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December 26th, 2016

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Fitness Class Schedule HACIENDA SPA
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our
personal trainers!
Fitness Class Schedule

Monday, December 26 A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
Glutes Abs and Legs: 8:00 am - 9:00 am sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
Beach Yoga: 9:30 am 10:30 am atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
(Beach in front of Hacienda Cocina& connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Cantina Restaurant traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.
Tuesday, December 27
Strong by Zumba™ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am COCONUT REPLENISHING PACKAGE

Wednesday, December 28
Glutes Abs and Legs: 8:30 am - 9:30 am The rich texture and aroma of coconut highlights this
Restorative Stretch: 10:00 am-11:00 am therapeutic experience, as the body is cleansed, nourished,
and revitalized in every step of the process. A coconut

exfoliation smoothes and polishes the skin, completely
Thursday, December 29 removing impurities. Herbal poultices are dipped in warm coconut oil and
* Pool Side Spinning 8:00 am- 9:00 am applied to the skin and used to massage, allowing the oil to penetrate and
* (Upper Pool) hydrate, and delivering the healing extracts of the herbs. A paraffin hand and foot
Beach Yoga: 9:30 am – 10:30 am treatment with coconut oil completes this totally enriching journey.
(Beach in front of Hacienda Cocina&
Cantina Restaurant 3 Hrs - $360 USD + 16 %TAX

Friday, December 30
Functional Training 9:00 am –10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am NOPAL DETOX TREATMENT
Using the natural gifts from Mother Nature, we offer a
Saturday, December 31 garden of nutricion, beauty and rejuvenation for your skin.
Strong by Zumba™ 8:00 am – 9:00 am An initial dry brush exfoliation will stimulate the lymphatic
* Pool Side Spinning 9:00 am- 10:00 am flow and lift off dry skin, encouraging the skin to breathe.
* (Upper Pool) Next, a natural oil and salt scrub will create a smoothness
Transformational Breathing: 9:30 am- 10:30 am and natural glow by removing the rough, outer layer of your
skin and revealing a new soft freshness underneath. Nopal, a native Mexican
cactus, is then applied in a thin layer and the whole body
Sunday, January 1 wrapped to encourage detoxification and skin
* TRX Outdoors 8:00 are–9:00 am conditioning, the results leave the body purified and skin
(Putting Green by Spa Café) refreshed.
Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

*(Beach in front of Hacienda 80 Min. $195 usd + 16% TAX
Cocina & Cantina Restaurant)

Private classes

Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request.




MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2016 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2016 The New York Times

Donations Seen The Company at Core of Trump’s World

Influencing Aid When Tiah Joo Kim arrived at “You’re a good-looking guy,” Ti- such control that, as he told The
the Manhattan headquarters of ah recalled Trump telling him as New York Times recently, he is the
By Kidney Fund the Trump Organization to pitch he gave the project his blessing. one who signs the checks.
Then Trump’s lawyers and oth-
Trump has said that, while the
a hotel and condominium project
in Vancouver, British Columbia, er top executives, working along- law does not require it, he is for-
he expected the company with side Donald Trump Jr., negotiated mulating plans to remove himself
The American Kidney Fund is ventures across the globe to come the agreements that would allow and his older daughter, Ivanka,
one of the largest charities in the with capacious offices and a staff the Vancouver development to be from the company’s operations.
country, with an annual budget of of hundreds. Instead, he was led branded with Trump’s name and But, as Trump assumes the pres-
over $250 million. It helps pay in- through a mere two floors with managed by his company. idency, it is difficult to foresee him
surance premiums for thousands what appeared to be no more than That is the way business has walling himself off from the com-
of people who need dialysis, a life- a few dozen employees. been done at the relatively small pany entirely, said Michael D’An-
saving and expensive treatment “Lean,” Tiah, a Malaysian de- company with a big reach and a tonio, the author of a critical biog-
for kidney failure. veloper, remembers thinking. bigger self-image that has come raphy, “The Truth About Trump.”
Under an agreement with the Tiah was required to sell his under scrutiny as its chief pre- “I don’t think that he could keep
federal government, the Kidney vision to the boss’s three oldest pares to become president of the himself from inquiring about the
Fund must distribute the aid based children. Only after securing their United States. With entangle- performance of these business-
on financial need. But the charity support did he meet with Donald ments around the world, many es any more than he can keep
has resisted giving aid to patients J. Trump, who spent more time packaged in licensing agreements himself from tweeting,” D’Anto-
at clinics that do not donate money showing off prize artifacts from and limited liability companies, the nio said. “It is just too vital to his
to the fund, an investigation by The his display of sports memorabilia Trump Organization poses poten- identity. Profit is the way he has
New York Times has found. than interrogating Tiah on the de- tial conflicts of interest for a pres- always measured himself. I don’t
For years, The Times found, tails of his business plan. ident-elect who has long exerted see how he can stop.” (NYT)
the Kidney Fund’s preference for
patients at the biggest clinics has U.S. Eye in Sky Stares Down ISIS in Raqqa
been an open secret among many
social workers, even though the
agreement governing the relation- ABOARD A JOINT STARS planes destroyed 188 of the trucks, as people, said Lt. Col. William B.
ship between the group and the SURVEILLANCE PLANE, Over eliminating an estimated $2 mil- Hartman, 39, of Irvine, Calif., the
companies forbids choosing pa- Northern Iraq — Flying at 30,000 lion in oil revenue for the Islamic Joint Stars squadron commander.
tients based on their clinic. feet, the powerful radar aboard State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Islamic State fighters know from
“I watched many patients who this Air Force jet peered deep into Tracking the Islamic State’s experience that they are being
were not able to get that assis- Syrian territory, hunting for tar- ground movements falls largely to watched and often try to deceive
tance,” said Elaine Brecher, a for- gets on the ground to strike in the the crew of 19 Air Force and Army the surveillance planes, hiding in
mer social worker at a small clinic looming offensive to seize Raqqa, personnel of the Joint Stars plane, schools or mosques or using cam-
in rural Arkansas. the Islamic State’s capital. a 1960s-era, reconfigured Boeing ouflage. At one point, analysts said,
LaVarne A. Burton, the Kidney It was on a mission like this 707 jetliner. Under the plane is a ISIS even appeared to be trying to
Fund’s chief executive, said the several weeks ago that analysts canoe-shaped, cloud-piercing ra- smuggle weapons strapped to the
charity treated all patients equally, discovered a hiding place in the dar that can see ground targets as bellies of herds of sheep.
but she acknowledged the charity central Syrian desert where the far as 250 miles away on either side “They’re extremely smart,”
pushed clinics hard to donate, par- Islamic State was stashing oil of the nearly windowless fuselage. said Master Sgt. Caylon Kimball,
ticularly if they applied on behalf of tanker trucks that provide the The radar can track moving 31, an airborne intelligence tech-
patients. KATIE THOMAS terrorist group with a financial vehicles, low, slow-flying aircraft nician from Anadarko, Okla.
and REED ABELSON lifeline. Two dozen American war- and smaller potential targets such ERIC SCHMITT



