach, dy- and high-intensity interval training. The 80-minute
ry accommodation options, and namic flow yoga and beach body blast (a high-impact “stress victim” spa treatment includes a 30-min-
while any calamity in a destina- class with cardio kickboxing). Another partnership ute back, neck and shoulder massage followed by
tion tends to have an immediate in Miami Beach is focused on stomach health, with a 50-minute facial. Healthy options at breakfast
decline in visitation to that desti- the Faena Hotel offering a spa package that includes include juices and a variety of smoked seafoods
nation, the decline is usually tem- consultations with Matthew Cooper, a licensed di- including salmon, oysters, mackerel and trout.
porary.” SHIVANI VORA gestive health specialist. The Enzyme Dr. Program JESSICA COLLEY CLARKE


At This Auction, Even Millard Fillmore Gets Respect

GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Politicians like to “And Taft, to me, looks too thin,” said John
say they cannot be bought. Tormey III, an entertainment lawyer who had
But this weekend, here amid the rolling driven from New York, and was nevertheless
Civil War battlefields and the kitschy souve- planning to bid on a figure for his home office.
nir shops, anyone can buy a president — one “I’ve already been told that if I take back more
deftly shaped by skilled manipulators of wax than one wax figure, the locks on my house
and other polymers. will be changed.”
At auction is the collection of the Hall of Pres- A trip through the museum, which closed in PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK MAKELA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
idents and First Ladies, a 60-year-old wax mu- November but has been open for previews of At the Hall of
seum that has presented every occupant of the the auction, is like a walk through a dim base- Presidents, George
Oval Office — and their female counterparts ment neatly filled with presidential memora- Washington,
— in varying degrees of accuracy. bilia. Look into history and see the piercing Ronald Reagan
“Franklin Pierce has the wrong color hair,” eyes of James Madison, with wiry gray hair and Jimmy Carter
said Bruce Larson, a professor at Gettysburg and a tributary of wrinkles along his brow,
College here, who had come to case the collec- staring stiffly back. rendered in wax.
tion on a boreal winter day. There is Thomas Jefferson, whose regal jacket does not hide the screw where his hand
should be, and Abraham Lincoln, sitting stiffly
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz in his chair. See a pale-looking Jimmy Carter,
with a smile or a grimace, and a Bill Clinton
PUZZLE BY ANDREW J. RIES looking almost cherubic.
ACROSS 40 Diorama, maybe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 They are not perfect. But they are singular.
1 After the hour 41 Updated art? So, with the variously lifelike sculptures up
5 Lou who wrote 42 Wrap (up) 14 15 16
“Exporting 43 Things to do for grabs, the question is: Who wants whom?
America” after dinner 17 18 19 “We’re a divided country,” said Randy Dick-
10 Plague, with “at” 46 Painter’s primer 20 21 22 ensheets, an auctioneer, who, with practiced
14 Instrument with 48 President who optimism, predicted a bidding war over Abra-
a bent neck said “If you want 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 ham Lincoln and prices of at least $1,000 to
15 Key to see your plays 30 31 32 33 34 $5,000 for the other presidents. “These guys
16 Defraud, in slang performed the always meant to do well for our country, so
17 Very much way you wrote 35 36 37 38 they do all have people who do like them.”
them, become
18 Recreational president” Even Millard Fillmore, he added, referring
sites not 39
designed for 51 Secret ending to the much maligned 13th president.
walkers 52 Word before or 40 The museum was founded in 1957 as some-
20 Is a bad loser, say after state 41 42 43 44 45 thing of a sideshow for Gettysburg’s battle-
22 Family name in 54 Ricoh rival fields and a celebration of the fact that Dwight
Sir Walter Scott’s 56 They’re “family” 46 47 48 49 50 51 D. Eisenhower, the 34th president, had a
“The Bride of 60 Pride : lions :
Lammermoor” parliament : ___ 52 53 54 55 home here.
23 Fr. title 61 God for whom Max Felty, who has owned the museum
24 Zimbalist of old a weekday is 56 57 58 59 60 since 2008, decided to close it after several
TV named 61 62 63 years of anemic attendance and no noticeable
26 One of the renters 62 Real stinker lift from a roller-coaster of a presidential cam-
in Steinbeck’s 63 All-nighter, 64 65 66 paign.
