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Hacienda Times Digest Mayo 5

May 5th, 2017

Fri May 5 Sat May 6 Sun May 7 Mon May 8 Tues May 9

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Fitness Class Schedule HACIENDA SPA
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!

A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
Fitness Class Schedule sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Monday, Mayo 01 connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.

Tuesday, Mayo 02
Strong by Zumba™: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Healing Essentials Aromatherapy Massage
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am
As a beautiful way to relax and escape for a while, this treatment is designed to
Wednesday, Mayo 03 encourage your body to release and flow, completely surrendering to its own
internal rhythm. Our welcoming foot cleanse offers you grounding and
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am
stability, our dry brush exfoliation removes excess and remnants of the of the
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am past, while a relaxing aromatherapy massage with essential oils, all applied to
the back along the spine, will lull your body into a blissful state of peace and
Thursday, Mayo 04 comfort. The ritual is complete with a warming facial aromatherapy compress
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am and invigorating scalp massage.
Restorative Stretch: 10:30am-11:30 am

Friday, Mayo 05 80min. - $220 USD + TAX
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am RITUALS OF TOUCH

Saturday, Mayo 06 Hacienda Signature Ritual
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am

Sunday, Mayo 07
Strong by Zumba™: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Spinning: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Private classes Inspired by the rhythms and formations abundantly present in nature, this
beautiful ritual brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. Like the ocean
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
waves and delicate patterns in the seashells, the body’s energy undulates and
upon request. spirals, creating the vibrancy and power inherent in each of us. This ritual will

awaken and stimulate that energy, release the tensions built up in daily life, and

promote overall well-being. The experience begins with a welcoming foot cleanse,
followed by a purifying exfoliation, continued by a deep massage to relieve tension
and expand the breath. We use herbal compresses with traditional medicinal plants
to reach areas of profound tension and release blocked energy, while pure essential
oils nourish and replenish, leaving you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Rejuvenate your Body
Replenish your Soul 2Hours - $270 USD + TAX


December 26 , 2016 – May 15 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

-18 Holes $245.00 $200.00 $190.00 $150.00 $275.00 $220.00
-Early Twilight 12:00p $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $130.00 $220.00 $175.00
-Twilight 1:30p $175.00 $140.00 $135.00 $110.00 $195.00 $155.00

Includes Food & Beverages
(After 11:00 am) $660.00 $500.00 $740.00
Rates per foursome Includes Food & Beverages


$360.00 USD $495.00 USD $775.00 USD
*Rounds may be played at any of our three courses.
*Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all-
inclusive food and beverage palapas.
*Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
* Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

CONGRESSIONAL MEMO Health Care Bill Passed by House
Promise Kept, WASHINGTON — The House false starts, Trump and House moderate Republicans who sup-

At What Cost? on Thursday narrowly approved Republicans were not about to ported the measure: “You have
legislation to repeal and replace
every provision of this bill tat-
dwell on the tough road ahead.
major parts of the Affordable Passage of the health care bill tooed on your forehead. You will
Care Act, as Republicans moved completed a remarkable act of glow in the dark.”
In voting to repeal President a step closer to delivering on their political resuscitation, six weeks The House bill would elimi-
Barack Obama’s signature health promise to reshape American after House leaders failed to mus- nate tax penalties for people who
care law, House Republicans finally health care without mandated ter the votes to pass an earlier go without health insurance. It
made progress on a key Trump insurance coverage. version of the measure. would roll back state-by-state
administration goal but at a poten- The vote, 217 to 213, is a signifi- “Yes, premiums will be coming expansions of Medicaid, which
tially steep price. cant step on what could be a long down; yes, deductibles will be covered millions of low-income
After failing to get the votes for legislative road. Twenty Republi- coming down, but very impor- Americans. And in place of gov-
an original replacement measure cans voted no. tantly, it is a great plan,” Trump ernment-subsidized insurance
in March, Speaker Paul D. Ryan The House measure faces un- boasted at a White House Rose policies offered exclusively on
worked tirelessly to do what his certainty in the Senate, where a Garden victory ceremony typi- the Affordable Care Act’s mar-
predecessor, John A. Boehner, handful of Republicans reject- cally reserved for legislation that ketplaces, the bill would offer tax
could not, bring together his most ed it, signaling they would start is being signed into law. credits of $2,000 to $4,000 a year,
conservative members and their work on a new version of the bill. Democrats, who voted unani- depending mainly on age.
moderate colleagues. Even before the vote, some Re- mously against the bill, vowed to A family could receive up to
The victory may give momentum publican senators had expressed make Republicans pay a political $14,000 a year in credits. The
to the rest of President Trump’s deep reservations about one of price for pushing such unpopu- credits would be reduced for in-
agenda and it helps restore Ryan’s the most important provisions of lar legislation. As Republicans dividuals making over $75,000
reputation. He is no longer the guy the House bill, which would roll reached the threshold for pas- a year and families making over
who speaks loftily about policy back the expansion of Medicaid sage, Democrats serenaded them $150,000. The nonpartisan Con-
but cannot deliver results; he has under the Affordable Care Act. with, “Nah nah nah nah, nah nah gressional Budget Office said the
proved that he can produce the A softening of the House bill nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye!” first version of the bill would trim
votes. His volatile relationship with would present new problems. For “I have never seen political the federal budget deficit consid-
Trump may settle down for now. any repeal measure to become suicide in my life like I’m seeing erably but would also leave 24
But by leaning on members to law, the House and the Senate today,” Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, million more Americans without
vote for a bill that many fear will would have to agree on the lan- D-N.Y., said on the House floor. health insurance after a decade.
leave millions of people unable guage. [Page 3.] Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, THOMAS KAPLAN
to afford health care, Ryan has After weeks of negotiations and the Democratic leader, warned and ROBERT PEAR
exposed moderate Republicans to
withering attacks. This is especial- Wealthy People Benefit, the Poor Not So Much
ly true in the roughly two dozen dis-
tricts represented by Republicans
where Hillary Clinton prevailed The American Health Care efits or more help buying their Americans who can afford insur-
over Trump in November, but it is Act, which won passage in the health insurance premiums. Ma- ance but do not obtain it.
also the case in places where the Af- House on Thursday, could trans- ny businesses would benefit from LARGE EMPLOYERS The bill would
fordable Care Act’s popularity has form the nation’s health insur- tax cuts or reduced regulatory eliminate Obamacare’s employer
been increasing. ance system and create a new burdens. The winners include: mandate, which required large
“If you’re in a very moder- slate of winners and losers. HIGH-INCOME EARNERS The bill employers to offer affordable
ate-to-Democratic district — yeah,” Although the Senate is likely eliminates two taxes on individ- coverage to their workers. If the
said Rep. Peter T. King, R-N.Y., con- to demand changes, this bill, uals earning more than $200,000 bill becomes law, companies that
ceding the risk to Republicans. if it became law in its current or couples earning more than do not cover their workers will
In reshaping the bill, Ryan form, would repeal and replace $250,000: a 0.9 percent increase face no penalty.
worked with the White House, edg- large portions of the Affordable on the Medicare payroll tax, and THE LOSERS from the bill tend
ing out the committee chairmen Care Act (Obamacare). It would a 3.8 percent tax on investment to be poorer, sicker and older
who helped write the original mea- change the rules and subsidies income. Americans, the groups that were
sure and turning to conservative for people who buy their own in- UPPER-MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE helped most by Obamacare.
lawmakers, moving the bill signifi- surance coverage, and make ma- WITHOUT PRE-EXISTING CONDI- THE POOR Many states would be
cantly to the right in the process. jor cuts to the Medicaid program, TIONS The Affordable Care Act expected to roll back their expan-
It also empowered conservatives which funds care for the poor. cut off subsidies to help people sions of the Medicaid program
who many Republican leaders had Any change in a complex buy insurance at an income of to cover childless adults without
hoped to marginalize in the era of health care system leaves some around $48,000 for a single per- disabilities. The bill would also
Trump. people and businesses better or son. The American Health Care reduce subsidies available for
“This is definitely a win for the worse off. For some, insurance Act lets people get subsidies people just over the poverty line,
Freedom Caucus,” said Charlie will become more affordable much higher up the income scale the group that benefited most
Sykes, the former conservative — or their taxes will be lower. — up to about $150,000. from Obamacare’s subsidies.
radio host and longtime friend of Others will lose out on financial PEOPLE WHO WISH TO GO WITH- Poor Americans are more likely
Ryan and Reince Priebus, Trump’s support or health care coverage. OUT INSURANCE The bill elimi- to become uninsured under the
chief of staff. The winners tend to be higher nates the individual mandate, bill, according to the Congressio-
JENNIFER STEINHAUER earners, who would get tax ben- which charges a tax penalty to nal Budget Office. (NYT)