In Brief Poisoned by Hunger: Life and Death in Venezuela

MATURÍN, Venezuela — His
George Michael, a Pop name was Kevin Lara Lugo, and Yamilet Lugo
Superstar, Dies at 53 he died on his 16th birthday. in September
visiting the
George Michael, the creamy- He spent the day before forag- grave of her
voiced English songwriter who ing for food in a lot, because there son, who died
sold tens of millions of albums was nothing to eat at home. Then in July on his
in the duo Wham! and on his in a hospital because what he
own, died Sunday at his home in found made him gravely ill. Hours 16th birthday,
Goring in Oxfordshire, England, later, he was dead. in Maturín,
a statement from his publicist “I have a tradition that in the Venezuela.
said. According to BBC News, the morning of their birthdays, I wake
police reported no suspicious cir- up my children and sing to them,”
cumstances. He was 53. Michael his mother, Yamilet Lugo, said.
was one of pop’s reigning stars in “How could I do that when my son MERIDITH KOHUT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
the 1980s and 1990s — first as a was dead?”
handsome, smiling, teenypop idol In Venezuela, inflation has driv- longer obtain the materials to sures. But Kevin’s family said he
making lighthearted singles like en office workers to abandon the make plastic, joining many across had waited untreated for hours in
“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” cities and head to illegal pit mines the country that have gone idle. the crowded halls of the Manuel
with Wham!, then arriving as a in the jungle, willing to subject That left the family unable to buy Núñez Tovar hospital.
grown-up pop sex symbol with themselves to armed gangs and what food was left. Dr. Luis Briceño, the hospi-
his 1987 album “Faith.” (NYT) multiple bouts of malaria for the “I weigh 40 kilos now,” Lugo tal’s director, said sometimes his
chance to earn a living. said, or 88 pounds. Kevin was los- emergency room, with a capacity
Doctors have prepared to op- ing weight, too. By spring, every- for 200 people, is packed with 450
Russian Choir Among 92 erate on bloody tables because one in the family was. patients seeking help. “There is
Feared Dead in Crash they did not have enough water to Then José Rafael Castro, Lu- always someone who doesn’t re-
clean them. Psychiatric patients go’s boyfriend and the only other ceive treatment,” he said.
A Russian aircraft bound for have had to be tied to chairs in breadwinner, came home with the Lugo said a nurse had told the
Syria carrying a famed military mental hospitals because there news that the construction supply family to go out and buy the intra-
band to entertain Russia’s forc- was no medication left to treat factory where he worked making venous solution. Relatives found
es there crashed into the Black their delusions. cinder blocks had let him go. it from a black-market seller. The
Sea moments after takeoff on Hunger has driven some people Kevin and Castro had heard cost, about $4, was more than they
Sunday, and the authorities to riot — and others into rickety about an abandoned field a could afford. Finally, another fami-
said all 92 people aboard were fishing boats, fleeing Venezuela 45-minute walk from their home ly with extra bottles of the solution
believed dead. The cause of the on reckless journeys by sea. where other neighbors had been gave two to Kevin, but there was lit-
crash is under investigation, But it was the story of a boy with foraging for bitter yuca. “We had tle change in his condition. Around
although initial Russian news no food, who had gone searching nothing else to eat,” Castro said. 4 a.m. on July 26, the morning of his
media reports indicated it was a for wild roots to eat but ended up But by 11:30 p.m. on July 25, the birthday, Kevin could barely speak.
technical failure rather than ter- poisoning himself instead, that night before Kevin’s birthday, the Then, at 4:45 a.m., he was dead.
rorism. Passengers on the flight, seemed to embody everything family was getting sick. Castro The next morning, Jesús Mae-
which originated in Moscow and that had gone wrong in Venezuela. was vomiting. Kevin was on the stre, a 17-year-old friend of Kev-
stopped in Sochi to refuel, includ- The boy’s neighborhood, on the floor. Because they had no car, an in’s, saw his friends gathered
ed 64 members of the Alexandrov edge of what was once a prosper- hour passed before they found a outside the hall in Kevin’s school.
Ensemble, the Russian military ous oil boomtown, had long been car to take Kevin to the hospital. They were speaking in hushed
choir, who were traveling to running out of basics like corn Yuca intoxication is treated tones. “They asked, ‘Did you
Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in flour and bread. The cutlery fac- with gastric suction, also called hear what happened to Kevin?’ ”
Syria. (NYT) tory where Lugo had worked shut stomach pumping, and intrave- he said. “Then it hit me — he was
down in May because it could no nous solutions, among other mea- gone.” NICHOLAS CASEY
Pilot’s Safety Fears Are
Dismissed by Afghans Israel Wonders if Netanyahu Will Have to Play His Hand
Contending that her “life isn’t
at risk at all,” military officials in JERUSALEM — For years, Trump administration, which is professor of political science at the
Afghanistan have asked that the Prime Minister Benjamin Net- expected to be more sympathet- Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
United States reject the asylum anyahu of Israel, a conservative, ic to Israel’s current policies, is “It is not an easy choice, but he has
case of Capt. Niloofar Rahmani, has played a double act, compet- pushing Netanyahu to abandon to make a choice,” Avineri said,
the first female fixed-wing pi- ing domestically with his right- the idea of a Palestinian state adding: “Is Israel going to alien-
lot in the Afghan Air Force. On wing rivals in backing the settle- alongside Israel. ate itself from the whole world for
Thursday, Rahmani revealed that ment project all over the occupied Naftali Bennett, the leader of the sake of settlement activity?”
she had applied for asylum this West Bank while professing sup- the pro-settlement Jewish Home For a second consecutive day
summer, saying she felt unsafe port for a two-state solution with party in Netanyahu’s governing on Sunday, Netanyahu denounced
in Afghanistan, where she and the Palestinians. coalition, is goading him to take the Obama administration, accus-
her family have received death Now, with the United Nations on more extreme positions like ing it of having orchestrated Fri-
threats. For the last 15 months, Security Council resolution on annexing parts of the West Bank, day’s Security Council resolution,
she has been training at air bases Friday condemning Israeli settle- adding to a sense in Israel that the despite denials from Washington.
in Arkansas, Florida and Texas. ment construction as lacking any real Netanyahu may have to stand The United States refrained from
Rahmani said that her Afghan legal validity, politicians say Ne- up and decide which side he is on. using its veto power, as it had done
male colleagues in the air force tanyahu’s game may soon be up. “He has to choose between the many times before to shield Israel,
treated her with contempt and The Israeli right, feeling em- international community and and abstained in the 14-to-0 vote.
that she felt at risk. (NYT) powered by the advent of the Bennett,” said Shlomo Avineri, a ISABEL KERSHNER


