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Hacienda Times Digest Agosto 8

August 8th, 2017

Tues Aug 8 Wed Aug 9 Thurs Aug 10 Fri Aug 11 Sat Aug 12

Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly Sunny
Thunderstorms Thunderstorms

95 ° High 92° High 93° High 91 ° High 93° High

80°Low 79°Low 78°Low 78°Low 77°Low

Humidity: Humidity: Humidity: Humidity: Humidity:
61% 57% 59% 60% 58%


Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!
A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Fitness Class Schedule connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Monday, August 07
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Signature Packages
Tuesday, August 08 Detoxifying Desert Journey
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am

This treatment package is a completely purifying experience which leaves
Wednesday, August 09 the body cleansed, hydrated, and fully energized. The package begins
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am with a traditional energetic cleansing with Sage and a welcoming foot
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am ritual. This is followed by a Juniper and Cypress body scrub which
stimulates the lymphatic system and refines the skin. A full body deep
Thursday, August 10 lymphatic massage invigorates, and purifies, with the application hot and
Spinning: 8:30 am – 9:30 am cool stones to flush and restore the system. The
body is covered in fresh extract from the Nopal
Friday, August 11 plant, and wrapped with a warmed linen sheet
Functional Training: 9:00 am- 10:00 am while the therapist performs a relaxing scalp
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am-11:30 am massage, and finishes off with a full facial. The
results are astounding.
Saturday, August 12
$345 USD + TAX 3 hrs.
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Sunday, August 13

TRX FIT (Strength & Cardio)
8:00 am – 9:00 am Coconut Replenishing Package

The rich texture and aroma of coconut highlights this therapeutic
Private classes experience, as the body is cleansed,
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes nourished, and revitalized in every step of the
upon request.
process. A coconut exfoliation smooth and

polishes the skin, completely removing
impurities. Herbal poultices are dipped in
warm coconut oil and applied to the skin and
used to massage, allowing the oil to penetrate
and hydrate, and delivering the healing extracts of the herbs. A paraffin hand
and foot treatment with coconut oil completes this totally enriching journey

Rejuvenate your Body
Replenish your Soul $360 USD + TAX 3 hrs.


July 1 , – October 31 , 2017
Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $180.00 $145.00 $140.00 $115.00 $200.00 $160.00
Twilight 12:30 pm $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $80.00 $140.00 $115.00
Includes Food & Beverages
Rates per foursome $480.00 $420.00 $560.00
(*No time restriction) Includes Food & Beverages


$250.00 USD $330.00 USD $500.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times
Trump’s C.I.A. Chief Adds Political Tone CLIMATE REPORT

ASPEN, Colo. — Sweating un- first elected in the Tea Party wave met with a more mixed reception FULL OF WARNINGS
der stage lights, Mike Pompeo, of 2010. at the C.I.A. The agency sees its
the director of the Central Intel- While in Congress, Pompeo ar- role as delivering hard truths that AWAITS PRESIDENT
ligence Agency, had reached the gued for domestic surveillance on are unvarnished by political pref-
limits of his patience with ques- a wide scale, insisted that water- erences, and there are concerns
tions about Russian interference boarding was that Pompeo’s partisan instincts
in the presidential election. not torture and color his views of contentious WASHINGTON — The average
“Just look,” he snapped last dismissed a issues, such as Russia’s interfer- temperature in the United States
month at the Aspen Security Fo- hunger strike ence in the election. has risen rapidly and drastically
rum. “This is the 19th time you all by detainees “The big test is going to be since 1980, and recent decades have
have asked.” at Guantána- when there’s a direct confron- been the warmest of the past 1,500
It was only the fourth question mo Bay, Cuba, tation between the agency and years, according to a federal climate
about Russia that evening, but as a “political the administration,” said Vince change report awaiting approval by
Pompeo could be excused for Mike Pompeo stunt.” He said Houghton, a military and intelli- the Trump administration.
snapping: He runs an agency that he believed gence historian. The draft report concludes Amer-
is certain Russia meddled in the Hillary Clin- “If you have another Iraq icans are feeling the effects of cli-
election, yet serves a president ton had engaged in covering up weapons of mass destruction mate change. It directly contradicts
who has dismissed talk of Russian the 2012 attacks on the American situation, if there is a direct hit on claims by President Trump and
interference as “fake news.” diplomatic compound in Beng- the agency from a Trump tweet or members of his cabinet who say
All C.I.A. directors must bal- hazi, Libya, even after a Repub- something,” he continued, “we’ll the human contribution to climate
ance the political demands of the lican-led House inquiry found see whether he’s embraced the change is uncertain, and the ability
president they serve with the no new evidence to support the C.I.A. culture — and they’ve em- to predict the effects are limited.
agency’s apolitical idea of itself. claim. Like almost all congressio- braced him back — versus being “Evidence for a changing climate
Yet rarely has a director had to nal Republicans, he opposed the loyal to Trump.” abounds, from the top of the atmo-
straddle so wide a breach as has Iran nuclear deal. Pompeo appears to be teach- sphere to the depths of the oceans,”
Pompeo. Pompeo, 53, is just the kind ing the C.I.A. to embrace its inner a draft of the report states.
Unlike past directors, who typ- of well-credentialed tough guy Trump. In response to questions The White House and Environ-
ically sought to avoid policy dis- Trump admires. for this article, Dean Boyd, a mental Protection Agency did not
cussions, Pompeo readily joins Yet the attributes that have en- spokesman for the agency, re- immediately respond to calls and
in when Trump asks for his opin- deared Pompeo to Trump — his plied that Pompeo’s “only bias is emails requesting comment. The
ion, and he brings to the table the hawkish politics and eagerness toward action and winning.” E.P.A. is one of 13 agencies that must
views of a former congressman to speak his mind — have been MATTHEW ROSENBERG approve the report by Aug. 13.
The report concludes that even if
Packed Trains Create Cascade of Peak Delays humans immediately stopped emit-
ting greenhouse gases into the at-
mosphere, the world would still feel
The nation’s most crowded sub- Each canceled train accounts for “It’s a self-feeding problem,” at least an additional 0.50 degrees
way line is jammed every morn- roughly 1,000 passengers who said Ellyn Shannon, associate di- Fahrenheit of warming over this
ing with a crush of people waiting could be accommodated if the rector of the Permanent Citizens century compared with today. The
to board trains. Angry riders of- system met its schedule. Advisory Committee, a riders’ projected actual rise will be as much
ten have to let a train or two pass As the subway reaches a cri- group. “Crowds get bigger and as 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
before they can board. sis point, a critical challenge will slow the trains down more, and The report finds it “extremely like-
It turns out that the route — the be to increase the frequency of you lose capacity. But if you have ly” that more than half of the global
Lexington Avenue line in New trains to carry riders more reli- fewer trains, the crowding will mean temperature increase since
York City — is failing to meet its ably across the city. build and the trains slow down 1951 can be tied to human influence.
schedule, especially during rush Officials at the Metropolitan more.” In the United States, the report
hour, leading to dozens of trains Transportation Authority ac- Officials say they are running finds with “very high” confidence
being canceled every day and knowledged the schedules were as many trains as they can at the number and severity of cool
reducing the system’s capacity not being met, and they blamed peak hours, and the problem is nights has decreased, while the fre-
by tens of thousands of riders, overcrowding for the shortfall. capacity on an aging system. But quency and severity of warm days
according to an analysis by The Trains are stuck in stations as the shortage stretches through- has increased since the 1960s. Ex-
New York Times. passengers struggle to get on out the day. treme cold waves, it says, are less
On the Lexington Avenue line, and off, officials say, leading to a When trains are delayed, work- common since the 1980s, while heat
which carries the No. 4, 5 and 6 cascade of delays along the line. ers continue to space trains at waves are more common.
trains, just 77 of 90 scheduled But subway data reviewed by consistent intervals, instead of “It is very likely that the accel-
trains routinely run through the The Times reveal just how severe running trains more closely to- erated rate of Arctic warming will
busy Grand Central Station stop a toll overcrowding is taking. gether, one after another, accord- have a significant consequence for
from 8 to 9 a.m. The rest are effec- The Lexington Avenue line is the ing to train data. Officials believe the United States due to accelerat-
tively canceled, at a time when system’s most congested, but that is the best way to reduce the ing land and sea ice melting that is
the system needs them most. the same problem plagues other average time riders are stuck driving changes in the ocean includ-
In the evening, from 5 to 6 p.m., lines as well, leading to a greatly waiting on platforms. But, inev- ing sea level rise threatening our
only 76 of 88 scheduled trains reduced number of trains during itably, that means fewer trains coastal communities,” the report
stop at the station, on average. peak periods across the system. and reduced capacity. (NYT) says. LISA FRIEDMAN


