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Published by RenaWare, 2017-03-06 14:30:52

Aqua √ Nano Filter Bottle - USA

Water Filters DIGITAL
With a Global Mission VERSION


Help Us Eliminate Sing

More than 282 billion liters of bottled water
are consumed annually worldwide1.

gle-Use Plastic Bottles!


Our environment and marine life are paying
a very high price.

1. “Bottled Water 2014: Reinvigoration, U.S. and International Developments and
Statistics.” Published online by Accessed June 2016

And What Abo

Unfortunately it

The Lifecycle of

out Recycling?

t is not enough.

a Plastic Bottle

Our Filter Bottle

The Aqua v Nano Filter Bottl
fresh tasting filtered water

eliminating up to 800 sin
plastic bottles per cartr


e is the Answer

le provides
on the go,

*The filtration capacity of the Aqua v Nano Filter Bottle is 400 liters (106 gal.) or 800 fills

See the Difference

The Lifecycle of
a Plastic Bottle


The Lifecycle of an
Aqua v Nano Filter Bottle

Take it Wher

To the gym To the

rever You Go!

e park Anywhere you go!

Extreme Filtrat

Exclusive Aqua v Nano HD Made of impact
technology delivers 99.9% BPA free high q
viruses and bacteria free water

is intende
been tes

tion Technology

t-resistant and Filtration capacity of up to
quality TritanTM 400 liters (106 gal.) or 800 fills

he contaminants removed by the Aqua v Nano are not necessarily in your tap water. The Aqua v Nano
ed for use only with municipally treated tap water. Water of unknown origin can contain a variety of
nants or substances that may or may not be removed by the Aqua v Nano. The Aqua v Nano has not
sted for the removal of arsenic.

This is How

Second Stage

Activated Carbon Filter

• Filters Chlorine
• Improves taste and odor

First Stage

AquavHDTM Media

• Nanolevel Filtration
• Removes more than 99.9% of bacteria a
• Electropositive attraction

w It Works

Each cartridge can replace up to 800
single-use plastic bottles.

After 800 uses or 400 liters, the
cartridge should be replaced, ask your
Rena Ware Representative for more

information about replacements.

and viruses

Big Savings Compar

Cost of 800 1/2 litre water bottles at $0.60 each
Cost of Aqua v Nano Filter Bottle


red to Bottled Water


R SAVINGS $381.00

*1 Fill = 500 ml (16.9 oz)

Why Choose the Aqua

Exclusive Ecological

Available only through your Prevents hundreds
Rena Ware Independent of plastic bottles
Representative. from damaging our
environment and

marine life.

a v Nano Filter Bottle?

Extreme Economical

Removes more than Save up to 5 times more
99.9% of viruses and when compared to
bacteria, giving you fresh bottled water.
tasting water wherever

you go.


Eliminate s
prevent da


single-use plastic waste to
amage to our environment.

Ask me how!

Visit us at

AQ745M 2745M-N1-0217

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