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National Osteoporosis Education and Screening Campaign

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National Osteoporosis Education and Screening Campaign

National Osteoporosis Education and Screening Campaign


• Pain
• Less active
• Dependent on others
• More depressed
• Diminished self-esteem
• Increased anxiety

Since my mom’s hip fracture, the amount of time that I
take off of work has increased to the point where I’m
conflicted about my loyalties. Trying to juggle the
priorities and watching her struggle is breaking my heart.

-Johanna, adult daughter



Create a multi-year, multi- • With Costco secured as the anchor retail
stakeholder campaign with a venue, recruit other stakeholders.
community focused fracture
prevention program that: • Engage government collaborators to drive
policy and public health support.
elevates awareness
 amplifies key messages • Enlist pharmacists as campaign champions.
 empowers adults to act
• Wrap the campaign with effective
professional and consumer education events
and resources.

• Build on existing bone health initiatives.


National • Consistent public health messages
approach and action steps designed
collaboratively by national
stakeholders to cascade locally.

Community • Screening and education events
engagement held locally with messages and
action steps tailored for older
adults in the community.

Personal impact • Individualized roadmaps based on
screening results and education
events give older adults the tools
and information they need to take
steps to prevent fractures.


Foundation Build Out Execution Phase I Execution Phase II
Established Campaign

. Recruit
and campaign Begin screening Continue
partners to events at 518 screening events
provide key Costco at Costco, add
input and Pharmacies over employer
resources. 24 months with locations and
supporting 1,000 Senior
promotion, Centers over 24
marketing and months with
education supporting
programs. promotion,
marketing and
100,000 adults education
screened. programs.

160,000 adults

Data collection, analysis and outcomes reporting


• Costco Pharmacy secures additional American Bone Health works with stakeholders to:
support from Costco member services • Create web hub for campaign resources and
and vendors. information sharing.

• OnSite Wellness coordinates and • Provide bone health newsletter series for
conducts 1,000 screening events at 518 Costco Connection and bone health partners
Costco stores.
• Build bone health tool kits.
• National Association of Chronic Disease
Directors drives public health department • Onboard campaign partners.
outreach for events.
• Coordinate bone health blog series from key
• ProVention consults on marketing and opinion leaders.
• Distribute clinical resources for pharmacy and
hospital partners.

• Organize local education events through
campaign partner organizations.


Q1-Q2 Secure Q3-Q4 Begin Q1 Promote May Complete.
2019 funders 2019 campaign 2020 campaign, 2022 Ongoing
organizing programs in
and events, place will
partners screening continue.


Costco serves >80 million members and generates >$110 billion in annual
revenue. In April 2018, the National Business Group on Health honored them
with an award for commitment and dedication to increasing the value of
health care for its employees and their families.

American Bone Health teaches people how to build and keep strong and
healthy bones for life with practical and up-to-date information and resources
to inspire them to prevent bone loss, osteoporosis and fractures.

OnSite Wellness is a licensed provider of nationwide health screening
programs at corporate, retail and community settings since 1997.

NACDD supports State and Territorial Health Department Chronic Disease
Directors and their staff; uniting them to reduce the burden of chronic
disease through advocacy, education, and technical assistance.

ProVention is dedicated to the prevention, starting with health promotion
and disease awareness, with marketing and messaging at the core of their
projects and initiatives.


Government Public health partners and advocates for older adults, people with
disabilities, and families and caregivers to provide national support
Corporate and visibility, venues for screening and education events, and access
Non-profit to public programs for follow-up.
Professional To provide campaign guidance and funding support of activities.
Private foundations to provide underwriting; pharmacy schools to
Health care provide students for events, public charities and community-based
organizations to tailor events for their local communities.
Professional societies to help reinforce key campaign messages
among their members and constituents.

Hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists,
etc., to provide care for individuals identified with follow-up needs
to improve their bone health.

Local and national coverage of campaign in print, TV, radio and
social media.




An estimated 11,464
additional hip fractures
(costing @$459 million)
occurred from 2013–2015
after a steady decline
since 2002 - due in part to
declines in screening,
treatment and an increase
in co-morbidities, like

Lewiecki, et. al. Hip Fracture Trends in the United States, 2002-2015, Osteoporosis International. 12/12/2017


Planning Phase I Phase II

2019 2020 2021

• Core Team agrees on • Launch in 2020 • American Bone Health
final plan. • American Bone Health works with stakeholders
on funding, events,
• Secure funding. coordinates partner activities, screening, promotion and
evaluation and funding marketing activities.
• Partners recruit and mechanisms.
onboard other • Costco Connection runs bone • Onsite Wellness
stakeholders. health series. coordinates screening for
• Bone health blogs begin. adults at senior centers
• Bring groups together – • Onsite Wellness coordinates and other community and
in person, phones, etc. screening at 514 Costco stores employer locations.
from 2020-2021.
• Educate and screen 100,000+ • Educate and screen
adults. 160,000+ adults.


Led development of a Led a countywide, multi- Created a Spanish Convened a group of leading
comprehensive plan with 91 stakeholder education and language continuum of scientists, educators and
experts in aging, screening program that care with a Federally researchers to discuss the
osteoporosis, public health, reached 4,448 underserved Qualified Health Clinic and effects of competitive sports
marketing, and health older adults in the first 3 community promotoras to and nutrition on healthy
programming to create a years with follow-up educate, screen and refer bone development in
framework for a national screening and counseling. at-risk older adults to the teenage girls. Nike published
campaign. Funded by the U.S. clinic for follow-up care. the resulting white paper.
Administration on Aging.

Launched in 2013, this Launched in 2015 in Launched in 2016 at 4
fracture risk program has conjunction with The National ShopRite Stores, the nutrition
screened over 5,100 older Council on Aging Falls program recruits Registered
adults in retail settings, Awareness Month, This falls Dietitians and has grown to
senior living facilities and prevention programs has 124 locations and reached
hospitals with the help of engaged 93 Peer Educators over 4,200 people.
over 1,500 Peer Educators. and reached over 1,200
individuals at 45 locations. 18

In 2003, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
committed to women’s health joined together to raise awareness
of women and heart disease. The NHLBI introduced the red dress
as a national symbol for women and heart disease awareness and
the AHA adopted this symbol to create synergy among all
organizations committed to fighting this cause.

Heart Truth Community Action Program Grants
The Heart Truth® is a national awareness campaign for women
about heart disease, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and
Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women.
Yet many women still do not take heart disease seriously or


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