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merged business project

merged business project

Leslie M. Gramajo

(239) 645-7734; Email: [email protected]


Experienced Customer Service Representative with more than 2 years in the clerical field.
Skilled in assisting customers in product service choices as well as resolution or complaints and
problems according to company guidelines. Also attending San Jacinto college for applying
lashes to clients.


T-Mobile Kemah,TX

Mobile Expert 07/18-11/18

• Assisting and communicating with the customers

• Counting Inventory

• Selling products

Southwest Structural Systems Ft. Myers, FL
Receptionist 09/15 – 05/18

• Operate telephone, answering or forwarding calls, providing information and taking


• File and maintain records

• Receive payment and record receipt for services

• Entering data in to systems software

• Provide information about the company to potential customers

• Customer Service
• Applying Lash Extensions
• Bilingual


Lehigh Senior High School, May 2015 Lehigh Acres, FL
High School Diploma

San Jacinto, December 2018 Pasadena, TX
Certified Lash Extentionist

Mission Statement

Becoming better every day for the love of lashes. Building a relationship with my
clients is the main key so they can walk out with there eyes mesmerized.

Anaeli Deleon
1607 Packsaddle Lane
Baytown, TX 77521

November 6, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Leslie Gramajo. I have known Leslie
since 2012, we went to high school together. We were also neighbors, so we would ride the bus
together. We instantly became friends. Since then she has showed me how honest and loyal our
friendship really is.

I know Leslie is a very hard worker. She had got her first part time job when she was a senior in
high school. She is committed to getting everything on her own. She has always been helpful to
others and willing to go out of her way for family and friends. Leslie is kind-hearted and a joy to
be around.

She offered to practice applying eyelash extensions on me. Even for her to be practicing she did
excellent. I loved the way the lashes looked on me. They lasted a long time, after two weeks I let
her refill my lashes. I was highly satisfied, Leslie does great and she has a positive attitude. She
will make you feel comfortable and love the feeling of having lashes.

I would recommend Leslie without a doubt. I hope anybody considers her anywhere she decides
to go or if she ends up work for herself. Nobody will be disappointed with her. She is a very
dedicated person. She takes this career for lashes very seriously. She is always smiling, kind, and
professional in every aspect. I thoroughly support her journey throughout her upcoming career. If
you have any additional questions do not hesitate to call me.


Anaeli Deleon

Jacquelyn M Vasquez
December 5, 2018
302 S Idaho St La Porte, Tx

To Whom is May Concern:

I have known Leslie Gramajo for roughly a year. I met her while we were enrolled for our
Novalash eyelash extension classes at San Jacinto North Campus.

Leslie Gramajo is a very friendly and steady eyelash extensionist. Her work continuously shows
her quality and pride though every eyelash application. She thoroughly listens to the desires of others
and compromises with what they may need for the longevity of their natural lashes and synthetic lashes
as well. She is an exemplary eyelash extensionist who has overall consistently proven her dedication and
professionalism. I would not hesitate to make her part of your team. If there are any further questions,
please feel free to contact me at the number provided. Thank you for your time.

Jacquelyn M Vasquez

Austin Stout

November 29, 2018

To Whom It May concern:

I am pleased to recommend Leslie to for fill her dream to become an Eye Lash
Extentionist. Leslie has been my favorite coworker during the past year. She has shown her
commitment to her job. I see her highly qualified for any position or career.

She is very eager learner, and willing to put her all in work to do a good job. She has worked
very well with our coworkers and customers. She has excellent interpersonal skills. Her positive
attitude is shown by her smile every day. She never has a dull moment, she brightens people’s
days. Leslie is reliable and willing to work wherever she is needed. Her work habits are very
excellent. She also is dependable, responsible, and organized. If there were any issues within
work, she is approachable giving feedback.
From what I’ve seen she is very focused on her upcoming career for lashes. Even when she’s on
her break or lunch time at work, you will see her studying. She would offer to do anyone’s
lashes, if she got to practice on them. She lets everyone know her dedication for school and
lashes. I know she works hard with balancing her life, work and school. I’m impressed with her
career development as a student right now. I believe Leslie will make it very far in her career.
Anyone will be lucky to have her working for them or if she decides to work for herself. I
without a doubt recommend Leslie to her new career. I am available for any more information,
please feel free to contact me.


Austin Stout

[email protected]

(832) 546-4611

Tyler Susuras
1231 Gulf Fwy S
League City, TX 77573

November 23, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Leslie Gramajo for employment with your organization. I am
Leslie’s manager, I have known Leslie for a year during which time she is working as our
receptionist. I have been consistently impressed with Leslie’s attitude and productivity during
this time of her working in the office.

Leslie is very smart and quite motivated. I am confident that she will devote herself to her
passion for applying lash extensions. She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to dedicate
herself to work. Leslie has demonstrated she is a hard worker and is reliable to our company.

