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Octubre 20

Hacienda Digest

October 20th, 2018

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SPA RESERVATIONS EXTENSION 5600 Open Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

A visit to the Spa at Hacienda Beach Club and
Residences is a journey into a world of sensation, PUMPKIN SPICE AROMATIC MASSAGE
beauty and balance. The Spa’s serene desert

garden environment creates an atmosphere of An enhancement of the Swedish
luxury with a sense of place and invites guests to
relax while restoring a connection with the natural massage experience featuring a
rhythms of life. Poised amid the historic delicious blend of cinnamon, clove
architecture and traditional decor of Hacienda, and orange essentials oils and
and the vibrant colors and textures of Cabo San Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy. Ease
Lucas, the Spa offers a peaceful haven for physical, tension, relieve pain and achieve
mental, and emotional renewal. complete relaxation, leave you
ready for the upcoming fall season¡
Fitness Class Schedule
Fitness Center 6 am – 9 pm daily
Each of our cardio stations is equipped with a
50min. - $115 USD + TAX / 80min. - $160 USD + TAX
television. We supply headphones, towels and bottled
water for your visit. Maintain your fitness regimen or
start a new one with guidance from our personal

Monday, October 15 A delicious, fragrant fall treatment.

The Pumpkin Walnut Body Scrub
No Class
designed to gently remove

Tuesday, October 16 keratinized dead skin cells and
rejuvenate skin texture. The
Yoga: 8:00 am – 9:00 am moisture Mask softens the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin

with illuminated complexion
Wednesday, October 17

Kick Boxing Circuit: 10:45am – 11:45am 50min. - $130 USD + TAX / 80min. - $160 USD + TAX

Thursday, October 18

No Class
Hacienda Spa Boutique
Friday, October 19

Reformer Pilates: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Luxurious beach clothing , sunglasses,
Saturday, October 20 jewelry, hats and bags, sunscreen,
sundries, aromatherapy products and
Yoga: 8:00 am - 9:00 am gifts are available at our exclusive

Sunday, October 21 boutique.
Check our Onda de Mar Clothing line
Spinning: 9:30 am –10:30 am reduced prices !!

Private classes
Hacienda Spa offers personal training classes
upon request. Rejuvenate your Body
Replenish your Soul

Important news for important people Volume 3340 Saturday October 20, 2018
International Business Sports
Turkey on Friday widened the in- Consumer goods giant Procter & Lewis Hamilton was given a helping Cabo San Lucas
vestigation into the disappearance of Gamble plans more price hikes on hand in his pursuit of a fifth world ti- Sunny
journalist Jamal Khashoggi after his several consumer products due to in- tle at the United States Grand Prix on Sunrise: 7:18 AM
visit to the Saudi consulate, searching creasing material costs and the strong Friday when flagging rival Sebastian Sunset: 6:51 PM
a forest in the city and... P.2 dollar, the company... P.3 Vettel was hit with a three... P.5 Humidity: 64% 78-82 F