Terrorist Attacks Abroad Stoke Anxiety at Home In Brief

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — But Hispanics are a familiar Mathis, senior pastor at the Mud
Jeff Miller, a dry cleaner owner part of the landscape. They are Creek Baptist Church in Hender- Suspects Sought After
who serves on the City Council Christians. They have been a sonville. “But securing our bor- 7 Shot at Holiday Party
here, was driving his truck late big part of the community for ders has been a long time coming,
Monday afternoon when news of decades. Muslims, however, are and Donald Trump was the first Two suspects were being
the Christmas market attack in none of those things. Most of what one in a long time to say it. I think tracked down Sunday after in-
Berlin came on the radio. people know comes in the form of that’s what registered with so ma- vestigators in Madison, N.C., said
“I thought, here we go again,” the daily drip of news into their iP- ny people in this country.” they shot seven people during a
Miller said. “So sad.” But there was ads, and that does not leave a good American Muslim groups private Christmas party attend-
also something new: “This world’s impression. So the part of the im- say that singling out Muslims ed by hundreds of people. None
dangerous right now, and I don’t migration message that resonates amounts to racial profiling. They of the victims appeared to have
think we are nearly where we need here is about Muslims from the say that violence comes from life-threatening injuries after
to be with border security. I believe Middle East. ideological zealots. They say that being shot Saturday at a Moose
Donald Trump wants to do it right.” “Terrorism is an ideology, it’s some recent attacks that cited the Lodge, deputies said. The two
As Trump prepares to assume not a religion, but the religion that Islamic State were carried out by men were still at large Sunday,
the presidency, one of the biggest tends to give birth to it most of- Muslims born in the United States. and no other details were being
issues he will face is immigration. ten these days is Islam,” said Bill “We’ve never said that people made public, a Rockingham
His incendiary statements prompt- Campbell, pastor at Henderson- don’t have real fears about inter- County Sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt.
ed some of the most enduring im- ville Presbyterian Church. “The national or domestic incidents Kevin Suthard, said. Deputies
ages of the campaign, with chants threat from that is very real, and and national security,” said Ibra- said a fight broke out during the
like “build the wall” and calls for we can’t just ignore it.” him Hooper, a spokesman for the party attended by 250 to 300 peo-
deportations and bans on Muslims. And while Trump has bounced Council on American-Islamic Re- ple. Witnesses told investigators
Here in Henderson County, an around on the topic of immigra- lations in Washington. “But you that both gunmen attended the
upper-middle-class patch of west- tion since Election Day, many want to take actions that are ac- party. They covered their faces
ern North Carolina, Trump’s tone moderate voters say they are tually based on reality, not on wild with ski masks and opened fire
did not appeal, but the underlying hopeful about where he will even- conspiracy theories of Muslims before speeding away from the
message hit home. Hispanics now tually land. about to overthrow the Constitu- scene in a silver car driven by a
make up about 10 percent of the “Sometimes he’s too blunt, tion, or institute Shariah law.” woman. The car’s make and mod-
county’s population. maybe a little too raw,” said Greg SABRINA TAVERNISE el weren’t known. (AP)







For Fact-Checking Site Snopes, More Attacks In Brief

SAN DIEGO — The last line of Alan Thicke, the star of “Growing David Mikkelson, 56, has a lon-
defense against the torrent of half- Pains,” really dead? ger rap sheet than Al Capone. Iran to Pay Only Half
truths, untruths and fakery that All untrue, except for the de- He was supposedly arrested for Price for Boeing Jets
make up so much of the internet is mise of Thicke, which was easily committing fraud, corruption and
in a strip mall near the beach. verifiable. running a pit bull ring. After a deal Iran’s official IRNA news
Snopes, the fact-checking web- “Rationality seems to have that Snopes and others made this agency reported on Sunday that
site, does not have an office de- fallen out of vogue,” said Brooke month to start fact-checking for the deputy transport minister
signed to impress. Inside there’s Binkowski, Snopes’s managing Facebook, new slurs and allega- said that Iran will only pay half
nothing much — a bunch of impro- editor. “People don’t know what tions poured forth. of the announced price for 80
vised desks, a table tennis table, to believe anymore. Everything is The underlying message of new Boeing planes, given the
cartons of Popchips and cases of really strange right now.” these spurious attacks is that the reductions in its purchasing
Dr Pepper. It looks like a dot-com For 20 years, Snopes was ded- movement to fact-check the in- options. According to the report,
on the way to nowhere. icated to urban legends, like the ternet is a left-wing conspiracy Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan said
But this is where the muddled purported existence of alligators whose real goal is to censor the that despite an initial $16.8 billion
masses come by the virtual mil- in New York City sewers. But its right, and therefore must be re- deal with Boeing to purchase 80
lions to establish what is really range and readership increased sisted at all costs. passenger planes, “Regarding
going on in a world turned upside significantly during a presidential “Smearing people just because the style of our order and its op-
down. election campaign in which the you don’t like what they’re saying tions, the purchase contract for
Did Donald J. Trump say on facts became a partisan issue and often works to shut them up,” Bin- 80 Boeing aircraft is worth about
Twitter that he planned to arrest reality itself seemed up for grabs. kowski, 39, said. “But at Snopes 50 percent of the amount.” He did
the “Saturday Night Live” star One way to chart Snopes’s in- you learn to grow a thick skin. I not elaborate. Boeing had no im-
Alec Baldwin for sedition? Has creasing prominence is by mea- will always push back. At least un- mediate comment. (AP)
Hillary Clinton quietly filed for di- suring the rise in fake news about til someone shows up at my work-
vorce? Was Trump giving Kanye the site itself. If you believe the place and kills me.” A&E Scraps K.K.K. Series
West a cabinet position? And was internet, the founder of Snopes, DAVID STREITFELD After News of Payments

Celebrities Honor Orlando Victims in Comic Book eight-part documentary series
A&E is scrapping plans for an
about the Ku Klux Klan after
The comic book author and “I went through my Rolodex — dreyko found the biggest motiva- learning that some participants
screenwriter Marc Andreyko felt to use a word for something that tor was the act of expression. “It of the hate group were paid for
unfathomable horror when he doesn’t even exist anymore — and was therapeutic,’’ he said. “By do- their work on it. The network
heard the news of the June 12 mass looked for people who I’m friends ing the art, it was purging for us.” said on Saturday it was dropping
shooting at the Pulse nightclub in with and had name value,” An- Brian Michael Bendis, one of “Escaping the KKK: A Documen-
Orlando, Fla. Feeling compelled to dreyko said. “I want this book to Marvel’s most prolific writers, tary Series Exposing Hate in
help, he posted on Facebook a sug- be in as many hands as possible.” teamed up with his oldest daugh- America” a day after discovering
gestion to create a comic book that Proceeds from the book, which ter, Olivia, to capture a glimmer that “nominal” cash payments
would benefit the victims. will cost $9.99 and be available in of a moment from the shooting were given by third-party pro-
The result is “Love Is Love,” comic stores and for download on- at Pulse. They came up with a di- ducers. “While we stand behind
a 144-page anthology filled with line (with additional pages), will alogue-free spread of revelrous the intent of the series and the
work by contributors both fa- benefit Equality Florida, which dancers and a lone person in shad- seriousness of the content, these
miliar and unexpected. The has set up a fund for the victims ow looking upon them. payments are a direct violation of
book, which will be available on of the shooting and their families. “The idea that someone could A&E’s policies and practices for a
Wednesday, includes pages from Andreyko, 46, noted that the stand in the middle of that club documentary,” the network said
the documentarian Morgan Spur- format of the book — no story is full of joy and fun and be drown- in a statement. “Escaping the
lock, the actor Matt Bomer, the co- over two pages long — had been ing in madness was something we KKK” was to follow people trying
medians Patton Oswalt and Taran chosen to help lure contributors couldn’t get past,” Bendis said. to extract themselves from the
Killam and other entertainers. who had tight schedules. But An- GEORGE GENE GUSTINES racist hate group. (AP)
Brands Start Planning for Unexpected Criticism by Trump

H&R Block’s new advertising ADVERTISING curbing his willingness to criti- one thing that industry analysts
campaign is one of the more am- cize brands that draw his ire, as and crisis management experts
bitious in the company’s 62-year It was August 2015, still the Boeing, Vanity Fair and Lock- seem to agree on: There is noth-
history. It hired the actor Jon early days of the presidential heed Martin have realized. ing in the handbook that instructs
Hamm for his first on-camera campaign, when Trump first The spontaneity of his denunci- executives on how to handle an
spokesman role, a significant mentioned that he hoped to “put ations — and the speed at which overnight Twitter controversy
coup. And the company ditched H&R Block out of business” with his words travel, particularly on created by the president-elect.
its “Refund Season” slogan in his plan for a simplified tax code. Twitter — has created a sense of “These are very much unchart-
favor of a more aggressive pitch: Sixteen months later, the tax pre- unease among marketing execu- ed waters for companies,” said
“Get your taxes won.” parer is still feeling the effects. tives, who now must be prepared Tim Calkins, professor of market-
The ads obviously target “We got kicked around a little in case Trump’s insults fly in their ing at Northwestern University’s
Intuit’s do-it-yourself Turbo bit last year,” said Kathy Collins, direction. Kellogg School of Management.
Tax. More subtle is how much chief marketing and strategy It is prompting some brands “Rarely have we been quite so
the campaign was really influ- officer. “We realized this was the to pre-emptively draft informal polarized, and rarely have we
enced by critical words from one time to do this.” contingency plans, and others, had a president who is so quick
heavy-hitting personality: Don- As the inauguration nears, like H&R Block, to spend money to call out an attack on perceived
ald J. Trump. Trump has shown no signs of shoring up their reputation. But threats.” ZACH SCHONBRUN