In Iraq, Forces Watchful Eye of Beijing Felt at U.S. Schools

Open New Front SAN DIEGO — In the competi- and if the student group’s mes- Western campuses. At Columbia

Against ISIS tion for marquee commencement sage sounded a bit like the Beijing a decade ago, the club mobilized
students to protest a presentation
speakers, the University of Cal-
party line, that may have been no
ifornia, San Diego thought it had coincidence: The group said it had about human rights violations in
Iraqi forces opened a new front scored a coup this year — a Nobel consulted with the Chinese Con- China, urging them to “resolute-
in western Mosul on Thursday in a Peace Prize winner and spiritual sulate in Los Angeles. ly defend the honor and dignity
major shift intended to accelerate North Star to millions of people. China’s booming economy has of the Motherland.” At Duke, the
an operation that had slowed to a “We are honored to host His allowed more of its young men group was accused of inciting a
crawl, leaving hundreds of thou- Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,” and women to seek a college edu- harassment campaign in 2008
sands of civilians trapped. gushed Pradeep Khosla, the uni- cation in the West; 329,000 study against a Chinese student who
The attack began early in the versity’s chancellor. in the United States. By far the tried to mediate between sides in
day as the Ninth Division of the Within hours of Khosla’s an- largest contingent of foreign stu- a Tibet protest.
Iraqi Army and Interior Ministry nouncement, the university was dents, they can be an economic In rare instances, members of
troops started pushing into Mosul blindsided by nasty remarks on lifeline for colleges, since they the student group have been ac-
from the north, according to an social media sites: “Imagine how usually pay full tuition. cused of spying.
Iraqi military statement. Americans would feel if someone But those students often bring The organization’s influence
The Iraqi Counterterrorism invited Bin Laden,” said one. to campus the watchful eyes and troubles some China scholars
Service has been clawing its way At the center of the opposition heavy hand of the Chinese gov- and human rights activists, who
from the south, and the goal of the was the U.C. San Diego chapter of ernment, manifested through its say it wields outsize sway over
new operation is to force the Is- the Chinese Students and Schol- ties to many of the 150-odd chap- American campuses because of
lamic State to fight in multiple di- ars Association, which threatened ters of the Chinese Students and the sizable tuition paid by Chinese
rections and collapse its defenses. “tough measures to resolutely Scholars Associations. students abroad, a group recently
Lt. Gen. Othman al-Ghanmi, resist the school’s unreasonable The groups have worked in exhorted by China’s government
the Iraqi Army’s chief of staff, re- behavior.” The Chinese govern- tandem with Beijing to promote to increase their patriotism and
cently told a state-run newspaper ment accuses the Dalai Lama of a pro-Chinese agenda and tamp devotion to the Communist Party.
that the battle for Mosul, now in its promoting Tibetan independence, down anti-Chinese speech on STEPHANIE SAUL
seventh month, would be won “in
Still, the Iraqi forces face hun- A Contender for Congo, if Only He Could Get In
a maximum of three weeks.”
dreds of militants who appear
determined to fight to the end in NAIROBI, Kenya — Moise Ka- cally motivated charges against down after he refused to hold con-
neighborhoods still teeming with tumbi, the opposition leader in him, has been playing a guessing stitutionally mandated elections,
increasingly desperate civilians. the Democratic Republic of Con- game with his supporters, who in 2016.
The new operation will also go, has everything a presidential are growing impatient. His refusal set off a fresh politi-
require careful synchronization candidate needs: money, a strong Since he left the country last cal crisis in the country, which has
among the Iraqi Army, Interior record in government and nation- May, Katumbi has been living in been long blighted by popular up-
Ministry troops and the Counter- wide recognition. exile in Brussels. risings and clashes between gov-
terrorism Service, which report to Yet Katumbi lacks a vital el- This week, Kabila came under ernment forces and local militia
different authorities in Baghdad ement: he has not set foot in the renewed pressure to let him back opposed to his rule.
and sometimes seem to be fight- country for a year and is threat- in the country after a letter by Katumbi welcomed the letter.
ing separate wars. ened with arrest should he try to a group of Catholic bishops, the “I plan to return soon,” he said on
Tensions among Iraq’s dispa- return. Congolese Episcopal Conference, Thursday. “I have nothing to fear,”
rate forces came to the fore in a President Joseph Kabila, who urged Kabila to allow Katumbi to he insisted, but refused to specify
closed-door meeting that Prime has run the country for 16 years, “return as a free man and exercise a timetable for his long-awaited
Minister Haider al-Abadi con- regards him as his greatest threat. his civil and political rights.” homecoming.
vened in mid-April in Hamam So Katumbi, who faces prison The bishops brokered a deal in KIMIKO de FREYTAS-TAMURA
al-Alil, a town on the Tigris River time for what he says are politi- December to prod Kabila to step and STEVE WEMBI
about 15 miles southeast of Mosul.
Outfitted in the black uniform of In Brief
the Counterterrorism Service,
Abadi warned his commanders
that prolonging the battle for N. Korean Media Warns China no matter how valuable the friendship is.” China
the city would only play into the accounts for 90 percent of North Korea’s external
hands of the Islamic State. In a rare and surprisingly pointed criticism of Chi- trade. (NYT)
In the days of consultations na, North Korea’s state-run news agency warned
with his fellow commanders that in a commentary that the country would continue 11 Indicted in Deaths of Refugees
followed, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir its nuclear weapons program even if it risked los-
Rasheed Yar Allah, the head of ing a friendly relationship with its longtime ally. Hungary indicted 11 people suspected of being
the operations center in Nineveh The angry commentary was attributed to a writer smugglers on Thursday in the suffocation of 71
Province who is overseeing the named Kim Chol and carried by the North’s official refugees, whose decomposing bodies were found
Mosul battle, appeared to build a Korean Central News Agency on Wednesday. “One stuffed inside a locked truck parked in neighboring
consensus on a new plan. It gives must clearly understand that the D.P.R.K.’s line of Austria in 2015 at the height of Europe’s migration
the Ninth Division a new role and access to nukes for the existence and development crisis. The indictments of the suspects were an-
has been quietly supported by Lt. of the country can neither be changed nor shaken,” nounced by Hungarian prosecutors. The discovery
Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, who the commentary said, referring to the Democratic of the bodies in the truck on Aug. 27, 2015, became a
commands the American-led task People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official turning point in the European Union’s disorganized
force that is fighting the Islamic name. “And that the D.P.R.K. will never beg for the response to the waves of migrants flooding into the
State in Iraq and Syria. maintenance of friendship with China, risking its Continent to escape war and deprivation in the Mid-
MICHAEL R. GORDON nuclear program which is as precious as its own life, dle East and elsewhere. (NYT)


A Northbound Path, Marked by More and More Bodies

SAN MARCOS, Tex. — Case Timothy P. Gocha, the deaths amounts to a human-
0435 died more than a mile a forensic anthro- itarian crisis. No other Texas
from the nearest road, with an pologist at Texas county has discovered more mi-
unscuffed MacGregor baseball grant bodies than Brooks County.
in his backpack. Case 0469 was State University, One day in February 2015, depu-
found with a bracelet, a simple at a facility in San ties found the bodies of four mi-
green ribbon tied in a knot. Marcos, where re- grants near a lake called Laguna
The belongings are part of a bor- mains of unidenti- Salada, their skeletal remains
der-crossers’ morgue at a Texas fied migrants are spread across a one-mile area.
State University lab — a collection put into body bags The four people died separately
of more than 2,000 objects and 212 and left to decom- over the span of months. They
bodies, many unidentified. just happened to be discovered on
All 212 were undocumented im- pose naturally. the same day. But there are other
migrants who died in Texas trying GEORGE ETHEREDGE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES counties where bodies turn up
to evade Border Patrol check- with stunning regularity, in both
points. Most died from dehydra- ‘A Mass Disaster’ More people have died ille- Texas and Arizona, the two states
tion, heatstroke or hypothermia. FALFURRIAS, Tex. — The gally crossing the southwestern with the most deaths.
The collection in San Marcos sheriff and his deputies here call it border in the last 16 years than “If this were any other context,
represents a fraction of the total a Code 500: a report of a deceased were killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, if these were deaths as a result of
deaths. Hundreds of immigrants person. There have been so many terrorist attacks and Hurricane a mass flood or an earthquake or
have died crossing the Texas bor- in Brooks County that the files fill Katrina combined. From October a major plane crash, people would
der in recent years, and hundreds more than a dozen thick binders. 2000 through September 2016, the be talking about this as being a
of others have died in Arizona, The bodies and remains of more Border Patrol documented 6,023 mass disaster,” said Daniel E.
California and New Mexico. than 550 undocumented migrants deaths in Arizona, California, New Martinez, an assistant professor
In South Texas, the number of have been discovered in Brooks Mexico and Texas, while more at George Washington University
deaths has overwhelmed some lo- County since January 2009. than 4,800 people died in the Sept. and the lead author of a Binational
cal officials. The body count since “I would say for every one we 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. Migration Institute report on mi-
2014 stands at nine at one ranch, 17 find, we’re probably missing five,” Local officials and immigrant grant deaths in Arizona.
at another and 31 at a third. Sheriff Urbino Martinez said. advocates say the frequency of MANNY FERNANDEZ
Next Up for Health Care Bill: Skeptical Senators In Brief

