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Hacienda Times Digest Julio 1

July 1 , 2017

Sat July 01 Sun July 02 Mon July 03 Tues July 04 Wed July 05

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers! A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Fitness Class Schedule connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Monday, June 26 the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am SUMMER SPECIALS

Tuesday, June 27 With 15% Discount
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am Purifying Back Treatment

Wednesday, June 28
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am Tension from the whole body accumulates in the upper and lower back. Our Back
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am Treatment works to release this tension, purifying with warm compresses and
essentials oils, while relaxing with a hot stone massage. Toxins are extracted with a
green clay mask, while a scalp massage or reflexology completes the experience.
Thursday, June 29
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am $130 USD+ TAX 50 min.
Yoga: 10:30am-11:30 am
$195 USD + TAX 80 min.
Friday, June 30
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Scalp Massage and Foot Reflexology
Saturday, July 01
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am Allow your body to experience the amazing effects of scalp massage and foot
reflexology. You will feel the entire body slip away into total relaxation while you
experience this very popular treatment, giving yourself a chance to relax, recover, and
Sunday, July 02 renew.
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
$135 USD + TAX 50 min.

Private classes $190 USD + TAX 80 min.
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. Aloe Cooling Wrap

This wonderfully soothing and cooling treatment is a welcome relief for sun
exposure or the desert heat. Aloe vera is well known for it healing restorative
effects, great for dehydrated or sunburned skins. The
treatment includes a soothing mask and treatment with cool
marble stones to help reduce any inflammation, and simply
please all the senses.
Rejuvenate your Body,
Replenish your Soul!
$95.00 USD + TAX 50 min.


May 16 th – June 30 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $210.00 $170.00 $160.00 $130.00 $240.00 $190.00
Early Twilight 12pm $175.00 $140.00 $145.00 $115.00 $195.00 $155.00
Twilight 1:30pm $150.00 $120.00 $120.00 $95.00 $170.00 $135.00
Includes Food & Beverages

Rates per foursome $560.00 $460.00 $640.00
(After 11 am) Includes Food & Beverages


$435.00 USD $675.00 USD
$320.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
A Feud Fit for Daytime T.V. and Tabloids TRUMP SAYS KILL

President Trump remained em- that it had been Scarborough tum was ever issued. HEALTH LAW NOW,
broiled on Friday in a rumpus with who asked him to quash the story. According to three people fa-
two cable talk-show hosts, a surre- “I said no!” he wrote. miliar with the discussions, Scar- REPLACE IT LATER
al dispute featuring allegations of The bizarre back-and-forth borough contacted Jared Kush-
extortion, dueling tweets and low- left Washington veterans stupe- ner, Trump’s son-in-law and one
rent insults that has little prece- fied. “I don’t remember anything of his top advisers, after learning
dent in recent political history. quite like this,” said Vin Weber, a that The Enquirer was pursuing WASHINGTON — With Senate
With major policy battles over Republican lobbyist and former a story about his relationship Republicans already bogged down
health care and taxation loom- congressman from Minnesota. with Brzezinski. Kushner told the over how to dismantle the Afford-
ing, Trump has devoted two days In his pre-political life, Trump host that he needed to speak with able Care Act, President Trump on
to squabbling with the stars of leaned on gossip outlets to bur- Trump about his concerns. Friday tossed in a new complica-
MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mika nish his image — and place news Kushner suggested an apology tion with an old idea: The Senate
Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, items to harm his enemies. Scar- may be in order, the people said. could repeal the health law now,
who on Friday accused the White borough’s account on Friday They spoke on condition of ano- then replace it later.
House of demanding they apol- raised the question of whether nymity to discuss private conver- Trump gave his blessing in a Twit-
ogize to the president to keep a Trump has brought those tactics sations. ter post after a Republican dissat-
gossip magazine from unmask- into the West Wing, using The En- The exact nature of events re- isfied with the current repeal bill,
ing their romantic relationship. quirer and its wealthy publisher, mains murky. Scarborough said Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, floated
The spectacle might seem too the president’s close friend David he had text messages and emails the two-stage approach as a back-
outlandish even for the pages of Pecker, as a collaborator. to support his case, but he de- up plan. Sasse sent a letter to the
a supermarket tabloid were The On their show on Friday, clined to release them on Friday, president and made a pitch on Fox
National Enquirer not the maga- Scarborough and Brzezinski citing the privacy of his sources. News on Friday as an agreement
zine in question. described the White House’s ac- The Enquirer — which en- on a new version of the Senate’s
On Friday, Scarborough told tions as tantamount to extortion, dorsed Trump — said it wanted repeal bill remained elusive. Other
his viewers that the White House saying that aides there had re- nothing to do with the fight. “We conservatives quickly picked up the
had urged him to seek Trump’s peatedly asked them to apologize have no knowledge of any discus- idea — including Sen. Rand Paul of
forgiveness for critical coverage, to Trump, so that the president sions between the White House Kentucky and the advocacy group
lest The Enquirer, which is con- would intervene and stop the sto- and Joe and Mika about our story, Americans for Prosperity, backed
trolled by a Trump ally, run a sto- ry from running. and absolutely no involvement by Charles G. and David H. Koch.
ry detailing his involvement with Trump’s allies rejected the co- in those discussions,” its editor, Days ago, Senate Republican
Brzezinski, who is his fiancée. hosts’ interpretation of the ex- Dylan Howard, wrote in a state- leaders spoke of finishing their re-
Trump fired back on Twitter changes, saying that no ultima- ment. MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM visions to the repeal bill by Friday,
clearing the way for the Congres-
Fury in Nevada for Senator Who Defied Trump sional Budget Office to prepare a
new analysis of the bill. That way,
after lawmakers return from their
Sen. Dean Heller’s biting de- by no means Republican hard-liners and main- Fourth of July recess, the majority
nunciation of the Republican escaped the stream conservatives, the puri- leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of
health care bill last week infuri- wrath of ty-versus-pragmatist wars have Kentucky, could try to move ahead
ated the White House and helped Trump and his given way to a new, Trump-cen- with a vote. But Friday came and
unravel his party’s attempt to re- vocal support- tered debate that highlights how went without any agreement or
peal the Affordable Care Act days ers, including fully the president has taken over public show of progress — and with
before a vote was expected in the two billionaire the party. no vote in sight.
Senate. casino mag- On the other hand, Heller faces Republican leaders had embraced
Now Heller is facing an intense Dean Heller nates, Sheldon enormous grass-roots pressure to the repeal-now-replace-later man-
backlash in Nevada, his home G. Adelson and stand his ground against the bill. tra after Trump’s election, envision-
state, where there is talk of a pri- Steve Wynn. He has clung to his state’s popular ing legislation that would end the
mary race challenge against him “All of the Trump supporters Republican governor, Brian San- Affordable Care Act in a few years
next year and a pair of the state’s I talk to are furious with Heller,” doval, a staunch opponent of the as they worked on a replacement.
wealthiest Republican donors are said Danny Tarkanian, a frequent repeal who accepted the Medicaid But that plan was blown up quickly
fuming. Republican candidate for office in expansion dollars in the Afford- in January when Trump publicly
America First Policies, a non- the state. Tarkanian said he was able Care Act. More than 200,000 demanded that a replacement be
profit group created to back considering taking on the sen- Nevadans have gained insurance adopted simultaneously. Since then,
President Trump’s agenda, sus- ator next year and had been en- through Medicaid since the pas- McConnell and Speaker Paul D. Ry-
pended its advertising campaign couraged to do so by some of the sage of the health law. an have choreographed a complicat-
against Heller after he agreed to president’s ardent grass-roots What angered the Republican ed legislative dance that would fulfill
attend a West Wing meeting on admirers. rank and file about Heller’s cri- Trump’s repeal-and-replace wishes.
the health bill and after a group The political fallout from Hell- tique was not so much his unease Now, those wishes could be chang-
of Republican senators in atten- er’s high-profile news conference with the compromise Senate ing. “We need repeal; we need re-
dance complained about the com- a week ago offers a vivid illus- legislation, but that he would so place,” Sasse said. “Trying to do
mercials. But Heller, perhaps the tration of the new fault lines on purposefully undermine Trump’s them together hasn’t seemed to
most vulnerable Republican sen- the right in the Trump era. After agenda. JONATHAN MARTIN work.” THOMAS KAPLAN
ator on the ballot next year, has years of fierce clashing between and KENNETH P. VOGEL and ROBERT PEAR


