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Jan. • Feb. 2020

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BRINGS CHANGE Keynote Speakers:
The Theroith Twins
Faith Enthusiast p. 28

GUN VIOLENCE Luck & Tradition

REAL TALK p. 9 01.20.2020




JAN. - FEB. 2020 His Observed Birthday?

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Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

ABOUT THE SOULTOWN Table of Contents
Publisher/ Innovative Extraordinaire:
Cherie “Chillin’ da Conscious Poet” Kabba The Soultown
Editor-in-Chief: Haisan 2X honors
Authentic Advisor: Tyra Nelson-Reck the late,
Editor-in-Chief: great Dr. Martin
Priscilla Culp Luther King Jr.
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2 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Editor's Note EDITOR’S NOTE

Beautiful Readers of The Soultown,


Happy 3rd Anniversary to The Soultown Magazine!

The first month of the year and a perfect time to set, reset and get things in motion. Forward motion.
Be it the mad introspection examined in Just Call Me Tyra, or challenging the dynamics of parenting
adults into adulthood in The Sankofa Vow, The Soultown readers will be given much to ponder. Just as
Rogette does in his challenge to leadership on the hot-button issue of gun violence.

The Griot poses poetic examination of the errs of our past, casting wicked into what is not known,
resonates like the peal of the bell our Faith Enthusiast uncovers in a new congregation. Dear Gabby
and Big Q are polarized by a reader’s question -- one that made me think -- about sharing time with
family and loved ones

Twins speak to truths examined in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory with a keynote
address from a local center formerly named for the fallen civil rights leader, and how his dream lives on
within each of us. Moving, again, forward -- then bringing the past to the present with Meme’s Recipe
of Black-Eyed Peas that makes my mouth water --
the taste of Soul.

Let us also do more than pay passing homage
to the memory of the Reverend Doctor whose
name gives most of us a day off from work or
and school. Is his memory prompting action
or reflection in our lives? The answer to that
question can resonate as profoundly as his life
has...or has it? We are his legacy; what are we
doing with it?

Engage in this month’s issue and with your -- our
community. It’s how we’ll keep this moving ...

I am Haisan 2X, Truth Seeker and Editor
of The Soultown Magazine. I’d like to
wish everyone a Happy New Year
and thank everyone for having


Haisan 2X is a lifelong student, supplicant, and Cubs fan. He is an only brother, an only son and sire to only one. Genuine and reflective; indefatigable and passionate, his energies spread
across many endeavors. Email: [email protected] •

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Contributing Artists


The Soultown’s January 2020 Contributing Artists
The Griot Puptown Stories Faith Enthusiast


Truth Seeker / Editor Phrase Phenom Guest Photographer Dear Gabby!


Big Q! Authentic Advisor Real Talk!


Happy New Year!

From the Contributing Artists of The Soultown

24 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


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Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


Lift Every Voice and Sing

Push Black Lift every voice and sing
“Lift Every Voice And Sing” was originally written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson, and his brother John Till earth and heaven ring
wrote the music. The very first performance of the poem was by Florida schoolchildren in 1900. By 1919, it Ring with the harmonies of Liberty
had become so popular that the NAACP chose it as their official song. Thus, the “Negro National Anthem” was
born. Its designation as an unofficial “national anthem” has been controversial - many civil rights leaders Let our rejoicing rise
felt it was divisive to have two anthems. But not many know that there’s a third verse of the “Star-Spangled High as the list’ning skies, let it resound loud as the
Banner” - written by the VERY pro-slavery Francis Scott Key - that references hunting down and killing slaves!
It makes sense to have our anthem - one that does justice to our history. The Negro National Anthem has rolling sea
a somber reflection on our people’s trials and toils, as well as hope for a brighter future, when “Earth and Sing a song full of faith that the dark past has
heaven ring with the harmonies of liberty!” This hope - and the song’s relevance - have stayed with us to
this day! , tought us
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has
brought us
Beyoncé brought Lift Every Voice And Sing to the world with her historic 2018 Coachella performance. Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
It was historic for the unapologetic Blackness she displayed. While most of us are familiar with the
Negro National Anthem, it’s still so significant to Black culture. , Let us march on till victory is won
Stony the road we trod
Bitter the chast’ning rod

Felt in the day that hope unborn had died
Yet with a steady beat
Have not our weary feet

Come to the place on witch our fathers sighed
We have come over a way that with tears has been

We have come, treading our path through the blood

of the slaughtered
Out from the gloomy past, till now we stand at last

Where the white gleam of our star is cast
God of our weary years
God of our silent tears

Thou who has brought us thus far on the way
Thou who has by thy might
Led us into the light

Keep us forever in the path, we pray
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where

we met thee
Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world,

we forget thee
Shadowed beneath the hand

May we forever stand
True to our God

True to our native land

Poem/song by James Weldon Johnson, and his brother John.


66 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


/kool/+ /tastik/ •
/grāt/+ /tastik/



Having a super cool demeanor, while at the same

time exuding major excitement and energy.

Extraordinarily brilliant or ludicrously far-fetched.

