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The complete guide to recruiting for success

RW204.01.0919 1

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Welcome to the


We share the Cause to help the environment and we share the Difference (we recruit) to help others transform
their lives. The more you help others, the more successful you can be. This seminar is designed to improve
your recruiting skills so that you can enroll new representatives and build your organization. The key to
having a successful and long-lasting Rena Ware business is to create leaders who create leaders. Recruiting is
the first step. It is the foundation of your organization: the larger the organization, the larger the foundation
needs to be.

This seminar focuses on sharing the Cause and the Rena Ware Difference and it explains communication
techniques to listen to your prospects, understand their needs and overcome their objections.

How to use this seminar for learning and teaching

This seminar is designed for both individual and classroom learning. It includes three main parts:

• Content pages that explain the subject of the seminar.
• Workbook that contains exercises to practice the content and assessment to measure your progress.
• Trainer slides that help teach the seminar to a group.

For individual learning
Use each section of the content together with its corresponding exercises. At the end, take the assessment to
see what you have learned.

For classroom learning
Use the trainer slides and the content pages. You can do the exercises as suggested on the slides, however give
priority to role plays: they are designed to simulate interactions with prospects and are more difficult to do
individually in your own time.


Legal requirements that you must meet.

Quick tips.

Things to remember.

Things to say.

Additional resources.


Always conduct your business with honesty, integrity and the highest level of ethics!

This document is the property of Rena Ware International. It may not be modified, and images and text contained in it may not be excerpted
or extracted for any use.

2 RW204.01.0919

The complete guide to recruiting for success

This seminar in context 4

Recruiting basics
• What is recruiting? 9
• Why recruit? 9
• Strength in numbers 10
• The 7 needs 12
• Recruiting ethics 14
• At a glance: recruiting basics 15

The recruiting process
• The 6 steps of an effective recruiting process 17
1. Identify 18
2. Approach 19

3. Share the Cause 19
4. Share the Difference 21
5. Enroll your prospect 24
6. Follow up 25
• At a glance: the recruiting process 26

Recruiting skills
• The courage to be vulnerable 28
• Listening for needs 31
• Managing objections 34
• At a glance: recruiting skills 38

Glossary 39

1. The perfect presentation process: additional resources 43
2. Using the Rena Ware Difference video 44
3. Living wholeheartedly 45
4. Needs and feelings 46
5. Recruiting roleplays 49

RW204.01.0919 3

Share the Cause, share the Difference



Rena Ware has developed a flow that has proven very effective at getting people to join your
team, become your customers or both. We call it the “Perfect Presentation.” As shown in Table
1, the perfect presentation flow covers the entire process of interacting with your prospects,
from approaching them to following up after an enrollment or a sale.

This seminar assumes that the prospect is interested in learning about the Rena Ware
Difference and it focuses on the parts of the process where you recruit and enroll your prospect
(highlighted in Table 1). These parts are shown in more detail in Table 2.

Other parts of the perfect presentation flow are covered in other seminars, as shown in
Appendix 1.

The following characters will help illustrate some concepts of this seminar:


Look out, as they may appear in different outfits!

4 RW204.01.0919

TABLE 1: The perfect presentation process overall

Establish your warm and cold markets
IDENTIFY This step takes place before the Perfect Presentation.
It is included here to complete the larger context.

• Introduce yourself and Rena Ware
• Decide: start presentation/make appointment/ask for referrals

1. Pave the way
2. Share the Cause and invite your prospect to join your team

3. Share the Rena Ware Difference (recruit)
4. Enroll your prospect

PRESENT 5. Share the products (sell)
6. Close the sale

7. Ask for referrals

8. Share the Rena Ware Difference again
(if not successful before)

Be a good Team Leader
The Sale after the Sale

RW204.01.0919 5

Share the Cause, share the Difference

TABLE 2: The recruiting process

The recruiting process includes six steps and spans from identifying your prospects to following up after
enrolling them. For teaching purposes the six steps are presented together in this table, although in real
life there may be other steps of the Perfect Presentation in between. For example, there might be a product
presentation before you actually enroll your prospect.


Identify who you
can approach and Circle of Influence (RW120)
how (warm/cold).

2 | APPROACH • Grand Drawing Card
Briefly introduce mini script on side 1
yourself and • Suggested script
Rena Ware. adaptation from
this seminar p. 19
pp. 1-14
• Water Filters Brochure
3 | SHARE THE CAUSE (AQ700) pp. 1-14
Talk about eliminating Optional: or
single-use plastic • Cause video
bottles and present • Rena Ware Filter (optional)
the Rena Ware Filter Bottle (if you have it)
Bottle as example • the Rena Ware or
of prevention. Filter Bottle video

(optional) (optional)
• Question on p. 15

Invite your prospect p. 15 (AQ700)
to join your team. • Other lines and
suggestions from
this seminar pp. 19-21

DIFFERENCE Difference Brochure
Explain why join. Optional:
• Rena Ware Difference

6 RW204.01.0919


5| ENROLL YOUR PROSPECT • Independent Consultant
Agreement (RW1)
• Self-evaluation on
Fill out the Direct Selling best
paperwork. practices (RW32)
• Direct Selling Best
Practices (RW33)

Show the
Let’s start! program.

Send WhatsApp
message with link to

Upcoming training
Schedule an sessions scheduled
induction and/or first by yourself or your
training session.
Team Leader.

• Call, text or message
After enrolling a new on social media
team member, reach • Link to
out and offer support. • Suggested lines
from this seminar p.25

Rena Ware presentation materials are based on the company’s best recruiting and sales practices and
are designed to maximize the impact of your presentation.
The materials also take into consideration legal requirements for your protection and may not be altered
or deviated from in any way.
Please follow the pages of the materials, and present only the information included.

The digital version of the recruiting materials is available for download or print on
Share digital materials via email or instant message to interested people.

RW204.01.0919 7

Share the Cause, share the Difference








8 RW204.01.0919


We share the Cause to help the environment WHY RECRUIT?
and we share the Difference (we recruit) to help
others transform their lives. The more you help
others, the more successful you can be. There are three primary reasons to recruit.

Recruiting is attracting other people to When you recruit you actually give people
an opportunity to transform their lives.
Rena Ware so that they will join your team, help When they realize how having their own
you build a sales organization and eventually Rena Ware business can transform their
build their own sales organization. lives, they will become interested in the
Attracting people to Rena Ware means sharing
the Cause and the Rena Ware Difference and
presenting them in a way that is accurate, 2
exciting, and meaningful to the prospect.