“Just a friendly reminder to vote in the 2018 Midterms” Serbian leader
US indicts Russian woman for interfering in 2018 election A Kosovo army would
‘jeopardise peace’
The finance chief of Russia’s lead- and Europe. “Today’s charges allege ary 2016 and June 2018, Project Lakh- Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic
ing troll farm was indicted by the US that Russian national Yelena Alex- ta had a proposed budget of more than said Friday that the creation of Koso-
Justice Department on Friday for in- eyevna Khusyainova conspired with $35 million for all of its operations. vo army would “jeopardise peace and
terfering with US elections, the first others who were part of a Russian The money served to pay for IRA stability” and put the Balkan country
person to face charges involving the influence campaign to interfere with activists, social media advertising, in “big trouble”.
2018 congressional midterms. US democracy,” said Assistant Attor- registering domain names and buy- The warning came a day after
The indictment was released as the ney General John Demers. ing proxy servers, all needed for the Kosovo took the first steps towards
head of the US intelligence commu- The Internet Research Agency is group’s influence operations. creating its own army, ten years af-
nity issued an official warning of in- controlled by a close ally of President The indictment laid out examples ter it declared independence, despite
terference by China, Iran and Russia Vladimir Putin, Yevgeny Prigozhin, of multiple Facebook and Twitter fierce opposition from the ethnic Serb
in the upcoming election in a possible through his Concord Management postings on American-looking ac- minority and Serbia itself.
reprise of the Moscow-tainted presi- and Consulting group, prosecutors counts, some of which attacked con- Since the end of the 1998-1999 war
dential campaign of 2016. said. Prigozhin, sometimes dubbed servatives and others progressives. between Serbia’s armed forces and
It came less than three weeks before “Putin’s chef” because he has man- “Just a friendly reminder to vote pro-independence ethnic Albanian
the hotly contested November 6 vote aged catering for the Russian leader, in the 2018 Midterms,” said a tweet guerillas, NATO-led international
that will determine whether Demo- was already indicted in February from the IRA-controlled pro-Trump forces (KFOR) have been tasked with
crats can win control of the House of along with 12 other IRA employees account @johncopper16 on March 22. security in Kosovo.
Representatives and the Senate from over their alleged interference during “They are motivated They hate you More than 4,000 KFOR troops are
President Donald Trump’s Repub- 2016. In that effort, they pumped out They hate your morals They hate your currently deployed throughout the
licans. The indictment said Yelena millions of postings via Facebook, 1A and 2A rights,” the author wrote, breakaway territory whose indepen-
Khusyainova was involved in a crim- Twitter, Instagram and other plat- pointing to Democrats and referring to dence is recognised by more than 110
inal conspiracy as the chief accoun- forms designed to stir up animosity First Amendment and Second Amend- countries, but not by Serbia which
tant for Project Lakhta. between political camps and groups ment rights to free speech and to bear still considers it to be its southern
This broad political interfer- in society. The campaign aimed to arms. “Hey hate the Police They hate province.
ence operation is part of the Saint boost Donald Trump’s chances of the Military They hate YOUR Presi- Since it unilaterally declared in-
Petersburg-based Internet Research winning the presidency while under- dent.” While all of the social media dependence from Serbia in 2008,
Agency, the troll farm that conducted mining his Democratic rival Hillary identities cited in the indictment have Kosovo has sought to establish its
a massive disinformation campaign Clinton, according to US intelligence. since been removed or blocked, post- own army but those efforts have been
during the 2016 election. The indictment against Khusyain- ings by others show their messages met by bitter opposition from Serbia,
Prosecutors said that since 2014, ova suggested US investigators have were frequently liked, forwarded and which has a crucial influence on the
Khusyainova has been handling the gained detailed inside knowledge of retweeted. “The conspirators allegedly Kosovo Serb minority and their MPs
finances for Project Lakhta opera- the IRA’s operations. It lays out her took extraordinary steps to make it ap- in the parliament.
tions to sow divisiveness and confu- budgeting for Project Lakhta month by pear that they were ordinary American After meeting US State Depart-
sion in US elections. month for the first half of 2018, with a political activists,” by setting up thou- ment official Matthew Palmer, Vucic
She also budgeted millions of dol- total of more than 650 million rubles, sands of accounts made to appear to said he had urged the United States,
lars this year for online social media or $10 million, requested for the pro- be owned by Americans, the Justice a strong supporter of Kosovo’s inde-
efforts directed at the United States gram. It also says that between Janu- Department said. pendence, “to well understand that it
(the army creation)could jeopardise
The beacons, weighing 70 grams (2.4 ounces) and built in cooperation with New Zealand peace and stability and lead to tragic
Albatrosses to spy out illegal fishing The move is aimed at avoiding
Fishermen illegally trawling the Indi- species. Between November and trosses seeking fish get hooked on the the need for a constitutional change
