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Hacienda Times Digest Agosto 10

August 10th, 2017

Thurs Aug 10 Fri Aug 11 Sat Aug 12 Sun Aug 13 Mon Aug 14

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Fitness Class Schedule
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!
A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
Fitness Class Schedule connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Monday, August 07
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Signature Packages
Tuesday, August 08 Detoxifying Desert Journey
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am

This treatment package is a completely purifying experience which leaves
Wednesday, August 09 the body cleansed, hydrated, and fully energized. The package begins
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am with a traditional energetic cleansing with Sage and a welcoming foot
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am ritual. This is followed by a Juniper and Cypress body scrub which
stimulates the lymphatic system and refines the skin. A full body deep
Thursday, August 10 lymphatic massage invigorates, and purifies, with the application hot and
Spinning: 8:30 am – 9:30 am cool stones to flush and restore the system. The
body is covered in fresh extract from the Nopal
Friday, August 11 plant, and wrapped with a warmed linen sheet
Functional Training: 9:00 am- 10:00 am while the therapist performs a relaxing scalp
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am-11:30 am massage, and finishes off with a full facial. The
results are astounding.
Saturday, August 12
$345 USD + TAX 3 hrs.
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Sunday, August 13

TRX FIT (Strength & Cardio)
8:00 am – 9:00 am Coconut Replenishing Package

The rich texture and aroma of coconut highlights this therapeutic
Private classes experience, as the body is cleansed,
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes nourished, and revitalized in every step of the
upon request.
process. A coconut exfoliation smooth and

polishes the skin, completely removing
impurities. Herbal poultices are dipped in
warm coconut oil and applied to the skin and
used to massage, allowing the oil to penetrate
and hydrate, and delivering the healing extracts of the herbs. A paraffin hand
and foot treatment with coconut oil completes this totally enriching journey

Rejuvenate your Body
Replenish your Soul $360 USD + TAX 3 hrs.


July 1 , – October 31 , 2017
Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $180.00 $145.00 $140.00 $115.00 $200.00 $160.00
Twilight 12:30 pm $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $80.00 $140.00 $115.00
Includes Food & Beverages
Rates per foursome $480.00 $420.00 $560.00
(*No time restriction) Includes Food & Beverages


$250.00 USD $330.00 USD $500.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

FROM THE PAGES OF midnight in New York

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

STATE PARTY FIGHT Aides Offer Mixed Messages on Korea
IS ALSO A WARNING BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Se- The statement also said that could easily turn into a real one.

nior American officials sent
But some discounted Trump’s
finalize a plan by mid-August to
mixed signals on North Korea on the North Korean military would comments as the sort of bombast
SACRAMENTO — For Demo- Wednesday as President Trump’s fire four midrange missiles into they have become accustomed to
crats across the nation, California “fire and fury” warning rattled al- the waters off the Pacific island of from a president who has public-
has offered a bright if lonely light lies and adversaries alike, a sign Guam, a United States territory ly assailed not just enemies, but
this year. The party controls every of his administration’s deep di- used as a strategic base, to create even allies like Germany, Canada
statewide office and commands su- visions as the outcast state once a “historic enveloping fire.” and Mexico.
per majorities in the Legislature. again threatened to wage nuclear The spiral of fighting words left While the State Department
But in recent weeks, California war on the United States. the Trump administration debat- insisted that the administration
Democrats have emerged as some- The president’s advisers cal- ing how to handle a standoff that was speaking with “one voice,”
thing else: a cautionary tale for a na- ibrated his dire warning with has defied three presidents and analysts said that voice was not
tional party debating how to rebuild statements that, if not directly only grown more ominous in re- necessarily a consistent one.
and seize back power. State Demo- contradictory, emphasized differ- cent weeks. “Clearly there is not a coordi-
crats are torn by a bitter fight for the ent points. Secretary of State Rex “I don’t think there is a single nated messaging strategy,” Evan
party leadership, revealing the kind W. Tillerson stressed diplomacy policy at work,” said Ellen L. Medeiros, the managing director
of divisions — between insiders and and reassured Americans that Frost, a longtime Asia specialist at the Eurasia Group and a for-
outsiders, liberals and moderates they could “sleep well at night,” at the East-West Center, a Hono- mer Asia adviser to President
— that unsettled the national party while Defense Secretary Jim lulu-based research organization. Barack Obama, said by tele-
last year and could threaten its suc- Mattis said North Korea risked “I’m not even sure that Trump phone.
cess in coming years. “the end of its regime and the de- cares about having a consistent Medeiros questioned whether
“What we are seeing in California struction of its people” if it did not policy on any subject.” Instead, Trump’s warning, combined with
is similar to what we are seeing on “stand down.” she said, the president’s fire-and- sanctions, would prompt North
the national level,” said Betty T. Yee, North Korea gave no indication fury threat was a play to show Korea to return to the negotiat-
the Democratic state controller. “If that it would do so. In a statement toughness to his political base. ing table. “That’s the big strategy
we don’t do our work to really heal late Wednesday, the North Kore- American allies in Japan and question here,” he said. “Trump
our divide, we are going to miss our an military dismissed Trump’s South Korea were caught off has clearly calculated that it will.
chance to motivate Democrats.” fire-and-fury warning on Tues- guard by Trump’s threat, as were But that’s a huge gamble, and it’s
The fight pits Eric C. Bauman, a day as a “load of nonsense” and other regional players like China one that it’s not clear to me that
longtime party leader, against Kim- said only “absolute force” would and Russia. Analysts reported the Chinese would necessarily
berly Ellis, a Bay Area activist. Bau- work on someone so “bereft of deep anxiety in the region over agree with.” PETER BAKER
man won the election by just over 60 reason.” the prospect that a war of words and GARDINER HARRIS
votes out of 3,000 cast at the party
convention in May, but Ellis has re- Trump’s Words Hinting at War Were Offhand
fused to concede, claiming voting
improprieties, like permitting ineli-
gible people to vote for Bauman. WASHINGTON — President noon after The Washington Post of the statement of the president
For many Democrats, what is Trump’s aides knew he planned reported that Pyongyang had de- prior to delivery.”
particularly to deliver a tough message to veloped nuclear warheads small “The tone and strength of the
worrying is the North Korea on Tuesday, but they enough to placed on ballistic mis- message were discussed before-
extent to which did not expect a threat that ri- siles. His team assumed that he hand,” she said. The words he
the lingering valed the apocalyptic taunts used would be asked about North Ko- used, she added, “were his own.”
battle illustrates by his target, Kim Jong-un. rea during a scheduled media ap- And they revealed what some
the bitterness The president’s language, pearance tied to a meeting about longtime associates of Trump
between sup- which aides say he had used in the opioid epidemic. say is a simmering frustration
porters of Sen. private, escalated the long-run- But during a conference call with the velvet handcuffs slapped
Eric Bauman Bernie Sanders ning dispute with North Korea to beforehand that focused on North on him by John F. Kelly, his new
and those of Hil- a new level and left members of Korea, Trump did not offer a pre- White House chief of staff, who
lary Clinton from the Trump administration scram- view of what he planned to say, has cracked down on walk-in vis-
the primary contests. But in some bling on Wednesday to explain and aides did not press the pres- itors to the Oval Office and keeps
ways, these are the kind of interne- what he meant. ident, who resists being told what tabs on some of the president’s
cine fights — be they between the But the process, or lack of one, to say. after-hours phone calls to ensure
old guard and new faces, or between that led to the ad-libbed com- He told his aides only that that he is not being fed bad infor-
liberals and moderates — that are ments embodied Trump’s over- he wanted to signal to Kim, the mation or reckless advice.
common in Democratic circles. all approach to foreign policy, an North Korean leader, that he was The president, people close to
“Remember: We are Democrats. improvisational style that often not backing down — while turn- him say, believes he has a better
We do this all the time,” said Chris- leaves his national security team ing up the pressure he has tried to feel for Kim Jong-un than his own
tine Pelosi, a supporter of Ellis in the dark about what he is going place on China to tame its trouble- advisers do. He thinks of Kim as
who is the head of the California to say or do, according to several some neighbor. someone who is used to pushing
Democratic Women’s Caucus and a people with direct knowledge of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the people around and Trump thinks
daughter of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the how the episode unfolded. White House press secretary, he needs to show that he can’t be
House minority leader. The president was in a confron- said Trump’s national security pushed. GLENN THRUSH
ADAM NAGOURNEY tational mood on Tuesday after- team was “well aware of the tone and PETER BAKER