When you share the Cause you share Rena Ware’s The Cause can be contagious! The more
people join the Cause and start sharing it,
commitment to safeguarding the environment. the bigger the impact on the environment.
By doing so you are helping the Cause and you
are giving others the opportunity to help too. TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, CREATE
When you share the Difference you share 3 SALES ORGANIZATION, AND
Rena Ware’s commitment to transforming
lives through our business opportunity. You There is a limit to how much you can earn by
offer other people the opportunity to become recruiting and selling on your own. Through
entrepreneurs, have their own business and recruiting you can remove that limit and
achieve their dreams. You also offer them multiply your growth, because every new
the opportunity to improve and expand their team member will bring in other new team
professional and personal skills. members and new customers.

However, you do not offer them any guarantees If you keep inviting new people into the business
of success or specific earnings. Their success and you teach them to do the same, you will
and earnings will depend on the time, effort and begin to earn more on the recruiting and sales
consistency that they are willing to dedicate to efforts of your team and organization than on
their Rena Ware business. your personal recruiting and sales efforts.

For all these reasons we recommend sharing the
Difference twice during the Perfect Presentation,
at the beginning and then again at the end, if
your prospect did not join your team the first

EXERCISE 1 RW204.01.0919 9

Share the Cause, share the Difference



per WEEK



I or


K per +



10 RW204.01.0919


Recruiting is a numbers game. Our direct selling experience tells us that you need to have about 10
conversations in order to get 1 prospect to join your team.

For sustained business growth, we recommend recruiting at least 3 people every week, or at least 6 people
every bonus period per group in your organization. This means having at least 30 conversations every
week or 60 every bonus period whether in person, on the phone or on social media.

You don’t have to go it alone. If you want to see your business grow exponentially and your earnings come
primarily from your organization and not your single actions, you need to engage your whole team.





The more conversations you and each of your team members have every day, every week and every bonus
period, the more new team members you will bring in, the bigger your organization will be.

As your organization starts to grow, keep promoting the formula 1+2 (or 2+4) to your downline(s).
When every downline team recruits 1+2 every week (or 2+4 every bonus period), you will see sustained

EXERCISE 2 RW204.01.0919 11

Share the Cause, share the Difference


When you share the Difference it is important that you keep in mind your prospects’ needs. Everything
we think, say or do is an expression of and an attempt to meet a need. There are seven needs that people
are typically trying to meet:

Many people have an inherent need to be part of something greater than their own self. Something they
can feel connected with and perhaps get a sense of community. That is why, for example, many people
join organizations and clubs.
Many people want to be appreciated for what they do, for example in their daily jobs. Yet many do not
get appreciation in the amount or in the way that they need.
Many people need adventure, discovery and change and the excitement that comes from all of that.
They are bored with their daily routine and they barely go through the motions with no real intention or
Many people need to know that they are doing something meaningful and that they are making a
difference. They want to have a sense of mission and feel that they have achieved something significant
with their lives.
Many people want to be in control of their own decisions, have room for manoeuvre and a range of
Many people want to know that they can become what they want to become. They want to have
opportunity. They want to learn and grow as human beings, and expand their personal and professional

Many people want a certain amount of stability and security in their lives. They want to achieve and
7 maintain a certain lifestyle. And this need can be fulfilled with different strategies, for example, a steady
job, a house, getting quality health care, etc. Extra earnings is typically a way to acquire some of these
strategies. For example, extra earnings may help to pay a mortgage, tuition fees, medical treatments, car
payments, etc.

12 RW204.01.0919


Although Rena Ware Independent Representatives are not Rena Ware employees and are not guaranteed
specific earnings, they have the opportunity to meet all these needs. Their actual results will depend
on their efforts, which gives them the opportunity to tailor the Rena Ware Difference to their specific
Becoming a Rena Ware Independent Representative means joining a community of other representatives,
all supported by the Home Office and country offices that provide administrative, logistic and business
development support.

Rena Ware Independent Representatives are recognized for their positive results: they can promote
automatically up to 7 times as soon as they meet the requirements and they can earn awards and prizes.

Having a Rena Ware business opens up a lot of exciting opportunities; for example, the opportunity to
create your own organization and to travel.

Having your own Rena Ware business can help you to transform your life and the lives of the people
around you. By sharing the Cause you help the environment; by recruiting you help others.

Having your own Rena Ware business means you are in charge and can work on your own schedule.


Having your own Rena Ware business means becoming an entrepreneur. That involves learning new
skills, developing existing ones, and growing both professionally and personally.

Rena Ware Independent Representatives can count on receiving timely commission and bonus payments,
based on their recruiting and sales results.

EXERCISES 3-4 RW204.01.0919 13

Share the Cause, share the Difference

RECRUITING ETHICS It is not permissible to advertise for employment
opportunities in marketing or other positions
when you are recruiting commissioned
Recruiting is crucial to creating your business Independent Consultants/Representatives. It is
organization. It is important that you do it illegal to entice someone to come to a recruiting
with honesty, integrity and in compliance with interview on false pretences.
legal requirements. The following are the key
requirements related to recruiting:

When approaching a prospect you must: Standards of doing business (RW31)
Guide to direct selling best practices (RW33)
say your name and identify yourself as a
Rena Ware Independent Representative

say why you are approaching them

give your contact information as well as
Rena Ware’s contact information.

In California you must do this immediately after
greeting a prospect, before asking any other
questions or saying anything else.

Do not make any representations regarding
potential earnings from a Rena Ware business
that are not contained in company materials.
No Independent Representative is guaranteed
specific earnings.

When recruiting you must not tell or promise
a recruit that they will earn a specific amount
of money per week, or month if they join
Rena Ware. You should explain how the
compensation plan works and how they will be
rewarded for their efforts. Nobody is promised
a specific level of earnings. It is illegal to make
false earnings claims when recruiting.

14 RW204.01.0919 EXERCISE 5



Recruiting is attracting
people to Rena Ware by 1
presenting the Cause and
the Difference in a way that
is accurate and relatable.

Recruiting is crucial to
2 helping your business
grow and making it
sustainable and profitable
in the long run. It is also
crucial to getting more

Engage your whole team people involved in the
in recruiting: think 1 3 Cause and helping people
personal recruit + 2 recruits transform their lives.
from your team = 3 total
recruits per week.

Connect the Cause and
4 the Rena Ware Difference
to one of seven needs
people typically have:
belonging, appreciation,
excitement, purpose and
Always recruit with honesty, contribution, autonomy,
integrity and in compliance 5 growth and hope, stability.
with legal requirements.
Identify yourself as a Rena Ware
Independent Representative and
say your purpose. Do not make
any earnings representations
or advertise for employment
opportunities with Rena Ware.

