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My Colonial ebook with hyperlinks, facts, things to learn about colonial life and much more!

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Published by Varsha Ilavarasu, 2019-05-28 09:00:13

The life of a child in Colonial America

My Colonial ebook with hyperlinks, facts, things to learn about colonial life and much more!

The life of a child
in Colonial


Colonial america ebook

By varsha ilavarasu

Table of Contents

1. What was the History of the 13 Colonies
2. I’ll walk to school
3. Working in the colonies
4. Fancy pants!
5. Can you play with me mother?
6. Yummy in my tummy

7. The path to revolution
8. Bibliography

What was The History of The 13 colonies?

What was The History of the 13 colonies?

Before you even think of learning about the
colonies you have to know what a colony is! A
colony is a piece of land owned by a different
country or king/queen.

The 13 colonies were, I guess you could call
them something like a state, lots of people fled
their country to live in this new territory. These
people were called colonists. Colonists fled from
their home country because their country was
not giving them freedom,they were forcing
religions and other bad stuff. The first colony
was in Jamestown,Virginia. This place was owned
by the English King (britain,england)And the
colonies were separated into 3 parts: north(New
england colonies),Middle,And the southern colonies.

Okay, now i think you’re ready to learn about
a child’s colonial life with Amanda!

I’ll walk to School

I’ll walk to School
If you thought kids go to school,well they did. But don’t be fooled,it’s not

the same as your schools, it’s harder than you think but they didn’t have the

tools you have now ,like your computers. That meant they wrote on paper,and

only paper,but let’s find out more things about schools back then in compare Colonial schoolhou
and contrast.

Colonial children have school for 3 months Children now

in the winter and boys went to school for 3 Children now have school 10 months in
years and us girls went less, until we knew how all,fall,spring,and winter, boys went to
to read and write. That’s because my little school until college and girls went until
sister and i have to train to be housewives college because they can choose to go to
when we are done with school. university

My best friend goes to dame school. She There are private schools which are Colonial hornbook
says dame school is a private school,but instead schools who aren’t owned or payed by the
of the girls learning just math,reading,and government.
writing the girls learnt to sew too! And I
think that having only boys from rich families Everyone is allowed in a college as
long as they have the grades and money.

going to college is just unfair, and everyone in Everyone in a school learns in
our school learns in the same room and we different classes for grades and they
bring firewood everyday for the fireplace oh always bring their books ,and we use pens
and we use quill pens to write on our slates and pencils to write in our writing books.

and hornbooks! Hornbooks help us remember the And if we misbehave then we get

alphabet and also the sounds of letters, they warnings,and if we are too bad we have
help with reading and writing too! Oh and the to go outside and apologize to the
worst thing is being punished if we’re bad, we teacher.

have to wear the dunce hat, its a cone hat and

dunce means dumb.

Working in the Colonies

Working in the Colonies Play a game about delivering!

Jobs were not easy, neither is right now, but back then Click here!

that place was new,they had to make everything from scratch so Colonial blacksmith
they made jobs like the blacksmith and silversmith but there are

more so let’s find out what jobs were like back then.

My father took me to see the different jobs and what
they do, like:Coopers made barrels, Blacksmiths make things out
of hard metals and repair metals, printers and binders print
paper copies of the latest news and other paper things, brick
makers make bricks, silversmiths work with other metal silvers,
and surveyors map unexplored land!

Milliners and shoe makers are my favorite! Margaret the Colonial milliner
shoemaker makes my shoes and repairs them, and Priscilla the
milliner helps me pick fabrics to help me sew and even stitches my
clothes back when they rip because i can’t sew that well.

I watch my brother hunt and fish but not build because it’s
too “dangerous”, my big sister and mother helps me learn to
gather eggs,feed chickens,milk cows,make soap,candles,butter,
knit,cooking,sewing, and even spinning wool into thread and into
other things and we also help the craftsmen,bake bread and even
help printing papers and help with making tools with blacksmiths!
And Sometimes I watch my bigger brother and his friends plow
fields,pick crops,chop wood,fish, hunt,buy and sell, i even once got
to buy something with them!

Fancy Pants!

Fancy Pants!

So you buy clothes from stores right? Well that’s not how it works

back then,yes they could buy fabrics and cloth if you don’t want to

make them yourself but they still made it all,so let’s learn what you

would’ve worn and made to be worn back then.