Trump’s Threat Russia Wants Innovation, but Jails Innovators

To North Korea AKADEMGORODOK, Russia Dmitri Verkhoved,

Shakes Asians — Dmitri Trubitsyn is a young a mathematician,
physicist-entrepreneur with a pa-
ran the
triotic reputation, seen in this part
BEIJING — President Trump’s of Siberia as an exemplar of the technopark in
threat to unleash “fire and fury” talents, dedication and enterprise Akademgorodok,
against North Korea sent a shud- that President Vladimir V. Putin a Soviet-era
der through Asia on Wednesday, has hailed as vital for Russia’s fu- sanctuary of
raising alarm among allies and ture economic health. scientific research
adversaries and, to some ob- Yet Trubitsyn faces up to eight in Russia.
servers, making the possibility of years in jail after a recent raid
military conflict over the North’s on his home and office here in
nuclear program seem more real. Akademgorodok, a Soviet-era
With North Korea responding sanctuary of scientific research JAMES HILL FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
that it would, if attacked, strike that was supposed to showcase
American military forces on how Putin’s Russia can harness to protect Russians from counter- of forceful pressure on a law-abid-
Guam, analysts warned that the its abundance of talent to create a feit medicine, investigators from ing business.”
escalating statements increased modern economy. the Federal Security Service, the Grand state-directed projects
the likelihood of war — perhaps A court last Thursday extend- post-Soviet KGB, and other agen- to promote innovation — like
one based on miscalculation. ed Trubitsyn’s house arrest until cies have accused Trubitsyn of Akademgorodok and Skolkovo,
Some played down Trump’s at least October, which bars him leading a criminal conspiracy to, a Moscow-area technology park
remark on Tuesday as simply a from leaving his apartment or essentially, innovate too fast and set up by Kremlin fiat as Russia’s
warning not to attack the Unit- communicating with anyone oth- too freely. answer to Silicon Valley — have
ed States, albeit one whose tone er than his immediate family. The situation has outraged fel- mostly fallen flat.
was more typical of North Korean Trubitsyn, 36, whose company, low scientists, would-be entrepre- Trubitsyn’s company began in
propagandists than it was of past Tion, manufactures high-tech neurs and others in Akademgoro- such a state-funded park, one of
American presidents. Officials in air-purification systems, is ac- dok, a freethinking settlement of a dozen such zones set up across
South Korea and Japan said that cused of risking the lives of hospi- broad avenues and forested path- Russia after Putin visited India’s
while the situation was tense, it tal patients, and trying to lift prof- ways built around 35 Soviet-era tech hub in Bangalore in 2005.
had not reached a crisis point. its, by upgrading the purifiers so research institutes near the Si- Dmitri Verkhoved, a mathema-
Secretary of State Rex W. Tiller- they would consume less electric- berian city of Novosibirsk. They tician who was appointed to run
son played down any imminent ity. Most important, he is accused see it as the Russian government the operation, said Tion was “one
threat from North Korea, saying of doing this without first getting undermining its own stated eco- of our first start-ups,” opening in
Wednesday, “I think Americans the changes certified by state reg- nomic goal — that is, to nurture 2006, and had proved that innova-
should sleep well at night, have ulators. enterprises that harness Russian tive Russian companies can com-
no concerns about this particular It is a case that highlights the brain power instead of just suck- pete on the global market.
rhetoric of the last few days.” tensions between Putin’s aspira- ing oil, gas and minerals out of the The objective, he added, was “to
Still, some in the region said the tions for a dynamic private sector ground. show that you can do business and
danger of war had not seemed and his determination to enhance More than 5,000 people have make money here in Russia and
as clear and present in decades. the powers of Russia’s security ap- signed a petition appealing to Pu- don’t need to go abroad.”
What was unthinkable just years paratus. Using a 2014 law meant tin to stop “this shameful example ANDREW HIGGINS
ago no longer seems so, they said.
“We’re going to see a confron- In Brief
tation between the United States
and North Korea that will be fe-
rocious and strong and bloody,” North Korea Frees Canadian Pastor six of them. It was the sixth attack on French mili-
said Cheng Xiaohe, an associate tary forces since 2015, and added to the long string
professor at Renmin Universi- A Canadian pastor who had been sentenced to of attacks on uniformed security forces, Interior
ty of China in Beijing who called hard labor for life in North Korea was released on Minister Gérard Collomb said after the attack, un-
Trump’s language “explosive. humanitarian grounds on Wednesday, the North’s derscoring the extent to which uniformed officers
Officials in Asia and beyond have official media said. The Rev. Lim Hyeon-soo, a South appear to be a focus for terrorists. (NYT)
grown used to provocative mus- Korea-born pastor of the Light Korean Presbyte-
ings by Trump and they tend to rian Church in Toronto, received his penalty in De- Kenya Election Thrown Into Doubt
ignore them or to treat them as in- cember 2015, when North Korea’s Supreme Court
accurate reflections of American convicted him of carrying out “subversive plots” The Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga,
policy. But analysts saw his “fire and committing “activities against” the country, threw early results of the country’s presidential
and fury” remark as dangerous like harming the dignity of the supreme leadership election into doubt on Wednesday, claiming that the
and unlikely to deter North Ko- of Kim Jong-un. Lim was released on Wednesday, electoral commission’s servers had been hacked to
rea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. when the same court decided to free him on sick award the incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta, a significant
“We are used to painting North bail, the North’s official Korean Central News Agen- lead. Given Kenya’s history of postelection violence,
Korea as ‘unpredictable,’ but in- cy said. The agency’s one-sentence dispatch gave Odinga’s comments renewed fears of deadly un-
creasingly it is the U.S. that is in- no further detail. (NYT) rest, although he asked supporters to remain calm.
troducing strategic unpredictabil- Rights organizations have also warned of discrep-
ity into a volatile dynamic,” Euan Car Slams Into Soldiers in Paris ancies in the preliminary results. Protests followed
Graham, an analyst at the Lowy shortly afterward in parts of Kisumu, one of Kenya’s
Institute in Sydney, Australia, A usually quiet Paris suburb became the scene biggest cities and an opposition stronghold. Dem-
wrote in an email. of a terrorist attack early on Wednesday, when a onstrators also burned tires, set up roadblocks and
STEVEN LEE MYERS driver plowed his vehicle into a military patrol as clashed with the police in parts of Nairobi, the capi-
and CHOE SANG-HUN the soldiers were walking to their vehicles, injuring tal, The Associated Press reported. (NYT)


