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TS DEC 2019

TS DEC 2019

Digital & Print Magazine
Photo Illustration by Jacob Crowell & The Soultown

Dec. 2019 • Jan. 2020

DEC. 2019 - JAN. 2020 The Soultown’s Highlights of 2019!

US $6.00

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

~ From ALL of US!

Left, Tyra Nelson-Reck, Authentic Advisor,
Chillin da Conscious Poet, Innovative Extraordinaire
Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazinem•idCdolennaencdtinPgriOscuilrlaCCuultlupr,eGs utoesOtuErdCitoybr,errig&htC. onscious Communities •

ABOUT THE SOULTOWN Table of Contents

Publisher/ Innovative Extraordinaire: Innovative
Cherie “Chillin’ da Conscious Poet” Kabba Extraordinaire,
Editor-in-Chief: Haisan 2X Chillin da Conscious
Authentic Advisor: Tyra Nelson-Reck Poet shares
Editor-in-Chief: the triumphs of
Priscilla Culp The Soultown
Advertising / Marketing -- a cyber-based
Phone: 319.505.4020 community
Website: magazine that
Email: [email protected] OR tells positive,
[email protected] realistic and
Design & Layout: in-depth stories
Cherie “Chillin’ da Conscious Poet” Kabba impacting the
Director of Photographer: Michael Muhammad communities of
Illustration: Tammy Laughlin - Laughlin Out Loud color.
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Mountain View, California 94043 Leave It All Up to Steve ..........................................................................................10-11
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Magazine Library of Congress

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 53

Contributing Artists


The Soultown’s December 2019 Contributing Artists
The Griot Puptown Stories Faith Enthusiast


Truth Seeker Guest Photographer Dear Gabby!


Big Q! Leave It All Up to Steve! Real Talk!


Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa & Happy New Year!

From the Contributing Artists of The Soultown

24 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 5

Packers vs Bears

The 200th Game Of A Historic Rivalry

GREEN BAY, WI - In the annals of the National this tradition that I experience -- not as a fan of tickets by the time he or she is 25.
Football League, there is no older rivalry than the either team, but as an observer and participant of This community -- the smallest amongst the
Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers. the moment. Lombardi and Oneida intersect the
This series is the embodiment of professional greatness of Lambeau Field, and the surrounding largest and immense wealth of the NFL -- has a
football in America. Since 1921 these two streets are packed with green and gold clad real hometown feel to it. Tailgating is an artform;
teams have butted heads on a regular basis; minions; owners, some. Fans all. These are Whiskey Old-Fashions a must; and bratwurst the
geographical and ideological adversaries. The by far the most loyal of fans. Getting a ticket to standard fare -- Green and gold everywhere. The
fans of each of these teams are personifications this game? Yeah right, there is a waiting list for green logo “G’s” painted on the faces of the frozen
of their team’s identity. Dually identified with the season tickets at Lambeau Field that go almost a cheeked brave sojourners -- striding through
dirty-hands Midwestern work ethic, yet Chicago generation; so if a child is born in 2020 the child the lance sharp cutting chill of mid-December
boasts three-plus million people and the plagues may possibly become eligible to purchase season Wisconsin air -- smiles are in abundance! Their
of big cities while Green Bay is home to a cheese- team is in the first place.
eating, beer-swilling wink over 105,000. It is this
aspect that is of interest. To say that this level of fandom is religious
would be a gross underappreciation of just how
There is nothing more unique in all of
the National Football League—nay, much these game day traditions are to these
all American sports traditions -- families -- this community. It’s definitely a bit
than a home game day for the cultish; as these fans are rabid. Evidence
Green Bay Packers. It is of this paints the pathway from a



Truth Seeker
Email Haisan & Tammy:

[email protected]

66 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Photo Gallery

Photos by Tammy Konitzer -

Contributing Writer, Haisan2X
and Photographer heads out to
explore the Green Bay Packer
city to immortalize game day.
Left, the street signs and lamp
posts are decorated with the
Packer logo.


is a photographer by
spirit, educator by
trade, and pet lover
by nature. She is
uniquely talented in
each role.

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 7

Waterloo Writing Project THE GRIOT

Welcome to the Waterloo Writing Project!

Dedra is the featured author of this month. She is a founding member of the Waterloo Writing Project and brings her love
and empowerment to every workshop space and every space she owns. Her poems have themes of womxn empowerment and
standing up for your beauty. In short - we love you, poet! ~ The WWP Team For more information about the Waterloo Writing
Project visit our Facebook page or by email at [email protected]

~ Waterloo Writing Project Team

First Love

By Dedra

I know my first loves name by heart
The name is engraved in my soul
Tatted down my spin Sun Kisses

Wrapped around my bun 4 time I love the way the sun kisses my skin.
The name is broken promise, hopes and I love the way I make those bright colors pop
dreams While you make those bright colors flop
The name is police lights surrounding the 4 You have a flat face, you have no eyebrows
walls built of name calling, screaming and Well you make me sick , the way you pick on
glass breaking
The name is haiku, autobiography and my face and my skin.
The name is pent up anger sadness and You insensitive…
hatred to your own kind
The name is not wanting to be this shade of
black They say only the strong survive the jungle.
The name is hoping and praying the struggle Well, nobody told me the jungle had long
will end trees, scorpions, two-faced snakes, and lies
The name is begging mom to let me get a job But those lies, two-faced snakes, scorpions,
at 14 to help and long trees
Built this smile on my face
The name be strong
The name be wrong
The name be scared scared ripped and The pain behind these eyes, no the pain
thrown away behind this smile
The name is wanting to cry with no tears Can take out the whole universe
The name is bringing myself up with no one So at the end of the day
being there I know I”m a bad b*tch
The name be fatherless
The name be colorful me colorful we
The name is writing across my arm When people ask me if I love myself
The name be death I say, “Hell no, I’m in love with myself.”

The name is late night thoughts
The name be healing on your own
The name be loving yourself
The name be comfortable in every setting
The name be vulnerable
The name be having your head held high
The name is beautiful
8T8he name is writing
Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

xxxxx Waterloo Writing Project


By Dedra

Love. What is your definition? Love told him it was okay to slide his hand
It could be as small as a crush or as big as a up my leg.
marriage. So yeah, love is an outcast. It can make you
But love could be dangerous. go crazy.
Because love is the reason I let him in Yeah, not everyone’s a big fan of love.
After what he did. Love can have you roaming in your own
Because love is how I got the job. world.
Because love is all I need to be okay. But love also told him it was okay to do this.
I’m sorry, babe, I love you. So yeah, love also known as X and O is
I’ll never do it again. something
Love made me feel proud. Beautiful, yet dangerous.
Love had me thinking it was okay for him to But for now I’ve only met the dangerous side.
beat me.

Waterloo Writing Project Team

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 99

Leave It All Up to Steve!