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 7

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Real Talk


&Gun Violence
in America
HARRISBURG, PA - Each January, America some of these incidents. It doesn’t help that
honors one of its greatest activists and civil rights President Donald Trump continues to throw fuel ROGETTE HARRIS
leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His leadership on the flames of hate with his words that instigate
is evident throughout his short life. From his some of these shootings by white nationalists. Real Talk
leadership on the Montgomery bus boycott to his
Letter from Birmingham Jail to his “I Have a Dream” People are desperate for leadership! Studies -----------------------------------------------
speech, Dr. King’s words and actions continue to show that almost 60% of Americans have been
inspire new generations struggling for social and affected by gun violence either personally or by Learn more about Rogette Harris at
legislative change. Trailblazers like Dr. King, that somebody they love. Every day, 100 people in Real Talk at
live on through their example, have lessons for all America are killed by guns. and
of us.
The United States is amongst the most
Whenever I turn on the TV or read a news developed nations on the planet, but recurring Email Me: [email protected]
article, I continuously ask myself, what would life violent gun tragedies occur. Other countries have
be without hatred? Furthermore, where are the real violent video games and movies, but not a quarter free and equal world, in part because he could
leaders and why don’t they stand up against this of our endless cycle of gun violence. imagine it. The fight for racial, gender, etc., equality
hatred? is not over, but to continue this journey, we must
After every shooting, the same cycle transpires. first believe there is a destination. The same is true
Mass shootings continue to rise in the U.S. A vigil is planned, the nation prays, and our elected for reducing gun violence.
according to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA). officials promise to legislate. We elect politicians
More mass shootings occurred than days in the to make laws to maintain the balance between I am Rogette with Real Talk, and I’d like to
year. As of December 25, 2019, there have been order and freedom to protect us – not to imitate the thank everyone who wants to start this decade
406 mass shootings in the U.S. – 29, which were cowardly lion and represent lobbyist groups, such off with a new slate for having SOUL! ,
mass murders. 2019 surpassed the prior record as the National Rifle Association that buy their
of 382 mass shootings in 2016. If you include gun loyalty with money. Will new laws eliminate all gun
violence in total, the GVA said there have been a violence? Of course not. Nevertheless, continuing
total of 38,631 gun deaths — including homicides, the same failed cycle is not policy – its empty
suicides, and accidents; in addition to 28,895 leadership and a lack of independence.
injuries in 2019.
Our right to live and a person’s right to
The world is paying close attention to these gun responsibly bear arms can coexist, but we first
deaths; in addition, the increasingly bitter racial and must believe it can. Great leaders set out to
political fights in the United States that instigate accomplish what others think impossible. Dr. King,
fought for and ultimately gave his life for a more

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 9

Just Call Me Tyra

Getting It RIGHT&MINNESOTA - December 26th through
January 8th: Hands down my favorite time of year!

These two weeks are filled with mad Getting It DONE
introspection, hope and just an overall clean slate-
ness that I can rarely convince myself exists at
any other point in the year. Without a doubt, these
fourteen days ALWAYS leave me feeling like I can

conquer the universe and all that I am meant to do

in it! By day fifteen, I usually begin to feel settling

in of reality that doesn’t necessarily make me feel

hopeless but…LESS hope-filled.

I’m not alone. So many of us are familiar with

this phenomenon that leads to broken resolutions

and an overall sense of having failed oneself and/

or others. It’s the stuff that reflection is made of and

typically the reason we look forward to the holiday

season and the start of a new year. We all yearn

for that fresh start because we convince ourselves

that, given another go at it, we will actually get “it”


It’s 2020 and with all but my pinky toe planted

firmly into the door of my 47th year, I’ve come to

the realization that I probably WON’T get it right! I’ll

mess up, reset, flush shit down the drain and start

again… more times than I’d ever care to admit!

Because my truth is this: There’s probably no such

thing as getting it right—at least not in the sense

that I have been thinking all these years.


Tyra was born and partially raised on Chicago’s south side where she began writing short stories and poems.
Through her fascination of words and all things made up, she was able to make connections with her peers
and eventually, her knack for creative writing gained her great admiration and respect. Tyra has spent the
past 18 years serving as a teacher and program director for various high schools, colleges and universities.
She enjoys traveling to tropical climates and dreams of one day moving to the island of Curacao to write,

teach and lay on the beach all day.

1100 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Just Call Me Tyra

My mother used to say, “Nothing beats a My mother used to say,
failure but a darned good try.” Suddenly, (40+ “Nothing beats a failure but a darned good try.”
years later), this resonates with me. The thing
is this: I am starting to realize that in this cycle Suddenly, this resonates with me.
called LIFE, the ATTEMPTS matter more than the
ACCURACY! Because life is tricky. Targets move -- Tyra Nelson-Reck
and what feels “right” at one stage in life can feel
downright wrong at another. So, maybe it’s better moment in a way that looks and feels different for moments when you lack the drive or energy to
for me to focus on the “trying” rather than beating me. I’d venture to guess that I’d be wise to: give it your all. This is to be expected and there’s
myself up because I haven’t figured out how to get power in cutting yourself some slack, but avoid
it “right.” Practice gratitude: Feel and express wallowing in complacency.
thankfulness for all things big, medium, and small.
I want/need 2020 to be different because In order to practice gratitude, one must be present It’s January 1, 2020, and I’m gluttonously --
there’s so much more to experience and offer the enough in the moment to notice the opportunity to ridiculously -- stuffed with hope and possibility!
world. To maximize my benefit and contribution, be grateful; I’ll cling to this for the next week while I work on
I used to think the solution was to figure out a my strategy for the remaining 360 days. While I
way to capture that hope and seal it in an air- Do the work EVERY day: Commit to action! no longer believe in getting it “right,” maybe just
tight container, uncorking it at various periods Everything I wish to experience or accomplish plain getting it done is what it’ll take to push me to
throughout the year as needed. Now I think I requires effort. Placing a little effort each day will my next level.
understand that the best way to resuscitate my go a long way;
resolve is to simply keep trying: Up my quotient I am Tyra Nelson - Reck, Authentic Advisor
of attempts! Honor the role of grace without inviting for The Soultown International Magazine. I’d
excuses: Remember that you are an imperfect/
If I tried to spell out what this means in its flawed individual. There will be setbacks and like to thank you for having SOUL! ,
entirety right now, I’d probably get it wrong. But
I know this: If 2020 is going to feel different than
any other year I’ve lived to date, I must live each

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 11

Photo Getaway SCOTLAND

Jacob’s Photo Getaway happened
while on a trip to discover the origin
of his ancestry. He traveled to London
and all across the Scottish region.
He visited cities that included the
famous Edenborough and Loch Ness
and met some beautiful creatures.
The next destination on his journey
is Germany. Crowell is 85% English
Welsh, 10% Scottish/Irish, and 5%
German, but is 100% SOUL!