Manafort’s Home Searched as Part of Inquiry In Brief

WASHINGTON — Investiga- familiar with the inquiry spoke Manafort was hired by Trump’s
tors for the special counsel lead- on the condition of anonymity be- campaign in early 2016 as it pre- New York City Scraps
ing the Russia inquiry executed cause he did not want to be identi- pared for a potential delegate
a search warrant late last month fied discussing an ongoing federal fight. In June, he was named cam- 644,000 Old Warrants
at the Northern Virginia home of investigation. paign chairman but resigned just For years, beginning in the
President Trump’s former cam- The warrant, demanding tax two months later amid reports 1990s, aggressive enforcement
paign manager, Paul Manafort, for and foreign banking records, sug- that he had received millions of of minor offenses, like riding a
tax documents and foreign bank- gests that investigators are look- dollars in off-the-book payments bike on a sidewalk or drinking in
ing records, according to a person ing at criminal charges related for his consulting work in Ukraine. public, was a fundamental part
familiar with the matter. to the federal Bank Secrecy Act, Since then, Manafort has been of policing in New York. But one
The search is a sign that the which requires Americans to re- battered by a series of disclosures of the lasting consequences of
investigation into Manafort has port foreign banking accounts. that have raised questions about that enforcement has become a
broadened, and is the most signifi- It was already known that his business dealings, as well major policy dilemma, as more
cant public step that investigators Manafort was under investigation as his participation in the June and more people lived with the
have taken since the special coun- for his business dealings with his 2016 meeting between Trump threat of jail time for long-ago,
sel, Robert S. Mueller III, was ap- son-in-law; his role in a meeting campaign officials and Russians low-level charges. On Wednes-
pointed in May. Investigators are on June 9, 2016, between Trump claiming to have damaging infor- day, in a sweeping coda to those
expected to deploy a wide array campaign officials and Russians; mation on Hillary Clinton. policing practices, more than half
of similar measures — including and whether his work for the The search was carried out at a million outstanding warrants
interviews and subpoenas — in Ukrainian government violated Manafort’s home in Alexandria, for minor charges dating back at
the coming months as they move the Foreign Agents Registration Va., shortly after he met with in- least 10 years were dismissed in
forward. Act. vestigators for the Senate Intel- a coordinated effort by New York
Legal experts said that Mueller The search warrant is the lat- ligence Committee on July 25. In prosecutors to ease the enduring
might be trying to send a message est troubling development for that meeting, Manafort answered effects of that era. The district at-
to Manafort about the severity of Manafort, a longtime Republican questions and provided investiga- torneys for Brooklyn, the Bronx,
the investigation, and to pressure operative who has spent the last tors with notes from the June 2016 Manhattan and Queens collec-
him into cooperating. couple of decades working abroad meeting with the Russians. tively moved to dismiss about
A spokesman for Mueller de- as a consultant to foreign govern- MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT 644,000 warrants (NYT)
clined to comment. The person ments. and ADAM GOLDMAN
When Dinosaurs Roved, Mammals Took to Sky Trump Scolds McConnell
President Donald Trump scold-
ed his own party’s Senate leader
The Mesozoic Era, from 252 mil- far overhead, avoiding predatory er branch split. One lineage pro- on Wednesday for the crash of
lion years ago to 66 million years dinosaurs on the ground. duced the marsupials, such as the Republican drive to repeal
ago, is often called the Age of Di- The fossils “are most primi- kangaroos and opossums, which and rewrite the Obama health
nosaurs. To generations of paleon- tive-known mammal forerunners finish development in a pouch. care law, using Twitter to de-
tologists, early mammals from the that took to air,” said Zhe-Xi Luo, a The other lineage, our own, mand of Majority Leader Mitch
period were just tiny nocturnal in- paleontologist at the University of makes up the vast majority of McConnell, “Why not done?”
sect-eaters. Chicago who led the research. living mammal species. Placen- Trump fired back at the Kentucky
In recent years, scientists have As new fossils get unearthed, tal mammals all develop inside a Republican for telling a home-
significantly revised the story. scientists are using them to draw uterus, drawing blood from their state audience this week that the
Mammals already had evolved in many previously unknown mothers. president had “not been in this
into a staggering range of forms, branches on the mammal family Some of the newly discovered line of work before, and I think
fossil evidence shows. tree. mammal fossils belong to these had excessive expectations about
In a study published on All living mammals are divided three groups. Others belong to how quickly things happen in the
Wednesday, a team of paleontol- into three main branches. Platy- branches no one knew about be- democratic process.” (AP)
ogists added some particularly puses, which still lay eggs, belong fore. Of those, some diverged
fascinating new creatures to the to the oldest; their ancestors split from the common ancestors of liv- Soggy Seattle Dries Out
Mesozoic menagerie. These mam- off from those of other mammals ing mammals, but more primitive
mals did not lurk in the shadows roughly 170 million years ago. mammals split off even earlier. Soggy Seattle clocked the wet-
of dinosaurs. Instead, they glided Millions of years later, the oth- CARL ZIMMER test winter on record just months
ago. Now, the city known for its
Chasing Shadows for Glimpse of Tiny World Beyond Pluto Gore-Tex and overcast days has
gone in the other extreme: it’s
in its longest dry streak in more
This summer, scientists criss- that is believed to be a pristine, un- “It’s like, wow, this is going to be than six decades. As of Tuesday,
crossed two oceans, braved wind disturbed fragment from the earli- really cool,” said Marc W. Buie, an 52 consecutive dry days have
and cold and deployed two dozen est days of the solar system. astronomer at the Southwest Re- been measured at Seattle-Taco-
telescopes — all for five blinks of New Horizons will fly past it on search Institute in Boulder, Colo. ma International Airport, and
starlight that lasted a second or Jan. 1, 2019. “We don’t know what we’re going there is no rain in the forecast
less. From the five blinks, obtained to find.” for the next few days, said Gary
For the team working with NA- with exhausting effort, scien- While Pluto is the biggest object Schneider, meteorologist with the
SA’s New Horizons spacecraft, tists now know that it has an odd in the ring of icy debris known as National Weather Service in Se-
which made a spectacular flyby of shape. Instead of round like a ball the Kuiper belt, this object with attle. The previous record was set
Pluto two years ago, those smid- it appears to be more like a long, the designation 2014 MU69 is in 1951. Despite the dry streak,
gens of data provide intriguing skinny potato — or maybe two among the smallest. It promis- 2017 remains above normal for
hints about the spacecraft’s next objects in close orbit around each es clues about how the planets rainfall, partly due to downpours
destination, a distant frozen world other, possibly even touching. formed. (NYT) in winter and spring. (AP)


Currency Safe Haven Is Feeling Less Safe THE MARKETS

LONDON — It is the closest the dollar has surrendered nearly something and the dollar gets DJIA NASDAQ S & P 500
thing to a certainty in the global 8 percent against a basket of ma- hit.” 36.64 18.13 0.90
economy. When trouble flares jor currencies. A weaker dollar may be pleas- ↘ 0.17% ↘ 0.28% ↘ 0.04%
and anxiety mounts, people who The dollar remains the domi- ing to Trump. He has previously 22,048.70 6,352.33 2,474.02
manage money traditionally en- nant instrument for global trade, called for a cheaper greenback
trust it to a seemingly indomita- a role it is unlikely to surrender to make it easier for American EUROPE
ble refuge, the American dollar. anytime soon. Yet those who companies to sell goods abroad.
Yet on Wednesday, in the trade in currencies see tentative Yet if a weaker dollar is part of the BRITAIN GERMANY FRANCE
hours after President’s Trump’s signs that the dollar may be los- administration’s designs, it does FTSE 100 DAX CAC 40
threat to unleash “fire and fury” ing some status as markets grap- not appear to be jibing with other 44.67 138.05 73.19
on North Korea if it continued ple with the unorthodox actions elements of its plans. Since Janu- ↘ 0.59% ↘ 1.12% ↘ 1.40%
to menace the United States, of the man leading the nation ary, the dollar has slipped nearly 7,498.06 12,154.00 5,145.70
global investors sold the dollar. printing the money. 4 percent against China’s curren-
The same dynamic played out in “At the margin, investors may cy, the renminbi. ASIA/PACIFIC
June, as Saudi Arabia and other be a little more cautious in treat- Evidence is mixed on whether
Arab nations imposed an embar- ing the dollar as safe haven,” said the dollar is less of a safe haven. JAPAN HONG KONG CHINA
go on Qatar, delivering a fraught Jeremy Cook, chief economist While the value of the American NIKKEI 225 HANG SENG SHANGHAI
crisis to the oil-rich Persian Gulf. at World First, a London-based currency has dropped, so has 257.30 97.82 6.30
And the dollar dipped in July af- company that handles foreign another traditional refuge, the ↘ 1.29% ↘ 0.35% ↘ 0.19%
ter President Vladimir V. Putin exchange transactions. “Certain- Swiss franc. This may indicate 19,738.71 27,757.09 3,275.57
of Russia expelled 755 American ly, the sentiment toward the via- that geopolitical events have sim-
diplomats, ratcheting up tensions bility of the Trump administra- ply not reached a point at which AMERICAS
between the two nuclear powers. tion has not helped. There’s the investors are seeking shelter.
Since the beginning of the year, risk that at 3 a.m., Trump tweets PETER S. GOODMAN CANADA BRAZIL MEXICO
Markets Remain Calm, but Investors Nod to Caution ↘ 39.02 ↘ 40.72 ↘ 63.98
15,217.33 67,898.94 51,264.78
President Trump threatened and on Wednesday it continued equities when they have been on
nuclear war with North Korea, its march, increasing more than a tear as has been the case. COMMODITIES/BONDS
and the markets yawned. 1 percent. Gold’s strong move What is driving this anomaly,
While stocks in Asia sold off ini- pushed it just barely ahead of the some say, is a recognition that GOLD 10-YR. TREAS. CRUDE OIL
tially, the main market measures benchmark Standard & Poor’s eventually investors will no lon-
in the United States fell less than 500-stock index for the year. ger be able to ignore recent head- ↗ 16.60 ↘ 0.01 ↗ 0.39
half a percent on Wednesday and On Wednesday, both the S&P line risks — be it nuclear tensions $1,273.00 2.25% $49.56
ended the day nearly unchanged, 500 and the narrower Dow Jones with North Korea, a trade war
as investors stuck to focusing on industrial average ended the day with China or a debt ceiling crisis
buoyant economic fundamentals virtually flat. Earlier, the Nikkei in Washington. FOREIGN EXCHANGE
and ignoring the chaos of Ameri- index in Japan closed down 1.29 “There has been a Pavlovian
can politics. percent, while the Kospi index in response by investors to disre- Fgn. currency Dollars in
in Dollars fgn.currency
But beneath the calm there South Korea ended down 1.10 per- gard any piece of bad news or any
were signs that investors — who cent. European stocks were also spike in volatility — and that has Australia (Dollar) .7886 1.2681
have been conditioned since the lower, with London down 0.56 been a very profitable strategy,” Bahrain (Dinar) 2.6537 3.1556
Brazil (Real)
presidential election in Novem- percent and Frankfurt down 1.12 said Russ Koesterich, a portfolio Britain (Pound) 1.3004 .7690
ber to embrace risk instead of percent. manager for BlackRock’s $39 bil- Canada (Dollar) .7875 1.2698
running away from it — are be- Gold tends to outperform lion Global Allocation Fund. “But China (Yuan) .1499 6.6720
coming more cautious. stocks when the markets are we do think that there are risks Denmark (Krone) .1581 6.3255
The price of gold, a traditional sliding, so it is unusual for such a in the world that are not being Dom. Rep. (Peso) .0213 47.0200
Egypt (Pound)
safe investment, has been rising, conservative investment to beat priced in.” LANDON THOMAS Jr. Europe (Euro) 1.1755 .8507
Hong Kong (Dollar) .1280 7.8152
Suspended Fox News Host Sues Over Lewd-Photo Story Japan (Yen) .0091 17.9435
Mexico (Peso)
Norway (Krone) .1257 7.9550
Singapore (Dollar) .7335 1.3634
Eric Bolling, the suspend- was published, Fox News said it Ali, in a series of messages So. Africa (Rand) .0745 13.4189
ed Fox News host, initiated a had suspended Bolling pending posted on Twitter on Wednesday, So. Korea (Won) .0009 1138.4
$50 million defamation lawsuit an investigation. said he stood by his reporting and Sweden (Krona) .1223 8.1752
on Wednesday against the au- Bolling is seeking at least $50 would protect his sources. Switzerland (Franc) 1.0380 .9634
thor of a HuffPost report that million in reputational, monetary “Not going to stop reporting on Source: Thomson Reuters
said Bolling had sent lewd pho- and punitive damages and other Eric Bolling or anyone else,” he
tographs to three female col- costs, according to a summons said in one post. “I’ve had family
leagues. filed in State Supreme Court in members killed/jailed in Iran, a ONLINE: MORE PRICES
The article, by Yashar Ali, cited Manhattan. The summons cites lawsuit isn’t going to scare me.” AND ANALYSIS
a dozen unidentified people who what it calls Ali’s “efforts to injure Ali is a freelance writer whose Information on all United
said that Bolling had “sent an un- the plaintiff’s reputation through work has been published by New Æ
solicited photo of male genitalia the intentional and/or highly York magazine and Mother Jones States stocks, plus bonds, mu-
via text message to at least two reckless publication of actionable in addition to HuffPost. tual funds, commodities and foreign
colleagues at Fox Business and false and misleading statements Fox News said its investigation stocks along with analysis of indus-
one colleague at Fox News.” On about the plaintiff’s conduct and into Bolling was continuing. try sectors and stock indexes:
Saturday, a day after the article character.” EMILY STEEL