ATLANTA, GA - Hey Steve, I love my job and form? Or should I do what I was taught and all in the name of being nice. Am I [email protected]
I enjoy working with my team. However, I mind my own damn business? wrong?
think I have outgrown my position and I found (Muckville, CA) (Redwood City, CA)
something fresh and new. I would have liked to
have given my supervisor more notice, but the ~ Cool AF ~ Ms. Professionally Nice
new gig needed someone ASAP. I submitted • •
my letter of resignation and my boss rejected Dear Cool AF,
my two weeks’ notice. What should I do now? People still have not figured out what to properly Yo Ms. Professionally Nice,
(San Bruno, CA) post on social media and now, more than ever, I am trying to connect with you on this
employers are reviewing the social media accounts one. For me, truth and positivity do not
~ Mr. Confused of their employees. Posting images of you getting have to be mutually exclusive. Why
turnt at a party and then coming to work late or would you ever detach yourself from the
Dear Mr. Confused - calling in is the quickest way to get called into the truth? I do agree that everyone should
You now have me confused. From what you’ve manager’s office. If these are your co-workers and refrain from a dialogue that does not
stated, you were unfulfilled and not growing in you are truly trying to build a culture (whatever promote growth and positivity; however,
your current position and to challenge yourself that means), do it by showing authenticity and those things are relative.
personally and professionally you sought and building community. You do not want to seem like
received new employment. Let’s be clear - while a hater. Remember these are adults who have ~ Steve
a two weeks’ notice is a professional courtesy, it to take responsibility for their actions. In a light- •
is just that. Unfortunately, this circumstance did hearted manner, just remind them that everyone Hey Steve,
not allow you the opportunity for such a formal can see their social media posts and to be careful This holiday season is crazy. My
departure. If you submitted the resignation with the ‘day after” shenanigans. To that end, if family lives all over the states,
and your boss rejected it - too bad for him/her. you are cool af - you need to be focused on the allegedly everyone wants to be
Reiterate your appreciation for the opportunity more pertinent issue: why weren’t you invited to
to have worked there and again apologize the party and how to make sure that you don’t get
for the short notice. Create a separation plan overlooked in the future!
documenting the status of all pending projects, get
the contact information of anyone with whom you ~ Steve
want to keep in contact and then get your [email protected]%t •
and bounce! Go forward into your next blessing Hey Steve,
and don’t look back. When you get settled, holla I am calling this chapter in my life, Time to
at yo boy and let me know how things are going. I be Nice. I am exploring an approach where
will be here if you need to Ask Steve. I am detaching myself from any emotional
communications with my colleagues and
~ Steve refraining from any comments or opinions
that do not promote a growth mindset and
• positivity. You are probably thinking… It
Hey Steve, sounds like a good choice. I agree, but people
Seems like you have good advice. My are naturally insecure in their decisions and
coworkers partied at a club and images were I am always the one they ask the questions
placed on Social Media. No big deal right? I like, What do you think of this idea? Does
agree, however, the next day one of them came this blouse look okay? Where should
in late, did not notify anyone and seemingly we go to lunch? In the past, my
not sincerely apologetic. Another one, called philosophy was if someone
in late to work with an unbelievable story. As asked for the truth, I’d tell
a team member, trying to build culture, is it them. Now, I am subscribing
appropriate to address this situation in any to sharing positive lies …

1100 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Leave It All Up to Steve!

together, but no one wants to host the dinner. nerves. It’s all about peace and goodwill dude. create a relationship. This man having a tribe
My mom has cats and no one wants to eat at Lastly, make sure that wherever you go they serve causes you concern and it should. Be realistic.
her house. My sister’s place is not the neatest drinks -- that always helps! Happy Holidays. Lots of children, regardless of the ages, requires a
and my niece is too moody and indecisive. significant amount of time, financial and emotional
What’s the best plan of approach for having a ~ Steve responsibility. His family ties indicate that he is
Happy Holiday(s)? • probably anchored in Vegas which means that
(Chicago, IL) Hey Steve, you would likely be the one that has to uproot your
I met this guy while visiting Las Vegas. I believe life and move to be with him. Be clear about what
~ Mr. All Over the Place there is a physical attraction and we have been you want out of a relationship right now! What do
• texting. Since the relationship is new and we you need out of a man? So often sisters invest
Yo Mr. All Over the Place - are still trying to get to know one another, I and sacrifice for relationships that don’t have the
I seem to be getting a lot of questions surrounding asked him about his children… how many does ability to meet their desires or needs. If he is a
family and the holidays. I will say to you what I he have? His response was quite shocking, “I good person, focus on friendship. Since you are
have said to many - stop stressing and allowing have 7 kiddos ages 25-22-21-20-twins17-12. I attracted to him, maybe focus on the sexship, but
this season to put so much pressure on you. also have extended kiddos 15 n 14. When I say only if it checks all the boxes should you invest in
Family as with the holidays is what you make of extended, I’m all they know.” I’m thinking this a relationship. Let me know how it goes.
it. It does not have to follow any particular script friendship should remain in the friendzone?
or model. If no one wants to eat at your mom’s or What do you think? ~ Steve
put up with your niece’s mood or sister’s messy (Las Vegas, NV)
spot, do something else. Have the family all meet ~ Ms. Head on a Swivel I am Steve, and Leave It All Up To Me
up at a restaurant, or go to a movie. You will be right here in The Soultown Magazine. I’d
surprised how going out can help in situations like Yo Ms. Head on a Swivel - like to thank you for being so compassionate
this. You are in a neutral place so no one has to Have you heard What happens in Vegas stays toward others. I’m here if you have any other
make special arrangements and you have a time in Vegas? Since you didn’t adhere to the rules, questions - just Leave it All Up to Steve! ,
frame just in case your niece gets on everybody’s let’s figure this out. First of all, texting does not

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 11

The Clubhouse Network

Courtesy Photos

A Southgate Clubhouse participant was building a robot for the Robotics Team.

Southgate Youth Learn STEAM SkillsClub choices are Healthy Cooking Club, DigitalArt
Southgate Computer Learning Center is Club, STEAM Club, etc. These programs are run
Reston, Virginia - Fairfax County; Reston a community initiative that serves as a model during the RECQuest (Winter camp, Spring camp,
Virginia is ranked as the Best Place to Live in afterschool program that provides technology, and Summer camp). It provides a creative and safe
Virginia by Money magazine for its expanses of literacy access, and STEAM (Science, Technology, out-of-school learning environment for school-aged
parks, lakes, golf courses, and bridle paths as well Engineering, Art, Math) activities for children ages students and also serves everyone else in the
as the numerous shopping and dining opportunities 6 to 18. The participants have the opportunity to community including senior citizens. Southgate
in Reston Town Center. It is located in the heart learn valuable skills such as designing, creating, Computer Learning Center offers young adults and
of Fairfax County, Virginia and is the home of the and inventing as part of STEAM activities. The seniors one-on-one computer help assistance and
Southgate Computer Clubhouse. This after-school younger participants also learn how to design and computer training workshops.
STEM learning center is one of more than 100 work with hands-on STEAM projects. What makes
Clubhouses located in 18 countries providing youth their Clubhouse unique is the different signature Candice Tran started working at Computer
with life-changing opportunities for 25 years. Club programs that all incorporate STEAM. Some Learning Center Partnerships (CLCP) -- located
in Herndon Resource Center -- as a Site Director

