Ravana Coin is a Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency. It is named after King Ravana, King of Kings. The purpose of this coin is to bring awareness to Ravana mythology and to showcase the Ravana culture to the world of cryptocurrency. The Ravana Coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain which makes it a decentralized cryptocurrency. It has a total supply of 5 Billion tokens, of which 1 million tokens were distributed during the initial coin offering (ICO). The coin is secured by a Japanese Government Bond (JGB) of 500 Billion Yen. The coin can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges and can be stored in any Ethereum-supported wallet. A percentage of the profits from the coin will be used for charitable causes, particularly those related to Ravana culture and heritage. The introduction of Ravana Coin highlights the growing popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of investment and payment.