In Brief New U.N. Sanctions Enrage North Koreans

S. African Leader Faces The Trump administration has tended by Secretary of State Rex ber of workers overseas, but stop
6th No-Confidence Vote hailed the latest United Nations W. Tillerson. short of calling for those who work
abroad to return to North Korea.
In a more ominous response,
sanctions against nuclear-armed
Over his eight increasing- North Korea as the most severe North Korea’s official news agen- “The number cited by the
ly embattled years in power, yet, and North Korea’s fury over cy said: “There is no bigger mis- Trump administration assumes
President Jacob Zuma of South the penalties suggested they car- take than the United States believ- China and Russia will implement
Africa has fended off five parlia- ried some sting. ing that its land is safe across the the resolution,” said Anthony Rug-
mentary no-confidence motions On Monday, North Korea ocean.” giero, senior fellow at the Founda-
that would have forced him from threatened retaliation against Like all United Nations sanc- tion for Defense of Democracies,
office. On Tuesday, he is to face the United States “thousands of tions imposed on North Korea referring to the $1 billion that the
another, with a difference: Law- times” over, for more than a decade, the effec- sanctions could slash from North
makers will vote anonymously. vowed to never tiveness of the new round, which Korea’s export revenue. “Eleven
The speaker of Parliament, relinquish its American officials say could cost years of United Nations sanctions
Baleka Mbete, announced late on nuclear arse- North Korea’s government about resolutions prove they will not.”
Monday that a vote of no confi- nal and called $1 billion annually, depends on The new sanctions were a di-
dence would take place by secret the penalties faithful enforcement by China and rect reaction to two North Korean
ballot. Zuma has come under a panicky re- to a lesser extent Russia. tests last month of intercontinen-
pressure as evidence of high-level sponse by an Both countries joined in the Se- tal ballistic missiles that appeared
corruption in his administration American bul- Kim Jong-un curity Council’s unanimous vote capable of reaching the continen-
has mounted, most recently with ly. on Saturday to penalize North tal United States.
leaked emails that appeared to But it is un- Korea, but neither China nor Rus- After passage of the resolution,
expose the extent of links be- clear at best, sanctions experts sia has a strong record of policing President Trump tweeted: “China
tween senior African National say, whether the measures will sanctions against the North. Chi- and Russia voted with us. Very
Congress officials and an influen- hinder North Korea’s nuclear na, the North’s major benefactor is big financial impact.” The Amer-
tial family, the Guptas. (NYT) militarization or even crimp its reluctant to squeeze that economy ican ambassador to the United
economy. for fear of causing instability on its Nations, Nikki R. Haley, said the
The sanctions are designed to
King Visits West Bank pressure North Korea into negoti- borders. The sanctions left import- measures showed “we’re not play-
ing anymore” with North Korea.
ant elements of the North Korean
King Abdullah II of Jordan ating, but Kim Jong-un, North Ko- economy untouched. The resolu- The provisions of the new mea-
made the short trip to Ramallah rea’s leader, has repeatedly said tion did not sanction oil imports. sures prohibit all exports of North
in the West Bank on Monday for that his country’s nuclear capabil- Further, North Korean labor- Korean coal, iron, iron ore, lead
a visit with President Mahmoud ities are crucial to its self-defense. ers who work overseas and send ore and seafood. They put new
Abbas of the Palestinian Authori- Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho of remittances home — money that restrictions on North Korea’s
ty, against the backdrop of the re- North Korea reinforced that point, the United Nations says is used in Foreign Trade Bank and forbid
cent crisis over the Aqsa Mosque denouncing the new sanctions, on the weapons program — will be the country from increasing the
in East Jerusalem and tensions Monday in Manila at a regional allowed to stay abroad. The new number of workers sent to work
with Israel. Jordan, the custo- ministerial meeting that was at- sanctions cap the current num- abroad. JANE PERLEZ
dian of the Aqsa shrine, helped
resolve the crisis, set off when
Israel placed metal detectors at Obama Urges Calm in Kenya as Fears Grow Over Election
entrances to the compound. The
measure came in response to a Former President Barack election, we have already seen too
July 14 attack, when three armed Obama weighed in on Monday on much incitement and appeals
Arab citizens of Israel emerged the tense political situation in his based on fear from all sides,” he
from the mosque and fatally shot father’s home country, Kenya. said. “But I also know that the
two Israeli police officers. (NYT) Obama spoke out about the Kenyan people as a whole will be
presidential election scheduled the losers if there is a descent into
Aussies’ Bloody Mystery for Tuesday. Voting in recent violence.”
A violent reaction seems likely.
years has been followed by vio-
On Monday, Australians found lence in Kenya. After a disputed election in 2007
themselves gawking over and Few voices from outside Kenya in which the opposition leader
swearing about the mysterious could resonate more powerfully BAZ RATNER/REUTERS Raila Odinga lost, spasms of vi-
creatures that chewed up a Mel- than that of Obama, whose father, Kenyan security personnel at olence left at least 1,300 people
bourne teenager’s legs. Graphic Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan a tallying center in Nairobi. dead and 600,000 displaced from
photos of his ankles spread student who met and married their homes. In 2013, after Odinga
across social media. All that Sam Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii campaign has been marked by a lost again, this time to Kenyatta,
Kanizay, 16, said he had wanted but left after their son was born. break-in at the vice president’s he claimed he had been robbed of
to do was soak his sore legs at As president, Obama in 2015 country estate, the killing and victory.
Dendy Street Beach in Brighton made a high-profile visit to Ken- possible torture of a senior elec- Odinga, a former prime min-
after a football match. But when ya, where he was celebrated as tion official and reports of plans to ister, is running again, his fourth
he stepped out of the water a half- the country’s most famous son rig the vote for President Uhuru campaign for the presidency, and
hour later, his ankles were pouring even as he urged the country to Kenyatta. he and Kenyatta were virtually
blood. The leading theory seemed fortify its fragile democracy, tack- Talk of “fake news” has flavored tied in recent polls. In a country
to be that he had inadvertently le corruption, overcome ethnic di- the campaign debate as interna- riven by tribal rivalries, Kenyat-
become lunch for hungry sea lice. visions and protect human rights. tional observers, including former ta, 55, has the support of many Ki-
The lice are usually parasites of The campaign that ends on Secretary of State John Kerry, kuyus and Kalenjins, while Odin-
fish. When they bite humans, they Tuesday has produced little ev- seek to ensure a fair vote. ga, 72, is strong among the Luos,
usually just leave pinpricks that idence that Kenya has heeded Obama expressed disappoint- Luhyas and Kambas.
can look like a rash. (NYT) his advice. In recent days, the ment in the campaign. “In Kenya’s PETER BAKER