12 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

The Clubhouse Network

Southgate Clubhouse participants were working of a short film for the Teen Film Festival and are Candice Tran poses with her Outstanding
currently working on a few different projects Performance Award.
with Electronic Circuit Board. Right, Southgate centered around Robotics, STEAM TV show with
Fairfax Public Access, and eCYBERMISSION. With Clubhouse:
Clubhouse participants build Spaghetti Towers the K-6 grade youth, the STEM education project Southgate 12125 Pinecrest Road,
comes from the MOUSE Create Educator Course
Marshmallow Challenge for STEAM activity. platform. They’re scheduled to showcase our DIY Reston, VA 20191
STEAM projects at George Mason University Contact:
in 2000 in Reston, Virginia. The journey of the STEAM exhibits in December.
transformation includes the CLCP program was [email protected]
transferred to Community and Recreation Services “I have noticed growth in patience and creativity Phone: 703-246-5824
in 2008, and soon thereafter combined with Systems within myself, Tran admits, “I was never as patient
Management to form Neighborhood and Community as I am today after many years working with
Services. The CLCP program was used more as a children. Patience is a learned skill. I’ve gained so
lecture-based, teacher-led, Jan Vella instructional much patience for working with children. They help
model as opposed to the student-led Montessori me learn how to pay close attention and appreciate
approach of the Clubhouses. The CLCP program the little things around me; things that we as adults
was focused on participants who are 13 years often take for granted. When working with kids, I
old and younger while Clubhouse programming realize that what works for one will not work for
was designed specifically for teenagers. “I started all. I have to stay on my toes and come up with
officially working for Neighborhood and Community interesting new ways to relate to all the kids. This is
Services in 2011 at Southgate Computer Learning when creativity comes in handy.”
Center Partnerships as a Site Director, says Tran,
“In April 2017, the CLCP program transitioned into At the Southgate Computer Learning Center,
Southgate Computer Clubhouse Network.” Tran is a self-motivator. She has received the
Creative Idea Generator award from her manager
The ultimate goal of Tran and the Southgate and continues to be committed to developing
Computer Learning Center is to have a place and building her strengths. Each day, she
of playfully creative youths who are constantly faces challenges with a smile, knowing she can
exploring new opportunities for themselves and accomplish anything with a little hard work. Working
in their communities. Their mission is to provide with children inspires her to be more creative and
technology access and training to assure digital empathetic of their community. Candice Tran’s
equity and increase technology/computer and biggest motivation is making a difference.
overall literacy for underserved children. Tran feels
like, “The Clubhouse is like my extended family. On behalf of The Soultown Magazine,
Therefore, it is important for me to take care of we would like to thank Candice Tran, the
my family,” Tran shares, “It is also important to Southgate Computer Learning Center and
the community that our Clubhouse is convenient Fairfax County, VA for having SOUL!
access to information that the community needs
rather than the mobile Internet that everyone is
using nowadays. All of our staff work together to
promote the well-being of the community.”

Tran’s career path has afforded her the luxury
of learning how to design logos using the Cricut
machine, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics is on the list of
future robotics to be introduced to their program.
The teens have completed a finished production

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 13

Real Talk

HARRISBURG, PA - Another year has come you can’t get anywhere without one! Although experiencing a new freedom. I will never again
and gone! If you are like me, it feels like 2019 I miss the metro – especially on snowy days in allow people’s opinions to dictate who I am and
just started! For those of you on social media, the winter, getting to work in 15 minutes is a big my capabilities.
especially Facebook, I’m sure you noticed an difference from an hour in D.C. due to high traffic.
entertaining trend this year where people showed In 2009, I was still in my 20’s and was trying trendy Regardless of how your decade began in
side by side photos of themselves. One picture new restaurants and other activities with new 2009, you can control how it ends and how 2020
from 2009 and another one from 2019. It’s crazy friends and finding the right road to lead me on my begins. We all started this year with a laundry list
to think a decade has flown by as fast as it has. journey to my goals. Now, I’m no longer in my 20’s, of goals and bad habits we hoped to break. As we
Where has the last ten years gone? I’m still living in Pennsylvania as a Democratic move into 2020, ask yourself, what will make you
Party County Chairwoman, Political analyst for happy and content in 2020?
I did not take part in this 10-year photo a statewide political podcast called Battleground
challenge, but I have thought deeply to see what PA (, As I move into 2020, I invite you to move with
has transpired over the past decade. As I think a Research Policy, & Communications Specialist, me and leave the heartaches, the woulda, coulda,
back to 2009, I had not lived long in Pennsylvania and an author. I’m still traveling on the road to shouldas in the past. Let’s all focus on the areas
after moving back from Washington D.C. I am reach my goals so that is the same. we excelled in and add to those accomplishments
originally from Pennsylvania but moved to D.C. in 2020. Let’s enter the next decade with a clean
to get more political experience and to go to During the past 10 years, I had both wins slate!
graduate school. My first “real” full-time job out of and losses. I shed many tears and had just as
graduate school was at the Pennsylvania House many laughs and good times. I found myself in I am Rogette with Real Talk, and I’d like to
of Representatives. Another difference was that one of the worst career situations and that toxic thank everyone who wants to start this decade
I had to buy a car! In D.C. you don’t need one environment and people had me questioning my off with a new slate for having SOUL! ,
– in fact having a car can be a burden. Living in worth. As I move into a new decade in 2020, I am
Central Pennsylvania is the exact opposite as in a peaceful place where for the first time I am Learn more about Rogette Harris and
Real Talk at
Email Me: [email protected]

14 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Sankofa Vow


far-away parking spot towards the
hallowed home of the Ice Bowl. Virtually
every home boasts some sort of Packers
support like Christmas ornaments
proudly displayed -- and a quick hustle
allowing cars to park in their yard for a
fee. Bar-be-cues are going, kegs are
tapped and the Polka is blaring from
speakers taller than my photographer
and me.

It is uniquely Green Bay -- uniquely
Wisconsin. Cheeseheads love their
team on more than a level of simple
fandom. This is “Our Team” they quickly
say with pride (many proudly own
shares that will never pay dividends).
The whole of this community is
wrapped around the outreaching arms
of Lambeau Field -- Holmgren Drive,
McCarthy Way, Brett Favre Pass --
and while the team clearly embraces
this community, this community is
immensely emotionally dependent on
the team. It is passion. Passion in its
many varied faces. That’s the story here
-- the people, the faces, the absolute joy.
It’s evident and my amazingly talented
photographic artist shares images
encapsulating brief moments of these
very human experiences. What a way
to commemorate the 200th game of this
historic rivalry, and the One-Hundredth
year of the National Football League

Oh yeah. There’s still a game to be
played, right?

I am Haisan 2X, the Truthseeker.