Alt-Right Finds New Enemy in Silicon Valley

When James Damore, a Goo- Google’s GAINERS AND LOSERS
gle engineer, was fired this week offices in % Volume
for writing a 10-page manifesto Mountain Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
spelling out his grievances with
the company’s progressive val- View, Calif. 10 MOST ACTIVE
ues and positing A Google AMD (AMD) 12.83 ◊0.28 ◊2.1 587602
Bankof (BAC)
The ShifT that biological engineer’s Valean (VRX) 14.07 ◊1.57 ◊10.0 389719
Kevin Roose differences ex- firing has Vonage (VG) 10.92 +0.14 +1.7 377993
FordMo (F)
plained the tech become a MylanN (MYL) 32.08 +0.29 +0.9 320214
industry’s gender gap, it might cause for right- GE (GE) 25.71 +0.15 +0.6 295557
HertzG (HTZ)
+3.29 +23.0
have seemed like the end of a bi- wing activists WaltDi (DIS) 102.83 ◊4.15 ◊3.9 276509
Snap (SNAP)
zarre, short-lived morality tale.
But for the alt-right, the battle online. % Volume
was just beginning. Minutes MICHAEL SHORT/BLOOMBERG Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
after Damore’s firing was an-
nounced, a flurry of right-wing Patreon, of censoring right-wing turning against the companies 10 TOP GAINERS 10.35 +2.19 +26.8 11179
Natera (NTRA)
websites, message boards and views, and have pledged to ex- that enabled it in the first place. HertzG (HTZ) 17.57 +3.29 +23.0 288188
social media cliques sprang into pose Silicon Valley for what they Like most modern political Zynerb (ZYNE) 13.38 +1.33 +21.2 43037
+2.17 +19.4
Silver (SSNI)
action, eager to paint the episode say is a pervasive, industrywide movements, the alt-right relies Precip (PRPO) 5.17 +0.79 +18.0 168
as another example of liberal po- liberal bias. on tech platforms like YouTube Envest (ENV) 44.60 +6.35 +16.6 14875
+0.66 +14.8
Sanche (SN)
litical correctness run amok. Complaints like these might and Twitter to rally supporters, Omeros (OMER) 24.90 +3.18 +14.6 18149
For alt-right activists, who once have been easily dismissed. collect donations and organize GreenD (GDOT) 45.92 +5.57 +13.8 15062
+5.81 +13.1
Medifa (MED)
occupy the rightmost flanks of a But in the Trump era, as the right gatherings. In that sense, Silicon
powerful conservative internet wing’s internet warriors have Valley progressivism isn’t just % Volume
subculture, Google’s response to refined their tactics, they are an ideological offense to the alt- Stock (Ticker) Close Chg chg (100)
Damore’s memo was low-hang- putting Silicon Valley in an un- right — it’s an operational threat. 10 TOP LOSERS
ing fruit for mockery. But there comfortable position. It’s unlikely that any alt-right Surger (SGRY) 12.15 ◊7.00 ◊36.6 49918
is another reason that the alt- The alt-right isn’t necessarily protest will make a dent in the VitmnS (VSI) 6.10 ◊3.50 ◊36.5 51455
right’s opposition campaign wrong when it claims that Silicon bottom lines of multibillion-dol- Maiden (MHLD) 7.73 ◊2.83 ◊26.8 195412
Fossil (FOSL)
◊2.97 ◊25.1
appeared so quickly. For the last Valley is steeped in social liber- lar Silicon Valley behemoths. But WescoA (WAIR) 7.85 ◊2.50 ◊24.2 26296
several months, far-right activ- alism. These are companies that by forcing these companies to Vectru (VEC) 25.77 ◊7.53 ◊22.6 3808
ChemoC (CCXI)
◊2.29 ◊22.6
ists have mounted an aggressive emerged out of Bay Area coun- take sides in an emerging culture Calix (CALX) 5.35 ◊1.50 ◊21.9 12686
campaign against some of Silicon terculture, that sponsor annual war, these activists have already Bellic (BLCM) 23.88 ◊2.28 ◊21.2 28371
◊5.91 ◊19.8
Therav (TBPH)
Valley’s biggest players. floats in gay pride parades and achieved a kind of perverse goal. Source: Thomson Reuters
Extending their attacks hang “Black Lives Matter” signs They have found a new punching
beyond social networks like on the walls of their offices. bag, and they have proved that Stocks on the Move
Facebook and Twitter, they have There is a certain poetic justice in the hyper-polarized Trump
accused a long list of companies, in the alt-right, largely an inter- era, there is no such thing as Stocks that moved substantially or traded
including Airbnb, PayPal and net-based political movement, neutrality. heavily on Wednesday:
Walt Disney Co., down $4.15 to $102.83.
Disney’s Move to Streaming Begins a New Era The media company reported disappoint-
ing revenue as cable-network profits fell.
Netflix Inc., down $2.58 to $175.78.
LOS ANGELES — Disney set movies from Netflix. That sent executive, has also made an im- Disney said it will end an exclusive deal
off a sonic boom in Hollywood by Netflix shares downward. The portant calculation: He believes with Netflix and launch its own streaming
unveiling plans to start two Net- question seemed to be, how would that Disney — unlike most of its services.
flix-style services: For the first Netflix, even with its head start competitors — has channels that Priceline Group Inc., down $142.20 to
time in the streaming age, the in terms of audience and reach, are must-haves in the old model $1,906.80. The online booking service
world’s largest media company manage without the mighty (cable and satellite) and in the gave a third-quarter forecast that came up
had decided that embracing a mouse? And would Disney’s new (streaming). Put another short of analysts’ estimates.
new business model was more plunge into streaming encourage way, Disney has the power to Fossil Group Inc., down $2.97 to $8.87.
important than protecting its ex- the likes of Discovery and Viacom introduce streaming offerings The watch maker had a poor second quar-
isting one. to do the same, intensifying com- around ESPN, Pixar films and ter and took a huge charge.
Disney’s decision to better petition? Disney Channel shows without
align itself with consumer trends On Wednesday, as analysts and worrying about being dropped by Lockheed Martin Corp., up $5.12 to
— deemed “a rare and impressive investors scratched for answers, third-party distributors. $305.22. Tensions between the U.S. and
North Korea lifted stock of defense con-
pivot” by RBC Capital Markets — few firm ones emerged. “It’s high time we got in this tractors.
instantly reverberated through “What Disney is doing is a real- business,” Iger told analysts on a
the entertainment industry. Dis- ly big deal in terms of trying new conference call on Tuesday. “The Green Dot Corp., up $5.57 to $45.92.
ney’s cable channels, which in- things, and I don’t think it even profitability, the revenue-gener- The prepaid debit card company raised
clude ESPN, have long been seen has answers to some of these ating capability of this initiative its profit forecasts and gave more details
as the reason many viewers were questions, including what the is substantially greater than the about its partnership with Apple.
refraining from cutting the cord services will cost,” said Michael business models we’re currently Office Depot Inc., down $1.58 to $4.53.
entirely. Vorhaus, president of Magid Ad- being served by.” The office supply company’s second-quar-
As part of its announcement, visors, a media and digital video In the end, there was only as- ter results fell short of Wall Street’s pro-
Disney said that it would spend consultancy. “But it’s clearly not pect of Disney’s move that ev- jections.
heavily on original programming the end of linear television. It’s eryone seemed to agree on: The Charles Schwab Corp., down 62 cents to
for one of its streaming services not the end of Netflix.” streaming boom is only getting $42.02. Financial companies and banks
and pull future Disney and Pixar Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief started. BROOKS BARNES fell as bond yields dropped. (AP)


