Club Corvette Sweden (CCS) is one of Sweden’s biggest clubs for enthusiast cars, and one of the biggest Corvette clubs outside of USA. The club was founded in 1974 and had at the end of 2018 over 2400 members. Among themselves, the members own over 2600 Corvette. The members come from all over Sweden and also from abroad (e.g. Austria, Germany and Malta, besides the other Nordic countries).

A Corvette club as big as CCS has more than one string on its bow. The main thing is, and has always been, to help Corvette owners to get together with other Corvette owners. In the beginning the possibility to find and swap parts, for modifications rather than for repairs, was important but this has given way for more purely social activities. After all, there are now quite a few companies, in Sweden and abroad, offering all the spare parts and fancy accessories you can dream of, including tuning and customizing. This was not the case in Sweden in the early seventies.