Leslie is also able to work with other coworkers, making her a great addition to our team. She
reaches out to people to have a good relationship. She treats our clients as if they were friends,
making them feel comfortable. I know Leslie likes challenges and she is determined to face
anything. She also has put a large amount of effort to keeping our office organized and steady.
She has very high confidence in all her tasks she does. I have enjoyed watching the way she has
grown and excelled at Holiday World.

I recommend Leslie without reservation. It will be a great pleasure to see her grow in her new
career. If there are any questions regarding to her reference, please feel free to contact me at

Yours Sincerely,

Manager Tyler Susuras

Tel: (832) 410-0001

LovelyLesthetics Policy

• Minimum deposit of $20.00, this will be required on the day you set up your

• A 24-hour cancelation, please call within 24 hours to cancel appointment. After the 24

hours your $20.00 deposit is non-refundable.
• If late, please make sure to reach out to me. If you’re late this takes time out of your lash

appointment. Will not attend you if you’re 30 minutes late from your appointment, we
will need to reschedule if so.
• Preferably no makeup (No eye shadow, mascara or eye liner)
• If you have lashes on already from before or are a new client, we will need to make an
appointment for a consultation. This will determine the time and coast for your lashes.
• No eyelash extensions can be applied if allergic to adhesives.
• If client wears contacts, contacts must be removed. Please bring contact case, after the
application client may put contact back on.
• For first appointment please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the client consent form.
• Please be considerate and turn your phone off or on silent. It is better for me and you, so
your lashes come out great and you get to relax during the application.

Lash Aftercare

• Please avoid participating in activities that cause you to sweat.
• Do not use any oil-based products, check your eye products and creams.
• NO waterproof mascara
• Only use water-based make up and make up remover.
• DO NOT perm, tint, or use an eyelash curler.
• Do not pick, pull, or play with your lashes. This could damage your

natural lashes.
• Gently wash your lashes every day, using an oil-free eye wash.
• Remove your make up around the eye with a cotton swab.
• With your spoolie, brush your lashes out to separate and untangle

• Be careful while washing and drying your face.
• Only see a trained lash technician to remove your lashes.
• To extend the life of your lashes, schedule a touch up every 2-3 weeks.
• If any redness, irritation, or itchiness please contact me.

EyeLash Extension Consent Form

I _____________________ agree to have eyelash extensions applied to my natural eyelashes
and/or retouched. By signing this agreement, I authorize the placement and/or retouch from the
licensed eyelash extentionist.

1. I understand in some occasions there are risks associated with having eyelash extensions
applied to my natural lash. I also understand in some cases during or after the procedure I
may experience eye or skin irritation and discomfort may happen.

2. I understand I could have an allergic reaction from the adhesive or extensions, I will have
these immediately removed from the extentionist.

3. I understand and agree with the aftercare instructions explain by the eyelash extentionist.
I understand that if I do not follow these instructions, I could have some loss on my
eyelash extensions, that I understand these will be the consequences.

4. I understand that I should not rub or pull on my extensions after they have been applied.
5. I have been warned about using mascara on regular basis can shorten the length of time

for my extensions. I have been advised to NOT use any waterproof mascara.
6. I understand to have my eyes closed during the process of the application, which can

approximately last from 90-120 minutes. Time varies depending of the amount of
extensions applied.
7. I understand that a touch up/refill appointment will be necessary every 2-3 weeks. I have
been advised that there is a refill fee.

Below are questions informing the extentionist about you, please fill out.

[ ] Yes [ ] No Do you wear contacts? (If so, you may be asked to remove during the
procedure of your application)

[ ] Yes [ ] No Have you worn eyelash extensions before?

[ ] Yes [ ] No Are you allergic to medical tape?

[ ] Yes [ ] No Do you have any allergies?

[ ] Yes [ ] No Do you have sensitive eyes?

[ ] Yes [ ] No Do you perm or tint your lashes?

________________________ ___________________ ________________
Client Signature Phone Number Date

________________________ ________________
Extentionist Signature Date

Lash Extension Removal Consent

In order to remove your lashes, I use an adhesive remover that is
applied near your eye area. Thank you for your collaboration.

I ___________________ (client) am authorizing my eyelash extentionist to apply adhesive
remover near my eye area. Licensed eyelash extentionist ________________.

More about yourself

Are you allergic to medical tape? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you suffer from allergies? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you have sensitive eyes? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Reason for removal

Please check the following:

[ ] Dr’s Orders [ ] Upcoming Surgery [ ] Irritation/Itching

[ ] Unsatisfied with Lashes [ ] Need a break [ ] Financial Reasons

[ ] Other (Please Explain) ______________________________________________________



_____________________________ ________________
Client Signature Date

_____________________________ _________________
Extensionist Signature Date

Table Setup

Before and After

LovelyLesthetics Menu Services

Lashes $115
Eyelash Extensions Full Set – Classic $225
Eyelash Extensions Full Set - Volume $125
Eyelash Extensions Full Set – Mink
Color Eyelash Extensions Full Set -

Refills and Removal

Lash Touch Up (2 weeks) - $45
Lash Touch Up (3 Week) - $55
Removal - $40

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