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TS NOV 2019

TS NOV 2019

Photo Illustration by The Soultown CONNECTING OUR CULTURES TO OUR CYBER & CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES • International Magazine

Digital & Print Magazine

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NOV. 2019 - DEC. 2019

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown InUtSer$na6ti.o0n0al Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrati5n0g5 W2ALyKEeRaDrR.sSU•ITEC#o7 n•nMeOUcNtTiAnINgVIEOW,uCrA 9C40u43ltures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •




Hello, Beautiful Readers of The Soultown!

Welcome, November! There’s so much happening in our communities and The Soultown Digital & Print Magazine
is ecstatic to be the platform used to disseminate the information. In What’s Really Good? Chaveevah tells
her story about the birth of Bahar Publishing. Leave It Up to Steve! To give sound advice about coping with
microaggressions in the workplace.

Our cover story takes us to the Las Vegas Best Buy Teen Tech Center. Nearly 20 Technology Coordinators gather
for 3 days of fun and skill-building. The Soultown’s very own Dear Big Q & Queen Gabby give their sound
advice on the importance or lack of importance of race, love, and relationships; while Dr. Mvuyekure writes
the Songs of Song.

As always, our Innovative Extraordinaire, Chillin continues to be the voice for the voiceless in The Sankofa
Vow. She shares her personal, shocking experience of meeting Hollywood’s Harriet.

I am Priscilla Culp, Guest Editor-in-Chief for The Soultown Digital & Print Magazine and I thank you for
having SOUL!


Priscilla Culp is a vehement social justice educator, who was born and raised in Waterloo, IA. She is the proud
mother of two sons and a beautiful, inquisitive granddaughter. She is currently an elementary school assistant
principal, loving every second of her calling, who is a candidate for her Doctorate in Education.

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


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Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •




The Soultown’s November 2019 Contributing Artists

The Griot Puptown Stories Faith Enthusiast Truth Seeker


Guest Editor Photographer

Innovative Extraordinaire



What’s Really Good? Big Q! Leave It All Up to Steve! Dear Gabby!


Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



The Evolution of BaHar Publishing

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

~ Arthur Ashe

IOWA - In retrospect, these words of iconic tennis Courtesy Photo
player Arthur Ashe describe the experience of
establishing BaHar Publishing, the company Some of author’s, Tracie Loveless - Hill novels are published by BaHar Publishing Company.
my cousin Patricia Harris and I started in 2003.
Book publication was, literally, the last thing we’d areas. I asked questions. When my cousin and I am Chaveevah Ferguson, I thank Patricia
intended to attempt; yet it ended up being the first I won an award for a minority business plan in Harris and BaHar Publishing for having
thing we did. 2003, BaHar Publishing was born. SOUL! ,

Years ago, I’d written a novel and sent it to Our original plan had been to start a community CHAVEEVAH
several mainstream publishers. As expected, news publication called The Talking Drum, FERGUSON
I’d gotten a fair number of rejections. I wasn’t and then work our way up to publishing books.
discouraged. Many writers had described Unfortunately, several rookie mistakes and What’s Really Good?
receiving stacks of rejection letters before finally missteps prevented The Talking Drum from ever
getting their big break. Within a year of shopping going to print. To have something to show for the _______________
my manuscript around, I received a letter from an grant we’d won, we decided to publish “In Due
interested publisher who offered a contract and Time”, my manuscript which had sat on the shelf Learn more about Chaveevah Ferguson
put my book into their production schedule. I was for months. at
ecstatic, and spread my good news to family and what-s-really-good-.html
friends, sharing my projected publication date. Since 2003, I’ve published 65-70 books of all Email Me: [email protected]
kinds: poetry, children’s literature, adult fiction,
A few months before that date, the publisher and non-fiction. It hasn’t been “a living”, but for
informed me that my book had been pulled, and the most part, it has been an enjoyable journey,
might be rescheduled for future publication. Of helping others bring their words to book form. It’s
course, I was disappointed but tried to be patient. amazing what can be accomplished by simply
When a second projected publication date starting where you are, using what you have, and
passed, I searched for another publisher. doing what you can.

I was accepted by another company, but this
time publication came at a cost I wasn’t willing or
able to pay: to provide half the production costs,
receive 10 percent of profits. I put my manuscript
aside temporarily, wondering whether publishing
was something I could learn. I looked at books,
envisioning what it would take to transform written
words to finished products like what I saw in
bookstores and libraries: what was a good size?
What fonts seemed attractive and easy to read?
What made an attractive cover design? How much
info should be in a cover synopsis? Nothing about
the process seemed too difficult to accomplish, so
I went about learning things step-by-step: editing,
layout, cover design -- everything I thought it took
to produce a book. For future reference, I also
looked at my circle of friends and acquaintances
to see who might have expertise in some of these

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



The Song of Songs

SOLOMON MIHORO’S BLUES EXEGESIS OF THE SONG OF SONGS - (Kinyarwanda, English, French, Lingala) • Dedicated to Archbishop Vincent
Nsengiyumva, Bishop Thadée Nsegiyumva,Bishop Joseph Ruzindana, Priests, and Civilians who were massacred at Kabgayi, June 5, 1994, Rwanda.