Changes Coming to Press Room: Who, Where, When and How

With the naming of Sean Spicer system could lead to the diminish-
as White House press secretary, The last ing of other traditions.
Donald J. Trump has selected briefing in “There is value in having a for-
a Republican Party insider and mal setting where the administra-
communications veteran. the White tion’s position is stated and can be
But that doesn’t mean it will be House’s James referred to and can be archived,”
business as usual for the press S. Brady said Scott Wilson, the national
corps that covers the next admin- Press Briefing editor for The Washington Post,
istration. Room before referring to the daily briefings.
Trump’s unconventional, some- it underwent Although the protocols that un-
times hostile, relationship with extensive derpin the relationship between
the news media and his penchant the news media and the presi-
for communicating through un- renovations in dent might seem arcane to many
filtered Twitter posts threaten to STEPHEN CROWLEY/THE NEW YORK TIMES 2006. Americans, press advocates say
upend a decades-old Washington these traditions, even in the age
tradition that relies almost entire- Reince Priebus, the incoming on Thursday night, Spicer said the of Twitter, ensure fundamental
ly on protocol. White House chief of staff, sug- new regime wanted to be “innova- tenets of democracy: historical
The result, reporters and edi- gested that traditions including tive, entrepreneurial” about its record and access to information.
tors say, could be a loss of trans- the daily televised press briefings media operations. “The American people deserve
parency that would hinder the and seating assignments could While he said he believed there to have someone stand up and be
press’s role as a conduit for infor- change. would be daily briefings,he sug- accountable for the work of the
mation to the people. “I think it’s time to revisit a lot gested the format could change, president and the White House
But Trump’s advisers, and even of these things that have been do- perhaps by adding new elements, every day,” said Mike McCurry,
some former White House press ne in the White House, and I can eliminating some television cov- who served as press secretary for
secretaries, say that some of the assure you that change is going to erage and bringing “more people President Bill Clinton in the mid-
conventions of White House cov- happen, even on things that might into the process.” 1990s. “I think any White House
erage are outdated and due for a seem boring like this topic,” he All this has stirred concern needs to explain its position and
face-lift. told the radio host Hugh Hewitt. among journalists who say the reasoning in more than 140 char-
In a radio interview this month, In an interview with Fox News seemingly small changes to the acters.” SYDNEY EMBER



“ ”


Friday 12/30 - HPBW (7.58” x 5”)


Waiting. Reading. Connecting. Feeling. ‘The Mikado’

Returns and So
Getting inside the Smithso- black scientists,
nian’s National Museum of Afri- black travel,
can American History and Culture black art, black Do Questions
is hard. “Advanced timed passes body language,
for April 2017 Available on Janu- Chuck Berry’s One of the most passionately
ary 4th,” the website laughs. Cadillac? debated stage works of our time is
So with all due respect to the The Blackso- a 131-year-old operetta.
buckets of cash raised to fix Dor- nian takes as- Is Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The
othy’s ruby slippers, the opening tonishing care to Mikado” a droll satire of Victorian
of the Blacksonian is the museum correct a crucial England? A racist caricature of Ja-
event of the year. (Yes, “the Black- misrepresenta- pan? Some amalgam of the two?
sonian,” because no one is going tion of slavery. I, Recent revivals have ended up
say that whole name.) at least, am guilty in the cross hairs of these ques-
The wait to create a national JASU HU of necessarily fo- tions, sparking protests, along
museum of black history and cusing on the real with wondering about how — and
culture was decades long. Now Banneker, Phyllis Wheatley and degradation of the work and not even if — this 1885 piece should be
everybody wants in. I got in on a the Haitian revolutionary Tous- on the dignity and ingenuity of the staged in the 21st century.
Sunday, after a stranger, who had saint Louverture — black people workers. Over and over, the word When an outcry arose last year
more passes than she needed, the museum argues are equally “skill” appears in the display texts over a planned revival of the New
gave an extra one to me. important. They loom near Jeffer- to describe the innovation slaves York Gilbert and Sullivan Players’
The Blacksonian has one pivot- son. They haunt him. made to streamline agriculture old production, which had featured
al conceit: the elevator. The eleva- Abraham Lincoln, too, is mor- and industry. Though the labor a mostly white cast in yellowface
tor is an enormous glass box that ally conjoined here, on the aboli- was evilly got and cruelly main- makeup and employed some ugly
comfortably fits 30 people. The tion of slavery. He is as bound to tained, the laborers were innova- stereotypes, the company respond-
operator welcomes you to a time Frederick Douglass, as Tony Cur- tors, creators and artisans. ed by saying that it would scrap the
machine that’s going to carry you tis is chained to Sidney Poitier in We call this place a museum, makeup. Then, it decided to scrap
from the 21st century to the 15th. “The Defiant Ones.” Lincoln’s not but to behold its impregnability, to the entire staging and create a
Suddenly, I was unready to see a hero at the Blacksonian. He’s a feel centuries of pain and pride, to new show. The result will open on
any of the 37,000 procured, pur- man with a nagging mandate from receive the story of how black peo- Wednesday at Kaye Playhouse at
chased and donated objects, even Douglass to do the right thing. ple helped forge this nation (first Hunter College in Manhattan.
as the box landed its cargo at the He’s another brick in the wall. by whip then by will), to find, at the Some of the most severe critics
year 1400. The stress never left. How did this country ever twilight of one historic presidency of “The Mikado” find it too inher-
And it probably shouldn’t have. evolve from a wall listing the and the dawn of what promises ently offensive to be performed,
That’s history. It’s heavy. amount paid for so many black to be a very different one, that the while some ardent fans view any
On a platform, a statue of Thom- people to the wall on the great forging must continue is to sense changes as bows to excessive po-
as Jefferson. Arrayed behind him ground floor featuring the ma- that the Smithsonian’s National litical correctness. David Auxier,
are rows and rows of bricks paint- ny black people who helped pay Museum of African American His- the director of the new “Mikado”
ed with the names of some of his to build the museum that would tory and Culture really should have production, recalled that “some-
slaves — Hercules and Jupiter display either wall? How did we an additional name, one worthy of times the conversation got to be:
and lots of Sallys. Surrounding get to the vibrant galleries on all that forging and hammering and ‘You’re never going to please ev-
him are equally proportioned stat- the upper floors that salute black ironing out. It should also be called erybody, so why try?’ ”
ues of Harriet Tubman, Benjamin hair, black comedy, black athletes, the Blacksmith. WESLEY MORRIS The new production will estab-
lish the operetta as a work of the
KenKen Victorian imagination. A prologue
features the composer and libret-
tist planning their next opera and
Answers to Puzzles admiring some Japanese objects.
When a sword falls, knocking
Gilbert unconscious, he dreams
“The Mikado” proper, set in an
imaginary Japan as conceived by
a 19th-century Englishman.
The production will emphasize
the work’s satire of Victorian mo-
res and eliminate racially charged
performance tics and excessive
bowing and shuffling. The ensem-
ble is the troupe’s most diverse yet.
Erin Quill, an Asian-American
actress who wrote about the con-
troversy last year on her blog, The
Fairy Princess Diaries, said that
she was “cautiously optimistic”
Fill the grid with digits so as not to repeat a digit in any row or column, and so that the digits within each about the new production.
heavily outlined box will produce the target number shown, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication “Am I glad this conversation is
or division, as indicated in the box. A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1-4. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6. happening?” she asked. “Abso-
For solving tips and more KenKen puzzles: For feedback: [email protected] lutely. Do I wish this conversation
had been 20 years ago? Of course.”
KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved.


