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February 2022 - In the MARgins Newsletter

MAR - Newsletter - Feb 2022

The official newsletter of the MARvelous Mid-Atlantic Region

IN THIS ISSUE: Jack and Jill of
Alumni America, Inc.

Volume 2 Issue 3 | February 2022


IN THE Koren Townsend
MARGINS MAR Regional Editor, Raleigh-Wake
Crystal Johnson
I’d like to welcome you all to the third issue of the 2021-2022 Chapter Editor, Richmond Chapter
program year of In The MARgins, the official regional newsletter of
the Mid-Atlantic Region of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. The focus of CONTRIBUTORS

this newsletter will serve as a showcase of the marvelous Tarcia N. Flemming
programming our amazing chapters are implementing. MAR Regional Director
You will read how the Gastonia-Piedmont Chapter provided Columbia Chapter
community service, the Orangeburg Chapter learned about the rich
Gullah culture, and the Richmond Chapter went on a weekend Tomisha Gladman
MAR Regional Secretary
retreat amongst many more chapter highlights. Winston-Salem Chapter
Other highlights include COPA of the South and the Regional Family
Kimberlei Davis
Event in Charlotte, NC. MAR Public Relations Chair,
Needless to say, the Mid-Atlantic Region continues to excel with Orangeburg Chapter
outstanding programing and enriching activities for our families.
Yours in Jack and Jill,
Koren Townsend 4611 Hard Scrabble Road
Suite 109
Koren Townsend Columbia, SC 29229-9499
MAR Regional Editor
Raleigh-Wake Chapter [email protected]




Table of Contents


Greetings Family!

I extend a heartfelt and hardy congratulations to us as we celebrate 84 and
65 years of excellence in leadership and programming! The Mid-Atlantic
celebrates our 65th anniversary with jubilance and awe-inspiring brilliance!
With this February edition, we honor the twenty-one mothers who shaped
the way for Jack and Jill by highlighting our past, our present and our future
leaders. Mothers, we thank you for your declaration to the dream and your
faithfulness to our values. We also thank the visionaries, the past regional
directors who have blazed the trail and carried the torch that sustained the
pathway begun by our prophetic Founders.

As your Regional Director, I delight in your powerful programming and your
altruistic desire to improve human welfare throughout the states of our
Region. We have increased our community footprint and ensured the
foundation of our children’s success is rooted in self-actualization, cultural
awareness, educational development, and health and social development.
Mothers, your continued dedication is second to none, and I am certain the
ancestors are smiling with glee because of your selfless acts. You make a
positive difference.

Louis Truitt Dench and Marion Stubbs Thomas got it right! They knew what
our children needed, and they knew exactly who would get the job done. I
remain excited about the programs and future leaders we will cultivate in
Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated. I am thrilled to “work, play and live

On behalf of the Regional Executive Board, congratulations on 65 jubilant
years of excellence in our Region, and 84 inspiring years in the Jack and Jill
of America, Incorporated organization!

In Pink & Blue Service,

Tarcia N. Flemming

Tarcia N. Flemming
23rd Regional Director
Mid-Atlantic Region, Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated


The Chaplain’s Corner

Karen K. Jackson, Chaplain, Raleigh-Wake Chapter
Skyler Woods, Teen Chaplain, Raleigh-Wake Chapter

Words of Wisdom

“‘For I know the This is perhaps the most inspirational Bible verse
plans I have for you,’ about starting anew. The understanding that God has
declares the LORD, a plan for each of us can help us to feel hopeful about
‘plans to prosper you a new year. Aligning ourselves with this plan is central
and not to harm you, to helping us reach our full potential. For our chapter
plans to give you of Raleigh-Wake, this message has been placed within
hope and a future.’” - the context of self-care all year. Not just short-term
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) reactive activities, such as random massages or pop-
up nail appointments, that help us to feel good for the
moment. We are talking about authentic, intentional
proactive long-term plans of pouring into ourselves
consistently. As moms we likely have been
conditioned to see these actions as selfish. However, it
is only by taking care of ourselves are we then able to
effectively care for our children and families.

