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November4 2017

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our

personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Fitness Class Schedule atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Monday, October 30 traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Yoga: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Tuesday, October 31
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am An enhancement of the Swedish massage
experience featuring a delicious blend of
cinnamon, clove and orange essentials oils
Wednesday, November 1
and Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy. Ease
Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am tension, relieve pain and achieve complete
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am relaxation, leave you ready for the upcoming
fall season¡
Thursday, November 2
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:00 am- 10:00 am 50min. - $115 USD + TAX
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am 80min. - $160 USD + TAX

Friday, November 3
Functional Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am PUMPKIN WALTNUT BODY SCRUB
Spinning: 9:30am – 10:30am
Reformer Pilates: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm A delicious, fragrant fall treatment. The Pumpkin Walnut Body Scrub
designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells and rejuvenate
Saturday, November 4 skin texture. The moisture Mask softens the top layers of skin leaving a
Stretch Release: 8:00 am - 9:00 am younger smoother skin with illuminated complexion
Yoga: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

50min. - $130 USD + TAX
Sunday, November 5
Boot Camp Training: 8:00 am- 9:00 am 80min. - $160 USD + TAX
Spinning: 9:30am – 10:30am
Spa Café

Private classes The Hacienda Spa Café is available daily
serving a selection of healthy snack
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. foods, beverages and freshly made
smoothies. Let the Café create a smoothie
to your taste, or choose from our
Smoothie menu. The Café offers wifi
service. Adjacent to the Spa Café you can
practice and improve your golf game on
the putting green. Putters and golf balls
are available at the Spa Café.
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Daily from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Rejuvenate your Body


November 1st – December 25th, 2017.

Club Campestre
Green Fee Cabo Real Puerto Los Cabos
San José

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $220.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $175.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $155.00
Includes Food & Beverages

(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $740.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$360.00 USD $495.00 USD $775.00 USD

*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

Important news for important people Volume 2990 Saturday November 04, 2017
International Business Sports
A judge in Madrid was set Friday to The US unemployment rate fell to Sloane Stephens retired in her match Cabo San Lucas
issue an EU arrest warrant for Catalo- its lowest level in nearly 17 years in against Barbora Strycova at the WTA Mostly cloudy (day)
nia’s deposed leader over his region’s October while job creation resumed Elite Trophy on Friday, extending her Sunrise: 6:26 AM
tumultuous independence drive, in a climbing after the two late-summer winless streak since lifting the US Sunset: 5:41 PM
move likely to take... P.2 hurricanes, the Labor... P.3 Open trophy in September... P.5 Humidity: 67% 80-84 F

The song then slows down in a harmonic chorus with echoes of Pink Floyd “Extremely likely”
Neil Young says America ‘already great’ in latest music US government report warns
climate change is real
great / You’re the promised land / The US government released Friday
You’re the helping hand.” The song a major scientific report that says
culminates in a sample of a chant of climate change is real, “extremely
“Whose streets? Our streets,” a slogan likely” to be caused by human activ-
frequently heard at US protests that is ity, and affecting the daily lives of
commonly associated with the Black Americans.
Lives Matter movement against po- The findings of the federally man-
lice abuses. Young is no stranger to dated report are starkly at odds with
politics. 1989’s “Rockin’ in the Free the position of US President Don-
World,” his most identifiable song, ald Trump, who has labeled global
attacked the policies of then president warming a Chinese hoax and named
George H. W. Bush, but soon instead fossil fuel ally Scott Pruitt to head the
became an anthem in Eastern Europe Environmental Protection Agency.
as communism collapsed. Trump The Climate Science Special Re-
played “Rockin’ in the Free World” port spans more than 600 pages and
in his insurgent right-wing campaign is part of a larger report known as the
for the White House, angering Young Fourth National Climate Assessment.
among a slew of other left-leaning Based on “a large body of scien-
artists whose music was embraced by tific, peer-reviewed research,” global
the real estate mogul. annually averaged surface air tem-
Promise of the Real, a band heav- perature has increased by about 1.8
Neil Young performing during 2017 Farm Aid in Burgettstown (Photo AFP) ily influenced by Young, is fronted by Fahrenheit (1.0 Celsius) over the last
Rock legend Neil Young on Friday Young released a first song off the guitarist and singer Lukas Nelson, the 115 years (1901–2016), it says.
took aim at President Donald Trump album entitled “Already Great,” a son of country great Willie Nelson. “This period is now the warmest in
--- declaring America to be “already pointed rejoinder to Trump’s cam- Young last recorded with Promise the history of modern civilization,”
great” -- as he announced his latest paign slogan “Make America Great of the Real for 2015’s “The Mon- said the report, available at https://
album. Again.” To a rugged rock guitar santo Years,” on which the die-hard
The prolific 71-year-old will on backed up by piano, Young starts off environmentalist rocker attacked the It was compiled by the National
December 1 release “The Visitor,” the song by mentioning, “I’m Cana- giant agricultural company over ge- Oceanographic and Atmospheric Ad-
his 39th studio album and his sec- dian, by the way” but voicing love netically modified seeds. ministration, with contributions from
ond with Promise of the Real, a for the “freedom” found in life in the Young’s last release, “Hitchhiker,” NASA, the Department of Energy
hard-charging back-up band that has United States. came in September -- recorded over and other federal agencies.
brought comparisons to Crazy Horse The song then slows down in a one night in 1976 but never formally Since the last report of its kind was
which appeared on Young’s classic harmonic chorus with echoes of Pink put out, even though a number of the issued in 2014, “stronger evidence
works. Floyd, as he sings, “You’re already songs made it to later works. has emerged for continuing, rapid,
human-caused warming of the global
“This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity” atmosphere and ocean,” it said.
“It is extremely likely that hu-
Clinton accused of ‘cheating’ in 2016 Democratic primaries man activities, especially emissions
Explosive revelations by a top Demo- In a book excerpt published Thurs- Neither Sanders nor Clinton had re- of greenhouse gases, are the domi-
cratic operative that the 2016 prima- day by Politico, Brazile said her DNC sponded publicly to Brazile’s remarks. nant cause of the observed warming
ries were tipped in Hillary Clinton’s chair predecessor, Debbie Wasserman Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Sanders since the mid-20th century has been
favor have convulsed the party as it Schultz, had “let Clinton’s headquar- ally who campaigned with Clinton af- the dominant cause of the observed
struggles to rebuild, and whipped up ters in Brooklyn do as it desired” ter she won the nomination, expressed warming since the mid-20th century,”
accusations of cheating from Presi- when it came to controlling party strat- exasperation over what happened. the report added, noting there “is no
dent Donald Trump. egy and staffing. She also said that an “This is a real problem,” Warren, seen convincing alternative explanation.”
Donna Brazile, the Democratic agreement reached between the DNC as a potential 2020 presidential can- After examining long-term climate
National Committee’s interim chair- and Clinton’s campaign to bring the didate, told CNN. “We’ve got to hold records and data going back thou-
woman during key months of the party out of debt allowed Clinton to this party accountable.” Asked wheth- sands of years, the report said that in
presidential campaign, said Clinton’s “control” party finances, strategy, and er she believes the system was rigged, the modern era, “average tempera-
team essentially took over day-to-day the money raised. Political Washing- Warren said “yes.” Trump seized on tures in recent decades over much of
operations of the DNC, in essence ton shuddered with the revelations, the crisis Friday, telling reporters that the world have been much higher, and
rigging the system against Senator with members of the Sanders camp Brazile’s book shows that Clinton have risen faster during this time pe-
Bernie Sanders, who was challenging crying foul and demanding changes “bought the DNC and stole the elec- riod than at any time in the past 1,700
Clinton for the party’s nomination. to the DNC framework. As of Friday, tion from Bernie.” years or more.”

