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Published by AydenJefferson371, 2019-10-24 08:30:29

Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Dress for Success

BY: Ayden Jefferson
Date: 9/17/2019
Period: 1st

suit and Tie

• A dark to mid-gray suit.

• A necktie or now tie in subtle
patterns or plains

• A simple pocket square

Source: 2000 - 2008, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

*Shirt must be TUCKED IN!

Business Suit

 Woman can wear casual pants or skirts.
 A skirt length/ slits at least to your knees
 Shirt/ sweaters tailored knit sweaters and

 Jewelry/ accessories keep your watch and

jewelry choices simple.
 Shoes Should be leather or fabric/ microfiber.

Dress Shirt and

Dress Pants

• Male Dress Shirt and Dress Pants
• Black dress shoes with leather sole, such as


Business dress

 A pair of dress slacks or a skirt, or jacket.
 Formal dress pants.
 Tailored pants.
 Neutral colour palette tones.

Male & Female
Business Casual

 Collared Shirt (Tucked)
 Dress Pants or Khakis
 Non-Athletic Shoes

What not to wear

 Athletic shoes with any outfit.
 A well-cut T-shirt, pants, jacket, skirt or pantsuit.
 Skirts or slacks in casual fabrics like cotton
 Well-fitted blouses and tops, with shirts not being

too revealing or tight.

• Flip flops
• Bedroom shoes

Lose All


• Skirts to short
• No sagging either

Lose All

 Leggings with top Leggings with skirt

Lose All

Pants to short

Lose all

Cargo pants


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