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Hacienda Times Digest Junio 25

June 25th , 2017

Sun June 25 Mon June 26 Tues June 27 Wed June 28 Thurs June 29

Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny

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Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
television. We supply headphones, towels and
bottled water for your visit. Maintain your fitness A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is a journey into a world of
regimen or start a new one with guidance from our sensation, beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert garden environment creates an
personal trainers! atmosphere of luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to relax while restoring a
connection with the natural rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic architecture and
Fitness Class Schedule traditional decor of Hacienda, and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Lucas,
the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, mental, and emotional renewal.

Monday, June 19 Sport Massage
Spinning: 8:00 am-9:00 am
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 9:30 am- 10:30 am
The perfect way to improve stamina and

increase flexibility, this combination of
Tuesday, June 20
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am customized massage work and stretching is
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am– 11:30 am great after a workout, a long walk on the
beach, or even a week by the pool. The
Wednesday, June 21 massage incorporates stretches,
Glutes, Abs and Legs: 8:30 am- 9:30 am compression, rocking and shaking all to
Yoga: 10:00 am-11:00 am release muscle tension and increase
circulation, as well as joint mobility. Loose
Thursday, June 22 fitting clothes are required.
Spinning: 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Yoga: 10:30am-11:30 am 80min. - $195 USD + TAX

Friday, June 23 Four Hands Massage
Functional Training: 9:00 am-10:00 am
Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am This is a synchronized and powerful treatment for anyone
who has a hard time letting go during treatments. The
benefits increased circulation, intense state of calm, deep
Saturday, June 24
relaxation and stress reduction. It is easy to see how the
Yoga: 8:30 am - 9:30 am four hand massage is not only wonderful to experience,
Mat Pilates: 10:30 am- 11:30 am
but also has positive benefits. This combination of benefits
restores a sense of calm to the entire body, mind and
Sunday, June 25 spirit, allowing one to find a bit of inner balance again.
Strong by Zumba: 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Spinning: 9:30 am – 10:30 am 75 minutes - $295 USD + TAX

Private classes
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes Personalized Therapeutic Massage
upon request.

Experience the healing effects of customized
massage work on your specific problem
areas. Our skilled therapist will see to it that
muscle tension simply melts away through

HACIENDA SPA the use of neuromuscular and trigger point
massage applied to specific areas of the body,
Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
as well as isolated stretching, circulatory, and
lymphatic techniques where needed
Rejuvenate your Body
Replenish your Soul
50min. - $155 USD + TAX 80min. - $200 USD + TAX


May 16 th – June 30 , 2017

Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $210.00 $170.00 $160.00 $130.00 $240.00 $190.00
Early Twilight 12pm $175.00 $140.00 $145.00 $115.00 $195.00 $155.00
Twilight 1:30pm $150.00 $120.00 $120.00 $95.00 $170.00 $135.00
Includes Food & Beverages

Rates per foursome $560.00 $460.00 $640.00
(After 11 am) Includes Food & Beverages


$435.00 USD $675.00 USD
$320.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played.

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.



FROM THE PAGES OF 8pm in New York

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017 FROM THE PAGES OF © 2017 The New York Times

G.O.P. Senator Warnings Ignored Before Deadly Fire

With No Place LONDON — The doorbell woke posed similar risks. not hesitate to supply the British
Yassin Adam just before 1 a.m. A At least 79 people died, a toll market.
To Take Cover neighbor was frantically alert- that is expected to rise as more at Grenfell Tower, in panels
The facade, installed last year
bodies are recovered. Survivors
ing others on the fourth floor of
Grenfell Tower about a fire in his have charged that the facade was known as cladding and sold as
apartment. “My fridge blew up,” installed to beautify their housing Reynobond PE, consisted of two
WASHINGTON — Sen. Dean the man shouted. project for the benefit of wealthy sheets of aluminum that sand-
Heller, R-Nev., is the man everyone Residents of Grenfell Tower neighbors. wich a combustible core of poly-
wants. This has not been a good had complained for years that A formal government inquiry ethylene. It was produced by the
thing for him. the 24-story public housing block into the fire has just begun. But American manufacturing giant
Brian Sandoval, the governor invited catastrophe. It lacked interviews with tenants, indus- Alcoa, which was renamed Ar-
of Heller’s home state, is a Repub- fire alarms, sprinklers and a fire try executives and fire safety conic after a reorganization last
lican, but he is counting on Heller escape. It had only a single stair- engineers point to a gross failure year.
to provide what could be a crucial case. And there were concerns of government oversight, a refus- For years, members of Parlia-
vote to maintain President Barack about a new aluminum facade al to heed warnings from inside ment had written letters request-
Obama’s health care law, which has that was supposed to improve the Britain and around the world, ing new restrictions on cladding,
been a boon for the working poor in building — but was now whisking and a drive by successive govern- especially as the same flammable
Nevada. Sen. Mitch McConnell of the flames skyward. ments from both major political facades were blamed for fires in
Kentucky, the majority leader who The facade, Adam said, parties to free businesses from Britain, France, the United Arab
this week will be rounding up votes “burned like a fire that you pour the burden of safety regulations. Emirates, Australia and else-
to fulfill his party’s biggest promise petrol on.” Promising to cut “red tape,” where. Yet British authorities
of the last decade — repealing the The incineration of Grenfell business-friendly politicians ev- resisted new rules. A top building
Affordable Care Act — is trying to Tower on June 14, the deadliest idently judged that cost concerns regulator explained to a coroner
prevent Heller from undermining fire in Britain in more than a cen- outweighed the risks of allowing in 2013 that requiring only non-
that goal. tury, is now a national tragedy. The flammable materials to be used combustible exteriors in residen-
Democrats also want Heller, but in London police on Friday blamed in facades. Builders in Britain tial towers “limits your choice of
the form of an unemployed senator. flammable materials used in the were allowed to wrap residential materials quite significantly.”
As the only Republican who is up for facade for the spread of the blaze apartment towers from top to Fire safety experts said the
re-election next year in a state that and said the investigation could bottom in highly flammable ma- blaze at Grenfell Tower was a ca-
Hillary Clinton won, he may be their bring charges of manslaughter. terials, a practice forbidden in the tastrophe that could have been
only shot at picking up a seat. Demo- Hundreds of families were evac- United States and many Europe- avoided, if warnings had been
crats and health care interest groups uated from five high-rises that an countries. And companies did heeded. (NYT)
have been unloading on Heller all
spring with no end in sight. Commando Raids on ISIS Yield Vital Data
Far-right Republicans in his state
— who strongly support President
Trump — also have their eyes on WASHINGTON — One late af- Pakistan, died in the gun battle, diaries, it really can help speed
Heller to see if he will abandon the ternoon in April, helicopter-borne thwarting the military’s hopes up the demise of a terrorist group
president. Already a group that Vice American commandos intercept- of extracting from him any infor- like ISIS,” said Dell L. Dailey, a
President Mike Pence has support- ed a vehicle in southeastern Syria mation about Islamic State oper- retired commander of the mili-
ed is preparing a seven-figure ad carrying a close associate of the ations, leaders and strategy. tary’s Joint Special Operations
campaign against the senator. Islamic State’s supreme leader, New details about the oper- Command and the chairman of
“He’s in the eye of the storm here,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. ation, and a similar episode in the Combating Terrorism Center
Sandoval said at a news conference The associate, Abdurakhmon January that sought to seize an- at West Point.
Friday in Nevada as Heller stood Uzbeki, was a rare prize whom other midlevel Islamic State op- American military and intelli-
next to him, looking vaguely mis- United States Special Opera- erative, offer a rare glimpse into gence officials caution that the Is-
erable as Sandoval announced his tions forces had been tracking the handful of secret and increas- lamic State is far from defeated,
opposition to the Senate bill. The for months: a midlevel but highly ingly risky commando raids of particularly with a sophisticated
legislation could affect 210,000 Ne- trusted operative skilled in rais- the secretive, nearly three-year propaganda apparatus that con-
vada residents insured through the ing money; spiriting insurgent American ground war against the tinues to inspire and, in some cas-
health care law’s expansion of Med- leaders out of Raqqa, the Islamic Islamic State. es, enable its global following to
icaid. State’s besieged capital in Syria; Cellphones and other material carry out attacks.
On Friday Heller said that he, and plotting attacks against the swept up by Special Operations But in the self-proclaimed ca-
too, was against the bill as it is cur- West. Captured alive, Uzbeki forces proved valuable for future liphate across swaths of Iraq and
rently drafted, leaving himself just could be an intelligence bonan- raids, though the missions fell Syria, the terrorist group’s last
enough wiggle room to continue his za. Federal prosecutors had al- short of their goal to capture, not two major strongholds are under
longstanding practice of being the ready begun preparing criminal kill, terrorist leaders in order to siege, many senior leaders have
senator in the middle, the man who charges against him for possible obtain fresh, firsthand informa- fled south to the Euphrates River
wants to see the Medicaid program prosecution in the United States. tion about the inner circle and Valley, and its legions of foreign
phased out, except when he decides As the commandos swooped war council of the group, also fighters are battling to the death
he doesn’t. (Heller has taken both in, however, a firefight broke out. known as ISIS. or slipping away, possibly to
positions publicly.) Uzbeki, a combat-hardened vet- “If we can scoop somebody up wreak havoc in Europe.
JENNIFER STEINHAUER eran of shadow wars in Syria and alive, with their cellphones and ERIC SCHMITT


Corruption Booms Is a Buddhist Group Changing China?