WASHINGTON — As House funding issues in states with large tool known as reconciliation in the Trump Signs Order
Republicans on Thursday shoved populations of hard-to-insure peo- hopes of passing the bill with a
their health care bill across the ple. simple majority, rather than hav- On Religious Liberty
finish line, the lawmakers who will Another chief obstacle is recon- ing to clear a 60-vote threshold President Trump signed his
inherit the legislation delivered ciling the reservations of Repub- with Democratic assistance. Rec- long-awaited executive order
their own message: That’s cute. lican senators from states that onciliation rules allow for changes on religious liberty Thursday.
On the Senate side, the bill is expanded Medicaid under the Af- on matters of taxes and spending But the reactions of religious
expected to undergo sweeping fordable Care Act whose constit- but not broader policy changes. leaders suggested that the order
changes that might leave it un- uents would face rollbacks under Some elements of the House bill promised freedoms that many of
recognizable — perhaps strip- the House bill. had already threatened to draw them did not want — and failed
ping away some of provisions that Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., the parliamentarian’s attention, to deliver legal protections that
helped earn the support of hard- and the chairman of the Commit- and Democrats have strategized conservatives had been led to ex-
right House members. tee on Health, Education, Labor about specific components to tar- pect. The centerpiece of the order
The Republicans’ slim majority and Pensions, said he would “re- get on these grounds. is a pledge to allow clergy and
in the Senate leaves little room for view” the House bill before pro- If the threshold for passage houses of worship to endorse can-
defections, and several Republi- ceeding. is raised, requiring Democratic didates from the pulpit, fulfilling
cans have worried aloud. Their One possible roadblock is the help, the minority party is unlike- a campaign promise that Trump
concerns include insurance costs Senate parliamentarian. Repub- ly to offer a lifeline. repeatedly used in rallies. (NYT)
for poorer, older Americans and licans have pursued a procedural MATT FLEGENHEIMER
Concealed Guns Allowed
Destructive Storm System Bruises the Nation’s Midsection Gov. Nathan Deal signed legis-
lation Thursday allowing people
Across a broad swath of the na- ri; at least 20 deaths have been by flooding and debris, and some with permits to carry concealed
tion’s midsection, people fought traced to the storms, which have small communities were accessi- handguns on Georgia’s public col-
on Thursday to hold back floodwa- also flooded thousands of homes. ble only by boat. lege campuses, despite the objec-
ters, repair tornado damage and By Thursday, as the storms The Black River crested Tues- tions of state university leaders
dry out homes and businesses, af- moved east, flood warnings were day in Pocahontas, Ark., popula- and his own veto of a campus-car-
ter a powerful storm front stretch- in effect across Illinois, Indiana tion 6,400, at 12 feet above flood ry measure last year. Deal ex-
ing nearly a thousand miles bar- and Missouri, and on Friday, the stage, the highest level ever; plained in a message released
reled through. front was expected to drench a fears of a levee failure prompted Thursday that he was swayed by
Over several days, punishing region spanning from Tennessee, a mandatory evacuation order. the addition of campus locations
weather from that system struck across the Ohio River Valley, the Even as the river began to subside where concealed handguns won’t
from Texas to Michigan, with the Carolinas, the Northeast and into Wednesday, the levee broke, inun- be allowed. These include areas
heaviest downpours in eastern Canada. dating the town. attended by high school students
Arkansas and eastern Missou- Hundreds of roads were closed RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA who take college classes. (AP)


Puerto Rico Message: An Easy Bet Might Lose THE MARKETS

When some of Wall Street’s long, torturous history of invest- their investors argue, carries DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
savviest hedge funds piled in- ing in Puerto Rico’s bonds. The protections that put them at the 6.43 2.79 1.39
to Puerto Rico’s debt in 2014, it hedge funds have been battling top of the pecking order in case of ↘ 0.03% ↗ 0.05% ↗ 0.06%
seemed like an easy bet: Buy up to protect their investments a default. 20,951.47 6,075.34 2,389.52
the island’s bonds at a discount, through the administrations of Puerto Rico’s general-obliga-
pocket the high interest and pres- two Puerto Rico governors and tion bonds are backed by an ex- EUROPE
sure politicians to make decisions across Capitol Hill. plicit provision in the territorial
that would raise the value of their It does not take long to see why constitution that promises that BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
investments. a solution to Puerto Rico’s debt if there isn’t enough money in FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
Even if Puerto Rico’s economy problem has eluded the hedge the general fund for all planned 13.57 119.94 71.42
collapsed and its government funds and other investment firms expenditures, general-obligation ↗ 0.19% ↗ 0.96% ↗ 1.35%
unraveled, the investment funds that own the island’s bonds: Ma- bonds will be paid before any- 7,248.10 12,647.78 5,372.42
figured Puerto Rico was barred ny creditors think they are, or thing else.
from declaring bankruptcy. should be, first in line for the That sounds good, but inves- ASIA/PACIFIC
That safeguard was all but money. But the island also has to tors in the Cofinas say they have
wiped out this week. On Wednes- keep paying its police officers and an even better claim because JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
day, Puerto Rico essentially filed its teachers, while it struggles to they have a dedicated repayment NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
for bankruptcy in federal court. raise revenue. stream in the form of sales tax Market 12.25 8.06
In taking that drastic step, Two bondholder groups in par- revenue. Holiday ↘ 0.05% ↘ 0.26%
Puerto Rico asserted it had no ticuar — owners of general-obli- With both the general obliga- 24,683.88 3,127.29
way to pay the $123 billion in gation bonds and owners of Cof- tion bondholders and the Cofina
bonds and pension debt it owes. ina bonds, which are backed by bondholders claiming first dibs, AMERICAS
The move represented one of sales tax revenue — are at odds. it will very likely take a judge to
the lowest points in Wall Street’s Each of those types of bonds, force a resolution. (NYT) CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Inquiry and New Lawsuit Add to Fox Troubles ↘ 146.44 ↘ 627.97 ↘ 101.87
15,396.70 66,093.78 48,998.11
New troubles for Fox News naed and granted immunity from The people who spoke about
arose on Thursday as a lawsuit prosecution, one of the people the investigation insisted on an- COMMODITIES/BONDS
accused it of gender discrimina- said. The former executive, Bri- onymity because they were not
tion and one of the women who an Lewis, started at Fox News authorized to publicly discuss it. GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
has accused Bill O’Reilly of sex- when it was founded in 1996 and The investigation is being
ual harassment said she would was once considered one of the conducted by two prosecutors ↘ 19.90 ↗ 0.03 ↘ 2.30
appear before the British regula- closest aides to Roger Ailes, the assigned to the securities fraud $1,226.50 2.35% $45.52
tory group that is assessing 21st former chairman who was forced unit in the office of Joon H. Kim,
Century Fox’s attempted take- out last summer amid a sexual the acting United States attorney
over of Sky, the satellite TV giant. harassment scandal. He was for the Southern District of New FOREIGN EXCHANGE
At the same time, a federal in- fired in 2013. York, and the United States Post-
vestigation into Fox News contin- Mark Kranz, the former chief fi- al Inspection Service. Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
ues. The inquiry appears to focus nancial officer for Fox News, was James M. Margolin, a spokes-
in part on settlements made by also subpoenaed and has immu- man for the United States attor- Australia (Dollar) .7407 1.3501
the network’s parent company, nity, according to two people with ney’s office, declined to comment. Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6577 3.1880
Brazil (Real)
21st Century Fox, and how they knowledge of the matter. Kranz, Lawyers for Mr. Lewis and Mr. Britain (Pound) 1.2920 .7740
were paid and accounted for in- who oversaw the network’s fi- Kranz, Judd Burstein and Ger- Canada (Dollar) .7274 1.3747
ternally, two people with knowl- nances when it paid millions of ald B. Lefcourt, respectively, de- China (Yuan) .1450 6.8959
edge of the matter said. dollars in settlements, was ap- clined to comment.e sent on simi- Denmark (Krone) .1477 6.7697
A former public relations chief pointed to his position by Ailes in lar reporting trips. EMILY STEEL Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0212 47.0700
Egypt (Pound)
for Fox News has been subpoe- 2004, and resigned last year. and NIRAJ CHOKSHI Europe (Euro) 1.0984 .9104
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1285 7.7822
Google Agrees to Pay Italy $334 Million in Back Taxes Japan (Yen) .0089 19.0510
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1153 8.6744
Singapore (Dollar) .7141 1.4003
When it comes to the huge As European lawmakers grap- United States. So. Africa (Rand) .0733 13.6462
profits of American technology ple with how much tax technolo- While changes to the tax So. Korea (Won) .0009 1134.5
giants, Europe wants a slice. gy companies should pay on their system are at an early stage in Sweden (Krona) .1133 8.8298
Google on Thursday became overseas operations, industry Washington, some European pol- Switzerland (Franc) 1.0141 .9861
the latest company to agree to executives are considering re- icy makers worry that funds re- Source: Thomson Reuters
pay back taxes, in this case 306 patriating hundreds of billions of turned to the United States would
million euros, or $334 million, to dollars under the Trump admin- allow American companies to
the Italian authorities for its op- istration’s proposed “tax holiday,” avoid paying their fair share of ONLINE: MORE PRICES
erations from 2002 to 2015. which would shrink the current tax in Europe. AND ANALYSIS
Under a similar agreement in levy of 35 percent. Despite this potential sour
late 2015, Apple agreed to pay Ita- American multinationals hold point, politicians worldwide have Æ Information on all United
ly €314 million in back taxes. an estimated $2.6 trillion over- joined forces to revamp the global States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
But Apple and the Irish govern- seas, most of it from tech com- tax system as a way to make mul- tual funds, commodities and foreign
ment are appealing a separate panies’ global operations, and tinational companies pay more stocks along with analysis of indus-
€13 billion tax charge levied by a reduction in the tax rate could tax on their foreign operations. try sectors and stock indexes:
the European Commission. inspire them to return cash to the MARK SCOTT