College Saint André, Nyamirambo, Kigali, Pre- After service, Solomon Mihoro rushed to the band The one who strikes on the spot
Genocide, Rwanda. Circa 1980 — room. Son of the one from Burundi,
Archbishop Nsengiyumva Vincent His schoolmates could hear his unmuted trumpet The one whom they cannot prevent from
Visited College Saint André, an Blowing a staccato of sounds escaping through Chanting the beauty of the one
All-male boarding high school open windows. Whom Royal Court Ritualists called Honey Ubuki:
Administered by Belgian White Priests — Some recognized the song as “Solomon Mihoro’s
I am delighted to be here today, announced the True Mbega ukuntu uri mwiza, Ubuki bwanjye
Bespectacled Archbishop, but I have a bone to Exegesis of The Song of Songs — Mbega ukuntu uri mwiza nshuti yanjye.
Pick with you. None of you is joining the clergy. “The Charms of the Beloved” Ikimero cyawe ni nk’agashyamba
No one from College Saint André has become a “The Beauty of the Bride”— Kera amatunda aryohereye.
priest. Solomon Mihoro’s Blues Affirmation of Love — Ufite amaso y’inyana yo mu ruhongore
Mwa mbwa mwe! You songs of dogs! Like the Prez, Solomon Mihoro sang “with his Antwara umutima nkabura umwuka.
You eat our food and run to universities or horn” Imisatsi yawe imeze nk’umukumbi w’
École Supérieure Militaire. You join the À la Lester Young.” Inyambo za Sebututu—Amashashi
Military Academy to become generals — They could “almost hear the words”: Yarasiye i Gasabo nyina ya Rwanda—
Solomon Mihoro silently mumbled that Zimanuka umusozi wa Rubingo.
Major General Habyarimana had once attended a O Buliza, the Pearl of Kigali where
seminary. I found the most beautiful bride O how beautiful you are, my Ubuki.
Is he a priest now? Hasn’t he made you one his Affianced to be the mother of my children. O how beautiful you are, my friend.
Presidential confidants?— Hear me well, lend me your ears: You are an Edenic garden that
Satisfied he had harangued the young men long Produces the sweetest passion fruits.
enough, O Buliza, Umutako wa Kigali Your eyes resemble a young calf’s eyes in the
Archbishop Nsengiyumva Vincent announced the Aho nabonye Umugeni usumba abandi kraal.
reading for Uzambera nyina w’abana banjye. Them brown eyes torment me so much
His sermon against carnal desires. Nyumva neza, ntega amatwi: I want to drown into them for eternity.
Open your Bible to The Song of Songs— Your hair is like Sebututu’s flock of Inyambo—
“The Charms of the Beloved” and Njyewe , uwo Intwari zise Intimirwa Longhorn cattle bred in Gasabo of Rwanda—
“The Beauty of the Bride”— Iri mu mihigo y’urukundo,
Rumor has it that one of you has Mwene Mupfumu n’Ibitare byo kwa Musana, DR. PIERRE MVUYEKURE
Dared to provide a false Umwuzukuruza w’Ibuterambuto,
Exegesis of The Song of Songs— Mwene Rumeza rwa Ruhakuzi The Griot
Beware of falsity, Mr. Solomon Mihoro!— Uhakura ba Nyiramwete ba Naciyimyeyo,
Repeat after me, Rwesamwikubitiro rw’Uwikavabibero ________
The Lord is the Lover, and his people are the Intakumirwa iyo igambirije gutaka
Beloved. Uburanga bwuje ubwiza Abiru bise Honey Ubuki: Learn more from
The Lord is the Lover, and his people are the The Griot at:
Beloved. I, the one the Brave Ones called Intimirwa, the
The Lord is the Lover, and his people are the Unstoppable when he is on the battlefield of love.
Beloved— Son of the Sorcerer of the Jewels from Musana’s, Email Me: [email protected]
Solomon Mihoro’s mind was saying something Great…..great-grandson of the one who sows
else— seeds,
You are a descendant of Holy Spectres who Son of Rumeza son of Ruhakuzi who
Suggested Faded Mem write the Bible— Harvests honey from those who
“The Bible is an antique Volume”— Elongated the lips of their mountain valleys.

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Streaming down Rubingo Hilltop. Atuma inkoresho yanjye ihagarara. Witinya mukunzi wanjye,
Your breasts are like twin fawns— Nyegera nkubwire uko ngukunda.
Your teeth are like a flock of ewes to be shorn, My Heaven Ijuru Ryanje— Wantwaye umutima n’ayo maso ya muhekura.
After washing in and crossing Karuruma River. Gazelle calves in Akagera National Park Mbega ukuntu urukundo rwawe ari rwiza.
All of them big with twins Grazing the grass along the Akagera River. Mbega ukuntu urukundo rwawe rundutira Hen-
None of them thin and barren. They make my tool stiff and stand like mad. nessy,
When you smile, it is like the sun has risen above N’impumuro y’imibavu yawe iruta iya Dior-
Gasabo. Your rounded thighs are like jewels, J’Adore.
Your smile makes me lose my mind and my The handiwork of an artist. Iminwa yawe, mugenzi wanjye, itemba ubuki,
breath. When you walk, it is like looking at a Ururimi rwawe rutwikiriye amata n’ubuki.
Ton sourire me fait perdre la tête et mal aux Zebra walking away.
poumons. Your body is the Temple of Demeter Ubuki bwanjye, nje kureba ubusitani bwanjye.
Amenyo yawe arera nk’umukumbi w’intama Encircled with ears of wheat and lilies. Nasoromye imibavu yanjye n’ububani bwanjye,
zogoshwe Your navel is a round bowl that Nariye ikinyagu cyanjye n’ubuki bwanjye.
Iyo zikutse Karuruma zimaze kwiyuhagira. Should never lack for mixed wine. Nariye urusenda rwahinzwe i Kirwa.
Buri ryinyo rijyana n’iryaryo nk’impanga, Amatako yawe ni nk’umutako Ndeka ninjire mu busitani bwanjye
Kandi nta gihanga kiyabamo. Wahanzwe n’umuhanga. Nirire imbuto zabwo ziryoha ukwazo.
Iyo usetse bimera nkaho akazuba karasiye i Kuyareba ugenda ni nka zebre ikimbagira. My Honey Ubuki, I am here to see my garden.
Gasabo. Inda yawe ni Ingoro ya Demeteri I have harvested my myrrh and my spices,
Intseko yawe intesha umutwe nkabura amahume- Ikikijwe n’amalisi. I have eaten my honey and my sweetmeats.
ko. Umukondo wawe w’amaribori ni nk’agakebano I have eaten hot pepper from Kirwa Hilltop.
Katabura divayi ihumura. Let me enter my garden, let me climb the
Your Bantu lips are sweeter than honey and Palm tree and hold its branches
mango Hagati y’amatako yawe hameze nk’umugezi So that I eat its sweetest fruits.
Lèvres na yo eza plus sucrées que na ba miel na Unyura hagati ya Paradizo. Iminwa yawe iruzuye kandi iryoshye kurusha ubuki
mango. Nka Ryangombe ndashaka gukubita na mangue.
Kissing you is being in the Garden of Eden Abahare kuri bagongo ngutinike, Kugusoma bimeze nko kuba mu busitani bwa
Before Adam and Eve ate the apple. Nyatandukanye nka Musa atandukanya amazi ya Eden
Que tu me baise des baisers de ta bouche. Red Sea, Mbere y’uko Adamu na Eva barya ipera.
Kiss me with your honey-dripping lips. Nkunezeze kugeza aho ubyaye i Kivu Your Bantu lips are sweeter than honey and
Your cheeks are beautifully shaped like a Kiruta icya Nyirantsibura. mango
Seed of a passion fruit cut in half. Between your thighs is the river between Lèvres na yo eza plus sucrées que na ba miel na
Iminwa yawe iruzuye kandi iryoshye kurusha ubuki Streaming down through Paradise. mango.
na mangue. Like Ryangombe I want to climb your Kissing you is being in the Garden of Eden
Kugusoma bimeze nko kuba mu busitani bwa Mountaintop, part your valley apart Before Adam and Eve ate the apple.
Eden Like Moses the water of the Red Sea, Let me enter my garden—
Mbere y’uko Adamu na Eva barya ipera. Stroke the lily of your valley until there The vines are in bloom,
Co nshoma unshyireho iyo minwa yawe yuje Emerges a Lake Kivu bigger than Nyirantsibu- The buds have opened,
ubuki. ra’s— The pomegranates have blossomed—
Imisaya yawe iteye neza bihebuje, When pursued by men hunters, Let me give you my love there. Let
Ni nk’akabuto k’itunda basatuyemo kabiri Nyirantsibura peed to Love’s Desires
Prevent them from capturing her. Breed
Ijosi ryawe ni nk’umunara wa Gihanga Lake Kivu was born between Congo and Rwan- Love’s Union.
Wubakiwe kubika intwaro da—
Na ryo ritendetseho ingabo igihumbi, Do not be afraid my love, my Honey Ubuki. Note to the Reader: In this poem Solomon Miho-
Nk’ingabo intwari zikinga ku rugamba. Come closer so that I tell you how much I love you. ro provides an exegesis of The Song of Songs
Your neck resembles Gihanga’s ivory tower You have ravished my heart with them brown that “humanizes” this part of the Bible, thus
Built to be a weapon fortress eyes. making the latter bear on his personal beliefs. Is
A thousand caresses , hung upon it, How beautiful is your love, my Honey Ubuki. he one of Emily Dickinson’s “‘lost’” Boys who
All the kisses of valiant Rwandan warriors. Your love is more enticing than a sip of Hennessy. do not believe?
Amabere yawe yombi ni imitemeli The fragrance of your garments trounces Dior-
Nk’inyagazi ebyiri J’Adore I am Dr. Pierre Mvuyekure, Griot for The
Zavutse ku isha ari impanga Your lips drip honey, my lifetime friend, Soultown International Magazine. I’d like
Zikarisha mu ndabo z’amalisi ku nkombe z’Akag- Under your tongue there hide milk and honey. to thank the African storytellers for having
era. Honey Ubuki bwanjye, SOUL! ,

