Private Limited Company Registration in India
In India, the Private Limited Company is a well-known business idea. On an annual basis, more than 120,000 firms are registered. The private limited company is a popular business structure in India because of its benefits such as limited liability, perpetual succession, staff attractiveness, and director dual function. Private Limited Companies, as opposed to LLPs, may readily raise bank loans, venture capital funds, and external equity investments. The Registrar of Corporations, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, is the regulatory authority for the companies, and the Companies Act, 2013, is the governing statute.
If you have long-term development and expansion ambitions, a Private Limited Company is the ideal choice.
The process of forming a Private Limited Company in India is fully online. MUDS is the people to contact if you want to register your company.Company Registration of your business online with us immediately, a