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This is my Wings Of Fire booklet that explains book 8! I hope you enjoy!

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Published by Kendall Greenwald, 2019-12-17 11:51:53

Wings Of Fire Escaping Peril

This is my Wings Of Fire booklet that explains book 8! I hope you enjoy!

Wings Of Fire
Escaping Peril

By Kendall Greenwald

Wings Of Fire: Escaping Peril

Peril of the Skywings Peril has firescales and everyone thinks she is a
threat. She was Queen Scarlet’s champion until Queen
Scarlet actually got a real scar and is now ex-queen.
Peril’s mother was Kestrel who took care of the
prophecy dragonets and is now dead. Her father
actually shows up this time.

Ex-Queen Scarlet of Queen Scarlet is not queen anymore because Glory of
the Skywings the Rainwings splatted venom at her face. The
prophecy dragonets thought she was dead, but really
wasn’t. Burn, the Sandwing princess, had Scarlet
locked in her stronghold until Peril set her free. She
was roaming free for a while, but Peril found her
alongside her father who I will mention later.

Queen Ruby of the Queen Ruby is Scarlet’s daughter, and therefore,
Skywings nothing like her. Ruby has a son named Cliff who is
less than a year old. Her sister, Tourmaline, is and has
been missing for… I can’t remember how many years.
Ruby wears an earring on her ear, of course.

Prince Cliff of the Cliff is Queen Ruby’s son and is Prince. He is less than
Skywings a year old and is really picky. Queen Scarlet is his
grandma. But, let’s face it. He is not as scared of
Scarlet as everyone else is. He trusts Peril (thankfully).
He absolutely LOVES his mother and what I love about
him is that he said straight to Scarlet’s face ‘you’re

Soar of the Skywings Soar is Peril’s dad and is honestly the most weirdest
Skywing in Phyria. He wears a stockload of jewelry
including an odd safe on his chest. Peril thinks he has
the worst Skywing name ever. And that makes sense
because he isn’t even a Skywing! He is a Rainwing who
can’t camouflage or change colors. But, he can
shapeshift with a scroll inside of the safe I mentioned

Chameleon of the Chameleon is a Rainwing who cannot change colors
Rainwings or camouflage at all. So, he decided he would
shapeshift into other dragons to make himself
different and liked. His main is Soar, the Skywing. He
also has many others like Cirrus of the Icewings, who I
will explain later on, and a Nightwing named
Shapeshifter, who is as big as Morrowseer, who is
explained in my other Bookworm Blog post.

Turtle of the Seawings Turtle is a prince of the Seawings and Queen Coral’s
son. He was Peril’s second friend (First is Clay). Turtle
is an animus and enchants very few things. The most
important thing he enchanted was a pebble that he
used to heal wounds. The only time he used it though,
was when his wings were sore from flying nonstop for

Moon(watcher) of the Moon is a Nightwing who can read minds. Very few
Nightwings Nightwings can, but she can because she was born in
the rainforest. My point is that she was born under two
moons, so she has the power of prophecy and mind
reading. That’s why she has a silver teardrop on her
eye. It would make more sense if you read it. Moon
has been acting very strange since she entered Jade
Mountain Academy. She’s been hearing...voices...

Qibli of the Qibli is Queen Thorn’s technically sidekick because of
Sandwings all the time he spends time keeping her safe. He is
loyal to his friends and always has the right idea.
Usually he is the one who throws a good choice out at
dragons and then is chosen. Sorry I admit it, but he
has a GIANT crush on Moon. He is always willing to
protect her at all costs.

Winter of the Icewings Winter is prince of the Icewings. Well, more or less,
EX-prince. His family thinks he is cowardly and not
capable of absolutely anything. But, the only thing
Winter cares about and he hopes that she cares about,
is Moon. That would probably really anger Qibli...he
honestly never stops thinking about Moon. He always
worries for her.

Kinkajou of the Kinkajou is energetic and the most optimistic dragon
Rainwings you will ever see. When there is a problem, she won’t
let her friends down. But, the problem is, her
happiness isn’t shared now, because she has been
unconscious and hasn’t woken up YET. I am only on
book 9 at the moment, so I don’t know yet. She has a
crush on Winter, but Winter doesn’t like her. I think.

Cirrus of the Icewings Cirrus is an Icewing who is one of Chameleon’s
shapes. He is in the Talons Of Peace and that was the
first time that he met his daughter, Peril. The Jade
Winglet was searching for help, and they ended up
going to the Talons Of Peace to get it, where Cirrus
was. A dragon named Pyrite was with Cirrus and I
have to say, he was very protective of her when she
said she was going to go with the Jade Winglet for
their help. It was very mysterious. But, Pyrite is
definitely not what she seems.

Shapeshifter the Shapeshifter is also one of Chameleon’s shapes. As
Nightwing far as I know, he only shows up once and that was
when the Jade Winglet was trying to get the scroll
inside of his safe on his chest. That scroll is actually
the Darkstalker’s scroll, who I will mention later on in
my blog. Turtle had to hurt Shapeshifter with his
animus magic to get the scroll, and he did not like that
at all.

THANK YOU! Thank you for reading this! Hope you enjoyed it! Read
the series if you want more info. (These are not my
drawings I just found them.)

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