As Angola Builds YIXING, China — For most Hundreds of

of her life, Shen Ying was dis- pilgrims and
LUANDA, Angola — An ambi- appointed by the world she saw nuns took part
tious reconstruction plan after around her. She watched China’s in a two-hour
Angola’s civil war was meant to economic rise in this small city in
reach even the country’s most far- the Yangtze River Valley, and she National Day
away corner, a region known as found a foothold in the new mid- procession
the Land at the End of the World. dle class, running a convenience to Fo Guang
But the area’s new paved road store in a strip mall. Yet prosperity Shan’s Temple
abruptly turns to dirt about five felt hollow. of Great
miles before reaching the city of She worried about losing her Awakening
Cuito Cuanavale, the result of a shop if she didn’t wine and dine in fall 2016 in
mysterious disappearance in pub- and pay off the right officials. Re-
lic funds. curring scandals about unsafe Yixing.
When the war, which lasted food or tainted infant formula GILLES SABRIÉ FOR THE NEW YORK TIME
from 1975 to 2002, ended, Angola made by once-reputable compa- uum left by attacks on traditional reshape China.
enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime op- nies upset her. She recalled the values over the past century, es- It has done so, however, by mak-
portunity. Its production of oil was values her father had tried to in- pecially under Mao, and the na- ing compromises. The Chinese
set to swell. Unlike many other Af- still in her — honesty, thrift, righ- tion’s embrace of a cutthroat form government is wary of spiritual
rican nations emerging from war, teousness — but she said there of capitalism. activity it does not control — the
Angola had more than enough seemed no way to live by them in Many want to change their Falun Gong an example — and
money to rebuild. China today. country — to make it more com- prohibits mixing religion and pol-
But Angola’s reconstruction and “You just feel disappointed at passionate, more civil and more itics. That has led Fo Guang Shan
oil boom also presented the politi- some of the dishonest conduct in just. But unlike political dissidents to play down its message of social
cally connected with a golden op- society,” she said. or other activists suppressed change and even its religious con-
portunity for self-enrichment. In Then, five years ago, a Buddhist by the Communist Party, they tent, focusing instead on promot-
an economy driven by President organization from Taiwan called hope to change Chinese society ing knowledge of traditional cul-
José Eduardo dos Santos, his in- Fo Guang Shan, or Buddha’s Light through personal piety and by ture and values.
ner circle of family and allies has Mountain, began building a tem- working with the government The approach has won it
amassed extraordinary wealth. ple in the outskirts of her city, Yix- instead of against it. And for the high-level support; President Xi
It is impossible to determine ex- ing. She began attending its meet- most part, the authorities have Jinping is one of its backers. But
actly how much has disappeared ings and studying its texts — and left them alone. its relationship with the party
from government coffers, though it changed her life. Fo Guang Shan is perhaps the raises a key question: Can it still
there are clues. She and her husband, a success- most successful of these groups. change China?
From 2002 to 2015, $28 billion ful businessman, started living Since coming to China more than Fo Guang Shan is led by one of
from government budgets remain more simply. They gave up luxury a decade ago, it has set up cultur- modern China’s most famous reli-
unaccounted for, according to the goods and made donations to sup- al centers and libraries in major gious figures, the Venerable Mas-
Catholic University of Angola’s port poor children. And before the Chinese cities and printed and ter Hsing Yun.
Center for Studies and Scientif- temple opened last year, she left distributed millions of volumes of “I don’t want to promote Bud-
ic Research, which analyzes the her convenience store to manage its books through state-controlled dhism!” he said. “I only promote
government’s budgetary figures. a tea shop near the temple, pledg- publishers. Chinese culture to cleanse hu-
During the same period, Ango- ing the proceeds to charity. While the government has manity.”
lan companies and individuals Across China, millions of people tightened controls on most other As for the Communist Party, he
invested $189 billion overseas in like Shen have begun participat- foreign religious organizations, was unequivocal: “We Buddhists
often opaque transactions, ac- ing in faith-based organizations Fo Guang Shan has flourished, uphold whoever is in charge. Bud-
cording to the center. like Fo Guang Shan. They aim to spreading a powerful message dhists don’t get involved in poli-
NORIMITSU ONISHI fill what they see as a moral vac- that individual acts of charity can tics.” IAN JOHNSON
In Brief

British Parliament’s Email employees and more than 1,000 Foreign Of- the feast that marks the end of the Muslim holy
Access Hit by Cyberattack fice officials. (NYT) month of Ramadan. Syrian authorities usually
release detainees on major holidays.
Members of the British Parliament were Syria Frees Detainees
the target of a cyberattack that left many 2 Giant Pandas Arrive
legislators unable to connect to their email Ahead of Muslim Holiday
on Saturday as remote access to accounts The Syrian government on Saturday re- To Warm Welcome in Berlin
was disabled as a security measure. Leg- leased hundreds of detainees, including some Meng Meng and Jiao Qing — two giant pan-
islators were made aware of the problem who had backed the insurgency against Pres- das — arrived on Saturday to fanfare in Ber-
Friday night. Last week, there were reports ident Bashar al-Assad, on the eve of a major lin, where they will spend the next 15 years
in The Times of London that the passwords Muslim holiday. Justice Minister Hisham al- living in a $10 million compound at the Berlin
of British cabinet ministers, ambassadors Shaar said the 672 people who were released Zoo. The pandas will be presented to the pub-
and senior police officers were being sold included 91 women. He said 588 were freed in lic at the Berlin Zoo on July 6; Chancellor An-
online after Russian hacking groups gained the capital, Damascus. Shaar added that the gela Merkel and President Xi Jinping of China
access. The stolen data revealed the private release was a bid to “sustain national reconcil- are expected to visit the pair before the Group
login details of 1,000 British members of Par- iations efforts and the homeland’s unity.” The of 20 summit meeting in Germany, which be-
liament and parliamentary staff, 7,000 police detainees were set free on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, gins July 7. (AP)


Immigrants Seek Clues to Make Sense of American Politics

HOUSTON — Raji Alatassi Leopold added that nothing happening now
watched a video clip of that recent Kazadi, a compared to the world his parents
cabinet meeting in Washington, college student knew in Vietnam. Watching the
in which the top officials in Presi- in Houston testimony of James B. Comey, the
dent Trump’s administration took from the former F.B.I. director, was but one
turns heaping worshipful praise Democratic example, he said.
upon their leader. He felt he had “In how many other countries
seen it before. Republic can you call the top elected official
“I was like, ‘Oh, my God,’” said of Congo, in the country a liar and get away
Alatassi, 37, who was born and holding a with it?” Le, 50, asked.
grew up in Syria and came to the carpet his Leopold Kazadi, 39, a communi-
United States nearly 20 years ago. father gave ty college student from the Demo-
“Just replace the English words him. cratic Republic of Congo, spoke of
with Arabic words, and you have the media portrayals of Trump. He
a Syrian cabinet meeting. I left the MICHAEL STRAVATO FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES said he watched late-night comics
Middle East for a reason.” are some of the biggest concerns. and problems of the countries poke fun at the president with a
Waves of immigrants from For some Houstonians whose they fled. kind of deep patriotism. He said he
around the world have trans- origins are in countries far away, Steve Le was born in South Viet- had friends in Congo who went to
formed Houston into one of what they see in American poli- nam and was 7 years old when he prison for demonstrating against
America’s most diverse and tics baffles and disturbs them, as boarded a ship the day before the President Joseph Kabila.
most international cities. They elements of the world they left fall of Saigon in 1975 with his fami- “Here I see a lot of comedians
fled countries with dysfunctional behind seem to echo back to them ly and other refugees. make a joke about the president,”
governments, oppressive rulers, in the news from Washington, as They resettled in Houston, and said Kazadi, whose relatives
shoestring democracies, ethnic Alatassi discovered watching the Le became a family physician and still live in Congo. “People can
warfare and mass violence, and cabinet meeting. And yet others the third consecutive Vietnam- speak out. In Congo, I can say
have found themselves rubbing reacted optimistically and empha- ese-American to represent District it’s like ‘esclave.’ I say ‘esclave’ in
elbows and bumpers in a wealthy sized their belief that the current F on the Houston City Council. Le, a French. People are like slaves.”
Texas city where potholes, traffic, political turmoil in this country Republican, said he had never seen MANNY FERNANDEZ
mosquitoes and pension reform did not compare to the failures America more deeply divided, but and DAVID MONTGOMERY