12 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

LONDON Photo GetawayLL

CROWELL specializes in video & film production as well as photography. This includes headshots, 13
documentary, fiction & non-fiction, promotional videos, instructional videos, and commercial video.
Jacob graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting Communication Arts with
an emphasis in Video Production from San Francisco State University. Jacob is based in the San
Francisco Bay Area as a Video Production Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula.
Jacob also works as a freelance videographer and photographer. Email: [email protected]

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Meme's Recipes


Black-Eyed Peas s Meme’s Recipe

Happy New Year! Everyone knows that 2 (32 ounces) cartons or cans chicken broth done.
8 cups of water 4. Pour in chicken broth and 8 cups water,
adding a bowl of Black-Eyed Peas to your meal Turkey necks or 1 pound smoked ham hocks
brings good luck for the new year. It’s a tradition 1 (14.5 ounces) can diced tomatoes bring to a boil, and reduce heat to a simmer. Stir
in African American families that has remained 1 bay leaf in soaked black-eyed peas, ham hocks, tomatoes,
throughout many centuries. Black-Eyed Peas and 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder pepperoncini, bay leaf, garlic powder, thyme, and
other soul food dishes are intended to feed the souls 1/4 teaspoon ground thyme salt and pepper. Add just a teaspoon of sugar, cover
of Black folks. It is one of very few traditions Black Salt and pepper to taste and simmer until peas are tender and the broth is
folks have that connects us to our ancestors. For 1 tsp of sugar thickened about 3-4 hours.
some of you youngsters that spend some time in 1. Get dry Black-eyed peas 24 hours before
the kitchen and need a recipe, Meme’s Recipes are cooking. Place the black-eyed peas into a large 5. Be sure to stir from time to time to prevent
here for you. container and cover with several inches of cool them from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
water; let stand 8 hours to overnight, then remove
Note: This recipe is the non-pork option. Feel the broken peas. Drain and rinse before using. 6. You will know they are done when you taste
free to replace the turkey option with a ham bone - 2. Rinse the water off the black-eyed peas to them and the shell is very soft.
if you choose. (It is believed that ham hocks add a remove the grit and dirt and add them to the pot of
nice, smokey, rustic flavor, but you decide.) smoked turkey wings. Smoked turkey wings can Enjoy with cornbread or even hot water
be used as a base to add more flavor to be started cornbread with raw green onion and hot sauce. Say
Ingredients before you add the peas. (Non-pork option) your blessings and eat to your heart’s content!
1 pound dry black-eyed peas 3. In a large stockpot over medium heat, cook
2 tablespoons olive oil and stir onion and garlic in olive oil until onion is well If you’d like to share one of your grandparent’s
1 large yellow onion, diced recipes, please send photo of her and meal to
2 cloves garlic, minced [email protected]

On behalf of The Soultown Magazine, we
would like to thank Meme for her soulful Black-

Eyed Peas recipe and for having SOUL! ,

Courtesy Photo

14 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Cover Story

Theroith Twins Continue Mom’s Legacy

Brothers and sisters celebrating oldest brother, Robert’s comedy event. 15
Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


It is one thing to have

been born on the same
day, but to have the same
dreams, ambitions, and
goals can only be the work
of the Universal Creator.
Identical twins, Syreeta
and Kendra Theroith
are the 2020 Keynote
Speakers of the Martin
Luther King Jr. Banquet,
held in Waterloo, Iowa
on Sunday, January 19th.
The theme is Your Life’s

“[The work that I do] is my spiritual calling. I love

helping and making a difference in the lives of the

people in my community and around me. I believe

God put me on this earth to bring more love and

compassion to the world,”

says Kendra. “I honestly

believe my spiritual calling

and passion is to help

people. I enjoy making a

difference in their lives,” --

words are spoken from one

of the female twins of Mary

S. and Kenneth Theroith.

The late Mary S. Rob Byrd
Theroith was the former Brother / comedian
director of the Martin Luther

King Jr. Center of Hawkeye Community College. The

twins come from a large family. Kendra counts, “I

have two sisters: Syreeta and Kristina Ross. I have 3

brothers: Robert Byrd, Darnell and Parnell Theroith.

I have 8 nieces: Aryona, Ishia, Darjaha, Iyana,

Jada, Paris, Londyn, one great-niece, Aubrey J., 4

nephews: Torion, Parnell II, Pharrell, Darnell II, and

Legend. I love them as if they were my own children.”

Rob Byrd, the oldest sibling of the twins, was

not surprised when he was informed that his sisters

were both the Keynote Speakers. “I am excited,

but not overwhelmingly surprised,” Byrd says, “The

MLK Banquet has been a big part of our family for

1166 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Cover Story

Celebrating mom, Mary’s birthday with the family.

Spending time with my granddad Mr. Harry Nix Sr. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Syreeta, with Loving on Daddy Kenneth Theroith.
a degree in Criminal Justice.
years. This entire community was blessed to witness be in your heart. I will never leave you’” These words
my mother raise, nurture, and polish them into the Unfortunately in 2005, Syreeta returned home and this memory serve as motivation to continue the
successful young woman who we all know today.” to Waterloo care for their ailing mother, Mary who legacy of their mother. Realizing their blueprints were
was diagnosed with Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer laid out for the twins, Kendra credits God for allowing
Kendra and Syreeta were born and raised until she transitioned in 2007. After the passing her and her sister to land a career in the same field.
in Waterloo, Iowa. They attended the Waterloo of their mother, Syreeta relocated to Las Vegas, “This was not the original plan. Syreeta went to
Community Schools and graduated from East Nevada and continued her education. She received college and studied criminal justice. However, when
High in the class of 2000. Just as they were born a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice she relocated to Las Vegas, she found employment
together, they pursued their education together. from Kaplan University in 2010. In the same year, in the social services field. My sister and I are so
Both graduated from Hawkeye Community College Kendra received a Master of Arts in Psychology from much like our mother, I believe it was destined for us
earning Associate of Arts Degrees and studied at Chapman University. Syreeta’s toughest challenge to end up in the human services field.”
Mount Mercy College. Kendra graduated with a was accepting life after their mother’s death. “I had
to learn to navigate my new normal. I had to learn
how to rely upon myself and honestly how to truly
take care of myself, says Syreeta. “My sadness was
the fuel I used to light my fire to become everything
I promised my mother I would be … I allow God to
lead my life … I followed the blueprint that she has
shown me.”

The death of their mother adversely affected
Kendra as well. “My mother was my best friend
and role model,” says Kendra. “I never anticipated I
would have to live my life without her. When she died,
I felt I died too. I lost my focus and will to pursue my
goals. I resigned from my job and went into a deep
depression.” Kendra knew she had to pull it together.
The last conversations with her mother helped her
regain her strength, “She wanted me to live my life
as if she was still here … to ‘follow the blueprint I
have laid out for you. You will miss me but I’ll always

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 17

Cover Story

Kendra is spending time with Ms. Dorothy J. Turner.

