The Voice magazine publishes bi-monthly and is the premier publication of the walking horse industry. It is the journal of the breed; all input or comments on the varied disciplines and advertising is subject to scrutiny from the staff to discourage discordance with the mission of promoting the breed to the world as the best of all that is equine. Likewise, all advertisements are paid for by the specific promoter and may not reflect the opinion nor support of individuals governing the association. The parent Association, Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association, is a non-profit, 501c5, dedicated to collecting, recording and preserving the Tennessee Walking Horse pedigree. Purebred since closing the studbooks in 1947, the Tennessee Walking Horse is the best-mannered, most talented horse in the world. Likewise, we promote the sound horse in exhibitions for marketing and scientifically developing and refining the conformation, disposition and natural gait of the walking horse. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' Foundation is responsible for processing donations to be used for scientific research, legal funds, rescues, and reconciliations of unwanted horses and associated equipment.