If you have not done so yet, a great way to begin your
self-care journey is by integrating into a vision board.
Traditionally, we think of January as a time to set new
years’ resolutions. Research shows that most of us
abandon those plans after just a few short weeks. But,
if we build self-care into our long-term goals, we are
more likely to stick to it. You can create an old-school
vision board with posters, magazine clippings, and
glue to bring your plans to life. Or, you can create
digital vision boards through the many apps and
websites now available.



Words of Wisdom

For our children and teens, new beginnings can mean Karen K. Jackson, Chaplain
changing the way we look upon our lives. Regardless
of the challenges and obstacles we will continue to “We can rejoice, too,
face, “We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems when we run into
and trials, for we know that they help us develop
endurance” (Romans 5:3). problems and trials,
for we know that
We love this strong Bible verse as it allows us to trust they help us
that there is nothing we will endure that is too hard
to handle or that will break us. God will never allow develop endurance”
anything to hurt or harm us in a way that is too hard (Romans 5:3).
for us to bear.
Skyler Woods, Teen Chaplain
So, as we start off our individual new year’s journeys,
we need to remember that they are exactly that: 5
journeys. As the year progresses, we will keep
learning and growing in all aspects of life. The first
step in making it a successful year is to seek and trust
God in all that we do and in all that happens.
Additionally, to “keep sowing seeds of faith over
doubt, seeds of peace over worry, and seeds of love
over fear”.

The Raleigh-Wake Teens kicked off this program year
strong with a quote by astronaut Mae Jemison:
“Never be limited by other people's limited
imaginations. If you adopt their attitudes, then the
possibility won't exist because you'll have already
shut it out...You can hear other people's wisdom, but
you've got to re-evaluate the world for yourself.”
Going into this new year, let us all keep the faith and
continue to push forward every single day. Let us
make this year everything we want it to be!



"Class Redefined- On Mission On Purpose“
Regional Director Tarcia Flemming

2022 FOUNDERS DAY The members of the Mid-Atlantic Region of
COMMITTEE CHAIRS Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, were
invited to celebrate their Founders Day and
65th Anniversary on January 16, 2022 at
Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC.
Excitement was high and more than 250
mother members from North Carolina, South
Carolina and Virginia were expected to
attend adorned in their “pink and blue”.
Inclement weather prevented us from
realizing our plans. Please remember the
vision of our Founders and honor them by
rededicating and recommitting to “The
Power to Make a Difference for All Children,
On Mission, On Purpose” as we work, play
and live together.

Thank you to the members of the
Capital City Chapter under the
leadership of Chapter President Korrie
Hester, Durham Chapter under the
leadership of National Vice President
Claudia Curtis and President Jasmine
Smith and Raleigh-Wake Chapter
under the leadership of President
Courtney Mack-Telfaire for your
sharing your talents and time to plan
and execute what would have been a
memorable event.

A very special thank you to the FOUNDERS DAY PLANNING
Regional Founders Day Committee COMMITTEE & SPECIAL GUESTS
Chairs, Josephine Kerr, Candace
Marshall and Madiana, Sanoh-Udeozo
for all you do.

There were so many who played a role in the execution and success of this event and I am grateful to
you for your leadership. Special recognition for Regional Protocol Chair Audrey Curry and Jack and Jill
dad Marcus Curry, Vice President Chandra Hollier, Jennifer Keen, Regional Public Relations Chair
Kimberlei Davis, Program Director Felicia Hughley. Thank you to my Regional Executive Board sisters for
their unwavering support always




Approximately 75 families across the Mid- Fahrenheit -
Atlantic Region gathered January 8th in Charlotte
Charlotte for Regional Family Day event. It
was cold outside, but their hearts were 8

The day started with a Pregame Tailgate
Party on the 21st floor at the Fahrenheit
Rooftop Restaurant. Families repped Jack
and Jill in their pink and blue gear while
fellowshipping and listening to the sounds
of DJ 360.

The restaurant patio offered picturesque
views of the Charlotte skyline and was the
perfect spot for tailgate games like
cornhole, Connect-4 and Jenga.

At the conclusion of the party the group
walked 2 blocks to the Spectrum Arena to
take part in the pregame “Behind The
Scenes” “High Five Cheer Tunnel" and "Flag
Holder” events.