an Ocean might soon find they have March, 150 albatrosses, from the re- lines and drown, according to Henry to legally establish armed forces, a
more to worry about than the prover- mote French southern Indian Ocean Weimerskirch, director of research at measure that would require a two-
bial albatross around their neck -- real islands of Crozet, Kerguelen and the French centre. thirds majority of both ethnic Alba-
bad luck might now lurk in the form Amsterdam, will be equiped with The International Union for the nian and the 20 non-Albanian MPs,
of one of the birds spying on them tiny beacons which will automati- Conservation of Nature says 18 of the half of whom are ethnic Serbs. Serb
from the sky. cally detect radar signals put out by 22 albatross species are threatened, MPs have blocked any such initiative
A scientific programme, designed ships they meet at sea. some with extinction. in the past.
to study the feathered giants of the The programme known as “Ocean The beacons, weighing 70 grams NATO has repeatedly made clear
air, might also help identify poach- sentinel” and funded by the Council (2.4 ounces) and built in cooperation that it would prefer the KSF to be
ing fishing vessels, according to the of Europe was first tested In South with New Zealand, will be fitted to transformed into a regular army via
Chize Biological Study Centre, a Africa early this year, One of the the back of the birds, thereby allow- constitutional changes and “in con-
French research body which seeks main threats to the birds comes from ing researchers to follow them and sultation with all communities in
to help preserve the endangered bird commercial longline fishing as alba- analyse their feeding habits. Kosovo”.

Page 2 Saturday October 20, 2018
“It is out of the question for us to share this or that information with any country”
Turkey widens Khashoggi search, quizzes consulate staff

Turkey on Friday widened the in- residence this week. Pro-government
vestigation into the disappearance of daily Sabah on Friday published new
journalist Jamal Khashoggi after his CCTV images of some of the Saudi
visit to the Saudi consulate, searching team arriving in Istanbul and reported
a forest in the city and interviewing that two of the men landed in the city
the mission’s staff. on October 1. Previously, local media
Ankara denied giving any audio said the 15 men arrived in Turkey on
recording to US officials from the October 2 on two private planes.
investigation about Khashoggi, a for- Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavuso-
mer royal insider who moved to the glu did not reveal probe details but
United States after becoming a critic promised to share information in due
of the current House of Saud leader- course “in a transparent manner”.
ship. “It is out of the question for us to
US President Donald Trump ac- share this or that information with
knowledged that Khashoggi was any country,” he said.
likely dead, even as his fate remained The key potential piece of evi-
unclear 17 days after he vanished. dence in the investigation is an al-
Pro-government Turkish me- leged audio tape whose existence
dia have repeatedly claimed that has been reported by pro-government
Khashoggi was tortured and decapi- media. They say it proves Khashoggi
tated by a Saudi hit squad inside the was tortured and then killed.
consulate, although Turkey has yet to (FILES) Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi (Photo AFP) ABC News on Thursday quoted
divulge details about the investiga- Close ally the United Arab Emir- Istanbul’s Belgrad forest became an unnamed Turkish official saying
tion. But the controversy has already ates warned on Friday the controver- a target of the investigation after po- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
put the kingdom -- for decades a key sy should not be exploited to “desta- lice focused on the vehicles which heard the audio tape and was shown a
Western ally and bulwark against Iran bilise” Saudi Arabia. had left the consulate on the day transcript of the recording during his
in the Middle East -- under unprec- Fifteen staff, all Turkish nationals, Khashoggi disappeared, NTV televi- visit to Ankara.
edented pressure amid reports it is were testifying Friday at the chief sion reported. At least one vehicle is But Pompeo said he had neither
scrambling to provide an explanation prosecutor’s office, state-run news suspected to have gone to the forest. “seen” nor “heard” a tape and had
to take the heat off its rulers. agency Anadolu said. It has been re- The forest, a vast area and suf- not read a transcript while in Ankara
It is also a major crisis for Crown ported Turkish employees were given ficiently remote for even locals to where he met with President Recep
Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a fa- the day off on October 2, the day regularly get lost there, is nearly 15 Tayyip Erdogan and Cavusoglu.
vourite of the Trump administration Khashoggi disappeared. kilometres (over nine miles) from the Cavusoglu on Friday also denied
who has portrayed himself as a mod- Among those giving statements in- consulate. the claims and said it was “out of the
ernising Arab reformer, but whose side Istanbul’s main courthouse were Investigators already conducted question for Turkey to give any kind
image and even position at home the consulate driver, technicians, ac- two searches of the consulate and of audio tape to Pompeo or any other
could now be gravely undermined. countants and receptionists. a nine-hour search of the consul’s US official”.