RW204.01.0919 15

Share the Cause, share the Difference





16 RW204.01.0919



The recruiting process can be broken down into 6 steps:
1 2 3 4 5 6


Throughout the process you should focus on the following:

Connecting the Cause and the Difference with your prospect and showing that connection when you

Addressing your prospect’s wants and needs.

Helping your prospect appreciate the benefits and values of joining Rena Ware.

Do not count on your prospects to “connect the dots,” briefly show them what they can achieve when they
join Rena Ware, and how they can achieve it.

RW204.01.0919 17

Share the Cause, share the Difference

STEP 1 | IDENTIFY Then follow these tips:

Keep expanding your circle of influence by
When you are building your business, anyone is adding the referrals you will get from your
a prospect. So in principle, you and your team prospects. Referrals will be more open to
should share the Cause and the Rena Ware hear your business proposal because you
Difference with anyone, anytime, anywhere. will not be a complete stranger to them.

However, as a starting point to identify prospects Don’t wait till you have gone through your
to recruit, you can use your Circle of Influence warm market in order to start approaching
(RW120). your cold market!

1. Go down the list of contacts and identify at Look for prospects wherever you go.
least 10 people for whom you can imagine Wherever you are at, start friendly
what Rena Ware could mean, for whom you conversations about the Cause and the
can say which one of the seven needs it will Difference with the people around you.
help fulfill.
Bring your Rena Ware Filter Bottle with
2. Write the main need for each of these 10 you wherever you go. At an appointment
people in the comment column. For example, it will help you break the ice and start the
someone who is an active member of a conversation. In most places it will attract
church may need belonging and/or purpose attention and raise questions, which will
and contribution. give you the opportunity to talk about the
Cause and the Difference, and/or get an
appointment and/or referrals.

Do not prejudge who will become a good
Independent Representative, assume everyone
has the potential.

Appointments and Referrals Seminar

18 RW204.01.0919



To approach the cold market, use the mini To share the Cause use:
script on the front of the Grand Drawing Card

the Water Filters Brochure
(AQ700) pp. 1-14

Use a transition before you start talking about
the Cause. Here are a few examples in different
To approach the warm market, slightly adjust scenarios.
the script by adapting your self-introduction to
the situation. For example, to a friend you could WARM MARKET

I just started my own business with Connect what you know about your prospect to
Rena Ware. Have you heard of them? the information in the Water Filters Brochure:
They make really high quality cookware and (to a friend of a friend who cares about
water filters. I’m really excited about it and a healthy lifestyle) I know you care about a
I’d like to talk with you. When can we meet?
healthy lifestyle. I see you at the gym with your
Filter Bottle… so when I started this I thought
If your prospect agrees to listening to the of you. Let me ask you a question: how much
presentation immediately, continue with Step water do you drink every day?
3. If they choose a later time, schedule an
appointment. Then continue from pp. 2-3 of the brochure.

When scheduling the appointment:

Check your calendar

Offer options. For example:

Which works better for you: Monday at 3:00p
or Wednesday at 5:00?

Appointments and Referrals Seminar

EXERCISES 6-7 RW204.01.0919 19

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Connect what you are passionate about to the
information in the Water Filters Brochure:

(to a friend) I told you I was excited about
my new business. And here’s why. Rena Ware
has a strong commitment to the wellbeing of
people and the environment. Like, did you know
that every week the world consumes 5.1 billion
1-liter bottles of water?

Then continue from p. 4 of the brochure. These transitions are just examples of how to

connect your presentation with the context. In
time, as you give more presentations, you will
get more familiar with the materials and you
will be able to think on your feet and create
effective transitions, if need be.

When you start your presentation:

Talk about the importance of water.

Say how single-use plastic bottles damage
the environment.

Emphasize that prevention is the solution,
In general, anywhere:
for example by using the Rena Ware Filter
Bottle. For example, you could say:
Let me ask you a question. Do you know how
much water each of us should drink every day?
One way to prevent single-use plastic waste and
help the Cause is the Rena Ware Filter Bottle....
Let me ask you. How do you get your water?

At the prospect’s house: Describe the features of the bottle.

(after initial conversation to break the
ice) Is there a place where I can fill my Filter
Bottle? At the start of the presentation you have the
(look around to see what water the option to play the Cause video that is on p. 4 of
prospect uses) I noticed you use bottled the Water Filters Brochure (AQ700). At the end
water… of the video, you can continue the presentation
from p. 7, or play the video on p. 7 to present
Then continue from pp. 2-3 of the brochure. the Rena Ware Filter Bottle.

20 RW204.01.0919


After presenting the Cause, ask the question on STEP 4 | SHARE THE RENA WARE
p. 15 and follow up with another transition. Here DIFFERENCE
are a few examples for different scenarios.

Share the Rena Ware Difference if, when you
WARM MARKET ask the question on p. 15 of the Water Filters
Brochure (AQ700), your prospect is interested
in learning more. If not, transition to sharing
the products.
(to a friend) So what do you say, would you
like to join me in this? We could be a team and
share the Cause and develop our business...

The Perfect Presentation Seminar (RW205),
COLD MARKET Step 5 onward.

To share the Difference use:
(...Are you ready to be a part of the
solution?) Since you like the Cause and the
Rena Ware Filter Bottle, there’s good news! You
could actually earn the bottle without paying for
it now. If you join my team, you will be sharing
the Cause and earning money! I could show you the Rena Ware
how that works and what program we have to Difference Brochure
earn the bottle and other products. (RW516)
(...Are you ready to be a part of the
solution?) I am looking for people like you to
join my team and share the Cause, our business
opportunity and our products with more
people. You would have a bigger impact on the (optional)
environment and you would be earning money. the Rena Ware Difference
You wouldn’t even have to buy the Rena Ware video. See Appendix 2
Filter Bottle, you could earn it. I could show for suggestions on how
you how that works and what program we have to use the video.
to earn the bottle and other products.

EXERCISES 8-9 RW204.01.0919 21

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Your goal is to leave your prospect with a good Helping the environment
understanding of how Rena Ware is different and
how that is going to benefit him or her. Helping others transform their lives

In general, explain why join: Being part of a team

1. Emphasize the things that set Rena Ware In particular, make the message relevant for your
apart from other direct selling companies: prospect. In order to do that, if you are talking

with a prospect you do not know, you can ask a
No inventory purchase ever required
few questions before starting the presentation so
you can focus it on your prospect’s interest. For
Minimal enrollment cost

Commissions paid immediately
What would you say is missing in your life
right now?
Sales administrative support: shipping and
payment collection
What are you passionate about?