President Gathers Modi Overhauls Messy Jumble of Indian Taxes

Power, Unsettling MUMBAI, India — For the sec- Textile traders

Some in France ond time in less than a year, the protested in
government of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi is putting India Bangalore,
through a revolution in the way India, on
PARIS — Is he Machiavelli, the country does business. Friday against
Bonaparte or de Gaulle? Emman- In the fall, the government im- the new goods
uel Macron wrote a thesis about posed one of the most radical mon- and services
the first, is often compared to the etary experiments ever, abruptly tax. The new
second and frequently cites the banning most of the country’s system will
third. currency notes in an effort to stem replace a
That parlor corruption.
game play- Now, it is instituting the coun- welter of
ing out in the try’s biggest tax overhaul since ATUL LOKE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES other taxes.
French media, independence. On Saturday, a
as France tries nationwide sales tax replaces the With the introduction of the to its billing as a radical simplifi-
to figure out its current hodgepodge of business new goods and services tax, the er of business taxes that will spur
new president, taxes that vary from state to state government is hoping not just to growth, or whether it will turn out
demonstrates and are seen as an impediment to streamline the myriad levies on to be just as complex as the one it
Emmanuel one thing: growth. It is expected to unify in businesses but to quiet the critics is supposed to be simplifying.
Macron Macron has al- a single market 1.3 billion people who say Modi has failed to deliver Experts estimated that moving
ready concen- spread over 29 states and seven on his policy promises. to a single tax would add a hefty
trated all the union territories in India’s $2 tril- “This would be almost a test two percentage points to India’s
power, nearly by default. lion economy. for Modi himself,” Harsh Pant, a growth rate.
He rarely speaks to the press, India, long one of the fastest fellow at the Observer Research Others say that in a country as
limits public appearances and has growing economies in the world, Foundation, a New Delhi think complex as India, it is unrealistic
helped candidates who support has begun to lag in recent years. tank, said of the new sales tax. “If to expect a simple tax system.
his agenda win a majority in the Modi came to office in 2014 with a it goes really badly, he’ll be in for “If we came out with one flat tax
National Assembly. promise to recharge the economy trouble” in national elections in on everything, there would have
Macron insists that his assem- with the same business-friendly 2019. been protests in the streets,” said
bling of the tools of power is not an policies he introduced so success- Modi survived the chaos Archit Gupta, founder and chief
end in itself, and the sense of direc- fully as the leader of Gujarat State. caused by his currency move last executive of ClearTax, one of In-
tion, energy and renewal has been But he has been increasingly crit- year by convincing the poor that dia’s biggest companies selling
welcomed by citizens. But it has icized for falling short, taking cash shortages and lost wages software for filing tax returns on-
also led some critics to accuse Ma- half-measures and shying away were worth enduring in the fight line. “We’re such a complex coun-
cron of “authoritarian” tendencies. from the tough issues of overhauls against India’s endemic corrup- try.”
France’s rigid labor code, which to labor and land. tion. He also argued that the rich The government, said Pant, the
Macron says kills jobs, will be re- Even the prime minister’s ban were hit the hardest as holders of Observer Research Foundation
vamped by decree. Much of the on India’s largest currency notes, most of the illicit cash, known as fellow, may be relying too heavily
antiterrorism state of emergency, while a daring step, has come “black money,” that his currency “on the prime minister’s popular-
in force since the November 2015 under criticism as growth has ban aimed to render worthless. ity.”
terrorist attacks and opposed by slowed to 6.1 percent in the first Now, with the new tax system “I’m quite confident it’s not go-
civil liberties advocates, will be quarter of this year, down from 7.9 about to take effect, some are ing to be seamless,” he said.
permanently enshrined in law. percent a year earlier. questioning whether it will live up GEETA ANAND
The latest demonstration of
what some are characterizing as
a Napoleonic style was Macron’s In Brief
announcement that he would ad-
dress both houses of Parliament
in the regal setting of Versailles on Gay Marriage Advances in Germany 3 Resignations Linked to Tower Blaze
It will be his show alone, without The lower house of the German Parliament on Three officials involved with Grenfell Tower, the
the press — he has given one news- Friday voted to legalize same-sex marriage after a apartment building where at least 80 people died
paper interview since his election brisk but emotional debate, prompting gay and les- on June 14, announced their resignations on Friday.
on May 7 — while facing 925 law- bian Germans to celebrate in the streets. The histor- Nick Paget-Brown stepped down as head of the
makers, many obliged to him. ic decision came with a swiftness rare in Germany’s council of Kensington and Chelsea, the wealthy
“There’s a little bit of mystery usually staid politics, just five days after Chancellor London borough that owns the tower. Rock Feild-
about him,” said Gilles Savary, a Angela Merkel unexpectedly relaxed her party’s op- ing-Mellen, who had been in charge of housing for
veteran Socialist politician — per- position to same-sex marriage and allowed lawmak- the council, stepped down as deputy leader. Robert
haps an echo of the Machiavellian ers to vote on the issue according to their conscienc- Black, the head of the management company that
precept that leaders are not bound es. Merkel’s softened resistance opened the way for ran the 24-story building, also resigned. (NYT)
to reveal too much. her coalition partners in the Social Democratic Par-
“He wants to be both lion and ty and two other political groups to press for a vote Le Pen Faces Charges in E.U. Inquiry
fox,” said Jean-Yves Boriaud, a on the measure, which had previously been blocked
Machiavelli specialist at the Uni- by her Christian Democrats and their conservative Marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader, was
versity of Nantes. “Machiavelli allies. Merkel voted against the measure on Friday, charged Friday in connection with an investigation
said the two must coexist. This is but many of her party colleagues voted in favor, al- into whether her National Front party misused funds
enlightening. Authority and ruse.” lowing it to pass easily — 393 votes in favor and 226 by putting staff members on the European Parlia-
ADAM NOSSITER against, with four abstentions. (NYT) ment’s payroll as phony parliamentary aides. (NYT)