Coal Jobs Prove Lucrative, for the Bosses

Glenn Kellow, the coal exec- Carlos Combs, GAINERS AND LOSERS
utive who led Peabody Energy a former coal % Volume
through bankruptcy, just collect- miner from Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
ed an estimated $15 million stock
bonus. John Eaves at Arch Coal, Cumberland, 10 MOST ACTIVE
another recently bankrupt coal Ky., at a closed Chesap (CHK) 5.13 ◊0.41 ◊7.4 1006934
Spirit (SRC)
◊2.21 ◊24.8
giant, got a $10 million award. mine near his AMD (AMD) 10.10 ◊0.29 ◊2.8 769548
The view from the coal pits is home. He lost Bankof (BAC) 23.85 +0.08 +0.3 680781
Weathe (WFT)
far less rosy. his union job Facebo (FB) 150.85 ◊0.95 ◊0.6 361785
An analysis of government da- in the early Fitbit (FIT) 11.00 +0.69 +12.1 350480
FordMo (F)
ta shows the wage gap between 1990s. Freepo (FCX) 11.68 ◊0.34 ◊2.8 334643
AT&T (T)
the industry’s top executives and
average workers has expanded, % Volume
while low-end pay has stagnated. HARRISON HILL FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
From 2004 to 2016, executive
pay averaged $200,000, up 60 mining jobs were unionized in land, Ky., knows about the jobs 10 TOP GAINERS 5.82 +1.14 +24.4 11991
Pernix (PTX)
percent from $125,000, while 2016, compared with over 40 per- offered at the mines these days. Alphaa (AOSL) 20.02 +3.81 +23.5 4522
paychecks for truck and tractor cent two decades ago, according For over 30 years, Combs fixed Freigh (RAIL) 15.78 +3.00 +23.5 9652
CraftB (BREW)
+3.05 +22.8
operators rose just 15 percent, to to Unionstats, a census-based continuous miners, gargantuan FormFa (FORM) 13.75 +2.50 +22.2 38384
$43,770 from $38,060. database. jagged-toothed machines, and OraSur (OSUR) 15.64 +2.43 +18.4 33096
Health (HIIQ)
+2.95 +17.3
“The company boards seem to Instead, many coal miners dusty shuttle cars deep in the AirTra (ATSG) 21.94 +3.21 +17.1 18802
think they need to keep execu- now compete for temporary jobs, mines. But when he lost his union Magnac (MX) 20.93 +1.40 +17.0 12745
Five9 (FIVN)
+2.93 +16.3
tives from fleeing a sinking ship,” which pay by the hour and offer job in the early 1990s, he found
said Sarah Anderson, an execu- few benefits. An online posting for himself settling for shorter-term % Volume
tive compensation expert at the an underground coal miner job in work at lower wages. Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
Institute for Policy Studies. “But Waynesburg, Pa., offered as little “These small outfits, if you 10 TOP LOSERS
when you protect people at the as $17 an hour. didn’t produce, you were gone,” Spirit (SRC) 6.71 ◊2.21 ◊24.8 843368
top from risk,” she said, “you’re Seven Arch Coal executives re- he said. Entell (ENTL) 12.56 ◊3.24 ◊20.5 11054
not incentivizing them to shift to ceived about $8 million in bonus- Combs was laid off at least five LSCCom (LKSD) 21.29 ◊5.22 ◊19.7 22550
◊7.92 ◊19.1
MYRGro (MYRG) 33.50
another approach, like making a es three days before the company more times before finally, in 2014, Unit (UNT) 17.92 ◊4.17 ◊18.9 31876
transition toward more renew- filed for bankruptcy in January his doctor told him his body was Ryerso (RYI) 10.40 ◊1.95 ◊15.8 25453
Flotek (FTK)
◊1.89 ◊15.3
ables.” 2016, seeking to cut $4.5 billion in giving out to black lung disease. Beasle (BBGI) 9.45 ◊1.70 ◊15.2 1554
Average pay for a miner un- debt. An Arch Coal spokeswom- He lives with his wife on Social BioTel (BEAT) 28.15 ◊5.05 ◊15.2 28268
Textnr (TGH)
◊2.20 ◊15.0
der a United Mine Workers of an, Logan Bonacorsi, said the Security and pension payments. Source: Thomson Reuters
America contract comes out to company had consistently given “None of them are worth that,”
at least $61,650 a year, and closer out bonuses in the first quarter of he said of the coal executives.
to $85,000 a year with overtime, the year. “They get that money on the Stocks on the Move
said Phil Smith, a union spokes- Carlos Combs, 64, a third-gen- backs of the men working here.”
man. But just 2.5 percent of coal eration coal worker in Cumber- HIROKO TABUCHI Stocks that moved substantially or traded
heavily Thursday:
E.U. Proposal May Hurt London’s Financial Role Zions Bancorporation, up 9 cents to
$40.67. Banks rose as bond yields and
interest rates turned higher.
European Union officials fired es to “affect” the results of June transactions are cleared through Marathon Oil Corp., down 68 to $14.17.
an opening salvo on Thursday in 8 parliamentary elections. Her Britain, according to the Euro- Energy companies tumbled as the price of
a “Brexit”-related dispute that speech followed a report in The pean Union. Cleared over-the- oil continued to fall.
could threaten London’s status Financial Times that European counter derivatives contracts
as Europe’s financial capital and officials were preparing to ask — privately negotiated transac- Capital Bank Financial Corp., down
$2.25 to $39.80. The Southeastern re-
affect hundreds of trillions of dol- for a payment of up to 100 billion tions that were handled through gional bank agreed to be bought by First
lars’ worth of financial products. euros, or about $109 billion, from a firm acting as a middleman — Horizon National for $2.2 billion.
The European Commission London to cover its financial com- accounted for about $337 trillion
hinted that it may seek a more mitments as part of its exit. worldwide in the first six months Church & Dwight Co., up $2.10 to
centralized role in supervising One important question for fi- of 2016, according to the Bank of $50.85. The maker of Arm & Hammer
baking soda raised its profit estimate after
the complex financial contracts nancial companies has been the International Settlements. its first-quarter results were better than
known as derivatives when they extent to which they will be able But on Thursday, the European analysts expected.
are denominated in euros. It also to clear and settle transactions in Commission offered a series of
suggested it could require that euros, including derivatives, out- proposed technical changes relat- Fitbit Inc., up 69 cents to $6.37. The mak-
clearing houses be located within side the European Union. ed to the reporting of derivatives er of wearable fitness trackers reported
stronger first-quarter results than Wall
the European Union. Derivatives are financial con- transactions. In briefing docu- Street expected.
Those rules could force clear- tracts linked to the future value ments, it said that it would be nec-
ing houses for derivatives to be of assets between two persons essary for firms that “play a key Tailored Brands Inc., up 22 cents to
regulated by European authori- or companies. Usually tied to systemic role for E.U. financial $12.83. The men’s apparel company
ties even after Britain leaves the currency or interest rate fluctua- markets” to be subject to “safe- raised its annual profit forecast after it
announced the end of a partnership with
bloc, or to relocate part of their tions, they are designed to reduce guards provided by the E.U. legal Macy’s.
operations in order to avoid losing risks for a company or individual framework. This includes, where
business to competitors. holding the underlying asset and necessary, enhanced supervision Facebook Inc., down 95 cents to $150.85
Prime Minister Theresa May are often negotiated privately. at the E.U. level and/or location The social media network had a solid first
of Britain has accused European About three-quarters of all requirements.” CHAD BRAY quarter but saw its shares retreat from all-
officials of hardening their stanc- euro-denominated derivatives and JAMES KANTER time highs. (AP)