Page 2 Saturday November 04, 2017
“Spain has the rule of law and nobody can escape court decisions”
Spain to issue arrest warrant for Catalan leader

A judge in Madrid was set Friday to candles, waved separatist flags -- red
issue an EU arrest warrant for Catalo- and yellow stripes with a white star
nia’s deposed leader over his region’s -- and chanted “Free political prison-
tumultuous independence drive, in ers” and “This isn’t justice but dicta-
a move likely to take tensions to a torship. There are political prisoners!
new level in Spain’s worst political This exacerbates things but this will
crisis in decades. The warrant for also open the eyes of lots of people in
Carles Puigdemont, who is holed up Europe as well as in Catalonia,” re-
in Belgium, was expected a day after tiree Josep Manel Boix, 63, told AFP.
a Spanish judge threw other leading A total of 20 people including
figures in Catalonia’s secession push Puigdemont, Junqueras and the Cata-
in jail pending possible trial. lan parliament speaker had been sum-
Students briefly blocked roads and moned for questioning on Thursday.
a railway line in Catalonia as demon- Puigdemont and four ex-ministers
strators geared up for more protests thought to be with him in Belgium
after tens of thousands took to the -- likely also the subject of a warrant
streets on Thursday waving Catalan -- failed to turn up.
flags and chanting in anger over the Puigdemont’s Belgian lawyer Paul
detentions. Bekaert, who has helped Basque sepa-
Puigdemont, 54, dismissed last ratists militants challenge Spanish ex-
week as Catalan president by Spain’s tradition, said his client did not see the
government, failed to show up on (FILES) Catalan president Carles Puigdemont (Photo AFP) climate as “conducive to testifying”.
Thursday to be grilled by the judge placed at the disposal of the courts,” erated its support for the “unity and On Friday the heads of two grass-
over alleged sedition, rebellion and government spokesman Inigo Men- constitutional order of Spain” while roots separatist organisations -- Jordi
misuse of public funds, accusations dez de Vigo said. a European Commission spokes- Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez -- who
he calls politically motivated. Puigdemont said on Catalan TV woman said it respects “fully” the in- have been in preventive custody since
Judge Carmen Lamela, who on from an undisclosed location late dependence of the Spanish judiciary. October 16, lost an appeal for release.
Thursday had Puigdemont’s deputy Thursday that the situation “is no Late Thursday, as television foot- The plight of the “two Jordis”, ac-
and seven other deposed regional longer an internal Spanish affair” and age showed police vans with flash- cused of sedition for their role in dis-
ministers locked up because of a risk called on the international commu- ing blue lights driving Puigdemont’s turbances in September in Barcelona,
that they too will flee, will issue the nity to wake up to the “danger”. former ministers to different prisons, has become for many separatists em-
warrant “during the day Friday,” a ju- But apart from Scotland’s sepa- furious Catalans took to the streets. blematic of their struggle. The crisis
dicial source told AFP. ratist First Minister Nicola Sturgeon About 20,000 people, according to flared up over the staging of a Catalan
“Spain has the rule of law and criticising the “jailing of political police, demonstrated in the regional independence referendum on October
nobody can escape court decisions. opponents”, there were no signs that capital Barcelona, while others gath- 1 despite a court ban. Spanish police
There are international instruments other countries’ steadfast backing of ered across the region. tried and failed to stop it, in some
to ensure that who want to escape are Madrid was faltering. Germany reit- They held up mobile phones like cases firing rubber bullets.