States Refuse to Give Voter Data to Trump Panel In Brief

A White House commission’s felony conviction records, voting that election officials in at least 22
sweeping request for the personal histories for the last decade and states had partly or completely re- E.P.A. Chief Is Planning
and public data of the nation’s 200 the last four digits of all voters’ So- jected the commission’s request. Test of Climate Science
million voters set off an avalanche cial Security numbers. California, Massachusetts, Vir-
of opposition by state leaders in Kobach, the secretary of state ginia, New York and Kentucky Scott Pruitt, the head of the
both parties on Friday, as officials in Kansas, has said he wants to all quickly rejected the request. Environmental Protection
from California to Mississippi match voter information with oth- Other states, like Connecticut and Agency, plans to convene a team
called the move an overreach and er data, like federal records of for- Tennessee, said state law barred of researchers to test the scien-
more than 20 states declared they eign residents and undocumented them from turning over some tific premise of human-caused
would not comply. immigrants, to spotlight people data. Wisconsin pledged to pro- climate change, he told coal in-
It was an inauspicious start for who cast illegal ballots. He asserts vide what it legally could, if the dustry executives on Thursday.
the panel, which was created af- that such fraud is widespread in commission paid the $12,500 fee Speaking at a board meeting of
ter President Trump claimed last Kansas and elsewhere, although charged to anyone who copies the the American Coalition for Clean
winter that millions of illegal votes he has found scant evidence of it voter rolls. Coal Electricity, a lobbying group
had robbed him of a popular-vote so far. Kentucky’s secretary of state, for coal companies and their in-
victory over Hillary Clinton. But a growing number of state Alison Lundergan Grimes, said dustry allies, Pruitt said his staff
The vice chairman and day- election officials have indicated that Trump’s premise for creating had already begun preparations
to-day leader of the Presidential — sometimes politely, sometimes the commission in the first place for a “red team-blue team” ex-
Advisory Commission on Vot- brusquely — that they will not — that voter fraud was pervasive ercise to challenge mainstream
er Integrity, Kris Kobach, had or cannot comply. Among them, and needed to be reined in — was climate science, according to
asked election officials in a letter ironically, were Kobach himself itself a fraud. two people who attended the
to turn over the data “if publicly and a second member of the com- “Kentucky will not aid a com- meeting but were not authorized
available,” apparently to aid a mission, Secretary of State Connie mission that is at best a waste of to speak about it publicly. Rick
nationwide search for evidence Lawson of Indiana, both of whom taxpayer money and at worst an Perry, the secretary of energy,
of election irregularities. Besides disclosed on Friday that privacy effort to legitimize voter suppres- endorsed the idea in a Senate
election information like voters’ laws prevented them from fur- sion efforts across the country,” hearing on Thursday. (NYT)
names and party affiliations, the nishing some personal voter data. Grimes, a Democrat, wrote in re-
commission sought personal in- By Friday, an informal tally by sponse to Kobach’s request. Officers’ Killer Called
formation including birth dates, voting-rights advocates indicated MICHAEL WINES
Attack ‘Necessary Evil’
$45 Billion for Opioid Abuse Is Seen as Not Enough summer on law enforcement
The man who opened fire last
officers in Baton Rouge, La., kill-
WASHINGTON — The Senate yl and opioid painkillers, some services as “essential benefits.” ing two policemen and a deputy
leadership’s efforts to salvage the specialists say a fixed amount of That means they had to be cov- sheriff, carried out his ambush
Republican health care bill have grant money is simply inadequate ered through both an expansion of “to create substantial change
focused in part on adding $45 bil- compared with the open-ended Medicaid and the marketplaces set within America’s police force and
lion for states to spend on opioid funding stream that Medicaid up for people to buy private plans. judicial system,” according to a
addiction treatment. provides to treat all who qualify The House and Senate health bills suicide note that investigators
Addiction specialists said that for the coverage. would effectively end the expan- released on Friday. In a handwrit-
amount was drastically short of “When it comes to other ill- sion and cap Medicaid spending, ten letter that ran to a third page,
what would be needed to make nesses like breast cancer or heart resulting in the loss of coverage for the gunman, Gavin Long, said his
up for the legislation’s deep cuts disease, we’d never rely solely on millions of people, according to the attack was “a necessary evil” that
to Medicaid, which has provided grants for treatment — because Congressional Budget Office. he hoped would compel “good”
treatment for hundreds of thou- we know that grants are not sub- According to the National law enforcement officers to con-
sands of people caught up in a stitutes for health coverage,” said Household Survey on Drug Use front wrongdoing and miscon-
national epidemic of opioid abuse. Linda Rosenberg, president and and Health, there were roughly duct in American policing. (NYT)
The new money would most chief executive of the National 1.35 million low-income Ameri-
likely flow to states in the form of Council for Behavioral Health. cans in 2015 with an opioid use Searchers’ Wounds to Be
grants over 10 years. With hun- The Affordable Care Act vast- disorder. Only 25 percent of those
dreds of people dying every week ly expanded access to addiction people get treated in a year. Bergdahl Case Evidence
from overdoses of heroin, fentan- treatment by designating those ABBY GOODNOUGH Serious wounds to a soldier and
a Navy SEAL who searched for
Doctor Shoots 7 in Bronx Hospital and Then Kills Himself Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl can be
used at the sentencing phase of
his upcoming trial, a judge ruled
A disgruntled doctor armed hospital, Bronx-Lebanon, diving it appeared to be a workplace Friday, giving prosecutors lever-
with an assault rifle and wearing behind desks and doors as gun- dispute that ended when the gun- age to pursue stiff punishment
a lab coat went on a rampage in shots and smoke filled the hall- man committed suicide — “but not against the soldier. The judge,
the Bronx hospital where he had ways of a place devoted to healing. before having done horrible dam- Col. Jeffery Nance, ruled that the
worked on Friday, killing a female Bello had a troubled past, having age,” the mayor said. service members wouldn’t have
doctor and wounding six other worked at the hospital for about six The police did not identify the wound up in the firefights that
people — five of them seriously — months before quitting after being victim, other than as a woman and left them wounded if they hadn’t
before setting himself on fire and accused of sexual harassment, offi- a doctor. The five seriously injured been searching for Bergdahl, so
shooting himself in the head, the cials said. And years earlier, he was patients were “fighting for their their injuries would be relevant to
authorities said. arrested and charged with sexual lives,” said the police commission- his sentencing if he is convicted
The furious attack by the doctor abuse after assaulting a woman. er, James P. O’Neill. The sixth had of misbehavior before the enemy
— identified by the police as Hen- The gunman acted alone, May- a gunshot wound to the leg. at trial in October. (AP)
ry Bello, 45 — sent workers at the or Bill de Blasio said, adding that SARAH MASLIN NIR


S.E.C. Gives All Companies Secrecy in I.P.O.s THE MARKETS

In an attempt to revitalize the nies will have access to that pro- ings have been submitted, as of DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
public capital markets, the na- gram the commission said late March 31, the Securities and Ex- 62.60 3.93 3.71
tion’s top regulator of stocks is Thursday. The companies would change Commission said. ↗ 0.29% ↘ 0.06% ↗ 0.15%
turning to stealth mode. be required to file their paper- The Nasdaq stock market, 21,349.63 6,140.42 2,423.41
The Securities and Exchange work publicly at least 15 days be- which competes with the New
Commission, in Walter J. Clayton’s fore any “road show” to meet with York Stock Exchange for the list- EUROPE
first major policy move as chair- potential investors, the commis- ings of new companies, cheered
man, is expanding a program that sion said. the S.E.C.’s decision. BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
will allow all private companies to Filing confidentiality is in- “We have long supported such FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
keep some details of their financ- tended to make it easier for com- an action and believe it is one step 37.60 91.07 33.67
es and business strategies under panies that want to go public. It forward in making the public mar- ↘ 0.51% ↘ 0.73% ↘ 0.65%
wraps early in the process of an allows companies to iron out any kets more attractive, which will 7,312.72 12,325.12 5,120.68
initial public offering. wrinkles in their financial report- foster economic growth,” Adena
Currently, only smaller compa- ing with the regulator privately. Friedman, the chief executive of ASIA/PACIFIC
nies are allowed to confidentially And they do not have to worry Nasdaq, said in a statement.
file draft registration statements about competitors getting an ear- Jay R. Ritter, a professor at the JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
for review by the agency before ly peek at their figures. University of Florida, who stud- NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
offerings. Some well-known com- Yet some market specialists ies initial public offerings, was 186.87 200.84 3.00
panies, like Snap, Twitter and the say confidential filing has had lit- more skeptical about its effects, ↘ 0.92% ↘ 0.77% ↗ 0.09%
burger chain Snack Shack have tle impact and question why mar- although he generally supported 20,033.43 25,764.58 3,191.06
been able to do so, but the thresh- kets regulators are emphasizing the idea.
old of annual gross revenue of $1 secrecy over openness. “This is not necessarily going AMERICAS
billion has barred others. Since the program began in to encourage more companies to
Beginning July 10, all compa- 2012, some 1,350 confidential fil- go public,” he said. CHAD BRAY CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Sites ↘ 31.23 ↗ 661.02 ↗ 659.37
15,182.19 62,899.97 49,857.49
BERLIN — Social media com- limits on individuals’ right to free pressed ahead with the legis-
panies operating in Germany expression. Critics also said the lation. Germany witnessed an COMMODITIES/BONDS
face fines of as much as $57 mil- legislation shifted the burden increase in racist comments and
lion if they do not delete illegal, of responsibility to the provid- anti-immigrant language after GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
racist or slanderous comments ers from the courts, leading to the arrival of more than a million
and posts within 24 hours under last-minute changes in its word- migrants, predominantly from ↘ 3.50 ↗ 0.03 ↗ 1.11
a law passed on Friday. ing. Muslim countries, since 2015, and $1,240.70 2.30% $46.04
The law reinforces Germany’s Technology companies and Heiko Maas, the justice minister
position as one of the most ag- free-speech advocates argue that who drew up the draft legislation,
gressive countries in the Western there is a fine line between poli- said on Friday that it ensured that FOREIGN EXCHANGE
world at forcing companies like cy makers’ views on hate speech rules that currently apply offline
Facebook, Google and Twitter to and what is considered legitimate would be equally enforceable in Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
crack down on hate speech and freedom of expression, and social the digital sphere.
other extremist messaging on networks say they do not want “With this law, we put an end to Australia (Dollar) .7686 1.3011
their digital platforms. to be forced to censor those who the verbal law of the jungle on the Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6513 3.3063
Brazil (Real)
But the new rules have also use their services. Silicon Valley internet and protect the freedom Britain (Pound) 1.3025 .7678
raised questions about freedom companies also deny that they of expression for all,” Maas said. Canada (Dollar) .7715 1.2962
of expression. Digital and human are failing to meet countries’ de- The law will take effect in Octo- China (Yuan) .1475 6.7793
rights groups, as well as the com- mands to remove suspected hate ber and will apply to social media Denmark (Krone) .1537 6.5075
panies themselves, opposed the speech online. sites with more than two million Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0212 47.0900
Egypt (Pound)
law on the grounds that it placed Still, the German authorities users in Germany. (NYT) Europe (Euro) 1.1420 .8757
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1281 7.8068
New U.S. Security Rules May Strain Aviation Industry Japan (Yen) .0089 18.1228
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1198 8.3454
Singapore (Dollar) .7267 1.3760
New directives from the De- try officials predicted that the plemented well.” So. Africa (Rand) .0766 13.0476
partment of Homeland Security new mandates would add to the To comply with the new rules, So. Korea (Won) .0009 1144.4
require airlines that fly to the challenges of airports and air- some airlines and airports will Sweden (Krona) .1187 8.4274
United States to step up screen- lines, particularly smaller ones, need to buy explosive-detection Switzerland (Franc) 1.0437 .9581
ing of passengers for trace during the busy summer travel equipment, hire more staff and Source: Thomson Reuters
amounts of explosives and, in season. The directives said the spend time training employees.
some cases, impose more strin- airports must have the explo- In the short term, the aviation
gent security checks. sive detection devices in place in specialists said, passengers ONLINE: MORE PRICES
The department, in announc- 21 days and conduct the tougher may run into additional delays AND ANALYSIS
ing the directives on Wednesday, security checks by the fall. as they go through security. Information on all United
laid out generally what the mea- “I don’t expect everything to go And as the airlines and airports Æ
sures would do. But the addition- smoothly because it never does,” wrestle with the higher costs of States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
al details were disclosed in an air- said Ben Baldanza, the former complying with the new rules, tual funds, commodities and foreign
line industry memo obtained by chief executive of Spirit Airlines. the industry officials said, ticket stocks along with analysis of indus-
The New York Times. “But I do expect the new direc- prices could increase. try sectors and stock indexes:
Aviation specialists and indus- tives to be implemented, and im- MICAH MAIDENBERG