My photographer, Tammy and I

would like to like to thank the Green

Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears
for having SOUL! ,

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 15

Sankofa Vow

Wow! 2019 is ending so soon. In FEBRUARY 2019, we celebrated the Black the most Phenomenal Woman and poet of all

This is the most wonderful time of the year. It Student Union from the University of Northern time, Maya Angelou, and The Soultown’s Griot,

is about the sharing of love with our families and Iowa’s campus. Paris Haywood and Jerrell Bates Dr. Pierre Mvuyekure shared a poem written for

friends; it’s the gift-giving season and all about natives of Waterloo, Iowa shared their truths about Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who sang, “A Curse

showing gratitude. It’s about looking at the past 365 going to a PWI - Predominantly White Institution - For A Nation” to denounce America’s sanctioning of

days and celebrating our triumphs, removing items Bates quoted, “The most exciting part for me, so far, slavery while preaching

from our bucket lists and beginning new ones. As is meeting different people and making friends that freedom.

the Innovative Extraordinaire of The Soultown, the come from all over the The sun allowed

Sankofa Vow is reflecting on the heavenly year of world.” MAY 2019 to come

2019, the beautiful contributing writers, the support The perspective on in. May is such

from The Soultown’s virtual city and the longtime of what it means to a lovely month to

subscribers. be a Black woman in celebrate moms,

Looking back as far America? surfaced attend graduations

as JANUARY 2019, from Rogette Harris and prepare for the

The Soultown has and the Real Talk summer. This month,

continued to Connect Queen shared Dr. The Soulown’s Orange

Our Culture to Our Mae Jemison’s -- first Julius-mobile went to Las Vegas to review Joe

Cyber and Conscious A f r i c a n - A m e r i c a n Isadori’s famous Crazy Shakes, while The

Communities. Dr. female astronaut -- quote, “Never be limited by Soultown’s very own Dear Gabby gets her wings

David Rainey other people’s limited imaginations.” to fly.

and Dear Gabby Ah, we entered the Spring season, when Then it became hotter than July in JUNE

-- dedicated writers since the inception of The flowers bloomed, the birds chirped, and the semi- 2019. The summer crept in on us and Leave It All

Soultown -- Faith grass began to rear its stunted growth. Up to Steve informed us about the facts about the

Enthusiast is still The Soultown celebrated Women’s History seriousness of pranks. Our Guest Editor spilled the
Looking Bshowing
inspiring our readers up and Month in MARCH 2019. What’s Really Good? took tea on her Messy Truth: On Being Bored and the
representing at the polls, our readers on a journey with a medical professional Waterloo Writing Project youth members
with the importancewhile Dr. Pierre - Damien Mvuyekure, Thewho inspires adolescent girls and young women shared their creativity and original
Soultown’s Griot educated us using poetry. in the Motherland. Healthy Heart stressed the poems.
of restoration; andThe cover story the spotlight shined on theimportance of erasing the taboo of mental health in
traveling photographer, Michael Muhammad. He the African-American community. Half the year had
Femaletraveled to Goree Island; on the West Coast ofAdvice gone by and
Africa and toured Les Maison des Esclaves (The Our Symbol of Peace, Esme highlighted the The
Columnist is
STARSHouse of Slaves).
consistently giving

the most sound, yet

hilarious advice.

Back in January,

Real Talk with Rogette

Harris stressed the importance and

relevance of


was on the

necessity move …

of exchanging JULY 2019 brought in the

knowledge, in both the brutal heat but also the bright sunshine,

professional and personal settings. The barbecues and, family reunions. This month,

Soultown spotlight The Soultown Digital

Mrs. Anna Mae Weems became international.

-- of Waterloo, IA --Digi&PrintMagazine The collaboration
and her legendary
with The Clubhouse DOLICIOUS
contributions. Network expanded CHOCOLCOO
our readership to 22 CHIP COOKIOS
Those APRIL 2019


showers reminded us other countries that

VOLUME III • APRIL 2019 • THESOULTOWN.COM that April is National are uniquely and SHOOTING for the
Poetry Month! Rogette creatively teaching
COPYRIGHT © 2017 KABBA KREATIONS LLC APRIL IS ... kept it real by discussing youth technology -- via VOLUME III•ISSUE 6•THESOULTOWN.COM

April 2U01S9 $• T6h.e0S0oultown Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Culture to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • June 2019 • ThewSwouwlt.otwhensMoauglatoziwnen•.cCoemlebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Culture to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


1166 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Sankofa Vow

afterschool programming. Our first feature was The chill began in OCTOBER 2019, and the Soultown or check out CONNECTING OUR CULTURES TO OUR CYBER & CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES
questions surrounding BFF’s in the workplace One
Kahmal London from Boston, Massachusetts. was hot. Our exclusive story revolved around the • International Magazine
importance of having close friends in the workplace Oct. • Nov. 2019
Also in July, Our Symbol of Peace, Esme and the increased production of oxytocin -- the more way to share
hormone that floods our bodies when we’re happy.
accepted a summer venture to teach a Civic your treasures is by
The Faith Enthusiast set everyone straight,
Engagement class to a group of explaining what does Kanye have to do with Jesus? sponsoring a member
The Sankofa Vow reminded us to never forget
predominantly teens, CONNECTING OUR CULTURES TO OUR CYBER & CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES the lives lost, nor the officers responsible for their of The Soultown’s
and our Innovative INTERNATIONAL July • August 2019 senseless deaths.

Just last month kicked off the holiday season. virtual city. Along with
In NOVEMBER 2019, our cover story highlighted
Extraordinaire, Chillin the Las Vegas Best Buy Teen Tech Center. Nearly your subscription, you VOLUME III•ISSUE 10•THESOULTOWN.COM
can buy purchase a COPYRIGHT © 2017 KABBA KREATIONS LLC
At20 Technology Coordinators gathered for 3 subscription for a friend,
shares her experience YOUTH OCT. 2019 - NOV. 2019 DEVELOPING FRIENDSHIPS AT WORK
teaching spoken word LEARN THE ART OF days of fun and skill-building. Dear Big HAS PROVEN TO BE HEALTHY AND FUN!Oct. 201w9 •wTwhe.tShoeusltoouwlntoInwtenr.ncaotmional Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •
Q & Queen Gabby give their US $6.00
DRUMMING sound advice on the
importance or
online to a group of • International Magazine LimLitlEessVELSwithMiguelGonzalez lack of neighbor, business or
diverse teens from the gplEoexbopapollsepiontosgsdyibiogiuliitntaigel,s!
Classic Upward Bound VOLUME III•ISSUE 7•THESOULTOWN.COM importance I torganization in your community. The Soultown is a
program from the COPYRIGHT © 2017 KABBA KREATIONS LLC of race, love, and
relationships. virtual city, just share the email address and we will
JULY 2019 - AUGUST 2019 As always, our Innovative
July 2019 • The Souwltowwwn .Itnhteersnoatuioltnoawl Mna.cgoamzine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • Extraordinaire, Chillin continues to be the voice handle
for the voiceless in The Sankofa Vow. She shares the rest.
US $6.00 her personal, shocking
experience of meeting,
University of Northern Hollywood’s Harriet.
We are wrapping
Iowa Center for Urban Education. up December 2019,
looking back at it all!
The beautiful breeze of AUGUST 2019, our Help The Soultown
immortalize the positive
male Advice Columnist, Quinton Richardson stories in the Black and
brown communities
explored the importance of African American male by sharing in your support. Three ways you can 2020 is the start of a new
mentorship. Tara Thomas granted access support The Soultown is by giving your Time,
into her personal life and introduced Talent or Treasures: year and a new decade. The Soultown will
our readers to an old friend. Time - Share a story idea that deserves to be
School was back told in The Soultown. Take the time to get the email begin its 4th year in circulation with more than 4,000
in session address of the leader of the potential story idea and
share it at [email protected] digital readers. We are excited to share new and
Backliterally Talent - If you possess the skills of writing,
and Thomas please contact [email protected] to deeper stories that Connect Our Culture to Our
taught on the lessons and share your story.
benefits of why white girls need black female Treasures - Subscribe to The Soultown by Cyber and Conscious Communities.
completing the form on page 5 of any issue of The
On behalf of the contributing artists for The

