One of the best features of matrimonial website templates is that they allow you to create a
whole site dedicated to the couple. With WordPress, you don't need to be a techie to run and
add content to your website. In fact, you can even operate your template without any technical
knowledge. Nevertheless, if you don't have that kind of technical background, you may have to
compromise on your template's functionality.

Responsive Matrimonial Website Templates allow you to store a great deal of
data. It's best to limit the number of profiles to just one; having many profiles
can slow down the website's performance. Make sure your registration form
is mandatory and that the data on a person's profile is complete and accurate.
Once you've populated this information, you can control who can view and
edit that information.
Matrimonial website templates are also free. The basic version is built on the
Bootstrap framework, which is the most popular framework for creating
portfolio websites. It's mobile-first and prioritizes visual content. So, this
template lets you showcase your services while ensuring your site's
performance is unmatched. There are plenty of other options to choose from,
too, if you want to personalize your website.