Nearly in Ruins: A Temple for the Sages

RIO DE JANEIRO — Neighbors from sur- how Rio de Janeiro neglects its past. Comte told followers to worship humanity,
rounding apartment buildings toss empty “Congregants once gathered here to debate not God, and created a new calendar. Its start-
beer bottles through a hole in the roof of the incendiary ideas originating in Paris, the holy ing year was 1789, when a mob stormed the
once-majestic church. Pigeons roam the cav- city for the positivists,” said Christiane Souza, Bastille during the French Revolution; months
ernous nave, their excrement piling up on the 48, the church’s heritage director. “Tragically, were named after historical titans like Guten-
floor. A watchman guards treasures from the our institution now finds itself in a state of ne- berg, Charlemagne, Shakespeare and Dante.
thieves who prey on derelict buildings. glect, as if history is something Brazil should Brazil, a slaveholding empire ruled by a mon-
The neoclassical Positivist Church of Brazil, disdain.” archy for most of the 19th century, was fertile
with its soaring columns and a cryptic sign Positivism was the secular religion spread in ground for the Religion of Humanity. Franco-
above its entrance proclaiming, “The Living Brazil in the second half of the 19th century by phile adherents to the faith included leading fig-
Are Forever and Increasingly Governed by followers of the French philosopher Auguste ures in the period after the 1889 coup that top-
the Dead,” was long a captivating sight near Comte. His philosophy of positivism sought pled Brazil’s emperor, such as Cândido Rondon,
the old city center. These days, the crumbling, to reorganize society around the concept that the explorer who mapped out stretches of the
graffiti-tagged church, whose freethinking explanations derived from science should be Amazon rain forest with Theodore Roosevelt.
founders helped modern Brazil rise from the prized as a way of understanding the world. He Giovanni Fernandes, the custodian of the
ashes of an empire, is just another emblem of created his own religion to spread his beliefs. Positivist Church, sometimes lets a visitor or
two slip inside, offering a glimpse into Brazil’s
CROSSWORD Edited by Will Shortz not-so-distant past. “There’s so much dust
and grime in here that occasionally I tell vis-
PUZZLE BY JULES P. MARKEY itors they should bring a surgical mask,” said
ACROSS 36 Flexible Flyers, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Fernandes, 57, the church’s lonely watchman.
1 Go out, as the e.g.
tide 37 Present time in 13 14 15 16 Still, Comte’s Religion of Humanity never
4 Permit England? … or really caught on among Brazilians beyond a
7 Reply to a a hint to each 17 18 19 core group of adherents. Some scholars say
set of shaded
captain squares 20 21 22 potential converts chafed at facets like a ban
10 Brewpub 40 Lispers’ banes on remarrying after the death of one’s spouse
offering, for 23 24 25 26
short 43 Scrubbed, as a and the religion’s treatment of women, who
NASA mission
13 Org. that targets 44 Be ___ equal 27 28 29 30 were to draw a salary for raising children but
traffickers footing were prohibited from finding jobs outside the
14 Raised, as a 48 Bear witness (to) 31 32 33 34 35 36 home.
building 50 Soviet premier Then there was the sense of bewilderment
16 Partner of Khrushchev 37 38 39
neither 52 Caviars over certain positions by Comte, like his belief
17 Mountain on 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 that the brain is an organ through which dead
which you might 53 Try, as a case 48 49 50 51 people influence the living.
yodel 57 Track events Now the descendants of devotees donate
18 Stockpiling, in a 58 Lobster ___ 52 53 54 55 56 57 their own time and meager funds to keep the
way, as feed diavolo (Italian
19 Letters in a 58 59 60 61 building from collapsing altogether.
personals ad 59 Hit pay dirt “We have thousands of rare books in here,
20 Gymnastics floor 61 “You ___!” 62 63 64 not to mention statues, paintings, banners,
cover ledgers, correspondence and who knows
21 Directive for 62 On the ___ 65 66 67 what else,” said Souza, the heritage director.
additional 63 Literary critic 68 69 70 71
information Broyard “It saddens me to think we may be among
22 Cartoon pic 64 Actress Thurman 12/26/16 the last of the positivists,” she said. “Some-
23 Get out of bed 65 Get older DOWN 15 Summer treat 42 Ship with times it feels like we are standing against
25 TV warrior 66 Bruno Mars or that melts in the smokestacks oblivion.” SIMON ROMERO
princess Freddie Mercury 1 Sushi bar finger sun
26 Race loser in an 67 Some PCs 24 Naval engineers 45 Theologian
Reinhold who
Aesop fable 68 The “p” in m.p.g. 2 Country whose wrote the
currency, RUBLES, 26 Massachusetts’
27 Reflective sorts 69 Ram’s mate is almost an Mount ___ Serenity Prayer
29 Fur wraps 70 Stockholm’s anagram of its College 46 Try
31 This: Sp. home: Abbr. name 28 Chi-town squad 47 Ilie who won 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
32 It’s usually 71 U.S.P.S. 3 St. John the ___ both the U.S. •
behind a viola in assignment: 4 ___ Antilles 30 Airport screening and French Tom Brady, Editor
an orchestra Abbr. 5 Pennsylvania city grp. Opens email: [email protected]
or the lake it’s 33 Container for 49 What meditators •
dirty clothes
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE on try to live in TimesDigest Sales Office
6 Bygone point- 34 Yoko who loved 51 Cry upon arriving phone: (212) 556-1200
SH AL E M AL WA RE to-point Lennon fax: (646) 461-2364
SH AW TY EH AR MO NY communication 35 Common 54 Tour de France email: [email protected]
PO MA DE SE XY BACK 7 Suffix with valid ingredient •
in pasta
EW OK SOS A L IM ON 8 Gossipy sorts 55 Martial ___ (judo
and others)
AG NE S V ED AY ED O 9 Border 38 C.I.A. precursor For advertising information
KI R E DI SO N C RE W 10 Proportional to 39 Mafia big 56 Violent protests and to request a media kit
TR YHAR D F IC A the surroundings 40 Batting helmet 59 Stare slack- contact InMotion Media:
OL EE LO MA RB LE 11 Motorized part jawed phone: (212) 213-5856
RS VP JU RY BO X 12 Like the Venus 41 Use for an attic 60 Part of a wolf or email: [email protected]
EC CO EL DE ST QV C de Milo or the cloud a lobster •
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On Climate Change, Look to the States The Trade War