On Safari in the City

The notion of urban wildlife the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban
may suggest images of rodents Wildlife Institute has been mon-
and pigeons. But as backyard itoring everything from insects
birders can attest, more desirable to coyotes. Several years ago, the
wildlife persists in cities, a topic zoo opened Nature Boardwalk, a
studied by the Chicago-based Ur- walkway around one of its ponds
ban Wildlife Institute and eight where habitat restoration led to
new partner research bodies the return of black-crowned night LARS LEETARU
across the country. herons. The endangered species
Seth Magle, director of the Ur- grew from 24 pairs in 2009 to 300 Make the Most
ban Wildlife Institute — a branch in the area today.
In a recent month, field cameras Of a Staycation
of the Lincoln Park Zoo, which has DENVER
been monitoring wildlife in Chica-
go since 2010 — cites the expan- set up by biologists at the Univer-
sion of coyote populations as one sity of Colorado Denver captured The next time you’re looking to
example of an urban wildlife suc- over 2,000 images of wildlife take a short trip, why head out of
cess story. “Ninety-nine percent across the metro area. town when you can have an enjoy-
are good at avoiding us and eat- “The main things we found able vacation by staying close to
ing squirrels and rats, the sorts of were coyote, red fox, raccoons, home? “Exploring your backyard
things we’re not concerned with, mule deer and lots of squirrels,” with a staycation is a relaxing
and making our urban lives more said Laurel Hartley, an associate break and one that’s very special
magical,” Magle said. professor of integrative biology because most of us have never
Certainly, not all wildlife en- at the university. “I’m guessing visited the highlights in the ar-
counters are welcome. The initia- JONATHAN BARTLETT at some point we might see black ea where we live,” said Marla B.
tive, in part, aims to educate ur- bear and mountain lions.” Schaffer, the president and chief
ban dwellers in avoiding conflict. creatures put on a synchronized LOS ANGELES executive of Leaders in Travel, a
Several cities in the institute’s display each evening, spring to The vast Santa Monica Moun- New York travel consultancy.
research network offer D.I.Y. ur- fall, as they spiral out from under tains National Recreation Area Here, she shares her top tips on
ban safari opportunities for trav- the bridge to hunt insects. adjacent to Los Angeles offers how to have the ideal staycation:
elers — and residents — who think About a 15-minute drive from over 150,000 acres of chapar- BOOK A LUXURY HOTEL You’re not
animal-watching should be part of the bridge, the Wild Basin Creative ral-covered mountains with over far from home, but the point of a
the urban experience. Research Center, co-managed 500 miles of hiking trails. staycation is to feel as if you got
AUSTIN, TEX. by St. Edward’s University and Almost half the land in the park away, and staying at a high-end
In terms of wild things, Austin is Travis County, makes 227 acres of is privately held, and the park hotel is a good way to do that. “The
best known for its colony of Mex- Texas Hill Country habitat open service actively promotes the co- property you book should make
ican free-tailed bats that roost to the public. Its wildlife cameras existence of humans and animals you feel pampered with its luxe
under the Ann W. Richards Con- have captured images of coyotes, by outlining safe practices for surroundings and doting service,”
gress Avenue Bridge each year. bobcats, armadillos and owls. homeowners. Researchers have Schaffer said.
Considered the largest urban bat CHICAGO monitored 54 mountain lions here CONSIDER A SPLURGE Since you’re
colony, the estimated 1.5 million From downtown to the suburbs, since 2002. ELAINE GLUSAC not paying for airfare or spending
a large amount of money on fuel,
Tired of Mother’s Day Brunch? Try a Tea a staycation is a good excuse to
spring for an indulgent experi-
ence that otherwise is too expen-
Instead of celebrating Moth- serve at 207-879-8755. sive. You can take a helicopter ride
er’s Day, on May 14, with the A number of hotels in New York or a private boat tour, for example,
usual brunch, why not go for tea City are also offering Mother’s to see where you live from a differ-
instead? Several hotels in the Day teas. One option is the crys- ent perspective. Other possibili-
United States are hosting teas for tal-laden Grand Salon at the Bac- ties include a massage or a facial
the occasion, many of which are carat Hotel New York in Midtown, at a fancy spa, dinner at an expen-
substantial enough to qualify as where a fashion show featuring sive restaurant, a private cooking
meals; they are also open to both high-end clothing and accessories class with a well-known chef or a
hotel guests and nonguests. will be held several times through- private behind-the-scenes tour of
The Danforth Inn in Portland, out the afternoon. The hotel’s tea BACCARAT HOTEL NEW YORK a museum or theater.
Me., has an Asian-inspired tea sommelier will infuse teas table- The Grand Salon at the DON’T OVERSCHEDULE While you
at its restaurant, Tempo Dulu. side from the renowned French should have some semblance of
Guests will choose a tea from tea brand Mariage Frères; bites Baccarat Hotel New York an itinerary, as with any vacation,
among 24 Asian varieties, such as to be served include canapés, petit will present fashion shows on don’t plan too much for your stay-
jasmine lily, and will be served a fours and chouquettes — sugary Mother’s Day. cation: Leave room for sponta-
cocktail made with jasmine-in- pastry puffs — in an edible box. neous discoveries. Select an area
fused gin and rose liqueur. The Cost is $90 a person. Reserve at of town that’s unfamiliar, and walk
food menu comprises six small 212-790-8867. mousse cups and crème brûlées, the streets or skip dinner reserva-
plates, including scallop and as- Chocolate is the draw of Pink as well as the pink-hued chocolate tions one evening and enjoy small
paragus dumplings, five-spice- Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the fountain in the center of the room, bites at the bar at several restau-
rubbed beef skewers and an Indo- Langham Huntington, Pasade- where guests can dip fresh fruit. rants. Better yet, sleep in and
nesian-style cake with coffee and na in California. Teas and savory Cost is $62 a person. Children 2 to have breakfast in bed or hang out
chile crumble. Moms will receive sandwiches will be served, but 12 are $32 each; those 3 and under in your pajamas one night while
a take-home gift of a house-made more appealing to some may are free. Reserve at 626-585-6218. you watch a movie or savor a rich
lollipop. Cost is $89 a person. Re- be the chocolate-infused tarts, SHIVANI VORA dessert. SHIVANI VORA