Mid- Atlantic families enjoyed cheering on
the Charlotte Hornets as they defeated the
reigning NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks

Spectrum Arena- The Hornets' experience allowed
Charlotte families to enter into the arena
an hour before the general public
BEHIND and get close to the pros! We
THE watched the Hornets and Bucks
SCENES from lower bowl seats and
cheered them on during warm-

Our children and teens
participated in the "Cheer
Tunnel" for the Hornets or Bucks
players as they took the court.

Our parents were "Flag Holders"
on the court during the National


Thank you PMAL Nichelle
Levy of the South
Charlotte Chapter for the
Hornets contact.

Thank you to President
Ericka Griffin of the
Eastern North Carolina
Chapter for her vision and
execution of a FUNtastic
pregame experience.

Thank you to

Representative Zack

Hawkins of the Durham

Chapter for initiating the

on the court experiences

for our families. This family

event was one for the


Author: Tiffany Spann-Wilder
Regional Foundation Member At Large

Our teens were dressed to impress in their
formal attire; everyone was pink carpet
fabulous!!! The evening begin with the regional
welcome from Regional Teen Treasurer Amaya
Williams and Charleston Teen President Collin
Richardson. Then, Evan the DJ took the
microphone and kept the party going all night

December 11th, 2021 was a magical evening for the 10
teens of the MARvelous Mid-Atlantic Region with “COPA
In The South” headlining the marquee.

COPA 2021 was sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Region
and hosted by the Charleston Chapter. COPA is a long-
standing holiday party tradition where the Charleston
Chapter teens have sown the seeds of service and
friendship, and this year was no different. However, in
the Covid environment, our party with a purpose was
restricted to Jack in Jill of America, Incorporated teens

Teens came from every corner of the region, with teen
guests from 20 of our 29 chapters. The service
component consisted of donating school supplies to the
Teacher’s Supply Closet (TSC). TSC is a 501 (c)(3) non-
profit organization created by the Charleston Chapter
of Jack in Jill of America, Incorporated in conjunction
with the Charleston (SC) Chapter of The Links,
Incorporated to provide support to teachers and
students in title one schools. Many of the items were
shipped to the organization directly through our Target
wish list while others were brought to the event and
delivered to TSC the week following COPA.

When the teens were not taking the dance floor by storm, they were
putting on their best smiles at the photography stage as JJ Dad Dr.
Craig Alford captured the essence of the night or they took to 360
Virtual platform and showed their best life. Heavy hors d'oeuvres,
traditional low country cuisine and sweet treats of cupcakes,
cookies, and a chocolate fountain were on hand to refresh and
replenish palates.

Thank you to our sponsors Porter-Gaud
School, Edisto Dental Associates, Frazier Law
Offices, LLC, Ms. Sonja McTeer, Dr. Paul Orr,
Mrs. Kori Price-Worley, Dr. Sharvette
Slaughter, LTA Niki Smith and Spann Wilder
Law, LLC. for their contributions to bring this
vision to life.

A special thank you to Charleston Chapter
President Sharlonda Tullock and Lead Teen
Advisor Niki Smith for their leadership and
vision in the implementation of this most
exceptional event. A huge thank you to
Charleston POPs for keeping our teens safe.

If your teen missed it, catch us next time for
COPA 2022.



Best of the Best



Oh, what a magical night!!! Magic in our
Melanin, Royalty in Our DNA was the
theme for the Capital City Chapter of
Jack and Jill 5th Biennial Rose & Sapphire
Ball on January 28, 2022, at the
Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Research
Triangle Park, NC.
Under the leadership of President
Korrie Hester, Co-Chairs Francoise Desir
and Sandra Frazilus executed the
Cotillion-Beautillion Leadership program
which consisted of a 7 month
curriculum of educational workshops,
social activities, community service
initiatives, job shadowing opportunities
and ballroom dance rehearsals. This
year 12 Debutantes and 4 Beaux from

the Triangle community, including the

Capital City Chapter, Raleigh-Wake
Chapter, and Durham Chapter of Jack
and Jill of America, Inc., were presented
to Society at the Rose & Sapphire ball.