With Videos Withheld, Suspects Accept Prison In Brief

In September 2013, a fight broke Defense attorneys complain weight behind a new Assembly Swift Groping Trial: Day 1
out outside the Bronx nightclub that discovery requests — such bill requiring prosecutors to auto- A federal jury must decide
where Aaron Cedres worked as a as video footage — are often coun- matically turn over police reports, whether the radio host David
bouncer. It was a confusing scrum tered, delayed or ignored. They witness names and statements, Mueller groped Taylor Swift while
of about a dozen people, and one say the restrictive discovery rules and grand jury testimony early in a photograph was being taken
man suffered a broken jaw and put people like Cedres into a high- a case. Their endeavor is backed before a concert in Denver on
deep slashes to his head and back. stakes dilemma: Plead guilty by the Legal Aid Society and the June 2, 2013 or whether the singer
A month later, Cedres — then a without seeing all the evidence, or Innocence Project, a nonprofit falsely accused Mueller, leading
25-year-old father with no crimi- risk a trial that could end in a pris- that helps exonerate people who the radio station KYGO to fire him
nal record — was charged with on sentence longer than what they have been wrongly convicted, from a $150,000-a-year job host-
gang assault, which carried the might get under a plea. although it faces a difficult road. ing a morning show. Swift was in
prospect of 25 years in prison. Most take the deal. According to There is no companion bill in the the courtroom in Denver on Mon-
Cameras were posted outside the the State Division of Criminal Jus- Senate, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuo- day as Judge William J. Martinez
club, and the prosecutor said the tice Services, more than 98 per- mo has not embraced the idea. and lawyers questioned potential
tapes looked bad for Cedres, his cent of felony arrests that end in At the same time, the state court jurors. No jurors have been cho-
lawyer recalled. convictions occur through a guilty system is considering providing sen, though many were dismissed
Cedres was offered a plea deal: plea, not a trial. judges with a new tool to ensure for a variety of reasons, including
five years behind bars. He insisted Legislation to require prosecu- that prosecutors turn over poten- one who said on her question-
he had thrown one punch to help tors to turn over evidence earlier tially exculpatory information. naire that she found Swift “petty
break up two men, and he urged has run into stiff opposition from The disadvantage that defen- and dishonest.” (NYT)
his lawyer to get the footage. New York’s district attorneys, who dants face has begun to draw
But Cedres was up against en- present a powerful counterargu- more attention, said Carlton Berk-
trenched legal practices. New ment: the safety of witnesses. ley, a retired New York City police Hunt for Killer of Officer
York is one of 10 states where Now, the politics show signs of detective. He leads Discovery for A manhunt was underway on
prosecutors can wait until just shifting, and a renewed effort is Justice, a Bronx group founded in Monday for a man suspected of
before trial to turn over witness underway to push the Legislature 2013 to oppose the discovery rules shooting and killing a Missouri
names and statements and other to overhaul state discovery rules. that some critics deride as New police officer during a routine
key evidence. It is a strategic ad- This year, the New York State York’s “blindfold law.” traffic stop on Sunday evening.
vantage that critics call unfair. Bar Association is throwing its BETH SCHWARTZAPFEL Gary Michael, 37, a police officer
in Clinton, Mo., died at a hospital
Sessions Scolds Chicago Over ‘Sanctuary’ Lawsuit after he was shot by a driver he
had pulled over at 10:45 p.m. on
Sunday, the Missouri State High-
CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm gang violence. has struggled with a high murder way Patrol said Monday. The pa-
Emanuel sued the Justice Depart- “Chicago will not let our police rate and strained relations be- trol identified the suspect as Ian
ment on Monday over President officers become political pawns in tween residents and the police. McCarthy, 39, who was charged
Trump’s threat to cut off federal a debate,” said Emanuel, a Demo- The particular funding itself, too, with first-degree murder. (NYT)
grants for so-called sanctuary cit- crat, whose city received $2.3 mil- is essential, Chicago officials say,
ies like Chicago. lion in grants last year from the since it is aimed at solving the
Hours later, Attorney General program that is now at risk. city’s crime problem. 9/11 Victim Is Identified
Jeff Sessions struck back, describ- The city is asking a judge to toss In his scathing rebuke, Ses- The remains of a man who was
ing street violence in Chicago as out new Justice Department rules sions, noted Chicago’s high mur- killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist at-
horrific, and saying “no amount of that would make Chicago ineligi- der rate and said the city’s lead- tacks on the World Trade Center
federal taxpayer dollars will help ble to apply for such grants unless ers, to “a degree perhaps unsur- have been positively identified,
a city that refuses to help its own it agrees to allow federal immi- passed by any other jurisdiction,” the New York City medical exam-
residents.” gration authorities full access to have “chosen deliberately and in- iner’s office said on Monday. The
The exchange was an escalation its police stations and to provide tentionally to adopt a policy that man, whose name was withheld
in the struggle over federal fund- 48 hours’ notice before releasing obstructs this country’s lawful at his family’s request, was the
ing and sanctuary cities, but also people wanted by immigration immigration system.” 1,641st person to be positively
in a continuing back-and-forth be- agents. More than 400 people have been identified of the 2,753 people
tween the White House and Chica- The litigation comes at a com- killed in Chicago this year. killed when the twin towers were
go over the city’s endemic gun and plicated time for Chicago, which MITCH SMITH destroyed. (NYT)
Mastering the Art of Home Restoration in Georgetown: A Julia Child Sequel

WASHINGTON — The house tor who lives across the street. have approvals finished by this ington, she would always mention
on Olive Street here was Julia “We have this yin and yang, hat- fall, then full renovations complet- the stove,” said Alex Prud’homme,
Child’s “little jewel,” the first home ing how it looks and loving the his- ed in 2018. who helped Child — his great-aunt
she owned, the space where she tory of the house,” she said. “Because it’s Julia’s home, peo- — write her memoir.
filled the pages of “Mastering the But the home in George- ple pay more attention to it,” he The Olive Street kitchen, last
Art of French Cooking.” town may have a new life. Rory said. redesigned by the architect Hugh
Now it is a historic home rotting Veevers-Carter, a software en- Veevers-Carter does not intend Newell Jacobsen in the 1960s,
to its core. The home’s exterior is trepreneur and Child enthusi- to return the kitchen to the look will be modern, Veevers-Carter
an eyesore for neighbors and a cu- ast, bought the house in 2015 for of the 1950s, when Child cooked said. “Julia Child had all the latest
rious sight among $2 million and $935,000 and has been waiting for on an industrial-sized stove she gadgets in her kitchen, the latest
$3 million homes. two years for restoration approv- bought from Sherman Kent, a conveniences,” he said. “Why
“It’s this ugly house falling als from at least three municipal friend and towering figure at the wouldn’t you have that today?”
apart,” said Janis Orlowski, a doc- regulatory bodies. He hopes to C.I.A. “When she talked of Wash- NOAH WEILAND