Recruiting and sales materials available
24/7 online and possibility to earn them in What makes you excited?
What do you want less/more of in your life?

Training materials available online 24/7
Use questions wisely: do not ask all the questions
In person training offered through local in rapid fire. Start with one question, listen to
team leaders the answer, and decide. If you have enough
information, move on. If not, ask a follow up
Recognition and incentives question. Use your prospect’s answers to direct
your presentation.

2. Emphasize the benefits of starting a business
with Rena Ware, for example: If you are using the video, choose if you are going
to show the entire video or a specific segment
that connects with your prospect’s interest.
Becoming an entrepreneur

If you are using the brochure, spend more time
Creating your own organization on the pages or parts that connect with your
prospect’s interest.
Making your own hours/working on
your own schedule Use transition sentences to connect the Difference

with your prospect’s interest. The following are a
Growing professionally and personally few examples in different scenarios.

22 RW204.01.0919 EXERCISES 10-11


COLD MARKET (To a prospect who needs appreciation)
Most of us really want to be appreciated for
what we do. And that is what I like about
(To a prospect who is very interested in Rena Ware. They really recognize and reward
the Cause) If you join Rena Ware and create everything you do. For example, you start
your own team and then your own organization, earning commissions on your first sale. They
you will be able to share the Cause with many pay commissions immediately, you get promoted
more people and have a much bigger impact on automatically as soon as you qualify. And then
the environment. you can earn trips and awards…

(To a prospect who is more interested (To a friend prospect who needs
in cookware) Rena Ware has a strong excitement) You are always saying that you
commitment to sustainability with all its are bored with your job because you cannot
products. For example, the Rena Ware cookware use your skills… This is your chance to do
is extremely durable, it promotes cooking at home something exciting, where you can use all of
and reducing waste that comes from packaged your skills!
and take out foods.
(To a prospect who needs purpose and
(To any prospect) By sharing any of our contribution) You will be helping people to
products with others, you will be promoting our transform their lives. You will be contributing to
Cause! a cleaner environment and you will be promoting
a healthy lifestyle for everyone...

(To a prospect who needs autonomy)
You can create your own organization, identify
your objectives, make your development plans,
This is where you connect the Rena Ware work on your own schedule… you’ll be your
Difference with the need that you identified in own boss!
your Circle of Influence (RW120) based on the
seven needs. Here are some examples.
(To a prospect who needs stability 1)
You will be making extra earnings that can help
(To a prospect who needs belonging) I you do the things that are important to you, for
know you are a very active member of our church example, pay for your kids’ college. (give an
and you like to contribute to our community, example that applies to the prospect)
which is why I think you would do a really great
job with Rena Ware because it is really like a
community or a family… first you are part of
a team and you have your team leader, then you
form your own team...

EXERCISE 12 RW204.01.0919 23

Share the Cause, share the Difference

(To a prospect who needs stability 2) STEP 5 | ENROLL YOUR PROSPECT
I don’t know if you are in need of something
that you can’t afford right now or if you could
use some extra money, but the income from If your prospect is interested in joining,
my Rena Ware business has really made a complete the paperwork. Use:
difference for me. In fact, the entire experience
with Rena Ware has made a difference in my • Independent Consultant Agreement
life. Let me show you how... (RW1)

If appropriate, share success stories: find a success
story that may resonate with your prospect,
for example one of a female leader if you are
presenting to a female prospect. Consider putting
yourself on the line and sharing your recruitment
story. Keep it accurate, brief and on point.

• Self Evaluation on Direct Selling Best
Practices (RW32)
After talking about the Rena Ware Difference,
assume that the prospect has already decided to
join Rena Ware and will provide the information
required to fill out the documents. For example,
you could say:

Doesn’t this sound great? So, when would you
like to start?

If the prospect is not interested in joining, • Guide to Direct Selling Best Practices
transition to sharing the products.

The Perfect Presentation seminar (RW205),
Step 5 onward.

24 RW204.01.0919 EXERCISES 13-14


• Standards of Doing Business (RW31), STEP 6 | FOLLOW UP
optional to supplement the Guide to Direct
Selling Best Practices (RW33)

Following up after enrolling is just as important as
enrolling. Our experience shows that in the first
days after enrollment new representatives can be
at their most vulnerable and at risk of leaving if
they do not get adequate support and they do not
see some positive results.

You do not want to sign up a new representative

Then, depending on the situation: schedule a and disappear. You want to be an advisor and
meeting for a quick induction first and then model example behavior for them. If you have
schedule Basic Training, or schedule Basic just started, you can still offer support in the
Training directly. initial phase, as you have just been through that

Finally, in preparation for the upcoming
induction or basic training session: Call, text or email your new team member within
a couple of days after enrollment, and ask how
things are going. For example you could ask
• briefly show RenaResources; about:

• send your new team member a WhatsApp The resources/links you sent to them:
message with a link to, and Did you try the resources I sent you? How useful
encourage him or her to explore the resources; are they for you?

• say that they will learn how to create a list of The first training session:
prospects and how to earn products or buy Did you have your first training session? How
them at a representative discount; did it go?

• have them join your country’s Rena Ware How else can I be of assistance to you?
Whatsapp group and Facebook secret group.

Offer to share links to useful Rena Ware resources,
refer the new representative to a more senior
representative or your team leader for more
complex questions.

By doing this you will:

• Convey confidence.
• Build trust.
• Show that Rena Ware really is like a family.

EXERCISES 15-16 EXERCISES 17-18 RW204.01.0919 25

Share the Cause, share the Difference


IDENTIFY whom to recruit and how 1

from your Circle of Influence (RW120)
2 APPROACH your warm and cold
market, using slightly different scripts
that include the same elements.

connect what you know about your 3
prospect with the information in
the presentation materials.

in general explain why join, emphasize
how Rena Ware is different from other
direct selling companies and highlight the
advantages of having a Rena Ware business;
in particular, connect the explanation to
ENROLL YOUR PROSPECT: your prospect’s need; assume the enrollment.
complete the paperwork; schedule 5
a training session; give a preview
of RenaResources; share useful
links, e.g.


FOLLOW UP: reach out to your
new team member in the few days after
enrollment, ask how things are going
and offer support and resources.