In three months “The army forces... restored security and stability to all of Deir Ezzor city”
UN reports 31 allegations IS loses towns in face of twin Syria, Iraq assaults
of sex abuse The Islamic State jihadist group Fri- broadcast live on state television. in ruins. Before Syria’s war began in
day lost control of two of the last ma-
“Deir Ezzor represents the final phase
March 2011 with anti-government
The United Nations reported 31 new jor towns under its grip in Syria and in the complete elimination of Dae- protests, around 300,000 people lived
allegations of sexual abuse and ex- Iraq, as Syrian troops and Iraqi secu- sh,” the statement added, using the in the city, the capital of Deir Ezzor
ploitation in three months Friday, rity forces advanced in the Euphrates Arabic acronym for the group. province along Syria’s eastern border
with nearly half of those involving Valley border region. The city “was the headquarters of with Iraq.
staff of the UN refugee agency. The simultaneous assaults on Deir the organisation’s leadership, and in But in 2014, IS jihadists seized
From July to September, there Ezzor in eastern Syria and Al-Qaim losing it, they lose their capacity to the city and much of the surrounding
were 12 new cases reported in six in western Iraq dealt fresh blows to IS direct terrorist operations”, it added. province, including vital oil and gas
peacekeeping missions in the Central in its former heartland, leaving Albu State television said engineering fields that once served as a key source
African Republic, the Democratic Kamal, on the Syrian side of the bor- units from the army were combing of revenue for the extremists.
Republic of Congo, Haiti, Liberia, der, as the last town of note under its captured neighbourhoods to clear IS has now been driven from most
Mali and South Sudan. control. The jihadist group that once mines and other explosives. of its strongholds in Deir Ezzor, but it
The UN refugee agency UNHCR laid claim to a self-styled “caliphate” Syrian forces entered Deir Ezzor still controls more than 35 percent of
reported 15 allegations, while three spanning swathes of Syria and Iraq city in September, breaking an IS the province, much of it empty desert.
new cases involved staff at the In- has seen its proto-state crumble in siege of nearly three years on gov- Its last major position is the town
ternational Organisation on Migra- recent months under the pressure of ernment-held parts of the provincial of Albu Kamal, though it also holds
tion and one allegation was directed multiple offensives. capital. a string of smaller towns and villages
against the UN children’s agency In October, it lost its one-time de The battle has been ferocious, with and at least one oilfield, according to
UNICEF. Two cases at UNHCR are facto Syrian capital Raqa after an as- heavy Russian air strikes and Syrian the Syrian Observatory for Human
under formal investigation, while the sault of more than four months waged artillery fire leaving much of the city Rights monitor.
others were still being reviewed, ac- by the US-backed Syrian Democratic
cording to UN information. In all, 14 Forces (SDF), a Kurdish-Arab alli-
investigations have been launched ance.
during the three months. On Friday, Syria’s army announced
UN Secretary-General Antonio that its Russian-backed assault had
Guterres has made fighting sexual recaptured all of Deir Ezzor city, in
abuse by peacekeepers and UN staff the oil-rich east of the country, while
a priority of his tenure. Iraqi forces captured the Husaybah
The United Nations has been dam- border post and the nearby town of
aged by a wave of rape cases involv- Al-Qaim.
ing peacekeepers in the Central Afri- “The army forces... restored secu-
can Republic, prompting former UN rity and stability to all of Deir Ezzor
chief Ban Ki-moon to fire the mission city,” a spokesman for the Syrian
commander. army command said in a statement