Women in Tech Reveal Culture of Harassment

Their stories came out slowly at Kristen GAINERS AND LOSERS
first. Then in a rush. Ablamsky, % Volume
One female entrepreneur re- left, Claire Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
counted how she had been prop- Humphreys
ositioned by a Silicon Valley 10 MOST ACTIVE
venture capitalist while seeking and C.E.O. Bankof (BAC) 24.26 ◊0.06 ◊0.2 823459
Micron (MU)
a job with him, which she did not Rachel Renock AMD (AMD) 12.48 ◊0.12 ◊1.0 591513
land after rebuffing him. Another of Wethos Nike (NKE) 59.00 +5.83 +11.0 463141
Staple (SPLS)
showed the increasingly sugges- received sexist ONEOK (OKE) 52.16 +0.64 +1.2 426232
tive messages she had received comments FordMo (F) 11.19 +0.02 +0.2 410616
Sirius (SIRI)
from a start-up investor. And one while seeking GE (GE) 27.01 ◊0.01 +0.6 261802
Intel (INTC)
chief executive described how she SASHA MASLOV FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES financing.
had faced sexist comments from % Volume
an investor while raising money Binary Capital. The new accounts Many of the women said they Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
for her online community website. underscore how sexual harass- believed they had limited ability
What happened afterward ment in the tech start-up ecosys- to push back against inappropri- 10 TOP GAINERS
was often just as disturbing, the tem is pervasive and ingrained. ate behavior, often because they WestMa (WMAR) 12.85 +3.20 +33.2 24480
+2.26 +29.5
Quinpa (QPAC)
women told The New York Times. Now their speaking out suggests needed funding or other help. Ominto (OMNT) 15.25 +2.24 +17.2 2507
+2.86 +16.1
Albire (ALBO)
Many times, the investors’ firms a cultural shift in Silicon Valley, Rachel Renock, the chief exec- Obseva (OBSV) 8.55 +1.05 +14.0 949
and colleagues ignored or played where such predatory behavior utive of Wethos, described a sit- DovaPh (DOVA) 22.29 +2.48 +12.5 102554
Parkwa (PKY)
+2.51 +12.3
down what had happened. Say- had often been rarely exposed. uation in which she faced sexist Nike (NKE) 59.00 +5.83 +11.0 463141
ing anything, the women were Recently, the revelations about comments while seeking financ- Tronox (TROX) 15.12 +1.38 +10.0 15465 (WEB)
+2.30 +10.0
warned, might lead to ostracism. Caldbeck of Binary Capital have ing for her online community site.
More than two dozen women in triggered an outcry. The investor While fund-raising in March, one % Volume
the technology start-up industry has been accused of sexually ha- investor told her and her business Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
spoke to The Times in recent days rassing entrepreneurs while he partners that they should marry 10 TOP LOSERS
about being sexually harassed. worked at three venture firms in for money, that he liked it when Cara (CARA) 15.39 ◊10.12 ◊39.7 161563
Ten of them named the investors seven years, often in meetings in women fought back because he bebest (BEBE) 5.95 ◊0.85 ◊12.5 324
involved, often providing corrob- which the women were present- would always win, and that they Califo (CRC) 19.73 ◊0.83 ◊8.8 140026
ChgoBr (CBI)
orating messages and emails, and ing their companies to him. needed more attractive photos of Myovan (MYOV) 11.70 ◊1.04 ◊8.2 483
pointed to high-profile venture Several of Silicon Valley’s top themselves in their presentation. Wilhel (WHLM) 7.30 ◊0.63 ◊7.9 2175
VoxxIn (VOXX)
capitalists such as Chris Sacca of venture capitalists and technol- They put up with the com- SturmR (RGR) 62.15 ◊5.25 ◊7.8 6575
Lowercase Capital and Dave Mc- ogists, including Reid Hoffman, a ments, Renock said, because Tetrap (TTPH) 22.16 ◊0.58 ◊7.5 70737
Americ (AOBC)
Clure of 500 Startups, who did not founder of LinkedIn, condemned they “couldn’t imagine a world in Source: Thomson Reuters
dispute the accounts. Caldbeck’s behavior last week which that $500,000 wasn’t on the
The disclosures came after the and called for investors to sign table anymore.” Renock declined
tech news site The Information re- a “decency pledge.” Binary has to name the investor. Wethos Stocks on the Move
ported that female entrepreneurs since collapsed, with Caldbeck raised the $500,000 from some-
had been preyed upon by a ven- leaving the firm and investors one else and is still fund-raising. Stocks that moved substantially or traded
ture capitalist, Justin Caldbeck of pulling money out of its funds. KATIE BENNER heavily Friday:
Solar Industry’s Trade Battle Could Upend Market Nike Inc., up $5.83 to $59. The athletic
apparel maker had a strong fourth quar-
ter and said it’s testing a program to sell
sneakers through directly.
Millions of Americans now get States International Trade Com- and minimum price guarantees
their electricity, at least in part, mission, is shaping up to be one on certain solar energy equipment Parkway Inc., up $2.51 to $22.89. The
from the solar panels that have of the first major trade decisions made outside the United States. commercial real estate investment trust
rapidly spread throughout the of the Trump administration. The The commission is set to vote on agreed to be bought by the Canada Pen-
sion Plan Investment Board.
country since 2010, thanks to their outcome could have a powerful the merits of the case by Sept. 22,
sharply declining cost. For cus- impact on whether the American and send recommendations to the Hain Celestial Group Inc., up $3.06 to
tomers — including homeowners, solar industry will be able to com- president by Nov. 13. But it is al- $38.82. Activist investor Engaged Capital
businesses and utilities — as well pete on cost with conventional ready reshaping the market. disclosed a 9.9 percent stake in the organ-
as for the companies that promote fuels like natural gas and coal in Prices for solar panels have ic food maker.
and install them, cheap solar pan- producing electricity. increased as buyers rush to get American Outdoor Brands Corp., down
els have been a good thing. And China, Trump’s frequent ahead of potential tariffs. So- $1.78 to $22.16. The firearms maker gave
But for American manufactur- foil on trade issues, has interests lar-farm developers have become weak forecasts for the current quarter and
ers, those cheap panels — specif- on both sides of the fight. skittish about long-term commit- the fiscal year.
ically, a glut of low-cost supplies The cheaper equipment coming ments to supply power at prices Cara Therapeutics Inc., down $10.12 to
from overseas — have not been into the American market is often that could become uneconomical $15.39. Investors were disappointed by
a good thing, driving more than from Chinese manufacturers that if tariffs, which can be applied ret- results from a trial of the company’s osteo-
a dozen of them to the brink of the trade commission previously roactively, raise their costs. arthritis pain treatment CR845.
bankruptcy and beyond. determined were dumping goods “It clearly throws a wrench into Emerson Electric Co., up $1.24 to
Now, manufacturers are fight- below cost, according to the peti- what is already a challenged glob- $59.62. Industrial companies made some
ing back, in an unusual trade case tion. But the company that initi- al market,” said Shawn Kravetz, of the largest gains on the market Friday.
that could put the final decision ated the new case, Suniva, is an president of Esplanade Capital, Micron Technology Inc., down $1.61 to
about government intervention, equipment maker based in Geor- a hedge fund based in Boston. $29.86. The chipmaker reported solid re-
and any remedy, directly in Presi- gia whose majority owner is a Chi- “There are going to be winners sults in the third quarter, but investors sold
dent Trump’s hands. nese company. and losers. The list of losers is its stock, which has soared over the last
The case, filed with the United The petition seeks steep tariffs long.” DIANE CARDWELL year. (AP)


In ‘Baby Driver,’ It’s Kiss Kiss, Zoom Zoom ‘Despicable Me’

