Core Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN & LEAD in LIFE.

Core Capabilities and Contributions:

Best-Self Leadership: Education and Development Courses, Seminars, Coaching, Books, and tools for leaders of schools, colleges, communities, service organizations, families and teams to develop people and processes needed to succeed and sustain.

Plan for School & Life: equipping of Teachers, Students, Parents, Boards, and other Best-Self Leaders who equip Citizens to write Plans for the 7 Areas of Life to earn empowerment better and faster, plus public seminars, online resources.

Advance Alabama: Education and Community Development Planning, Advice, and Projects assisting leaders wanting positive change for communities and state connected to at least three state distinctions to brand--Freedom of Liberty (Veterans Day), Rights (Civil & Human Rights), and Flourish (Plan and Lead your Life). Alabama led start of the movements.