Page 3 Saturday November 04, 2017
The Labor Department reported Friday Wall Street Indexes
US unemployment rate falls to 4.1%, lowest in 17 years Dow Jones 23,539.19 + 0.10%
+ 0.74%
S&P 2,587.84 + 0.31%
International Stock Indexes
The US unemployment rate fell to idled the US energy hub in southeast tion implications,” Chris Low of FTN Australia 5,959.876 + 0.47%
its lowest level in nearly 17 years in Texas and forced millions of Florid- Financial said in a client briefing. Frankfurt 13,478.86 + 0.28%
October while job creation resumed ians to flee their homes. “But any who take the time to look Italy 23,014.13 - 0.14%
climbing after the two late-summer “With nearly 1.5 million new jobs at the data will see the late 90s was London 7,560.35 + 0.07%
hurricanes, the Labor Department re- since the president took office, in- a remarkably benign time for infla- Madrid 10,357.80 - 0.96%
ported Friday. cluding over 260,000 last month, it’s tion.” Paris 5,517.97 + 0.14%
Analysts said the rebound was clear his agenda is putting Americans The central bank worries low un- Tokyo 22,539.12 + 0.53%
smaller than expected but upward back to work,” White House Press employment eventually will fuel Toronto 16,020.16 + 0.03%
revisions to job creation in the prior Secretary Sarah Sanders said. higher wages and overall inflation, Latin-American Stock Indexes
months meant the storms had caused Nevertheless, average monthly job even though there have been no signs Bogota 1,418.58 - 0.51%
less damage than originally feared, creation now stands at 169,000 so of that yet. Buenos Aires 27,978.33 + 0.12%
making for an upbeat report. far this year, significantly below the Wages pressures in October were Lima 20,082.61 + 1.05%
The White House hailed the out- 192,000 monthly average recorded flat, with average hourly earnings Mexico 48,534.84 + 0.41%
come, saying the Trump administra- through October of last year. falling by a penny to $26.53, putting Panama
tion’s economic agenda was bear- The labor force participation rate wages up 2.4 percent over the past 12 Santiago 5,485.89 - 0.47%
ing fruit. However, the report also also fell 0.4 points to 62.7 percent months, just above inflation. Sao Paulo 73,915.42 + 0.12%
showed a shrinking labor force and and the employment-to-population But economists said the hurricanes Venezuela 709.370 - 0.55%
confirmed job creation in 2017 has ratio shrank 0.2 points to 60.2 per- distorted wage calculations, with Most Active Stocks
lagged behind last year. cent -- suggesting the fall in unem- average compensation rising in Sep- 3M Co 232.22 - 0.00%
The US jobless rate fell to 4.1 per- ployment may partly reflect a dip in tember because fewer hourly laborers Alcoa 47.12 - 0.72%
cent, down a tenth of a point from the size of the work force as well as were able to work, and then falling as Amex 96.43 + 0.47%
September, the lowest the US econ- job creation. they returned to their jobs. AT&T 33.30 + 0.39%
omy has seen since December 2000. The falling unemployment rate was “We expect more clear-cut evi- B. of America 27.82 - 0.18%
Employers added 261,000 net new likely to spark further debate among dence of wage pressures in the Boeing 261.75 - 0.34%
positions as businesses reopened in Federal Reserve policymakers, who months ahead but today’s data are a Caterpillar 136.63 + 0.12%
the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and appear set to raise the benchmark bit disappointing from that perspec- Chevron 114.99 - 0.29%
Irma, although economists had fore- US interest rate next month despite tive,” Jim O’Sullivan of High Fre- Cisco Systems 34.47 + 0.76%
cast a rebound of 300,000 new jobs. doggedly low inflation even while a quency Economics wrote in a client Coca Cola 45.97 + 0.20%
But the data for September turned vocal minority argues the Fed should note. Dupont
out not be as bad as initially reported, remain on hold. “We still think the weight of evi- Exxon Mobil 83.18 - 0.42%
with 18,000 new jobs created, rather Since January, unemployment has dence supports ongoing Fed tighten- General Electric 20.14 + 1.00%
than a loss of 33,000 positions. To- seven tenths of a percentage point, ing, however, including another rate H.P. 21.47 + 0.14%
gether with the upward revision for and more employers say positions hike in Dec.” Home Depot 164.39 + 1.03%