At Nursing Homes, Medicaid Cuts In Brief

Would Reach Upper Middle Class
Crash Injures Officer
In Pence Motorcade
ORANGE, Va. — Alice Jacobs, ficials decide how much to pay
90, once owned a factory and hors- facilities, and states under bud- A Colorado Springs motorcycle
es. She has raised four children getary pressure could decrease officer has been injured in an ac-
and buried two husbands. the amount they are willing to pay cident while escorting Vice Pres-
But years in an assisted living or restrict eligibility for coverage. KHUE BUI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES ident Mike Pence’s motorcade
center drained her savings, and “The states are going to make Alice Jacobs, a Dogwood to the city’s airport. Police didn’t
now she relies on Medicaid to pay it harder to qualify medically for Village resident, depends release the officer’s name or de-
for her care at Dogwood Village, a needing nursing home care,” pre- on Medicaid for her nursing tails of the crash, but said the of-
nonprofit, county-owned nursing dicted Toby S. Edelman, a senior home care, having exhausted ficer was in serious condition. No
home here. policy attorney at the Center for other vehicles were involved, and
“You think you’ve got enough Medicare Advocacy. “They’d have all of her savings. Pence’s motorcade continued to
money to last all your life, and to be more disabled before they the airport. (AP)
here I am,” Jacobs said. qualify for Medicaid assistance.” and assets.
Medicaid pays for most of the States might allow nursing A combination of longer life U.S. Mayors May Shape
1.4 million people in nursing homes to require residents’ fam- spans and spiraling health care
homes, like Jacobs. It covers 20 ilies to pay for a portion of their costs has left an estimated 64 per- National Climate Policy
percent of all Americans and 40 care, she added. Officials could cent of the Americans in nursing With the Trump administra-
percent of poor adults. also limit the types of services and homes dependent on Medicaid. tion’s withdrawal from the Paris
On Thursday, Senate Republi- days of nursing home care they With more than 70 million peo- climate accords, national policy
cans joined their House colleagues pay for, as Medicare already does. ple enrolled in Medicaid at an an- on climate change will emerge
in proposing steep cuts to Medic- The 150 residents of Dogwood nual cost of more than $500 billion, from U.S. cities working to
aid, part of the effort to repeal the Village include former teach- the program certainly faces long- reduce emissions and become
Affordable Care Act. Conserva- ers, farmers, doctors, lawyers, term financial challenges. Federal more resilient to rising sea lev-
tives hope to roll back what they stay-at-home parents and health Medicaid spending is projected to els, New Orleans’ Mayor Mitch
see as an expanding and costly aides — a cross section of this ru- grow 6 percent a year on average, Landrieu said at the annual U.S.
entitlement. But little has been ral county a half-hour northeast rising to $650 billion in 2027 from Conference of Mayors meeting
said about what would happen to of Charlottesville. Many entered $389 billion this year, according to in Miami Beach. The conference
older Americans in nursing homes old age solidly middle class but the Congressional Budget Office. supported the Paris agreement,
if these cuts took effect. turned to Medicaid, which was Even if Congress does not re- and a survey released Saturday
Under federal law, Medicaid once thought of as a government peal the Affordable Care Act, Med- found that most U.S. mayors
programs are required to cover program exclusively for the poor, icaid will remain a target for cuts, want to work to respond to cli-
nursing home care. But state of- after exhausting their insurance experts say. JORDAN RAU mate change. (AP)


A Street Fight Among Grocers for the Last Frontier

Every couple of days, Sinclair Sinclair perature for that whole time.
Browne fights through traffic in Browne, a But not every item needs to be
Times Square, squeezes his de- truck driver cold. A temperature below 58 de-
livery truck into a parking spot, grees will destroy the bananas
walks up four flights of stairs and for the online that Afifi picked out — and ba-
delivers groceries to a guy whose grocery service nanas are Peapod’s number-one
order he knows by heart. Peapod, selling item. That’s why bananas
“I’m fast,” said Browne, a delivers from FreshDirect, one of its com-
40-year-old driver for the online groceries to petitors, come wrapped in little
grocery business Peapod. “In and customers in sleeves to keep them warm.
out, in and out.” Manhattan. “When it leaves the store, when
Delivering food requires mili- it leaves the warehouse to get to
tary-like precision: Bananas can’t you, that’s the issue,” said Phil
get cold. Produce can’t get warm. BRYAN ANSELM FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Lempert, a grocery retailing ex-
Eggs can’t get broken. Customers pert. “They can estimate within
expect their food at specific times, just as dominant online as it has hours to complete. These or- seconds of how long it takes to get
and any number of calamities — a been in the physical world. ders came from Peapod’s ware- from the truck to your house for a
broken elevator, a traffic jam — Still, despite all the competition, house in Jersey City, a massive delivery.”
can throw off an entire schedule. the grocery business has largely 400,000-square-foot facility that Each of 20 orders on Browne’s
Not many businesses attempt resisted the larger disruptions of serves New York and New Jersey. route have a specific number of
these kinds of urban acrobatics on the retail industry: While 10 per- About 425 people bustle in and minutes allotted for how long they
a large scale, making groceries the cent of all shopping is done online, out of the meat room, the produce should take him to deliver.
last frontier of online shopping. grocery shopping is much lower. room, even a rotisserie room filled Today, he’s mostly going to
But Amazon, the e-commerce gi- People want to squeeze their with dozens of rotating chickens. buildings with elevators, where
ant, just made a land-grab: Its pur- own avocados and eyeball the Workers load the items into green people tend to tip better, inex-
chase of Whole Foods will give the freshest fish. But the challenges of temperature-controlled bins that plicably, than people who live in
company access to more than 400 keeping food fresh make grocery workers refer to as “Totes.” walk-ups.
Whole Foods stores concentrated delivery more challenging than, About 7,000 miles of conveyor “You have some customers
around major population centers say, books — the item that helped belts move the totes through the where they have an elevator, they
— places that may have walk-ups, launch Amazon into a titan of re- building, stopping at people like have a doorman, and they could
aggressive taxi drivers and other tail for the brave new world. Amal Afifi, who loads them with have three bags, give you twenty
urban obstacles that Browne nav- Browne is quite literally helping bananas that she’s inspected. dollars,” said Browne, who’s been
igates about five days a week. to steer the battle, and all that it Once perishable items make it working overtime to help pay for
Amazon is setting its sights high takes to win this food fight. into the tote, the clock starts tick- an upcoming birthday party for
by facing off against Walmart, the Today, he’s got 20 stops on ing. Peapod has 19 to 21 hours to one of his three kids. “I say thank
nation’s largest grocery store. But Manhattan’s Upper East Side get food to customers, and every- you, this goes to my daughter’s
Walmart has struggled to become that will take him at least eight thing has to stay at the right tem- sweet 16.” RACHEL ABRAMS
A Backdoor Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

NEWARK — There have been naCry ravaged computers at hos- telligence analysts or the F.B.I. on; the IDT assault used two.
times over the past two months pitals in England, universities in Were it not for a digital black Both WannaCry and the IDT at-
when Golan Ben-Oni has felt like China, rail systems in Germany box that recorded everything on tack used a hacking tool the agen-
a voice in the wilderness. and auto plants in Japan. What IDT’s network, along with Ben- cy had code-named EternalBlue.
On April 29, someone hit his Ben-Oni had seen was worse. Oni’s tenacity, the attack might The attack on IDT went a step
employer, IDT Corporation, with In the strike have gone unnoticed. further with another stolen N.S.A.
two cyberweapons that had been on IDT, a con- Tens of thousands of computer cyberweapon, called DoublePul-
stolen from the National Security glomerate with systems all over the world have sar. The N.S.A. used DoublePulsar
Agency. Ben-Oni, the global chief headquarters been “backdoored” by the same to penetrate computer systems
information officer at IDT, was here, hackers N.S.A. weapons. Ben-Oni and without tripping security alarms.
able to fend them off, but the at- locked up data others worry that many of those The New York Times confirmed
tack left him distraught. and demand- other infected computers are Ben-Oni’s account via written
In 22 years of dealing with hack- ed a ransom to connected to transportation net- summaries provided by Palo Al-
ers, he had never seen anything Golan unlock it. But works, hospitals, water treatment to Networks, Intel’s McAfee and
like it. Since then, he has been Ben-Oni the ransom de- plants and other utilities. other security firms he used and
sounding alarm bells, calling the mand was just “The world is burning about asked to investigate the attack.
White House, the Federal Bureau a smoke screen WannaCry, but this is a nuclear Last month, the Shadow Bro-
of Investigation, the New Jersey for a more invasive attack that bomb compared to WannaCry,” kers promised more N.S.A. attack
attorney general’s office and the stole employee credentials. With said Ben-Oni, 43. “This is differ- tools, offering to supply them for
top cybersecurity companies in those credentials, hackers could ent. It’s a lot worse. It steals cre- monthly paying subscribers —
the country to warn them about an have run free through the net- dentials. You can’t catch it, and it’s like a wine-of-the-month club for
attack that may still be invisibly work, taking confidential informa- happening right under our noses.” cyberweapon enthusiasts.
striking victims around the world. tion or destroying machines. And, he added, “The world isn’t Ben-Oni is convinced that IDT
“I don’t pursue every attack- The assault was not spotted ready for this.” is not the only victim.
er, just the ones that piss me off,” by some of the nation’s leading The WannaCry attack — which “I look at this as a life-or-death
Ben-Oni said recently. cybersecurity products, the top the N.S.A. and security research- situation,” he said. “Today it’s us,
Two weeks after IDT was hit, security engineers at its biggest ers have tied to North Korea — but tomorrow it might be someone
the cyberattack known as Wan- tech companies, government in- employed one N.S.A. cyberweap- else.” NICOLE PERLROTH

