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Published by RenaWare, 2017-01-05 19:13:17


Water Filters
With a Global Mission

Help Us Eliminate Sing

More than 282 billion liters of bottled
water are consumed annually worldwide1.

gle Use Plastic Bottles!

Our environment and marine life are
paying a very high price.

1. “Bottled Water 2014: Reinvigoration, U.S. and International Developments and
Statistics.” Published online by Accessed June 2016

And What Abo

Unfortunately it

The Lifecycle of

out Recycling?

t is not enough.

a Plastic Bottle

Our Filter Bottle

The Aqua v Nano Filter Bott
fresh tasting filtered water o

eliminating up to 800 sin
plastic bottles per cartr

the video

e is the Answer

tle provides
on the go,
ngle use

*The filtration capacity of the Aqua v Nano Filter Bottle is 400 liters or 800 fills

See the Difference

The Lifecycle of
a Plastic Bottle


The Lifecycle of an
Aqua v Nano Filter Bottle

Extreme F

Exclusive Aqua v Nano HD Built out of high
technology delivers 99.9% viruses material is impac

and bacteria free water BPA

is intend
been tes


h quality TritanTM Filtration capacity of up to 400
ct resistant and liters or 800 fills

The contaminants removed by the Aqua v Nano are not necessarily in your tap water. The Aqua v Nano
ded for use only with municipally treated tap water. Water of unknown origin can contain a variety of
inants or substances that may or may not be removed by the Aqua v Nano. The Aqua v Nano has not
sted for the removal of arsenic.

Take it Wher

To the gym To the

rever You Go!

e park Anywhere you go!

This is How

Second Stage

Activated Carbon Filter

• Filters Chlorine
• Improves taste and odor

First Stage

AquavHDTM Media

• Nanolevel Filtration
• vRierumsoevses more than 99.9% of bacteria
• Electropositive attraction

w It Works

Each cartridge can replace up to 800
single-use plastic bottles.

After 800 uses or 400 liters, the car-
tridge should be replaced, ask your
Rena Ware Representative for more

a and information about replacements.

Big Savings Compare

?????????? ????????????????? 500 ??. ????? 8.50
?????? 800 ??? ???? ???

?????????????? ???? ??

ed to Bottled Water

??? ?6,800


*1 Fill = 500 ml

Why Choose Aqua v

Exclusive Ecological

Available only through Prevents thousands of plastic

your Rena Ware bottles from damaging our

Independent Representative. environment and

marine life.

v Nano Filter Bottle?

Extreme Economical

Removes more than 99.9% Save up to 5 times

of viruses and bacteria, more when compared to

giving you fresh tasting bottled water.

water wherever you go.


Help us elim
to prevent


minate single-use plastic waste
damage to our environment.

Ask me how!
Visit us at and

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