Franchise Is
In “Baby Driver,” the director
Edgar Wright is out to show you a Running on Fumes
most excellent time. Wright works
for your love, hard enough that
you notice the whirring machin- The latest animated “Despi-
ery if perhaps not the strain. He cable Me” outing shows signs of
wants it easy and breezy, although wear even as its energy level esca-
mostly he wants it cool, whether lates. This time, the reformed vil-
the latest means to his end, Baby lain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell)
(Ansel Elgort), is smooth-moving is in domestic bliss with his fellow
like Gene Kelly or burning rubber secret agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig)
like Steve McQueen. and the three orphans — cute
A genre ride with a rebuilt en- Agnes, mischievous Edith and
gine and a sweet paint job, “Baby WILSON WEBB/TRISTAR PICTURES bespectacled Margo — when he
Driver” is all about movement and Lucy are dismissed from the
and sometimes stillness and Ansel Elgort and Lily James in “Baby Driver.” Anti-Villain League for letting a
how a beautiful man looks (feels, bad guy, Balthazar Bratt (Trey
seems, is) even better when he’s tinnitus, which he quells with mu- sional stop for coffee or an amus- Parker), escape.
in glorious, syncopated, restless sic; mostly, he has killer timing ingly testy sit-down with Baby’s Gru and Lucy enlist Gru’s long-
motion. The first time you see and gracefully elastic, reactive shadowy boss, Doc, one of those lost brother, Dru (also Carell), to
Baby — that’s his handle, which physicality that suggests Wright all-seeing, all-knowing criminal assist in Bratt’s capture. Dru, who
suits Elgort, with his angelic face has put in time with the films of mystics whom Kevin Spacey gives lives in a seemingly Mediterra-
and young man’s lissomeness — Jacques Tati. ominous ooze and a daddy’s mad nean paradise called Freedonia
he’s in the driver’s seat, where he “Baby Driver” isn’t avant-trav- (maybe nuts) indoor voice. Doc (you heard that right, but the
belongs. Like us, Baby is waiting estying; it’s a pop pastiche par ex- has something on Baby, who’s
for the action to start, seemingly cellence, crammed with cubistic been forced into a life of bad behav-
sealed off from the world with his action; glowering and golly-gee ior and company. That Baby has
dark sunglasses and earbuds. types (played by the seductive had no choice but to drive along
This is how Baby rolls, with likes of Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, plays as implausible as it sounds.
shifting gears, pumping feet and Eiza González and Lily James); But heroic fatalism and unwilling
thumping tunes, and how Wright and an encyclopedia of cinemat- villainy remain enduring cinemat-
rolls here as well. There’s a story, ic allusions, all basted in wall-to- ic tropes even if it means holding
sure, about Baby getting in and wall tuneage. When it works, the convention over complexity.
out of trouble while finding love allusions give you a contact high, “Baby Driver” is so good that
and money. He doesn’t have much like when a friend turns you on to you want it to be better and go UNIVERSAL STUDIOS
of an inner life, but he has skills, a favorite movie. At other times, deeper. That’s admittedly some- Gru is back, and evil, in
a heavy back story and a kindly Wright’s pleasure veers into the what of a greedy complaint, par-
foster father, Joe (CJ Jones, who self-satisfied, and all that love ticularly given how much Wright “Despicable Me 3.”
helps give the movie its faint feels smothering, near-bullying, does right and that he clearly
heartbeat), a deaf invalid with like bro-cinephilia in extremis. wants you levitating out of your Marx Brothers references end
whom he signs. Baby also has It’s just go go go with an occa- seat. MANOHLA DARGIS there), is obscenely wealthy and
has an indefinable blondish hair-
These Sisters Are Neither Chaste Nor Obedient do apparently trendy among the
obscenely wealthy.
Gru and Dru bicker but find
A randy handyman, naughty its groove. Molly Shannon, in the common cause when Bratt — a
nuns and a clothing-optional co- role of senior sister, is virtually ig- petulant, mulleted former 1980s
ven cause no end of agita in “The nored; and Dave Franco’s hunky TV child star — leads a giant robot
Little Hours,” a 14th-century farce handyman is mostly just a ripped of himself and an army of malev-
that, given its comically creden- body for female characters to en- olent flying action figures on an
tialed players, ought to be a great thusiastically molest. invasion of Hollywood. Of course,
deal funnier than it is. Lushly shot in northwest Tusca- the short, goggled and sometimes
Inspired by stories from ny by the cinematographer Quyen cyclopean minions are on hand,
Giovanni Boccaccio’s “The De- Tran, “The Little Hours” is saved engaging in a prison food fight
cameron” — seasoned with a from ignominy by two brief stand- and dancing in a cancan-like pro-
sprinkling of Monty Python — the out performances. Fred Armisen’s duction number. Innocuous pan-
writer and director, Jeff Baena, monologue as a scandalized bish- demonium ensues in candy colors.
turns an Italian convent into a op is priceless; but it’s the fabu- The females receive short
hotbed of repressed desires. Boc- GUNPOWDER AND SKY lous Lauren Weedman (who in- shrift. Gru and Dru’s mother (Ju-
caccio might have had medieval Dave Franco and Aubrey jected warmth and pathos into the lie Andrews) is a randy yet remote
audiences rolling in the aisles, but Plaza star in “The Little thankless role of a gay man’s best matriarch; Margo is a scold; Ag-
Baena squanders an R rating and Hours,” a 14th-century farce. friend on the regrettably short- nes lives to find a unicorn; and
a roster of household names while lived HBO show “Looking”) who the formerly single Lucy finds
managing to raise little more than rises above her one-note charac- fulfillment when she exults, “I’m a
a smile. reverent nuns played by Aubrey ter. As a lust-filled lady whose lord mom, I’m a mom!” The daughters,
At times, the atmosphere is Plaza (witchy and bitchy), Alison leaves her cold, Weedman sucks yes, are rescued from jeopardy.
so clubby that the actors seem Brie (frustrated and snooty) and every syllable dry. It’s too bad she Not that a voluble little boy at my
to be performing mainly for one Kate Micucci (bi-curious and ba- doesn’t have more of them. screening objected.
another. Centering on three ir- byish), the goofy plot never finds JEANNETTE CATSOULIS ANDY WEBSTER