The décor and choreography by Capital City Mothers Tonya Norflett
and Kymberli Shropshire wowed and captivated everyone's attention.
Melissa Wade, a local radio host, read through the impressive
participant's biographies, and Justice Cheri Beasley was the keynote
Regional Director Tarcia Flemming provided an inspirational message
to the participants, and Regional Treasurer Daralyn Bryant attended
the event with her family. It was beautiful to see participation from our
Regional team, Regional Teen President Johnathan Ward served as an
escort in the Ball, and Regional Teen Vice President Amaya Williams
brought greetings to the attendees.





Chapter Highlights

Columbia Chapter

Train Like a Solider

The Juniors of the Captivating Columbia Chapter enjoyed learning more
about the military from 25-year veteran Major Nathan Young. Major
Young began Train Like a Solider Activity with a brief explanation of the
Army and its principles. The activity simulated a better understanding of
the accurate artillery fire needed to range an enemy twenty miles away.
One child was the observer and guided Major Young using mathematical
skills and cooperation to calculate the direction and distance of the
target. A ball was used to hit the target, David Williams, an Air Force
Veteran, and father of Jill Diamond Williams. This exercise helped the
Jacks and Jills better understand some of the training needed by soldiers.
Mother Karen Pollock ended the activity by providing each Jack and Jill
with military dog tags, water bottles, paracord bracelets, and pencils.


Chapter Highlights

Gastonia-Piedmont Chapter

Celebrating and Making a difference

Our chapter ended 2021 with a virtual
Christmas social for the entire family. Aside
from getting a surprise visit from a
distinguished guest from the North Pole,
the younger children decorated mason jars
for our annual loose change initiative in
which proceeds will be given to the Jack
and Jill Foundation. Not to be outdone by
the younger children, our teens sold over
$10,000 in the Double Goods popcorn
fundraiser and raised over $5000 to be
donated to the Jack and Jill GAP Fund.

To further support those in need, the
chapter also donated food to the Crisis
Assistance Ministry (CAM) of Gastonia for
our holiday community service initiative.
While we celebrated the holidays with our
virtual Christmas Social, our overall theme
of December was giving.



Mother Spotlights

Columbia Chapter

Teacher of the Year Award

Yvette Graham has been named
2022-2023 Teacher of the Year at
Polo Elementary School, Columbia,
South Carolina. Her heart and
passion is helping students develop
a love for learning.

Graham has served in many
capacities; school’s lead teacher,
served on the Title I Strategic
Planning Committee, served on the Williamsburg County teacher forum,
served on the ADEPT teacher evaluation committee, taught adult education
classes in the evening, and served as a homebound instructor, ELA Lead
Teacher, grade level team leader, co-lead literacy night, member of Faculty
Advisory, homebound teacher, summer reading camp teacher. She also
serve as a Richland Two Mentor and as a Cooperating Teacher for Columbia

Yvette is a mother of three, Jamey Graham, Jr. 19, Jayda Oren Graham 15
and Jasmyn Olivia Graham 11. She is a member of the Captivating Columbia
Chapter and currently serves as chapter chaplain.



Teen Spotlights

Capital City Chapter

2022 Varsity Fashionista

Capital City Teen Foundation Chair Dana Burkett has been selected to be
one of the Varsity Fashionistas for 2022. Varsity is the largest brand in
cheerleading. Fashionistas or Fashion Guys represent Varsity All-Star
Fashion (VASF) throughout the year in catalog and/or marketing photo and
video shoots, provide feedback for new innovative products, participate in
Varsity Spirit corporate sponsorship opportunity for product representation,
and/or represent VASF during special opportunities at Varsity competitions.
The Fashionistas/Fashion Guys have their photo sessions and travel paid for
including hotel room, flight, transportation and meals. They also receive
custom Varsity apparel.
Dana is a Level 5 and 6(Worlds) All-Star Cheerleader at Inspire Athletics.


Teen Spotlights

Fayetteville Chapter

Fayetteville Chapter Teen Crowned - 2022 America’s United
States (AUS) Teen Miss North Carolina

Fayetteville Teen, Kyndal M. Quinn, was crowned 2022 America’s
United States (AUS) Teen Miss North Carolina on Saturday, January
8th. The AUS pageant system offers personal development
opportunities for women and encourages them to be role models in
their communities. This system emphasizes skill building, poise, style,
and cultural appreciation. Kyndal will compete with other state
titleholders in August at the AUS National Pageant. Categories will
include an interview, evening gown, fitness wear, and talent. She is
extremely excited and appreciative of this opportunity.