26 RW204.01.0919






RW204.01.0919 27

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Recruiting effectively includes reaching out to THE COURAGE TO
prospects in the cold market and beginning
to build relationships with them. As such, the BE VULNERABLE
process involves what is needed for relationships
to start, thrive and be fulfilling: connection.
When you are approaching prospects and
In order to create connection, we need to be able are facing the risk of rejection, you may feel
to be vulnerable, listen for needs (our own and vulnerable. And that is okay. It means you are
others’), and communicate compassionately, human and you are alive. When you are aware
which includes managing objections of it, vulnerability is a strength.
productively and in ways that preserve or even
strengthen the relationship. Vulnerability means “facing uncertainty,
exposure, and emotional risks, and knowing
Applied to recruiting this helps to: that we are enough.” Vulnerability is not
weakness. In fact, it is courage: the courage to

• Approach recruiting as a human to human be imperfect, the courage to do some things
relationship. where there are no guaranteed results, and still
be kind to ourselves. In answer to the question

• Accept rejections as a natural part of the “Vulnerability is _____”, many people said
process. “starting my own business.” 2

• Have recruiting conversations that are honest Vulnerability is not an option. It is part of life.
and effective. Being aware of it and owning it is a skill. Here
are some suggestions on how to engage with

• Build trust so that your prospect feels your vulnerability.
comfortable joining your team.

These skills can be applied in many situations
of your professional and personal life. The
results can be very rewarding!

1 From B. Brown (2017), Daring Greatly. Vulnerability has been researched, defined and explained by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, research professor
at the University of Houston and author of best sellers such as The gifts of imperfection.
2 Ibidem.

28 RW204.01.0919 EXERCISE 19


Accept rejections matter-of-factly

Recruiting requires reaching out to many people
constantly. Despite your preparation and your skills,
you will get rejections. They are a natural part of the
process. They are not about you and who you are.
However, they can be minimized by working on
what you do and how you do it. This will be covered
later in this seminar.

Clear your mind

Separate who you are from what you do. Let go
of thoughts that you are “unworthy,” “flawed” or
“a failure” because of something you have done
or failed to do, an ideal that you have not yet
reached, a goal that you have not yet accomplished.
Imagine cutting some heavy chains or thick ropes
that are holding you down, and feeling free (from

Think that you are you and you are worthy. You are
also a human being who may do certain things that
are effective and others that are not. And you can do
something about that. This does not mean that you
are not responsible for your actions. It means that if
you take care of yourself, cultivate your values and
a healthy sense of self, your actions will follow.

Focus on facts that help

Do not connect yourself with how many rejections
you received, connect with how many prospects you
reached out to and use the rejections to learn, and
improve your next approaches.

RW204.01.0919 29

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Cultivate a sense of self-worth

Self-worth means knowing that we are enough. To
cultivate a sense of self-worth do things that you believe
in and that are important to you because they align with
your values. Worthiness helps us to persevere. It gives us
courage and empathy.

Courage means showing up again and again, despite the
uncertainty of results. Courage is not bravery: posting
a video of you jumping off a cliff into the water is not
courage. Courage is reaching out to more prospects,
because there is the risk of rejection, and knowing that
that is how you increase your chances of recruiting.

Empathy means understanding your feelings and needs
(self-empathy) as well as the feelings and needs of others.
This will be covered in the next section of this seminar.

Live wholeheartedly 3

Many people try to numb emotions that they do not want
to have, such as disappointment, fear, pain and shame.
However, we cannot numb emotions selectively. When we
numb disappointment, fear and pain, we also numb joy,
gratitude and happiness. When we numb emotions, our
whole being goes numb. And that creates dis-connection
and prevents empathy, which is needed for connection.
Don’t suppress your emotions: be aware of them, understand
the needs underneath them and take care of those needs.
This will be covered in the next section of this seminar.

Feel empathy

Empathy is a powerful way to connect. It means
understanding what someone else is feeling, and what
you are feeling (self-empathy). Empathy does not require
having the exact same experiences as the other person.
It requires connecting with the emotion and, more
importantly, the need that person is experiencing, not the
event or circumstance. What helps empathy is listening
without judgment, listening for feelings and needs.

3 For more ideas on how to cultivate self-worth and live wholeheartedly, see Appendix 3.

30 RW204.01.0919 EXERCISES 20-21



Listening is the most important skill required for effective communication, and for some people it is also
the most demanding. People usually believe they are listening, but often they are just waiting for
their chance to speak and thinking about what they will say. Listening is not only hearing what your
prospect says, but also finding out what he or she is assuming, implying or not saying.

Barriers that can prevent you from

Time pressure.
time pressure
Doing or thinking about something else
while the prospect speaks.

Interrupting your prospect.
thinking you know
Judging your prospect.

doing something else

You can overcome these barriers by:

Preparing for your presentation.

judging saying.
Focusing on what your prospect is actually
Listening for your prospect’s feelings and

Finding common ground with your

RW204.01.0919 31

Share the Cause, share the Difference

By listening, you will be able to offer your Applied to recruiting, this means that people
prospect two very valuable things: rarely join a “company.” They join a “way” to
meet a deeper need, for example a need for
1. the right type of information - the belonging or another one of the seven needs
information that speaks to their need(s); mentioned in this seminar. If you know and
understand that need, you will be able to
2. the right amount of information - not too present the Cause and the Difference in ways
little not too much. that connect with your prospect.

Issues, feelings, needs and proposals Similarly, if you can understand the need that
is underneath an issue that your prospect has,

Really listening requires letting go of our you will be able to work with your prospect
thoughts and judgments, and focusing only on towards a solution that works for him or her.
the other person. But what should we listen for? For example:

In order to connect with people, we should listen EXPRESSED ISSUE: I don’t know how long
for their needs. Everything we do and say is the I can pay my mortgage.
expression of and an attempt to meet a need.
However, often needs are not stated openly or POSSIBLE FEELINGS: anxious, worried.
clearly. Many people tend to state more issues
and feelings. Issues and feelings are on the POSSIBLE NEED stability (knowing they
surface, while needs lie deeper underneath. UNDERNEATH can pay their mortgage
THE ISSUE: and secure a home
for their family).



32 RW204.01.0919


How can we identify feelings and needs when You could join, do this part time and
they are not stated openly? see… I’m sure you will be surprised.
We kindly ask the other person. When we do, You could join, dedicate yourself to this
it is important to connect a feeling to a need, as for some time and then evaluate the
the need is what counts. We can use a question results… I’m sure you will be surprised.
like: Are you... [FEELING] because you want...
[NEED]? For example:

Are you worried [FEELING] because Identifying feelings and needs out loud might
you would like to be sure that you not be appropriate in all situations, but it is
can keep your house [NEED]? helpful to do it silently in order to create a
connection, make a better, more suitable
If our guess is wrong, the other person will proposal and keep moving things forward.
correct it, and we will learn more about their
feelings and needs.

