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Published by Ahamilton71, 2019-12-05 17:23:52

Log games

log games

Low organized

Alexis Hamilton
KINE 1151 P02
M/W 11-11:50am
November 04, 2019

Table of contents 6. Body part freeze tag
7. Prisoners of war
8. What time is it mr. wolf
9. Red light, green light
10. Hola hoop freeze tag
11. Mother may I?
12. Limbo
13. Run rabbit run!
14. Light house and ships
15. Octopus
15. Helicopter


Warm up 1. 2x laps around gym
2. Cross body shoulder stretch 10

3. Overhead tricep stretch

stretch 10 sec
4. Toe touch stretch 10 sec
5. Quad stretch 10sec


TTrruuee oorrffaalslese

Rules/ objective:

● The players are isolated into 2 equivalent groups remaining on either side of an inside line. 

● Each group has an objective on either side of the inside line.
● At the point when a player gives a true statement, for example, "Grass is Green", the "true" players run for their objective, pursued by the "false"


● Whenever labeled, the individuals from the "true" group become individuals from the "false" group. (also, the polar opposite if the inquiry is "false")
● The group that has the most players toward the finish of the playing time is the victor.

Skills: listening and comprehension

TEiqmueip/mSpeancte: :N1o5mnein / half court


Body part freeze tag

•Rules/ objective: Body part freeze tag is just like regular freeze tag except once tagged, you are NOT
completely frozen.

•select a couple of players to be "it." These players go around tagging other players.
• In the event that a player is tagged on the arm, just the arm is solidified. Whenever tagged on the leg, just the leg is solidified, so the player must bounce on one leg.
•In the event that the two legs are tagged, the player can pull himself along the ground with arms (accepting they weren't at that point tagged).
•The objective is to totally solidify however many players.In the event that you need, you can have others unfreeze body parts also.

Skills: speed
Equipment: none

Time/ space: 15min/ half court


Prisoners of war

Rules/ objective:

•players are separated into groups. Each group chooses one player from their group to be the prisoner of the other group; the two prisoners are put in jail. This can be

an assigned zone if playing outside. 

•The groups each line up and the object of the game is to liberate the prisoner from the other group.
• The groups must get to the jail by heading off to the next group's side to free the prisoner. Whenever tagged, that player at that point turns into a prisoner as well

and should go to jail.

•On the off chance that a player makes it to jail, the individual in question is sheltered as long as he is inside the jail. The rescuer can just protect each individual in

tEurqnuanidpcmanepnickt:thheooplpaorhtuonoe tpime to "break for it."

Skills; speed and coordination

Time/ space: 15min/ half court


What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Rules/ objective:

•One individual is Mr. Wolf and stands against the divider with their back to the room.
•The remainder of the players line up on the contradicting divider. The players ask as one, "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?" Mr. Wolf gives a period, for example, 5 o'clock,

and the players make that many strides towards Mr. Wolf. In the end, Mr. Wolf answers, "Lunchtime," and goes to pursue the players back to the divider.

• Any individual who gets tagged before arriving at the divider turns into a Wolf too. The equalization of the game before long moves, with all players turning out to be

Wolves. The goal is to tag whatever number players as could reasonably be expected

Skills: listening and comprehension
Equipment: none
Time/ space: 10 min/ half court


Red light, green light

Rules/ objective:

● Select one person,to start the game and be the “stoplight”.
● All the players line up on the other side of gym.
● The ‘stoplight’ yells “Green light!” and the players lined up start running.
● Object of game: The first one to make it to the stoplight wins and is now the stoplight.

Skills: listening and comprehension
Equipment: none
Time/space; 5-8min/ half court


Hola hoop freeze tag

Rules/ objective:
● Scatter out several hula hoops around the floor.
● Assign taggers to freeze the other players.
● Students inside a hula hoop can not get frozen, but can only stay long enough to count to 10.
● Only one player per hula hoop is allowed.
● Objective is to not be tagged

Skills: speed
Equipment: hola hoop
Time / space: 15min/ half court


Mother may I?


•Every one of the players line up side by side with the exception of the player who is the guest.
•The speaker remains a good ways off from the lined up players.He approaches every player in go to step toward him. The means

permitted are: small steps and giant steps

•.The player answers "Mother, may I?"

The mother answers "Yes, you may." The player steps toward the speaker.

• If the player neglects to ask permission after they get directions—and steps toward the speaker—they are sent back to the starting

line. The first player to arrive at the speaker is the winner and new guest. The article is to arrive at the speaker by following the

Skills: communication and listening
Equipment: none
Time/ space: 5-10min/ half court


Run rabbit Run!


•Half of the players are called foxes and the other half are named rabbits. 
•Rabbits are remaining behind a line toward one side of the play territory. (home) Foxes are scattered everywhere throughout the

playing space.

• Commander Rabbit drives his/her gathering for a walk. The pioneer of the foxes says : "Run Rabbit Run!"All rabbits run attempting to

come back to their home.

• Every single TAGGED rabbit become foxes. The goal is to tag the rabbits until there are no "rabbits" left.

Skills: speed and listening

Equipment: none
Time/ space: 5-10min/ half court



Rules/ objective:
● Two players hold a rope or stick 3′ to 4′ long. Players take turns leaning backward and shuffling under
the rope. Lower the rope after each round. (Be sure to play Limbo music!)
● The objective is to be flexible enough to limbo until there’s no other players left

Skills: flexibility
Equipment: rope or stick
Time/space: 5min/ half court


Lighthouse and ships

Rules/ objective:

•One player is assigned to be the lighthouse.
• One fourth of the players expect the job of "rocks" and they scatter in a limited zone. The other players become ships and other boats

of different sizes.

• The ships blindly explore their direction their way about,trying to arrive at the lighthouse.In the event that ship hits a rock, the boat

becomes and expansion of the current rock and makes the broken pieces.

•The lighthouse continually goes "Beep!"to enable the ships to arrive at the lighthouse. 
•Objective is to arrive at the lighthouse without hitting the rocks

Skills: speed and listening
Equipment: none
Time/ space: 5-10min/ half court



Rules/ objective:

•Play likewise with tag yet as opposed to sitting out to the side–players sit down where they are tagged. From their sitting position, the

octopus (tagged players) help with tagging any players who draw near enough to be contacted. On the off chance that a player is
gotten along these lines, they additionally sit down where they have been gotten.

•The goal is to not be tagged by the octopus or tagged players until last player

Skills: speed
Equipment: none
Time/ space: 5-10min/ half court



Rules/ objective
• Everybody remains on one side of the play area
• Two players starts gradually turning the rope in a helicopter style over his/her head and says "I pick (insert color) " 
• By then, the players starts turning the jump rope and the players with the referenced color anyplace on their garments step

forward and try to hop over or run through the rope

• Play stops when a players stops the rope with his/her feet or lower leg. 
• The player at that point starts again with another color. The goal is to make it to the opposite side of the copter.

Time/space 10min/ half court
skills: speed
Equipment: jump rope


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