Auto Insurance Again Trips Up Wells Fargo THE MARKETS

Wells Fargo, the scan- surance, or GAP, it is intended to Laws in nine states require that DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
dal-plagued bank, is facing new protect a lender against the fact customers get unused insurance 25.61 32.21 4.08
regulatory scrutiny for failing to that a car loses significant value money back. They are Alabama, ↗ 0.12% ↗ 0.51% ↗ 0.16%
refund insurance money owed the moment it is driven off the lot. Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Mary- 22,118.42 6,383.77 2,480.91
to people who paid off their car GAP insurance makes up that land, Massachusetts, Oklahoma,
loans early, according to people differwence for a lender if a car is Oregon and South Carolina. EUROPE
briefed on the inquiry. stolen or totaled in a crash before Jennifer A. Temple, a Wells
Just last month, Wells Fargo the loan is paid off. Fargo spokeswoman, provided BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
was found to have forced un- Because Wells Fargo is a large a statement saying: “During an FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
needed collision insurance on auto lender, tens of thousands of internal review, we discovered is- 20.23 40.55 4.45
consumers who financed their customers may have been affect- sues related to a lack of oversight ↗ 0.27% ↘ 0.33% ↗ 0.09%
car purchases. That practice ed by the bank’s actions on GAP and controls surrounding the ad- 7,531.94 12,257.17 5,207.89
affected 800,000 customers ac- insurance. ministration of Guaranteed As-
cording to an internal analysis of It is not mandatory for car set Protection products. We are ASIA/PACIFIC
the practice commissioned by the buyers to carry GAP insurance, reviewing our practices.”
bank. Some 274,000 people were which typically costs $400 to Temple declined to say when JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
pushed into delinquency as a re- $600. But car dealers push the the problem began and said the NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
sult, and 25,000 cars were wrong- insurance, and lenders like it bank was still trying to assess 103.56 127.68 17.46
ly repossessed. because of the protection it pro- how many of its customers were ↗ 0.52% ↗ 0.46% ↗ 0.54%
The latest inquiry involves a vides. When borrowers pay off affected by the practices. Wells 20,055.89 27,690.36 3,279.54
different, specialized type of in- the loans early, they are entitled Fargo introduced improved con-
surance that is sold to consumers to a refund of some of the GAP trols on the refund process in AMERICAS
when they purchase a car. Called insurance premium because the 2014, she said.
guaranteed auto protection in- coverage is no longer needed. GRETCHEN MORGENSON CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Trump’s Stalled Trade Agenda Confounds Industries Market ↗ 120.85 ↗ 60.98
66,897.99 51,389.27
WASHINGTON — Donald keep when many voices advocate The Commerce Department
J. Trump promised Americans different plans. was poised to deliver a report to COMMODITIES/BONDS
that they would be exhausted For many businesses that had Trump by the end of June with
from “winning” on trade under raised their hopes, frustration is recommendations for steel tar- GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
his presidency. But nearly seven mounting by the day. iffs, on the ground that cheap
months after Trump took office, America’s steelworkers are on imports pose a national security ↗ 0.10 unch. ↘ 0.19
the industries he vowed to pro- edge as they wait for Trump to threat. But the process became $1,248.20 2.26% $49.39
tect have become tired of some- fulfill his promise to place tariffs bogged down when industries
thing else: waiting. on steel imports. Home builders that buy steel objected and other
After beginning his presi- are desperate for Trump to cut a countries threatened retaliation. FOREIGN EXCHANGE
dency by withdrawing from the deal with Canada to end a dispute Trump said recently that deal-
Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, over its softwood lumber exports. ing with steel was no longer a top Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
Trump has accomplished little And cattle ranchers are longing priority.
else when it comes to reorient- for a bilateral pact with Japan to “This has been a bit of a let- Australia (Dollar) .7911 1.2641
ing deals with other countries. ease the flow of beef exports. down in the industrial heartland,” Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6538 3.1261
Brazil (Real)
Instead, his administration has “It’s frustrating because of the said Gerard, who is based in Britain (Pound) 1.3032 .7673
been struggling to work through impact it’s having on the indus- Pittsburgh. “A lot of our members Canada (Dollar) .7887 1.2679
the complicated rules that dictate try,” said Leo W. Gerard, presi- supported the president because China (Yuan) .1488 6.7207
international commerce. All the dent of United Steelworkers In- of what he said about steel and Denmark (Krone) .1586 6.3055
while, they are learning that bold ternational union, of the delayed manufacturing.” Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0211 47.3700
Egypt (Pound)
campaign promises are hard to outcome of a steel investigation. ALAN RAPPEPORT Europe (Euro) 1.1792 .8480
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1279 7.8197
Hedge Fund Sues to Halt Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Case Japan (Yen) .0090 17.9215
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1262 7.9225
Singapore (Dollar) .7339 1.3626
A hedge fund sued on Monday seven members of the Financial year to President Barack Obama So. Africa (Rand) .0757 13.2134
to have Puerto Rico’s bankrupt- Oversight and Management for the board. So. Korea (Won) .0009 1126.1
cy case thrown out, arguing the Board for Puerto Rico were se- Aurelius Capital was among Sweden (Krona) .1227 8.1476
federal oversight board guiding lected, Aurelius said. The board the firms that fought Argentina in Switzerland (Franc) 1.0281 .9727
the island’s financial affairs was members were instead “hand- court for years over its sovereign Source: Thomson Reuters
unconstitutionally established. picked by individual members debt default, and ultimately suc-
In a lawsuit filed in United of Congress,” it said, through “an ceeded in pressuring the govern-
States District Court in San Juan, intricate system of Balkanized ment there to pay. ONLINE: MORE PRICES
the hedge fund, Aurelius Capital, lists, designed to severely con- A spokesman for the oversight AND ANALYSIS
cited the “appointments clause” strain the president’s appoint- board said the members were re- Information on all United
of the United States Constitution, ment powers.” viewing the lawsuit and could not Æ
which calls for all principal offi- No Senate confirmation pro- comment. States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
cers of the federal government ceedings occurred, although The federal bankruptcy code tual funds, commodities and foreign
to be appointed by the president, senators of both parties were bans Puerto Rico from declaring stocks along with analysis of indus-
and confirmed by the Senate. among the members of Congress bankruptcy. try sectors and stock indexes:
That did not happen when the who made recommendations last MARY WILLIAMS WALSH


For Older Workers, Age Bias Is Hard to Prove

For more than four decades, GAINERS AND LOSERS
manufacturing was the only work % Volume
Donetta Raymond knew. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
Fresh from high school, she
followed her father to the factory 10 MOST ACTIVE
floor because, she said, “It was AMD (AMD) 13.43 +0.31 +2.4 573262
Bankof (BAC)
the best-paying job around.” FordMo (F) 10.92 ◊0.03 ◊0.3 350087
Starting as a sheet metal me- Snap (SNAP) 13.39 ◊0.13 ◊1.0 339822
NxStag (NXTM)
+6.53 +28.2
chanic, Raymond found plenty of WellsF (WFC) 52.54 ◊0.30 ◊0.6 226643
work in her hometown, Wichita, JCPenn (JCP) 158.81 ◊0.05 ◊0.9 222511
Apple (AAPL)
Kan., home to famous names in Symant (SYMC) 28.87 ◊0.30 ◊1.0 208376
Marath (MRO)
She eventually became a pro- % Volume
duction operation specialist on Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
737 airplane fuselages at Boeing.
Her work was praised, includ- LISA HANEY FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES 10 TOP GAINERS 31.45 +14.30 +83.4 87222
MyoKar (MYOK)
ing a good performance review NxStag (NXTM) 29.67 +6.53 +28.2 252561
in 2012 from the management of Today, a lawsuit filed by 70 for- claim that they are being de- OnDeck (ONDK) 5.00 +0.78 +18.5 27947
+0.85 +18.3
Sensus (SRTS)
Spirit AeroSystems Holdings. mer employees, including Ray- liberately targeted for such re- Techni (TCCO) 6.20 +0.95 +18.1 3168
The next year, she underwent mond, is in proceedings in the ductions. As manufacturing has Eros (EROS) 9.35 +1.15 +14.0 32809
a separate company review to Federal District Court in Wichita. contracted, more experienced Appian (APPN) 22.17 +2.46 +12.5 2889
+1.19 +12.4
gauge whether the company The lawsuit was cleared first by workers feel they have limited Revlon (REV) 18.50 +1.90 +11.4 58635
Dynava (DVAX)
+1.85 +11.2
should retain her. Ominously, she the federal Equal Employment options for re-employment if they
slid to a “C” from her “A” rating Opportunity Commission. are discarded at older ages. % Volume
the previous year. The workers brought the suit “Once layoffs were done by re- Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
Just a few months later, the after discovering that nearly half verse seniority. It was last in, first 10 TOP LOSERS
company laid off hundreds of — or 164 — of those in the 2013 out, so the more senior workers Zynerb (ZYNE) 6.67 ◊8.39 ◊55.7 89971
longtime workers, including her, layoffs were 40 or older, the age kept their jobs,” said Robert J. Gemphi (GEMP) 9.93 ◊8.73 ◊46.8 16425
◊3.03 ◊17.5
then age 59. that initiates federal age discrim- Gordon, an economics professor Armstr (AFI) 335.22 ◊41.81 ◊11.1 11272
Biglar (BH)
Spirit AeroSystems is an im- ination law protections. Workers at Northwestern University, who BasicE (BAS) 18.47 ◊2.21 ◊10.7 6128
portant supplier for Boeing charge they were singled out be- studies the country’s growth and TitanI (TWI) 10.16 ◊1.16 ◊10.2 5198
Pointe (PNTR)
◊1.20 ◊10.0
and Airbus, chalking up nearly cause either they or their spouses work force productivity. Unit (UNT) 18.18 ◊1.89 ◊9.4 7106
$1.7 billion in revenue in the first had serious medical conditions. “Now we’re seeing a transition Franks (FI) 15.80 ◊0.71 ◊8.9 14362
PlyGem (PGEM)
quarter of this year. Spirit maintains that it does not from the age of favoritism to that Source: Thomson Reuters
When it laid off 360 workers in discriminate in hiring or termina- of age discrimination,” Gordon
summer 2013, Spirit said the lay- tion decisions. said, “because newer workers
offs among its salaried employees Such lawsuits are popping up are allowed to stay on while more Stocks on the Move
and managers were necessary to as the nation’s work force ages costly, older workers are let go.” Stocks that moved substantially or traded
remain competitive. and as many longtime workers ELIZABETH OLSON heavily on Monday:
Minting Virtual Currencies, Despite S.E.C. Warnings Tyson Foods Inc., up $3.60 to $66.90.
The Spam maker raised the low end of its
annual profit estimates.
SAN FRANCISCO — The cau- industry raise funds. ished if the commission carries Rockwell Collins Inc., up $8.07 to
tionary words of American reg- Since the guidance was re- through with its warning. $127.07. Reuters reported that United
ulators have done little to chill a leased on July 25, 46 new coin The agency said that it would Technologies made an offer to buy the avi-
red-hot market for new virtual offerings have been announced focus on coins that should be cat- ation electronics maker.
currencies sold by start-ups. and an additional 204 are moving egorized as securities. People Anadarko Petroleum Corp., down 52
The Securities and Exchange toward fund-raising, according to selling securities to American cents to $44.37. Energy companies fell
Commission last month issued its data from investors are generally required with the price of crude oil.
first warning for entrepreneurs In contrast, only three projects to register themselves and their NxStage Medical Inc., up $6.53 to
who have been raising money by have said they are canceling or investments with the securities $29.67. Fresenius Medical Care agreed to
creating and selling their own vir- postponing the sale of coins. regulator. So far, almost none of buy the medical device company for $30 a
tual currencies in what are called July was the biggest month for the coins being sold to investors share, or just under $2 billion.
initial coin offerings. At that point, coin offerings, with 34 projects have been registered. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., up $5.51 to
hundreds of projects had raised raising $665 million, Tokendata. Many entrepreneurs creating $158.84. Alibaba and the hotel company
more than $1 billion. io data shows — or twice as much virtual currencies have argued Marriott International started a joint ven-
Even after the commission said money as was raised in the first that they are not securities be- ture aimed at Chinese tourists.
it was looking at projects that five months of the year combined. cause they are intended to be Geo Group Inc., down $2.04 to $26.02.
may violate its rules, program- For investors, the immediate used as the internal method of The private prison operator posted weak
mers are still embarking on new risk is likely to be the many proj- payment in the software that the revenue in the second quarter and its fore-
offerings at a torrid pace. ects that are proceeding without entrepreneurs are creating. cast disappointed Wall Street.
“The broader detail and the si- a credible plan for putting out But many lawyers in the indus- II-VI Inc., up $2.80 to $38.15. The laser
lences in the report should give successful software. Many coin try have been warning entrepre- and optics company had a much stronger
many people pause and that offerings have had security vul- neurs that just because a coin is fourth quarter than analysts expected.
doesn’t seem to have happened nerabilities that have led to big intended to serve as a payment Armstrong Flooring Inc., down $3.03 to
yet,” said Emma Channing, the losses for investors. method does not mean that it can- $14.25. The company cut its forecasts af-
general counsel at the Argon But even projects that build not also be categorized as a secu- ter it said sales of sheet and wood flooring
Group, which helps projects in the successful software could be pun- rity. NATHANIEL POPPER were weak in the second quarter. (AP)