“Tortilla Flat” maybe “We sort of thought, ‘If it’s not going to be
30 Founder of 64 Like high school 1/13/17
the American and college 3 Record stat 19 The first one was 40 Newsstand this year, it’s not going to be any year,’ ” Felty
Shakers students of the for major- a modified Ford offering, said. JESS BIDGOOD
32 Sweet pitcherful ’80s-’90s, e.g. leaguer Rickey D-Series truck informally
34 Important word 65 Competitive and Henderson 21 “Toodles” 44 Change with the
to a marriage outgoing, say 4 Running event times
counselor 66 Views 25 What a meow 45 Intuits
35 New 5 Slam may mean
homeowner’s 6 Title role in a 27 Grammy- 47 Big name in 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
feeling, maybe DOWN 1993 film … nominated 2011 •
which sounds
39 @fakechucknor- 1 Bank deposit like a prize the Lady Gaga album 49 Start to Tom Brady, Editor
ris, for one 2 Fall film won 28 Aphrodisia malfunction email: [email protected]
7 Unimpressed 29 Dug stuff 50 Author with a •
restaurant at
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 8 Character who 31 Bonus upon the Eiffel Tower TimesDigest Sales Office
dies at the end of signing, e.g. named for him phone: (212) 556-1200
BU S T ED APA RT “Little Women” 53 Like Hansel and fax: (646) 461-2364
UN AWA RE CO VE RU P 9 Editorial reversal 33 Adjudicate Gretel in the email: [email protected]
TA XI CA B I KE BA NA 36 George Dickel forest •
LO ST DE CA NT S 10 Burkina Faso product 55 Bead producer?
HO PS SA T 37 ___ and violins 56 Part of the works For advertising information
UN LO AD S R AG TI ME 11 Here-there (music pun) 57 “How Sleep the and to request a media kit
ST AN TO N E LA PS ED 38 Some French Brave,” e.g. contact InMotion Media:
BA N ANA SP LI T 12 Require (of) votes 58 28-Down, e.g. phone: (212) 213-5856
AR EA RU G T HE NO RM 13 Jazzman email: [email protected]
NI TW IT S S AN GR IA Montgomery 39 Without any filler 59 Handle preceder •
DO SE RN S Home delivery subscribers who have
IO TA SA DC AS E Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
NE IG HE D I NO RD ER ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
AR MH OL E R OL AI DS Read about and comment on each puzzle: [email protected]
BR O K EN IN TW O Crosswords for young solvers:



Toughness and Restraint at Defense Donald’s Delusions

It’s already obvious that the incoming com-
James Mattis retired from the Marine Corps uting enough to the North Atlantic Treaty Or- mander in chief will be a walking, tweeting
in 2013 as a four-star general with a folk-hero ganization would hear the following message ethical disaster.
reputation, moved west and never imagined from his administration: “Congratulations, On the other hand, Donald Trump’s also dan-
serving in government again, he said. But you will be defending yourself.” Mattis called gerously delusional about policy.
his testimony on Thursday before the Senate NATO “the most successful military alliance, Some Republicans appear to be realizing
Armed Services Committee suggests the most probably in modern world history, maybe ever.” that their long con on Obamacare has reached
consequential chapter of his career lies ahead. He added: “My view is that nations with allies its limit. Chanting “repeal and replace” may
As President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee thrive, and nations without allies don’t.” have worked as a political strategy, but coming
to head the Defense Department, Mattis has Trump has vowed to “tear up” the nuclear up with a conservative replacement for the Af-
the potential to act as a restraint in an admin- agreement the Obama administration and fordable Care Act — one that doesn’t take away
istration led by an impulsive and uninformed other world powers brokered with Iran, call- coverage from tens of millions of Americans —
leader. Mattis’s performance at the hearing, ing it a “bad deal.” Mattis, who is hawkish on isn’t easy. In fact, it’s impossible.