ARTS SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017 5

Jagged Sound Ventures Into Mainstream A Tall and Comic Figure

Wields an Ax Onscreen
SEATTLE — One night this spring, the rap-
per Lil Pump, 16, with braces on his teeth, was
asleep — or something like it — on the couch WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — By the time
in the upstairs green room at the Columbia Will Ferrell was in the sixth grade, he was al-
City Theater here, his blond and pink dreads most six feet tall and owning it.
dangling in front of his face and a pair of Gucci “I never felt gawky or like it was a disad-
high-tops slung around his neck. vantage. I was kind of proud of being tall,”
In walked his longtime friend and fellow said Ferrell, who grew up
rapper Smokepurpp, 20, in a loosefitting plaid in Irvine, Calif., where he
shirt over a Nirvana T-shirt, wondering, “Who played baseball, basketball
got Xanax and Percocet?” and soccer. “You’re more
In the main room, around 300 fans were looked up to. Literally. You
bouncing off one another, waiting for the show are literally looking down
to begin. When Lil Pump finally made it to the on people.”
stage — joining Smokepurpp, who had been Throughout his film and
scheduled to go on after him — he was received television career, Ferrell
full-throatedly, rowdily, sweatily. Perhaps a has used his height (he’s Will Ferrell
little too much so: Someone in the crowd said now 6-foot-3) and athlet-
something Lil Pump didn’t take kindly to, and KYLE JOHNSON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES icism to his advantage, wringing laughs as
he replied with a kick to a young man’s head. Smokepurpp is a star of a new subgenre Buddy, the oversize Santa’s helper, in “Elf”; the
Soon, the front of the room was a royal rumble. of rap named for the Soundcloud service. preening, looming broadcaster Ron Burgundy
Afterward, Lil Pump excitedly checked out in “Anchorman”; and the goofy stepfather bat-
footage of the scrap on a friend’s phone, tell- tling a buff Mark Wahlberg in “Daddy’s Home.”
ing him to send it to a popular hip-hop gos- Masked Gorilla has cataloged this scene. He In “The House,” which opens on Friday,
sip blogger, then let out his signature shout, likened the aesthetic to “all the punk and grun- Ferrell’s Scott Johansen, an average subur-
“ESKEDDDDDDDITTT” — “Let’s get it,” ge bands I grew up on. I get why people call it ban dad, learns to walk tall out of misguided
stretched out to the point of absurdist comedy. SoundCloud rap, but I call it grunge rap.” necessity: When he and his wife, Kate (Amy
It was just another unpredictable, bruis- These artists — and hundreds more like them Poehler), discover they can’t afford their on-
ing night in the world of SoundCloud rap — a — have gathered primarily on SoundCloud, the ly child’s college tuition, they raise money by
swelling subgenre that takes its name from its streaming service most oriented toward music opening a Las Vegas-style casino at a neigh-
creators’ preferred streaming service — which discovery, and the one with the lowest barrier bor’s house and become menacing enforcers
in the last year has become the most vital and to entry. That has meant a new ecosystem of in the process.
disruptive new movement in hip-hop. rising stars without traditional gatekeepers. “It’s against their better judgment but in a
Its stars are internet celebrities, fashioning Major labels are hovering. A few rappers weird way one of the greatest things they’ll
themselves into outlandish characters in the — Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and Wifisfuneral ever do,” said Ferrell, who arrived for an in-
anime that is modern hip-hop: the theatrical among them — have recently signed deals. terview at a hotel dressed in a black suit jack-
Florida tag team Smokepurpp and Lil Pump And the scene has a breakout hit, “Look at Me,” et with a natty pocket square. “And I get to
(who perform together as Gucci Gang); the by XXXTentacion, which recently climbed wield an ax.”
anguished heartthrob Lil Peep; the problem- from SoundCloud ubiquity to No. 34 on the Bill- In real life, Ferrell, 49, is soft-spoken and the
atic outlaw XXXTentacion. The aesthetic is board Hot 100. The open question is how much father of Magnus, Mattias and Axel, who recent-
high-end streetwear meets high fashion, with of this renegade energy — from the songs, ly got to watch their dad film a scene with John
face tattoos, hair dyed in wild colors and a pre- which have more in common with hardcore Lithgow for the coming “Daddy’s Home 2.”
scription-drug ooze. The music is low-fidelity than hip-hop, to the fistfights, to the drugs — “It didn’t cross my mind to tell them that we
and insistent, throbbing with distorted bass. can survive in the rap radio mainstream. play the type of father and son who are so affec-
At its best, it has an almost punklike purity, “Even though it’s big, it’s still an outlier tionate that we don’t think twice about kissing
emphasizing abandon over structure, raw- sound,” said Jimmy Duval, one of the scene’s each other on the lips when we say hi,” Ferrell
ness over dexterity. “It sounds so unpolished, key producers. “No drastic sound like this can said. “But the boys, apparently, were cracking
so youthful,” said Roger Gengo, whose website last.” JON CARAMANICA up watching that.” MARGY ROCHLIN
A Proto-Punk Who Ignored, and Then Inspired, the Art World

There is art, there is anti-art — and there is said his wife, Liz Lamere, sitting in the me- a series of events that should elevate it fur-
Alan Vega. The front half of the proto-punk duo mento-filled apartment they shared in the ther. On Friday, the Lower East Side gallery
Suicide, an outfit so confrontational he once had Financial District. “You had to be part of the Invisible-Exports is presenting a show that
to dodge a flying hatchet from the audience, scene to promote yourself. That wasn’t what will spotlight Vega’s final paintings — lush yet
Vega also spent nearly half a century stringing he was about. He was purely about creating.” ghostly images that reprise the drawings that
together “light sculptures” out of old neon tub- If not fame, then money? “He could live in a will be shown with them. On July 14, the New
ing, junked electrical parts and bulbs he some- refrigerator box,” she said. York independent-music label Fader plans to
times stole from the subway. Some he hung on Jeffrey Deitch, the New York art adviser and release his final album, “IT”; the album cover
the wall; others he scattered across the floor. On curator, concurred. “He was not playing the ca- features a photograph he’d once taken of an
occasion he even made drawings and paintings reerist game.” And yet, Deitch asserted, “he’s exit sign. (The first single, “DTM,” is available
— surreal at first, spidery and jittery later on. going to end up having much more influence on streaming services.) And on July 18, Deitch
During this time he was treated to a single mu- than many artists” who did. plans to open a show in his own SoHo gallery
seum retrospective and fewer than a dozen gal- If so, Deitch will be at least partly responsi- that will feature drawings and assemblages
lery shows. Yet today, not quite a year after his ble. Along with Julian Schnabel and the dealer from Vega’s earliest days to his last, as well as
death last July at 78, he looms over a scene he Barbara Gladstone, he is part of a small cote- a larger-than-life projection of Suicide in con-
ignored almost as assiduously as it ignored him. rie of art-world insiders who have championed cert that, he promises, will make people “feel
“He was never really part of the ‘art world,’ ” Vega’s work. Now he has helped orchestrate as if they’re there.” FRANK ROSE