Let Forest Fires Burn, Some Scientists Say For Cosmetics,

It’s Buyer Beware
With long strides, Chad T. Han- cal health of forests.
son plunged into a burned-out Only a few years after the great
forest, his boots kicking up pow- conflagration known as the Rim When you wash your hair,
dery ash. Blackened, lifeless trees Fire burned more than 250,000 clean or moisturize your skin,
stretched toward an azure sky. acres of California forest near polish your nails, or put on make-
Hanson, an ecologist, could not Yosemite National Park, Hanson up, deodorant or sunscreen, do
have been more delighted. “Any cited signs of rejuvenation even in you ever think about whether the
day out here is a happy day for me, the most severely burned areas. Personal product you’re
because this is where the wildlife On several hikes, mostly in using may do
is,” he said with a grin. Stanislaus National Forest, which HealtH more harm than
On cue, a pair of birds appeared, sustained most of the damage Jane E. Brody good?
swooping through the air and from the Rim Fire, he pointed to Maybe you
alighting on dead trees to attack newly sprouted trees carpeting should. Thanks to a lack of regu-
them like jackhammers. They the forest floor. lations, the watchword for con-
were black-backed woodpeck- Hanson’s group, the John Muir sumers of cosmetics and person-
ers, adapted by millions of years NOAH BERGER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Project of the Earth Island In- al care products should be caveat
of evolution to live in burned-out A black-backed woodpecker stitute in Berkeley, Calif., has emptor: Let the buyer beware.
forests. They were hunting grubs pressed the argument that forests To be sure, these products
to feed their chicks. in Stanislaus National Forest. of dead trees are among the most are not nearly as worrisome as
The black-backed woodpecker important plant and animal habi- drugs, which require extensive
is one of the rarest birds in Cali- out across much of the country. To tats in North America. testing and premarket approval
fornia, and lately it has become the biologists, that has imperiled In cooperation with another by the Food and Drug Adminis-
something more: a symbol of the plants and animals — hun- group, the Center for Biological tration. Still, disasters can and
a huge scientific and political dreds of them, it turns out — that Diversity, Hanson’s group in 2012 sometimes do occur from the use
debate over the future of fire in prefer to live in recently burned filed a petition to list the black- of cosmetics and personal care
American forests. forests. backed woodpecker as threat- products, and the government
Scientists at the cutting edge “From an ecological standpoint, ened under the Endangered Spe- is powerless to act until a slew of
of ecological research, Hanson everything I’ve learned teaches cies Act. It is unclear what the consumer complaints raise a red
among them, argue that the cen- me this is a good idea: Stop put- Trump administration will do. It flag about a product.
tury-old American practice of sup- ting out fires,” said Jennifer R. faces a Sept. 30 deadline. In a recent editorial in JAMA
pressing wildfires has been noth- Marlon, a geographer at Yale. Randy Moore, head of the For- Internal Medicine, Dr. Robert M.
ing less than a calamity. They are This year may turn out to be est Service district that covers Califf, who served as F.D.A. chief
calling for a new approach that one of the more prominent recent California, said the agency is under President Barack Obama,
basically involves letting back- years for fire; more than five mil- drafting plans for three national noted, “The cosmetic industry
country fires burn across millions lion acres have burned. forests in California that may call remains largely self-regulated.
of acres. In two visits with a reporter to for allowing fires caused by light- History has repeatedly shown that
In principle, the federal govern- the Sierra Nevada, in 2016 and ning to burn in some areas. when there is insufficient regula-
ment accepted a version of this ar- 2017, Hanson made the case that “We need to move toward fire as tory oversight, a few unscrupulous
gument years ago, but in practice, letting more of the woods burn is being not necessarily an enemy,” people or companies will exploit
fires are still routinely stamped essential to restoring the ecologi- Moore said. JUSTIN GILLIS the vulnerable public for profit.”
Even when a hazard comes to
It’s Better to Swim Alone, Yet Together, if You’re a Salp light, a product can remain on
the market for years until nego-
tiations make their way through
What mysterious, gelatinous, waves and currents. While linked netically identical salps asexually. the legal system or the company
clear blob that you might find together in day-to-day life, each The salps are connected in a chain decides to halt sales.
washed up on a beach looks like salp in the chain swims at its own that starts as a coil around the Unlike drugs, cosmetics can be
a jellyfish but isn’t? Meet the sea asynchronous and uncoordinat- solitary salp’s gut. It grows over sold based solely on manufactur-
salp. It typically lives in deep wa- ed pace. Counterintuitively, this time and eventually breaks free, ers’ tests (or no tests) and claims
ters, where its barrel-shaped body helps salps that form linear chains the beginning of the colony phase. for effectiveness and safety. Even
glides around the ocean by jet pro- make long nightly journeys more Each individual within the chain the ingredients don’t have to be
pulsion, sucking in water from a efficiently. She and a colleague, will reproduce sexually. filed with the government.
siphon on one end and spitting it Daniel Weihs, an aerospace engi- Perhaps to enhance a salp’s re- The F.D.A. wants to encourage
back though another. neer at the Israel Institute of Tech- productive success, many salps consumers to submit reports to
It swims alone for part of its life. nology, presented their findings in migrate vertically. At the surface, it directly and has created a web-
But it spends the rest of it with oth- the Journal of the Royal Society they can congregate with a great- site to do so at:
er salps, linked together in chains Interface. er chance that the sperm of one metics/complianceenforcement/
arranged as wheels, lines or other The life story of the sea salp is hits an egg of the same species. adverseeventreporting
architectural designs. peculiar. Each one starts life as a By looking at the counterintui- At the same time, Sen. Dianne
“They’re totally cool, and total- female, then switches to male and tive swim style of the sea salp, we Feinstein, D-Calif., and Sen.
ly beautiful to watch underwater,” never switches back, but no one could all learn a thing or two. “It Susan Collins, R-Me., have pro-
said Kelly Sutherland, a marine knows why. can inform design principles and posed a bill, the Personal Care
biologist at the University of Or- Making chains is part of their give us new ideas we wouldn’t Products Safety Act, that would
egon. life cycle, and if these chains come up with ourselves,” Suther- require manufacturers of cosmet-
Over years of watching them break, they don’t link back togeth- land said. It may inspire efficient ics and personal care products to
swim in chains, she made a sur- er. Each salp lives only a few days underwater vehicles, but it could submit a list of all ingredients and
prising discovery. They synchro- or a month in two stages: solitary, also inspire a new way to look at reports of adverse events to the
nize their strokes when threat- and in a colonial chain. A solitary relationships and cooperation. F.D.A. and give the agency au-
ened by predators or strong salp gives rise to a colony of ge- JOANNA KLEIN thority to order product recalls.