A protocol governing Assange’s stay at the embassy The start of the debate on Monday
Assange sues Ecuador for violating ‘fundamental rights’ Macedonia MPs vote to start name change process
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange the outside world, including by refus- Macedonia’s parliament on Friday Xhaferi said after the late-night ses-
sued the Ecuador government on Fri- ing to allow journalists and human voted to start the process of renaming sion in Skopje.
day for violating his “fundamental rights organizations to see him.” the country North Macedonia, a ma- The vote came after a week of con-
rights” and limiting his access to the Quito confirmed blocking As- jor step towards breaking a decades- tentious debate and negotiations in
outside world while in asylum at its sange’s internet and mobile phone long stalemate with Greece. Skopje.
London embassy. access in March after accusing him Eighty MPs in the 120-member It is a crucial victory for Prime
The 47-year-old Australian’s le- of breaking “a written commitment” assembly voted in favour of the mo- Minister Zoran Zaev, who fought
gal action comes with speculation not to interfere in Ecuador’s foreign tion, according to an AFP reporter in hard to win over several MPS from
mounting that Ecuador is preparing policies. parliament, providing the necessary the opposition VMRO-DPMNE par-
to end its standoff with the British A protocol governing Assange’s two-thirds supermajority to kickstart ty, who threatened to kill the deal.
government by terminating his high- stay at the embassy -- revealed by Ec- the process. Under the accord, which Zaev
profile stay. uadoran internet site Codigo Vidrio Amendments will now be drafted struck with his Greek counterpart in
Assange found refuge in the em- and never denied by Quito -- warns to incorporate the new name into the June, the Balkan state would rename
bassy in 2012 after a British judge that further breaches will lead to “ter- constitution, after which another par- itself North Macedonia in exchange
ruled he should be extradited to Swe- mination of asylum.” liamentary vote will be required to for Athens’ promise to stop blocking
den to face allegations of sexual as- The website reported that the em- enshrine the changes. its entry into NATO and the EU.
sault. bassy intends to stop paying for As- “I can confirm that with 80 ‘yes’ Greece has stood in Macedonia’s
That case has since been dropped sange’s food and medical care in De- votes the parliament adopted the way for 27 years in protest at the
but Assange fears being extradited cember. Under the protocol, Assange proposal by the government to start country’s name, which it argues is an
to the United States to face charges is to have his access to the internet the procedure to change the con- encroachment on its own province
over the WikiLeaks website’s release restored via the embassy wifi. stitution,” parliament speaker Talat called Macedonia.
of troves of sensitive US government Garzon told a press conference in
files. Ecuador on Thursday that Assange
WikiLeaks said its legal counsel was suing Ecuador Foreign Minister
Baltazar Garzon would launch a legal Jose Valencia over his “inhuman” liv-
case against the government for “vio- ing conditions at the embassy.
lating (Assange’s) fundamental rights Garzon told reporters in Quito that
and freedom.” Assange was living in “an inhuman
Britain’s Press Association news situation, because the solution that
agency said the case is expected to be should already have been reached by
heard in Ecuador next week. the involved states is extending over
WikiLeaks said its move comes time.” US Attorney General Jeff Ses-
almost seven months after Ecuador sions said in March 2017 that arrest-
“threatened to remove his protection ing Assange for leaking sensitive US
and summarily cut off his access to government files was a “priority.”