Baby Steps on the Path to Understanding Birth Editor’s Row

Where do babies come from? “scientists split into two warring EVERYTHING UNDER THE HEAVENS:
The answer is now common The Seeds of Life camps, ovists and spermists, each How the Past Helps Shape China’s
knowledge, yet in “The Seeds of dedicated to the proposition that Push for Global Power, by Howard W.
French. (Knopf, $27.95.) This fascinating
Life,” the veteran science writer From Aristotle to da Vinci, their side was truly vital, while the account of geopolitics argues that China’s
Edward Dolnick tells us that for From Sharks’ Teeth to Frogs’ Pants, other was necessary, perhaps, but historical and cultural legacy governs its
centuries it proved elusive, even the Long and Strange Quest to distinctly secondary.” conduct of international relations.
to the greatest minds. Discover Where Babies Come From It was not till 1875 that the an- YOU BELONG TO ME, by Colin Harrison.
Profound discoveries were be- By Edward Dolnick swer came. A German scientist (Sarah Crichton/Farrar, Straus & Giroux,
ing made in medicine, mathemat- 309 pages. Basic Books. $28. named Oscar Hertwig put a sea $27.)This thriller displays Harrison’s
ics, astronomy and other fields, urchin egg under his microscope. exuberance for high-stakes New York
but it would take until 1875 for us The distinctively transparent schemers — plundering financiers, mon-
to fully comprehend the process of in the uterus.” nature of the egg lent itself to this ey-grubbing heirs, obsessive collectors.
human gestation. “De Graaf,” Dolnick writes, kind of voyeurism, as did the fact BE LIKE THE FOX: Machiavelli’s Lifelong
When men and women have “cleared things up and convinced that fertilization in sea urchins Quest for Freedom, by Erica Benner.
sex, children can result. That link the world to shift focus. In his pic- takes place outside the body, as it (Norton, $27.95.) Benner’s life-and-times
was understood for a long time. ture, the egg emerged from the fe- does in frogs. biography, dotted with vivid episodes,
Yet the precise means by which male’s ovary and combined some- Dolnick sets the scene: “Hert- recounts the up-and-down career of a
sex led to a baby remained hidden. how with semen from the male to wig poked a drop of sea urchin tricky personality in a stormy era.
DESTINED FOR WAR: Can America and
Arguably the first great anat- form a new organism.” semen near the egg. A tiny sperm China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?, by Gra-
omist, Leonardo da Vinci was al- This was a daring proposition, cell pushed against the egg’s out- ham Allison. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,
lowed the chance to dissect hospi- since de Graaf had never seen the er surface. Moments later the $28.) Allison offers erudite historical case
tal patients and recently deceased egg itself. nucleus of the sperm cell came studies that illuminate the pressure to-
criminals, but as interested as he Leeuwenhoek’s microscope into view, inside the egg, like a ward military confrontation when a rising
was in the uterus, leaving behind was the necessary next step. message thrust inside a bottle. … power challenges a dominant one.
wonderful drawings of the womb A skilled lens maker, he found Suddenly the two nuclei were in AMERICAN KINGPIN: The Epic Hunt for
with a fetus within, he couldn’t say himself witnessing a tiny world contact, and then — before Hert- the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk
how the fetus had got there. teeming with life. One night, after wig’s eyes — the two nuclei fused Road, by Nick Bilton. (Portfolio/Penguin,
A major impediment was what making love with his wife, he ex- into one. No one in history had ev- $27.) The rise and fall of the libertarian
Dolnick calls “the vexed matter amined his own sperm under his er seen the process of fertilization who created the online drug market Silk
of eggs.” In the mid-1600s, as a microscope and described the tiny play out.” Road is a journey in a black mirror.
Dutchman, Regnier de Graaf, creatures he saw, “furnished with Dolnick’s book should evoke Maazel. (Graywolf; paper, $16.) Maazel’s
studied the female reproductive a thin tail, about five or six times in us a sense of humility rather hero works in a facility for brain-damaged
organs of species, he found that as long as the body,” that moved than amusement at the ignorance patients while dealing with a mysterious-
they all “have ovaries full of eggs” like “a snake or an eel swimming of the scientists of old. In his ac- ly pregnant wife and a dead body.
and that the eggs of mammals in water.” knowledgments, he cites the THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN BLAKE: Mys-
“are fertilized and reach the uter- This observation triggered a anthropologist Max Gluckman’s tery of the Ghost Ship, by Philip Pullman.
us in the same way as in birds.” great debate, pitting “spermists” remark that “the fool of this gen- Illustrated by Fred Fordham. (Scholastic,
De Graaf made particularly against “ovists.” De Graaf had eration can go beyond the point $19.99; ages 10 and up.) A schooner from
careful observations of the repro- seen the eggs. Others saw the reached by the genius of the last the 1920s has become unmoored in time.
ductive organs of rabbits. motile creatures in the semen and generation.” THE BRIGHT HOUR: A Memoir of Living
“His tools,” Dolnick reminds us, believed them to be the source of Scientific questions almost as and Dying, by Nina Riggs. (Simon &
“were little more than sharp eyes the future baby. fundamental as the genesis of the Schuster, $25.) This moving and often
and the ability to count. Instead of It would seem an easy matter embryo remain to be answered funny memoir of Riggs’s experience with
dissecting his rabbits only a few for the two sides to come to an un- — the black box of the brain is far metastatic breast cancer is bromide-free
hours or even a few days after derstanding of the importance of from unlocked. and honest. She died after completing it.
they had mated, he waited several both egg and sperm. Yet that’s not Future historians will wonder The full reviews of these and other
days. Now he found ruptured folli- what happened. what took us so long to find the an- recent books are on the web:
cles in the ovary and tiny embryos “Instead,” Dolnick tells us, swers. ABRAHAM VERGHESE

Paperback Row

THE GERMAN WAR. A NATION UNDER ARMS, 1939- terious World of Transportation, by Edward Humes. tage Contemporaries, $16.95.) This novel, the third
1945: Citizens and Soldiers, by Nicholas Stargardt. (Harper Perennial, $16.99.) Humes, a Pulitzer to center on Russell and Corrine Calloway, yuppies
(Basic Books, $22.99.) Drawing on personal corre- Prize-winning journalist, probes the challenges who travel in rarefied New York circles, follows
spondence and diaries, the author investigates an plaguing modern transportation systems. As the its characters as they confront the restlessness
unusual approach to World War II, examining why reviewer, Mary Roach, wrote for The New York of middle age. Like its predecessors, the story is
ordinary Germans — who were both victims and Times, “Humes’s tireless curation of figure and set during an upheaval — the 2008 financial cri-
perpetrators of violence — continued to support fact, his well-reasoned arguments and his unclut- sis — that coincides with Russell’s financial and
the effort to the end, and how they struggled to tered, well-ordered prose may turn the ship that’s professional insecurity. A destabilizing force from
understand their place in it. just begun to budge.” the past, Corrine’s former lover, returns, and the
CHRONICLE OF A LAST SUMMER: A Novel of Egypt, LATE TO THE BALL: A Journey Into Tennis and Aging, by Calloways must rebuild their marriage.
by Yasmine El Rashidi. (Tim Duggan, $15.) The Gerald Marzorati. (Scribner, $17.) The author, who ENCHANTED ISLANDS, by Allison Amend. (Anchor,
stories of three summers — as a child in Cairo, was until 2010 the editor of The New York Times $16.) A woman marries a man who is sent to the
a college student and an adult filmmaker after Magazine, reflects on taking up the sport as his ca- Galápagos as a spy just before World War II. As
the Arab Spring — chart the narrator’s political reer was winding down. In detailing his impulse to Hillary Kelly said in The Times, in Amend’s telling
awakening. Growing up in the 1980s, she grappled improve both his athletic acumen and himself as humans are “the most alluring animals among
with private griefs, like her father’s inexplicable he approached “young old age,” Marzorati offers a blue-footed boobies … and the rest of Darwin’s
disappearance; years later, she considers their thoughtful guide to growing older and dispensing magnificent crew. On an island bursting with … re-
ramifications. with fixed ideas about age and ability. markable creatures, humanity’s depthless capacity
DOOR TO DOOR: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mys- BRIGHT, PRECIOUS DAYS, by Jay McInerney. (Vin- for loneliness crows most keenly.” Joumana Khatib