Is the Best Pedicure in N.Y. Worth $85? Walmart Heirs

Snap Up Rapha
Is there anything easier to sell My feet had probably last
than a pedicure to a sweaty New been that soft at birth. It was
Yorker? Plop down, let someone an indulgence but one that LONDON — Rapha, the upmar-
soak and exfoliate and massage I felt good about. I swore I’d ket British bikewear brand credited
and moisturize your feet, and all never let anyone else touch with bringing fashionable as well as
that is asked of you my feet again. functional garments to the booming
Me TiMe is to stare into space, But no matter how much cycling market, is set to get additional
Marisa read that week’s you spend, nails grow and pol- pedal power in the form of a major new
Meltzer tabloid or, in my case, ish chips. Two weeks later, my shareholder.
gently stalk your feet were returning to their The company, based in London,
high school crush’s wife on Insta- usual hooflike appearance, announced Monday that RZC Invest-
gram. It’s a respite, a meditation, and I don’t have the kind of ments, an investment vehicle set up by
a way for me to incorporate some bank balance that could justi- Steuart and Tom Walton, two scions of
color into my wardrobe. fy pedicures that cost nearly the billionaire Walmart dynasty, would
Much has rightly been made three figures. So I made an take a majority stake in the business,
about the conditions of workers appointment at Sundays, a which was founded by its chief execu-
in nail salons. Many nail-care new nail studio that has its tive, Simon Mottram, in 2004.
enthusiasts have started to pick own in-house line of nontoxic,
salons for not just the quality of vegan, cruelty-free polishes.
their work, but also for their val- KENDRA DANDY Sundays is a step up from
ues: nontoxic polishes, ethical la- the usual neighborhood sa-
bor conditions, medical training. lon, but with comparable pric-
They tend to come with a higher price tag, too. es. The vibe is Instagram chic, with cowhide chairs,
When I saw that Shen Beauty, a beauty store pillows with a Memphis-style print, and the leafy
and salon in New York, was offering $85 pedicures, plants that are so ubiquitous in businesses catering
I came down with a case of sticker shock, then to a certain millennial, city-dwelling, female cli-
booked an appointment. It was a pop-up for Krista entele. It’s also casually luxurious, with pedicures
Archer, a podiatric surgeon. starting at $45.
What she offers is a medical pedicure, performed Self-improvement is big at Sundays. It offers Garment prices include gloves
by nail technicians she trains and supervises who a guided meditation you can listen to on head- for $200 and jerseys for $290.
use sterilized and single-use instruments. There’s phones while technicians in blush pink cardigans
cleaning the feet, filing the nails, grooming the cuti- work on your nails. And they certainly know what
cles and nail beds, moisturizing and massaging and they’re doing. Your feet are thoroughly attended Rapha’s premium garments range in
polishing. What you’re really paying for, besides to: There’s a soak with sea salt, a lot of attention to cost from around $70 for a long-sleeve
guaranteed sterility, is a kind of Type A pedicure in sloughing off rough spots and repairing cuticles T-shirt to $200 for gloves and $290 for a
its thorough and exacting approach. with sterile tools. jersey. Its sales hit $80 million for the 12
There was a glycolic peel, followed by a soak with For polish, I chose a raspberry shade from the months ending January 2017.
pink Himalayan sea salts and Archer’s own Sole house line. The Waltons have an avid affection
Savour Scrub that has fine bits of pumice in it and I then put my pedicure to the test, going to a for cycling. “It was very important to
a slightly herbaceous scent. After my heels and cu- beach and walking through tide pools. My polish me that they are both passionate cy-
ticles were polished and pushed back, there was a didn’t budge. But when it does, I can afford to keep clists,” Mottram said.
cream, a balm and an antifungal tea tree nail oil. going back. ELIZABETH PATON
Anger Rooms Are All the Rage. Haltingly, We Gave It a Whack.

Smashing things may not seem After an initial floor sparkled with black glass.
at first blush to be a winning idea setback, the Over all, here’s what I found.
to wrap a business around. Since Hastening an object toward en-
March, however, nearly 1,500 writer got into tropy isn’t as easy as you might
people have shown up to break a groove and think. Televisions are extremely
housewares, electronics and fur- made Swiss hard to destroy, even with a metal
niture at the Wrecking Club, two cheese out of bat. Apple monitors are even more
reinforced rooms in the basement a flat-screen durable. Chairs are impossible.
of a building in New York. television. Daly has learned a thing or two
Many of this number are cou- about human nature.
ples looking for something more “From my very humble and lim-
piquant than the usual date-night ited education, I think that part of
fare, said Tom Daly, the Wrecking what’s going on here is that break-
Club’s proprietor. But rage is not DINA LITOVSKY FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES ing stuff gives people back their
confined to romantic unions. edge,” he said. “It lets people take
“That’s the cool thing about ad- plywood for maximum “smash something out.” their power back. Imagine get-
dressing an instinct,” he said re- effect,” as Daly put it. The rooms I picked up a bat, approached a ting fired. It sucks. It’s defeating.
cently. “Everyone’s got it.” have been lightly embellished in TV, and, I am ashamed to say, I hit Or you got dumped, or you didn’t
The vibe and aesthetic of the black and orange graffiti. the thing like a girl. Minor crack. get into the college you wanted, or
Wrecking Club is part CBGB’s There are two things that pro- Then I found a bit of a rhythm, imagine whatever it is that makes
basement circa 1977, part Stasi pel people into the Wrecking finally, with my bat, and systemat- you feel weak. This is a place
interrogation room. Each room Club, Daly said. “One is to have ically worked my way over the TV where you can get back your pow-
is clad in pocked cement and some fun, and the other is to work screen — pop, pop, pop — until the er.” PENELOPE GREEN