August, an additional 90,000 jobs are increasingly difficult to fill amid Employment in bars and restau- IBM 151.58 - 1.15%
were added for those two months. a scarcity of qualified labor. rants sharply rebounded from the Intel 46.34 - 1.61%
The results generally showed US “As in the late 1990s, the last time hurricanes, adding 89,000 positions Johnson & Johnson 140.08 + 0.11%
labor markets in good health, easily unemployment was this low, the Fed in October following September’s JPMorgan 101.41 - 0.18%
bouncing back from the storms that will start to sweat the potential infla- 98,000-job decline. Kraft Heinz Co 78.00 - 0.04%
McDonalds 168.65 + 0.33%
Nevertheless, Societe Generale insisted it was in fundamentally good shape Merck & Co 56.06 + 1.25%
SocGen feels pinch of low interest rates Microsoft 84.14 + 0.11%
+ 0.25%
French bank Societe Generale said by 15.2 percent to 932 million euros quarter to cover two legal disputes in Procter & Gamble 86.58 + 0.08%
Friday that ultra-low interest rates ($1.1 billion) in the period from July the United States, notably a lawsuit Travelers Cos 133.32 - 1.02%
and falling market activity hit its to September, far short of analysts’ with Libya’s sovereign wealth fund United Tech. 121.07 - 0.32%
earnings in the third quarter. expectations. Societe Generale said LIA and allegations of manipulating Verizon 47.42 - 0.08%
France’s third largest bank said in that it had set aside additional provi- the benchmark global interest rate Wal-Mart 89.68 + 0.99%
a statement that net profit declined sions of 300 million euros in the third known as LIBOR. Walt Disney 98.64 + 0.29%
Such a partnership would save money and remove competition between different jets currently on the market
Airbus urges European fighter to counter US dominance
European countries should step up ef- risked giving away control of their Eurofighter Typhoon and older Brit- is offering to drive cooperation with
forts to jointly develop the next gen- own defence capabilities, according ish aircraft. Hoke said the clock was its European partners and to shape
eration fighter jets to avoid becoming to Hoke. ticking as both France and Germany this aspect of our common European
too reliant on US technology, Airbus “Do we want to put ourselves in a would have to replace large parts of future,” Hoke added.
Defence and Space chief executive position of unilateral dependence -– their fleet in “about 15 years’ time”. They are claiming as much as 1.1
Dirk Hoke said Friday. for each and every adaptation to our Other countries, such as Spain, billion euros in damages from the Eu-
“To date, the countries of Europe mission scenarios, each maintenance Belgium and Italy, had also shown in- ropean aerospace giant.
have indulged in expensive custom- procedure, each update?” he asked. terest in the joint project, he claimed. Austria announced in July that it
ised national solutions or have made To counter the US influence, Hoke “On the assumption that the neces- plans to phase out the Typhoons from
their means of national defence de- urged countries like France and Ger- sary political will is in place, Airbus 2020, citing exorbitant costs.
pendent on the USA,” Hoke said man to “quickly” move forward with
in an op-ed published in Griephan plans for a joint European fighter jet
Briefe, a German weekly specialised system to replace their current fleets, Foreign Exchange
in defence issues. as announced by President Emman-
It is becoming increasingly unaf- uel Macron and Chancellor Angela EURO USA CAN UK AUS SWISS H.KONG JAP
fordable for European countries to Merkel in July. EURO - 1.17 1.49 .89 1.52 1.16 9.10 133.00
go it alone, Hoke said, pointing to the Such a partnership would save USA .85 - 1.28 .76 1.30 1.00 7.81 113.64
“huge increase in technical require- money and remove competition be- CAN .67 .78 - .60 1.01 .80 6.10 89.00
ments” that military aircraft now tween different jets currently on the UK 1.12 1.31 1.67 - 1.69 1.32 10.20 149.00
have to meet. market. AUS .66 .77 .99 .59 - .75 6.00 88.00
But by choosing to buy American French forces are using the latest SWISS .86 1.00 1.25 .76 1.33 - 7.80 114.00
defence goods such as F-35 fighter generation of the Rafale jet manu- H.KONG .11 .13 .16 .10 .17 .13 - 14.60
jets, which are cheaper thanks to factured by French arms maker JAP .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .07 -
economies of scale, Europeans Dassault, while Germany uses the