CROPPED 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22
ACROSS 48 Having a variegated, 96 Salve 23 24 25 26
1 Weary changing pattern 98 Dieter’s salad order 27 28 29 30
6 Flaky stuff 50 Lost request
10 Deal watcher, 51 Tech company 99 Church area 31 32 33 34
informally founder Michael 101 Pair on a slope 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
14 Like most grapes 53 Tie up 103 Kitty 44 45 46 47 48 49
19 ____ bear 54 Matey’s cry 104 Gatekeeping org.?
20 “Because Freedom 55 Sword go-with 107 Canful in a 50 51 52 53 54
Can’t Protect Itself” 57 Residence of the cupboard … or a 55 56 57 58 59
sloganeer, briefly Japanese imperial hint to parts of six
21 Finished family for more answers in this 60 61 62 63 64 65 66
22 British politician than 1,000 years 67 68 69 70 71 72
Farage 59 Baseball no-nos 112 ____ friends 73 74 75
23 Rummage (through) 60 Life is a bad one 114 Three-time N.H.L. 76 77 78 79 80 81 82
All-Star Kovalchuk
24 Rummage (through) 61 Request 115 Rice-based drink
25 Southern bread 63 Outdoor game for 116 Actor Quinn 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
the very young
26 Crept furtively 67 Yearbook sect. 117 Big name in 90 91 92 93 94
27 Tree-damaging organized crime, 95 96 97 98
pest accidentally 68 Constitution holder once
introduced to the 70 Some notebooks, in 118 Come together 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106
U.S. in 1996 brief 107 108 109 110 111
31 Ache 73 Second-largest city 119 “You said it!”
32 One likely to have in Vermont 120 Alarm 112 113 114 115 116
lots of perks 74 Give 121 Like those who 117 118 119 120
33 Neither good nor 75 Give a damn really have guts? 121 122 123 124
bad 76 Rehab procedure 122 Latin 101 verb
34 “Casablanca” 80 Singer Rimes 123 Titian’s “Venus of 6/25/17
woman Urbino,” e.g. 16 Feverish fit 56 Tennis great Tommy 84 Formerly
35 “Olé! Olé! Olé!,” for 81 High 124 Cheerleaders’ 17 Base ____ 58 Bricklaying or 85 Vodka or gin: Abbr.
one 83 Ham-handed practice 18 Animal on pipefitting
37 Eddie with the #1 84 Swiss river to the Michigan’s flag 62 GPS display: Abbr. 86 Codswallop
country hit “Every Rhine DOWN 28 Be apprised (of) 63 ____ acid (wine 88 Petroleum
Which Way but 87 Skirt option 1 Sunscreen option byproduct used
Loose” 89 Hold forth 29 Where Sanyo and component) to make synthetic
40 The “doll” in Ibsen’s 2 Good quality in a Panasonic are 64 Brenda’s twin rubber
“A Doll’s House” 90 MCAT subject 3 Puckish headquartered on “Beverly Hills 91 Violet shade
44 Southwest tourist 93 “Seinfeld” character 30 Slugs 65 German digit 92 Join together
destination 95 Don 4 Lion in “The Lion 35 Beat handily 94 Like some points
King” 36 Many a character 66 Video game count
OR AN GS PS A L I P S U T E S 5 Spy’s attire, on “The Big Bang 68 Adjoining 97 Leaf producer
LO QU AT AN T I AV I A RO MO stereotypically Theory” 69 Fertile soil 100 Texas A&M athlete
DO UB L E KN OT S R AC Y G OA L 6 Like Robinson 38 Science class, 102 Former SeaWorld
PTA ER N O I L TA NK S E R I E Crusoe 70 ____ Games performer
AR C S E ASP RA Y I MO K E LM 7 Desktop sight informally 71 Island south of the
LO AD OV UL E G I V ES ADA MN 39 Personal Cyclades 104 ____ wave
ST RA W E L I BA M V OL E 8 Hard shoes to run commitment? 105 Traffic headache
TR Y F OA L P AC MA N in 41 Birthstone after 72 Commemorative 106 Dancer de Mille
RE NA I S SA NC E F A I RE TG E L 9 Often-doubled cry sapphire meal with wine
AP OS T L E T HE I D EA BO CA at a play 42 Game played on a 75 Round up 107 November
BO OT S M AS S T RE E B E T AS 10 “Sure thing!,” map 76 Frisbee, e.g. imperative
I D NO AP R I OR I P RECA ST jocularly 108 They can be brown
DE ER RE I G N I NG MO NA RC HS 43 Does something 77 Singer heard in the or blonde
first “Lord of the
AL GR EN AG EE AD U 11 Shakespeare’s 44 Observes Ramadan
I A GO E L S T AD SE GA R stream Rings” movie 109 Ta-tas
AF T E RH OU RS GO DE L L UR E 12 Former Haitian 45 Else 78 Work day by day, 110 Gave one’s blessing
NO W D OW N A BO VE PA R I MS president Préval 46 Manual’s audience say to
DR OZ NE ON TU BE OY E N YT 13 Loan shark, for one 47 Cunning sort 79 Bush and Gore, in 111 “Well done!”
NE ST ST OP S L I P URB ANA 14 Starts 49 Lift things? 80 Do House work 112 Give it ____
E T TA TO SS DT S P O I NT Y 15 The Wildcats of the 52 Minnesota’s state 113 Surround, as fans
Answer to puzzle for 6/18/17 Big East Conference bird 82 Relaxed might an idol
Answers to this puzzle will appear in next Sunday’s TimesDigest, and in next Sunday’s New York Times.




If We Lose Our Health Care . . . Meet This 2-Year-Old

RiveRcess county, Liberia
Republicans have demonized the Affordable the election, and the last thing we did before He’s a 2-year-old boy named Sunday Dahn,
Care Act for so long that people may have for- the surgery was vote early — in large part lying in a coma in a rural health center with
gotten that nearly one in five nonelderly Ameri- to try to stave off the repeal of the A.C.A. My cerebral malaria. Even if Sunday survives, he
cans lacked health insurance before the law was husband’s prospects are very good, but he will may suffer permanent brain damage.
passed. Many of them didn’t get the care they always require medical care, even if it is “just” In Washington, we’ll see debates about Pres-
needed because they feared it would bankrupt the medication needed to maintain the trans- ident Trump’s proposal to slash humanitarian
their families. The A.C.A., or Obamacare, has not plant. aid, and politicians will emerge as winners or
solved those problems completely, but it has ex- Under the Republican bill, we would never losers depending on the outcome. But the real
tended health care coverage to 20 million people. escape the “pre-existing condition” label, and winners and losers are kids like Sunday.
The Republican health care bill under consid- there would be the added worry about hav- I’m on my annual win-a-trip journey with a
eration in the Senate would undo that progress ing asked our donor to subject himself to the university student — this year it’s Aneri Pat-
and make the health care system even worse whims of insurance companies. The financial tani of Northeastern University — and Aneri
than it was before Obamacare. In May, the implications to both my family and the kidney and I find that most people in rural Liberia
House passed its version of the legislation, the donor’s are impossible to predict or calculate, have never even heard of Donald Trump.
American Health Care Act, which would take but the cost of losing Obamacare would be Yet he will profoundly shape their lives, and
insurance away from 23 million people, accord- steep, terrifying and entirely un-American. deaths, for American health assistance bene-
ing to the Congressional Budget Office. At the Samantha Fratus, Boston fits half the Liberian population.
same time, the bill would lavish tax cuts on the A LOT TO UNTANGLE My husband and I live in It’s not, of course, that Trump is responsible
wealthiest families. So it is no surprise that about Hawaii and have owned and operated a busi- for Sunday’s coma. And our Liberia journey un-
55 percent of voters oppose the Republican effort ness for over 25 years. We have always been derscores that saving lives is often complicated.
to replace the A.C.A., while 30 percent support it. required to offer our employees health insur- Pregnant women in Liberia receive free
Undeterred by the public’s wishes, compassion ance. In the beginning, it was affordable, and mosquito nets to prevent malaria, and al-
or common sense, President Trump and other we were proud to be able to offer it. As years most every household has received one. The
Republican leaders are forging ahead. went by, it got more expensive and harder to problem is that they are sometimes misused;
We asked Times readers how the Republican afford, especially after my healthy husband I’ve seen them turned into wedding dresses,
proposals would affect them. Here are a few contracted a rare infection that hospitalized fishing nets, sponges and chicken fencing. Yet
of their stories. Lawmakers should know that him for two months. there’s overwhelming evidence that net distri-
there are many more Americans like them who Two years ago, under Obamacare, we finally butions do save lives; they’re one reason the
are worrying about a future without affordable found an affordable, decent health plan for our- number of people dying globally from malaria
health care. selves and our employees. Now, I am extreme- has dropped 60 percent since 2000.
PREGNANCY IS NOT A DISEASE I feel ridiculous- ly worried about how the insurance industry Yet if humanitarian aid is complex and im-
ly lucky that the A.C.A. existed when I had my here will react to this irresponsible Republican perfect, it has helped save more than 100 mil-
baby, and here’s why: My husband and I were plan. As a small-business owner, I’m going to lion children’s lives around the world since
both freelancers when I got pregnant, and we have to spend way more time figuring out what 1990. With American financial support, Libe-
were on Obamacare in New York. When I was this means than those who actually voted for it. ria is experimenting with rural health workers
five months pregnant, we moved to Nashville Kathleen Pickett, Kilauea, Hawaii who encourage families to use bed nets, ad-
for his job, which didn’t provide insurance. Be- THE $300,000 BILL I will die without the A.C.A. I minister rapid malaria tests, hand out reliable
cause of the A.C.A., we were able to buy cov- am a single, 60-year-old man. In January 2016, medicine and refer problem cases to a clinic.
erage, even though somehow pregnancy is I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal can- Rural health workers also promote contra-
considered a pre-existing condition. It could cer that had metastasized to my liver. I have ception, which is free in Liberia through sup-
once again become the basis for an insurance been infused with four chemotherapy drugs 19 port from American aid and from the United
company to reject you, or to increase your pre- times, and 10 times with three drugs, for a total Nations Population Fund. Trump proposes to
miums, if the A.C.A. is repealed. of 29 treatments. cut off both family planning assistance and
Denying a pregnant woman insurance cov- Initially, I was in the hospital for two days money for the Population Fund.
erage can have far-reaching effects. She might for a colonoscopy, a PET scan and numerous Dr. Ami Waters, co-medical director of Last
stay in an unhealthy or abusive job to maintain blood tests. Since then, I’ve had two more Mile Health, which established the network of
coverage, or stay in an unhealthy or abusive PET scans, roughly 200 blood tests, numerous rural health workers, offered a glimpse of the
marriage to maintain her husband’s coverage. urine tests and oncologist visits. The total cost consequences if contraception becomes less
A family might forgo a good opportunity to for all of this has exceeded $300,000. Luckily available. She described treating a 14-year-old
move for a better life for their child; after hav- and thankfully, because of the A.C.A., my out- girl who lost a baby and suffered gynecological
ing the baby, a family might be saddled with of-pocket costs were just $2,250 for 2016 and complications, and a 19-year-old student who,
debt. $2,450 for 2017. Without the A.C.A., I would be in trying to self-abort with a stick, perforated
Republicans who are so concerned with bankrupt and homeless. her uterus and suffered sepsis.
saving the lives of unborn humans (after all, James Panagoulias, Westminster, Colo. Why should we care? Shouldn’t we solve
their bill guts Planned Parenthood, too) should A CANCER SURVIVOR My journey began with Americans’ problems first, before worrying
show at least the same respect and care for the an early screening at Planned Parenthood in about West Africans’? We can’t save every
women who bring them into this world. 2008, after which I was diagnosed with breast child. But America and other wealthy coun-
Amal Bouhabib, Nashville cancer. I get follow-up testing every year to tries have always tried to provide modest sums
WORRYING ABOUT THE KIDNEY DONOR My ensure that I remain healthy, and alive, so — less than one-half of 1 percent of G.D.P. — to
husband has a genetic kidney disorder called the A.C.A. is crucial for me. My sister is also fight disease and illiteracy, as a sign of global
polycystic kidney disease and, at the age of 47, a breast cancer survivor, and she relies on leadership and of our common humanity.
needed a kidney transplant. He is now, thanks Medicaid to take care of herself and her three President Trump proposes that we turn our
to the miracles of modern medicine and the in- children. My mother has a chronic illness. My back on that bipartisan tradition. I hope Con-
credible generosity of his donor, back at work, health and the health of those closest to me will gress and the American people understand
paying taxes and living a good life. be in great jeopardy if the A.C.A. is repealed. that what’s at stake isn’t numbers in a budget,
The transplant took place one week before Natarsha McQueen, Brooklyn but children’s lives.