Needs are universal. Everybody can relate Recruiting is hard, but so is the decision to join,
to needs, although they may have different for many people. Take a moment to remember
priorities. Needs are also always positive: they what it was like for you. It is likely that you did
are about what we and others want, not about not make a snap decision. You probably thought
what we or others do not want. For example: about it and you maybe talked about it with a
loved one before confirming. You may have felt
I want stability. [A NEED] overwhelmed by the novelty, the information
I don’t want chaos/instability. [NOT A NEED] and the initial process.

It takes some practice to be able to identify
someone else’s feelings and needs, and sometimes So, as you go through the process with your
prospects, be understanding. This does not mean
even our own! Yet, it is very rewarding practice
because it helps to create more meaningful and you should give up recruiting them; it means
lasting connections with others. And direct that when you are trying to recruit them, you
selling, more than other industries, is about should keep their best interest at heart. Listen to
creating and maintaining connections! your prospects’ needs and issues and respond by
providing the type of information that is needed
in the amount that is needed: keep it accurate,
What happens after you have identified relevant and on point.
feelings and needs?

You can offer options to solve the prospect’s
issues. Offering options after identifying feelings
and needs increases the chance that one of them
will be heard and maybe accepted, because the
other person felt heard first. For example, a
possible option to follow up on the exchange
above could be:

4 For a list of needs, as well as lists of feelings when needs are met and when needs are not met see Appendix 4.

EXERCISES 22-23 RW204.01.0919 33

Share the Cause, share the Difference

MANAGING OBJECTIONS In general, it is not necessary to manage all
of your prospect’s objections, that would be
a waste of resources and it may even take you
far from enrolling your prospect. You should
By listening for needs and offering the right type
and the right amount of information, you may listen to all of the objections, identify the main,
real objection and manage that. Often, minor
have already reduced the chances and number
of objections. However, the decision to join objections will then disappear. You can use the
Rena Ware is an important one: many people following process.
may have objections and it is helpful to know
how to manage them. By managing objections L.C.O. Process (Listen Confirm Offer)
you can:
You can manage recruitment objections by using
• Move forward with the recruiting process. the L.C.O. Process: Listen, Confirm, and Offer.
With this process, you don’t solve the objections
• Show your prospect that you are really yourself, you offer options; your prospect solves
there for them and you take their concerns the objections.

• Continue to build trust and reinforce the
rapport with your prospect so that they feel
comfortable joining your team.

What is an objection?

An objection is a concern or an issue that your
prospect has and that prevents them from joining
your team. Your prospect may not express the
objection, but may use it as an excuse not to join.

The objection is not about you, it is usually
connected to a need. Don’t think of an objection
as a problem or a personal rejection; see it as an
opportunity to help your prospect identify and
meet a need.

34 RW204.01.0919


Listen to the objection I see (acknowledge). And would you
like me to show you where you can learn
Pay attention to what your prospect how to recruit? (offer option).
communicates with words and in other ways
such as facial expressions and body language. However, you should always identify feelings
Your prospect may not express his or her need, and needs in your mind because it helps you
sometimes not even the real issue or concern. offer more relevant options.
Listen for the need and for the real concern so
you can manage it. To do this, as you listen, turn If your prospect’s objection is not clear to you
the objection into a question or a request in your and/or you cannot turn it into a question in
mind. For example: your mind, ask your prospect to explain. For
example, you could say:
Your prospect says:
I don’t know how to recruit/sell.
I understand (acknowledge). And
In your mind, you hear: when you say that you don’t know how
Could you show/teach me how to recruit/sell? to sell, can you tell me a bit more about
your concern? (request to explain).

You obviously have a reason for saying
After turning the objection into a question in that (acknowledge). Would you care
your mind, you want to get confirmation that to share it? (request to explain).
you understood it correctly. You can do this in
two parts: OFFER OPTIONS

1) acknowledge the objection, and Most people want choices. Present the available
2) reframe it and say it back using the format options to overcome an objection. For example,
Are you [FEELING], because you want [NEED]? you could say:

For example: Rena Ware offers extensive training
through Rena Ware University. All the
I see (acknowledge). Are you feeling seminars are available online 24/7 free
worried because you want to know of charge, along with other sales and
how to recruit? (say it back). recruiting support materials. You can
schedule training sessions with your team
Depending on the situation it might make more leader and/or do self-paced learning.
sense to go straight from acknowledgment to
options, without saying feelings and needs out By choosing an option, your prospect solves the
loud. For example, you could say: objection, and you move forward.

EXERCISES 24-25 RW204.01.0919 35

Share the Cause, share the Difference

The most common recruiting objections

There can be as many objections as prospects. Below are some of the most common objections to recruiting,
and suggestions on how to manage them. Some suggestions include acknowledgment, saying back and
offering options, others do not include the saying back.

Imagine that objections are like stepping stones in a river, and managing objections is like walking on those
stones to cross the river and get closer to the prospect and your goal.


I don’t know anyone to I understand. Are you worried because you would like to know
recruit/sell to. that you have a market for your business? Would it help if I showed
you that there are a lot of people you could recruit or sell to?

I’m not good at talking Many people think that. Are you worried because
to people I don’t know. you would like to be good at this? Well, you
can get training on how to talk to new people
effectively. Rena Ware offers many seminars...

The people I know I understand. Many Rena Ware
can’t afford these customers choose payment plans with
products. monthly payments they can afford.
I can show you how that works...

I can’t join now. I see. And when you say you can’t join now, could
you tell me a bit more about your concern?

I already have a job.
That’s good. Are you uncomfortable because you
want to keep your current job? Well, you can. And
you can work on your Rena Ware business part time.

36 RW204.01.0919


I want a guaranteed job/salary. That makes sense. And I can tell you that
you can’t be fired from Rena Ware, because
you will have your own business. And your
earnings will depend on how much time and
effort you will put in developing your business.
(Optional addition: With Rena Ware you earn
commissions as soon as you and your recruits
start selling, and they are paid immediately.)

My partner doesn’t want me to work. I see. Are you worried because you would like to
have his/her support in this? Let’s set a time for me
to meet with you and your partner together, so I
can answer any questions about this opportunity.

I don’t have child care. I appreciate your concern. What if you could
do this when your children are in school?

I have heard these types of companies deceive I understand that some direct selling companies
people to get money out of them. may not be transparent or serious. Are you
worried because you want to be sure you would
be joining a serious and honest company? Many
current Rena Ware Independent Representatives
thought that before they joined, then they
saw the difference. I am very proud of my
Rena Ware business. The company has been
in the market for nearly 80 years, has a global
presence, is an active member of the Direct
Selling Association, and really cares for and
supports its Independent Representatives.