Donald Trump got within striking distance
State governments will serve as an important gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels of the White House — or, more precisely, Com-
bulwark against any attempt by President-elect by 2030. Hawaii hopes to get all of its electricity ey-and-Putin range — thanks to overwhelming
Donald Trump to roll back the progress the from renewable sources by 2045. This month, support from white working-class voters. These
United States has made in addressing climate Charlie Baker, the Republican governor of Mas- voters trusted his promise to bring back good
change. And that’s good news for the planet. sachusetts, proposed rules for power plants and manufacturing jobs while disbelieving his much
Over the last decade, most states have re- vehicles to ensure the state achieves its goal of more credible promise to take away their health
duced their greenhouse gas emissions by pro- a 25 percent cut from 1990 levels by 2020. Emis- care. They have a rude shock coming.
moting energy efficiency and renewable fuels. sions are already down by around 20 percent. But white workers aren’t alone in their gull-
These trends should continue as clean energy Cheap natural gas, which has increasingly ibility: Corporate America is still in denial
costs decline and, in some parts of the country, replaced coal as a fuel source, has had a lot to do about the prospects for a global trade war, even
fall below the cost of dirtier fuels like coal. with this progress, but so has the drop in the cost though protectionism was a central theme of
The Brookings Institution reported this of wind and solar power — 41 percent in the case the Trump campaign. The only two causes
month that from 2000 to 2014, 33 states and the of land-based wind turbines and 64 percent for about which Trump seems truly passionate are
District of Columbia cut carbon emissions while solar, from 2008 to 2015, according to the Energy supposedly unfair trade deals and admiration
expanding their economies. That list includes Department. In Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebras- for authoritarian regimes. It’s naïve to assume
states run by Republican legislatures: Alaska, ka and parts of Texas, wind turbines can gener- that he’ll let his signature policy issue slide.
Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia. ate electricity at a lower cost, without subsidies, The occupant of the White House has re-
Trump told The Times that he has an “open than any other technology, according to a report markable leeway should he choose to go
mind” about climate change, but he has also published by the University of Texas at Austin. protectionist. He can restrict imports if such
called it a “hoax.” The people he has chosen to States are also beginning to put a price on imports “threaten to impair the national secu-
lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the carbon emissions, which Congress has refused rity”; he can impose tariffs “to deal with large
Department of Energy and the Department of to do. California has a cap and trade system in and serious United States balance-of-pay-
Interior have denied or expressed skepticism which electric utilities, fuel distributors and ments deficits”; he can modify tariff rates
that human activity is causing global warming. other businesses have to buy emission per- when foreign governments engage in “unjusti-
Many people expect Trump to forgo Presi- mits through auctions or from one another. fiable” policies. Who determines whether such
dent Obama’s commitments under the Paris New York and eight other Eastern states have conditions apply? The executive himself.
climate agreement and get rid of or weaken a similar program for power plants. And this But why would a Trump administration im-
the E.P.A.’s Clean Power Plan, which requires month, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington pro- pose restrictions on imports? One answer is
states to lower carbon emissions from the elec- posed a tax of $25 per metric ton on carbon those working-class voters, whose supposed
tricity sector. He and his appointees might also emissions to increase education funding. champion is set to pursue a radically antiwork-
try to water down fuel economy regulations for Lawmakers, environmental groups and er domestic agenda. There’s an obvious incen-
cars and trucks and cut clean energy tax incen- individuals ought to fight every effort to take tive for Trump to make a big show of doing
tives and research spending. the country backward on the issue of climate something to fulfill campaign promises. And if
States could blunt much of that damage. Cal- change. But it will be just as important for them this creates international conflict, that’s actu-
ifornia and New York plan to cut greenhouse to support states trying to advance the cause. ally a plus when it comes to diverting attention
from collapsing health care and so on.
The Housing Crisis Lives On for Minorities that international trade is a game in which nice
Beyond this, it’s clear that Trump believes
guys finish last, and that America has been tak-
The mortgage crisis that ravaged the econo- They measured the conditions of the homes us- en advantage of. So what will happen when the
my eight years ago was especially damaging to ing a checklist of 35 maintenance items similar Trump tariffs come? There will be retaliation.
African-American communities, where home- to one used by Fannie Mae. They documented When it comes to trade, America is not that
owners who qualified for affordable mortgages their findings with nearly 50,000 photographs. much of a superpower. China is also a huge play-
were often steered into high-priced loans that According to the suit, Fannie Mae’s stated goal er, and the European Union is bigger still. They
paid rich returns to mortgage brokers and is to maintain properties at a level that makes will respond in kind, targeting vulnerable U.S.
lenders while leaving borrowers vulnerable them ready for sale. But the plaintiffs found that sectors like aircraft and agriculture. Once Amer-
to default. The ensuing glut of vacant homes properties in white areas were more likely to be ica decides that the rules don’t apply, world trade
drove down property values. But minority in good repair, cleared of trash and weeds and will become a free-for-all. Will this cause a global
communities suffered disproportionately, with windows and doors securely closed. Fannie recession? Probably not. What the coming trade
widening the already considerable wealth gap Mae-owned homes in majority-black areas had war will do, however, is cause a lot of disruption.
between white and minority households. debris strewn across the properties, weeds and Today’s world economy is built around “value
One big reason for these disparities, accord- windows left wide open or boarded up. chains” that spread across borders: your car or
ing to a federal lawsuit filed by a coalition of fair Foreclosed homes in minority areas had your smartphone contain components made in
housing groups, was that companies like the more problems, as defined by the checklist, many countries, then assembled or modified in
mortgage giant Fannie Mae took better care of than homes in white areas. About a third of the many more. A trade war would force a shorten-
foreclosed homes in working- and middle-class foreclosed properties in minority areas had ing of those chains, and quite a few U.S. manu-
white areas than of equivalent homes in black more than 10 problems, while only 7 percent of facturers would end up being big losers.
and Latino communities. The plaintiffs, led by those in white areas had that many. The suit ar- Given these prospects, you might think that
the National Fair Housing Alliance, say they re- gues that race was the driving factor. For that someone will persuade the incoming adminis-
ported this problem in 2009 and that they filed reason, the plaintiffs contend, Fannie Mae was tration to rethink its commercial belligerence.
suit against Fannie Mae only after it continued in violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. But someone who won’t take briefings on
to neglect foreclosed properties it owned in Afri- Fannie Mae disputes the allegations and says national security because he’s “like, a smart
can-American and Latino neighborhoods. that its maintenance standards are designed to person” and doesn’t need them isn’t likely to
The lawsuit relies on data the groups collect- ensure that all of its properties are treated equal- sit still for lessons on international economics.
ed while investigating 2,300 foreclosed proper- ly. But the evidence in this lawsuit suggests that No, the best bet is that the trade war is com-
ties in 38 metropolitan areas from 2011 to 2015. those standards are being applied unequally. ing. Buckle your seatbelts.