In Scorched Arizona, Trying to Stop Fires Before They Start

PHOENIX — Wildfire season started early of the flames. in Yarnell, has led firefighting teams to decide
here this year. Arizona is using a system to identify com- much earlier to move out of the path of flames,
In two months, more than 20 fires have munities made more susceptible to burning even if it means that communities may burn.
broken out across the bottom half of Arizona, by overgrown vegetation. The goal is to enlist Earlier this year, Whitney had some good
from its southeastern tip, to the outskirts of residents to do their part: “Clean up around and bad news for Ducey about the current
Tucson and west of Phoenix. Flames have your yard, trim the trees around your cabin, fire season: After a snowy winter, the moun-
consumed so many acres that Gov. Doug Du- get those fuels removed,” said Arizona’s state taintop forests were moist and green, likely
cey declared a state of emergency last week, forester, Jeff Whitney. safe from burning. But not the vegetation that
freeing up more money to cover the growing “Prevention is our most important opportu- lines the lower elevations.
costs of fighting fire on abnormally dry land. nity,” he said. “If we can treat the fuels before “Tinder-dry” is how firefighters on the
More land has burned so far this year in the the fire starts — in other words, if we can mini- ground have described the parched land in
Southwest than anywhere else in the coun- mize the vegetation that feeds a fire — we’ll be the area, seared by a lack of rain and increas-
try as a new season of fast-moving fires has more successful at extinguishing that fire.” ing heat. From the southern edge of the state
unfolded across the western United States. There is also a heightened emphasis on to the high desert of Central Arizona, brush
Firefighters, guided by lessons learned in firefighter safety. The deadly fire of June 30, and grass were brittle, Whitney told the gov-
past deadly fires, are struggling to stay ahead 2013, when 19 firefighters died battling a blaze ernor, and “ready to combust.”
Whipped by strong winds, the Goodwin Fire,
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz which began on Saturday near Prescott, had
quintupled in size by midweek. The lethal blaze
PUZZLE BY DAVID PHILLIPS four years ago took place 60 miles west, under
ACROSS 36 Cable channel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
that once won a similar conditions and on similar terrain.
1 Noodle house
noodles Four Freedoms 15 16 Incident commanders — who oversee the
Award for
5 Checkout freedom of 17 18 work of crews assigned to specific wildfires
counter option speech — are no longer reluctant to tell residents that
15 The opposing 37 Early showings 19 20 no home is worth risking a firefighter’s life.
side “It is important for people to understand
39 ___ latte
16 “Attention!” 21 22 23 24 the limitations we have at protecting values
41 Easternmost of
17 Mother in fashion’s “Big 25 26 27 28 at risk when firefighter safety is on the line,”
“Hairspray” Four” cities said Alan Sinclair, an incident commander
18 Optimist’s mantra 42 “Kanthapura” 29 30 31 stationed in the Southwest.
novelist Raja ___
19 Time out? 32 33 34 35 Four years ago, the 19 members of the
43 “A ___ should
20 Becomes well not mean / But Granite Mountain Hotshots were trapped by
known 36 37 38 flames in a canyon choked with dried brush,
be”: Archibald
21 “Take that, MacLeish 39 40 41 42 presumably while trying to protect nearby
sucka!” 44 Lean homes.
23 It “will find a 45 Foo Fighters 43 44 45 46 “I’ve always known that the job was dan-
way,” according founder Dave
to Virgil 47 48 49 50 gerous,” Sinclair said, “but when you’re close-
24 Fraternité fellows 47 Paragons 51 52 ly connected to a tragedy as I was to Yarnell, it
50 Disney queen
25 Some hard rock voiced by Idina really woke me up.”
The issue, he said, is not simply what deci-
26 What’s the Menzel 53 54
matter? 51 Mozart’s “Il Re sions to make.
28 Western tribe Pastore,” e.g. 55 56 “After Yarnell,” he said, “I had to ensure that
29 “The Simpsons” 52 Unit of work 7/1/17 I was willing to face the uncertainties of an
sycophant 53 Sexennial event inherently dangerous job.”
31 “Duuude” 54 Cultural leader? 2 “Yikes!,” quaintly 13 Estée Lauder 37 Kind of deposit FERNANDA SANTOS
fragrance for
3 Economist 38 Classic
32 “Man will do 55 Bad-mouths men Stanislaw Lem
many things 56 What seeds often who shared a 14 Some sci-fi novel
Daytime Emmy
to get himself have with Jimmy inheritances
loved, he will do Kimmel in 1999 39 Mini maker,
all things to get 22 Baba ghanouj originally
himself ___”: DOWN 4 Master of strings ingredient 40 Capital that’s 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
Mark Twain 1 Investments 5 Ballet move 27 Typical home to Last •
33 Certain two- often associated Snapchatter Chance Gulch Tom Brady, Editor
wheeler with CDs 6 “Kiss Me Deadly” email: [email protected]
rocker 28 Strong 41 City and county
recommendation of central •
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8 Is closefisted equipment? 43 German toast phone: (212) 556-1200
SH AF TE D A PT ZE D 9 Nail-biting fax: (646) 461-2364
CA RR AC E G LU CO SE 31 A new computer 44 48-Down
program may be
AN NA SU I R AM HO ME 10 “___ Dinka Doo” in it email: [email protected]
MO AN S H AY MA KE R (theme song of 33 Source of sodium 46 Help for users •
Jimmy Durante)
PI ZZ ER IA EI RE in the wild 48 University For advertising information
FL US H D EM EA N 11 Place to department, for and to request a media kit
FA ZE EL AN SO PP Y celebrate the 34 Study of the short contact InMotion Media:
Autumn Moon
OV ER DE FA T F ES S Festival atmosphere 49 Freelancers’ phone: (212) 213-5856
ME ND S T UD E F RE E 35 “Uh-huh … enclosures, for email: [email protected]
OR GI ES NI ECE 12 Turned into ri-i-i-ght” short •
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VO RA CI TY CSPA N Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
OL DN AV Y B IK INI S ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
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NON FR O T OO EA SY Crosswords for young solvers:



Trump, Melting Under Criticism A Price for Insanity

It costs as little as $10 and as much as $10,169
Maybe we should all take a moment to feel a licans and Democrats have been trying to to get the same blood test in California. A low-
little sorry for Donald Trump, who reacted to tell Trump since his tweeted attacks on the er-back M.R.I. priced at $199 at one Florida
criticism on Thursday by tweeting a stream of MSNBC co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Brzez- clinic goes for $6,221 in San Francisco. A shoul-
coarse insults at the television journalist Mika inski, which were capped by the claim that he der X-ray can run anywhere between $21 and
Brzezinski. refused to spend New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-La- more than $700 across the United States.
After all, he so clearly lacks the toughness go with Brzezinski, who was “bleeding badly Many things about health care delivery in
of George Washington, who once privately from a face-lift.” the United States are insane. The economist
observed that his critics’ “arrows … never “People may say things during a campaign, Kenneth Arrow crisply described the biggest
can reach the most vulnerable part of me.” He but it’s different when you become a pub- insanity back in December 1963. “Insurance,”
lacks the confidence of Dwight Eisenhower, lic servant,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Me., told he wrote, “removes the incentive on the part
who said, when asked if he thought his press The Times. “I see it as embarrassing to our of individuals, patients, and physicians to shop
coverage was fair, “Well, when you come down country.” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said around for better prices for hospitalization
to it, I don’t see what a reporter could do much Trump’s tweets “do not provide a positive role and surgical care.” When did you last go bar-
to a president, do you?” model.” gain-hunting for a urinalysis?
And Trump lacks the grace Richard Nixon Trump’s behavior sabotaged a day that in- This is the third-party-payer problem, and
showed, at least in public. At the height of Wa- cluded critical talks on the Senate health care if Republicans had been more modest and less
tergate in late 1973, Nixon blurted at a news bill, a speech on energy policy and the arriv- inept in advancing a realistic health care agen-
conference, “I have never heard or seen such al of South Korean President Moon Jae-in da, they might have spent the past seven years
outrageous, vicious, distorted reporting in 27 for talks on the North Korean nuclear threat. understanding, explaining and changing it.
years of public life.” Yet he added, “I am not Thursday ended with Trump awkwardly What is it that Americans don’t like about
blaming anybody for that. Perhaps what hap- awaiting Moon’s motorcade, as reporters their health care? Chiefly, skyrocketing in-
pened is that what we did brought it about.” shouted, “Mr. President, do you regret your surance premiums, higher deductibles and
Trump may be a more tender soul, or less tweets this morning?” decreasing access to services. Obamacare has
resilient. In any case, he can’t seem to take the The big question for all of us is whether with made all this worse.
heat. his foot-stamping and his vulgarity Trump, in Average premiums for the benchmark
Probably no one in the world draws as much defiance of all his predecessors, is creating a Obamacare plan rose 8 percent in 2016 and
scrutiny and criticism — even mockery — as new model for future presidential behavior. 21 percent in 2017, according to Kaiser Family
an American president, and each president Can the etiquette of professional wrestling Foundation data, while deductibles were up
understandably chafes. But for Trump, every and reality television truly pass as acceptable by about 15 percent. For some markets and
barb seems to hit home, and he vengefully at- for the Oval Office? The breadth and depth of plans, the increases were considerably higher:
tacks his tormentors in full view of the world. bipartisan repugnance for this president’s in- 67 percent in Oklahoma City; 71 percent in Bir-
He does not appear to realize that he is em- sults suggests, thankfully, that the answer may mingham, Ala.; 145 percent in Phoenix.
barrassing himself. This is what both Repub- prove to be no. Same deal for employer-sponsored plans.
“While Sen. Obama promised during his cam-
Like Vanity Plates for Pols paign in 2008 that the average family would
see health insurance premiums drop by
$2,500 per year, the average family premium
Let’s say you have a major bridge rising to Even the old Tappan Zee (named for a Na- for employer-sponsored coverage has risen
replace a faded span well past its prime. What tive American tribe and the Dutch word for by $3,671,” noted Maureen Buff and Timothy
do you call the newcomer? “sea”) bears the name of Malcolm Wilson. Terrell in the Journal of American Physicians
(a) The name already there. He was New York’s governor for 379 days in and Surgeons. That was back in 2014, and pre-
(b) The name of the region it serves. 1973 and 1974. Mostly he was known as Nelson miums continue to rise.
(c) The name of a politician whose connec- Rockefeller’s lieutenant governor for 15 years. The only genuinely promising reform in the
tion to the project is nigh impossible to detect. If anything, the politicians’ absorption with Republican health bills are proposals to nearly
New Yorkers know that the correct answer themselves has grown more pronounced. In double contribution limits for heath savings
is (c). Since politicians get to do the naming, 2008 Gov. Eliot Spitzer arranged to have the accounts and allow them to be used to pay
they almost invariably decide that no human is Triborough Bridge renamed the Robert F. Ken- for premiums. Enrollment in tax-deductible,
more deserving than one of their own. nedy Bridge, for the New York senator who investable H.S.A.s has roughly doubled since
The latest instance of this mutually assured was assassinated during his 1968 presidential Obamacare took effect, to about 20 million, be-
construction is a vote by the New York State race. The purpose, Spitzer said, was to “honor cause they help cover out-of-pocket costs for
Legislature to name the new Tappan Zee a leader who did so much to build the New York low-premium, high-deductible plans.
Bridge across the Hudson River after Mario we love today.” In fact, Bobby Kennedy is best But as Peter Ubel of Duke pointed out last
Cuomo, the governor from 1983 to 1994, who remembered for his national role, not his mod- year, they’re mainly attractive to wealthier
died in 2015. Whatever honors ought to fall est ties to the city. people with income to spare. Government sub-
Cuomo’s way, his connection to the bridge Since then, other politicians have similarly sidies of H.S.A.s for low-income people, Ubel
project is nonexistent. Naturally, this maneu- had their names attached to structures that writes, could “make our health care system
ver came with the full devotion of his son, the existed long before they held office. more responsive to consumer needs.”
present governor, Andrew Cuomo. So it is hardly a shock that the Mario Cuomo H.S.A.s can restore sanity to a market in
The exercise underscored the elevated Bridge now joins them. We’ll see if the name which prices are invisible and costs keep rising,
self-regard of the political class. Not that this catches on with the driving public. and in which the concept of “insurance” has lost
is new in New York. The East River Drive had It is hard to imagine its infusing a song like its meaning. Republicans who want to salvage
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s name added to it de- “Really Rosie,” a playful Maurice Sendak-Car- a conservative policy victory from their health
cades ago. The Major Deegan Expressway ole King number about a girl who is “terrific at care fracas would be wise to leave Obamacare
honors William Francis Deegan. He was an everything” and sings, “I can tap/Across the alone, so that its authors can pay the price for
Army officer in World War I. More to the point, Tappan Zee.” Let’s see: “I can roam, oh,/Across its failure, just as the G.O.P. restores price to the
he was a political functionary in the Bronx. the Cuomo.” Doesn’t quite cut it, does it? rest of the health care system.