Page 4 Saturday November 04, 2017
The decline was partially offset by higher oil exports. 50 markets worldwide
Canada trade deficit barely budges in September Long queues, protests as
Canada’s trade deficit was essentially on lower prices. Exports were down ports, meanwhile, amounted to
unchanged in September from the for a fourth consecutive month since Can$46.7 billion, with communica- Apple’s iPhone X hits stores
previous month, totalling Can$3.2 a record high in May, despite increas- tions and audio and video equipment Apple’s iPhone X hit stores around
billion (US$2.5 billion), the govern- es in most categories, to Can$43.6 posting the largest decrease, mainly the world Friday, drawing crowds in
ment said Friday. billion. The nearly 16 percent drop on lower imports of cell phones. many locations and protests in others
Analysts had forecast a Can$2.9 in exports of passenger cars and light Imports of consumer goods also as the new flagship device hit stores
billion deficit in the month following trucks was due to work stoppages in fell for a fifth consecutive month. But in some 50 markets worldwide.
a Can$3.4 billion shortfall in August. the automotive industry as well as energy imports were up. Apple enthusiasts around the globe
According to Statistics Canada, changes to certain models destined Exports to the United States -- were lining up to get their hands on
exports fell 0.3 percent on lower pas- for the American market. Canada’s largest trading partner -- the new device which features facial
senger car and light truck exports, The decline was partially off- fell, but imports from the southern recognition, cordless charging and an
while imports decreased 0.3 percent set by higher oil exports. Total im- neighbor increased. edge-to-edge screen with technology
used in high-end televisions -- and an
The decline was partially offset by higher oil export eye-popping price tag.
The new gadget marks the 10th an-
US trade gap widens in September on rising capital goods imports niversary of the first iPhone release
Canada’s trade deficit was essentially on lower prices. Exports were down ports, meanwhile, amounted to and was released in about 50 markets
unchanged in September from the for a fourth consecutive month since Can$46.7 billion, with communica- on Friday, starting in Asia and then
previous month, totalling Can$3.2 a record high in May, despite increas- tions and audio and video equipment followed by Europe and the Ameri-
billion (US$2.5 billion), the govern- es in most categories, to Can$43.6 posting the largest decrease, mainly cas.
ment said Friday. billion. The nearly 16 percent drop on lower imports of cell phones. The launch came a day after Apple
Analysts had forecast a Can$2.9 in exports of passenger cars and light Imports of consumer goods also announced a 19-percent jump in net
billion deficit in the month following trucks was due to work stoppages in fell for a fifth consecutive month. But profit to $10.7 billion in the fiscal
a Can$3.4 billion shortfall in August. the automotive industry as well as energy imports were up. fourth quarter to September 30. Rev-
According to Statistics Canada, changes to certain models destined Exports to the United States -- enues were up 12 percent at $52.6
exports fell 0.3 percent on lower pas- for the American market. Canada’s largest trading partner -- billion.
senger car and light truck exports, The decline was partially off- fell, but imports from the southern Guilherme Rossi, 23, came from
while imports decreased 0.3 percent set by higher oil exports. Total im- neighbor increased. Brazil with a friend to be at the Apple
shop in San Francisco when the doors
The initial price range for the IPO had been set at $14-$17 opened at 8:00 am on Friday.
The self-described iPhone collec-
Deripaska’s En+ sets price for IPO at $14 per share tor said there were Apple stores in
En+, the holding company of Rus- group since the West imposed eco- cow around the same date, the state- Brazil, but they were in malls where
sian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, nomic sanctions on the country over ment said. spending nights in queues wasn’t
said Friday that shares in its initial the Ukraine crisis. En+ owns the power supplier En+ an option. “Yes it’s expensive, but I
public offering on the London Stock The initial price range for the IPO Power and also holds a 48-percent love the brand because it’s cool and
Exchange will be priced at $14, the had been set at $14-$17. stake in aluminium giant RUSAL, beautiful and because of all the tech-
bottom of the range announced last The final $14 price tag implied “a which has been listed on the Hong nologies,” Rossi said of the device
month. post-money market capitalisation of Kong stock exchange since 2010. with a starting price of $999. Also
En+ Group plc, a leading power $8.0 billion” (6.9 billion euros), En+ One of Russia’s wealthiest busi- at the opening of the Apple store in
and aluminium producer, announced said in a statement. nessmen, Deripaska, 49, amassed San Francisco was 40-year-old local
last month that it was planning a list- The shares will begin trading in huge wealth following the fall of the Francisco Rivera, who said he was
ing in London in a first for a Russian London on November 8 and in Mos- USSR. there to “get it first” and “show it
off.” He took up position in the queue
China “strongly opposes the long-armed jurisdiction imposed by any country” on Thursday afternoon.
It appears thieves opted not to wait,
China raps US sanctioning of bank over North Korea ties stealing more than 300 iPhones val-
Beijing on Friday hit back at a US Officials in Washington warn that, are barred from the US financial ued at some $370,000 from a delivery
decision to exclude a Chinese bank while they would prefer Kim to come system, which is a clearing house truck outside an Apple store in San
from the American financial system to the table, Trump has not ruled out for most dollar-denominated trans- Francisco, according to local reports.
over its alleged ties to North Korea, a pre-emptive strike to prevent him actions. In addition to the financial Even though California is home to
slamming the move as “long-armed from crossing the missile threshold. measures, Washington may also de- Apple, it was among the last locations
jurisdiction”. But, alongside this sabre-rattling, cide to re-designate North Korea as for the iPhone X to become available
Washington had alerted other busi- Washington is also slowly stepping a “state sponsor of terrorism” -- a for- given a global roll-out that started
nesses in June that it planned to take up secondary sanctions on foreign mal blacklist that would add to sanc- with the dawn of Friday in New Zea-
the action, but it finally went into ef- institutions like the Bank of Dandong tions pressure. land.
fect on Thursday, just as President which it accuses of funnelling illicit Yet the Trump administration does “If I don’t get it on the first day,
Donald Trump was to set off on an funds. not seem to be in a hurry, despite the I may as well wait until next year’s
Asian tour. This risks angering China, but president’s anger over the death of model -- I don’t like waiting,” said
China “strongly opposes the long- hawkish commentators argue that it US student Otto Warmbier after he Mathew Kam, a 21-year-old film
armed jurisdiction imposed by any remains the only way short of war to was imprisoned during a visit to the student who queued outside the Ap-
country,” Chinese foreign ministry force Pyongyang, and perhaps more North. ple store on London’s Regent Street
spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a importantly Beijing, to reconsider its Warmbier died in June this year, over night. In Paris, where a queue
regular press briefing. strategy. just days after he was released from had also formed in front of the Apple
China has been “comprehensively, “Banks and businesses worldwide custody and sent home in a mysteri- Store near the French capital’s Gar-
actively, meticulously and strictly” should take note that they must be ous coma. nier Opera house, 21-year-old engi-
implementing UN sanctions, she vigilant against attempts by North His parents said their son showed neering student Jeremy said he had
added. Korea to conduct illicit financing and signs of torture, including teeth that worked throughout the summer to
Trump has demanded that Beijing trade,” Treasury Secretary Steven appeared to have been “rearranged,” save for a new phone.
do more to push its neighbour North Mnuchin said. and hands and feet that were dis- He bought the most expensive ver-
Korea to stop efforts to build a nucle- Along with the ban on Bank of figured. Trump then accused the sion of the model costing 1,300 euros
ar-armed missile capable of reaching Dandong, the Treasury also issued North Korean regime of torturing ($1,500) -- more than the minimum
American cities. new guidance to international banks’ the 22-year-old. But the US coroner monthly wage in France. French
He will bring this message to risk and compliance officers to help Lakshmi Sammarco, who examined activists dumped a load of freshly
President Xi Jinping in Beijing next them spot North Korean attempts to Warmbier’s body after his death, said picked apples -- the fruit -- as demon-
week, but China is reluctant to push infiltrate world finance. there was no clear evidence of physi- strators carried signs saying “Apple,
too hard and risk destabilising Kim Banks from China and around the cal torture -- including no recently pay your taxes” in the southern city
Jong-Un’s North Korean regime. world find it hard to operate if they broken bones or damaged teeth. of Aix-en-Provence.