EXERCISE 26 RW204.01.0919 37

Share the Cause, share the Difference


be aware of your emotions around
recruiting and engage with them.
Accept objections matter-of-factly,
clear your mind, focus on facts
that help, cultivate self-worth, live
wholeheartedly, feel empathy. LISTENING FOR ISSUES,
listen for your prospect’s real
concern underneath the issue,
and address it. Always guess your
prospect’s feelings and needs in
your mind, if appropriate out loud:
Are you feeling… because you need…?
Then make proposals.

listen to all objections, clarify and 3
confirm the main one and manage
that one by offering options.

38 RW204.01.0919


RW204.01.0919 39

Share the Cause, share the Difference


This glossary offers a quick reference list of key industry terms and other key words and expressions
that appear in this seminar. These items are listed alphabetically and the definitions include the
meaning with which the given words or phrases are used in Rena Ware.

Cause: (the Cause or our Cause) Rena Ware’s environmental mission: the company’s
commitment to eliminating single-use plastic bottles and reducing single-
use plastic waste. Summarized in the Cause slogan: “Less plastic. Cleaner

Cold market: complete strangers; people you do not know, and with whom you have no

Consultant: entry level for a new Independent Representative. A Consultant can promote
up to 7 times and reach the level of Platinum Executive Leader.

Difference: (the Rena Ware Difference, or the Difference. Formerly the Opportunity).
Rena Ware’s business opportunity. The word refers to the many ways in
which Rena Ware differs from most direct selling companies, and to the fact
that Rena Ware offers people the opportunity.

Empathy: understanding what someone else is feeling, and what you are feeling (self-
empathy) - from ancient Greek en= in and pathos= feeling. Empathy does not
require having the exact same experiences as the other person. It requires
connecting with the emotion and more importantly the need that person is
experiencing, not the event or circumstance.

Enroll: sign up a new Independent Representative.

Feeling: emotion; in the context of compassionate or non violent communication, a
feeling is connected to and is the signal for a need. When our needs are met
we have different feelings than when our needs are not met.

Independent person with his or her own Rena Ware business. The term applies to all levels,
Representative: from Consultant to Platinum Executive Leader.

Issue: problem, difficulty or simply element; in compassionate or nonviolent
communication, an issue is connected to and is the external or superficial
expression of a need.

Leader: an Independent Representative who has achieved the level and title of
Leader or above.

Market: people you can approach for both recruiting and selling purposes.

40 RW204.01.0919


Need: thing that is wanted or necessary; in compassionate or non-violent
communication, needs are at the core of what we think, say and do, and are
often expressed through feelings and signaled by issues. Needs are universal:
everybody has needs; what may change is the priority of those needs. In
compassionate communication needs are also always positive, meaning they
are what we want, not what we do not want.

Objection: concern your prospect has and that is preventing him or her from joining Rena
Ware or buying products.

Prospect: future recruit, future customer or both.

Recruit: (noun): new Independent Representative.

Recruit: (verb): to enroll new Independent Representatives; to add new members to your

Referral: mainly, the person who has been referred to you by someone else; occasionally,
the act of referring a person to someone else.

Reframe: say what someone else has said, but in a different way. In the context of
compassionate communication, reframing can be useful when someone says
something very negative or hurtful. When we reframe, we identify a positive
need and say it out loud. This moves people from a position of negative lack to
realizing a positive need. For example:
Other person: I don’t like being sick.
You: Your health (need) is important to you.

Self-worth: sense of knowing that we are enough, awareness of and contentment with who
we are and our “value”; self-value.

Team: a number of Independent Representatives under the same Independent

Vulnerability: the ability to face uncertainty, exposure, and emotional risks, and still know that
we are enough and be kind to ourselves. 1

Warm market: people you know directly or indirectly (through other people), including family,
friends, existing customers, acquaintances and referrals.
Note: In Rena Ware, warm market (for sales) does not include yourself or other
active Independent Representatives. Rena Ware does not require its Independent
Representatives to purchase products or inventory, ever.

1 Adapted from Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW (2012), Daring Greatly.

RW204.01.0919 41

Share the Cause, share the Difference

42 RW204.01.0919



TABLE 1: The perfect presentation process overall

Establish your warm and cold markets Appointments
This step takes place before the and referrals
Perfect Presentation. It is included
here to complete the larger context.
Share the
Cause, Share
• Introduce yourself and Rena Ware the Difference
APPROACH • Decide: start presentation/make (RW204)
appointment/ask for referrals

1. Pave the way
2. Share the Cause and invite people to
join your team

3. Share the Rena Ware Difference (recruit)
4. Enroll your prospect

Water Filters
seminar (AQ242)

5. Share the products (sell) Cookware seminar
6. Close the sale (RW240) The Perfect
Filling contracts
(RW530) (RW205)

7. Ask for referrals and referrals

8. Share the Rena Ware Difference again
(if not successful before)

Be a good Team Leader
The Sale after the Sale

RW204.01.0919 43

Share the Cause, share the Difference


The video is available on YouTube in two versions:

• Full.
• Chapters.

Use the full version at presentation appointments (where you have time) and/or for prospects who
are not sure about what they could get from Rena Ware and seem interested in learning more.

Use chapters when time is of the essence and/or when you are not sure how interested your
prospect is in joining your team and you want to attract him/her based on their main need. If this is
the case, choose the chapter that you think will most resonate with your prospect. Here are some
suggestions to help you.

Video chapter Suitable prospects
1 Any prospect: to give an idea and raise curiosity quickly.
Are you

2 Young people such as college graduates or undergraduates, young
professionals who are about to or have just started working and can get
Join our Cause
very passionate about things like environmental issues, personal and
professional development.

3 Unlimited Single parents and other people who are looking to contribute financially

to their families and at the same time have the flexibility to spend time
with their families.
4 People who already have a job and do not want to leave it and at the

Passion for
same time want to be part of a bigger, very supportive community.
“Buen Comer”
People who love to cook and appreciate healthy, delicious food.
5 Your People who want to be entrepreneurs, have their own business without

incurring high start-up costs or financial risks. Also people who like to be
part of a company with long-standing traditions and values.
6 Experience Any prospect, following the introduction video or any of the other

the Difference
segments: to inspire them and prompt them into action.

44 RW204.01.0919



In her book The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, defines ten “guideposts” for
Wholehearted living that show what the Wholehearted strive to cultivate and what they work to let
go of:
1 6

Cultivating authenticity:
Cultivating creativity:
letting go of what people think.
letting go of comparison.
2 7

Cultivating creativity:
Cultivating self-compassion:
letting go of exhaustion as a status
letting go of perfectionism.
symbol and productivity as self-worth.
3 8

Cultivating a resilient spirit:
Cultivating calm and stillness:
letting go of numbing and powerlessness.
letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle.