Soultown and myself, Chillin, we love and thank

you all! Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, Feliz

Navidad and have a Happy New

I am Chillin’, • International Magazine

Back to school in SEPTEMBER 2019, the month Innovative
of summer came to an end and fall approached with Digital & Print Magazine

cooler weather perfect for The Soultown

for college football International
Magazine. I’d like
season! The Soultown’s to thank you all DYNAMIC DUOClubhouse NTeetewnoHrkoTteScphoites Plug-in at
very own Dear Big Q Soultown and for COPYRIGHT © 2017 KABBA KREATIONS LLC

& Queen Gabby give Photo Illustration by The Soultown NOV. 2019 - DEC. 2019
their sound advice on Nov. 2019 • The Soultown InUtSer$na6ti.o0n0al Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

sharing bills and giving having SOUL! ,

friendly advice, be Learn more

ready for the answers about the Sankofa

given! Music reviewer, Vow at http://www.

Mr. DJ Ice, founder and CEO of Deus, Inc., entered

the Soultown arena with a review of Missy Elliott’s sankofa-vow.html

latest album drop! Email me:

With the presidential election on the horizon, [email protected]

Rogette provided us a seat at the table for a new

podcast in the battleground state of Pennsylvania,

to capture the issues of presidential candidates.

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 17

Meme's Recipes

s Meme’s Recipe

On the major holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon minutes.
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg Reduce heat to 375°
Christmas and on occasion throughout the year 1/4 teaspoon salt Bake about 35-40 minutes longer.
grandmothers all over the world prepare the perfect 1 unbaked pastry shell (9 inches) Once cooled, wrap in plastic wrap and foil to
Soul Food dinners: Capon, cornish hens (she said
they were juicier than a turkey) greens, macaroni Peel the skin from the sweet potatoes and boil in store in the refrigerator.
and cheese, dressing, cranberry sauce, spaghetti, a large pot covering the sweet potatoes. These ingredients will make 4 pies. One to
hot water cornbread, and dinner rolls. The dessert
has always been the famous Sweet Potato Pie. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook until immediately eat, one to freeze for the future, one
soft. to give away and one for dessert after the holiday
Ingredients meal. Cakes, pies, and cookies are desserts to
2 medium sweet potatoes (about 1-1/2 pounds), If using canned sweet potatoes, drain them and be shared during daily family dinners, but Meme’s
peeled and cubed put them into a large bowl. Sweet Potato Pie is for the special holiday meals.
1/3 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar In a bowl, cream butter and sugar. If you’d like to share one of your grandparent’s
2 large eggs at room temperature, lightly beaten Add eggs and mix until smooth. recipes, please send photo of her and meal to
3/4 cup sweet milk Add milk, two cups mashed sweet potatoes, [email protected]
1 teaspoon vanilla extract cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and salt; mix until
smooth. On behalf of The Soultown Magazine, we
Pour into the pie shell. Bake at 425° for 20 would like to thank Meme for her Sweet Potato
Pie recipe and for having SOUL!

18 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



The Iowa Legislature passed a new voter identifica- Absentee Voting Register In-person: Black Hawk County Monthly Meetings:
tion bill in the spring 2017 session. Hereʼs what it Courthouse, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA 2nd Thursdays
means for all voters, according to the Black Hawk An absentee ballot may be requested 120 days Cedar Falls City Hall, 220 Clay St., Cedar Falls, IA
County Auditor's office. before the election. Absentee ballots will be mailed Other locations listed at: 515 Beech St.
starting 29 days before an election (used to be 40 Waterloo, Iowa 50703
Be Prepared: days).
Absentee ballots must be received 10 days before a No straight party voting is available in Iowa now. Be •
1. Register to vote in the precinct where you live at general election and 11 days before other elections. sure to vote for all of the offices/ballot issues listed President -
least 10 days before the election. on the front and/or back of the ballot. LaTanya Graves
2. Always take your driverʼs license/non-operatorʼs Absentee ballot voters must include their Iowa Blackhawk County
license with you to vote. driver's license/non-operatorʼs ID number or their Special Groups:
Iowa voter ID card's PIN number on the absentee Branch
Voter Law Changes ballot request form. High School Students - If you are 17, but will be 18
years old by the general election, you can register to Email: waterloonaacp
• Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, registered voters must Registering to Vote vote.
show a driverʼs license or non-operatorʼs ID before College Students - If you are going to school in Cedar
voting. If you are already registered, you do not have to do Falls or Waterloo, you can vote there. You must have Facebook:
If you do not have your ID, in 2018 only, you will be anything unless you move within the county or an ID that has an expiration date on it. A
asked to sign an oath that you are who you say you outside of the county. college/university ID cannot be used. waterloonaacp
are. You can then cast a regular ballot. In 2019 and Online: - Returning Citizens - Those convicted of a felony can P.O. Box 304
on, a registered voter can verify/attest for two request restoring their voting rights after their Waterloo, Iowa 50704
people. ReturnUrl=%2fVoterRegistrationRegister sentence is discharged. Complete the form on the
• If you do not have one of those IDs, you will By mail: Print the form, fill it out completely in Iowa Governor's web sit under Services/Executive
automatically be issued a free Voter ID card. The pen, and mail it to: Black Hawk County Auditor Clemency (
state started mailing Voter ID cards in December Election Department, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA services). Frequently asked questions about
2017. 50703 restoring voting rights are on that same page.
• If you did not receive the Voter ID card or lost it,
the BH County Auditorʼs Office can re-issue one. Call INTERESTED IN JOINING THE NAACP?

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 19

Biz Wiz

Join The Soultown’s

BizWiz Section

Join The Soultown’s BizWiz section by sending a copy of your business card to [email protected]
20 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Biz Wiz

Join The Soultown’s BizWiz section by sending a copy of your business card to [email protected] 21

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

The Griot

Symbolum Apostolorum Blues:

The Griot’s Lesson In Bantu Beliefs

Dedicated to Umusinga Monsignor Alexis Kagame (La Philosophie Bantu-Rwandaise de l’Être, 1956 -- Bantu Rwandan Philosophy of Being
(Kinyarwanda, English, Tuscan/Italian, Latin)