On Cloth Scraps, Syrian Names Immortalized in Rust and Blood

BOWIE, Md. — Under the clinical white It was in that fetid underground jail that Back in that Syrian prison, with ruthless
lights of a Maryland conservation center Omari and four of his fellow inmates set out to government guards watching over them, Om-
on Tuesday, Mansour Omari carefully laid record the names of all 82 prisoners there, in ari and his friends had set about improvising
out five scraps of worn material that have the hope of informing their families and docu- writing materials: Small panels of fabric were
traveled within the collar of his shirt — past menting the atrocities. cut carefully from the backs of their shirts.
Syrian government forces and across oceans “When I was inside, I saw myself, what I Broken chicken bones were used as pens.
— covered in blood and rust, and in the fading was documenting,” he said. “I saw it firsthand. And when the tomato sauce from their rations
names of the disappeared. I felt it was my duty, actually.” proved too thin for makeshift ink, the friends
A human-rights activist, fighting for free- The resulting lists, which included the used blood from their ailing gums mixed with
dom of speech and chronicling the missing, prisoners’ contact details, were sewn into the flakes of rust from the prison’s iron bars.
Omari was arrested in February 2012 in his collar and cuffs of a shirt and smuggled out by “We did it almost secretly. We didn’t want
Damascus office and went on to spend about Omari, who was the first among the group to other people to know because there is a dan-
a year in a series of prisons, including nine be released. ger that some of them would tell the general,”
months in a brutal facility under the supervi- The scraps of material are now being lent to Omari, 37, said.
sion of Maher al-Assad, the brother of Presi- the United States Holocaust Memorial Muse- Conservationists at the museum are pre-
dent Bashar al-Assad of Syria. um for an exhibition in Washington. paring to study the fabric and are researching
how best to preserve it. The chief conservator,
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz Jane E. Klinger, said her team was looking to
construct containers to hold the documents —
PUZZLE BY JOHN E. BENNETT AND JEFF CHEN perhaps from plexiglass fitted with ultraviolet
ACROSS 40 Attachment to a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 lights — which have so far been buried within
1 Diner staple, for job app
short 41 Congested place, 14 15 16 a notebook Omari bought at the civilian pris-
4 Wine, informally, at times 17 18 19 on to which he was moved in late 2012.
with “the” 42 Attraction at “That’s a very good solution for a lay person
9 Astronaut Kelly Boeing’s Museum 20 21 because they’re protected, flat, there’s an
of Flight, for short
14 [Shrug] 43 “J’adore ___” (ad amount of cushioning,” she said, using white
15 Itching slogan) 22 23 24 25 gloves and small metal tools to look through
16 Right to the point 44 Sound of metallic 26 27 28 29 30 31 Omari’s notebook.
17 Whatever it takes impact On Tuesday at the museum’s David and Fe-
32 33 34 la Shapell Family Collections, Conservation
20 Party person 45 2016 Disney film
21 Musician whose 46 Carriage with its 35 36 37 38 and Research Center, about an hour’s drive
first name is a horse from Washington, Omari unveiled the names
toy 47 It might prevent 39 40 41 of the prisoners to a small group of conserva-
22 ___ trick you from drifting 42 43 44 tionists.
23 Home to an off Flipping through the notebook’s worn pag-
annual Ideas 51 James I and 45 46 es, he revealed memories, all dated carefully
Festival Charles I
26 First name of 55 Whatever it 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 on the top of every page.
the second vice takes … as Scribbled neatly on the book’s tattered front
president to hinted at in the 55 56 57 are the words “la dolce vita,” or “the good life.”
resign from office arrangements “I don’t take it out so much,” he said in slow,
28 Mulching of black squares 58 59 60 hushed English. “It’s so emotional for me
material around the
circled letters 61 62 63 when I see it.”
29 Dynamite
58 Together “I was writing it for myself, trying to see
32 “Pagliacci” role 59 Short loin cut 8/10/17 that life is beautiful even after all that hap-
33 China’s ___ 2 Dunham of 12 Silent part of 34 Seat of New pened,” he added. AVANTIKA CHILKOTI
Dynasty 60 Pac-12 athlete “Girls” “mnemonic” Mexico’s Doña
61 Like a workaholic Ana County
34 Symbol of 3 “What you have 13 Banks of
gentleness 62 Big rolls to realize …” “America’s Got 38 Pose
35 ___ Sound 63 Seat of 4 Transmission Talent” 43 Square one
36 Hoary Christianity? element 18 Spent the most? 45 Bucks
37 Latin American 5 “The Martha ___ 19 Something said 47 Somewhat 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
sweetie DOWN Show” of 1950s by a put-out •
TV Putin? 48 Letters that
39 Symbol of 1 Standout in a might precede Tom Brady, Editor
Christianity quad 6 Recluse’s 24 Flippered animal email: [email protected]
problem, maybe along the Pacific 10001 •
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 7 What a “/” may 49 Bloke TimesDigest Sales Office
mean 25 Don’t open it! 50 Darn it! phone: (212) 556-1200
AN TE S I DO L G LA D 8 Procter & 26 Indy racer 52 Newcastle upon fax: (646) 461-2364
MO OL A P ON E E AS E Gamble cleaning sponsor ___, England email: [email protected]
CH ES SM AT CH EM IL brand 27 Hairstyles that 53 Add (up) •
IS R H EA R E MU 9 Do a little need lots of
ED GE IC E R ED BO X cuddling 54 Distort For advertising information
LE O A BE CA RV E 10 ___ desk 29 Everyday 56 Rare occurrences and to request a media kit
FE TA AM ES IO WA (newspaper post) 30 -NH 2 at Super Bowls, contact InMotion Media:
DO UB LE ST EN NI S 11 Roman emperor attachment, in briefly phone: (212) 213-5856
TR IB UT ES SN OB who overthrew 57 Clutch hitter’s email: [email protected]
BE HA N P YE ED U Galba 31 Toy shooter stat •
OM ELE T O MG PDA S Home delivery subscribers who have
PE D T AB U E EL Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 9,000 past puzzles, not received TimesDigest should call
ER OS SO CK DR AW ER ($39.95 a year). (800) 698-4637 or email
EG GO ES AI IN AN E Read about and comment on each puzzle: [email protected]
PE ST SE ND CA RD S Crosswords for young solvers:



Fears of Missiles, and Words It’s Not Too Late

North Korea’s substantial nuclear arsenal
On some emotional level, one might be able national security adviser; and Jim Mattis, the and improving intercontinental ballistic mis-
to see why Donald Trump threatened to un- defense secretary, who know well the perils of sile capacity pose a growing threat to Ameri-
leash “fire and fury” against North Korea if war — caution him about the role of nuclear ca’s security. But we need not face an immedi-
it endangered the United States. The North’s weapons in national security strategy, about ate crisis if we play our hand carefully.
nuclear program is a growing menace, its war- better ways to signal toughness and about the We have long lived with successive Kims’
mongering tirades are unquestionably un- dangers of idle threats? belligerent and colorful rhetoric — as am-
nerving, and peaceful solutions to the threat It is hard to believe that they would condone bassador to the United Nations in the Obama
it poses have been maddeningly elusive over Trump’s risky approach, and on Wednesday, administration, I came to expect it whenever
many years. the damage control began. While Mattis re- we passed resolutions. What is unprecedent-
But Trump is president of the United States, inforced his boss’s belligerent tone, and ex- ed and especially dangerous this time is the
and if prudent, disciplined leadership was ever pressed confidence that North Korea would reaction of President Trump. Unscripted, the
required, it is now. Rhetorically stomping his “lose any arms race or conflict it initiates,” he president said that if North Korea makes new
feet, as he did on Tuesday, is not just irrespon- more prudently focused on the North’s con- threats to the United States, “they will be met
sible; it is dangerous. He is no longer a busi- crete “actions” rather than on vague threats with fire and fury like the world has never
nessman trying to browbeat someone into a and voiced support for a diplomatic solution. seen.” These words risk tipping the Korean
deal. He commands the most powerful nuclear Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he saw Peninsula into war, if the North’s leader, Kim
and conventional arsenal in the world, and any no reason to believe that war was imminent. Jong-un, believes them and acts precipitously.
miscalculation could be catastrophic. Meanwhile, some White House aides report- Either Trump is issuing an empty threat of
Even if Trump’s provocative remarks were edly urged reporters not to read too much into nuclear war, which will further erode Ameri-
part of a deliberate strategy for ratcheting the president’s remarks. can credibility and deterrence, or he actually
up pressure on North Korea — and on China, It may be too late for that. Trump’s words intends war next time Kim behaves provoca-
which as the North’s main food and fuel sup- speak the loudest; the North Koreans have tively. The first scenario is folly, but a United
plier has more influence on it than any other heard them and, in response, warned that States decision to start a pre-emptive war on
nation — they would be at odds with the mea- they were examining plans to attack Guam, an the Korean Peninsula, in the absence of an im-
sured approach of his predecessors. This is a American territory with a military base. minent threat, would be lunacy.
president with no prior government or mili- Since Truman, presidents have largely But war is not necessary to achieve pre-
tary experience who has shown no clear grasp avoided the kind of militaristic threats issued vention, despite what some in the Trump ad-
of complex strategic issues. by Trump because they feared such language ministration seem to have concluded. History
Trump and his aides must have anticipat- could escalate a crisis. shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear
ed that he would be asked by reporters about Tougher sanctions, coupled with Tillerson’s weapons in North Korea — the same way we
North Korea after the United Nations Security continued efforts at a diplomatic solution, are tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of
Council tightened sanctions on Saturday af- the best path to a peaceful end to this conflict. Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War. It
ter the North’s latest missile tests. Why, then, That is what Trump should also be focused on. will require being pragmatic.
didn’t his team of generals — John Kelly, the Engaging in a war of words with North Korea First, though we can never legitimize North
new chief of staff; Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the only makes it harder to de-escalate. Korea as a nuclear power, we know it is high-
ly unlikely to relinquish its sizable arsenal
Closing the Courthouse Door because Kim deems the weapons essential to
his regime’s survival. The North can now re-
portedly reach United States territory with its
The Trump administration is moving to deny wrongdoing in which thousands or millions of ICBMs. The challenge is to ensure that it would
Americans their day in court when they have customers lose amounts that may be mean- never try.
been wronged. ingful for each customer, though not enough to Second, to avoid blundering into a costly
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid warrant an individual fighting a corporation. war, the United States needs to immediately
Services want to reverse an Obama-era reg- Arbitration, in contrast, is so clearly stacked halt the reckless rhetoric. John Kelly, Trump’s
ulation that bars most nursing homes from against customers that most people don’t even chief of staff, must assert control over the
forcing residents to agree to resolve disputes bother. And yet, arbitration has been the only White House, including his boss.
in private arbitration, instead of in court. The recourse even in cases where customers were Third, we must enhance our antimissile sys-
Department of Education recently announced defrauded, like those caught up in the scandals tems and other defenses, and those of our al-
that it was working to reverse an Obama-era at Wells Fargo who could not sue because of lies, which need our reassurances.
rule that prevents most for-profit colleges the bank’s mandatory arbitration. Fourth, we must continue to raise the costs
and other schools from enforcing arbitration The rule — which will cost banks about $1 bil- to North Korea of maintaining its nuclear pro-
agreements when resolving loan disputes by lion a year, according to analysis by the bureau grams. Ratcheting up sanctions, obtaining un-
students. — does not threaten the banks’ survival; it only fettered United Nations authority to interdict
Now, congressional Republicans are getting threatens their impunity. suspect cargo, increasing Pyongyang’s polit-
into the act by attacking a new rule, issued by Congressional Republicans continue to ical isolation and seeding information into the
the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, threaten the rule. Before their summer break North that can increase regime fragility are all
that will let Americans bring class-action law- began, House Republicans passed legislation important elements of a pressure campaign.
suits against banks instead of being forced into to scrap it, using the fast-track procedures of Finally, we must begin a dialogue with China
arbitration. Without the rule, which is sched- the Congressional Review Act. Companion about additional efforts and contingencies on
uled to apply to transactions next year, banks legislation has been introduced in the Senate. the peninsula, and revive diplomacy to test po-
could continue to profit from abusive products If Senate Republicans, once again blinded by tential negotiated agreements that could veri-
and practices without ever facing a court chal- their antipathy to President Barack Obama, fiably limit or eliminate North Korea’s arsenal.
lenge, and aggrieved customers would contin- vote to repeal this rule, they will join their Rational, steady American leadership can
ue to be shunted into arbitration. House colleagues and the Trump administra- avoid a crisis and counter a growing North
Class-action lawsuits are often the only re- tion in closing the court house door to vulnera- Korean threat. It’s past time that the United
alistic way to hold corporations to account for ble, victimized and defrauded Americans. States started exercising power responsibly.


Woods Said to Reach Plea Deal in D.U.I. Case Falcons Keep Freeman

In $41.25 Million Deal
PALM BEACH GARDENS, different than anyone else,” Ellis driver’s side. It is not clear how he On the eve of their first presea-
Fla. — Tiger Woods has agreed said. damaged the car. Officers checked son game, the Atlanta Falcons ad-
to plead guilty to reckless driving Woods’s lawyer, Douglas Dun- the area but did not find that he dressed their biggest issue com-
and will enter a diversion pro- can, entered a not guilty plea to had hit anything. ing into training camp. Devonta
gram that will allow him to have the D.U.I. charge on Woods’s be- Woods did not know where he Freeman has a new contract.
his record wiped clean if he com- half and declined to comment as was when asked by officers, and The defending N.F.C. champions
pletes the program, a prosecutor he left the courthouse. he stumbled and swayed through agreed to terms Wednesday on
said on Wednesday. The D.U.I. arrest was the first a field sobriety test, a police dash- a five-year, $41.25 million exten-
Woods, 41, was charged with time Woods had been in trouble board camera video showed. sion with Freeman, making him
driving under the influence in with the law since Thanksgiving Woods told officers he was taking the highest-paid running back in
May when he was found asleep in weekend of 2009, when he plowed the painkiller Vicodin and Xanax, the league in terms of the overall
his Mercedes-Benz, apparently his S.U.V. into a tree and a fire hy- which treats anxiety and insom- package. (AP)
under the influence of a prescrip- drant outside his home in Winder- nia, to cope with his fourth back
tion painkiller and sleeping medi- mere, Fla. That led to revelations surgery in April. Murray Out With Injury
cation. No alcohol was found in his that he had multiple extramarital Woods announced last month
system. affairs and a divorce from his wife, that he had completed treatment Andy Murray has pulled out of
Woods did not appear at the Elin Nordegren, the mother of his at an out-of-state clinic to deal next week’s Western & Southern
Palm Beach County courthouse two children. with his use of prescription med- Open in Cincinnati because of
for his arraignment. Prosecutor Woods was arrested at 2 a.m. ications. an ongoing hip injury. He has
Adrienne Ellis said Woods agreed May 29 about 15 miles from his His 79 PGA Tour victories and not played since his Wimbledon
to plead guilty at an Oct. 25 hear- home in Jupiter, Fla., when offi- 14 major titles both rank No. 2 on quarterfinal loss to Sam Querrey
ing and enter the county’s pro- cers found him unconscious in the career list. He has not compet- on July 12. Murray said Wednes-
gram for first-time D.U.I. offend- his Mercedes-Benz, which was ed since February because of his day that he is working hard to be
ers. parked awkwardly on the side of back injury, and is not expected to fit for the U.S. Open. (AP)
“He is not being treated any the road and had damage to the return this year. (AP) A.L. SCORES