4 9

Cultivating meaningful work:
Cultivating gratitude and joy:
letting go of self-doubt and
letting go of scarcity and fear of the
“supposed to.”
5 10

Cultivating laughter, song and dance:
Cultivating intuition and trusting faith:
letting go of being cool and “always in
letting go of the need for certainty.

RW204.01.0919 45

Share the Cause, share the Difference



The following list of needs is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to
support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate
greater understanding and connection between people.

AUTONOMY support contribution
choice to know and be known creativity
freedom to see and be seen discovery
independence to understand and efficacy

space be understood effectiveness
spontaneity trust growth

acceptance authenticity mourning
affection integrity participation
appreciation presence purpose
belonging self-expression

cooperation PHYSICAL WELL-BEING stimulation
communication air to matter
closeness food understanding

community movement/exercise
companionship rest/sleep PEACE
compassion sexual expression beauty
consideration safety communion
consistency shelter ease

empathy touch equality
inclusion water harmony
intimacy inspiration

love MEANING order
mutuality awareness
nurturing celebration of life PLAY
respect/self-respect challenge joy
safety clarity humor

security competence
stability consciousness

© 2005 by Center for Nonviolent Communication | Website: | Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1.505-244-4041

46 RW204.01.0919



The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and
physical sensations. This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to
support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate
greater understanding and connection between people.

There are two parts to this list: feelings we may have when our needs are being met and feelings
we may have when our needs are not being met.


AFFECTIONATE HOPEFUL invigorated tickled relieved
compassionate expectant lively satisfied
friendly encouraged passionate EXHILARATED serene

loving optimistic surprised blissful still
open hearted vibrant ecstatic tranquil
sympathetic CONFIDENT elated trusting

tender empowered GRATEFUL enthralled
warm open appreciative exuberant REFRESHED
proud moved radiant enlivened
ENGAGED safe thankful rapturous rejuvenated
absorbed secure touched thrilled renewed

alert INSPIRED rested
curious EXCITED amazed PEACEFUL restored
engrossed amazed awed calm revived

enchanted animated wonder clear headed
entranced ardent comfortable
fascinated aroused JOYFUL centered
interested astonished amused content
intrigued dazzled delighted equanimous

involved eager glad fulfilled
spellbound energetic happy mellow
stimulated enthusiastic jubilant quiet

giddy pleased relaxed

© 2005 by Center for Nonviolent Communication | Website: | Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1.505-244-4041

RW204.01.0919 47

Share the Cause, share the Difference


AFRAID AVERSION uninterested depleted unhappy

apprehensive animosity withdrawn exhausted wretched
dread appalled lethargic
foreboding contempt DISQUIET listless TENSE
frightened disgusted agitated sleepy anxious
mistrustful dislike alarmed tired cranky

panicked hate discombobulated weary distressed
petrified horrified disconcerted worn out distraught
scared hostile disturbed edgy

suspicious repulsed perturbed PAIN fidgety
terrified rattled agony frazzled
wary CONFUSED restless anguished irritable
worried ambivalent shocked bereaved jittery
baffled startled devastated nervous

ANNOYED bewildered surprised grief overwhelmed
aggravated dazed troubled heartbroken restless
dismayed hesitant turbulent hurt stressed out

disgruntled lost turmoil lonely
displeased mystified uncomfortable miserable VULNERABLE
exasperated perplexed uneasy regretful fragile
frustrated puzzled unnerved remorseful guarded
impatient torn unsettled helpless

irritated upset SAD insecure
irked DISCONNECTED depressed leery
alienated EMBARRASSED dejected reserved

ANGRY aloof ashamed despair sensitive
enraged apathetic chagrined despondent shaky
furious bored flustered disappointed
incensed cold guilty discouraged YEARNING
indignant detached mortified disheartened envious

irate distant self-conscious forlorn jealous
livid distracted gloomy longing
outraged indifferent FATIGUE heavy hearted nostalgic

resentful numb beat hopeless pining
removed burnt out melancholy wistful BACK

48 RW204.01.0919




To simulate the recruiting process and practice the steps from this seminar.
Pairs or groups of three.

Overall about 45 minutes to roleplay 1 scenario (including 10 min. preparation, 20+ minutes per
scenario, 10 min. feedback).

• One printed copy of the Feedback Form per participant.
• One printed copy of the table below per pair/small group.

Person A plays the prospect.
Person B plays him/herself (the Independent Representative).

Groups of 3 people:
A and B as above + person C observes the role-play and takes notes.

Preparation (about 10 minutes)

1. A closes his/her eyes, points his/her finger on the table below and tells B only the part in bold.

E.g. I’m Andres, I’m 26 and I just graduated from college.

2. A and B write down some notes to prepare for their roles: e.g. things to focus on, possible needs,
possible objections, etc. For example, a possible need for Andres or Elena could be “growth” and

A: Do not say your needs explicitly. Use them to raise objections or ask questions during the
interaction (as a prospect would do).

E.g. Andres/Elena: Rena Ware sounds interesting, but what development opportunities are there for young people?

B: Use the information A gave you to think about possible needs and objections to address in the

C: Ask A and B if they would like to be observed on something in particular (for example how they
handle a specific step of the process). Take notes.

Execution (about 20 minutes)

3. A and B role play the first scenario following the recruiting process as explained in this seminar. If
present, C observes and takes notes for feedback using the feedback form below.

RW204.01.0919 49

Share the Cause, share the Difference

Feedback (about 10 minutes)

4. After the role-play, have a short feedback session. If in pairs, use the feedback questions at the
beginning of Practice. If in groups of three, person C would give feedback using the form below.


5. Choose another scenario and rotate roles among A, B and C.


26 58 40

Just graduated from college. Currently unemployed. Single mom. Homemaker,
working part time.
• Young professional, just • Did not graduate
started doing project work. high-school. • Two children, 5 and 10.

• Very passionate about • Received little training • Working from home
the environment. in his former jobs. on small projects.

• Eager to grow professionally. • Is afraid he might not be • Would like extra earnings.
able to learn new things.

• Worried about child care.


35 45 62

Full-time receptionist Ex independent contractor. Retired.
at a local company.
• Was an independent • Living on small pension.
• Loves cooking for contractor and used to
family and friends. work in other countries. • Would like to have
more savings.
• Does not want to • Wants to be closer
leave her job. to home now.

• Wants to provide for
his family and start
saving for retirement.

50 RW204.01.0919

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