Today, Kendra is the Lead Clinical Therapist Theroith family gathering celebrating grandma’s 80th birthday.
II for the San Bernardino County Department of
Behavioral Health Access Unit. Syreeta current- Tredwell was my first typewriter teacher at Payne
ly resides in Southern California and works as a
Social Worker for Child Protective Service. “Due Church. She didn’t take any mess and she wanted
to my current position -- in California -- it created
a conflict of interest for me to service the same to prepare us to work in an office at an early age.
clients as my sister. Los Angeles County became
our landing spot, Kendra says, “Our realtor found Ms. Dorothy J. Turner is my heart. She played the
the location on a Wednesday and by Friday of the
same week we closed the deal on our building. role of a grandmother to me. She would babysit
Things happened so effortlessly and I knew it had
to be aligned with God’s plan. Since being in this us when my mother went out of town. She would
location, we have received an abundance of cli-
ents. We are beyond thankful!” pick me up every Sunday to

The Martin Luther King Center has a vibrant go to church. I was an aco-
history of women in leadership. Social Action Inc.
spearheads the annual banquet. Latanya Graves, lyte for her at Payne A.M.E.
Event Director for the Social Action Inc. says, “The
decision for the twins to be chosen as the Keynote Church from the ages of 12- The twins pose for a selfie.
Speakers was a no-brainer. It is the beginning
of the decade. The double digits, the 20-20 just 23. Ms. Turner instilled in continuing her legacy is their mission in life. They
makes sense. especially enjoy spending time with their grandfa-
me the importance of com- ther, Harry Nix Sr. “Truly, we don’t need an occa-
“I always wanted to be selected as the speak- sion to be together. We just do it because we were
er for the banquet since the age of seven years mitment, class, etiquette, raised that way. I’m nothing without my family. All
old,” says Syreeta. Kendra shares, “Since the age of Waterloo is my family. We want them to know
of seven, we have served as volunteers. This is faith and how to pray. She that we love them,” says Kendra with Syreeta
truly an honor. I never expected to have been cho- standing by her side in agreement. “Having soul
sen to be a Keynote Speaker.” was faithful in making me to us means feeling, wisdom and intense emotion.
The soul is what makes you who you are. It’s the
“I could go on for days talking about the women read my daily bread. She LaTanya Graves spiritual part of a person.” The twins are following
of the MLK Center,” Kendra reflects, “they played was our rock. Event Director their blueprints and designing one for their future
a major role in molding me into the woman I am generations.
today. The professionalism of Ms. Martha Nash “Ms. Gloria Stigler would
was impeccable. I watched my mom transform On behalf of The Soultown Magazine, we
into this amazing community activist. Ms. Ada help pick us up from school would like to thank Kendra, Syreeta and the
entire Theroith family for having SOUL! ,
when my mother couldn’t

and Latanya Graves’ love and support can nev-

er be forgotten. She taught us how to answer the

phones at the center in a professional manner.

They were in our village.”

Kendra and Syreeta return home twice a year

to spend time with family, celebrating birthdays

and holidays. Making their mother proud, while

18 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


The Iowa Legislature passed a new voter identifica- Absentee Voting Register In-person: Black Hawk County Monthly Meetings:
tion bill in the spring 2017 session. Hereʼs what it Courthouse, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA 2nd Thursdays
means for all voters, according to the Black Hawk An absentee ballot may be requested 120 days Cedar Falls City Hall, 220 Clay St., Cedar Falls, IA
County Auditor's office. before the election. Absentee ballots will be mailed Other locations listed at: 515 Beech St.
starting 29 days before an election (used to be 40 Waterloo, Iowa 50703
Be Prepared: days).
Absentee ballots must be received 10 days before a No straight party voting is available in Iowa now. Be •
1. Register to vote in the precinct where you live at general election and 11 days before other elections. sure to vote for all of the offices/ballot issues listed President -
least 10 days before the election. on the front and/or back of the ballot. LaTanya Graves
2. Always take your driverʼs license/non-operatorʼs Absentee ballot voters must include their Iowa Blackhawk County
license with you to vote. driver's license/non-operatorʼs ID number or their Special Groups:
Iowa voter ID card's PIN number on the absentee Branch
Voter Law Changes ballot request form. High School Students - If you are 17, but will be 18
years old by the general election, you can register to Email: waterloonaacp
• Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, registered voters must Registering to Vote vote.
show a driverʼs license or non-operatorʼs ID before College Students - If you are going to school in Cedar
voting. If you are already registered, you do not have to do Falls or Waterloo, you can vote there. You must have Facebook:
If you do not have your ID, in 2018 only, you will be anything unless you move within the county or an ID that has an expiration date on it. A
asked to sign an oath that you are who you say you outside of the county. college/university ID cannot be used. waterloonaacp
are. You can then cast a regular ballot. In 2019 and Online: - Returning Citizens - Those convicted of a felony can P.O. Box 304
on, a registered voter can verify/attest for two request restoring their voting rights after their Waterloo, Iowa 50704
people. ReturnUrl=%2fVoterRegistrationRegister sentence is discharged. Complete the form on the
• If you do not have one of those IDs, you will By mail: Print the form, fill it out completely in Iowa Governor's web sit under Services/Executive
automatically be issued a free Voter ID card. The pen, and mail it to: Black Hawk County Auditor Clemency (
state started mailing Voter ID cards in December Election Department, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA services). Frequently asked questions about
2017. 50703 restoring voting rights are on that same page.
• If you did not receive the Voter ID card or lost it,
the BH County Auditorʼs Office can re-issue one. Call INTERESTED IN JOINING THE NAACP?

