Die cutting has numerous applications. Die cutting with a rotary cutter, for example, is frequently used to create gaskets out of elastomers or rubbers. Laser cutting can aid in the creation of electrical insulation to meet the stringent requirements of military equipment. Customized die-cut foam packing inserts provide particular forms cut into the material to safely cradle the packaged contents. The materials used for die cutting are determined by the type of machine being used. A steel rule on a piece of flat material will serve for most novices. Check that the die will cut through the material you intend to work with. The amount of pressure applied determines whether the die cuts through the object or leaves an imprint, scoring into the material but not cutting through it. Die cutting is widely utilised with paper, textiles, leather, wood, metal, plastic, and foam. These and other die-cutting materials can be purchased at hobby stores, craft stores, or online.