in which he answered questions directly and Iran, said it was as “an imperfect arms control But it seems that nobody told Trump. On
thoughtfully, felt like a brief reprieve from a agreement. It’s not a friendship treaty.” But Wednesday, he asserted that he would submit
chaotic presidential transition. honoring it is imperative, he said, because a replacement plan, “probably the same day”
It was encouraging that he had no qualms “when America gives her word, we have to live as Obamacare’s repeal — “could be the same
in stating views at odds with positions Trump up to it and work with our allies.” hour” — that will be “far less expensive and far
campaigned on, including America’s relation- Mattis was vague when asked about policies better”; also, with much lower deductibles.
ship with Russia and the future of the Iran nu- adopted during the Obama administration This is crazy, on multiple levels.
clear deal. It’s to Trump’s credit that he would that opened up all combat roles to women and The truth is that even if Republicans were
appoint a strong-minded defense secretary allowed gay and transgender troops to serve settled on the broad outlines of a health care
who is likely to challenge assumptions held in openly. plan, turning such an outline into real legisla-
the White House. The Senate voted Thursday to give Mattis a tion is a time-consuming process.
Trump’s praise of President Vladimir Pu- waiver from the law that bars former military In any case, however, the G.O.P. has spent
tin of Russia and his disregard for America’s officers from leading the Pentagon for seven seven years denouncing the Affordable Care
longstanding military alliances have been years after retirement. The House is expected Act without ever producing even the ghost of
disconcerting. Pointing to history, Mattis said to vote as early as Friday. In written testimo- an alternative. That’s not going to change in
that American efforts to engage constructively ny, Mattis had addressed the issue sensibly, the next few weeks, or ever.
with Russia have tended to fail. “I think right calling civilian control of the military a “fun- And if the Affordable Care Act is killed,
now the most important thing is that we recog- damental tenet of the American military tradi- myths about its costs will be replaced by the
nize the reality of what we deal with with Putin, tion” under which civilian leaders are tasked reality of soaring bills for millions of Ameri-
and we recognize that he is trying to break the with weighing when the use of military force cans who don’t realize how much the act has
North Atlantic alliance,” Mattis said. is warranted. While the seven-year rule exists helped them.
Trump rattled American allies last year when for a good reason, it makes sense to make an But won’t Trumpcare offer something much
he suggested that those that weren’t contrib- exception for Mattis. better and cheaper? Not a chance.
Republicans don’t have a health care plan,
Trump Keeps It in the Family but they do have a philosophy — and it’s all
about less. Less regulation, so that insurers
can turn you down if you have a pre-existing
President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to White House staff, he is always first and fore- condition. Less government support, so if you
appoint his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a se- most Trump’s son-in-law. can’t afford coverage, too bad. And less cover-
nior White House adviser very likely violates Lawyers for Trump and Kushner have ar- age in general: Republican ideas about cost
a federal anti-nepotism law, and shows again gued that the appointment is legal because the control are all about “skin in the game,” requir-
how little he seems to care about the legal and law applies only to executive branch agencies, ing people to pay more out of pocket (which
ethical obligations of the office he is about to and the White House is not an agency. The law, somehow doesn’t stop them from complaining
assume. under this reasoning, would bar Trump from about high deductibles).
The language of the law is clear: No federal appointing Kushner to a job in, say, the State Implementing this philosophy would deliver
official, including the president, may hire or Department, not to a senior advisory position a big windfall to the wealthy, who would get a
appoint a relative, including a son-in-law, to “a in the White House. huge tax cut from an Obamacare repeal, and it
civilian position in the agency in which he is But Congress, which passed the measure would mean lower premiums for a relatively
serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction in 1967 partly in response to President John F. small number of currently healthy individuals
or control.” Kennedy’s appointment of his brother Robert — especially if they’re rich enough that they
There’s a good reason for anti-nepotism to be attorney general, was aiming to curb the don’t need to worry about high deductibles.