Royal Retirement at 95 Halts Frenzied Rumors

LONDON — After a frenzied, middle-of- year. In taking this deci- and Australia had been watching for even
the-night scramble by the global news media sion, the duke has the full the slightest clue about what was happen-
for strategic real estate outside Buckingham support of the queen,” read ing. Speculation was rife — unfounded, as it
Palace and an hourslong wait in the cold, the terse statement from turned out — that either Prince Philip or the
the much anticipated announcement finally the palace, which gave no queen might be dead.
came: A 95-year-old man was retiring. reason for the retirement. The flag atop Buckingham Palace was at
That would be Prince Philip, also known It added that the queen’s full staff, signaling that the queen was fine
as the Duke of Edinburgh, the gaffe-prone role would be unchanged, and at home. Beyond the possibility that there
but grumpily endearing and loyal husband of Prince Philip and that while Prince Philip would be an announcement of a royal death
Queen Elizabeth II, who has been her consort would retreat from public — an event that would be carefully choreo-
for 70 years — the longest royal union in Brit- view, he may occasionally graphed after years of preparation — various
ish history — and has served the country for attend public events. other possibilities were discussed in whis-
nearly as long. Only minutes earlier, outside the palace, pers. Could it be an abdication crisis? Some
“His royal highness the Duke of Edinburgh more than a dozen television crews and as- sort of security threat at one of the queen’s
has decided that he will no longer carry out sembled journalists from Britain, the United many lavish homes? A palace decoration
public engagements from the autumn of this States, France, Japan, Canada, New Zealand emergency?
At one point, a group of royal-looking hors-
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz es trotted by, galvanizing a flock of photogra-
phers into action. False alarm.
PUZZLE BY PATRICK BERRY “This is more exciting than the election,”
ACROSS 28 Part of an 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
armada said Rachael Venables, a reporter for LBC, a
1 Radisson rival London-based talk radio station, alluding to
31 Instructions on 13 14 15
7 Title role for where to go? Britain’s somewhat lackluster coming gen-
Bryan Cranston 16 17 eral election, which Prime Minister Theresa
in a 2015 32 World’s oldest May and her Conservative Party are widely
biopic currency still in 18 19 20 21
use expected to win handily.
13 Neologism 33 Total 22 23 24 25 The news media scrum was touched off by
coined by Cole
Porter 34 Grate catches? 26 27 a report in The Daily Mail, a British tabloid,
15 Sea that 35 Early that all members of the queen’s staff had been
Homer called automotive 28 29 30 ordered to a meeting in London, and that
“wine-dark” pioneer employees from royal residences across the
16 Song whose 36 Scoopers for country would be in attendance.
opening lyric taramasalata 32 A former naval officer, Prince Philip has
translates to 37 Musical group earned a reputation as a royal workhorse and
“What a with “energy 33 34
beautiful thing domes” a steadfast spouse to the queen, even as he has
is a sunny day” 35 36 37 38 39 40 sometimes come under criticism for making
41 End of a cause?
17 Missionaries’ 41 42 43 44 rude and occasionally out-of-place remarks.
targets 42 ___ soup Yet despite his propensity for political
18 Scratch 43 Pole topper 45 46 47 48 incorrectness, on Thursday he came in for
45 LeBron James, praise, the memory of earlier embarrass-
19 River bisecting by birth 49 50 ments perhaps blunted by the sheer stamina
47 Restless sort 51 52 and longevity of the foreign-born prince as he
21 Squad cmdr. gets closer to 100. May offered him “our deep-
49 “She 5/5/17
22 White notes in understands est gratitude and good wishes.”
Monopoly her business DOWN 12 Performing for 31 Surname of TV’s DAN BILEFSKY
better than an audience “Hot Lips”
23 Golf cart we do,” per 1 Substance used
foursome Montaigne in Egyptian 13 Dummkopf 32 Extend
25 1962 50 Agricultural mummification 14 Emancipation 36 Seven ___ (Civil
Organization outfit 2 Unaided proclamation War battle site)
of American
States expellee 51 Banded 3 Earthworm 20 Lay-by : 37 Shut out 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
metamorphic trappers England :: ___ : •
26 Necromancers rock 4 Contend America 38 Things that take Tom Brady, Editor
27 Crown cover 52 Lively wit 24 “No need to
5 Things mailed 39 Cathedral email: [email protected]
without a trouble yourself” feature •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE label? 25 Firth of “The TimesDigest Sales Office
6 Who said “I’m King’s Speech” 40 Withdraws, with phone: (212) 556-1200
YA WP S H AT H J AM BS so mean I make 26 Make a hash of “out” fax: (646) 461-2364
SN OO P T RE E O SO LE medicine sick” 42 Opportunity’s email: [email protected]
HO LL A M OA N A SN ER 7 Cantina 27 France’s patron on it •
AD V ICE CO LU MN NE GE V offerings saint 44 Gefilte fish
PE EVE D S WA B N OD ICE 28 Conversation option For advertising information
ES SA OR EO AL TO ID 8 De facto piece? and to request a media kit
NA RY RA RE SN O 9 ___ boots 29 Follows the 46 Word of contact InMotion Media:
agreement that
OL D B LA CK IC E E GG 10 Ruler’s role game? sounds like a phone: (212) 213-5856
FI R L EN A W AR M pronoun email: [email protected]
FL AR ES TE AR RO AM 11 Reports of 30 They meet at a •
ICE AG E S TA R T UNDR A gunfire? summit 48 Road map abbr. Home delivery subscribers who have
TB IL L A RM IS T ICE DA Y not received TimesDigest should call
EN NI O P AI D A GO RA Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, (800) 698-4637 or email
ME TE R A CN E H UN AN ($39.95 a year). [email protected]
PR OS E S TE M N YE TS Read about and comment on each puzzle:



The Trumpcare Disaster European Woes

On Sunday France will hold its presidential
The House speaker, Paul Ryan, and other Re- us to a time when people who were born with a runoff. Most observers expect Emmanuel Ma-
publicans falsely accused Democrats of rush- birth defect or who became sick could not pur- cron, a centrist, to defeat Marine Le Pen, the
ing the Affordable Care Act through Congress. chase or afford insurance.” Republicans say white nationalist. A Le Pen victory would be a
On Thursday, in a display of hypocrisy, House they will require that states with waivers of- disaster for Europe and the world.
Republicans passed a bill that would strip mil- fer high-risk pools and find other ways to help Yet I also think it’s fair to ask a couple of
lions of Americans of health insurance. treat these people. The bill offers $138 billion questions about what’s going on. First, how
Pushed by President Trump to repeal the over 10 years to help pay for such programs. did things get to this point? Second, would a Le
A.C.A., or Obamacare, so he could claim a legis- MAKES INSURANCE LESS COMPREHENSIVE Pen defeat be anything more than a temporary
lative win, Ryan and his lieutenants browbeat The bill would also let states waive a require- reprieve from the ongoing European crisis?
and cajoled members of their caucus to pass ment under Obamacare that insurers cover a To begin, while France gets an amazing
the bill. list of essential services. This means people amount of bad press, it’s actually a fairly suc-
Here is what the bill actually does: in some places might not have access to ma- cessful economy.
TAKES A MACHETE TO MEDICAID The bill ternity care or cancer treatment. This provi- Against the background, France offers a
would cut $880 billion over 10 years from Med- sion could also hurt people who get insurance social safety net beyond the wildest dreams
icaid. That’s one-fourth of its budget. As a re- through work, because federal regulations of U.S. progressives: guaranteed high-quality
sult, 14 million fewer people would have access allow employers to opt into the rules of any health care for all, generous paid leave for new
to health care by 2026, according to a C.B.O. state for the purposes of determining annual parents, universal pre-K, and much more.
analysis of the earlier bill, which had similar and lifetime limits on coverage, according to an Last but not least, France isn’t experiencing
Medicaid provisions. analysis by the Brookings Institution. anything comparable to the social collapse that
SLASHES INSURANCE SUBSIDIES It would DEFUNDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD Republi- seems to be afflicting much of white America.
provide $300 billion less over 10 years to help cans have included a provision that takes fed- France shows little sign of the surge in “deaths
people who do not get insurance through em- eral money away from the organization, which of despair” — mortality from drugs, alcohol
ployers and have to buy their own policies. provides birth control, cancer screenings and and suicide — that Anne Case and Angus Dea-
This would hurt lower-income and older peo- other health services to 2.5 million people an- ton have shown to be taking place in the U.S.
ple the hardest. nually, mainly women. About 60 percent of white working class.
ELIMINATES THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE Ma- people who use Planned Parenthood depend In short, France is hardly a utopia, but by
ny people hate the A.C.A. requirement that on government programs like Medicaid. most standards it is offering its citizens a fairly
people buy insurance or pay a penalty. But Despite this catalog of horrors, many Repub- decent life. So why are so many willing to vote
with no mandate, fewer young and healthy licans have embraced the bill so they can claim for a racist extremist?
people would buy coverage. This would lead to they met their promise to repeal Obamacare. There are multiple reasons, especially cul-
what experts call a “death spiral” as insurers The bill now moves to the Senate, where sev- tural anxiety over Islamic immigrants. But it
raise rates because they are left with people eral centrist Republicans oppose it. The best seems clear that votes for Le Pen will in part be
who are older and sicker. hope for defeating this legislation rests with votes of protest against what are perceived as
GUTS PRE-EXISTING CONDITION PROTEC- lawmakers like Shelley Moore Capito of West the highhanded, out-of-touch officials running
TIONS An amendment by Rep. Tom MacAr- Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkow- the European Union.
thur of New Jersey would let states waive the ski of Alaska and Rob Portman of Ohio. But Those of us who watched European insti-
requirement that insurers sell policies to peo- Trump and far-right groups will put tremen- tutions deal with the debt crisis that began
ple with prior health problems and not charge dous pressure on them to pass this dreadful in Greece and spread across much of Europe
them higher rates. The chief executive of Blue bill or something similarly terrible. The health were shocked at the combination of callous-
Shield of California said the bill “could return of millions of Americans is now in their hands. ness and arrogance that prevailed throughout.
Even though Brussels and Berlin were
A Divided Debate, a Divided France wrong again and again about the economics,
they continued to act as if they knew all the an-
swers, that any suffering along the way was,
It was the most brutal French presidential tune in investment banking. Appointed minis- in effect, necessary punishment for past sins.
debate anyone could remember, two and a half ter of economy under President François Hol- Politically, Eurocrats got away with this be-
hours of interruptions, insults, sarcasm and lande in 2014, Macron resigned two years later havior because small nations were easy to bul-
invective between the 48-year-old, far-right to form a new centrist political movement, En ly, but Europe’s elite will be making a terrible
populist Marine Le Pen and the 39-year-old, Marche! to run for the presidency. mistake if it believes it can behave the same
centrist upstart Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen wants to close borders, ditch free- way to bigger players.
When the dust settled on Wednesday, Ma- trade deals and hold a referendum on Europe- Indeed, there are already intimations of di-
cron, the front-runner in the race, was deemed an Union membership. She also wants to lift saster in the negotiations now taking place be-
in political polls to have prevailed. sanctions on Russia and has borrowed funds tween the European Union and Britain.
After decades of alternating between main- from Russian banks. Macron is pro-Europe, I wish Britons hadn’t voted for Brexit, which
stream candidates of the center-left and cen- tolerant of immigrants and critical of Russia. will make Europe weaker, but E.U. officials are
ter-right, the French rejected both and ad- How much either could achieve in a divided sounding more and more like a jilted spouse
vanced two relative outsiders who are diamet- country is another question. That would de- determined to extract maximum damages in
rically opposed on most every issue — Europe, pend in part on the elections to the National a divorce settlement.
terrorism, France’s stagnant economy, Russia. Assembly on June 11 and 18. Nonetheless, the Which brings me back to the French election.
Le Pen is head of the National Front, an an- choice for French voters on Sunday is as stark We should be terrified at the possibility of a Le
ti-European Union, anti-immigrant far-right as was Wednesday’s debate. A French with- Pen victory. But we should also be worried that
coalition her father founded 44 years ago, drawal from the European Union would mark a Macron victory will be taken by Brussels and
which she has sought to “de-demonize” since a major and potentially fatal blow to the entire Berlin to mean that Brexit was an aberration.
taking charge in 2011 — by expelling her father. European project, and all Western democra- So let’s be clear: Even if the worst is avoided
Macron is the wunderkind of French politics, a cies would be hurt by another retreat into nar- this Sunday, all the European elite will get is a
graduate of elite schools who made a quick for- row nationalism. time-limited chance to mend its ways.