Da me non venni, donna scese del ciel, Colui che mai non vide cosa nova, In the veneration of Abakurambere, the
I do not come through my own self, This was the speech made by One Ancestors and their manifestations through
a Lady came from heaven -- Muntu, Being -- Abazima and Abazimu, the
The poet murmured -- Produsse esto visible parlare,
Mormorava il poeta -- Within whose sight nothing is new -- but we Living and the dead --
Hail Mary, Kintu -- Ibintu, animals and inanimate objects --
Full of Grace, Come and hear my Novello a noi perché qui non si trova.--
Bantu Symbolum Apostolorum Blues Who lack its likeness here, find novelty-- Ukuntu -- Modality, Creativity, the
Beliefs -- Griot’s Aesthetics -- and
Lead me to the Hantu, the cosmos --
I believe in Nyamurunga, the Almighty Great Hail-topped Karisimbi Volcano --
Begetter of A-Bantu, Humans, Mugambazi Commune à la
Paradise Gained -- Black Hawk County; Kirwa Hilltop à la
who through U -- Paradiso -- La gloria di colui che tutto
Kuntu, Force, manifests his physical Waterloo-Cedar Falls --These
and Metaphysical powers in Aba-Bazima, the Move. The glory of the one who Twins need UBUNTU -- Be more
Living, in Aba-Zimu, the dead around me, and Moves all things --
Welcoming and Inclusive.
in all Ancient Rwandans saw hail as Ubuntu à la Mandela and Tutu --
Ibi-Ntu, things, in A-Hantu—earth and beyond. Pearls -- and save me from the
Fiery furnace but dormant Nyamuragira and Humanness --
I believe in Imandwa spirits of Rwanda, Kigali à la Des Moines as
Ibicwezi of Uganda and Burundi, Nyiragongo Volcanoes -- Rwanda is à la Ioway and United States of
Paradise Lost -- America, mon pays aussi my Homeland,
and all the Loas of Kongo and Dahomey. My Hantu -- 30th Year of Residence --
I believe in the Petros and Bacca Inferno -- A la man destra vividi ova piesta My Country, ‘Tis of Thee, The
Novo tormento e novi frustatori. Hantu, Land of the Free and the
Lou Gerows of New Orleans via Haiti -- Upon the right I saw new mistery Home Hantu of the Brave --
Loup Garou Kid in Reed”s fields of Oakland,
Land of Black Panther Party for Self-Defense -- I saw new tortures and new torturers -- I believe in all my ancestors --That
U-Kuntu by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton -- I believe in Nyamuririma -- the My mother and father are here with
Snake of the underground -- Me in Black Hawk County, Ioway,
A-Bantu à la Ashanti and Zulu -- Damballah -- in Looking over my shoulders -- And in their
I believe in Almighty Ryangombe, Nyakiriro the spirit of fire -- Power to protect me and my family from
Son of Babinga son of the Hammer -- Shango -- in Racists, bad spirits, angry ancestors...
Ryangombe rya ba Babinga ba Nyundo --
Rumeza, the power of planting season, I believe in Abapfumu and Abavuzi, the
and his In Nyabingi, the Queen of Colonial Resis- Diviners and Herbalists, in their meta-
Mother Nyiraryangombe, and in his tance -- Physical Powers to back in time and
Power as the Great King of Imandwa spirits --
Once thrown in the air , dangling on the Horns of Dance Nyahbinghi, Nyahbinghi dance à la Predict the future --
Bob Marley. Nyahbinghi Power -- Necromancers, according to Ishmael Reed --
a Brown Buffalo, he was To summon and chase bad Abazimu and loas --
Received by the stems and flowers of Umurinzi, I believe in a communal Ntu, Essence, Mumbo Jumbo, mā-mā-gyo-mbō -- Nyogokuru
Powered by Ku-Ntu through Kwatura -- Grandmother, bring diversity, equity, inclusion to
Guardian tree of life -- Erythrina abyssinica --
I celebrate him at every sorghum harvest -- Rites of initiation -- and My Hantu, where I teach -- Your UNI
Gusohoka/confirmation -- the door to Multicultural students are hurting --
Umuganura Thanksgiving -- Mood indigo. All blues in blues -- Send
I believe in Binego, the blood-bather, Becoming the portal to Ryangombe Erzulie Dantor, the Voodoo Goddess, to
Son of Ryangombe and Kajumba,
In his power to open the gates of Muhabura I believe that Hantu, the universe, is inhabited by
Abazimu, the dead, in their power to
Volcano -- Purgatory -- Purgatorio --
Bring me messages from Karisimbi the other
Ha-Ntu -- Hantu, place --

2222 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

The Griot

Love them. Petro Loas are threatening to Eva, my adopted daughter -- named after Note to the Editors: This post-colonial and multi-
Jes Grew assail the campus. Make UNI more Eva in the Garden of Eden located in Dahomey, cultural poem affirms Bantu philosophy of being
and beliefs, while at the same it collages African
Diverse and Inclusive. Eva Jacqueline Longoria; Diaspora, European, and American cultures and
Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Eva de la Caridad (born) Méndez -- beliefs. Parallels are made between Rwandan
mythology, Voodoo Pantheon, and Dante’s Di-
Come and see -- That they, too, will do the same: My vine Comedy. Eventually, it calls for UBUNTU.
Ancestors and I living through their children, HUMANNESS.
I believe in having conquered death through
And them through theirs ad infinitum -- DR. PIERRE MVUYEKURE
Abana banjye my children: Sí come piante novelle,
Bwiza, my daughter -- Named after As new trees are The Griot
Bwiza of Mashira in Nduga Region -- and
Rinovellate di novella fronda. ________
Sons -- Michael, named after Renewed when they bring forth
Michael Jackson and Michel Sembeba, his Learn more from
New boughs -- The Griot at:
Mother’s Papa, victim of the Rwandan Amina Amen—Cammin di nostra vita --
Genocide against Rwandans -- and
Malcolm-Aimé -- Bucura bwanjye, my Journey of our life -- Email Me: [email protected]
Last one yaneye mu nda -- named after Prrrrrrrrr Hayi Hayiiiiiiiii.
Aimé Césaire, the Nègre-Itude creator --
I am Dr. Pierre Mvuyekure, Griot for The
Negritude -- and Soultown International Magazine. I’d like
Malcolm X -- Papa Denzel angrily speaks, to thank the African storytellers for having
”We didn’t land on Plymouth
Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on Us”:
1620, after 1619, Jamestown, Virginia -- and