We pick flowers and berries so that mother Clothes now
can make dye for the wool. Indigos are blue,
irises are purple, goldenrods are yellow, Dye is made by people in a
cranberries are pink, and blackberries are black factory who get the flowers and
and other things. and our grandmother usually berries to make dyes and it makes
cards the wool,so that it is fluffy and has the beautiful dyes for the cloth.
dirt out of it,my brother and father loom and
me and my sisters help get berries for mother Anyone usually sews but it's
to sew. And once mother sews, it always looks mostly the women who do all of the
pretty and beautiful at the end sewing and once they’re done,they’ll
be beautiful!
Me and my sister and mother have to wear
aprons so that our clothes don’t get dirty. my Every woman could wear an Colonial dress
father wears regular clothes but when he
dresses fancy, he wears linen shirts and apron so they don’t get dirty and
stockings,leather shoes,breeches,coats and a
tricorn hat on his head. When my little sister when a man is getting dressed
was born,she would wear a simple cotton gown
and it felt very comfortable but she can’t wear fancy he wears a suit with a bow
it because she has outgrown it and If me, my
sisters, and my mother were dressing fancy we tie or a regular tie,and some black
would wear dresses and skirts,stockings and
leather shoes and also put our hair in a bun.. polished shoes And when a baby is

born they wear baby shirts and

pants or baby dresses and you can

also dress them in headbands or


When women dressed up they

wore beautiful gowns with glitter

or sparkle,and they’d wear

beautiful jewels on their neck and

hands, and tie their hair down or

into beautiful ponytails and braids Colonial suit
and buns!

Can you play with me Mother?

Can you Play with me Mother?

We love to have fun,right? Well kids in colonial times did too, and they

had lots of games,but since they don’t have electronics,they played board

games and made up games with their friends, but you might be wondering

what they are,well then let’s find out in comparisons.

Once, my father told me what happens when Fun now Colonial
they have parties for fun, he said that birthday parties When parties happen, people party
had huge meals and a delicious fruit cake,they played 9
pin bowling and music played at the parties,i thought played music and maybe they
that was so cool, and it sounds super fun too! played checkers or poker and they
also danced and for birthdays
But we kids have our fun too, my 2 best friends there were big birthday cakes
and i play graces,where we try to be the elegant,pretty, with presents for the birthday
and graceful girls like the girls at our family dance kid!
classes! we also play board games like backgammon and
checkers, we also play slits,marbles,ring toss,sack Kids have fun too
races,blind man’s bluff ,spinning tops and my favorite, though,some kids play on their
flying kites! electronics and play video games
but you can also play other
And who could forget the popular holidays! games and play with toys like
Christmas started december 24th to january 6th and it barbies and legos and play games
would be so fun! Me and my sisters wear our most like concentration!
fancy dresses and put our hair in beautiful buns and
head out to the fun christmas times! And my father’s And the holidays were
favorite is thanksgiving where we can eat any amount! christmas,new year, and the
other typical holidays and they
I really love having fun since its kinda boring and would play music,have parties,get
since there’s so many games to play! Especially since i and give gifts, and big meals
have friends who live next to me to play with me! too!

Yummy in my tummy!

Yummy in My Tummy!

We love to eat yummy food and we know it,but in colonial times,they didn’t
have the resources for the appliances to say,make fries,they made everything
from scratch,no fridges,microwaves and others that run on electricity! So let’s
taste the flavors of the food they used to eat. (veggies included)

Me and my sisters help mother bake breads, pies,cakes and we also help with
getting the food, we fish and dig clams and oysters out of the sand, we also Colonial housewife cooking
have to plant so that mother can just cook and do the chores around the house.

We had to learn to grow pumpkins,corn,squash,barley,and sweet potatoes,
and we also pick the apples and peaches off the trees so we can make apple ciders
and apple pancakes, which is delicious when we have fresh apples and sugar!

And obviously, we need ingredients to make apple pie crust and bread, so me
and my sisters go get the eggs from our coop,and milk from our cows so that she
can mix the flour,sugar,milk,and eggs,to make bread and she puts it in our
fireplace oven and we have fresh bread or pies, or pancakes and many more!

We also watch our father hunt rabbits,squirrels and deer. And when we
store food we mostly make our beans salted and dried,butter covered in
salt,meat dried and we made our milk into cheese since we can’t drink spoiled milk.

The Path to Revolution

The path to Revolution

So you might be wondering,

Did they ever break free? Or maybe,
Did king george the lll die so he doesn’t rule?
Well,this page will answer all of those questions!

1763 1763 1773 1775-1783

King in debt The king’s money rebellions freedom

The french and The king’s in The colonists The colonists
indian war ends debt but he got sick of declare war (the
and the king has thinks that he
to pay the price could tax the paying so much revolutionary
but he’s in debt colonists more so they war) and they’re
to get money
rebel,which finally the US
results in acts
like the boston

tea party



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