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Handle Microagressions with Kindness [email protected]

ATLANTA, GA - Hey Steve, I noticed last decide where the holidays will be spent, buy the altar. I flipped out. How do I cope
month, there was a story on the importance all of the food, cook the food and clean the with the microaggressions in the
of a community losing its voice. Is this dishes. I moved out west last year and with the workplace from African Americans?
important? We do not have leaders in the Black travel time, I just can’t do it this year. How do I (Redwood City, CA)
communities as we did in the past. There are inform the family of the obvious changes?
no modern-day Dr. Kings or Malcolm Xs. Are (Las Vegas, NV) ~ Black & Proud
the leaders of the Black churches the leaders Yo Black & Proud -
of the community? ~ Leader of the Pack I get it. Microaggressions irritate me as
(Waterloo, IA) well. I notice them and may even be
Dear Leader of the Pack, hypersensitive to them; however, the
~ Seemingly Lost & Confused What in the hell kind of leader are you? This looks worst way to address a microaggression
like you are the one being led and unfortunately is with rage. Many microaggressions
Well Seemingly Lost & Confused, down a path of despair. Coordinating, cooking, come from a place of unconscious
Our collective voice or lack thereof is always cleaning and buying all of the food sounds more bias so it is important to confront these
like slavery and less like the meaning of family or issues head-on. You have to keep
important. In the past, the church was more than the holidays. You moved away, but you still have your head. If not, the aggressor will
a place for spiritual enlightenment. It was the epi- long-distance shackles. Emancipate yourself concentrate on your behavior and not
center for hope, communication, strategy, and TODAY! I know it’s complicated - the very people theirs. In this instance, it may have
refuge. It provided a life within itself and gave to that say they love and cherish you will also take helped to ask your boss why they
our ancestors’ things that the outside world would advantage of you under the guise of “family.” Here
not give like education, business, family, and is what you need to do: send an email or text to
opportunities. While it seems that the voice of our your family members saying “unfortunately, my
community is being silenced, there are many still schedule prohibits me coordinating or hosting for
speaking truth to power. We may not have notables the holidays, but please let me know the holiday
like Dr. King or Malcolm X, but there are many with plans and if I am able, I will arrange to attend.”
boots on the ground fighting for the modern-day If there is any push-back, send an “f-you” emoji
freedoms of our people. Technology and social and a pic with you and friends eating and having
media have helped and hindered our causes. fun during the holidays. Choose you, choose your
It helps because now in a matter of seconds happiness, embrace your peace. Let me know
a message can be shared with millions. On the what happens. I am right here rooting for you!
contrary, we have so many messages and things
competing for our attention that our communities ~ Steve
are often overwhelmed with which voice to listen
to daily. Our efforts and organizational strategies Hey Steve,
were more focused in the past. As a community, I am one of very few African Americans at
we have to continue to have a seat at the table my job, but my direct supervisor is African
and a voice to those who could not or would not American, too. For a Halloween photo, I was
listen. We have to continuously advocate for own tasked to design tombstones with some teens.
freedoms. Dig in, connect with local freedom My tombstone contained the R.I.P., along with
fighters. In the words of Solomon Burke, none of Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner,
us are free if one of us is chained. Keep fighting, Tupac, Biggie and Aretha Franklin.
stay strong. When my supervisor saw it, he
moved it away from the other
~ Steve tombstones and placed it on
the Dia De Los Muertos altar.
Hey Steve, Tombstones do not belong on
My family lives all over the country. During
the holidays, it is always expected for me to