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Biz Wiz

Join The Soultown’s

BizWiz Section

Join The Soultown’s BizWiz section by sending a copy of your business card to [email protected]
20 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Biz Wiz

Join The Soultown’s BizWiz section by sending a copy of your business card to [email protected] 21

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

The Griot

Tituba’s Salem Witch Trial Blues

Dedicated to Dedicated to Maryse Condé Thought-Woman,” and her three Navajo sisters Judgments had rehabilitated my other co-
(English & French) Created the Universe — victims,
I met Tituba, “the Black Witch of Thus restoring their honor.
Salem” World on earth “and the four worlds below” — Yet, I was as much a part of the in/famous
Stories of Creation —
(While reading I, TITUBA, Salem
BLACK WITCH OF SALEM— Native American survivance — Witch Trials, just as Sarah Cloyse, Martha
Moi, Tituba, La Sorcière … Noire de Salem) No Adam and Eve, but
the Paula Gun Allen’s Crystal Woman—The Not even Nathaniel Hawthorne mentioned my
Other day. Tituba was Slouching and Women of Wisdom practicing “their art” “in the
Name when the whole village attended the
Moaning as she went by, Cave of Knowing” — Deviltry meeting—His Young Goodman Brown
Complaining about the Not Plato’s Cave of Darkness —
Claimed, “‘There may be a devilish Indian
Absence of Writing as Voodoo, behind every tree.’”—
Recorded evidence of her Voodoo as Writing — Chiasmus —
Existence while weaving a song of ‘You have seen how a man was made a Young Good Man Brown lost his Faith—
Slave; You shall see how a slave was made a “‘My Faith is gone!’”
Resistance— Man — Self-Taught Freddie Douglass
“I do not belong to the civilization of the cried Young Goodman Brown..
fathomed “‘There is no good on earth,
Bible and Bigotry.” Greek Rhetoric before JFK — and sin is but a name.
No “need for the written word.” In their hearts “Ask not what your country can do for you;
Ask what you can do for your country”— Come, devil! For to thee this world is given.’”—
my Remember March 1692? She asked me. He died a gloomy death. Black-veiled Mr.
People “will keep me in memory.” I began those in/famous Witch Trials of Hooper “carved no hopeful “verse upon his
“It’s in their hearts and heads.”— tombstone” — All gloom atoning for the sins
“Je n’appartiens pas à la civilisation du Livre Salem— of the fathers —That NathanielnHawthorne.
With Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne—A Twice-told tales craft master — “I do not
et de la Community that cheated and burgled while belong to the civilization of the Bible and
Haine.” Mon peuple garderont mon souvenir Wrapping itself in the cloak of God’s name— Bigotry.”
They believed Satan lived among them— No “need for the written word.”
dans leurs I’d predicted before my death that Eurocentric In their hearts my people “will keep me in
Coeurs, “sans besoin de graphies. C’est dans memory.”
Historians would ignore me, sparsely “It’s in their hearts and heads.”—
leurs têtes. mentioning “Je n’appartiens pas à la
Dans leurs coeurs et dans leurs têtes.”— civilisation du Livre et de la Haine.”
Some have described me My name Tituba here and there: I lived but a few miles from Hawthorne’s
“a slave originating from the West Indies Custom House.
As a 1674 loving
Barbados Woman and a and probably practicing ‘hoodoo.’” Why did I cross Salem history and waded into
Root Doctor. A Root Worker— “I do not belong to the civilization of the Bible Lethe? Or received a few lines from/in the
In Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Bynum is a many volumes
Root Worker. He says, “The and Jotted down about the witch hunt and trials?
Roots is a powerful thing.’— Bigotry.” No “need for the written word.” Nobody cares about a Root Worker and her
trials —
Sandy Jenkins gave In their hearts my people
Frederick Douglass a “will keep me in memory.” Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams accused
Root. He kicked Mr. Covey’s “It’s in their hearts and heads.”— me of Witchcraft — I told them tales of Voodoo
Derrière and lived to tell the story — “Je n’appartiens pas à la civilisation du Livre et
The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An and
American Slave, Written by Himself, de la Haine.” African magic. Samuel Parris beat the
1845–Before Uncle Tom’s Cabin — For some time now, I’ve been leafing through
Naughty Harriet Beecher Stowe Confession out of me.
Stole a Black Man’s Story: the Susanna Endicott called me une Sorcière de
Josiah Henson’s Gris-Gris — Amulets — Leaves of the colonization of Salem Village my
Leslie Marmon Silko, Navaho, says: Nago, Man Yaya—
“You don’t have anything Story in the history of Salem Witch Trials. Man Yaya raised me. She was a healer, not a
if you don’t have stories.” “Tsì its tsi’ nako, Silence greets my
Eyes—Silences, omissions, preposterous
hoaxes — while

2222 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

The Griot

Susanna Endicott wanted John Indien to teach Je n’appartiens pas à la civilisation du Livre et DR. PIERRE MVUYEKURE
me de la
Haine. The Griot
Some kind of Christian credo—
“‘Je crois en Dieu, le père Tout-Puissant, I belong to the Ancient Traditions of Ubuntu ________
and Songs.
Créateur du Learn more from
Ciel et de la terre…’” Repeat, mon amour, “‘Je J’appartiens aux traditions anciennes d’Ubuntu The Griot at:
et chansons.
crois en Dieu…’”—
I refused and told John Indien, Listen, my “Voilà l’histoire de ma vie. Amère. Si amère.” Email Me: [email protected]
That is the history of my life. Bitter. And bitter.
lover, It exists, the Song of Tituba. I hear the song of Note to the Editor: This poem celebrates the
“Je n’appartiens pas à la civilisation du Livre work of Maryse Condé, especially I, Tituba,
Tituba across the Island— The Black With of Salem, which rehabilitates
et de la Elle “existe, la chanson de Tituba! Je l’entends Tituba as an Africana Root Worker, not a witch.
Haine.” “ I do not belong to the civilization of
d’un I am Dr. Pierre Mvuyekure, Griot for The
the Bible and bout à l’autre de l’île.” The other day, I heard a Soultown International Magazine. I’d like
Bigotry.”—”The to thank the African storytellers for having
Bible is an antique Volume.” It is a young boy
Still Life—À la Tête Antique— Sing it— “L’autre jour, j’ai entendu un garçon SOUL! ,
Nature morte à la Tête antique—
African masked Spirits led Pablo de quatre...ans
Picasso to a brothel on Carrer d’Avinyó— la fredonner”:
Les Demoiselles d”Avignon— “Je n’appartiens pas à la civilisation du Livre
Spain’s Barcelona embraced
Racial primitivism. et de la