Mets Fail Once Again to Make a Clean Getaway TUESDAY’S LATE GAMES
Chicago White Sox 8, Houston 5
Minnesota 11, Milwaukee 4
Seattle 7, Oakland 6, 10 innings
Wednesday was another get- Cleveland. “There was no rhythm sel Robles, who inherited a bas- L.A. Angels 3, Baltimore 2
away game to forget for the Mets. to this game,” he said. “It never es-loaded, no-out jam from Josh WEDNESDAY
Like most of their others this sea- seemed to flow.” It was, he added, Smoker, walked Drew Robinson. Colorado 3, Cleveland 2, 12 innings
son, this one, too, ended in a loss. a game that was “tough to get in- Robles, making his first appear- Seattle 6, Oakland 3
L.A. Angels 5, Baltimore 1
The Mets have now played to.” ance since walking in the winning Yankees 11, Toronto 5
nine getaway games this season The Mets were held hitless for run at Colorado last Thursday, af- Boston 8, Tampa Bay 2
— the final home game before four innings by Martin Perez, ter which he complained of numb- Detroit 10, Pittsburgh 0
leaving on a trip — and lost seven who entered the game with a 5.46 ness in his pitching hand, ended Chicago White Sox 7, Houston 1
of them. The latest was Wednes- earned run average. Perez lost his up working three hitless innings N.L. SCORES
day’s 5-1 loss at Citi Field to the no-hitter and shutout when Wilm- and struck out five of the 11 batters
Texas Rangers, which took more er Flores homered leading off the he faced. The Mets got two other TUESDAY’S LATE GAMES
than three hours to play but was fifth — the shot was originally hits, a single by Jose Reyes and Arizona 6, L.A. Dodgers 3
San Francisco 6, Chicago Cubs 3
essentially over by the end of the thought to be in play, with Flores another by rookie Amed Rosario. WEDNESDAY
first inning, in which the Rangers stopping at second, until an um- The Mets now leave Citi Field Texas 5, Mets 1
scored three runs off Mets starter pires’ review showed that the ball for six games, playing four against San Francisco 3, Chicago Cubs 1
Rafael Montero. had hit above the orange home the Philadelphia Phillies begin- Washington 10, Miami 1
The day was aptly summarized run line in left field. ning Thursday night and two Cincinnati 8, San Diego 3
Philadelphia 3, Atlanta 2
by Mets outfielder Jay Bruce, who The Rangers, though, added against the Yankees in the Bronx. Minnesota 4, Milwaukee 0
was later traded by the Mets to another run when reliever Han- WALLY MATTHEWS St. Louis 8, Kansas City 5
WEATHER Houston 92/ 76 0.06 92/ 77 PC 93/ 77 T Cape Town 63/ 41 0 61/ 53 W 59/ 46 R
Kansas City 83/ 60 0.28 83/ 66 PC 83/ 63 PC Dublin 68/ 48 0 65/ 54 PC 66/ 51 Sh
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 82/ 67 0 87/ 66 PC 87/ 68 PC Geneva 73/ 54 0 67/ 52 Sh 62/ 53 Sh
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 93/ 84 0 88/ 78 T 91/ 80 T Hong Kong 91/ 82 0.08 93/ 82 T 92/ 84 T
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 71/ 66 0.42 74/ 60 Sh 78/ 60 PC Kingston 90/ 82 0.03 91/ 78 PC 89/ 78 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 84/ 65 0 84/ 67 S 80/ 69 PC Lima 69/ 60 0 68/ 58 C 69/ 58 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 92/ 78 0.19 91/ 74 T 91/ 75 T London 61/ 55 1.58 68/ 52 PC 67/ 59 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 85/ 65 0 86/ 67 S 84/ 68 T Madrid 86/ 61 0 82/ 56 S 86/ 60 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 111/ 85 0 108/ 87 PC 106/ 85 C Mexico City 73/ 56 0.04 66/ 55 T 72/ 56 T
Salt Lake City 90/ 69 0.08 90/ 69 T 93/ 70 T Montreal 75/ 63 0 81/ 61 C 82/ 63 PC
San Francisco 66/ 59 0 72/ 60 PC 71/ 59 PC Moscow 72/ 54 0 76/ 59 PC 78/ 61 PC
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 90/ 61 0 89/ 61 PC 83/ 58 PC Nassau 90/ 79 0.23 93/ 80 PC 93/ 80 PC
Albuquerque 91/ 67 0 92/ 68 PC 89/ 66 PC St. Louis 84/ 60 0 89/ 71 PC 85/ 66 PC Paris 66/ 55 0.32 69/ 54 T 73/ 56 C
Atlanta 80/ 72 0.28 83/ 72 T 85/ 73 T Washington 85/ 65 0 85/ 69 S 82/ 71 T Prague 77/ 61 0.04 78/ 61 R 68/ 54 R
Boise 92/ 66 0 94/ 67 PC 94/ 67 PC FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 90/ 68 0 76/ 65 PC 74/ 63 C
Boston 85/ 63 0 82/ 66 S 80/ 64 PC Rome 95/ 75 0 93/ 72 PC 82/ 65 S
Buffalo 79/ 62 0 83/ 64 PC 79/ 64 Sh Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 55/ 46 0.01 52/ 38 R 50/ 36 Sh
Charlotte 83/ 66 0 84/ 70 T 84/ 69 T Acapulco 90/ 76 0.09 81/ 76 T 88/ 77 PC Stockholm 72/ 55 0 72/ 56 PC 78/ 57 PC
Chicago 82/ 61 0 84/ 66 PC 79/ 62 PC Athens 96/ 84 0 95/ 80 PC 97/ 80 PC Sydney 69/ 48 0 76/ 59 PC 75/ 50 PC
Cleveland 84/ 61 0 85/ 66 S 85/ 65 T Beijing 84/ 75 0.04 92/ 75 PC 94/ 74 C Tokyo 97/ 81 0.27 86/ 76 R 82/ 75 R
Dallas-Ft. Worth 92/ 74 0 95/ 80 PC 98/ 80 C Berlin 81/ 64 0 74/ 60 R 73/ 58 R Toronto 84/ 61 0 81/ 66 PC 78/ 64 T
Denver 77/ 58 0.05 77/ 56 T 84/ 57 PC Buenos Aires 63/ 52 0 65/ 57 R 65/ 55 R Vancouver 76/ 60 0 75/ 58 S 75/ 58 S
Detroit 85/ 62 0 86/ 65 S 82/ 62 PC Cairo 96/ 79 0 97/ 77 S 98/ 79 S Warsaw 86/ 61 0 92/ 69 T 96/ 69 PC


A World-Record Holder May Finally Win a Title

LONDON — After hurdling for “I know the crowd is going to be morning to the track. was the perfect storm.”
redemption at London Stadium amazing. I love the track. It is “I’m pretty sure I was crying Will it thus be impossible to
last year, and getting plenty of it, fast, obviously, so I’m just getting throughout the workout because generate another one?
Keni Harrison is back in the same ready for that moment and to live I didn’t want to be there,” she “I do think it could happen
place, hurdling for a title and only it fully.” said. “The reality hits you: ‘You again,” Floréal said. “I think she’s
Anyone who grew up with
On Track a title. 10 siblings can clearly handle didn’t make the team. You are No. in the right place right now.”
For now, Harri-
Harrison has the world’s lead-
1 in the world. You didn’t make the
and field son, a 24-year-old pandemonium. But sangfroid team. You even broke the Amer- ing time again in 2017: a 12.28 last
Christopher American from a is not yet her trademark in the ican record. You didn’t make the month in Hungary. She also feels
Clarey family of 13, is in biggest races. In her first world team.’ All those thoughts in your fresh, partly because she broke
the uncommon championships in 2015, she did mind, but he kept pushing me, her left hand warming up at a
position of being a world-record not reach the final. Her world and that’s what got me through.” Diamond League meet in Doha,
holder who has yet to win a medal record in London last year came Floréal told her he would travel Qatar, in May (she still won the
of any color in a major global just two weeks after she had fal- to London for last year’s Dia- ensuing race), forcing her to take
championship. tered as the favorite at the United mond League meet on one condi- time off.
That could change in a hurry States Olympic trials in Eugene, tion. “He said, ‘If you don’t think “I don’t feel tired,” she said.
on Saturday at the world champi- Ore., finishing sixth and failing to you’re going to do something “I don’t feel like I ran too many
onship final in the 100-meter hur- make the team for the Games in amazing, then I’m not going to meets, so I think it was probably a
dles — the tricky, technical and Rio de Janeiro. go,’ ” Harrison said. blessing in disguise.”
spectacular event that Harrison It was a brutal blow to Harrison But after the first round, he Win or lose, Harrison has quite
redefined last year when her time and an illuminating moment to said, her confidence returned. a cheering section with her in
of 12.20 seconds at a Diamond her coach, Edrick Floréal, who “And when the gun went off in London. Her parents, Karon and
League meet here broke Yordan- had been convinced that Har- the final, she was determined to Gary, and six of her siblings made
ka Donkova’s 28-year-old world rison, who had already set an make a statement that ‘I’m not a the journey.
mark of 12.21. American record, 12.24, was in choker. I just had a bad meet,’” he “We’re a traveling road show,”
“Being back in London is defi- the right place and head space said. “And I think had that meet Gary Harrison said on Wednes-
nitely a confidence booster,” Har- and blamed himself for not sens- and that moment not happened, day amid touring London in the
rison said at the United States ing the trouble. I’m not sure that world record rain. “We’re kind of overwhelm-
team’s hotel in central London. He insisted she report the next would ever have been broken. It ing when we show up.”

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