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20/20 Financial Advisers brings together a diverse and experienced team of financialprofessionals to help you create and execute customized plans to achieve financial independence—for yourself, your business, your family and your heirs.

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2020 Financial Advisers

20/20 Financial Advisers brings together a diverse and experienced team of financialprofessionals to help you create and execute customized plans to achieve financial independence—for yourself, your business, your family and your heirs.

Keywords: Comprehensive Financial Planning

Today’s so busy,
who has time
to worry about

We do.

20/20 Financial Advisers brings together a
diverse and experienced team of financial
professionals to help you create and execute
customized plans to achieve financial
independence—for yourself, your business,
your family and your heirs.

In addition to providing comprehensive
financial planning, we can help you
navigate every major issue affecting your
financial future, including:

• Investment and Wealth Management*
• Retirement Income Management*
• Tax Strategies
• Risk Analysis and Management
• Life Insurance Analysis
• Disability Income Insurance Analysis
• Education Funding*
• Estate Planning
• Inheritance/Trust Management
• Business Succession Planning

Life. It’s what happens while you’re making other plans.

If you’re doing it right, life is a full-contact sport, thriving from moment to moment on all the energy
and intelligence you can muster. In addition, the urgency of “now” has only been accentuated by
the tools and technologies we rely on to live our lives today. Almost every minute can present you

with reasons to stop what you’re doing
and start doing something else.

Add to these dynamics the innate To make sure today
human drive to “do something!” and doesn’t get in the way
the pressure to act now and think later of tomorrow, we help:
can become pretty irresistible. While
these instincts have in many cases • Simplify the complex world
served us well, they’re not always reli- of money management
able channels to guide our decisions.
• Organize and coordinate your
That’s especially true when the issues involved are complex, lengthy or uncertain in their time overall financial situation
horizons, or when gratification is by definition delayed.
• Focus on your life and what is
Yet across virtually all aspects of human endeavor, a good plan, executed properly, is the important to you
surest way to succeed.
• Make sure you have a sound
savings and investment plan

• Find ways to reduce your taxes
and increase your income

• Make sure you are protecting
yourself, your family and your
business partners

• Take action toward your goals

• Educate and make money
management fun

Plan. Think of it as a 4-letter word for confidence.

While grace, good fortune and good sense will take you far, there’s no substitute for a sound
plan. This truism is borne out in every significant human enterprise, from business to sports,
science to technology, travel to career.

And it’s particularly relevant when the stakes are high, the conditions dynamic, the timeframe
long and the risks of failure unacceptable.

Regardless of your goal, a sound plan: To deliver confidence
• Leverages your resources over time more consistently and effectively; in your financial plan,
• Incorporates sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, and we help:
• Helps maintain focus on what’s most important to you.
• Brainstorm your life goals
Most significantly, in the context • Optimize your cash flow
of your financial future, a sound • Streamline your investments
plan can help mitigate the • Plan for enough retirement
anxiety and second-guessing
that are inevitable, and give income
you the confidence that despite • Minimize your taxes
market setbacks, unexpected • Protect your wealth
career changes or other • Strategize charitable giving
headwinds, you may reach
your goals. options
• Successfully transfer wealth

to the next generation

20/20. We can help you get where you want to go.

20/20 Financial Advisers was founded in 2000 to offer our clients the synergies of a We maintain an experienced
core team highly experienced in financial planning, and collaborative team...
investment management, risk management and
taxes. With professional experience in every major • Our partners and associates have
financial discipline affecting individuals, families or relevant education and professional
small businesses, we knew that together we could designations that are enhanced by
do better for all of our clients by combining the many years of real-world experience.
capabilities of every partner. Today, our standard
practice is to pool our talents and insights in such a • They are supported by a team of special-
way that clients receive the most suitable advice for ists in investments, taxes, pension and
their individual situations and goals. Our approach retirement planning, business succession
is straightforward: planning and other relevant specialties.

We leverage a comprehensive set of skills, deployed within a robust process that . serve a large, successful and
is customized according to the goals that you define. growing client base, including

• Comprehensive skills – we maintain a team with demonstrated experience • Families with fully funded education
in the appropriate disciplines. funds

• A robust process – our partners employ a formal process to help determine your • Business owners who have made work
financial goals, and then create, implement and manage your plan to achieve them. optional

• Your goals – our plan is wholly built around your specific situation, your resources • Financially secure widows/widowers
and your plans for the future. • Retirees traveling the world

In other words, we apply the right experience to analyze your position, goals and resources to help
develop, implement, monitor and maintain a sound plan to assist you in meeting your financial objec-
tives. From investment management to tax strategies, and from college funding to risk analysis, we help
you make the most prudent decisions on important questions potentially affecting your financial future.

Our financial plans are easy to understand,
implement and modify as needed. And we
remain with you every step of the way, with
a service model that helps ensure ongoing
monitoring, management and adjustment
to changing conditions.

For you, your family, your small business—this means the right experience strategically deployed
in support of your financial future.

Today, that could mean the confidence that comes from knowing you’ve taken charge of planning
for your future.

Tomorrow, that could represent the difference between getting somewhere — and getting where
you want to go.

Don’t let today get in the way of tomorrow. Call your local 20/20 partner today or visit us at to help make sure your future remains in focus from now until you arrive.

*Securities offered solely through Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC). Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered
through 20/20 Capital Management, Inc. AIC is not affiliated with 20/20 Financial Advisers or 20/20 Capital Management, Inc.
Additional products and services may be available through 20/20 Financial Advisers or 20/20 Capital Management, Inc. that
are not offered through AIC.
20/20 Financial Advisers, LLC. 940 South Coast Dr., STE 110, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. 714-433-1299.

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