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Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Cinceir Holmes

Warm- up ▪ 1. 2 laps around the gym
▪ 2. Stretch ( 20 second count)

Stretches ▪ Reach down touch your toes
▪ Spread legs… reach to the right, left, middle
▪ Quad stretch ( right and left)
▪ Run in place for 10 seconds

Knock Out ▪ Skill Focus: Gain awareness and attention
▪ Equipment: Basketball
▪ Every student form a single file line
▪ Everyone shoot their shot and if you make it pass it to

the next person in line if you miss shoot until you make

▪ If you miss and the shooter behind you make it you're


▪ Winner is selected when there is only one shooter left
▪ Time: 10 minutes
▪ Space: Half Court

Amoeba Tag ▪ Equipment: 4 cones
▪ Instructions: Two people are it. They hold hands or lock

arms and chase people

▪ When another person is caught you join in locking arms
▪ If 4 people are it you can decide to split into 2 and 2 or

stay locked together

▪ This game is played until there is no one left
▪ Space: Full Court
▪ Time 15 minutes

Handball ▪ Equipment: 2 cones and a tennis ball
▪ Instructions: Split into 2 teams
▪ Each team must protect the goal, the opposite team has

to try to score by knocking the cone over with the
tennis ball

▪ When holding the ball you can pivot and only take 3

steps and you have 5 seconds to get rid of the ball

▪ If a rule is broken the team lose possession of the ball
▪ First team to knock the cone down3 times win
▪ Space: Full Court
▪ Time: 10 minutes

Spin and Sprint ▪ Skill Focus: Students expanding attention span
▪ Equipment: Ball
▪ Instructions: Divide into equal teams
▪ Students will begin by holding the given object in the

air looking at the top of it

▪ While looking at the ball, the student will spin around

10 times

▪ Which ever team makes it t the opposite goal first gets

a point

▪ Time: 10 minutes
▪ Space Required: Full Court

Ultimate ▪ Skill Focus: Build students speed and assist with team
working skills

▪ Equipment: Frisbee
▪ Instructions: Divide into 2 equal teams
▪ Place a goal on each end of the court
▪ One team begins throwing the Frisbee to the other
▪ Catch the Frisbee and pass it among your teammates as

you move towards the goal

▪ Player holding the Frisbee can not move until he or she

makes a pass

▪ If Frisbee drop other team gets it where it dropped
▪ Time: 20 minutes
▪ Space: Full Court

Obstacle Relay ▪ Skill Focus: motor skills, physical work

▪ Equipment: 4 hula hoops,4 bean bags, 2 basketballs

▪ Space: Full

▪ Time: 10 minutes

▪ Instructions: 4 even teams and must line up behind the

outside line at the end of the court

▪ Each team must be facing the obstacle course of one

hula hoop, a bean bag, and the basketballs at the free
throw line

▪ Hula hoop twice, balance the bean bag while hopping

on one foot 6 times the crab walk to half court

▪ Run and shoot a free throw once completed the next

person in your line goes until last person finish on your

PVAMU ▪ Skill Focus: attentive
▪ Equipment: 2 basketballs
▪ Space: half
▪ Time: 15 minutes
▪ Instructions: splint into 2 teams and line up behind the

free throw line

▪ The goal is make 5- 3 pointers spelling out PVAMU
▪ You are only guaranteed 1 shot then pass it to the next

in line

Dizzy Ball ▪ Skill Focus: attentive, group work, motor skills
▪ Equipment: 2 basketballs
▪ Space: Half
▪ Time: 15 minutes
▪ 2 teams and each member get a number
▪ Lined up on the half court when their number is called

spin around for 10 seconds then grab the basketball
and score before your opponent does.

Dungeon Run ▪ Skill Focus: attentive, group work, fine motor skills

▪ Equipment: ankle wraps

▪ Space: Full

▪ Time: 15 minutes

▪ Instructions: 4 people will be selected to be the two.. 2

headed monsters and pull them into 2 teams with ankle
wraps attached to their ankles

▪ The rest are placed on the opposite side of the court of

the monsters if you are tagged you are considered
eaten the last person standing is the winner

TIC TAC TOE ▪ Skill Focus: Awareness and holding on focus
▪ Equipment:9 hula hoops, 6 bean bags, 1 cone
▪ Instructions: 2 equally teams
▪ Once the teams are signaled to go you race to the

board and place your marker inside one hula hoop

▪ After the marker is place run back and tag the next

person in line and repeat the same steps

▪ The goal is to get 3 in a row
▪ The team with 3 in a row first wins
▪ Time: 10 minutes
▪ Space: Full Court

Duck, Duck, ▪ Skill Focus: attentive, cool down
▪ Space: half

▪ Time: 10 minutes

▪ Instructions: sit in a circle and one player is on the

outside standing

▪ Begin walking around saying duck duck etc.. The

person the player tag saying goose has to chase he or
she around the circle . The goal is to tag the person who
called you a goose. Fail to do so your or the person it or
if completed sits in the center of the circle

Beat the Count ▪ Skill Focus: attentive

▪ Space: full

▪ Time: 15 minutes

▪ Instructions: divide into 4 groups. 2 groups form circles

and 2 line up in a file formation behind a given line. On
“go” the team in circles start around a clock

▪ The team in lines start running one at a time down the

full court length and back and tag the next in line the
first person that ran will yell stop when is tagged again

▪ Change positions and try to beat the other teams time

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