Europe’s Journeymen Master Their Trades, Medieval Style

They hitchhike across Europe, instantly arcane, rules handed down largely through her earlobe for an earring to wear throughout
recognizable in the wide-bottomed, corduroy word of mouth to preserve the tradition. the journey. Tradition holds that anyone who
trousers, white shirts and colored jackets that According to custom, young men and wom- breaks the rules will have the earring torn
identify them as bricklayers, bakers, carpen- en wishing to become journeymen find some- out, marking that person with a cleft lobe, or
ters, stonemasons and roofers. one already on the road to sponsor them and a “split-ear,” a term long since adopted in the
They are “Wandergesellen,” or journeymen help organize their trip. Prospective journey- German language for a crook.
— a vestige of the Middle Ages in modern men are debt-free, unmarried and no older Journeymen carry a pocket-size diary to be
Europe — young men, and these days women, than 30. They agree to stay away from home filled with stamps from cities visited and tes-
too, who have finished their required training for at least as long it took to complete their taments of work accomplished along the way.
in any number of trades and are traveling traineeship — usually two or three years — Traditionally these books were used as a
to gather experience. Most are from Ger- plus a day, and to live by their wits, their trade résumé for finding work after a journey.
man-speaking countries. and the generosity of strangers. Today they serve more as a travel diary.
In the past, journeymen traveled under the The night before setting off from home, a While on the road, journeymen are not sup-
auspices of a trade association, and today ma- future journeyman traditionally hosts a party posed to pay for food or accommodations, and
ny still do. But many also take up the practice to say farewell to family and friends. In the instead live by exchanging work for room and
freely, though still adhering to the strict, often course of the night, a hole is made in his or board. They generally carry only their tools,
several changes of underwear, socks and a
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz few shirts wrapped into small bundles that
can be tied to their walking sticks.
PUZZLE BY DAN FLANAGAN Most journeymen will work in the jobs for
ACROSS 42 “The Lord of the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 which they are trained. But they also take oth-
1 Row Rings” baddie er work, either to expand their skill set or out
5 Worn out 43 Walk like a 14 15 16 of a need for food or a change of pace. Large
10 The Kleenex of two-year-old, say 17 18 19
cotton swabs 44 20/20 summer projects, lasting several weeks, will
14 Predator of 47 Trolley 20 21 22 see bakers handling jackhammers and gar-
dolphins 48 Division of deners helping out in the kitchen.
15 Press secretary baseball’s N.L. or 23 24 25 26 In an adaptation of the old rules to modern
___ Huckabee A.L. times, journeymen do not carry devices like
Sanders 53 Always trying to 27 28 29 30 31
16 ___ Major get one’s way cellphones that allow them to be found. They
(Big Dipper’s 56 Green: Prefix 32 33 34 35 36 37 carry digital cameras, if they like, and write
constellation) 58 Wear away emails from public computers.
17 4/4 38 39 40
59 European Many of the young people who head off on
19 Smidgen automaker 41 42 43 such a journey had rarely left home, and then
20 Prepare to be 60 50/50 only with their parents or on school trips.
knighted 62 “The Simpsons” 44 45 46 Nonetheless, for many the hardest part
21 Indianapolis-to- character with
Cleveland dir. a palindromic 47 48 49 50 51 52 of their journey is deciding when to end it.
22 To whom “break name 53 54 55 56 57 58 The responsibilities and monotony of a daily
a leg” is said 63 “Sexy” woman in routine have a way of making the challenges
23 Period in a Beatles song 59 60 61 of wandering from place to place, not always
Congress 64 Start running knowing where you might sleep, seem like fun.
25 Basketball 65 Butcher’s cut 62 63 64 “You don’t have any overheads, you don’t
highlight 66 Put in office
27 11/11 67 You are, south of 65 66 67 have a family or a house to take care of,” said
32 Hay and such for the border 8/8/17 Arnold Böhm, 25, a carpenter from Görlitz.
farm animals “What you have is your freedom.”
36 “The Raven” poet DOWN 7 The Emerald Isle 28 Some long 45 Word repeated MELISSA EDDY
before “again”
37 Prefix with space 1 Argyle pair 8 Say “When I was 29 Monopoly card
with my good
38 Girlfriends in friend Barack last 46 Like Warhol’s
Marilyn Monroe
Paris 2 Lying on one’s week …,” e.g. 30 Asia’s painting
39 “Great stomach 9 Word ignored disappearing ___
Expectations” 3 Zeniths when 49 Onetime HBO
protagonist 4 Takes the alphabetizing 31 Oxen connector series set in New 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
40 Tiptoe, perhaps wildness out of 10 Something that 32 Dracula’s biter •
41 Drug informant, 5 I.R.S. digits: Abbr. gives you a 33 Vizquel with 11 50 Standard dog Tom Brady, Editor
informally 6 It lasts 20 years sinking feeling Gold Gloves email: [email protected]
11 Home-run run 34 Like some 51 “Skyfall” singer •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 12 Analogy words straits 52 Periods after TimesDigest Sales Office
13 Jack of the old 35 Olympic event Mardi Gras phone: (212) 556-1200
BA ND B M SG FJ OR D “Tonight Show” won by Bruce 53 Summer hangout fax: (646) 461-2364
AG OR A A IR LE NT O 18 Mount of ___ Jenner in 1976 54 “I’ve had it ___ email: [email protected]
RE TA G I RE OT TE R (Jerusalem and Ashton here!” •
Eaton in 2012
BR IG HT LI GH TS landmark) and 2016 55 Org. in Carl For advertising information
SS N D OE OS AKA 22 Advice-giving 39 Really, really old Sagan’s “Contact”
CA N DID CA ME RA Landers 57 Surrender and to request a media kit
MY BA D O VU M V IN 24 “___ the land of 40 One of 154 by contact InMotion Media:
A ARP HA ND S V IE D the free …” 42 Eggs 60 Suffix in many phone: (212) 213-5856
language names
SK A T ON I P AN SY 26 Dubai’s home: email: [email protected]
CO VE RT AC TI ON Abbr. 43 Lowest digit 61 Ready •
VE NU E A SK UN A Home delivery subscribers who have
FI LM DI RE CT OR Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
AU TO S A IL MO TET ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
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TE ND S E RR NE RD Y Crosswords for young solvers:



What Tax Reform Could Be Our Broken Economy

Many Americans can’t remember anything
After their failure to repeal Obamacare, con- ter that now shields $2.6 trillion. other than an economy with skyrocketing in-
gressional Republicans have indicated that To tax the untaxed sums, Democrats should equality, in which living standards for most
taxes will be next on their agenda. It’s a mis- give up their opposition to granting corpora- Americans are stagnating and the rich are
nomer to call their plans “tax reform,” because tions a discounted tax rate for the profits they pulling away. It feels inevitable.
they have proposed little more than the same bring home. Republicans should give up their But it’s not.
deep cuts for corporations and wealthy indi- support for only a voluntary repatriation at a A well-known team of inequality researchers
viduals that they’ve always wanted. near-zero rate. — Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabri-
Real reform would confront the fact that in In previous tax reform proposals, these sorts el Zucman — has been getting some attention
the next decade we will need roughly $4.5 tril- of measures have enabled the top corporate recently for a chart it produced. It shows the
lion more revenue than currently projected rate to be set at 25 percent to 28 percent — a change in income between 1980 and 2014 for
to meet our existing commitments without reasonable goal if lawmakers find the will and every point on the distribution, and it neatly
increasing the federal debt as a share of the the way to actually end the targeted subsidies. summarizes the recent soaring of inequality.
economy. Even more would be needed if the New forms of taxation are also needed. Even The line on the chart resembles a classic
government were to make greater invest- prominent Republicans like James Baker III, hockey-stick graph. It’s mostly flat and close
ments to lift productivity and living standards George Shultz and Henry Paulson Jr. support to zero, before spiking upward at the end. That
through education, infrastructure and scientif- a carbon tax imposed on emissions to reduce spike shows the very affluent, and only the
ic research. Real reform would do this by di- greenhouse gases. very affluent, have received significant raises
versifying methods of taxation while targeting Revenue can also be raised by imposing a in recent decades.
individuals and sectors best able to pay. tax on the trading of stocks, bonds and deriva- The message is straightforward. Only a few
While the wages of most Americans have tives. Estimates show that a financial transac- decades ago, the middle class and the poor
stagnated for years, incomes of the wealthi- tion tax of even 0.01 percent per trade ($10 on a weren’t just receiving healthy raises. Their
est have soared. So it would make sense to in- $100,000 trade) could raise $185 billion over 10 take-home pay was rising even more rapidly,
crease the top rates on them and eliminate a years, enough to finance prekindergarten for in percentage terms, than the pay of the rich.
break on income from investments. 3- and 4-year olds, with money left over. The post-inflation, after-tax raises that were
Over all, the richest 1 percent pay 33 percent A value-added tax would be akin to a nation- typical for the middle class during the pre-1980
of their total income in taxes; if rates were al sales tax, but harder to evade than tradition- period — about 2 percent a year — translate in-
changed so they paid 40 percent, it would gen- al sales taxes and thus an efficient revenue to rapid gains in living standards. At that rate,
erate $170 billion of revenue in the first year, ac- raiser well suited to a consumer-oriented econ- a household’s income almost doubles every 34
cording to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. omy. Since it would unduly burden low-income years.
Before lawmakers get into the weeds of cor- people, who spend most of their income, a VAT In recent decades, only very affluent fami-
porate write-offs, they should agree to close a would need to be paired with measures like an lies have received such large raises. Yes, the
single huge loophole: the ability of corpora- expansion of the earned-income tax credit for upper-middle class has done better than the
tions to defer tax on profits earned abroad or the working poor. middle class or the poor, but the huge gaps are
placed in overseas entities through account- Real reform entails more than just cutting between the superrich and everyone else.
ing maneuvers. Intended to allow companies taxes, and will require hard work. But the net The basic problem is that most families used
to more easily invest the profits abroad, this result could be a fairer and more productive to receive something approaching their fair
benefit has morphed into an abusive tax shel- system. share of economic growth, and they don’t any-
The Future Is Looking Up for East Midtown 1960s than we can reasonably expect today. Yet
Economic growth was faster in the 1950s and
there is nothing natural about the distribution
New York’s City Council is expected on improvements like new entrances and wider of today’s growth — the fact that our economic
Wednesday to give final approval to new stairways. Until that work was done, the city bounty flows overwhelmingly to a small share
zoning regulations for a vital but aging slice would not give those buildings its approval. of the population.
of Manhattan known as East Midtown. If the The de Blasio administration has pledged Different policies could produce a different
rule changes work, new office towers will rise $50 million to the fund. But the big money outcome. My list would start with a tax code
in that part of town, improving its chances of would come from a percentage of the sale of air that does less to favor the affluent, a bet-
competing with other world cities. rights by a dozen buildings in the area newly ter-functioning education system, more bar-
This plan is the product of inevitable com- declared landmarks — the Graybar Building, gaining power for workers and less tolerance
promises to accommodate diverse and at the Hotel Lexington and the Yale Club, to name for corporate consolidation.
times conflicting political, real estate, religious a few — and by religious institutions like St. Remarkably, President Trump and the Re-
and preservationist interests. As such, it is im- Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Bartholomew’s Church publican leaders in Congress are trying to go
perfect. Nonetheless, the concept is laudable. and Central Synagogue. in the other direction.
The city anticipates that 6.5 million square If there’s a hitch, it lies in the vagueness of They spent months trying to take away
feet of office space will eventually be added to key elements. Developers have often built pub- health insurance from millions of middle-class
the existing 60 million in East Midtown, which lic spaces so uninviting that no one uses them. and poor families.
encompasses 78 blocks. The area now gener- Experience suggests the need for a watchful Their initial tax-reform plans would reduce
ates 10 percent of city real estate taxes and has municipal eye. That goes, too, for the promised taxes for the rich much more than for everyone
a weekday work force of 250,000. “public realm” changes. The city must ensure else. And they want to cut spending on schools,
A consensus formed that the area had lost that they are truly attractive. Scattering a few even though education is the single best way
vibrancy and that many of its buildings — on tables and lawn chairs around won’t do. to improve middle-class living standards over
average 75 years old — were ill suited for the City officials talk about 16 new towers going the long term.
digital age. The rezoning aims to keep it in the up over two decades. Presumably, East Mid- Most Americans would look at these charts
global economic ballgame. town can absorb growth at that pace in reason- and conclude that inequality is out of control.
Under the revised plan, developers of tow- able fashion. Assuming that all those buildings The president, on the other hand, seems to
ers near subway stations would have to payf or materialize. Nothing is guaranteed. think that inequality isn’t big enough.