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 23

Dear Gabby

Dear Gabby, someone fall. It’s definitely the kid in me! out loud.. Have you ever done something
I saw an old friend while visiting Las Vegas. ~ Gabby embarrassing in public?
We exchanged numbers and promised to (San Bruno, CA)
keep in touch. The more I thought about it, the Dear Gabby,
more I did not have any interest in nurturing I am not ready to buy her a ring yet, but I would ~ Ms. Giggles
the friendship. I guess I figured, we had not love to buy her something nice. What is the
been in touch in years, why now? I deleted most expensive gift you’ve ever received from Dear Ms. Giggles,
the number. Are you still in touch with your your significant other and what is the most I can relate. I love to laugh as well, and my laugh
childhood friends? (Palo Alto, CA) expensive thing you’ve ever purchased for is pretty loud. I think that is what makes it genuine.
him? (Tucson, AZ) Yes, I’ve done plenty of embarrassing things.
~ Casually Cool Some in which I laugh at myself and others are
~ Just Jewelry too embarrassing for me to giggle. The most
Dear Casually Cool, embarrassing moment I’ve ever had was getting
There’s nothing wrong with how you feel. If you Dear Just Jewelry, too drunk too fast. I was at a friend’s house playing
haven’t tried to connect in the past, then there’s no Gifts can be hard, but paying attention always games and drinking, then out of nowhere, I started
reason to now. Obviously, you haven’t missed the works in a man’s favor. The most expensive gift crying. Now I don’t remember the story to the
friendship, and neither did your friend. You guys I’ve ever received has been a trip. This guy I was fullest, but friends said that I claimed my shoes had
probably exchanged numbers because it seemed dating took me to Reno for the weekend and gotten dirty and that I was going to get in trouble
like the right thing to do at that time. I wouldn’t we had a blast. We stayed in a nice suite with a if I don’t clean them. Apparently, I put the shoes
call, and I bet it wouldn’t bother your friend at all. hot tub in the room, ate at fancy restaurants, he in the sink and started to scrub them. When they
You’ve grown out of that friendship, and that’s bought me a purse along the way, as well as gave wouldn’t come clean I started scrubbing harder.
fine. I keep in contact with a few, but some of my me $2,000 dollars to play blackjack with. This was The reason this is so embarrassing is that I’m
childhood friends I just communicate with through all unexpected considering we were just dating, always a responsible friend. I make sure people
passing. Not everyone has my direct line. Doesn’t but I figured I was worth it. If you are not ready get home safe, I’m never noticeably drunk, and I
mean we aren’t friends, we are just not as close as to buy her a ring, just make sure you put some function well. I like to joke and say they poisoned
we once were. People grow, and people move on. thought into what she loves and I’m sure you’ll be me, but I know that’s not true. Nonetheless, my
Don’t feel bad about moving on. fine. Honestly, I haven’t made a huge purchase extremely drunk days are over. I have a reputation
for a guy. I’ve bought watches and shoes… but to protect, and big girls don’t cry.
~ Gabby nothing outrageous. Christmas is coming up,
Dear Gabby, maybe I’ll think about it! ~ Gabby
I love playing jokes on my boyfriend. What
is the best prank you’ve pulled off yet? ~ Gabby Dear Gabby,
(East Palo Alto, CA) I was just introduced to body oils. I love them
Dear Gabby, ALL. The scent is long-lasting and they do not
~ Mr. Fun I just love to laugh. When I see something smell like alcohol. What type of cologne do
funny, I cannot hold it in, I have to laugh you love to smell on a man? (Chicago, CA)
Dear Mr. Fun,
Funny question and I have a funny answer. I DEAR GABBY ~ Ms. Smell Good
am a jokester as well, and I believe it keeps the
relationship fresh. Just recently I was talking to my Female Advice Columnist Dear Ms. Smell Good,
boyfriend while he was in the shower. He seemed Body oils are my favorite. I was introduced to them
to be getting irritated with me so I said: “fine I’ll ----------------------------------------------- in California, and they have been my go-to ever
leave the bathroom!” Instead of actually leaving I since. I do feel like the smell lasts longer when it’s
stood by the backside of the shower and peeked Learn more about Queen Gabby’s advice at in oil form, and I definitely have a few favorites.
my head through. It took him about a minute to I like my man in oils or cologne, but he likes oils
actually turn around facing the back of the shower. more. He’s a fan of Issey and Obama, they both
Once he wiped the soap from his eyes and saw Email Me: [email protected] smell really good. If I were to choose a cologne for
my head, he freaked out. He screamed a little him it would be Dolce and Gabbana “light blue,”
and fell in the shower… took the shower curtain Kenneth Cole’s “reaction,” or “very sexy” for men
with him in fact! I laughed so hard that tears were by Victoria’s Secret. Those are a few of my favs. I
rolling down my face. I’ve never seen a man so love it when a man smells good, but honestly, the
frightened. Of course, he was okay and laughed oils sink more into the body and have that long-
it off, but it will always be one of my funniest lasting smell. Choose oil!
moments. I get a kick out of seeing
~ Queen Gabby ,

24 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Big Q!

If I Had One Day Left to Live on Earth

Dear Big Q, to him on Christmas day instead of 30 days before BIG Q
I planned a night out. We went to dinner at Christmas. It would also be cool if you allowed
an amazing restaurant and I took him to see him to use one of his wishes on Christmas day Male Advice Columnist
Hamilton, the Broadway musical. I enjoyed and then the other 2 could be granted once 2020
myself, but I noticed he didn’t seem to be moved starts in January. So just to be clear, yes this is a -----------------------------------------------
by any of my efforts. When I asked him if he great present that anyone would love to receive, but
enjoyed himself, he nodded yes and thanked remember that once you give him his three wishes, Learn more about Big Q’s advice at
me. Once we got into the vehicle, he hesitated there is no turning back on possible wishes that he
to start the car, turned my way and asked me may want as long as they are not outrageous. I think Email Me: [email protected]
What do you think makes me smile? I was stuck. this is a present that other people can use to change
I’m not sure what I could have done wrong. Big up the same boring routines that they have been
Q, should I assume it wasn’t a great night out? following from year to year. Thank you for sharing
(Bay Area) this awesome idea with the readers and I hope you
have a very Merry Christmas.
~ Ms. Super Surprised
~ Big Q
Dear Ms. Super Surprised,
To me, it sounds like an excellent night on the town, Dear Big Q,
but most likely your boyfriend didn’t enjoy himself If you had one day left to live on the earth,
as much as you did. One thing a and prevent this what would you do with your significant other?
from happening again, you should explain to him (San Jose, CA)
that these are social activities that you enjoy doing
occasionally and that you would rather share these ~ Ms. Realist
moments with him. Also, let him know that you are
willing to let him plan some of your dates as well “If I had one day left to live,
so that you can create a fair balance on choosing I would wake up in the morning and make me
the activities that you both are participating in. If he
understands and agrees to this concept this will give and my girl a nice big breakfast.”
you both the green light to plan different dates that
will help you get to know one another a little better Dear Ms. Realist, SCAN THE QR CODE TO GET
and also create a stronger bond. To me, it’s a win- This is a great question Ms. Realist! If I had one THE SOULTOWN MAGAZINE
win situation if you can pull this off. Goodluck Ms. day left to live, I would wake up in the morning and ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE.
Lady. make me and my girl a nice big breakfast. After we
were done eating I would make love to her until we
~ Big Q were both fully satisfied. Then I would spend my
afternoon walking on a beach somewhere on the
Dear Big Q, coast enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the
It’s holiday time again and again … I am unaware ocean. After that, I would probably go somewhere
of what to get my dude. So, I want to know your comfortable and just relax and talk until it was time
thoughts. If I gave him a box 30 days before to eat dinner. Once dinner time arrives I would make
Christmas with a card that read, I am your Genie supper with the help of my lady and then most likely
for 2020. I will grant you 3 wishes right now, what lay with her in my arms afterward until it was time for
would you wish for that did NOT cost money? me to check out for good. Hopefully, a day like this
Would this be a good gift? Why or why not? I’m will never come, but if it did I would spend the entire
trying to be creative here. (Omaha, NE) day touching, talking, crying, and laughing until the
day was over.
~ Crafty & Creative
~ Big Q ,
Dear Crafty & Creative,
I love this idea sooooo much!! I would love for
someone to give me a gift like this. This is one of
those presents that you simply can’t put a price tag
on. I got excited just reading about your idea…..
lol. My only suggestion to you would be to give it

Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 25

Puptown Stories

Diquan Richard

Diquan Richard is a Bay Area Native who is currently pursuing an education at San
Francisco State University. He is majoring in Studio Art while minoring in Computer
Animation. Since the age of 13, Diquan has always had a passion to express himself
creatively through his art, music, poetry and his global humanitarian work. He has
dreams of gaining employment at Pixar Animation Studios as a computer animator.
He hopes to help change the lives of children via animation, just as his life changed
after viewing Toy Story for the first time. When Diquan is not hitting the books, or
drawing another comic strip, you can find him donating his time to helping those
less fortunate.