Rangers Even Series With an Emphatic Win United Prevails

Marcus Rashford scored from
a free kick in the second half as
Even if it felt like more, even if it time winner. cumstances seemed dire against
felt like a victory that asphyxiated The Senators felt fortunate to Ottawa, Vigneault reversed his Manchester United beat Celta
Vigo, 1-0, in the first leg of their
the Ottawa Senators’ playoff as- arrive at Madison Square Garden decision, adapting his team to Europa League semifinal in Vigo,
pirations, it was still only one. No leading by two games, and they the tenor of the series. Out went
matter how thorough it was, the must feel fortunate to leave with Buchnevich, and in came Glass, Spain. Rashford, who netted an
extra-time winner against Ander-
win did not count as two, or more, the series tied, so uninspired was whose reliability and physicality lecht in the quarterfinals, drove a
for the Rangers. their play, so overpowering were Vigneault valued. Two straight right-foot strike into the top cor-
They went Thursday and the Rangers. victories followed, buttressed by
smothered the Senators again, Two second-period goals by Os- Glass’s effort. ner in the 67th minute, securing
this time by 4-1, to even their best- car Lindberg tightened the head- Early in the second period United the advantage going into
the second leg in Manchester, En-
of-seven Eastern Conference lock on Ottawa — which vowed to Thursday, Glass blocked a shot gland, next week. (AP)
semifinal at two games apiece. meet the Rangers’ intensity but by Ben Harpur, and the puck car-
The Rangers trampled Ottawa could not — though it was one of omed out to Michael Grabner, A.L. SCORES
in Game 3 on Tuesday with their Lindberg’s linemates who embod- behind the Ottawa defense, who
best performance in the series. ied what might be his team’s most broke in with Lindberg on a two- WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAME
Then they replicated it. valuable trait. on-none. Lindberg blasted it past Seattle 8, L.A. Angels 7
Since their overtime loss in Two weeks ago, when the cir- Craig Anderson at 2 minutes 1 Cleveland at Detroit, ppd.
Game 2, the Rangers have out- cumstances seemed dire against second, with Glass credited with Oakland 8, Minnesota 5
scored Ottawa by 8-2 in a 120-min- Montreal, Coach Alain Vigneault an unorthodox assist. Toward Texas 10, Houston 4
ute stretch of dominance. Across benched Tanner Glass for the the end of the period he supplied Chicago White Sox 8, Kansas City 3
more than 260 minutes of play, rookie Pavel Buchnevich, opting an equally valuable contribution, Baltimore 8, Boston 3
Tampa Bay 5, Miami 1
the Senators have led for only a for skill over pugnacity, in a move screening Anderson as a one-
bit more than four minutes total, that boosted the Rangers to three timed wrister from Lindberg N.L. SCORES
propped up by a fluke goal in their consecutive wins. found twine at 15:54. WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAMES
first victory and a double-over- Two days ago, when the cir- BEN SHPIGEL Colorado 11, San Diego 3
San Francisco 4, L.A. Dodgers 1
Wizards Beat Celtics in Technical Foul-Filled Game 11 innings
Mets at Atlanta, ppd.
Cincinnati 4, Pittsburgh 2
WASHINGTON — John Wall There were eight technical fouls Double technicals to Ian Mahin- Washington 4, Arizona 2
scored 24 points, Isaiah Thomas and three ejections total. mi and Jonas Jerebko early gave Chicago Cubs 5, Philadelphia 4
was held to 13 and the Washington Otto Porter and Bojan Bog- way to Oubre’s outburst as he leapt 13 innings
Wizards jumped out to a hot start danovic scored 19 points apiece up from the floor after an illegal Colorado 3, San Diego 2, 11 innings
Tampa Bay 5, Miami 1
and rode it to a 116-89 victory over for Washington, which improved screen from Olynyk and bowled Milwaukee 5, St. Louis 4
the Boston Celtics in a technical to 4-0 at home in the playoffs. over the Boston big man as he was
foul-filled Game 3 on Thursday to Washington’s 119 first-quarter talking to an official. Oubre could N.B.A. PLAYOFFS
cut their series deficit to 2-1. points is an N.B.A. record for the face a suspension for his outburst. WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAME
The Wizards used a 22-0 first three games of a series. Pushing and shoving happened San Antonio 121, Houston 96
first-quarter run to take a 34-12 Responding to what Coach Scott throughout, leading to a barrage Series is tied, 1-1
lead as Thomas and the Celtics Brooks deemed a “bad shooting of technical fouls in the fourth THURSDAY
Washington 116, Boston 89
kept missing shots and turning night” in Game 2, Bradley Beal quarter. Celtics lead series, 2-1
the ball over. The game was al- scored Washington’s first seven PARKER OUT The second-seeded
ready a blowout in the second points and finished with 11. San Antonio Spurs announced N.H.L. PLAYOFFS
when Washington’s Kelly Oubre Defensively, the Wizards found Thursday that veteran point WEDNESDAY’S LATE GAME
Jr. was ejected for charging and a solution to Thomas, who was guard Tony Parker will miss the Anaheim 4, Edmonton 3, OT
knocking over Kelly Olynyk after held to 13 points on 3-of-8 shoot- rest of the postseason with a rup- Series is tied, 2-2
the Boston big man was called for ing. Thomas scored seven points tured quadriceps tendon in his left Rangers 4, Ottawa 1
an illegal screen. at the free throw line. leg. (AP) Series is tied, 2-2
WEATHER Houston 76/ 57 0 80/ 54 S 84/ 58 S Cape Town 82/ 60 0 68/ 51 Sh 67/ 54 PC
Kansas City 68/ 38 0 70/ 50 S 77/ 48 S Dublin 57/ 46 0 56/ 44 PC 55/ 43 C
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 80/ 61 0 74/ 59 F 65/ 51 Sh Geneva 55/ 45 0.40 67/ 49 PC 59/ 49 R
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 87/ 78 0.04 86/ 67 T 83/ 65 S Hong Kong 80/ 78 0.25 83/ 76 C 84/ 75 PC
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 69/ 44 0 76/ 47 S 63/ 43 S Kingston 88/ 79 0 88/ 78 Sh 87/ 77 T
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 64/ 48 0 60/ 58 R 66/ 50 C Lima 76/ 65 0 75/ 66 PC 76/ 67 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 92/ 64 0.02 77/ 56 T 78/ 56 S London 57/ 48 0 57/ 48 C 63/ 47 C
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 66/ 48 0 70/ 57 R 65/ 49 PC Madrid 81/ 50 0 74/ 46 T 72/ 47 S
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 103/ 72 0 105/ 75 S 95/ 64 S Mexico City 78/ 59 0.10 75/ 51 PC 78/ 55 PC
Salt Lake City 78/ 47 0 86/ 64 S 81/ 59 C Montreal 61/ 37 0 51/ 45 R 69/ 47 Sh
San Francisco 65/ 52 0 65/ 50 F 65/ 51 PC Moscow 52/ 37 0 56/ 43 PC 60/ 32 Sh
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 76/ 52 0.24 57/ 43 Sh 58/ 42 PC Nassau 90/ 77 0.05 91/ 73 PC 86/ 73 PC
Albuquerque 78/ 46 0 85/ 57 S 84/ 54 PC St. Louis 54/ 47 0.25 67/ 52 W 70/ 45 S Paris 61/ 45 0.16 66/ 51 PC 60/ 51 R
Atlanta 68/ 59 0.38 55/ 48 C 70/ 50 S Washington 67/ 53 0 75/ 58 T 63/ 49 C Prague 61/ 48 0 56/ 47 C 64/ 48 PC
Boise 85/ 53 0 81/ 49 C 60/ 42 C FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 82/ 68 0 83/ 70 C 79/ 69 Sh
Boston 55/ 46 0 51/ 50 R 63/ 51 Sh Rome 68/ 54 0 69/ 52 S 73/ 54 T
Buffalo 53/ 40 0.22 59/ 44 R 50/ 37 Sh Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 79/ 45 0 73/ 43 PC 68/ 45 PC
Charlotte 76/ 62 0.02 64/ 48 PC 69/ 47 PC Acapulco 87/ 75 0.04 86/ 77 PC 87/ 77 PC Stockholm 53/ 36 0 64/ 44 S 57/ 32 S
Chicago 53/ 45 0 60/ 42 W 55/ 37 W Athens 79/ 54 0 83/ 63 S 82/ 62 S Sydney 70/ 57 0 72/ 58 S 77/ 59 PC
Cleveland 55/ 49 0.43 58/ 44 R 51/ 42 Sh Beijing 80/ 55 0 68/ 47 W 83/ 51 S Tokyo 70/ 53 0 74/ 63 PC 77/ 63 PC
Dallas-Ft. Worth 75/ 55 0 78/ 55 S 83/ 60 S Berlin 51/ 46 0.10 61/ 48 C 64/ 48 PC Toronto 50/ 41 0.32 50/ 40 R 49/ 34 Sh
Denver 71/ 32 0 78/ 49 S 83/ 52 S Buenos Aires 79/ 57 0 81/ 59 PC 77/ 61 PC Vancouver 68/ 50 0.02 56/ 42 Sh 56/ 41 S
Detroit 47/ 46 0.90 49/ 43 R 51/ 37 Sh Cairo 86/ 66 0 86/ 65 S 87/ 64 S Warsaw 63/ 50 0.22 66/ 52 T 69/ 52 T