Steelers Seize A.F.C. North With a Late Score In Brief

PITTSBURGH — The Pitts- 75 yards in 10 plays, the last four sons with at least 100 receptions.
burgh Steelers rode Ben Roeth- coming as Brown fought through Le’Veon Bell ran for 122 yards Cavaliers Edge Warriors
lisberger’s right arm and Antonio tacklers to assure the Steelers of a and a 7-yard touchdown that With another clutch shot, Kyrie
Brown’s left hand to the A.F.C. third straight playoff berth. started Pittsburgh’s rally during Irving took the Warriors on a
North title. “Right before we went out,” a fourth quarter that included 31 trip down memory lane. Irving
Roethlisberger shook off two in- Brown said, “we said, ‘Let’s get combined points and three lead dropped a short, turnaround
STEELERS 31 terceptions and the game-winning touchdown and changes in the final 7:16. jumper over Klay Thompson with
RAVENS 27 threw two late get out of here.’ ” Flacco passed for 262 yards, in- 3.4 seconds left as the Cleveland
touchdown pass- The Ravens (8-7) were official- cluding an 18-yard throw to Steve Cavaliers rallied just the way
es, including a 4-yard strike to ly eliminated when Joe Flacco’s Smith Sr. that put Baltimore up by they did in June’s N.B.A. Finals to
Brown with 9 seconds remaining pass was intercepted on the final 14-10 early in the third quarter, but defeat Golden State, 109-108, on
to lift the Steelers to a 31-27 victo- play. Kansas City secured a playoff the Ravens crumbled late. Their Sunday in a marquee Christmas
ry over the Baltimore Ravens on berth with the Baltimore loss. defense put up little resistance as matchup. LeBron James scored
Sunday night. Brown caught Ro- Roethlisberger finished with Roethlisberger got his team in po- 31 points with a season-high 13
ethlisberger’s pass just short of 279 yards passing and three sition to get back to the playoffs. rebounds, Irving added 25 points
the goal line and stretched the ball touchdowns to overcome two It is a destination that seemed to and Kevin Love 20 for the Cava-
into the end zone with his left hand third-quarter interceptions. be vanishing right in front of Pitts- liers. (AP)
to cap a wild fourth quarter and Those turnovers allowed the Ra- burgh’s eyes in the third quarter, n CELTICS 119, KNICKS 114
give Pittsburgh (10-5) its second vens to take a 20-10 lead on Justin as Roethlisberger twice threw in- Isaiah Thomas scored 27 points,
division title in three years. Tucker’s fourth field goal with terceptions deep in Steeler terri- Marcus Smart made a tiebreak-
The Ravens took the lead on 14:21 to play. tory that gave the Ravens control. ing 3-pointer with 47 seconds left
Kyle Juszczyk’s 10-yard burst Brown caught 10 passes for 96 “I kind of dug ourselves a hole,” after Boston blew a late lead, and
up the middle with 1 minute 18 yards to join the Hall of Fame re- Roethlisberger said. “I take all that the Celtics beat the Knicks. (AP)
seconds remaining. But Roeth- ceiver Marvin Harrison as the on- blame. We never quit and never n SPURS 119, BULLS 100
lisberger calmly led the Steelers ly players with four straight sea- gave up. Guys fought back.” (AP) LaMarcus Aldridge had a sea-
son-high 33 points and host San
Chiefs Keep A.F.C. West Title Hopes Alive With Win Antonio beat Chicago. Kawhi
Leonard added 25 points and
10 rebounds, and Tony Parker
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With pass to Demetrius Harris with just came one week after a dismal had 13 points and eight assists.
their postseason spot secured, under 2 minutes left. showing in a 16-3 loss to New Dwayne Wade led the Bulls with
the Kansas City Chiefs turned to The Chiefs were already as- England led to a locker room 23 points. (AP)
Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill to roll sured of a wild card when Pitts- shouting match between the N.F.L. SCORES
CHIEFS 33 past the Denver burgh beat Baltimore. But a win Denver offense and defense. The
Broncos downplayed any kind of
next weekend in San Diego cou-
Broncos. 33-10,
BRONCOS 10 on Sunday night. pled with an Oakland loss in Den- disharmony this week, but their SATURDAY’S LATE GAME
Houston 12, Cincinnati 10
Kelce had 11 catches for 160 ver would give the Chiefs their performance on a sloppy, soggy SUNDAY
yards and a touchdown, and Hill first division title since 2010. Christmas night only seemed to Pittsburgh 31, Baltimore 27
Kansas City 33, Denver 10
took a handoff 70 yards for anoth- The Broncos trudged through underscore the rift during a most
er score, as the Chiefs (11-4) beat another inept offensive perfor- frustrating of seasons. N.B.A. SCORES
the Broncos (8-7) for the third mance. Trevor Siemian was 17 of Kansas City took control of the SUNDAY
straight time and eliminated the 43 for 183 yards and a game-end- prime-time matchup from the Boston 119, Knicks 114
Super Bowl champions from post- ing interception, and the only opening bell. Alex Smith capped Cleveland 109, Golden State 108
season contention. touchdown drive he led came af- a 77-yard touchdown march with San Antonio 119, Chicago 100
Kansas City punctuated the win ter an interception gave him the a 10-yard keeper in the first quar- Oklahoma City 112, Minnesota 100
in style when 346-pound defen- ball at the Kansas City 6. Justin ter, and Hill out-ran the banged- N.H.L. SCORES
sive tackle Dontari Poe, lined up Forsett scored two plays later. up Broncos a few minutes later to SUNDAY
at quarterback and threw a jump The lackluster performance give the Chiefs a 14-0 lead. (AP) No games scheduled
WEATHER Houston 79/ 69 0.01 79/ 67 C 76/ 65 PC Cape Town 84/ 52 0 83/ 65 S 80/ 64 PC
Kansas City 65/ 36 0.10 44/ 25 S 47/ 31 S Dublin 55/ 46 0.42 44/ 34 PC 46/ 38 S
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 59/ 42 0 62/ 44 PC 69/ 48 S Geneva 50/ 36 0 44/ 37 Sh 42/ 30 S
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 85/ 74 0 83/ 73 PC 83/ 71 PC Hong Kong 73/ 64 0 75/ 59 S 67/ 55 W
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 36/ 32 0.64 31/ 17 Sn 25/ 18 S Kingston 91/ 75 0 87/ 75 S 88/ 76 S
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 50/ 39 0 46/ 45 Sh 56/ 35 Sh Lima 80/ 68 0 78/ 66 PC 79/ 67 PC
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 81/ 64 0 83/ 63 PC 83/ 62 PC London 57/ 48 0.12 48/ 31 S 45/ 32 S
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 50/ 37 0 49/ 46 Sh 59/ 35 Sh Madrid 55/ 34 0 58/ 34 PC 59/ 34 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 54/ 41 0 61/ 43 S 68/ 46 S Mexico City 73/ 46 0 73/ 47 PC 72/ 50 PC
Salt Lake City 27/ 25 0.35 27/ 14 S 32/ 28 PC Montreal 25/ 22 0 32/ 30 Sn 37/ 19 SS
San Francisco 51/ 37 0 53/ 39 S 55/ 42 S Moscow 30/ 26 0.11 32/ 29 Sn 34/ 26 Sn
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 41/ 32 0 42/ 39 R 45/ 38 R Nassau 82/ 72 0 83/ 72 PC 83/ 71 PC
Albuquerque 38/ 31 0 41/ 25 S 48/ 28 S St. Louis 57/ 40 0.15 63/ 32 PC 46/ 32 S Paris 52/ 45 0 53/ 30 C 45/ 30 S
Atlanta 73/ 52 0 63/ 57 R 72/ 52 C Washington 50/ 35 0 52/ 48 C 63/ 37 Sh Prague 43/ 39 0.17 47/ 33 C 41/ 37 C
Boise 26/ 16 0 20/ 10 PC 30/ 19 Sn FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 91/ 77 0 90/ 79 S 94/ 80 S
Boston 45/ 34 0 38/ 37 PC 53/ 32 Sh Rome 57/ 37 0 60/ 42 S 61/ 37 PC
Buffalo 37/ 34 0 51/ 35 R 36/ 27 SS Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 77/ 52 0 67/ 48 PC 89/ 57 S
Charlotte 67/ 47 0 55/ 51 C 68/ 48 C Acapulco 90/ 73 0 87/ 73 PC 87/ 75 PC Stockholm 40/ 35 0 42/ 31 W 38/ 26 PC
Chicago 40/ 31 0.06 53/ 27 W 35/ 25 PC Athens 59/ 39 0 57/ 44 S 59/ 45 S Sydney 82/ 66 0 86/ 68 W 82/ 71 S
Cleveland 38/ 35 0 59/ 36 R 39/ 29 C Beijing 44/ 25 0 38/ 17 C 36/ 13 S Tokyo 51/ 38 0 57/ 54 PC 65/ 39 R
Dallas-Ft. Worth 80/ 68 0.05 68/ 47 C 65/ 53 C Berlin 48/ 38 0.23 51/ 39 Sn 46/ 38 Sh Toronto 34/ 28 0 49/ 32 I 33/ 25 SS
Denver 41/ 33 0.03 39/ 21 S 52/ 28 S Buenos Aires 75/ 73 0.56 77/ 55 R 81/ 57 S Vancouver 34/ 25 0 38/ 37 Sn 43/ 33 C
Detroit 36/ 33 0 56/ 31 R 36/ 27 SS Cairo 61/ 50 0 65/ 52 S 62/ 49 PC Warsaw 39/ 36 0.06 48/ 34 Sh 43/ 30 Sn