laws, versions of which are also on the books negative effects of nepotism throughout gov- But the idea that it would lead to big cost sav-
in most states. Government officials seek in- ernment. Concerns about nepotism are, if any- ings over all is pure fantasy, and it would have
formal advice and counsel from relatives all thing, stronger in a White House appointment, a devastating effect on the millions who have
the time, but when they appoint or hire those where multiple close advisers and fragile hi- gained coverage during the Obama years.
people, they undermine the public’s faith that erarchies can easily become snarled by family As I said, it looks as if some Republicans re-
important posts are being filled with the best allegiances. alize this. They may go ahead with repeal-but-
possible candidates. And when relatives get Trump has already mocked concerns over don’t-replace anyway, but they’ll probably do
security clearance to view classified informa- his own conflicts of interest, saying that if the it because they believe they can find some way
tion and sit in on high-level meetings, it upends president does it, it can’t be a conflict. After to blame Democrats for the ensuing disaster.
delicate dynamics, as senior staff members riding into office on promises to “drain the Trump, on the other hand, gives every im-
keep their mouths shut rather than contradict swamp,” he now appears equally untroubled pression of having no idea whatsoever what
a trusted relative of their boss. Even if Kush- by the real dangers posed by nepotism, and un- the issues are. But then, is there any area of
ner is technically subordinate to others on the interested in following a sensible law. policy where he does?


Team Relocations Keep the N.F.L. Moving Up In Brief

In the depths of the Great Re- 3 Chinese Weight Lifters
cession several years ago, the Stripped of Olympic Titles
N.F.L. commissioner, Roger Good-
ell, made an audacious pledge to Three female Chinese weight
the owners of its 32 teams: The lifters have been stripped of
league would hit $25 billion in rev- Olympic titles for doping at the
enue by 2027. 2008 Beijing Games. China is
To reach that number, the likely to incur a one-year ban
league, whose value now is $13 bil- from international weight lifting
lion, would have to grow by about because of the three disqualifica-
$1 billion a year, no easy task in a tions, which resulted from retest-
crowded sports landscape. But ing by the International Olympic
the league’s broadcast contracts Committee, which announced
were skyrocketing in value, teams the verdicts Thursday. The I.O.C.
were starting to sell for 10-figure said the Chinese weight lifters
amounts, and the N.F.L. was find- — Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia and Liu
ing new ways to attract more fans Chunhong — tested positive for
— through video games and fanta- GHRP-2, which stimulates pro-
sy football, by adding more games duction of growth hormone. (AP)
on Thursday nights and by play- DONALD MIRALLE/GETTY IMAGES
ing games overseas. The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles, where Nuggets Win in London
Bankers were willing to lend they will ultimately play in a stadium the Rams are building.
huge sums to owners to help Nikola Jokic had 22 points and
them build big, modern stadiums 10 rebounds, and the Denver
with luxury suites and other in- recession has eased, the N.F.L. is lion, sixth-highest in the league, Nuggets halted a five-game losing
come-generating features. facing other uncertainties — in- according to Forbes. The move streak with a 140-112 win over the
A winding road could be paved cluding the apprehension of fans helped increase the value of all Indiana Pacers in the N.B.A.’s
from Goodell’s pronouncement over the violence of the game and franchises by 19 percent, and the Global Games series in London.