Contact Diquan: [email protected]
26 Dec. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

The 2019 pageant titleholders: Miss USA (Chelsie Kryst -- Getty Images), Miss America (Nia Franklin -- Getty Images), Miss Teen USA (Kaleigh Garris),
Miss Universe (Zozibini Tunzi), Miss World (Toni-Ann Singh)

Remembering Comedian Bernie Mac. A street named in Bernie
Mac’s honor was unveiled at West 69th and South Sangamon
streets in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, marking a one
block section of 69th in his honor near the home where he grew
up in the Englewood neighborhood of 60th Sangamon.

Multi-hyphenate sensation Kirk Franklin changed the face of gospel. For almost 30
years, he’s debuted hits that have moved the masses and gave praise. Now Behold
The Lamb is a Kirk Franklin classic, sung across the globe in churches and praise halls
alike. This mega-hit introduced Tamela Mann and her powerhouse vocals to the world,
and deeply moved countless people.

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Faith Enthusiast

IOWA - God IS With Us! DR. RAINEY purpose and value to everyone around us.
What a powerful declaration to make that People may not say that but there will be a
the God of all Creation is with us right here right Faith Enthusiast witness to the change in their lives. That within
now! Learn more from our Faith Enthusiast at: itself is a ‘thank you’!
History has proven that the Birth of Christ
Jesus did not happen on December 25 -- or for One ‘thank you’ can solidify relationships,
that matter in the winter season at all, but I yet faith.html cause strife to cease among adversaries and
enjoy this season of celebration. Email Me: [email protected] open avenues to the greater works in our
The time of Thanksgiving sets the stage churches and our community of which the
for the celebration of the Mass of Christ “Behold, a virgin Gospel speaks. And as church folk, we should
(Christmas). Here in the United States the shall be with child strive to fill people with the Presence of God and
holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for a and shall bring not so much to fill our church buildings! Listen,
bountiful harvest and also for the people in our the former will make the latter a very present
lives who support us in so many ways and the forth a son, reality.
smiles they give. and they shall call
The ancient poet/philosophy EPICTETUS his name Emman- The 20th-century theologian Dietrich
once said, “Wealth consists not in having great uel, which being Bonhoeffer said, “the Church is not a religious
possessions but in having few wants!” This interpreted is, God community of worshippers of Christ but is Christ
sounds like an every day Thanksgiving to me. Himself Who has taken form among people.”
I am thankful to have a Savior Who is also with us.”
my Great Shepherd. Because of the Presence This leads to our celebration of December.
of my Shepherd, the fears of the ‘sheep’ of Matthew 1:23 “Behold, a virgin shall be
His pasture are limited, thus, we say like King with child and shall bring forth a son, and they
David, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not shall call his name Emmanuel, which being
want.” (KJV) “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack interpreted is, God with us.”
nothing.” (NIV) Emmanuel is so similar to another covenant
The Presence of “my Name of God. Emmanuel reminds me of
Shepherd” serves as an “Shammah” meaning GOD IS THERE!
example that you and I Shammah and Emmanuel in their fulfillment
must be the people was not a full manifestation before the Birth of
that every place that Baby Boy in the manger of Nazareth. As
we go, we many times as there was a manifestation of
add God in the Old Testament among the children
of Israel, those events were only a preview of a
26 coming attraction for the entire world to witness.
That manger moment opened a wider
perspective than Israel’s Messianic symbol
but now is a personal reality that crushes the
national boundaries of a small Middle East
nation. In that Manger lays the fulfillment of God
with us, God is right there. And now, in each
Believer, God is NOW dwelling among us!
I am Dr. David Rainey, Faith Enthusiast
for The Soultown International Magazine.
I’d like to thank God for having SOUL! ,

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In Iowa, four males for every female are diagnosed with HIV.

There is no cure for HIV, but it can WHO SHOULD GET TESTED FOR HIV?

be managed with treatment. • Everyone ages 15 to 64 should be tested
at least once.

• All pregnant women.

• Persons who engage in behaviors at
high-risk for HIV should be tested more
o Men who have sex with men
o People who inject drugs

o People who test positive for STDs
o People who exchange sex
o People who have sex without
using condoms or pre-exposure
prophylaxis (PrEP)


We can also give you free

905 Franklin Street, Waterloo condoms to protect yourself
(319) 874-3000 in the future. Data pulled from IDPH website.

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High School Registration Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to ensure my child has a good transition from middle school to high school?
Encourage involvement! Studies show students who are involved in extra-curricular activities have a more
successful and meaningful high school experience and are more likely to graduate. Our high schools offer a
multitude of extra-curricular activities including fine arts, athletics, various clubs and leadership opportunities.
In addition, the high schools offer orientation opportunities for all incoming 9th grade students. Watch for
more information on specific dates and times.

2. What’s the difference between required and elective courses?
School board policy requires students to take certain classes to graduate. The course catalog lists the re-
quired classes necessary for graduation. Students will also need a certain number of elective credits which
can be chosen based on student interest and post-secondary plans.

3. What is an Honors Diploma, and how can my child earn one?
Students must have at least 44 credits to graduate, but many students exceed that number. Students who
earn 53+ credits, ten of which must be advanced credits through Advanced Placement (AP), International Bac-
calaureate (IB) or concurrent classes, will be recognized at graduation with an Honors Diploma. Please work
with the counselor as you map out your child’s four-year plan.

4. How many classes will my child take as a freshman?
Most freshmen will take eight courses each semester. Students will take a full year of English, Math, Science
and U.S. History. A typical freshman schedule will also include P.E. (or equivalent exemptions), two electives,
Seminar and a course entitled C3 Foundations (College, Career and Citizenship).

5. Is world language required?
World language is not required to graduate; however, many colleges, including most four-year colleges, require
a world language to be admitted. Students who choose to take the International Baccalaureate (IB) program
are required to take either Spanish or German. Work with your school counselor to determine if a world lan-
guage is right for your child.

6. When will my child eat lunch?
Each school has multiple lunch shifts. Your child’s assigned lunch shift will be determined based on his or her
class schedule.

7. How do we sign up for driver’s education classes?
The District no longer contracts to offer driver’s education. Students may register for Driver’s Ed through
Hawkeye Community College (, 319-296-4014) or StreetSmarts (https:// Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may receive a fee reduction; the
high school business office can provide answers concerning the fee scale.

8. If my child has an IEP, how will I know who to contact about services in high school?
If your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), you will visit with middle school special needs teach-
ers about the transition to high school.

9. Are English Language Learner (ELL) services provided at the high school level?
Yes. We provide services to English Language Learners to ensure they improve their skills in reading, writing,
speaking and listening. Your middle school teachers will provide information about courses offered at the high
school level.

10. What is Seminar?
Your child will be scheduled into Seminar at some point during the day. This is a period that is set aside to
provide needed assistance to students in reading or math, or will be used to complete assigned work or do
extension activities.

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