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


LEAVE IT ALL UP TO STEVE Hey Steve, things too, about having fun and not to be so
Last month, you advised me to “go for serious about everything. He is teaching me
separated one tombstone from the others. If he/ it” with my guy friend that’s 20 years how to take time to smell the flowers and not
she could not provide a meaningful answer, just younger. I did. We are getting along well. always rush from one event to the next. We
say that you prefer to move it back. You may want We have decided not to give it a title, but don’t know what the future holds, this is one
to lighten the mood by addressing it with humor we are good friends, learning a lot about of the best friendships I’ve experienced in a
explaining that tombstones do not belong on each other. You said I should teach this long time. Thank you, Steve.
altars. Whatever you do, be direct but keep your “young buck” a few things. Well, I have. (Las Vegas, NV)
cool. Confrontation does not have to be negative. He is learning how to listen intently and
I want to hear what happens. Hit me back and let not always dominate the conversation. ~ I Am No Cougar!
me know how it was resolved. I am here with open However, what we have both noticed is
ears. that we are experts in our worlds. There is Send updates to [email protected]
~ Steve so much that he knows about dentistry and com. Subject: Hey Steve
I am Steve, and Leave It All Up To Me I have been in the cosmetology business Thank you for having SOUL!
right here in The Soultown Magazine. I’d for the last 15 years. I have learned a few (This question printed the Oct/Nov issue of The
like to thank you for being so compassionate Soultown.
toward others. I’m here if you have any other
questions - just Leave it All Up to Steve! ,

Email Me: [email protected]

Access to health care should

be easy – affordable, less

barriers, with appointments

tahlal ot ffitthyios u–rbsecchaedusueleY. Woue offer

at the center of what we do. CARE

Waterloo Clarksville

905 Franklin Street 118 S. Main Street

(319) 874-3000 (319) 278-9020

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Blessed with one of the Caribbean region’s longest

white sand coastlines -- a whopping 48 kilometers
(30 miles), punctuated with sky-reaching coconut
palms -- Punta Cana is the land of rest and relaxation
by the sea. Here, where the Atlantic meets the
Caribbean, from the northern tip at Uvero Alto to
the southern at Cap Cana, all-inclusive resorts

and boutique hideaways offer all the whims and
comforts of modern beach front living. Families enjoy
miniature entertainment centers and water parks for
children, while couples -- only enclaves boast dream
wedding locations, with secluded beach side lodging
for an ultra-romantic stay. But it’s not only about fun
in the sun, soft sand brushing against your toes, and
iridescent, clear water to swim in, go fishing, or dive
for underwater life and shipwrecks. Punta Cana is
also a golfer’s destination, with 10 courses located
all along the strip, a seaside escape with luxurious
marinas and fine dining, and a wellness corner home
to the country’s top spas, including the only Six
Senses in the Caribbean.
Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •

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Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



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Photos by The Soultown
Above, West Coast Coordinators and Cosplay facilitator, Natalia pose with DIY Leaf Village headbands. Bottom left, Megan takes a break during the conference. Bottom right, Gus
explains how the VR headset works.

Bristlebot. ( Bristlebots
are a simple form of walking robot both in its
function and its construction. Most bristle bots
are electrically driven and can be used for both
efficiency and control, they are not usually
considered as appropriate for sophisticated control
systems or responsive behaviors. The introduction
of tinkering awakens the minds of the youth and
assist in critical thinking. As a result of this ease of
construction of the bristle bot, they have become
popular projects at the school science fair level.

Day two included a morning tour of the UNLV
Robotics Lab’s human robots. The afternoon
allowed the coordinators to shift their minds from
the intricate technical robots and the mind-boggling
bristle bots to engage in a Cosplay training with
Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



“To be honest with you, writing down my goals helps me know how to aim.
It’s as simple as that. I’m a huge visual guy. I have a ton of notebooks and keep solid ideas.

Personal goals are also huge. Outside of my business goals, I have some personal goals.
There are a few homeless shelters where I help underprivileged people.
I was once underprivileged. Helping them is important to me.”

~ Jessie Babico

An up close and personal discussion panel between Jessie Babico, Cassie Betts and Cherie Chillin’ Kabba about branding a business, goals and best practices.

Cosplay is a term derived from costume and play, which is a growing industry and A glimpse of augmented reality using the merge cube.
fandom phenomenon in which individuals, cut, paste, sew and mold their dreams into
reality. It is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video
game, especially ones from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. Each novice
Cosplay designer created their very own headband from the Leaf Village.

Each day of the conference, the Clubhouse leaders engaged in training and
discussions that have led them to develop new and amazing friendships. On the final
day to learn about Green Screen Filming and Goal Setting by an Entrepreneurship
Panel of business owners: Jessie Babico - Founder of the Lave Gallery, Cassie Betts
- Director of Operations for VSEDC’s (Vermont Slauson Economic Development
Corporation) new tech center and Cherie Kabba, Innovative Extraordinaire of The
Soultown Magazine to discuss the journey of setting goals from a business perspective.

Babico shares, “To be honest with you, writing down my goals helps me know how
to aim. It’s as simple as that. I’m a huge visual guy. I have a ton of notebooks to
record solid ideas. Personal goals are also huge. Outside of my business goals, I have
some personal goals. There are a few homeless shelters where I help underprivileged

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Diquan Richard

Diquan Richard is a Bay Area Native who is currently pursuing an education at San
Francisco State University. He is majoring in Studio Art while minoring in Computer
Animation. Since the age of 13, Diquan has always had a passion to express himself
creatively through his art, music, poetry and his global humanitarian work. He has
dreams of gaining employment at Pixar Animation Studios as a computer animator.
He hopes to help change the lives of children via animation, just as his life changed
after viewing Toy Story for the first time. When Diquan is not hitting the books, or
drawing another comic strip, you can find him donating his time to helping those
less fortunate.