Page 3 Saturday October 20, 2018
“We continue to face strong and able competition” Wall Street Indexes
Procter & Gamble’s profits rise despite currency drag Dow Jones 25444.34 + 0.26%
- 0.48%
International Stock Indexes
Consumer goods giant Procter & market economies. P&G has notified That’s an improvement on recent Australia 5939.492 - 0.05%
Gamble plans more price hikes on retailers in the US of price hikes on performance. P&G has struggled to Frankfurt 11553.83 - 0.31%
several consumer products due to in- “several” products in home care, oral grow sales in recent years, leading Italy 19080.16 - 0.04%
creasing material costs and the strong care and personal care that will be to an activist campaign by investor London 7049.8 + 0.32%
dollar, the company announced Fri- implemented in the coming months. Nelson Peltz, who joined the board Madrid 8892.1 + 0.03%
day as it reported a jump in profits. The company also expects to boost earlier this year. Paris 5084.66 - 0.63%
The cost increases have come amid prices in Argentina, Turkey and Rus- The strongest category was beauty, Tokyo 22532.08 - 0.56%
a series of tariff announcements by sia to offset an especially acute ex- where net sales grew five percent, Toronto 15470.1 + 0.43%
US President Donald Trump and re- change rate hit, Moeller said. thanks to robust growth in “super Latin-American Stock Indexes
taliatory measures by other govern- While the increases could impact premium” products from SK-II and Bogota 1452.38 - 0.61%
ments, which other companies have consumption and lead to short-term Oil of Olay, along with solid perfor- Buenos Aires 28673.28 + 1.07%
cited, although P&G executives did gains for competitors “we feel the mance by some other brands like Old Lima 18895.09 - 0.89%
not cite the trade conflicts specifically. moves are the right thing to make Spice. Mexico 47437.45 + 0.88%
P&G, whose brands include Tide given the magnitude of the cost in- A weak spot was the baby, femi- Panama 459.88 - 0.34%
detergent and Bounty paper towel, creases and we’ll have to adjust as we nine and family care division, where Santiago 5118.74 - 0.01%
previously announced price hikes on go and as we learn,” he said in a brief- the company was forced to slash pric- Sao Paulo 84219.75 + 0.44%
toilet paper and other paper goods in ing with reporters. es of Luv’s diapers in the US. Venezuela
the US. Those increases are still be- Net income for the first quarter of P&G saw some improvement in Most Active Stocks
ing implemented and were largely not fiscal 2019 jumped to $3.2 billion, an its grooming segment, where rising 3D Systems Corp 16.61 - 3.32%
reflected in the just-completed quar- 11.9 percent increase from the year- competition from online companies 3M Co 199.85 - 0.26%
ter, said Chief Financial Officer Jon ago period. Revenues were essential- and ebbing demand due to the popu- Alcoa 38.6 - 0.64%
Moeller said. ly flat at $16.7 billion. larity of beards has crimped sales. Amex 106.73 + 3.78%
The company had said those hikes Net sales declined in three of five Moeller said new product launches AT&T 32.87 + 1.14%
were needed due to higher raw mate- P&G consumer categories. However, boosted performance, but he stopped B. of America 28.32 + 0.25%
rial and shipping costs. the performance was better when the short of declaring victory. Boeing 356.26 - 0.86%
But cost pressures on the company effect of foreign exchange fluctua- “We continue to face strong and Caterpillar 131.32 - 2.68%
have “increased” compared with the tions was removed. able competition,” he said. “We’ll Chevron 118.14 + 0.57%
July quarter, especially due to the Shares of P&G surged in pre-mar- face challenges ahead but we’re much Cisco Systems 45.34 - 0.26%
strong dollar, Moeller said. ket trading as the results topped ana- better positioned than we were.” Coca Cola 46.33 + 1.58%
The currency impact is part of lyst expectations. P&G cut its forecast for fiscal 2019 Exxon Mobil 81.97 + 0.15%
the broader economic story of rising “Organic” sales, which removes sales to a range of flat to a decline of General Electric 12.56 + 1.45%
US interest rates pushing the dol- currency movements, jumped four two percent due to the strong dollar. H.P. 23.84 + 0.29%
lar higher, together with weakening percent, the best increase in about Shares of P&G jumped 4.9 percent Home Depot 179.85 - 0.33%
exchange rates in troubled emerging five years, Moeller said. in pre-market trading to $84.18. IBM 129.1 - 1.11%
Intel 44 - 2.16%
Especially in Silicon Valley
Johnson & Johnson 139.05 - 0.32%
Khashoggi crisis shines light on Saudi ties to Silicon Valley JPMorgan 107.91 - 0.17%
The crisis surrounding the disappear- the huge Saudi sovereign wealth companies in the tech sector, includ- Kraft Heinz Co 57.56 + 3.64%
ance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, arm known as the Public Investment ing Uber, Slack, WeWork and Nvidia. McDonalds 167.49 + 0.41%
and concerns that he may have been Fund, but also from individual mem- But the Saudi funds and royal fam- Merck & Co 72.35 + 0.19%
killed in the Saudi consulate in Tur- bers of the Saudi royal family and ily members also have made direct Microsoft 108.66 + 0.15%
key, has highlighted the role of the the Kingdom Holding Company, the investments in Silicon Valley, includ- Pfizer 44.5 + 1.14%
Middle East kingdom in the US econ- investment arm of Prince Al-Waleed ing the $3.5 billion infusion in Uber Procter & Gamble 87.3 + 8.8%
omy, especially in Silicon Valley. Bin Talal, according to the research from the sovereign PIF fund, a deal Travelers Cos 126.07 + 0.74%
Saudi money has been a key source firm CB Insights. which helped put the fund’s manag- United Tech. 128.68 - 0.2%
of capital for startups and other tech- That gives the Saudis at least an ing director Yasir Al Rumayyan on Verizon 54.9 + 0.46%
nology firms in recent years, led by indirect role in some of the hottest the Uber board of directors. Wal-Mart 97.15 + 1.02%
Walt Disney 118.9 + 2.34%
“The position of President Trump is the one he has always raised”
Trump threatens to send military against immigrant ‘onslaught’
President Donald Trump threatened Trump suggested he was even pre- ahead of the inauguration in Decem- Centro. “It was predictable and also
Thursday to send the military to close pared to put at risk the recently rene- ber of President-elect Andres Manu- the election process is very close, so
the US-Mexican border against an gotiated North America Free Trade el Lopez Obrador. he is making a political calculation,”
“onslaught” of migrants, stepping up Agreement (NAFTA) between Mex- Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s for- he added.
his anti-immigrant rhetoric ahead of ico, the United States and Canada, eign minister designate, downplayed Barely a week goes by without
congressional elections. redubbed as USMCA. Trump’s comments as aimed at his Trump warning about the danger
As several thousand Hondurans “The assault on our country at domestic political base. posed by ultra-violent Central Ameri-
made their way through Central our Southern Border, including the “The position of President Trump can gangs like MS-13, while chants
America toward the US border, Criminal elements and DRUGS is the one he has always raised,” Eb- of “build the wall” are a staple of his
Trump blamed Democrats for an “as- pouring in, is far more important to rard told local radio station Radio pre-midterms campaign rallies.
sault on our country by Guatemala, me, as President, than Trade or the
Honduras and El Salvador” with USMCA,” he said.
a caravan “INCLUDING MANY White House spokeswoman Sarah Foreign Exchange
CRIMINALS.” Sanders meanwhile said that “we are
“I must, in the strongest of terms, passionate about solving the issue of EURO USA CAN UK AUS SWISS H.KONG JAP
ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - illegal immigration,” and that “our EURO - 1.15 1.49 .88 1.61 1.14 9.00 129.00
and if unable to do so I will call up administration is doing a great job on USA .87 - 1.32 .77 1.41 .99 7.81 112.36
the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR the border.” CAN .67 .76 - .59 1.08 .75 6.00 86.00
SOUTHERN BORDER!” US Secretary of State Mike Pom- UK 1.14 1.30 1.69 - 1.82 1.30 10.20 146.00
Trump has made his call for a wall peo embarked on a tour of the region AUS .62 .71 .93 .55 - .70 5.60 80.00
on the southern border a signature is- that took him to Panama on Thursday SWISS .88 1.01 1.33 .77 1.43 - 7.90 113.00
sue of his two-year presidency, but with a visit to Mexico set for Friday. H.KONG .11 .13 .17 .10 .18 .13 - 14.30
Thursday’s tweet storm was espe- The Mexican stop is important for JAP .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .01 .07 -
cially fierce. future relations because it comes just

