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Richard Powell III - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

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Published by Richard Powell III, 2019-05-22 09:59:14

Richard Powell III - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

Richard Powell III - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

All You Need to Know
About the 13 Colonies!

By Richard William Powell lll

Table of Contents3.History of a Colony: New York TalitrIkbhePeaehc:mtyhkTpetthheoyeeratlyihtnrieetwkle.eitlsa(dlibfbotlyrhfeionethougyefcjyculcoioschuntkatlrpeotihgtnoeehtkrsts.)

4.coming to the 13 colonies

5.towns in the 13 colonies in the 13 colonies ggacaaIInlfmmfidcyyekeoio.tuou!wsnieslleietta:eta)khenitshdyiposiiuctptwutiocrieltaluytfraoueunk,eccyaooynloouncucliiacatloknoan it in the 13 colonies
8. The end of the colonies

History of a Colony:New York

When the first people came to the 13
colonies, one of the first things people saw
was some Native Americans. They saw
that they were hunting beaver. To the
Dutch, beaver fur was valued, when they
were made into hats. So they traded for
the beaver fur. Then they started to live
there, because everyone wanted to have
some of the fur.(To make them look fancy).

Then after a while there was a village
called New Amsterdam. There were no
roads or cities and then Great Britain
came and they took over, and started to
rule them. The Native Americans starved
or died from disease.

Coming to the 13 Colonies

What is a colony and who is in charge? Good morrow, I
am William, and I am going to tell you about the 13
colonies. A colony is a place that is being controlled by
another country. The colonies I am going to tell you
about, are the 13 colonies.The 13 colonies started out
from no ruler and not a lot of people (except for the
Native Americans).

The Native Americans (or how they called them back
in the days, Indians)were the only people there at
first. The early colonists saw that they had beaver fur.
Back in the old days beaver fur was very popular for
making top hats out of the beaver fur, so from that, it
attracted other people from back where the early
colonists lived, because the colonists that saw it told the
others about the beaver fur.

Then from all the people coming from Netherlands
came over and then started a new life there and then
here we are today as New York State.

Towns in the 13 Colonies

Inside the towns in the 13 colonies, the colonists built houses for families, meeting
houses, farms and fields for the animals that the colonists owned. Some other houses
were corn mills, along with water wheels and blacksmiths. Other places and houses
were built in the town too.

In the houses there are a lot of people living inside them. Good day to thee and have a
jolly good time reading about our homes.

click HERE to see a 360
photo of a colonial town!

Colonial Houses

Good morrow, how do you fare. I am going to tell you about how
we live here. H omes in the thirteen colonies were crowded and
there was not much space, because the homes were not big at all.

Often in the houses, the colonists lived with family members
such as cousins, and grandparents and the now days family
mother and father and sister and brother if you have any. I
think that would be because they could not build that many
houses or that was just how it was back then like the whole
family in one house.
People had oil lamps and candles, because that glass was very
uncommon to come across there were not so many windows and
they were not so big. Some people did not have any windows
because some people buy it so a lot of just rich people have any

They did not have any toilets, they had something called a
chamber pot where you take it out from under your bed and then
you do your business in it and then in the morning, you toss it

Colonial Food

Good morrow, I did not see you there, I
am going to tell you about how we get our
food. Most food came from over the ocean
and was delivered to the early colonists.
Some of the people in the colony grew crops
and got sea food from the ocean like fish and
other foods.

The people who lived on the land not near
the ocean as I said they grew other foods.

for example, on a farm, for example
they grew corn, beans, squash and other
vegetables. Also people who lived by the ocean
can also catch and eat the crab that they find
by fish ( most likely) in the ocean.

The End of the Colonies and the Start of America

It has been a long life for the 13
colonies, it has also been a very long war to.
It all came to a end when some of the other
colonists wanted to be free, then he king on
the other end was most likely saying
something like”fight me for it. “ then from
that, great Britain was up against the

That was a long war, my father was in

the war, sadly he was injured very badly, he

can not walk very good, but is still alive. Oh

bye the way, my mother wanted to help out, F.Y.I. The colonists won the war
she wanted to so badly that she just made

our ant (my mother's sister) take care of

us so she could go and help out with the

patriots dressed up like a man.

Tip: women were not allowed to fight in wars back in colonial



Good morrow

Hello or good morning

How do you fair

How are you doing

Good day

Good bye

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