that day to the decision, announced its toll on players’ health, and the owners would all receive a share Denver outscored the Pacers by
Thursday, that the San Diego Char- evolution of viewing habits — that of the $650 million relocation fee. 39-20 in the third quarter. (AP)
gers will move to Los Angeles and make it increasingly amenable to Still, the N.F.L. may be a victim
will ultimately play in a $2.6 bil- the disruption of these moves. of its own success: For the first N.H.L. SCORES
lion sports palace the Rams, who “Concussions, mothers turned time, ratings for every one of the WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAME
moved to Los Angeles from St. off to football, the health of the league’s major television partners Calgary 3, San Jose 2
Louis last year, are building. players — these are all real is- declined this season. THURSDAY
The Chargers’ move is expect- sues,” said Bob Boland, who Nowadays, the N.F.L. seems Philadelphia 5, Vancouver 4, SO
Ottawa 4, Pittsburgh 1
ed to presage another, with the teaches sports law at Ohio Univer- more willing to give the green Tampa Bay 4, Buffalo 2
Oakland Raiders gearing up to sity. “The issue of oversaturation light if the relocation gives a siz- Minnesota 7, Montreal 1
abandon their home in the coming of television is real, even if ratings able financial boon to the league, Nashville 2, Boston 1
weeks and bring N.F.L. football to rose after the election.” as was the case with the Los An- Dallas 5, Detroit 2
Las Vegas for the first time. For the league, moving a team geles stadium. N.B.A. SCORES
These moves will ultimately tends to reap a financial reward. “Getting to L.A. was a clear ob- WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAMES
help the league meet its financial In the case of St. Louis, the jective of the league,” said Irwin L.A. Clippers 105, Orlando 96
target, even at the expense of me- league was trading the country’s Raij, a lawyer at Foley & Lardner Portland 102, Cleveland 86
dium-size cities like San Diego 21st-largest market for its sec- in New York who specializes in THURSDAY
and St. Louis, and possibly Oak- ond-largest. Before they even stadium deals. “Now they’ll have Denver 140, Indiana 112
New Orleans 104, Nets 95
land, left without football teams. took the field in Los Angeles, the two teams instead of one and hope Knicks 104, Chicago 89
Although the pressure of the Rams doubled in value to $2.9 bil- it drives revenue.” KEN BELSON San Antonio 134, L.A. Lakers 94
WEATHER Houston 81/ 68 0 77/ 63 F 76/ 63 F Cape Town 77/ 64 0 75/ 59 W 76/ 62 S
Kansas City 29/ 17 0.03 22/ 21 I 31/ 25 I Dublin 37/ 36 0.08 40/ 33 PC 44/ 40 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 58/ 54 0.49 62/ 48 PC 67/ 49 S Geneva 45/ 36 0 36/ 29 C 33/ 22 SS
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 81/ 70 Tr 81/ 68 PC 79/ 68 PC Hong Kong 67/ 63 0 64/ 60 C 66/ 59 C
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 14/ 4 0 9/ 0 C 19/ 1 PC Kingston 88/ 72 0 87/ 74 S 87/ 74 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 65/ 46 0 47/ 27 PC 33/ 29 Sn Lima 80/ 70 0 80/ 70 PC 79/ 69 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 79/ 59 0 78/ 59 S 77/ 56 S London 43/ 42 0.81 41/ 31 W 42/ 32 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 66/ 45 0 48/ 28 PC 33/ 30 Sn Madrid 57/ 34 0 51/ 26 PC 50/ 30 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 68/ 48 0 65/ 51 PC 66/ 50 C Mexico City 72/ 49 0 72/ 41 PC 70/ 42 PC
Salt Lake City 33/ 31 0.06 33/ 20 SS 29/ 15 S Montreal 40/ 37 0.10 24/ -3 W 15/ 12 S
San Francisco 52/ 46 0 54/ 41 S 55/ 45 PC Moscow 21/ 9 0.19 22/ 18 C 30/ 28 Sn
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 40/ 25 0 38/ 28 S 41/ 30 C Nassau 79/ 68 0 79/ 66 PC 79/ 66 PC