Page 4 Saturday October 20, 2018
“Hurricane Florence likely depressed the September numbers too” Officials said
US existing home sales drop in September as mortgage rates rise Cyprus refused to grant
With mortgage rates on the rise, Yun said in a statement. He blamed import tariffs imposed by President
sales of US existing homes dropped rising interest rates for “preventing Donald Trump, as well as a shortage more time to rescue airline
sharply last month to the lowest rate consumers from making quick de- of labor, has slowed home construc- Cyprus turned down appeals from
in three years, the National Associa- cisions on home purchases. All the tion, putting more pressure on the the country’s ailing airline Cobalt
tion of Realtors said Friday. while, affordable home listings re- housing market. for more time to find investors as
Home prices remained high and main low.” Ian Shepherdson of Pantheon it withdrew the carrier’s operating
with a decline in homes on the mar- The median home price jumped Macroeconomics said banks impos- licence, officials said Friday.
ket, many would-be homeowners are 4.2 percent compared to 2017, to ing tighter lending standards also “We wanted more time, but our li-
unable to purchase. $258,100, the 79th month of year- contributed to slowing sales, as did cence was revoked,” Cobalt’s chair-
NAR said home sales fell 3.4 per- over-year increases, despite dipping the new limits on state and local tax man Grigoris Diakos told state radio,
cent in September after stagnating slightly in the past three months. deductions in the US tax measure a day after the carrier’s sudden col-
in August, the fifth decline in six Falling sales were seen through- passed in December. lapse.
months. Analysts had expected the out the country, except the Midwest, He also noted that recent hurri- “We asked for a suspension (of the
rate to hold steady. where they were flat. canes in the Southeast United States licence), we needed two months to
The rate of 5.15 million, seasonally The inventory of available homes could hit the numbers. find a strategic investor after the Chi-
adjusted, means sales of single-fam- for sale continued its upward trend, “Hurricane Florence likely de- nese investor pulled out,” he added.
ily homes, townhomes, condomini- rising to 4.4 months -- at the current pressed the September numbers too,” Diakos said there were “one or two
ums and co-ops are down 4.1 percent sales pace -- from 4.3 in the prior as sales in the South saw the biggest serious proposals” from potential in-
since September of last year. three months. And homes are stay- decline, he said in a research note. vestors.
“This is the lowest existing home ing on the market slightly longer than “October likely won’t be much bet- But the Cyprus Air Transport Li-
sales level since November 2015,” in August. Rising material costs, es- ter, if at all, in the wake of Hurricane censing Authority (ATLA) decided
NAR Chief Economist Lawrence pecially lumber which is subject to Michael.” to revoke the licence, senior transport
ministry official Alecos Michaelides
The requests follow rounds of failed consultations said.
A temporary suspension was ruled
US tariffs trigger WTO spat escalation out because there was no sign of a
China, Russia and the European percent on aluminium. Marking a the WTO around Trump’s controver- solid rescue plan. “A company that
Union are among a string of countries departure from a decades-long US- sial trade policies. is constantly posting losses, and es-
asking the World Trade Organization led drive for free trade, Trump has Under WTO regulations, parties in pecially losses of around 30 million
to probe new US steel and aluminium justified the steep tariffs with claims a dispute can block a first request for (euros, or $34 million) a year over a
tariffs, the world trade body said Fri- that massive flows of imports to the the creation of an arbitration panel, three-year period, cannot survive,”
day. United States threaten national secu- but if the parties make a second re- Michaelides told ANT1 television.
Washington is meanwhile calling rity. quest, it is all but guaranteed to go He said the strategic Chinese inves-
the WTO to investigate a number of The tariff spat has escalated into through. tors were estimated to have ploughed
retaliatory duties imposed by a range an all-out trade war between the US “Once the panel is established in $114 million, but losses had con-
of countries, the agenda for the next and China and growing trade tensions and composed, the EU is ready to tinued unabated.
meeting of the organisation’s Dispute between Washington and many of its demonstrate that the United States’ Although the airline’s licence has
Settlement Body (DSB) showed. traditional allies. import duties are WTO-inconsistent been revoked, it can reapply to re-
The agenda for the DSB meeting The US is meanwhile planning to and to obtain a ruling that condemns sume operations once it finds the
set to be held on October 29 shows request that the DSB create another the US and brings relief to the EU in- necessary financing, the government
that the EU, China, Russia, Canada, set of expert panels to review the le- dustry,” an EU Commission spokes- said, although it could also face legal
Mexico, Norway and Turkey plan to gality of retaliatory tariffs imposed by person said. action.
ask for the creation of a panel of ex- China, Canada, the EU and Mexico. The creation of a DSB panel usu- Cobalt Air ceased all operations at
perts to review US President Donald The requests, which follow rounds ally triggers a long and often costly Wednesday midnight and entered an
Trump’s decision to hit them with of failed consultations, mark and es- legal battle that sometimes takes administration process, after only two
tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 calation in an ongoing showdown at years to resolve. years and three months of operations.
Transport Minister Vassiliki Anas-
Under a compromise reached in 2009 and amended in 2014 tassiadou has said $2.3 million have
allocated for the repatriation of thou-
EU green lights talks to settle row with US over beef sands of passengers left stranded by
EU member countries on Friday gave ed States a larger part of the existing “high-quality” hormone-free foreign Cobalt’s collapse.
Brussels the green light to start talks hormone-free beef quota that is also beef, including that from the United Cyprus said it will pay to en-
with Washington aimed at ending a available to exporters from other States. But other producers such as sure hundreds of Cobalt passengers
long-running row over US beef im- countries. “The Commission is not Argentina, Australia and Uruguay stranded on the holiday island can
ports and at easing broader trade ten- authorised to negotiate an increase in seized a large share of the quota, return home safely.
sions. the existing TRQ (tariff rate quota) prompting President Barack Obama’s Cobalt was launched in 2016, fill-
The European Commission, the but can discuss a country-specific administration to threaten a renewal ing the void to become the Mediter-
European Union’s executive arm, can allocation of the overall quota,” the of the customs penalties. ranean island’s biggest airline after
now proceed with its proposal to give statement added. Obama’s successor Donald Trump state-owned Cyprus Airways went
Washington a larger share of an ex- It said “negotiations with other has raised the spectre of a trade war bankrupt in January 2015.
isting import quota for hormone-free supplying countries may be needed” with the EU since imposing tariffs on It operated 13-15 flights daily, car-
beef. to seal a deal with Washington that steel and aluminium this year. rying up to 3,000 passengers to 23
The member states “authorised the respects international trade agree- In July, Trump and European Com- destinations including Athens, Beirut,
Commission to open negotiations on ments. mission head Jean-Claude Juncker Heathrow, Paris and Tel Aviv. It had
an agreement with the United States The row over hormone-treated pledged to hold off from further tit- plans to launch flights to China.
on imports of high quality beef from beef dates back to 1988, when Eu- for-tat tariffs and to work towards Shortly before midnight on
animals not treated with certain rope banned imports of meat from an- scrapping customs duties on all Wednesday, its website was re-
growth promoting hormones,” they imals injected with growth hormones, goods. But the trade truce came under placed with a single-page statement
said in a statement a common US practice. pressure on Wednesday when top US announcing the cancellation of all
It stressed the negotiations will In retaliation, and in line with a officials slammed Brussels for stall- flights within two and a half hours.
not lead to lifting the EU ban on WTO ruling, in 1999 Washington im- ing trade talks. Cypriot MP George Prokopiou said
hormone-treated American beef -- a posed higher customs duties on some The member states said the talks 18,000 travellers had been affected
restriction which Washington says European products, provoking angry on beef are not related to the broader by the airline’s closure.
breaches World Trade Organization protests in France. dialogue but said “a mutually ben- Cobalt ceased operations after fail-
rules. Under a compromise reached eficial solution to our longstanding ing to reach a deal with a potential
“The ban remains,” it added. in 2009 and amended in 2014, the dispute over beef would be a major strategic investor to help it pay for
The member states have allowed United States lifted the sanctions and step forward in improving our trade leasing its six aircraft -- two Airbus
the commission to allocate the Unit- the EU created an import quota for cooperation.” 319s and four Airbus 320s.