Contact Diquan: [email protected]

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people. I was once underprivileged. Helping the student. I want to teach the youth all I know and environment where young people from under
hopeless is important to me.” also learn from them.” served communities work with adult mentors to
explore their ideas, develop new skills, and build
“The side of my brain likes things organized,” Results from a 2018 Pew Research Center confidence in themselves through the use of
Betts adds, “I find a wall, a white board wall or survey finds that since 1990, jobs in science, technology. Teens in middle and high school are
and I’ll write close to it. I’ll put all the businesses technology, engineering, and math have grown by welcome to drop into the center and try out the
... everything I’m working on the wall. I post all of 79 percent, and are expected to grow an additional available technologies.
my goals and the Universe, or God listens. I said 13 percent by 2027. This means it is essential for
I am going to start a tech center and eventually, educators to find a way to engage students early At any of the Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and
we got it. to build their coding knowledge, and virtual and The Computer Clubhouses, the youth can learn:
augmented reality platforms may be the answer. 3D printer, Adobe Creative Cloud, Animation,
Kabba discussed some self-help books in Apple iMacs, Button maker, Circuit Easy Press &
leadership to be shared with coordinators and The Clubhouse Network is an international 3D Sublimation Heat Press and much more.
young business entrepreneurs, “My go-to is John community of more than 100 Clubhouses located
Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, in 20 countries, providing youth with life-changing On behalf of The Soultown Magazine, we
Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point and The opportunities for over 25 years. The Best Buy would like to thank The Clubhouse Network,
Outliers. There are many more out there, but Teen Tech Centers and the Computer Clubhouses the Best Buy Teen Tech Center of Las Vegas
these are the ones I can easily reference as are designed for project-based and production- and all of the West Coast Coordinators for
times are changing with the trends of technology. based learning opportunities. It provides a having SOUL! ,
Although I have a business degree, I am a lifelong creative, safe, and free out-of-school learning


The Iowa Legislature passed a new voter identifica- Absentee Voting Register In-person: Black Hawk County Monthly Meetings:
tion bill in the spring 2017 session. Hereʼs what it Courthouse, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA 2nd Thursdays
means for all voters, according to the Black Hawk An absentee ballot may be requested 120 days Cedar Falls City Hall, 220 Clay St., Cedar Falls, IA
County Auditor's office. before the election. Absentee ballots will be mailed Other locations listed at: 515 Beech St.
starting 29 days before an election (used to be 40 Waterloo, Iowa 50703
Be Prepared: days).
Absentee ballots must be received 10 days before a No straight party voting is available in Iowa now. Be •
1. Register to vote in the precinct where you live at general election and 11 days before other elections. sure to vote for all of the offices/ballot issues listed President -
least 10 days before the election. on the front and/or back of the ballot. LaTanya Graves
2. Always take your driverʼs license/non-operatorʼs Absentee ballot voters must include their Iowa Blackhawk County
license with you to vote. driver's license/non-operatorʼs ID number or their Special Groups:
Iowa voter ID card's PIN number on the absentee Branch
Voter Law Changes ballot request form. High School Students - If you are 17, but will be 18
years old by the general election, you can register to Email: waterloonaacp
• Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, registered voters must Registering to Vote vote.
show a driverʼs license or non-operatorʼs ID before College Students - If you are going to school in Cedar
voting. If you are already registered, you do not have to do Falls or Waterloo, you can vote there. You must have Facebook:
If you do not have your ID, in 2018 only, you will be anything unless you move within the county or an ID that has an expiration date on it. A
asked to sign an oath that you are who you say you outside of the county. college/university ID cannot be used. waterloonaacp
are. You can then cast a regular ballot. In 2019 and Online: - Returning Citizens - Those convicted of a felony can P.O. Box 304
on, a registered voter can verify/attest for two request restoring their voting rights after their Waterloo, Iowa 50704
people. ReturnUrl=%2fVoterRegistrationRegister sentence is discharged. Complete the form on the
• If you do not have one of those IDs, you will By mail: Print the form, fill it out completely in Iowa Governor's web sit under Services/Executive
automatically be issued a free Voter ID card. The pen, and mail it to: Black Hawk County Auditor Clemency (
state started mailing Voter ID cards in December Election Department, 316 E 5th St., Waterloo, IA services). Frequently asked questions about
2017. 50703 restoring voting rights are on that same page.
• If you did not receive the Voter ID card or lost it,
the BH County Auditorʼs Office can re-issue one. Call INTERESTED IN JOINING THE NAACP?

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Photos by Veridian Credit Union

UAW Retirees Serve 787 Free Meals
IOWA: Veridian Credit Union joined United
Auto Workers Local 838 to host the 38th annual “Mike and Leona built a legacy of service-oriented
Mike and Leona Adams Thanksgiving Dinner on leadership. We’re grateful for their example,
Monday, Nov. 25. Volunteers served a traditional and it’s our honor to help carry it forward.”
Thanksgiving feast at the UAW Local 838 Union ~ Veridian President and CEO Monte Berg.
Hall in Waterloo, Iowa for 535 people. The
Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging delivered were impacted by tough economic times and and it’s our honor to help carry it forward.”
an additional 252 dinners to its current Meals on struggled to make ends meet. Although both Mike and Leona have both
Wheels recipients. In total, the event served a free
meal to 787 people this year. “Mike and Leona built a legacy of service- passed, the tradition that still bears their names
oriented leadership,” said Veridian President and has grown. Each dinner includes turkey, mashed
The event is named for former Veridian board CEO Monte Berg. “We’re grateful for their example, potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, dinner roll,
member Mike Adams and his wife, Leona. The
late couple built a partnership between the credit
union and the local UAW to offer the first free
Thanksgiving dinner in 1982, when many Iowans

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Photos by Ron Moses


Ron is a visual person and self-taught photographer. By accident, he fell in love with photography while

playing with an old beat-up DSLR camera. He realized a beautiful world exists through a camera lens.

This was the beginning of his passion began for photography.

“When I can focus on something through a camera lens and say,

‘that’s a shot ... I seize the moment.’” ~ Ron

Ron admits his photographer’s eye captures inspiration to share with others. It forces him to look with

depth to pay more attention to the beauty around him ... then immortalize what he sees through photos.