Tricky Draw and Hip Stand in Murray’s Way In Brief

WIMBLEDON, England — Af- Should Murray survive that, en Khachanov, the No. 30 seed and Ledecky Wins 3rd Title
ter a disquieting lead-up to his he could face a tricky third round one of the tour’s hardest hitters,
Katie Ledecky led from start to
country’s biggest tournament, the against Fabio Fognini, seeded looms in the third round. finish in the 400-meter freestyle
top seed and defending champion 28th, who routed him in Rome in The third-seeded Roger Feder-
Andy Murray was dealt a tricky May, or perhaps the 46th-ranked er, who won his eighth title on the Friday night for her third title
path by the Wimbledon draw Fri- Jiri Vesely, a towering Czech who grass courts of Halle, Germany, of the week at the United States
National Championships in In-
day morning. upset Dominic Thiem in the sec- last Sunday, opens in the bottom
Murray, who lost his lone grass- ond round here last year. Murray’s half of the draw against Alexandr dianapolis. Ledecky broke her
court match this year to 90th- fourth-round opponent could be Dolgopolov of Ukraine. He could own U.S. Open record with a time
ranked Jordan Thompson and the 14th-seeded Pouille or the face the 27th-seeded Mischa of 3 minutes 58.44 seconds. Leah
has been battling a sore hip, opens 20th-seeded Nick Kyrgios. Stan Zverev in the third round. Smith was second in 4:03.77 —
the third time this week the two
against the lucky loser Alexander Wawrinka, the No. 5 seed, and The sixth-seeded Milos Raonic,
Bublik, a flashy Kazakh who upset Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the No. 12 seed, who beat Federer in last year’s swimmers finished first and sec-
ond. Ledecky has qualified in four
Lucas Pouille in the first round of are possible quarterfinal foes. semifinals before losing to Mur-
the Australian Open this year. The two-time champion Nadal, ray in the final, is also in Federer’s individual events for the world
He then faces a stiff sec- seeded fourth, has struggled in quarter of the draw, as are Alex- championships next month. (AP)
ond-round test against either Joao early rounds at Wimbledon re- ander Zverev, the No. 10 seed, and
Sousa or Dustin Brown. Though cently. After opening against the Grigor Dimitrov, the No. 13 seed. Racing Dogs on Cocaine
ranked only 94th, the net-rushing 137th-ranked Australian John Djokovic, the No. 2 seed, opens A second Florida greyhound
Brown has established himself as Millman, Nadal could face Don- against the 44th-ranked Martin trainer had his license suspend-
one of the tour’s most dangerous ald Young or the 71st-ranked De- Klizan, one of the trickiest un- ed after state officials said dogs
players on grass. He has twice nis Istomin, who stunned Novak seeded players in the men’s draw. had tested positive for cocaine.
beaten Rafael Nadal on the sur- Djokovic in the second round of He could face the 29th-seeded Documents from the Florida
face, including in the second round the Australian Open in January. Juan Martín del Potro in the third Department of Business and Pro-
of Wimbledon two years ago. Should Nadal pass that test, Kar- round. BEN ROTHENBERG fessional Regulation indicated
that at least 12 animals in the care
Paul George Gets Traded to Oklahoma City Thunder of the trainer Charles McClellan
tested positive for the drug. (AP)
With hours to spare before the re-sign with the team. They were RUBIO HEADED TO UTAH The Min- A.L. SCORES
start of the N.B.A.’s free agency pe- prepared to offer him a long-term nesota Timberwolves reached an
riod, the Oklahoma City Thunder extension at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, agreement with Utah on Friday THURSDAY’S LATE GAMES
Chicago White Sox 4, Yankees 3
engineered a blockbuster deal on when free agency began. to send Ricky Rubio to the Jazz to L.A. Dodgers 6, L.A. Angels 2
Friday night by acquiring forward George, who averaged 23.7 clear salary cap space for a big run FRIDAY
Paul George from the Indiana Pac- points and 6.6 rebounds a game in free agency. The Jazz sent a pro- Cleveland at Detroit, ppd.
ers in a trade, according to a person last season, had recently in- tected future first-round pick from Tampa Bay 6, Baltimore 4, 10 innings
with direct knowledge of the deal. formed the Pacers that he intend- the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Boston 7, Toronto 4, 11 innings
Yankees 13, Houston 4
George, a three-time All-Star ed to leave the team once he be- Timberwolves in exchange for Ru- Kansas City 8, Minnesota 1
who had spent his seven-year came a free agent next summer. bio, a Spanish point guard who has Chicago White Sox 8, Texas 7
career with the Pacers, will now Rather than allow the remaining struggled with injuries. (AP)
form one of the league’s more in- year on his contract play out, the RONDO WAIVED BY BULLS Chica- N.L. SCORES
triguing tandems alongside Rus- Pacers pursued a trade. go waived the veteran point guard THURSDAY’S LATE GAME
sell Westbrook, the league’s most In exchange for George, the Rajon Rondo. The Bulls bought San Diego 6, Atlanta 0
valuable player, in Oklahoma City. Thunder shipped Victor Oladipo, out Rondo for $3 million rather FRIDAY
The deal, which was first report- their starting shooting guard, and than exercising a $13.4 million San Francisco 13, Pittsburgh 5
Cincinnati 5, Chicago Cubs 0
ed by ESPN, was also a convenient Domantas Sabonis, a 21-year-old option for next season. Rondo, 31, Mets 2, Philadelphia 1
way for the Thunder to bolster power forward, to the Pacers. a four-time All-Star, averaged 7.8 Milwaukee 3, Miami 2
their case that Westbrook ought to SCOTT CACCIOLA points and 6.7 assists. (AP) St. Louis 8, Washington 1