Page 5 Saturday October 20, 2018
“It’s not really been an eventful day -- which is a shame because a lot of people came out today” Doping
Vettel grid penalty boosts Hamilton’s fifth title bid Ed Moses backs calls for probe
into WADA bullying claims
Lewis Hamilton was given a helping Athletics great Ed Moses says he was
hand in his pursuit of a fifth world ti- told to “shut up” at a meeting of world
tle at the United States Grand Prix on anti-doping chiefs as he backed calls
Friday when flagging rival Sebastian Friday for an investigation into bully-
Vettel was hit with a three-place grid ing claims at the organisation.
penalty for Sunday’s race. Moses, chair of the US Anti-Dop-
Hamilton topped the times for ing Agency, said a “hostile atmo-
Mercedes in the rain-abbreviated sphere” was “increasingly becoming
second practice at the Circuit of the the norm in the global anti-doping
Americas which only burst into life cauldron”.
for the final 40 minutes as the track His comments, in an opinion piece
dried. in the Sydney Morning Herald, fol-
A relaxed Hamilton, looking to low allegations by Beckie Scott, chair
join Michael Schumacher and Juan- of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s
Manuel Fangio as a five-time world Athlete Committee, that she was “bul-
champion, clocked a best lap in one lied” by some WADA officials over
minute and 48.716 seconds that lifted her opposition to reinstating Russia’s
him clear of the pack. anti-doping agency. Scott, a Cana-
It confirmed a “double-top” for the dian former Olympic cross-country
Briton who had also been fastest in skiing champion, last month resigned
the morning’s opening session and Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP prepares to drive in the garage during from the panel that recommended
who needs to outscore Vettel of Fer- practice for the United States Formula One Grand Prix (Photo AFP) lifting the ban on RUSADA, which
rari by eight points to wrap up the several hours investigating his speed- Esteban Ocon of Force India and had been declared non-compliant in
2018 championship. The German ing offence in the morning, might Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull were 2015 after revelations of a vast state-
struggled through a difficult day take a more relaxed and “common- given three-place penalties for speed- backed scheme to avoid drug testers.
of slithering in the rain and then sense” approach to his misdemeanor. ing under red flags at the Japanese Lifting the ban was blasted by
picked up a potentially fatal grid “I think I saw the red flag, I slowed and Australian Grands Prix respec- many athletes and national anti-dop-
penalty for speeding under red flags down, had a look around (to see) tively. In the rainswept session, Ham- ing agencies. Moses, also a physicist
during the morning session. where was the car potentially stuck in ilton was top ahead of Pierre Gasly of who pioneered the development of
Vettel was reported after Charles the wall,” said Vettel. Toro Rosso, Max Verstappen of Red anti-doping policies while working at
Leclerc of Sauber brought gravel “In my opinion it’s not the right Bull, Fernando Alonso of McLaren the US Olympic Committee, said he
back onto the circuit after a spin. All thing because if there’s a car behind and Nico Hulkenberg of Renault. too had witnessed bullying.
drivers are expected to slow down you, it might run into you, but more “It’s not really been an eventful “Unfortunately, Scott is not alone
and drive back to the pits when red important that you don’t get a penal- day -- which is a shame because a in being attacked for wanting to clean
flags are waved. Vettel and Ferrari ty.” His penalty followed two similar lot of people came out today,” said things up,” he said.
had hoped the stewards, who spent examples. Hamilton. “It was only in May, at WADA’s
last foundation board meeting, that I
Special logo “It’s about more girls getting to play” was told bluntly by various individu-
NFL to celebrate 100th sea- Golf star Aditi paves way for Indian women als not to speak. I was told to shut up.
“This would be offensive if it
son in 2019 with logo Aditi Ashok is the only Indian player ago, but not now, India has advanced. weren’t so puzzling: why are some
on the prestigious US-based LPGA
“Having said that, 70 percent of India
officials who purport to represent
Next year will see the NFL celebrate Tour and the biggest name in Indian is rural so in the villages they would clean sport trying to muzzle the in-
its 100th season with a year-long women’s golf. not even have heard of golf or even terventions of others with whom they
series of events as well as a special So when she says that old attitudes think of sport -- let alone golf -- as disagree at international anti-doping
logo to be featured on game balls and are slowly changing, she should a career. meetings?” WADA could not imme-
jerseys. know. “But that is changing slowly as the diately be reached, but in a statement
The historic celebration will salute Just 20 years old, insiders say that popularity of golf grows. to the BBC denied two-time Olympic
the sport’s fans, highlight the game’s Aditi has the talent to inspire a gen- “The Olympics helped a lot be- champion Moses has been told to
unifying impact on communities and eration of women golfers in India, cause a lot of people who would not keep quiet. “Neither Mr Moses nor
bring together past generations of much like former world number one normally follow golf followed just anyone else was told to ‘shut up’ at
NFL heroes while looking ahead to Feng Shanshan in China. because it was an Olympic sport.” the board meeting in May -- had that
the league’s future. A special “NFL Aditi is used to expectations -- she Aditi became the first Indian to win happened, it would have been report-
100” logo will feature the league’s represented India at the Rio 2016 on the Ladies European Tour (LET) ed by media in the room,” it said.
regular shield crest beside a large Olympics when she was only 18. when -- as a rookie -- she triumphed “Indeed, during the course of the
blue 100 with red and white motion And while she finished well out of at the Hero Women’s Indian Open in meeting, Mr Moses did speak. He de-
streaks behind a blue football. It will medal contention, it helped put the 2016. livered his report as the chair of the
be featured on fields in stadiums and game she has played since she was The Bangalore native, whose fa- education committee, for which he
in NFL Network programs during the five on the map back home. ther carries her bag, was named LET was thanked and which was duly and
2019 100th season celebrations. “It’s getting better, we’ve had men rookie of the year, underlining her officially noted by the board.”
“For nearly 100 years, the NFL has on the bigger tours, like the European promise. David Sharpe, the head of Aus-
been part of the fabric of America, uni- Tour and PGA Tour, but very few She is now chasing her first LPGA tralia’s anti-doping body, ASADA,
fying communities and bringing fans women, but I think now it’s grow- victory and is aware that she is some- on Monday said Scott’s allegations
together to support their favorite teams ing,” Aditi told AFP at the Buick thing of a trailblazer for Indian wom- should be independently investigat-
and players,” NFL Commissioner Rog- LPGA Shanghai on Friday. en’s golf. ed, a move that Moses backed.
er Goodell said. “Next year, we will Aditi, who was at even-par 144 “We had three or four girls on the “Australia’s Sharpe is right to call
join our fans in celebrating what this at the halfway stage, estimates that European Tour last year, before we it out because this inappropriate be-
incredible game means to each of us.” there are only about 20 to 30 profes- never really had anybody,” she said. haviour is long-standing and wholly
Fan festivals will be staged in the sional women golfers in India. According to Aditi, who started unacceptable,” he said.
NFL cities while the league will pro- That is a piddly number when you playing golf with her family “and “This is why it is all the more sur-
duce television shows to celebrate consider that the country has a popu- never stopped”, there are still five prising that WADA has still not effec-
100 seasons. A panel of former NFL lation of nearly 1.4 billion. times more men Indian golfers and tively said whether it will conduct an
players, coaches, general manag- Asked if she faced discrimination they earn more money than the wom- inquiry into Scott’s bullying claims,
ers, historians and media will select from those back home who feel that en. and why it is puzzling that the Inter-
an All-Time Team as well as the 10 women should not play golf, she said: “It’s about more girls getting to national Olympic Committee has re-
greatest coaches in NFL history. “Not really, maybe 50 or 60 years play,” she said. mained entirely silent.”