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 23

Dear Gabby

Dear Queen Gabby, engage in the request. When I shared this Dear Queen Gabby,
The communication between my resolution with my man, he agreed with I am a single, attractive Black woman with
significant other and I has changed. He me. Once I told him it would apply to him a couple of male friends. I’d like to be
has resorted to texting and I have not too, he changed his mind and called me honest with them and tell them about one
heard his voice in weeks, but he assures a Diva. How can I convince him that this another, but I do not want to lose either.
me -- via text -- that he is still committed year my goal is to take care of me first and What I want is the freedom to be honest
to our relationship. I realize you may this is how I plan to do it without turning with both of them -- without judgment --
think the answer is obvious, but he is still this into a serious disagreement? and enjoy what we have in our intimate
texting. I guess I’m seeking advice from a friendships. Do you think I have an
female’s perspective on what causes this ~ Brand New Me unreasonable request? I’ll ask Big Q too.
or the possible reasons that his behavior
has changed. I guess I’m curious about Dear Brand New Me, ~ Open & Honest
what Big Q thinks too. I think this is a great idea. We often sign
up things we shouldn’t be doing or want Dear Open & Honest,
~ In a Complicated State of Mind to do. Try it out for a month or so and see Okay, Nola Darling. Lol. What do mean
how it works. Now as far as your significant exactly when you say “intimate?” Are you
Dear In a Complicated State of Mind, other, of course, he doesn’t agree when it having sex with these men? Because that
Girl, he’s not that into you. You used the word comes to him. He wants all access to you; complicates things. If not, and you are truly
“changed,” meaning at one point he was he doesn’t want to be on hold, but it should just friends, then you should be able to
picking up the phone and making the call, and apply to him too. You’re not a diva, you just discuss anything with anyone. Don’t care
now he’s just texting. Something changed want to make sure you’re doing what’s right about judgments, live for you and have fun!
and he realized he doesn’t like you as he did. for you and that’s cool. If you explain to him Hey, they might love the honesty. It also
If you are in a committed relationship then your reasoning in detail then I think he would makes for a great conversation. Your request
why can’t he answer the phone? What is he understand. Do it for you and your sanity, is not unreasonable, girl; it just seems like
doing? Try not communicating with him at all pretty sure you won’t be as stressed. Thanks you are worried about what they think of you.
and see how that goes. I hope it works out, for sending this question in, I might add this I would just be open, and see where it goes.
but it’s a no for me, sis. A man who wants to my agenda.
you is going to communicate effectively. Put ~ Queen Gabby ,
it in his ear and see what he says, hopefully, ~ Queen Gabby
he’s not leading you on. Sounds like he’s into SCAN THE QR CODE TO GET
someone else, who knows? THE SOULTOWN MAGAZINE
~ Queen Gabby

Dear Queen Gabby, DEAR GABBY
FYI, I’m asking Big Q too. A new decade is
here and of course a new year. I’d like to Female Advice Columnist
make some changes to how I communicate
with my friends and my significant other. I -----------------------------------------------
guess I’ll call this a resolution. I plan to not
answer questions or requests immediately. Learn more about Queen Gabby’s advice at
I’d like to take a day, 24 hours to respond.
I believe this will prevent me from signing
up for tasks I do not have the time for, as Email Me: [email protected]
well as allowing me enough time to look at
my schedule and determining if I want to

24 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Big Q!

Reconsider Your New Year’s Resolution

Dear Big Q, this year my goal is to take care of me first and BIG Q
The communication between my significant this is how I plan to do it without turning this into
other and I has changed. He has resorted to a serious disagreement? Male Advice Columnist
texting and I have not heard his voice in weeks,
but he assures me -- via text -- that he is still ~ Brand New Me -----------------------------------------------
committed to our relationship. I realize you may Dear Brand New Me,
think the answer is obvious, but Big Q, he is still Do you expect your boyfriend to honor this resolution Learn more about Big Q’s advice at
texting. I guess I’m seeking advice from a male’s that you have come up with? If I was your boyfriend
perspective: what causes this or the possible I would have shut this idea down immediately. I’m
reasons that his behavior has changed? I guess not sure what he meant by calling you a diva, but Email Me: [email protected]
I’m curious about what Queen Gabby thinks too. in my eyes, I think you are being inconsiderate and
selfish to a certain extent. The reason why I say this with them and tell them about one another,
~ In a Complicated State of Mind is because you plan on putting yourself first at all but I do not want to lose either. What I want is
times without considering the needs of your friends the freedom to be honest with both of them --
Dear In a Complicated State of Mind, or man. If the shoe was on the other foot you would without judgment -- and enjoy what we have in
Let me just keep it real with you: Something is not not want to wait 24 hours for your close friends or our intimate friendships. Do you think I have an
right if a person that you are in a relationship with family to address questions or requests that you may unreasonable request? I’ll ask Queen Gabby too.
is not having verbal communication with you. It have. First, let’s break down what you are trying to
does not make sense that he is only reaching out accomplish. You stated that this resolution is aimed ~ Open & Honest
to you via text messages. Let me be very clear by at your friends and your boyfriend. Next, you stated
saying that this doesn’t necessarily mean that your that you will not answer any questions or requests Dear Open & Honest,
relationship is over with this man, but something from your friends or boyfriend for 24 hours until you Well good for you Ms. Open & Honest. Why not keep
is definitely wrong. There is no way that I can tell think about it. The reasoning for this strategy is to it real and let them both know what is going on in
you why his behavior has changed, but what I can make sure you have time or figure out if you even the situation? Like you mentioned in your question,
tell you is that you need to set up a time that you want to do it at all. After repeating what you just said in doing this you may take a risk of losing one or
and him can sit down and talk so he can address I’m going to have to agree with your guy. How can maybe even both of them, but if you care about them
all your unanswered questions and concerns. The you have the audacity to think that your friends and you will do the right thing and be truthful. Isn’t that
bottom line is that he is the only one who can explain man should have to wait 24 hours before you can what women always tell men? Overall this is not an
his behavior and let you know what he truly wants give them an answer to a question or request. That’s unreasonable request, but at the same time, it’s not
from you. Hopefully everything will work out for you, not the way I treat any of my friends or anybody that I the most common request either. If these men are
sweetheart. Good Luck. have ever dated, so I don’t agree with you or condone truly into you they will not want to share you with any
this type of resolution. I understand that sometimes other man. If they don’t care about sharing you, then
~ Big Q you might need to check your schedule or give some that may let you know how strong your connection is
thought about whether you want to be involved in with these individuals. So to sum everything up, this
Big Q, certain activities, but that’s taking it too far Ms. Lady. I move can be both harmful and beneficial. It can be
FYI, I’m asking Queen Gabby too. A new decade also understand that you want to set new goals to put harmful because you may lose one or both of these
is here and of course a new year. I’d like to make yourself first, but don’t let those goals push away the men during this process and it can be beneficial
some changes to how I communicate with my people that are most important in your life. Hopefully, because both men will most likely reveal their true
friends and my significant other. I guess I’ll call you will reconsider your new year’s resolution and feelings for you. Either way, what’s meant to happen
this a resolution. I plan to not answer questions give it a little more thought before you move forward. shall happen. Good Luck Ms. Open & Honest. You
or requests immediately. I’d like to take a day, 24 There has to be other alternatives or resolutions that ain’t nothing nice, baby girl.
hours to respond. I believe this will prevent me offer more of a balance between you and your loved
from signing up for tasks I do not have the time ones. Good Luck Ms. Lady. ~ Big Q ,
for, as well as allowing me enough time to look at
my schedule and determining if I want to engage ~ Big Q
in the request. When I shared this resolution with
my man, he agreed with me. Once I told him it Big Q,
would apply to him too, he changed his mind and I am a single, attractive Black woman with a
called me a Diva. How can I convince him that couple of male friends. I’d like to be honest