Teen Spotlights

Greensboro Chapter

Greensboro Senior Teen Dreams
Big, Plans to Open His Own

Jadon Floyd, a graduating teen in the
Greensboro chapter, has been
admitted to the Culinary Institute of
America (CIA). Jadon’s talents and
interest in cooking were featured by
Guilford County Schools and WFMY
News. Jadon attends high school at
the Middle College at North Carolina
A&T State University and dreams of
one day owning his very own bakery.

He has been baking ever since he was a small child. Jadon cooks up
everything from pizzas and chicken wings to homemade cinnamon rolls
and biscuits. His specialty is baking. He currently serves customers and
makes time to bake three to four times a week.

Jadon has been in Jack and Jill of America, Inc. for 15 years. Mother
Loury Floyd served as past chapter president. Kevin Floyd currently
serves as Father's Auxillary Chair.

Congratulations Jadon!

See more of Jadon's story at the links below: 27
WFMY News 2
GCS News Break


Alumni Spotlights

Charlotte Chapter

Ashleigh Fields

Since graduating out of the Charlotte Chapter, Jill Ashleigh Fields has

gone on to shoot for the stars at Howard University. As an honors

journalism major she remains committed to keeping her school

community informed as Editor-in-Chief for The Hilltop which is the

nation's oldest and largest Black collegiate newspaper. She concurrently

serves as Executive Student Body President of the School of

Communications while maintaining her duties as the 1st Vice President

for the campus chapter of National Council of Negro Women. This past

summer, Ashleigh interned with Congressman James Clyburn which

helped instill strong lessons on leadership and grassroots politics. In the

future, Ashleigh hopes to build a career on the basis of education and

advocacy with a firm focus on the Black community.


Alumni Spotlights

Columbia Chapter

Tre Sands

Congratulations to Tre Sands! Tre is a
junior mechanical engineering
student at Vanderbilt University. He
is the son of Everette and Dr. Yvette
Sands of Columbia, SC. Tre was
invited to participate in a cooperative
education internship with Dow
Chemical, a Fortune 500 Company.
Tre will relocate to Texas for the
Spring 2022 semester and will work
in with engineers in production and

Tre is very active on the Vanderbilt
campus. He is a National Sigma Pi
Phi Boule Scholar and the Treasurer
of The National Society of Black
Engineers. He is also member of the
National Society of Leadership and
Success, The American Society of
Mechanical Engineers, and REVAMP
(Revitalizing and Empowering
Vanderbilt’s African American Male


Alumni Spotlights

Eastern NC Chapter

Meredith Edmonds

Meredith Edmonds graduated from the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill with a major in Communications with a concentration in
Media Production and a minor in Korean Language in Culture in 2019.
She also studied abroad at Yonsei University with a major in English.
After graduating from college, she interned at two casting companies
and worked at a film production and management company Good Fear
Content. Currently, she works as the digital media coordinator at
Vroman’s Bookstore, the oldest independent bookstore in Pasadena,


Alumni Spotlights

Eastern NC Chapter

Constance Edmonds

Constance Edmonds graduated from the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill with a Bachelor's of Art Degree in English. Shortly after, she
interned for Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, and then was hired by the
parent company, Workman Publishing as a Promotions Assistant. She
now holds the title of Project Manager of Creative Services for Hachette
Book Group.


Alumni Spotlights

Eastern NC Chapter

Sterling Bradford Edmonds, Jr.

Sterling Bradford Edmonds, Jr. graduated from the University of North
Carolina Charlotte Smith School of Engineering with a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2017. After
graduation he worked as a design technician for Grady White Boats, He
worked on design projects for sportfishing boats. Presently he works as
a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) designer for Fin Addict Marine in
Benson, North Carolina. He designs for sporting boats and motorized
aquatic vehicles. He has helped design for special assignments which
includes Covid medical equipment.