No Detail’s Too Small for Alabama: It Landed Top Long Snapper

BRADENTON, Fla. — Alabama year, was also the Leave nothing, ever, to chance.
football is relentless. No. 1-rated snapper Evaluators combine a snapper’s
The Crimson Tide have won 16 when Coach Nick physical traits — “you generally
national championships, includ- Saban offered him a want long arms and a big butt,”
ing four in the last seven years. scholarship in 2012. Rubio said — with his mental du-
They have made the most bowl Put another way: rability. Snapping the ball through
appearances in big-time college Alabama’s focus on one’s legs, over and over, to send it
football with 64. They have won the littlest details up to 15 yards in around 0.75 sec-
30 conference titles. They have of the game even onds is only part of the skill set.
had 11 undefeated seasons and stretches to the point Alabama is one of a few colleges
will continue their push toward a that, in addition to that run a so-called pro-style punt
12th if they can beat Washington craving the high- coverage, in which the snapper
in a College Football Playoff semi- est-rated recruits at has to move backward and block.
final game on Saturday. quarterback, line- That makes it even more critical
So what is Alabama’s secret? backer and running for Saban that he identify a trained
Some say it’s the defense. Others WILL VRAGOVIC FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES back, Saban has to prospect. To that end, Fletcher has
point to the offense or the tough- Thomas Fletcher is the second long have the best at a po- been working to add a bit of size to
ness or the competitiveness of the snapper to receive a full scholarship sition that might be on his frame to help with the blocking.
Southeastern Conference or the from Alabama out of high school. the field for only seven Fletcher won’t be at Alabama’s
atmosphere at overflowing Bry- or eight plays a game. semifinal game because he’ll be
ant-Denny Stadium. If that sounds a little preparing for a high school all-
There is one person, however, Of Alabama’s 24 current com- Belichickian, that’s because it is. star game, but if the Crimson Tide
who takes a more unorthodox mitted recruits for 2017, almost Saban worked under Bill Belichick, reach the national championship
view, at least as it pertains to the half are rated in the top five at the fastidious N.F.L. coach, from game on Jan. 9, he is hoping he will
Tide’s most recent successes. their position by top scouting 1991 to 1994, and just last year, Be- be in Tampa, Fla., to see his new
“It’s the long snapper,” said Chris services. Five of them are ranked lichick stunned much of the N.F.L. team try to extend its dynasty.
Rubio, who then quickly acknowl- No. 1, including a tall, lanky kid when he selected a long snapper For a kid whose primary job
edged that, yes, he was speaking from Washington State named with the New England Patriots’ during a play is to avoid ruining it
about players whose only job is to Thomas Fletcher, who just gradu- fifth-round draft pick. (It was just before it even gets started, the en-
snap the ball on punts or kicking ated from the IMG Academy here the fourth time that an N.F.L. team tire experience is fairly amazing.
plays and that, yes, as the leading and is a long snapper. had drafted a long snapper, and the “When I first started doing this,
guru for long snappers, he might Fletcher will become the second player, Joe Cardona, has appeared I had no idea these kinds of op-
be a little bit biased. long snapper in Alabama history in every game since his arrival.) portunities were even possible,”
“Just think about it, though,” to be awarded a full scholarship The theory, championed by Be- Fletcher said. He smiled. “But all I
Rubio continued. “Seriously. Is it out of high school. The first, Cole lichick and embraced by his disci- know now is that I’m really, really
really that crazy?” Mazza, who will graduate this ples (including Saban), is simple: glad they are.” SAM BORDEN
Lions’ Quarterback Is Flying Under the Radar, With Panache

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — In 2009, earlier. So, was he really O.K. with Quarterback
just before the N.F.L. draft in which becoming a Lion? Matthew
the Detroit Lions owned the first “He said, ‘Absolutely,’ ” Aikman Stafford has
pick, Troy Aikman and Matthew said in a telephone interview
Stafford had dinner together in Ar- last week. “He said: ‘I want to go led the Lions to
izona, where Stafford was training. to Detroit, and I want to be part the top of the
Aikman, the Hall of Fame quar- of building something. I want to N.F.C. North
terback for the Dallas Cowboys leave my mark on this franchise.’ with eight
and now a broadcaster for Fox, “Nothing against Detroit,” Aik- comeback wins.
lives in Highland Park, Tex., an ar- man said, “but I don’t know how
ea of Dallas close to where Stafford many quarterbacks would have alumnus, in Lions
grew up and played sports along- said that. I always remembered it.” lore. While Layne
side his childhood friend Clayton After nearly eight prolific and won three league
Kershaw, who is now a star pitcher compelling years in Detroit, Staf- BRAD PENNER/ASSOCIATED PRESS championships in
for the Los Angeles Dodgers. ford has established himself as one Detroit, Stafford
As they ate together before of the toughest, most entertaining This season, with virtually no is 0-2 in the playoffs and has never
the draft, Aikman asked Stafford players in football, passing for running game for support, Staf- won a division title.
straight up: Do you really want to more yards than all but three oth- ford has led the Lions to the top “He is a terrific talent and a
go to the Lions? After all, Detroit er quarterbacks in their first eight of the N.F.C. North, a half-game great competitor,” Aikman said.
had not won a playoff game since seasons: Peyton Manning, Matt ahead of the Green Bay Packers. “But when people talk about the
1991 (and still has not) or a cham- Ryan and Dan Marino. On Monday night, the Lions (9-5) best quarterbacks out there, they
pionship since 1957, when Bobby Stafford is also in sixth place for will play the Cowboys (12-2) in Ar- talk about Aaron Rodgers and Tom
Layne, who lived on the same the most games with at least three lington, Tex., with a chance to win Brady. Matt’s name doesn’t really
street as Stafford in Dallas and touchdown passes in his first eight a playoff spot for only the third come off the tongue. The reason, in
played for the same high school, seasons. Stafford has 27, trail- time in his career. my opinion, is that you’ve got to do
was Detroit’s darling quarterback. ing only Marino, Manning, Brett But for all of Stafford’s accom- it in January. Until you win in Janu-
By the spring of 2009, Stafford Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Tom plishments, two glaring voids ary, then you are never going to be
was projected as the No. 1 draft Brady, a quarterbacking panthe- have prevented him from joining thought of as a great one.”
pick, as Aikman had been 20 years on in the modern passing era. Layne, his fellow Highland Park DAVID WALDSTEIN

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