Page 5 Saturday November 04, 2017
“My knee wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do” Figure skating
US Open winner Stephens retires at Zhuhai Kolyada, Daleman on top
at Cup of China
Sloane Stephens retired in her match Mikhail Kolyada of Russia and Cana-
against Barbora Strycova at the WTA da’s Gabrielle Daleman surged to the
Elite Trophy on Friday, extending her summit of the men’s and women’s
winless streak since lifting the US competitions respectively on Friday
Open trophy in September. with their eye-catching short pro-
The American, part of the US team grammes at the Cup of China.
looking ahead to next weekend’s Fed With February’s Winter Olym-
Cup final against Belarus, crashed pics in Pyeongchang, South Korea
out of the tournament in Zhuhai with looming large, the showpiece in the
a knee injury that sealed her defeat to Chinese capital takes on extra signifi-
Czechoslovakia’s Strycova 5-0. cance this year.
“My knee wasn’t doing what I The crowd in Beijing, the third stop
wanted it to do,” she told journalists in the ISU Grand Prix series, were
after the match. given a treat as the stars of world fig-
“So, yeah, it’s like it’s better to just ure skating graced the ice.
stop now, because obviously I wasn’t Kolyada, who came third in the fi-
moving too quickly out there. I just nal standings in Moscow last month,
thought, yeah, better if I just stop.” romped the short programme with
She added that she hoped to be fit his daunting personal best of 103.13
enough for the Fed Cup. points, comfortably ahead of Chi-
“Obviously I’ve got to get my knee na’s fancied Jin Boyang (93.89) and
in order first. Hopefully I can do that Sloane Stephens of the United States (Photo AFP) Spain’s two-time world champion Ja-
before next weekend.” Her turbulent run meant she failed She said at a press conference ear- vier Fernandez (90.57).
Earlier Julia Goerges beat top to make the WTA Finals in Singa- lier in the week it had been “very The surprise leader, who skated
seed Kristina Mladenovic to reach pore, while she was left out of the tough” playing straight after her to Piano Concerto No. 23 by Mozart
the semi-finals alongside Ameri- semi-finals line up in Zhuhai after a career-high win in the US but she and opened his programme with a
can CoCo Vandeweghe, Australia’s loss to Latvian Anastasija Sevastova. “didn’t want to just bail”. huge quadruple lutz, said: “I did not
Ashleigh Barty and Anastasija Sevas- She has blamed her poor stretch Stephens is not the only player to look so happy at the end of my pro-
tova of Latvia. on having less time to practise since reference the gruelling schedule, with gramme because this is only the short
Twenty-four-year-old Stephens, winning in New York. Vandeweghe also chiming in earlier programme and everything will be
whose fairytale win at Flushing “I think that playing tournaments this week. decided tomorrow.
Meadows saw her world ranking when you’re not ready is probably the “I was going to miss most of Chi- “So I did not let my emotions out.
shoot up, has been on a losing streak worst possible thing you can do, and na... just because I was exhausted af- Overall, I enjoyed my performance
recently, tumbling out of both the I think the last tournaments I have ter the US Open. Emotionally I didn’t today,” added the 22-year-old Rus-
China Open and Wuhan Open before played, last three tournaments, have want to play any tennis,” Vandewe- sian champion.
pulling out of Hong Kong. been a good example of that.” ghe told reporters. The 19-year-old Daleman upstaged
the rest of the women’s field to earn
Baseball Olympics NFL 70.65 points and a narrow lead over
Huge parade marks Houston S.Korea ‘ready to welcome Elliott cleared to play after Japan’s Wakaba Higuchi (70.53) and
the Russian Elena Radionova (70.48).
Daleman, whose simple red outfit
Astros’ World Series win world’, including North judge grants order contrasted with much of the bling on
Hundreds of thousands of revelers South Korea is ready to welcome the A federal appeals in New York grant- show from the other skaters, opened
poured onto Houston’s streets Friday world at the 2018 Winter Olympics, ed an administrative stay against Eze- her programme to “Habanera” from
to celebrate the baseball team’s first- including athletes from its sabre- kiel Elliott’s six-game suspension on Carmen by nailing a triple toe-triple
ever World Series title win, just two rattling neighbour North Korea, chief Friday, freeing the Dallas Cowboy toe combination.
months after America’s fourth-largest organiser Lee Hee-Beom said in running back to play this weekend “It is another stepping stone to a
city was hit with historic floods. Prague on Friday. in the latest twist to the star’s legal long season and I’m very happy I’m
The streets of downtown Houston “Korea is ready to welcome the back-and-forth. starting off my Grand Prix season
were lined with countless fans -- world. We will welcome all eligible The ruling by the 2nd US Circuit with a new season’s best,” the 2017
many clad in the Astros’ team colors athletes and National Olympic Com- Court of Appeals was granted follow- world bronze medallist said. In the
of orange, navy blue and white. mittees (NOCs), including DPR ing a request on Elliott’s behalf by the ice dance, two-time world champions
The celebration was an unofficial Korea,” he said at a meeting of the NFL Players Association. Elliott has Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume
city holiday, with some taking the Association of National Olympic been embroiled in a legal saga with Cizeron obliterated the opposition
day off work and the school district Committees (ANOC) in the Czech the NFL after being issued a six-game with their short dance to hits Think-
even canceling classes for the after- capital. suspension following a 13-month in- ing Out Loud and Shape of You by
noon parade and rally at City Hall. The nuclear-armed northern neigh- vestigation into a domestic violence Ed Sheeran. The French pair led
The Astros won the coveted US bour has been a constant source of allegation in 2016. Although Elliott Madison Chock and Evan Bates of
Major League Baseball champion- concern ahead of the Pyeongchang faced no criminal charges from the the United States by more than eight
ship title Wednesday, in a 5-1 tri- Games, which will take place from case, the NFL probe found him to points and in the process set a new
umph over the Los Angeles Dodg- February 9 to 25 just 80 kilometres have been in breach of the league’s personal best of 81.10 points.
ers, bringing home a World Series (50 miles) from the heavily fortified personal conduct policy. Elliott has “It was a very good performance,
trophy for the first time since the Demilitarized Zone which divides the bitterly contested the ban and so far especially for the beginning of the
team’s inception in 1962. The games Korean peninsula. has successfully fought to delay the season,” Papadakis said.
in the best-of-seven series featured Countries including France and activation of the suspension, playing “We made a lot of improvement on
dramatic swings of momentum be- Australia contemplated staying at in all seven of the Cowboys’ regular the technical score compared to the
tween the two teams and breathtak- home after North Korea carried out season games in 2017. A court ruling beginning of the season, but also to
ing rallies -- energizing the Texas city its sixth nuclear test in September -- last week said the suspension would last year.”
still recovering from the destruction by far its most powerful yet. begin this weekend, but Friday’s de- In the pairs short programme, home
of Hurricane Harvey. Two months But Lee insisted the Pyeongchang cision puts the case back on hold. favourites and world champions Sui
ago, Harvey brought record-setting Games would be an “Olympics of Elliott is only cleared for this week- Wenjing and Han Cong soared into
flooding to Houston, killing 88 peo- peace and harmony.” end’s game and he will be suspended the lead with 80.14 points, in front of
ple and submerging vast swaths of “Safety is the (organising commit- for the November 12 clash with the fellow Chinese Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang
land. Every waterway overflowed in tee’s) primary concern,” he said, add- Atlanta Falcons unless a panel of Hao (71.37) and the Italian duo of Ni-
the area’s intricate network of natural ing South Korea had hosted an NOC federal judges next week rules in his cole Della Monica and Matteo Guar-
drainage into the Gulf of Mexico. security workshop last week. favour once more. ise (63.76).