With Kiwis Dominating, Team USA Lands Blow In Brief

HAMILTON, Bermuda — Jim- 11 seconds. ing away what had appeared to be
my Spithill was back in his ele- “We felt like we gave that race an insurmountable 8-1 lead. Mexico Ousts Russia
ment on Saturday: sailing hurt in away a little bit. But it was a great “We know we can do this — we Russia, the host nation, fought
a rejiggered America’s Cup yacht to see a bit of fight out of these have been here before,” Spithill valiantly but could not avoid
and with a big deficit to overcome. boys,” said Team New Zealand’s said Saturday. “The most import- early elimination at the Confeder-
There was even an opportunity young helmsman, Peter Burling. ant, I remember from San Fran- ations Cup, losing to Mexico, 2-1,
for Spithill, Oracle Team USA’s Burling was referring cheekily cisco, was getting a win on the in Group A in Kazan on Saturday.
skipper, to engage in interview to Team USA, and Spithill did not board. That was the key thing, so With its win, Mexico advanced to
room repartee with his opposing miss his message or his opportu- that’s why today was very, very the semifinals of the tournament,
helmsman from New Zealand. nity. important. You can see the team a World Cup warm-up event.
But Spithill, who is not nick- “It’s only just beginning, mate,” is pumped up now.” Portugal also advanced f rom
named Pitbull for nothing, kept he responded. For the second time in five Cup Group A, beating last-place New
scrapping and tacking and With Team New Zealand up, races, Spithill and Oracle were Zealand, 4-0, in St. Petersburg,
talking a good game, and he and 4-1, in the first-to-seven series, it hit with a penalty for crossing helped by Cristiano Ronaldo’s
his crewmates were finally re- could still be over soon, with two the starting line too early, a gaffe 75th international goal. (NYT)
warded with their first victory in races scheduled on Sunday and Spithill blamed on malfunctioning
this otherwise lopsided America’s potentially two more on Monday. onboard navigation software. L.S.U. Reaches Finals
Cup match. The Kiwis have the edge, but Team USA also received a pen-
After they made mistake after there is no doubt that Saturday’s alty on the third leg of the race Caleb Gilbert held top-seeded
mistake in Saturday’s opening racing added a familiar layer of for interfering with Team New Oregon State to two hits Saturday
race and allowed the challenger, intrigue to this rematch. Zealand. That penalty was far too as Louisiana State won, 6-1, to
Emirates Team New Zealand, In 2013 in San Francisco, Team much to overcome as Team New reach the College World Series
to increase its lead to 4-0, Spit- New Zealand dominated Team Zealand cruised to victory by finals. The Tigers will open the
hill and Team USA clawed back USA early before losing its speed 2 minutes 4 seconds. best-of-three series Monday
to win the day’s second race by edge upwind and ultimately giv- CHRISTOPHER CLAREY against the winner of Saturday’s
later game between Florida and
Israeli Hopes to Plant a Flag, if Not to Take One Texas Christian. (NYT)

Avi Day plans to hand an Israeli on an oval. Still, because Day is wants to diversify its competitors
flag to his 25-year-old son, Alon, driving for a lower-tier team, his and expand its audience. FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
to carry to the podium where he chances for a victory are slim. “We want to represent every- Yankees 2, Texas 1, 10 innings
will be introduced on Sunday as “I think the main thing is that body,” O’Donnell said. “Alon car- San Diego 1, Detroit 0
Seattle 13, Houston 3
a competitor in a stock car race I’m not talking about a good re- ries in a whole new fan base.” SATURDAY
in Sonoma, Calif. The flag handoff sult,” he said in a telephone inter- Two weeks ago, at a race in Texas 8, Yankees 1
has become a race-day ritual for view from Sonoma last week. “I’m Long Pond, Pa., Darrell Wallace Oakland 10, Chicago White Sox 2
the Days, but Sunday’s version talking about establishing my Jr., known as Bubba, became the Kansas City 3, Toronto 2
will be anything but routine. name.” first black driver since Bill Lester Baltimore 8, Tampa Bay 3
Minnesota 4, Cleveland 2
Driving the No. 23 Toyota for BK Back in Israel, he already has. in 2006 to compete in a top-series
Racing, Day will become the first Day estimated that he received Nascar race. N.L. SCORES
competitor from Israel — where a text message “probably every Wallace drove last week at FRIDAY’S LATE GAMES
auto racing was banned until 2011 30 seconds” from someone in Is- Brooklyn, Mich., but will not be Philadelphia 6, Arizona 1
— in Nascar’s top Cup series. rael wishing him well on Sunday. at Sonoma Raceway on Sunday. L.A. Dodgers 6, Colorado 1
Day specializes in road cours- Steve O’Donnell, Nascar’s ex- Daniel Suarez, 25, a rookie for Joe San Diego 1, Detroit 0
es, and Sunday’s race is one of ecutive vice president for racing Gibbs Racing, is the first driver Mets 11, San Francisco 4
only two in the 36-event Monster operations and chief racing devel- from Mexico to compete full time Washington 18, Cincinnati 3
Energy Nascar Cup Series that opment officer, considers Day’s in the top series. Atlanta 3, Milwaukee 1
take place on the road rather than debut significant because Nascar DAVE CALDWELL Chicago Cubs 5, Miami 3

WEATHER Houston 83/ 75 1.41 86/ 73 T 88/ 73 T Cape Town 61/ 41 0 61/ 41 S 69/ 47 S
Kansas City 77/ 57 0 79/ 56 PC 70/ 55 PC Dublin 68/ 52 0.04 62/ 48 C 61/ 52 C
High/low temperatures for the 21 hours ended at 4 p.m. Los Angeles 81/ 62 Tr 86/ 65 F 86/ 63 F Geneva 86/ 70 0 80/ 60 PC 82/ 63 T
yesterday, Eastern time, and precipitation (in inches) for Miami 90/ 82 0 91/ 79 PC 90/ 78 PC Hong Kong 87/ 82 0.10 89/ 82 T 90/ 83 Sh
the 18 hours ended at 1 p.m. yesterday. Expected condi- Mpls.-St. Paul 65/ 55 0.02 68/ 52 PC 72/ 54 PC Kingston 90/ 79 0.05 90/ 78 PC 91/ 79 PC
tions for today and tomorrow. New York City 84/ 70 0.17 81/ 65 S 78/ 63 PC Lima 72/ 63 0 72/ 61 PC 71/ 61 C
Weather conditions: C-clouds, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, Orlando 92/ 73 0.05 89/ 73 T 89/ 72 T London 73/ 63 0.39 73/ 52 Sh 73/ 57 PC
PC-partly cloudy, R-rain, S-sun, Sh-showers, Sn-snow, SS- Philadelphia 87/ 72 0 85/ 63 S 81/ 62 PC Madrid 97/ 66 0 94/ 65 PC 89/ 64 PC
snow showers, T-thunderstorms, Tr-trace, W-windy. Phoenix 115/ 90 0 115/ 89 S 112/ 84 S Mexico City 76/ 56 0.20 69/ 57 T 71/ 58 T
Salt Lake City 90/ 61 0 95/ 65 S 100/ 71 S Montreal 81/ 63 0 72/ 55 T 69/ 53 PC
San Francisco 70/ 57 0 70/ 58 PC 69/ 57 PC Moscow 64/ 43 0 65/ 56 C 72/ 53 PC
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Seattle 89/ 61 0 96/ 60 S 76/ 54 PC Nassau 93/ 79 0 93/ 79 PC 93/ 78 PC
Albuquerque 87/ 68 0.09 87/ 64 T 89/ 67 T St. Louis 81/ 64 0 82/ 59 S 77/ 57 PC Paris 77/ 55 0 80/ 59 PC 81/ 64 PC
Atlanta 82/ 72 0.41 83/ 63 PC 84/ 64 S Washington 89/ 74 0 86/ 65 S 83/ 64 S Prague 82/ 57 0 80/ 59 PC 77/ 54 PC
Boise 90/ 56 0 96/ 66 S 98/ 64 S FOREIGN CITIES Rio de Janeiro 75/ 66 0 75/ 67 S 76/ 65 S
Boston 87/ 71 0.11 82/ 62 S 79/ 62 PC Rome 84/ 68 0 84/ 68 PC 85/ 68 S
Buffalo 73/ 63 0.05 69/ 56 T 66/ 54 T Yesterday Today Tomorrow Santiago 55/ 46 0 57/ 45 R 52/ 43 R
Charlotte 85/ 74 0.06 86/ 63 PC 85/ 61 S Acapulco 92/ 75 0.81 86/ 77 T 88/ 78 T Stockholm 64/ 54 0.17 65/ 50 T 63/ 49 T
Chicago 76/ 61 0 73/ 54 S 71/ 52 PC Athens 97/ 70 0 92/ 75 S 91/ 72 S Sydney 66/ 48 0 64/ 47 S 62/ 47 S
Cleveland 80/ 64 0.01 74/ 57 PC 71/ 56 PC Beijing 81/ 66 0 88/ 67 PC 93/ 68 PC Tokyo 81/ 71 0 77/ 72 R 78/ 71 C
Dallas-Ft. Worth 84/ 71 1.17 87/ 72 PC 89/ 72 PC Berlin 73/ 64 0.06 73/ 56 T 70/ 51 PC Toronto 75/ 61 Tr 69/ 51 T 65/ 51 C
Denver 75/ 45 0 77/ 53 PC 84/ 58 S Buenos Aires 73/ 55 0 76/ 66 C 73/ 63 C Vancouver 77/ 54 0 80/ 58 PC 71/ 53 S
Detroit 79/ 63 Tr 72/ 55 PC 70/ 51 Sh Cairo 95/ 72 0 97/ 74 S 98/ 74 S Warsaw 73/ 61 0 78/ 59 T 72/ 53 PC