On behalf of The Soultown Magazine, I’d like to thank Ron Moses and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for having SOUL! ,

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. The event also
offers other free services, including a haircut from Clip
Art Corner, blood pressure check from Cedar Valley
Hospice and transportation from Cedar Falls, Evansdale
or Waterloo by Metropolitan Transit Authority of Black
Hawk County.

Other local contributors to the event include retirees
of the UAW Local 838; the Women’s Auxiliary of UAW
Local 838, Anderson Erickson Dairy, Cedar Valley
Hospice, Clip Art Corner, College Square Hy-Vee, Martin
Bros. Distributing Co., Inc., Metropolitan Transit Authority
of Black Hawk County, Northeast Iowa Area Agency on
Aging and Special Occasions Party and Event Rental.

Veridian Credit Union, founded in 1934 in Waterloo,
Iowa, is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned
by its members. The credit union offers a full range of
business and consumer financial services and employs
more than 800 people throughout 30 branches. For more
information, visit or call (800) 235-3228.

On behalf of The Soultown, we’d like to thank
Veridian Credit Union for having SOUL! ,

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



Congratulations to Alison, Winner of the Spooky Story Contest!

Courtesy Illustration

Youth Writer Wins With Vivid Imagination

CALIFORNIA - Since the 1990s, a large amount “In the future, I want to be
of the population in Naville has gone missing a zoologist.”
and never found. A legend has been passed
through their ancestors to their children about ALISON “Did you hear that?” Luna asked Oliver.
the town having bad energy that feeds into souls When she turned around Oliver was gone. Far
but nobody knew exactly where it was. There Winner
hadn’t been a resident who believed that legend away there was a wooden sculpture that looked
for many years when two teenagers sought after like a cabin with a red light that was so bright that
the bad energy. she needed to close her eyes. Children started
to cry, scream, and laugh. They got louder and
Oliver and Luna had explored everywhere ex- louder. A group of children started to come to
cept the forest. With curiosity in their minds, they her with bloody crying eyes, smiling and singing,
went to explore. As they entered the forest, they “Come inside. Be our friend. Save your friend.”
walked inspecting every inch of it. Later on, it
started to get dark and they heard children cry- While Luna was surrounded by children’s spir-
ing. its, Oliver was trapped in what seemed like a
“Oliver ... Luna...Come help us,” a child whis-

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You Are A Woman Who Is
Black, Not the Opposite
may end up single, but at least you’d have all the and it seems like there is not enough money to
DEAR GABBY “me time” in the world. Subtract time alone and make it through the holidays. How I can give
you lose yourself, so remember to take care of gifts, pay bills and stay afloat without being in
Female Advice Columnist you first. the poor house? Any suggestions would help.
(Redwood City, CA)
----------------------------------------------- ~ Gabby
~ Dollar Dollar Bill
Learn more about Queen Gabby’s advice at ------------------------------------- Dear Dollar, Dollar Bill,
Dear Gabby, I feel where you’re coming from. We know this
Email Me: [email protected] Often I have asked myself am I a Black woman? time is coming every year, and still not prepared.
Or a woman who is Black? This question I usually create a budget and think of cool
Dear Gabby, often arises when I am put in situations where inexpensive gifts. I mean people always say it’s
Once a month I spend a day with myself. I gender roles are in question. I don’t consider the thought that counts, but honestly, everyone
shop only for me, take myself to a movie and myself to be a feminist, but I do claim to be a wants a gift. Keep it simple… 10 or 20 dollars per
even try a new restaurant, alone. This time pro-black activist. Can you help me determine person, that’s all. Therefore, your bills are still
alone allows me to do some self-reflection and when I should respond as a Black woman or a paid and everyone is happy. Don’t drive yourself
review my actions of last month to determine woman who is Black first? crazy! Next year try planning ahead and maybe
how I can improve. It also helps me think (San Francisco, CA) you won’t be so stressed. I’m sure everyone is in
of positive behaviors and thoughts for the the same boat, but you only can do what you can
months to come. My man-friend understands ~ IJS do. Happy holidays gyrl!
most months, but lately, he has been acting
jealous as if he is jealous of apparently me Dear IJS, ~ Gabby
spending time with me. Can you please explain Hmmmm, I would say that you are a woman who
to me how I should handle this situation? I on is black. There are only two genders, male and ~ Queen Gabby ,
the verge of telling his ego off! female. We fall into one of those categories first,
(East Palo Alto, CA) then race plays a factor. When people look at SCAN THE QR CODE TO GET
you, I feel like they see gender, then immediately, THE SOULTOWN ON YOUR
~ Unapologetically Black and Woman race. I know it might sound weird because as
a black woman myself I feel as though people MOBILE DEVICE
Dear Unapologetically Black and Woman, harp on my blackness before anything. Not to
Spending time with yourself is mandatory. We mention the various situations we find ourselves
need time away from people, rather if it’s getting in that reminds us that we are black every day.
our mind together or spoiling ourselves. I’m Emotionally, physically, and mentally you are
guessing he has some time for himself as well, if going to feel like a woman first. You are going
not he should seek some. I would communicate to be considered by everyone else like a black
and let him know that there’s a certain amount of woman; either way… be proud sis!
time that you need alone. Advise that it makes
you a better person and that you’d appreciate it if ~ Gabby
he understood this. If he continues to act jealous,
then take more and more time for yourself. You -------------------------------------