Albuquerque 57/ 34 0 57/ 41 PC 57/ 39 R St. Louis 41/ 36 Tr 33/ 31 I 36/ 31 I Paris 48/ 40 0.21 40/ 31 Sn 40/ 30 Sn
Atlanta 72/ 51 0 73/ 52 PC 70/ 51 PC Washington 72/ 44 0 52/ 32 PC 37/ 33 I Prague 37/ 27 0.07 36/ 25 C 31/ 25 SS
Boise 32/ 20 0 23/ 10 S 22/ 8 C FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 88/ 77 0.13 85/ 74 T 88/ 78 C
Boston 61/ 40 0.05 43/ 18 W 29/ 25 PC Rome 48/ 27 0.18 57/ 33 R 51/ 35 S
Buffalo 54/ 43 0.40 28/ 18 C 31/ 21 C Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 93/ 61 0 96/ 62 S 90/ 57 S
Charlotte 70/ 49 0 72/ 49 PC 53/ 45 C Acapulco 88/ 72 0 86/ 73 PC 86/ 72 PC Stockholm 36/ 32 0.06 33/ 19 PC 28/ 20 SS
Chicago 25/ 21 0.01 26/ 21 PC 32/ 20 C Athens 55/ 45 0 56/ 46 PC 60/ 44 Sh Sydney 81/ 71 0 91/ 80 W 89/ 70 Sh
Cleveland 57/ 52 0.45 29/ 22 PC 33/ 24 Sn Beijing 44/ 22 0 37/ 15 S 36/ 13 S Tokyo 52/ 37 0 52/ 37 PC 44/ 32 C
Dallas-Ft. Worth 77/ 67 0 62/ 51 T 65/ 56 R Berlin 39/ 34 0.06 36/ 22 Sn 34/ 27 PC Toronto 41/ 40 0.08 27/ 14 PC 28/ 21 PC
Denver 40/ 21 0.02 36/ 23 C 41/ 24 PC Buenos Aires 90/ 63 0 87/ 60 PC 84/ 67 S Vancouver 32/ 19 0 35/ 26 C 38/ 29 PC
Detroit 38/ 34 0.48 29/ 21 PC 34/ 21 C Cairo 64/ 48 0 67/ 55 PC 66/ 51 PC Warsaw 36/ 18 0.40 37/ 29 Sn 34/ 27 SS


To Return Strong, Federer Looks to Nadal Australian Open

Seeds Federer 17th
Roger Federer and Rafael Na- how many still-active tennis stars
dal, deeply linked in their own would have made such a journey
minds and the public’s for more to help a player who has dominat- MELBOURNE, Australia — His
than a decade, have even more in ed their head-to-head meetings ranking staggered after an inju-
common now. (Nadal’s career edge over Feder- ry-plagued year, Roger Federer
Until 2016, Nadal was the only er remains lopsided at 23-11). found himself in a peculiar posi-
one of the two tennis superstars “I was so blown away by that tion Friday as the Australian Open
who had dealt with significant in- academy and by what Rafa was draw ceremony got underway.
juries, who understood how it felt able to build there,” Federer said. Federer, 35, was seeded 17th, his
to watch major events unfold from “I think it’s so brave and cool that lowest seeding at a Grand Slam
a distance as his rivals held up the he did this for his home island and event since the early, unseeded
championship trophies. home village, and everybody is days of his career. But the draw
But Federer is now, for better or involved.” proved relatively kind. Federer
worse, part of that club after miss- For the moment, he and Nadal is scheduled to play his first two
ing much of last season because of are both talking about playing for rounds against qualifiers. If he
knee surgery, and he is looking to at least two to three more years. gets past them, he could face No. 10
Nadal for inspiration as they both “The thing is, Roger and Rafa Tomas Berdych in the third round.
return to Grand Slam tennis at the can still win big titles; it’s the mat- Federer is 16-6 against Berdych.
Australian Open after encourag- ter of doing it over the whole year Andy Murray was seeded No. 1.
ing early-season results. that’s the challenge,” said Paul Novak Djokovic, the second
Federer, 35, remains the leading PAUL KANE/GETTY IMAGES Annacone, who formerly coached seed and defending champion,
ambassador of the men’s game, as Roger Federer missed much Pete Sampras and Federer. “But was dealt the toughest hand of any
the big crowds in Perth during of 2016 with a knee injury. I don’t see a reason why people top player, having to open against
his recent Hopman Cup practice should even wonder. Rafa can win 40th-ranked Fernando Verdasco, a
sessions and matches made clear. the French Open playing average semifinalist here in 2009.