The Race to Save an Early Derby Favorite Named Mastery

ARCADIA, Calif. — He had been His pedigree and the talent dis-
at the track since 4:30 a.m., letting played on the track, bloodstock
the snorts and shuffles of race- agents say, put his value as a stal-
horses clear the sleep out of his lion north of $8 million, a number
eyes. The backside before dawn that could rise exponentially if he
is more than Dr. Ryan Carpenter’s passes on his speed gene. He will
office, it is one of his favorite plac- live the rich, leisurely life of a stud
es, especially on mornings of big at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky.
races like this day. Those closest to the colt try
He had checked on four dozen their best but will never really
thoroughbreds and there were no cope with how, in an instant, they
surgeries to perform. So he sat be- went from the elation of having a
neath a TV in a barn to watch the horse of a lifetime to worrying that
one horse he couldn’t get his mind he might not survive.
off: Mastery, the undefeated colt, “The silver lining is that he is
ambling toward the starting gate O.K.,” Smith said. “Horses are
here at Santa Anita Park for the athletes, and all athletes get hurt.
San Felipe Stakes. Freak things happen in any sport.”
Carpenter watched Mastery Smith will be in Kentucky riding
shoot out of the starting gate like MELISSA LYTTLE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES the Louisiana Derby champion,
a missile in this March race and Mastery had won his previous three races by a combined 12¾ Girvin, on Saturday. Baffert will
knew he was going to win. Heck, lengths when he pulled up after winning a race in March. instead watch the race from home.
he was going to prevail in this “It’s part of the game, a cruel
year’s 143rd running of the Ken- part,” he said. “You get attached to
tucky Derby, which will be held on ter stood as Smith glided Mastery way you want to see the Kentucky these horses.”
Saturday. into the far turn and let him roll. Derby favorite finish a race. Mastery was one of the lucky
It wasn’t because Mastery was They hit the stretch a length and Carpenter hurried to Santa Ani- ones, a fact that the his owner, Ev-
his patient, or that Mastery’s a half in front and kept on flying. ta’s backside equine hospital to erett Dobson, an Oklahoma-based
trainer, Bob Baffert, and jockey, They were two, four, six and fi- retrieve an X-ray machine. telecommunications magnate,
Mike Smith, couldn’t contain their nally seven and a quarter lengths It was bad: Mastery had a com- continues to remind himself.
enthusiasm for this colt, who had ahead of their nearest rival when plete displaced condylar fracture “The fast ones are more prone
won his previous three races by they crossed the finish line. — a broken ankle. to injury because they give so
a combined 12 ¾ lengths and re- Carpenter rose for the door but Now, it’s hard to watch Mastery much,” he said. “I’m a half-full-
turned to the winner’s circle each stopped in his tracks when, 50 walk the shed row here and not glass kind of guy. I got to see Mas-
time without a rushed breath. yards past the finish line, Smith think about the Kentucky Derby. tery run four times, and four times
No, Carpenter had his hands on pulled Mastery up. He angled the He is up to 10 minutes of exercise a he was absolutely brilliant. I will
him most mornings and knew he colt to the outside of the track and day and is recovering well. always cherish that memory.”
was perfectly engineered. Carpen- leapt off his back. It was not the He probably won’t race again. JOE DRAPE
With Yankees, Castro Is Glad Just to Play as Himself In Brief

CHICAGO — Starlin Castro was in a big moment. But it is also to ivy-covered walls and the wind Rain Douses Mets Lead
fed up as the 2013 season came to accept the baggage: the undisci- blowing out, not in.
a close, and not just because of plined swing, the struggles with Last week, when the Cubs had After a two-hour rain delay in
another last-place finish for the routine plays and the mind that a day off in Boston while the Yan- the fourth inning, the Mets’ game
Chicago Cubs. After making the occasionally takes up residence kees finished a series there, Cas- against the Braves in Atlanta was
National League All-Star team the in the clouds. tro lunched with a good friend, the postponed. A makeup date will be
previous two seasons — all by the Those inseparable compan- Cubs reliever Pedro Strop. announced at a later date, and the
time he had turned 23 — Castro ions, the charm and the disap- “Right when I left, I was the old game will be played from scratch.
was lost. pointment, made him a fitting lat- guy on the team, so I knew every- Thursday’s game was paused
He had listened to Manager ter-day Mr. Cub. body,” said Castro, who will be with the Mets leading, 3-1. Zack
Dale Sveum and the concepts So it is that when Castro, now in feted with a video tribute on Fri- Wheeler threw 68 pitches over
passed down from the front of- his second season with the Yan- day. “I want to say hi to all my old three innings and allowed one
fice: the tweaks to his swing and kees, returns to Wrigley Field on teammates, the staff — even the run on three hits. (NYT)
the pleas for him to be a more pa- Friday, two of his current team- trainers and clubbies. It’s going to SCHERZER REBOUNDS Max Scher-
tient hitter. All it had led to was the mates — relief pitchers Aroldis be fun. I’m going to enjoy it.” zer struck out a season-high 11 to
worst season of his career. Chapman and Adam Warren, who Castro returns at an oppor- bounce back from his worst out-
“After that, I just say, ‘No,’ ” each spent several months with tune moment. The Yankees (17-9) ing this season, and the Nationals
Castro said. “I’m going to be who the Cubs last season — will be pre- have the second-best record in defeated the Arizona Diamond-
I am.” sented with World Series rings, the American League, and aside backs, 4-2, in Washington. Scher-
It has almost always been more while Castro will likely be show- from the rookie sensation Aaron zer (4-2) allowed one run and two
challenging for others to make ered with the most applause. Judge, few on the team have had hits in seven innings. (AP)
peace with who Castro is than “I can’t wait to go over there a greater impact in this surprising ORIOLES WIN Manny Machado hit
it has been for him. To embrace and hear from the fans the first season than Castro, who is batting a long three-run shot for his third
him is to be seduced by his gifts: time they announce me,” said .362 (second in the A.L. going into homer of the series, and the Bal-
the hands that are as quick as a Castro, who has looked forward Thursday’s games), has 16 R.B.I. timore Orioles capped four days
lizard’s tongue; the strong arm; to this series for months, relishing and has been stationed recently in at Fenway Park with an 8-3 win
and the capacity to be unbowed his memories of day baseball, the the cleanup spot. BILLY WITZ over the Boston Red Sox. (AP)

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