WEATHER Houston 92/ 80 Tr 94/ 74 PC 94/ 76 PC Cape Town 57/ 52 0.05 62/ 45 PC 61/ 48 PC
Kansas City 81/ 67 0 84/ 65 S 85/ 67 PC Dublin 57/ 50 0.02 66/ 48 PC 65/ 52 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 76/ 65 0 79/ 63 PC 79/ 60 PC Geneva 68/ 50 0.03 68/ 55 Sh 71/ 57 PC
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 91/ 80 0.10 91/ 80 PC 89/ 80 T Hong Kong 92/ 82 0 90/ 83 Sh 89/ 83 T
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 79/ 62 0.10 79/ 62 PC 80/ 60 PC Kingston 91/ 79 0.12 90/ 80 PC 91/ 79 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 88/ 73 0 83/ 72 T 88/ 73 PC Lima 69/ 62 0 72/ 63 PC 72/ 63 S
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 91/ 74 0.13 89/ 74 T 90/ 73 T London 72/ 57 0 74/ 58 PC 72/ 56 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 92/ 73 0 90/ 73 T 91/ 72 PC Madrid 73/ 52 0 77/ 54 S 87/ 60 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 109/ 83 0 111/ 83 S 109/ 87 S Mexico City 75/ 51 0.21 69/ 56 T 72/ 56 T
Salt Lake City 87/ 60 0 95/ 70 PC 99/ 71 S Montreal 72/ 61 0.09 77/ 64 R 78/ 62 T
San Francisco 65/ 54 0 69/ 55 PC 71/ 56 PC Moscow 79/ 59 0.23 76/ 58 R 69/ 57 T
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 84/ 57 0 74/ 56 PC 79/ 57 S Nassau 93/ 79 0 93/ 79 PC 93/ 81 PC
Albuquerque 95/ 61 0 92/ 67 S 95/ 67 PC St. Louis 84/ 75 0.29 89/ 70 PC 92/ 72 PC Paris 66/ 57 0.14 67/ 55 PC 72/ 59 PC
Atlanta 81/ 70 0.44 88/ 73 T 87/ 73 T Washington 94/ 73 0 91/ 75 T 92/ 75 PC Prague 72/ 57 0.12 67/ 56 Sh 70/ 54 Sh
Boise 90/ 59 0.15 95/ 63 PC 93/ 64 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 82/ 66 0 76/ 67 Sh 70/ 63 R
Boston 83/ 68 Tr 82/ 69 PC 89/ 69 PC Rome 81/ 75 Tr 81/ 63 S 81/ 65 S
Buffalo 75/ 67 0.06 76/ 63 T 79/ 61 PC Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 68/ 37 0 72/ 43 S 69/ 41 S
Charlotte 82/ 72 0.03 90/ 71 PC 91/ 70 PC Acapulco 93/ 78 0.10 90/ 79 T 89/ 77 T Stockholm 70/ 52 0 67/ 53 PC 70/ 52 Sh
Chicago 83/ 64 0.08 83/ 62 PC 86/ 64 PC Athens 113/ 75 0 103/ 82 S 104/ 80 S Sydney 59/ 47 0 60/ 44 S 62/ 46 S
Cleveland 88/ 69 2.38 83/ 66 Sh 86/ 65 PC Beijing 98/ 74 0.04 98/ 75 PC 98/ 73 S Tokyo 79/ 71 0.15 85/ 75 R 86/ 76 C
Dallas-Ft. Worth 95/ 81 0 92/ 77 T 96/ 79 T Berlin 68/ 61 0.35 65/ 57 Sh 68/ 53 Sh Toronto 82/ 68 0.03 78/ 59 Sh 79/ 57 PC
Denver 75/ 52 0.04 86/ 57 PC 91/ 59 T Buenos Aires 63/ 45 0 61/ 46 S 62/ 49 S Vancouver 74/ 57 0 69/ 54 S 71/ 56 PC
Detroit 85/ 68 0.29 83/ 62 PC 85/ 62 S Cairo 100/ 77 0 105/ 80 S 104/ 81 S Warsaw 73/ 63 0.04 75/ 57 PC 67/ 55 Sh


A Late Debut in the Tour de France: The Scars Tell Why

When the Tour de France be- Taylor in January. On a late-night walk
gins on Saturday, with riders zip- Phinney, back to his hotel, he realized that
ping along the banks of the Rhine, 27, center, his left leg wasn’t bothering him.
their heads down and their legs So he sprinted a whole block.
churning, you’ll have to pay close a popular He calls it his Forrest Gump mo-
attention to spot American ment, when the invisible braces on
SportS of the Americans in rider who his legs blew off as he ran and ran.
the timeS the field of nearly sustained a “He literally didn’t have the
Juliet Macur 200. Very close. devastating leg strength or flexibility to run before
Taylor Phinney, injury in 2014, that,” Carpenter-Phinney said.
one of the three Americans com- will appear in At the Tour de Suisse, a moun-
peting this year, will finally end tainous nine-stage race that end-
up on the starting line this week- his first Tour ed on June 18, Phinney bounced
end after more than a decade of CHRIS GRAYTHEN/GETTY IMAGES de France. back. And that was when Jona-
dreaming of racing the Tour. than Vaughters, the manager of
Phinney, who turned 27 this became a junior world champion. today are a road map of suffering. the Cannondale-Drapac squad,
week, descends from American Later came three Olympics and a Those scars were constant concluded that he had to pick
cycling royalty. His father, Davis, stage win in the Giro d’Italia. reminders of a doctor’s words: Phinney for the Tour de France.
was the first American to win a His arrival at the Tour de “You’ll probably never run again.” The Tour’s first stage, an
road stage at the Tour, in 1986. His France, though, has come much He didn’t ride a bike for six 8.7-mile time trial on Saturday, fits
mother, Connie Carpenter-Phin- later than he expected. months and needed crutches to Phinney’s expertise, and offers
ney, won the gold medal in the He was supposed to ride the walk for nine. He didn’t race for a rare chance for an American to
Olympic debut of the women’s Tour three years ago. But in the more than a year. slip on the leader’s yellow jersey
road cycling event, in 1984. weeks leading up to it, he crashed In 2016, with a titanium rod again — even if for only a day.
When Taylor Phinney was 14, into a guardrail going more than running the length of his tibia, Phinney’s goal for the Tour is
he went to the Tour with his fa- 60 miles per hour, breaking his he won a time trial at the United less grand. He just wants to cross
ther and rode some of the course. left leg in multiple places, sever- States nationals and made the the finish line in Paris. “I’m just so
It was alluring enough for him ing a tendon and partially tearing team for the Rio Olympics. A grateful that my body is at a point
to start racing a bike. He soon a ligament. The scars on his leg different kind of victory came where I can do this,” he said.
From N.B.A. Bench Player to Cult Hero in Turkey Venus Williams Faces

Wrongful-Death Suit
ISTANBUL — The American exams. “I never saw something
basketball player Ekpe Udoh am- like that in my entire life,” said one The daughter of a man killed in
bles through his club in Istanbul student, 17-year-old Zehra Tangu- a car crash involving Venus Wil-
liams has filed a wrongful-death
the way a modern-day Gulliver zer. “He’s not just Ekpe Udoh the
might walk through Lilliput. basketball player. He’s like a big lawsuit against her.
Williams was crossing an in-
Udoh, 30, is a 6-foot-10 colossus. brother.”
The hundreds of fans waiting for This process of discovery and tersection in her Toyota S.U.V.
him at the Fenerbahce sports club improvement continued on the in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.,
around 1 p.m. on June 9, when,
are significantly shorter. And like court. In the United States, Udoh
the diminutive Lilliputians in Jona- was considered a weak offensive according to a police report, she
collided with a car being driv-
than Swift’s satire, they don’t want player. But since he arrived in
to let this giant out of their sight. Turkey, basketball experts say, his en by Linda Barson. Barson’s
These fans, however, want self- shooting and attacking play has husband, Jerome, 78, was a
ies with him, not his freedom. improved — a change that Udoh passenger in the car, and he died
“He’s not just a player,” says one attributes to Fenerbahce’s coach, on June 22 from injuries he sus-
29-year-old fan, Emre Elmas. “He TARA TODRAS-WHITEHILL/THE NEW YORK TIMES Zeljko Obradovic. tained in the crash.
researches the Turkish culture. He Ekpe Udoh of Fenerbahce Once American players end up According to the lawsuit, filed
understands the Turkish people.” with the Euroleague trophy. in the Euroleague, they rarely on Thursday and obtained by The
New York Times, Linda Barson,
Udoh, a former center and pow- return to the N.B.A. But Udoh’s
er forward for the Golden State transformation has been so for- 68, also sustained injuries, in-
cluding “a cracked sternum, shat-
Warriors, and Milwaukee Bucks the United States. midable that some think he could
in the N.B.A., is by no means the But it is his behavior off the be an exception, with rumors of tered right arm, broken wrist,
first American to play basketball court that has contributed most to a move to the Philadelphia 76ers hand and fingers.”
Williams, who arrived in Lon-
in Turkey. Nor is he the only Amer- Udoh’s renown. this summer. (“No comment,”
ican currently plying his trade He runs a book club for his more Udoh said.) don on Wednesday to prepare for
her 20th Wimbledon tournament,
here: 131 Americans played for literary fans — memorably send- Some of Udoh’s fans cannot
Turkish clubs this past season. ing them Sabahattin Ali’s Turkish believe he would accept such a made her first public comments
He can, however, lay claim to classic, “Madonna in a Fur Coat,” move, so enthusiastic has he been about the crash with a post on her
being the most popular. His on- to read last November. for all things Turkish. Facebook page Friday evening.
Williams wrote that she was
court achievements help. In his He plunged into what he called But the likes of Elmas may soon “heartbroken by this accident.
two seasons with Fenerbahce, his “Ataturk project,” a personal be dealt a cruel blow. “At the end
Turkey’s leading club, he has crash course in the life and ideas of the day, it is a business as well,” My heartfelt condolences go
helped it win two domestic titles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Udoh said coyly. “And the N.B.A. is out to the family and friends of
Jerome Barson and I continue to
as well as this year’s champion- founder of modern Turkey. the best league in the world. Who
ship of the Euroleague, the world’s He sent high school seniors a doesn’t want to be at the best, you keep them in my thoughts and
most competitive league outside good-luck message ahead of their know?” PATRICK KINGSLEY

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