But it is Nadal, five years young- he’s going to lead the way for me, tennis for him, and Roger can win No. 9 Rafael Nadal is in No. 3 Mi-
er, who has the experience in the to show how it’s done.” Wimbledon playing good. And los Raonic’s quarter of the draw.
comeback department. Nadal is also making clearer there’s no reason why they can’t Second-seeded Serena Williams
“The thing is Rafa’s always plans for when he does retire. He do that this year or for a couple was dealt the toughest opening
been unbelievable at comebacks,” opened a tennis academy on his more years if they stay healthy. among the top women’s contend-
Federer said last month. “He’s one home island of Majorca in Octo- “I’ve always felt, and I think ers, drawing Belinda Bencic, a
of the guys who’s done it the best ber, and Federer traveled from Pete proved it over a decade ago: 19-year-old Swiss prodigy. Bencic
and the most almost. Every time Switzerland for the ribbon cutting. Great players at the end of their won her most recent match against
he came back, he was always in It was a moving scene: the two career can play great. It’s just Williams.
the mix again to win big tourna- longstanding rivals seated side harder for them to play great for a The defending champion and top
ments and be really, really diffi- by side in a new facility that might whole season. Roger and Rafa can seed Angelique Kerber was given a
cult to beat and be one of the favor- never have existed if they had not play seven matches over 14 days, favorable draw for her first major
ites, even on his weaker surfaces. pushed each other to improve and but can they do it for 10 months?” title defense, opening against 61st-
So I think maybe on this occasion, endure. It is also worth asking CHRISTOPHER CLAREY ranked Lesia Tsurenko.
The Brisbane champion, No. 5
Islanders Voice Makes It a 50-Year N.H.L. Career Karolina Pliskova, could face No. 3
Agnieszka Radwanska in the semi-
Before a 28-year-old Canadian semblance to Jiggs, the lead char- he was in Brooklyn on Wednesday
broadcaster named Ken McDon- acter of a popular comic strip. But to call the team’s game against the In Brief
ald could become the play-by-play no one would dare use that name Florida Panthers and to partici-
voice of the Los Angeles Kings in to refer to Ken McDonald’s father. pate in a celebration of announc-
1967, Jack Kent Cooke, the owner So it was Ken McDonald who ing at least one N.H.L. game in 50
of the N.H.L. became Jiggs McDonald instead, consecutive seasons. Thomas Breaks 60
expansion though he avoided using the name Before the puck drop, McDon- Justin Thomas became the sev-
team, decided professionally after he went into ald looked into the stands and enth and youngest player to break
that McDonald broadcasting upon graduating formed a heart with his hands. 60 on the PGA Tour by shooting
needed a nick- from high school in 1956. Cooke “For a generation of fans, he’s 11 under par on Thursday in the
name. Every- called the nickname “marvelous,” the voice of the Islanders, and he opening round of the Sony Open in
one in hockey however, and it stuck, even when always will be,” said the 32-year- Honolulu. Thomas, 23, rolled in a
had one, after McDonald had a chance to drop it old announcer Brendan Burke. 15-foot eagle putt on his final hole,
Jiggs all. when he moved to Atlanta in 1972. But McDonald is saying this the par-5 ninth, to card a 59. (AP)
“After five years of being Jiggs
One of five
McDonald finalists for the in the league, I said, ‘No, I can’t do season really will be the end.
“My parents always thought
job, McDonald that. I’ll stay with Jiggs,’ ” McDon- that this was just a short-term Senators Top Penguins
had been asked on an application ald, 78, said Wednesday. thing, that it was a fantasy — I’d Mike Condon made 29 saves
to submit his nickname. McDon- Jiggs McDonald became so grow up and come home, get a job to help the host Ottawa Senators
ald left the space blank. This ap- good at calling games that he was as a schoolteacher or whatever,” beat the Pittsburgh Penguins,
parently would not do for Cooke, presented with the Foster Hewitt McDonald said. “I remember my 4-1. Coming off a 5-2 loss to Wash-
who bluntly told him that “Ken Memorial Award by the Hockey father telling me there was no ington on Wednesday night, the
McDonald” had “no recall value.” Hall of Fame — in 1990. money in sports. Yeah, well, there Stanley Cup champion Penguins
As a boy in Ayr, Ontario, Mc- Five years later, McDonald’s is if you’re a player. And it’s not lost consecutive games in regu-
Donald was told by his friends 15-season run as the full-time bad if you’re a broadcaster, either.” lation for the first time since Dec.
that his father bore a striking re- voice of the Islanders ended, but DAVE CALDWELL 14-19, 2015. (AP)

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