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Published by RenaWare, 2017-05-11 19:07:18



Welcome to

Recruiting for Success

This seminar covers:

• What is Recruiting?

• Why Recruit?

• How to Recruit

• The Circle of


• The 7 Missing Things

• Your 30-Second


• The Easy Step

• Handling Objections

What is Recruiting?

Recruiting is offering people the

gift of the Rena Ware Opportunity

What is Recruiting?

It is about sharing a gift that can

change someone’s life.

Why Recruit?

The Rena Ware Vision says:

When you help others reach their

dreams, you will reach your dreams.

So recruit to help others reach their


Video Testimonial Rena Ware is You

Bertha Caceres Hinojosa

Gold Executive Leader

A few years ago, my husband and I were going through
difficult financial problems. My youngest daughter, Lucerita,

had born. And my oldest daughter was going to college. One

day, I was on a bus and a very nice, young woman approached

and asked me, “Would you like to buy Rena Ware products?” I

told her I was not interested at that time, but she insisted and

said, “Would you like to work with me?” I said I was actually

interested and asked her what I had to do. She wrote down

my contact information and I got very excited. I got very

excited about the wonderful Rena Ware program. She came
to my house a month later. My life changed that day and I am

a very happy woman now.

Why Recruit?

Recruit so you will reach

YOUR dreams

NAME: Faviola Plasencia

TITLE: Gold Executive Leader

I remember as if it were today when I received a Christmas card

from Mr. Obeso motivating me and telling me that I was a

champion and could go the extra mile and make an effort to

promote to Silver Leader. When I read his words it seemed

unachievable. I said I could never promote, but I continued

with my business, giving opportunities to more people,

training, teaching, and time proved Mr. Obeso right. I promoted

to Silver Leader and was awarded my diploma, and I said, 'I can

promote. Wow, I can reach my dream”. I know this is the start
point to continue with my business.

How to Recruit

The 3-Step Process

1. Identify Recruiting Opportunities

Use your Circle of Influence to identify as

many people as you can

Video inserted on filling out the Circle of Influence

The 3-Step Process

2. Present the Rena Ware Opportunity

Next identify what the Rena Ware Opportunity could

mean for them. This will help you know how to approach

them and present the Rena Ware Opportunity in a

meaningful way

There are 7 things that are missing in

people’s lives:

1. Affiliation

2. Recognition

3. Excitement

4. Sense of Mission

5. Control

6. Unlimited Opportunity

7. Extra Earnings

Tool: The Seven

Missing Things


•Affiliation: Who do you know who

wears logo wear for sports teams,

churches, schools, etc. Invite them

to be a part of a company they can

be proud of.

• Insert video 4010


People just don’t get enough

recognition for what they do


Who says they are bored?

Sense of Mission

Who do you know who gets involved

with causes to help people, animals

and the environment? Invite them to

join the Rena Ware cause.

• Insert cause video


Who wants to have more control

over their hours and schedule?

Unlimited Opportunity

Who needs HOPE in their lives

Extra Earnings

Who could use some extra money?

Mark your Circle of Influence with

the missing need instead of the


Susan 1

Lisa 4

Your 30-Second Commercial

Write a script for what you will say

4 Elements

1. Who you are

2. Something about the Company

3. Something to grab their

interest- How Rena Ware can

fulfil their need

4. Transition into joining Rena


The 3-Step Process

3. The Easy Step-transition into

joining Rena Ware

Assume the person wants to join and

make a transition statement into the


Sounds good doesn’t it? When would

you like to start?

Handling Recruiting Objections

•Sometimes a prospect has a

question or concern. We call these

recruiting objections.

Use the LCO Process


Listen – What is the

prospect really saying?

Confirm- Clarify to be sure

you understand. Restate

the objection.

Offer- a solution

Objection: “I could never do

what you do!”

• Insert clip from Basic Training

10 Most Common


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