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Puptown Stories

Diquan Richard

Diquan Richard is a Bay Area Native who is currently pursuing an education at San
Francisco State University. He is majoring in Studio Art while minoring in Computer
Animation. Since the age of 13, Diquan has always had a passion to express himself
creatively through his art, music, poetry and his global humanitarian work. He has
dreams of gaining employment at Pixar Animation Studios as a computer animator.
He hopes to help change the lives of children via animation, just as his life changed
after viewing Toy Story for the first time. When Diquan is not hitting the books, or
drawing another comic strip, you can find him donating his time to helping those
less fortunate.

Contact Diquan: [email protected]
26 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 27

Faith Enthusiast

IOWA - I SEE HOPE. The tag that DR. DAVID RAINEY ‘entheos’ as to being filled with the Spirit of the
accompanies the articles I author for The Living God and to know the mysteries of God
Soultown is The Faith Enthusiast, hopefully for Faith Enthusiast through Christ Jesus.
good reasons. Learn more from our Faith Enthusiast at:
Allow me to place the word ‘faith’ before
For the last three months every weekend the word ‘enthusiast’ along with the help of
that I am in town I worship with a growing Email Me: [email protected] Scripture to add to this reading.
church family and I make appointments with
the lead pastor for one on one sessions. “Faith is the Hebrews 11:1 (VOICE) “Faith is the
These, for me, are refreshing times. I see a assurance of assurance of things you have hoped for, the
change in the Cedar Valley as a result of the things you have absolute conviction that there are realities
presence of this body of vibrant believers. hoped for, the you’ve never seen.”
From the age of 17 I have longed to see such absolute conviction
a work here in Waterloo. that there are So just who are these individuals who are
a building faith legacy in so many here in the
I have heard such vision preached, taught, realities Cedar Valley?
and hoped for, but to see it become a reality you’ve never
gives my faith a huge boost. Hope City Church headed by Quavodus
seen.” Marshall. I affectionately call them, “Pastor Q
Of course, you know that the word and The Crew!”
‘enthusiasm’ come from enthousiazein -- Hebrews 11:1
meaning to be inspired or possessed by a I find this exploding church a refreshing
god, to be in ecstasy. “EN” from the word ‘in’. spring of living water. This Body of Believers
“THEOS” from the word ‘god’. model the Church in the Second Chapter of
Acts of the New Testament. That first church
We recall from high school the study of was diverse, discipled, disciplined, multicultural,
Greek mythology Dionysus the god of the interracial INNER CITY!
grape-harvest, winemaking, wine, fertility and
religious ecstasy. The Romans named him In times past many churches were built on
Bacchus. Those who partake of this god’s ‘good’ preaching, but lacked continuity. What
worship were believed to become possessed, builds both church and community is meeting
filled and empowered by people at the point and the place of their need
Bacchus as they drank of … this is called Ministry.
the fruit of the vine.
This starts with a ‘call to’ resulting in a
I believe that in ‘call from’. A call echoing from the halls of
his witness to the government to the hallways of the homeless,
citizens of the this is the impact of ‘good’ ministry.
Roman Empire,
the Apostle Paul Good ministry is a refreshing spring
was using that restores faith, provides vision for future
the word generations coming from Believers gathering to
carry out the edicts of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Good ministry is not about entourages, or
troops of armour bearers. It is about ‘forsaking
all’ to see the Will of God manifested here on

I salute Q and The Crew of HCC!
I am Dr. David Rainey, Faith Enthusiast
for The Soultown International Magazine.
I’d like to thank God for having SOUL! ,


Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •


Millions of Americans have Who should get tested?
Hepatitis C, but most don’t know it.
• Anyone who has injected drugs, even just
People with Hepatitis C often have no symptoms. Many once or many years ago.
people can live with an infection for decades without
feeling sick. • Anyone with certain medical conditions,
such as chronic liver disease and HIV or
The only way to know if you have Hepatitis C is to get AIDS.
tested. Early detection can save lives.
• Anyone who has received donated blood
or organs before 1992.

• Anyone age 18 through 65+ (especially
those born from 1945 to 1965).

• Anyone with abnormal liver tests or liver

• Health and safety workers who have been
exposed to blood on the job through a
needlestick or injury with a sharp object.

• Anyone on hemodialysis.
• Anyone born to a mother with Hepatitis C.

