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Emma Epting - Informational Text Template

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Published by Emma Epting, 2019-05-06 13:05:10

Emma Epting - Informational Text Template

Emma Epting - Informational Text Template

Plant Eating Dinosaurs

“A book of plant eating dinosaurs”

“Plant eaters of the past”

Let’s go 100 million years in the past! You’re standing
in a shadow of a plant eater the size of an apartment!
A plant eating dinosaur group called argentinosaurus
were the biggest dinosaurs on earth , but still not safe
from the other dinosaurs!


Big, giant,huge

The dinosaurs who chewed on high
tree branches were as tall as a
building with a total of five floors! Some
plant eating dinosaurs can stretch
longer than four school buses and can
be as heavy as 10!

Are you ready?

Are you ready for this awesome dinosaur?It has a
name , not yours!It’s heavy as a blue whale… Big as a
elementary school… What is it?


Giant discoveries

The plant eater species survived until the very end of
dinosaur time! Nobody actually knows why the
dinosaur species died out.But what we do is that plant
eaters left a lot of clues behind!


Most fossils including Argentinosaurus’s
had not been found until 1988! The piece of
argentinosaurus backbone is larger then


It’s all over...

It really is a mystery on how the dinosaur species died out.
But , there are some guesses that may have caused the
animals to disappear!Some reasons are…
Meteorite,bug,coldness,force,fireball,tsunami and a


Clues- A piece of evidence or information used in the detection
of crime or solving any mystery

Past-gone in time and no longer exist

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