Dear Gabby,
This time of year, everything is so expensive

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Race Is Not A Factor
When Love Is Involved
Dear Big Q, me OR test the non-black waters? Please be
Last night a platonic male friend wanted to hang honest, save the politically correct rhetoric. BIG Q
out. He is Latino and I am Black. I suggested we (Waterloo, IA)
go see a movie, he agreed. He let me choose Male Advice Columnist
the movie. I chose Harriet, he said Harriet who? ~ Satisfied & Single
Causally I said, you know Harriet who freed the -----------------------------------------------
slaves, he said oh, Harriet Rogers? I just stared Satisfied & Single,
at him with a blank face and decided to uninvite Lol ... I always keep it honest in my responses and Learn more about Big Q’s advice at
him and go with another group of my Black stay away from politically correct answers. This is
friends. Was I wrong? why I’m assuming that you are asking my opinion Email Me: [email protected]
(Chicago, IL) on this situation. My question to you would be, do
you like cream in your coffee?? Or more simply Francisco, CA)
~ History Buff put, are you attracted to men of other races? In
my opinion, the answer is closer to YES, than it ~ Cute in My Boots
Dear History Buff, is NO. The reason I feel this way is because you
Yes, in my opinion, you were dead wrong. The are questioning it. Most people that are not fond of Dear Cute in My Boots,
reason that I feel that you were wrong is that you dating outside of their race wouldn’t even question No, you should not be trippin because your man
could have used this opportunity to educate your the situation. Who knows? Maybe you may date wants to see you in high heel shoes, as long as
friend. To be honest I would have probably been someone of another race and love it or maybe it he asks you to do so in a respectful manner. In
irritated as well if one of my friends didn’t know who might not be your cup of tea at all. The bottom my opinion, I feel that a woman can be sexy in
Harriet Tubman was. But this would have made me line is that you probably need to experience it boots, gym shoes, or high heels. The only issue
more excited for him to watch the movie so that he first so you can form your own legitimate opinion. is that your boyfriend may see it differently. Maybe
could learn more about her, the slave movement, Therefore, I feel that you should test the non-black he only wants you to wear heels when both of
and African American people in general. Either this waters so you can see where it takes you and you attend certain engagements that people are
guy skipped class the day that they talked about how it makes you feel. One thing that I learned dressed up and in that type of attire. My advice to
slavery and Harriet Tubman, he attended class and a long time ago is that true LOVE has nothing to you would be to try and wear heels occasionally if
didn’t listen, or his school didn’t talk about her at do with race or ethnicity. It is all about your heart that’s what makes your man happy. You may even
all. Regardless of what the reason was, you should and the compatibility of the two individuals that are be able to possibly persuade him to buy you heels
never pass up the chance to inform anyone about involved. Take this into consideration and step out if he wants to see you wear them more. That way
our history and what we have been through over of your comfort zone and give it a try. If it doesn’t you wouldn’t even have to spend your own money
the years. There was nothing wrong with going work for you, at least you can say you gave it a on purchasing them. Either way, it goes, the goal
with your friends to the movie, but maybe you chance. Good luck Ms. Lady. is to learn how to compromise in a relationship to
should have let him tag along as well. Oh and by make your partner happy and in my opinion, this
the way, who the heck is Harriet Rogers?!!! ~ Big Q is something small that you can do to make him
--------------------------------- happy. Just quit being stubborn and add a few
~ Big Q pairs of sexy high heels to your wardrobe. At the
Dear Big Q, end of the day, you may start to enjoy wearing
--------------------------------- I haven’t worn heels in years. I don’t have to them more than what you thought you would. Have
in my line of work and frankly, I am a boot girl. a wonderful day sweetheart.
Dear Big Q, My dude and I went out last week and it was
I am a Black, single and honestly, happily nice out and I wore a flat sandal. As soon as ~ Big Q ,
divorced woman. I love my freedom, and he saw me, he looked disappointed. When the
frankly, my closet space. I have friends that time was right I asked him if he was ok? He
live all over the country, of all cultures, who are said he thought maybe for once I would have
married. They are always trying to hook me up worn heels out. Mmmmm I have never worn
with men that aren’t Black. Should I tell them heels out with him and when we met I had on
I am not interested in men that don’t look like tennis shoes. Should I be trippin or not? (San

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he is there in the beginning & the end

IOWA - I do not think of myself as My Image and after My Likeness to

of yet, a lion in winter but there is some manifest My goodness in the land!” In

snow on the mountaintop. I have made other words, you and I were born to

65 trips around the sun on this terrestrial be an open manifestation of an idea

ball called Planet Earth. These days of God! This gives me an attitude of

more and more I am coming to grips Thanksgiving where even our mistakes

with my mortality. The muscles that once and missteps have been figured into the

strengthened the eyes are beginning equation of grace and mercy.

to weaken, the legs are no longer as DR. RAINEY Lamentations 3:22-23 (KJV) “It is
swift as they were… muscles for static of the Lord’s mercies that we are not

and dynamic movement do not recover Faith Enthusiast consumed because his compassions

as quickly as they did in my youth. Learn more from our Faith Enthusiast at: fail not. They are new every morning:

However, the fascination with the idea great is thy faithfulness.” I look back

and the ideals seem to increase with faith.html over my life and I look forward to my

each passing moment. Email Me: [email protected] life, I am so thankful that God has been

These monthly articles are intended there in my beginnings and is there

to inspire, energize our faith and to waiting at my ending. So I say this time

infuse hope into what seems to be a “These monthly articles of Thanksgiving shall also be a time of

‘mad, mad, mad, mad world’. The longer are intended to inspire, restoration for me and for all those who
I live I am convinced that you and I are choose to believe.

not a mistake neither the results of the energize our faith and Yes, redemption and restoration for
random chance of a series of events that poverty that robbed your wealth –

that crawled out of the seas, fell out of to infuse hope into that pain that disturbed your health – that
trees and one day stood upright to walk. predicament that blocked your vision –

Our faith claims that Some One (God) what seems to be a that nightmarish event that frightened
thought out all of Creation and then your dream – that betrayal that

strategically placed humankind in the ‘mad, mad, destroyed a friendship and that ambush
‘here and now’ for a specific purpose. that held up a mission… the result of all

That same God is actively involved in mad, mad world’.” these shall be the manifestation of grace
ongoing human history. I rejoice in the above and beyond our imagination.

fact the God is so ‘intimately’ involved For this, we give You, God, our

right down to the DNA in each strand hearty Thanksgiving.

of hair on our head and the emotional you ready?

makeup of the individual. Alpha and Omega placed alpha and I am Dr. David Rainey, Faith

The student in me states it this way omega into the dust of the ground and Enthusiast for The Soultown

in regards to the human kinds origin and the ground came alive. God put Eternity International Magazine. I’d like to
Nov. 2019 G• Tohde’sScoounlttoinwuninIgnteidrneaatifoonraol uMraligvaezsin. eA•reCelebrianttionga2‘ytiemaersd•bCoodnyn’eacntidngsOaiudr, C“Wulatulkresinto Our Cybthera&nkCGonosdcifoours hCaovmimngunSitOieUs •Lt!he,