Soccer’s Confounding Calculation: What’s a Player Worth?

For the better part of a decade, nual bazaar — opens for business. the Italian midfielder Marco Ver- wind is blowing.
at least one leading Premier After all, as Chelsea Manager ratti from Paris St.-Germain. Yet The market can move values,
League team has devoted thou- Antonio Conte said last year, this beyond their age (24), Lukaku, a of course, but so can the environ-
sands of hours and kilowatts of is soccer’s “crazy” age. powerful Belgian forward, and ment. Last year, when Newcastle
brain power to answering what “Prices are too high in general; Verratti, a creative and technical United was relegated from the
sounds, on the surface, like a sim- the market is crazy,” he Italian playmaker, have little in Premier League, it knew it would
ple question: How do you judge said. “When you try common: They share neither po- have to cash in on its two most sal-
what any one player is actually to buy a player, the sition nor pedigree. able assets, the French midfielder
worth? cost is very expen- Even prices for theoret- Moussa Sissoko and the Dutch
Every conceivable variable is sive. It is not the ically comparable players wing Georginio Wijnaldum.
taken into account, the tangible real valuation of offer no clear signals. Privately, the club believed
and the intangible, the objective the player. It is a Manchester United re- that 15 million pounds would be
and the subjective. In addition to very strange sit- cently paid Ben- a healthy price for each play-
thousands of data points breaking uation.” fica 30 million er. When Real Madrid inquired
down each player’s performance Those inside pounds (nearly about Sissoko and suggested,
and output, factors like his age, soccer have $38 million) without prompting, that it would
position, nationality, length of con- long since grown for one of its be prepared to pay twice that,
tract and commercial value are used to spiraling crown jew- Newcastle duly increased its val-
fed into the equation. So, too, are price inflation, driven by the els, Victor uation. When news media reports
the buying power of the player’s wealth of the cash-soaked Lindelof, suggested that Wijnaldum might
current club, and the cost of his Premier League, the rising a 22-year- fetch 25 million pounds — and his
peers and, adjusting for inflation, revenues of the superclubs old Swedish two most active suitors, Everton
his predecessors. of Continental Europe and defender. and Liverpool, were not deterred
The model is always being re- the ever-present threat of But Liver- — Newcastle did the same with
fined, but still, the club feels that the riches being offered by pool wants the him. Both players soon departed,
it is as robust a valuation system teams in the Chinese Super SAM MANCHESTER/ same amount each at the new prices.
as exists in soccer. It does not cal- League. THE NEW YORK for Mamadou That is an extreme example, but
culate a precise figure. Instead, What leaves even those TIMES Sakho, a de- at many clubs setting a price re-
it provides a guideline as to what employed to track the fender five mains a matter of instinct, of feel.
might be a reasonable fee for any pulse of the transfer mar- years older than Lindelof who Igli Tare, the sporting director of
target the manager chooses to ket scratching their heads was ostracized by Manager the Italian club Lazio, takes into
pursue, a general idea of that play- is that there is no pattern to Jürgen Klopp for much of last account many of the same metrics
er’s actual economic value. the prices that they are be- year. Southampton believes a more formal system might —
Those who have developed and ing quoted. its defender Virgil van Dijk is “age, importance to the team, the
fine-tuned the system know that Everton, for example, valued worth twice as much as Lindelof quality of their play in the last sea-
figure rarely bears much relation its striker, Romelu Lukaku, at 100 and Sakho. sons” — but said that the ultimate
to the price they will be quoted million pounds (about $126 mil- Increasingly, it seems as though filter remained his “knowledge
once soccer’s transfer window — lion), the same figure that Barce- people are just sticking a finger in and understanding of the transfer
that dizzying, desensitizing bian- lona may have to pay to extricate the air and seeing which way the market.” RORY SMITH
That Was Hit a Country Mile, or 495 Feet if You’re Into Hard Data

Spoiler alert: If you wish to con- blast that struck the facade atop ical deconstruction of mytholog- side, attached to the underhang of
tinue enjoying gargantuan home the right-field upper deck and ical power. There is more data the second or third tier.
runs in the future with unspoiled nearly became the only fair ball available today than ever before “We’re just getting started,”
pleasure, free of all polynomial ever to exit the old Yankee Sta- — more hardware available in the said Matt Gould, the communica-
equations, read no further. If you dium. It left his bat at an angle of ballparks for detection and more tions director for MLBAM. “Hav-
persist, however, then there is 27 degrees with a velocity of 124 software packed into laptops for ing hardware in ballparks, that
much math to consider. m.p.h. and was one of the hard- analysis. was the big step.”
Start with the homer that Aaron est-hit balls in history. ESPN’s Major League Baseball Ad- Broadcasters who work in part-
Judge, the New York Yankees out- Home Run Tracker, interpolating vanced Media, or MLBAM, is now nership with MLBAM can tap into
fielder, smashed against the Bal- data from tapes, meteorological the clear leader in this field, mov- all sorts of information, such as
timore Orioles on June 11. It did conditions and eyewitnesses, ing toward a monopoly of sorts be- the odds that a certain outfielder
not actually travel 495 feet, even projects that it would have trav- cause it has been granted permis- will catch a certain fly ball. Or the
though that was its accepted mea- eled 503 feet if it had completed its sion to install radar and cameras chances that a specific base run-
surement. Instead, it soared about arc and landed on River Avenue. in all ballparks. ner will reach third base on a spe-
470 feet from home plate, where As impressive as it was, that For two seasons now, the re- cific single.
its flight was interrupted by a home run was considerably sults of MLBAM’s spy work have The stats can be overwhelming,
fan’s botched attempt at a catch shorter than Reggie Jackson’s been available to the public on its and it is amusing to consider how
on a landing in left field. The pitch All-Star Game homer in Detroit Statcast website. The home-run an old-school commentator like
to Judge, from Logan Verrett, had on July 13, 1971, which left the bat analysis system employs Track- Phil Rizzuto might have handled
arrived at 84.7 miles per hour. The at 124 m.p.h., like Mantle’s, but at Man radar that sits about 100 feet them.
ball’s exit velocity off Judge’s bat an angle of 26 degrees. In theory behind home plate, usually in a Major League Baseball bans
was 118.6 m.p.h., and its launch an- it would have traveled 539 feet if stadium’s second tier. wireless access to these statis-
gle was 28.4 degrees. it hadn’t hit a generator atop the To measure nonbatting events, tics in the dugout, though it does
Then there was Mickey Man- right-field roof at the old Tiger stereoscopic cameras are set up allow prepared scouting reports,
tle’s homer off Kansas City pitcher Stadium. in two arrays of three, 30 to 50 feet complete with videos, on assigned
Bill Fischer on May 22, 1963 — the On it goes, the cold, mathemat- apart usually on the third-base iPad Pros. FILIP BONDY

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