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The aim of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid (81 squares) that is subdivided into 3x3 “sub-squares, with each of the numbers one through nine, besides
the ones that are already filled with numbers.
The rule is that each number appear only once per row, once per column, and only once per sub-square. It is rather easy to solve, in fact no math-
ematical knowledge is required. The solutions are indicated below.
Have fun!

Beginners Advanced
2 3 8 9 5

7 4 5 6 1 9 3 2 7 6

3 8 2 7 5 1 2

6 5 4 1 8 8 7

8 3 9 7 2 5 1 2 8 3 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11
7 2 3 8 9 3 8
12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19
2 3 6 7 1 9 7
20 21
2 6 8 7 5 4 9 3 22 23 24 1 25 5
26 27 28
29 30 31
4 5 8 9 7
32 33 34 35
36 37
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 1 First woman 2 Locale
4 Extras 3 Railway
12 13 14 15 16 9 Tree 5 Pummeled
11 Chances of winning 6 Mud brick
12 Not (prefix) 7 Road (abbr.)
17 18 19
13 Bullets 8 Sports channel
15 Philly locale 10 IBM Competitor
20 21 17 Yielding 12 Usable
20 Conger 14 Turbulent
22 23 24 25 21 Adolescent 16 Discrimination based on age
22 Malicious 18 Horsefly
24 Federal Bureau of Investigation 19 Information
26 27 28
26 Stingy 23 Famous composer
29 Loudness unit (abbr.) 25 Runs into gently
29 30 31 30 Traveled by horse 27 Bomb
31 Millimeter 28 Scarlet
32 Antelope 33 United States (abbr.)
32 33 34 35
34 Sink 35 Caesarʼs 49
36 Stop
36 37 37 Acid drug
Fold Fold
ACROSS 1 3 9 7 4 6 5 3 7 2 8 4 1 8 6 5 2 9 DOWN 9 7 1 3 8 6 2 9 7 8 5 4 M M D I P R O D E K U D U L U (52)8183105037
[email protected]
1 First woman 5 4 2 7 6 9 3 1 8 2 Locale 8 5 7 2 1 F B I E V I L F [email protected]
Information Source:
Agence France-Presse (AFP)
4 Extras 3 3 Railway S U C C U M B I N G Printed and distributed locally in each hotel.
All rights reserved.
9 Tree 2 3 8 9 1 6 5 4 7 5 Pummeled 6 1 7 O D D S E L M Reproduction in whole or in part by any printed
or electronic without permission of the publisher.
11 Chances of winning 4 5 7 2 8 3 6 9 1 6 Mud brick 8 3 2 S P A R E S E V E Solution:
12 Not (prefix) 7 Road (abbr.)
13 Bullets 8 Sports channel
15 Philly locale 10 IBM Competitor
17 Yielding 12 Usable
20 Conger 14 Turbulent
21 Adolescent 16 Discrimination based on age
22 Malicious 18 Horsefly
24 Federal Bureau of Investigation 19 Information
26 Stingy 23 Famous composer
29 Loudness unit (abbr.) 25 Runs into gently
30 Traveled by horse 27 Bomb
31 Millimeter 28 Scarlet
32 Antelope 33 United States (abbr.)
34 Sink 35 Caesarʼs 49
36 Stop
37 Acid drug

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