CABIN OF TERROR JUMPS FROM PAGE 23 Luna. Let’s go home.” The shadow reappeared by down behind a tree. She didn’t know for how long
the cabin facing Luna. the shadow was going to be gone, so she hurried to
“Somebody help! Luna please come help me!” He burn the cabin.
cried and pleaded. A bright red light entered the cab- “You can’t go home. You are already home. Join
in along with a shadow. us,” the raspy voice said. The children then ap- While the cabin was burning, she screamed,
peared from behind her trapping her between the “We are not scared. We are not letting you into our
“Don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you” A raspy voice shadow and the cabin. She had nowhere to go. minds. The bad energy is going away.” The shadow
said. Oliver looked into the light and lost himself. His At that moment, Luna figured everything out. This and a group of dead people appeared.
soul was about to be consumed into the bad energy. whole thing was the bad energy of the town from the
legend told by her ancestors. “I will come back for you only, Luna,” the raspy
Luna heard the screams of Oliver from far away voice said. Luna believed that the souls were now
that begged for help desperately. She ran towards “Why are you doing this? Let him go. Take me at peace.
the cabin and felt like she was sinking into the instead,” Luna said without thinking. The shadow
ground and that she couldn’t move. Someone pulled laughed. All the shadowy figures disappeared and Oliver
her out of the ground and when she turned around woke up. They went running into town and told
to see who it was, she found out that it was an old “You can join us. You just have to let us into your everyone what had happened and where all the
man with his eyes all white. “You children don’t be- mind,” the raspy voice said. Luna knew what she missing people were. Then the villagers went into
long here. You need to leave,” he said. needed to do. She needed to burn the cabin. With the forest and there was no evidence of what had
Oliver inside, she had to defeat the shadow first. happened. They all looked at each other confused.
Luna wanting to save Oliver she asked, “What can They quickly realized that is was all a trap set by the
I do? What is happening?”. “You feed on souls to be stronger and come into bad energy to lure them into the forest. Their souls
the earth as flesh and bone. You can only take souls were all consumed one by one and the bad energy
“You are the only one who could save us. Save if we let you into our minds. I won’t let you into my walked into the earth.
your friend. Close the portal to the other side where mind. I’m not scared of you,” Luna said. The shad-
the red lights are. The portal is in the cabin,” The old ow then disappeared and Oliver stopped walking to- On behalf of The Soultown, we’d like to thank
man said. Luna ran towards the cabin and saw that ward the red lights. She grabbed Oliver and lay him
Oliver was going to the red lights. Alison and Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

Luna screamed, “Oliver doesn’t go in there! It’s me, for having SOUL! ,

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Join The Soultown’s

BizWiz Section

Join The Soultown’s BizWiz section by sending a copy of your business card to [email protected]

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Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •



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THE SOULTOWN, USA - The story of Harriet turned-abolitionist. What is true is that slave records Courtesy Photo
Tubman was never told at great length in any of -- that logged names, numbers of siblings, history
my history classes. When I was 12, my family of the dates when slaves were sold, to whom they I am Chillin’, Innovative Extraordinaire for
relocated to central Iowa. I attended public school were sold to, scars, birth dates -- DID exist. These The Soultown International Magazine. I’d like
and was one of very few African Americans at the records are the only connection that we have to to thank the real Harriet Tubman for freeing
junior high school. I do not have a memory of Harriet our ancestors and to the Motherland. The failure to slaves and for having SOUL! ,
Tubman being taught there. My 12th-grade year was disclose this information earlier is the broken vein in
completed at yet another public high school back in our Black History. To applaud this film is applauding Learn more about the Sankofa Vow at
Chicago. We returned to Chicago for my mother to Hollywood’s continued efforts to feed the Black
care for her ailing father. During my senior year, I took culture our history teaspoons at a time, instead of by Email me: [email protected]
a Contemporary American History class to satisfy the the cup, quart or gallon.
requirement for graduation - no Harriet there either.
Hollywood disappointed me, so did Lemmons
My brief knowledge about Harriet Tubman came and Howard. They directed and wrote the story of
from fragmented conversations at home, television Hollywood’s Harriet, NOT our Harriet Tubman.
documentaries and/or books and poems I’ve read.
She is one of the most heroic ancestors in African No truth here, just Hollywood.
American culture, I mean ‘she freed the slaves’, The Sankofa Vow is The Soultown’s promise to
right? I remember thinking, “Wow ... Did she free ALL our ancestors; to return to the Motherland and retrieve
of the slaves? If so, how cool.” what has been stolen from our ancestry via the trans-
Atlantic slave trade. Our forefathers intended to leave
Once she appeared in my dream. She was there seeds for us to return to gather, plant, cultivate and
to help me transition from a time in my life where I felt grow.These seeds can be reclaimed and retained
shackled in my professional abilities. In my dream, by reading, watching, and discussing with
she was standing in the middle of the road --- in the our elders and also by traveling to our
light -- guiding me to another path on my journey. native
In reality, I was weighing options that would alter continent of
my career path and I was exploring the cost-benefit Africa, the
analysis of the dilemma of my decision. Seeing her Motherland.
in my dream and hearing her voice helped me to
make a decision. In the dream, when she reached
her hand out to me, I was led out of darkness into the
promised land ... metaphorically.

I planned a night at the movies to be educated
and introduced to the courageous Harriet. I was
hoping to connect some dots. However, I left the
movie feeling very unsatisfied. I have more questions
than I had before the movie started.

With Kasi Lemmons and Gregory Allen Howard
as the director and writer of the screenplay; I had
high expectations. At the very least, I expected the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to be
told. Guess I had forgotten historically Hollywood’s
reputation of altering and/or embellishing the truth
to relieve the feeling of guilt left by the oppressors
-- when Black historical films are created.

Truth or Hollywood? Did Black bounty hunters
-- like the one who played the role of the primary
antagonist -- in the 1800s exist? Did Harriet’s slave
owner save her life from the Black Bounty hunter?
Was the scene where the Black bounty hunter
brutally killed Maria (The African American woman
who was born free who housed the escaped slaves)
an embellishment? If yes, have these records been

What is true … is Harriet Tubman was a slave-

Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


Nov. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities •


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