We offer Hepatitis C

905 Franklin Street, Waterloo testing.
(319) 874-3000 Data pulled from IDPH website.

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 29

Registering Your Student for High School

Tips for Families

From now through the last day of middle school,
call your middle school counselors with any You don’t have to know all the answers! The
questions: dialogue is what’s important. Consider discussing these
Bunger: 319.433.2550
Josie Evanson, Kate Nitz • What is most exciting about high school?
• What makes you the most nervous?
Carver: 319.433.2500 • What do you want to do after high school?
Andrea Atuhairwe, Marisol Monroy • Do you know what type of training/classes it will take

Central: 319.433.2100 to be qualified for that career?
Stephanie Chandler, Shari Ritter • What college would provide the best education or

Hoover: 319.433.2830 training for that career?
Ray Cole, Leina’ala Clark, Ann Cunningham • What are the requirements to get into that college?
- ----------------------------- • Would advanced courses be a good challenge for you?
• Should you consider learning a world language?
After June 10th, call the high school counselors: • Are you interested in music? Sports? Theater?
East: 319.433.2400 • What other activities might interest you?
• Which classes are you concerned about taking?
Darius Hart, Nykki Miller, Rebecca Renze, • How did the middle school counselor help you decide
Allison Peach
West: 319.433.2700 your schedule?
Brooke Hottle, Kisha Smith, Ryan Topliff,
Jess Wass, Marsha Watters, Sheila Houston
Expo: 319.433.1930
Brad Hamlyn, Melissa Knight,
Shannon Prehm

Use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to check KEEP TRACK OF CREDITS EARNED!
credits and more. A link to the parent portal is on
our website at Click on Students need 44 credits to graduate. Earning 11 credits each
the “Infinite Campus Parent Portal” link year will keep them on track to graduate in four years.
underneath the “Families” dropdown, as shown: Students should have 11 credits by the end of their freshman
year, 22 credits by the end of their sophomore year, 33
credits by the end of their junior year and 44 or more credits
to graduate.

Once you’ve signed in, you may select your Students who earn 53 credits or more can earn an Honors
student’s name and follow prompts for the Diploma (10 of those credits must be advanced credits). This is
information you a great goal for students entering high school.
are interested in
tracking. You can check credit information by looking at the
Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

To view your child’s current credit count, you will
need to select the high school transcript option
under “Reports."

For full instructions on using Infinite Campus, please visit and click on the “Families” tab. Coming Soon to a

30 High School Near You...

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

The Sankofa Vow

THE SOULTOWN, USA - Readers beware! If the answer is yes, accept it and proceed. If they fail to plan, then they have accepted
If you are ACTIVELY parenting adult Tool #2: Did I raise this child or children the notion that they are planning to fail. If
children, please read now! alone? they choose NOT to share, then let them fail.
If you are an adult child still asking for your Hold on, before you get on a soapbox That which doesn’t kill them will make them
parents’ help, please read now! and rehash all the struggles getting them to stronger.
Parenting adult children has to be the the cotillion, paying for SATs, all the dolls,
most stressful, thankless job in the history of perfumes and pairs of Jordans, ask yourself Teach the power of prayer. Our Creator will
employment. Some young adults have never did extended family help? Did your children NOT just give endlessly. Faith without works is
balanced a checkbook, paid their own bills on spend time with maternal and paternal aunts, dead. Our children must understand grinding
time, or take responsibility for their actions. uncles, grandparents, and cousins? Were isn’t forever, but it is for NOW!
Some lack patience, fail to make critical there close friends that assisted in advice,
decisions -- without a well-thought-out plan -- financial support, or love? If the answer to Unfortunately, parenting adult children is
and if the words “thank you” spews from their these questions is yes, then relieve yourselves the most stressful, thankless, job in the history
lips -- it is with little sincerity. If this is you or of the guilt you may feel. You did not raise this of employment. However, I am committed to
you know someone like this, continue reading. child or children alone. Proceed. creating and using tools that help me, to help
Some young adults are considered the Tool #3: Does this child or children fully us adapt, survive and live. Holla if you hear
“good kids”. They have never pushed back on understand what it means to sacrifice? me! That’s it and that’s all!
their parents’ decisions, never mismanaged The true definition of sacrifice is
finances, or had sex outside of marriage. surrendering a possession as an offering The Sankofa Vow isThe Soultown’s promise
These good kids are completely responsible, to God or a divine or supernatural figure. to our ancestors; to return to the Motherland
always grateful, and would never yell with a However, most of our children have NOT, and retrieve what has been stolen from our
disrespectful tone or utter profane comments and I’m leaning more towards if our children ancestry via the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
at their parents. know what it means to sacrifice and have they Our forefathers intended to leave seeds for us
Honestly, who are either of these kids? given up something, for the sake of a better to return to gather, plant, cultivate and grow.
Today’s young people are seemingly governed cause? Don’t get weak on me now. It’s natural These seeds can be reclaimed and retained
by a cosmic duality; sets of two opposing and for us to want more for our children than we by reading, watching, and discussing with
complementing principles being observed in had ourselves, but at what cost? If you are our elders and also by traveling to our
nature. anything like me, you have worked tirelessly native continent of Africa, the Motherland.
But who cares? While in the midst of to become a good provider. You have become
parenting, parents should shift their focus to mild-mannered, and have a host of friends I am Chillin’, Innovative Extraordinaire
the root of the problem. Parents should ask that will agree with you. You intentionally avoid for The Soultown International Magazine.
themselves the right questions and parents burning bridges professionally and personally. I’d like to thank the parents of adult children
should be open to using tools to help adapt, Here’s the big one, you have demonstrated for having SOUL! ,
survive, and live. That’s it and that’s all. time and time again how and when to take one
Welcome to the 1st Sankofa Vow of the for the team. In this case, the team is family Learn more about the Sankofa Vow at
new decade! No more kids gloves, this is the -- immediate and extended.
real, this is the raw and the rest is up to you If the answer to these questions is yes, Email me:
-- it is up to US! then you have all rights in the world to begin
Tool #1: Is the stress I feel -- parenting parenting from a distance with command! [email protected]
my child(ren) -- my Karma? Proceed.
Karma is the philosophy of the Buddhist -- It’s easy. Let’s begin together.
the sum of a person’s actions in current and Treat your adult child(ren) just like they treat
past states of existence the cause of their fate you. Reciprocating behaviors is a practical
in current and future existences. Don’t lie to exhibition and offers a clear explanation when
yourself, ask yourself … “Self … is the stress the results are not to their liking.
I endure while parenting my adult children my Ask them to share their weekly,
Karma?” monthly or quarterly financial plan.

Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities • 31

32 Jan. 2020 • Immortalizing Our Stories to Implore Positive Progress In Our Communities •

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