Page 6 Saturday October 20, 2018

The aim of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid (81 squares) that is subdivided into 3x3 “sub-squares, with each of the numbers one through nine, besides
the ones that are already filled with numbers.
The rule is that each number appear only once per row, once per column, and only once per sub-square. It is rather easy to solve, in fact no math-
ematical knowledge is required. The solutions are indicated below.
Have fun!

Beginners Advanced
2 1 9 5 3 2 9 4 3

5 1 8 4 2 5 7 6

6 4 3 1 8 4 9 3

9 7 1 4 1 5

7 4 9 3 5 5 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10
1 2 3 8 7 2
11 12 13
14 15 16 17
9 7 2 3 1 6 3 7
18 19 20
21 22 23 24
1 2 3 7 5 1 3 5
25 26 27 28
29 30 31
8 5 9 6 2 3 9 2 4
32 33 34
35 36

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Memory loss 2 Distance runner
9 10 7 Compact disk 3 New Mexico (abbr.)
9 Forcefully 4 Duke
11 12 13 10 Further 5 Trigonometric function
11 Strontium (abbr.) 6 Indy 500 st.
12 Registered nurse 7 Spread rumors
14 15 16 17
13 Zilch 8 Doctor (abbr.)
14 Waffle topping (2 wds.) 10 Evergreen tree
18 19 20 18 Terminal abbr. 11 Libel
19 Milliliter 13 Big Apple (abbr.)
21 22 23 24 20 Mrs.'s companion 15 Pop
21 I see 16 Charleston locale
22 Frequency modulation 17 Tine
25 26 27 28
24 Card game 22 Adjust
25 Allergy medicine 23 Montana (abbr.)
29 30 31 29 Fisherman's tool 24 United States (abbr.)
30 No.'s opposite 26 Spelling contest
32 33 34 31 Attorney General (abbr.) 27 U.S. Department of Agriculture
32 "To the right!" 28 In the near future
33 Borrow 32 Leave
35 36
35 Oregon (abbr.) 33 Tree sloth
36 Bride-to-be 34 Personal computer (abbr.)
Fold Fold
ACROSS 9 5 8 7 3 6 2 1 4 DOWN 5 8 3 7 4 9 1 A D O P T G E E (52)8183105037
[email protected]
1 Memory loss 5 3 2 1 9 8 6 4 7 2 Distance runner 5 U N O F M A H [email protected]
Information Source:
7 Compact disk 4 1 7 2 6 3 8 9 5 3 New Mexico (abbr.) Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Printed and distributed locally in each hotel.
9 Forcefully 8 7 9 2 1 4 3 6 2 8 1 5 4 9 7 5 6 3 6 4 Duke 1 2 5 7 3 8 9 5 4 6 N I L R N S R All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part by any printed
or electronic without permission of the publisher.
10 Further 3 6 5 4 7 9 1 8 2 5 Trigonometric function C D F A R A M A I N A M N E S I A
11 Strontium (abbr.) 6 Indy 500 st. Solution:
12 Registered nurse 7 Spread rumors
13 Zilch 8 Doctor (abbr.)
14 Waffle topping (2 wds.) 10 Evergreen tree
18 Terminal abbr. 11 Libel
19 Milliliter 13 Big Apple (abbr.)
20 Mrs.'s companion 15 Pop
21 I see 16 Charleston locale
22 Frequency modulation 17 Tine
24 Card game 22 Adjust
25 Allergy medicine 23 Montana (abbr.)
29 Fisherman's tool 24 United States (abbr.)
30 No.'s opposite 26 Spelling contest
31 Attorney General (abbr.) 27 U.S. Department of Agriculture
32 "To the right!" 28 In the near future
33 Borrow 32 Leave
35 Oregon (abbr.) 33 Tree sloth
36 Bride-to-be 34 Personal computer (abbr.)


July 1 , – October 31 , 2018
Preferred Rates USD Cabo Real Campestre San José Puerto Los Cabos
Individual Rounds Public Public Public

18 Holes $180.00 $145.00 $140.00 $115.00 $210.00 $170.00
Twilight 12:30 pm $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $80.00 $150.00 $120.00
Includes Food & Beverages
Rates per foursome $480.00 $420.00 $580.00
(*No time restriction) Includes Food & Beverages


$260.00 USD $345.00 USD $525.00 USD

• Rounds may be played at any of our three golf courses
• Each pass used at Puerto Los Cabos will incur a $20 USD surcharge due to all- inclusive food and beverage
• Golf pass is personal, non-transferable.
• Golf Pass is valid for 14 days, once initial round is played

All rates and promos are valid up to 12 golfers. Group service fee will apply to all groups larger than 12.

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