In order for any product to be labeled or advertised as "Made in the United States," the FTC requires that the product be "all or almost all manufactured in the United States." Any company found to be in violation of this law can face heavy fines, including the option of "fines of up to $ 43,280 for each violation if it occurs."
"The Commission has traditionally required that a product advertised as Made in the US be 'all or almost all' made in the US. The product must be from the US. This means that the product must have no - or ignored - third-party content."
"The treadmill was assembled in the United States. Assembly is an important job and consists of a 'major overhaul'. All major parts of the treadmill, including the engine, frame and electronic display, are imported. parts about three percent of the total cost of all parts.Because the value of what is made from parts in the United States is small compared to the cost of all parts, the treadmill claims to be "Made in the United States and misleading imported parts."
In case 54, LandAirSea's Tracker claims to be "Made in the United States" without any further qualifications. However, its headquarters are manufactured by Quectel China. The main chip that is the core of the device price is 70% -80% of the device price. Quectel is located in Shanghai, China. Other chips and device parts come from China and Taiwan. The battery is made in Crazell, China.