As Appetite for Soccer Grows, So Does M.L.S. In Brief

NASHVILLE — The pace of kets has diluted the quality of bids remain, particularly in Cin- Stomach Bug Hits Meet
M.L.S. expansion has been dizzy- the product on the field. Even as cinnati and Sacramento, where
ing; the league added at least one M.L.S. boasts record attendance, well-heeled bidders own two of Several athletes have come
team a year from 2007 to 2012, and its television ratings regularly lag the most successful teams in the down with a stomach bug at the
with the next round, it will have behind those of games streamed U.S.L. and have well-formed plans world track and field champion-
doubled in size in a decade. The from Mexico and Europe. for new stadiums. Investors in De- ships in London, including the
league’s 23rd team, Los Angeles The league’s growing roster of troit are also hoping to build a new medal favorite Isaac Makwala of
F.C., will begin play next season, teams has also cost lower-divi- soccer stadium downtown. Botswana. Makwala pulled out of
and, the former star David Beck- sion leagues like the North Amer- Commissioner Don Garber is his 200-meter heat Monday and
ham and a group of investors look ican Soccer League and United the first to admit that he did not later said he had food poisoning.
set to receive approval for another Soccer League some of their best predict the league’s upswing. For “There have been a number of
one in Miami. franchises. Several of them have years, M.L.S. was an afterthought cases of gastroenteritis reported
By the end of this year, the own- jumped to M.L.S. at the first op- on the sports landscape. by team members residing with-
ers will award franchises to two portunity. But M.L.S. finally found its foot- in one of the official team hotels,”
additional cities from a list that The league’s expansion drive ing about a decade ago, in an earli- the local organizing committee
includes Nashville, Cincinnati has hit other potholes. A bid for a er round of expansion that added said in a statement, putting a
and Sacramento, as well as Ra- team in St. Louis, which lost the cities like Toronto, Seattle and dampener on the 10-day event.
leigh, Charlotte, Tampa, Detroit, N.F.L.’s Rams last year, faltered Portland, Ore. The league began Makwala was expected to be the
Indianapolis, St. Louis, San Anto- after voters rejected a proposal to make smarter signings, and a main challenger to Wayde van
nio, Phoenix and San Diego. And to provide public funds for a new wave of construction of smaller, Niekerk in the 200 and the 400.
next year, the owners will pick two stadium. An investment group in soccer-only stadiums filled with The 400 final is Tuesday. (AP)
more from the group that remains. Charlotte and another in San Di- diverse, young crowds. Sudden-
Critics of M.L.S. contend that ego have hit similar roadblocks. ly, the league had a hipper, urban Trading Cleats for Tongs
the league’s chase for new mar- Still, more than enough viable sheen. KEN BELSON
The former New England and
Cutler Is Consistent. Just Not Consistently Good. Houston defensive tackle Vince
Wilfork announced his retire-
ment from the N.F.L. in a barbe-
Why Jay Cutler? performances infuriated them, Wilson (three in five seasons) or cue commercial. Wilfork tweeted
Tony Romo might have been and there were few tears when he Ben Roethlisberger (six). a video showing him hanging up
available. Colin Kaepernick retired to work for Fox. It’s hard to find signs of true ex- his cleats and grabbing grilling
tongs. The video ends by noting
doesn’t have a job. How about But in Cutler, the Dolphins do cellence in Cutler’s statistics. He
Robert Griffin III? Jimmy Ga- get one clear virtue: consistency. has been a league leader, but only that “Vince’s Farewell Tailgate”
will take place Sept. 7 in New En-
Keeping roppolo and Brock Year in, year out, Cutler puts up in interceptions and sacks. He got gland. The defending Super Bowl
Score Osweiler might have almost the same numbers. Un- some notoriety in 2015 for leading champion Patriots open the sea-
been acquired by
fortunately, those numbers are
four fourth-quarter comebacks,
trade. And then there’s, gulp, Tim always slightly below average. but the team’s record with him as son that Thursday night against
Tebow. In 2015, Cutler ranked 15th in the starter was 6-9. the Kansas City Chiefs. (AP)
But the Miami Dolphins picked interceptions, 16th in quarter- The Dolphins will pay Cutler $10
Cutler, the former Bears quarter- back rating, 17th in touchdowns million but don’t have to give up A.L. SCORES
back, luring him out of retirement and 19th in yards. any players or picks. That was no MONDAY
and signing him to a one-year His adjusted yards per attempt doubt appealing to them. But the Minnesota 5, Milwaukee 4
deal. Their starter, Ryan Tanne- figure has always fallen between conventional wisdom did not wel- St. Louis 11, Kansas City 3
hill, is out, perhaps for the season, 5.5 and 7.4. That’s fine, until you come the move. At, N.L. SCORES
with a knee injury. look at the quarterbacks who win the Dolphins, once 45-1 to win the
Bears fans may be puzzled or championships, like Tom Brady Super Bowl, have ballooned to 77-1 MONDAY
Pittsburgh 3, Detroit 0
simply be laughing. For eight (six seasons over 8), Aaron Rod- after the signing of Cutler. Washington 3, Miami 2
seasons in Chicago, Cutler’s gers (eight seasons), Russell VICTOR MATHER Cincinnati 11, San Diego 3
WEATHER Houston 81/ 80 0.45 90/ 76 T 92/ 76 T Cape Town 65/ 52 0 69/ 46 S 67/ 48 S
Kansas City 79/ 63 0.02 79/ 60 PC 79/ 65 T Dublin 66/ 52 0.03 60/ 49 PC 65/ 47 PC
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 82/ 67 0 87/ 66 PC 86/ 66 PC Geneva 82/ 57 0 70/ 58 R 74/ 56 Sh
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 92/ 82 0.07 92/ 81 C 91/ 79 T Hong Kong 94/ 82 0.07 93/ 85 T 93/ 84 T
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 81/ 57 0 83/ 65 PC 80/ 64 T Kingston 90/ 81 0.05 91/ 79 PC 91/ 79 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 71/ 68 0.72 80/ 65 PC 82/ 67 S Lima 68/ 56 0 69/ 58 PC 70/ 60 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 92/ 77 0.01 91/ 74 T 91/ 75 T London 70/ 55 0.10 64/ 55 R 62/ 53 R
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 70/ 68 0.56 80/ 62 PC 84/ 62 S Madrid 99/ 68 0 88/ 62 S 86/ 55 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 107/ 84 0 109/ 84 S 111/ 86 S Mexico City 82/ 60 0.04 79/ 54 PC 75/ 56 PC
Salt Lake City 89/ 71 0.05 87/ 67 PC 90/ 66 PC Montreal 70/ 57 0.04 74/ 59 PC 77/ 61 S
San Francisco 71/ 61 0 72/ 60 PC 72/ 60 PC Moscow 73/ 63 0 72/ 55 C 73/ 53 S
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 89/ 59 0 89/ 63 PC 91/ 63 PC Nassau 93/ 82 0 93/ 79 PC 91/ 78 Sh
Albuquerque 89/ 68 0.05 88/ 67 S 92/ 69 S St. Louis 80/ 65 0.04 84/ 65 S 86/ 66 PC Paris 81/ 54 0 71/ 54 T 70/ 54 T
Atlanta 85/ 73 0.52 78/ 70 T 80/ 70 T Washington 74/ 70 1.17 82/ 65 PC 84/ 66 S Prague 75/ 50 0 81/ 60 PC 79/ 59 PC
Boise 92/ 70 0 94/ 66 PC 93/ 66 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 77/ 61 0 85/ 69 PC 88/ 68 S
Boston 78/ 64 0.01 72/ 61 PC 82/ 64 S Rome 93/ 72 0 91/ 72 PC 91/ 73 PC
Buffalo 77/ 61 0.01 75/ 60 F 79/ 61 PC Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 55/ 43 0 68/ 40 PC 56/ 42 C
Charlotte 87/ 72 0.01 78/ 66 T 81/ 67 T Acapulco 91/ 77 0.14 88/ 79 PC 88/ 77 PC Stockholm 70/ 54 0.14 73/ 56 PC 72/ 57 R
Chicago 76/ 63 Tr 83/ 62 S 83/ 65 PC Athens 100/ 84 0 97/ 81 PC 94/ 81 PC Sydney 67/ 53 0 65/ 49 S 69/ 48 S
Cleveland 79/ 61 0.02 78/ 59 S 83/ 61 S Beijing 94/ 76 0 92/ 72 T 85/ 71 T Tokyo 92/ 80 0.12 90/ 81 Sh 93/ 78 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 93/ 75 0.05 90/ 74 PC 92/ 76 PC Berlin 75/ 50 0 81/ 63 PC 80/ 61 PC Toronto 70/ 63 Tr 78/ 61 S 81/ 61 C
Denver 67/ 56 0.50 79/ 55 PC 78/ 54 T Buenos Aires 73/ 55 0 63/ 50 PC 64/ 54 PC Vancouver 76/ 59 0 77/ 60 PC 77/ 61 S
Detroit 80/ 61 0.03 83/ 60 S 85/ 63 PC Cairo 96/ 81 0 97/ 79 S 97/ 78 S Warsaw 73/ 55 0 78/ 60 PC 86/ 66 PC


The Heartbeat of a Rowdy Phillies Bunch

On the third day of the 1993 sea- ers who form a deep and lasting cate things any more. nonroster rookie. The Phillies lost
son, Dave Hollins went 0 for 5 with connection with their fans despite “There’s no question in my then and watched the Orioles cele-
four strikeouts. Hollins, the third losing in the end. mind that I don’t have the career brate. In 1993, Daulton coaxed the
baseman for the Philadelphia The Phillies lost the World Se- I had without him,” Schilling said. best out of Schilling: a shutout to
Phillies, would play about a thou- ries to Toronto in six games. The “I never played with anybody like send the series, defiantly, back to
on sand games in the ma- final pitch never found Daulton’s him again.” Toronto for its fateful conclusion.
jor leagues, and that
glove. Joe Carter, the Blue Jays
That was the only season in a
BaseBall was his worst. slugger, drove it over the left-field would win stretch of 23 in which the Phil-
Tyler Hollins kept fence to win the title. three World lies made the playoffs. The nine
Kepner to himself on the It was an oddly fitting end to the Series, earning seasons before and the 13 after
flight home. Darren Phillies’ story. The Blue Jays had a reputation as were barren. The players were
Daulton, the veteran catcher, said far more talent. Clearly, the better one of the finest wacky and wonderful — beards
nothing to him. Before the next team won. Yet the Phillies crashed postseason and bellies, mullets and muscles.
game, Daulton was waiting. and burned in a way that only they Darren pitchers ever. They stayed up late together af-
“He was staring me down,” Hol- could. It was Daulton ter games, drinking beers in the
lins said on Monday, a day after “After that team, for all of us, Daulton who guided trainers’ room, talking baseball.
Daulton died of brain cancer at baseball changed forever,” starter him through his Throwbacks.
age 55. “He straightened me out, Curt Schilling said on Monday. first voyage, when Schilling throt- “Guys played the game the
the right way.” “It’s like that time of your life tled the Braves and then saved the right way, and played so hard,”
Six months later, with a chance when you realize: That was the Phillies from elimination in the Hollins said. “We weren’t the most
to win the National League pen- greatest year of my life.” World Series. talented team in the league, but
nant, Daulton ripped a go-ahead Daulton was the first field gen- In the fourth game against the city responded to that. They
two-run double. Hollins launched eral to get through to Schilling, to Toronto, the Phillies had blown work hard. They don’t like prima
a two-run homer. The Phillies make him understand, he said, a big lead and lost, 15-14, in the donnas, or guys not hustling. They
toppled the Atlanta Braves to ad- “the intelligent, simpler side of highest-scoring game in World know the game. And Darren, as
vance to the World Series. the game.” If a player as serious Series history. They trailed, three hard as he played, he was also
Daulton was the heartbeat of as Daulton believed Schilling games to one, the same hole they very articulate. He could speak to
that rowdy, irascible group, one was good enough to dominate, he had faced against Baltimore a de- the media — and he looked like a
of those rare collections of play- knew he did not need to compli- cade earlier, when Daulton was a Hollywood star.”

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