Alumni Spotlights

Eastern NC Chapter

Tatum Jordan

Tatum Jordan graduated with honors from Pitt Community College in
Greenville, North Carolina, on December 17, 2021. She received the
Associates in Arts degree during the inaugural fall graduation ceremony
for the college. Tatum plans to transfer to the University of North
Carolina at Pembroke to pursue a degree in social work starting spring
semester 2022.


Alumni Spotlights

Eastern NC Chapter

Kyra Miles

Since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in
May 2021, Kyra Miles has started work as a radio journalist with WBHM—-
Birmingham, Alabama’s NPR station. As the education reporter, Kyra
covers stories about K-12 schools and students in Jefferson County. In just
six months, Kyra has interviewed the Second Gentleman and had two
stories broadcast to audiences across America--one on the first LGBTQ
affirming charter school in the South and one on the rise of Black
homeschooling. Kyra is also a Report for America Corps member and
does community service in her community introducing students to the
importance of journalism. Kyra was also recently accepted into the
Education Writers Association New to the Beat program where only 22
early career reporters were chosen out of hundreds for tailored
mentorship and journalistic opportunities in education.


Alumni Spotlights

Durham Chapter

Emanuel McGirt, Jr.

Emanuel McGirt, Jr., is a 2019 graduate of
NC State University and former
scholarship football player. He has signed
with the Edmonton Elks of the Canadian
Football League.

Michael McGirt

Michael McGirt is a senior at
Morehouse College; he was elected
as Student Body President of
Morehouse College for the 2021-2022
school year.


Alumni Spotlights

Florence Chapter

Christopher R. Nowlin

Christopher R. Nowlin, 22, is a 2021 graduate of
Coker University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree
(Mass Communication) and Specialization in
African American Studies. Christopher is currently
working at the SC Florence Police Department as
a Telecommunications Data Specialist.

On May 7, 2021, Christopher also received a
Certificate of License to preach in the African
Methodist Episcopal Church. Where he is now
pursuing his Masters in Divinity starting Spring
2022 at the Dickerson-Green Theological
Seminary Allen University.

Derius D. Nowlin

Derius D. Nowlin, 19, is a 2020 High

School graduate from Florence

Christian School and is now a

sophomore at Francis Marion

University. Derius is majoring in

Management Information System (MIS),

Jack and Jill of at which he aspire to pursue a career in
America, Inc.
Computer Operations and

Entrepreneurship. 37

Alumni Spotlights

Raleigh-Wake Chapter

Raleigh-Wake Alum and former
Chapter Teen President Shelby
Brown graduates

On December 17th former Raleigh

Wake Teen President (2016-2017)

Shelby Nicole Brown, graduated

from East Carolina University with a

Bachelor of Science degree in

Business Administration and a

concentration in Management. While

at ECU, Shelby was a member of the

National Society of Black Engineers

and eventually became the

President. Shelby credits her years in

Jack and Jill with learning effective

leadership skills. She has been able

to mentor others as well as

continuing to give back through

volunteering while at ECU. Shelby

has interned in the computer

sciences field and as a project

coordinator. She recently has

accepted a position at Vidant Health

as a Strategic Project Coordinator.

She plans on becoming a certified

project manager and continuing

towards a graduate degree. 38

Alumni Spotlights

Raleigh-Wake Chapter

Hunter Martin

Hunter Martin is an alumnus of the
Raleigh-Wake Chapter and during
her tenure, she served as the 2016-
17 Regional Teen President. Hunter
is currently working on her Master of
Arts in Public Relations and
Corporate Communications at
Georgetown University. She also
holds a Bachelor of Art degree in
Communication Studies with minors
in Classical Studies and Women’s and
Gender Studies, from the University
of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Hunter also participated in the Lloyd
International Honors College and
served as Student Body President for
UNCG Student Government. Hunter
had the pleasure of being initiated in
Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional
business fraternity and Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority, Inc. Hunter is
enjoying her time in the DC area
working, learning more about the
city, and growing her network.


Alumni Spotlights

Raleigh-Wake Chapter

Zachary Martin

Zachary Martin is an alumnus of the
Raleigh-Wake Chapter and during his
tenure, he served as the 2019-20
Regional Teen President. Zach
received numerous offers from
schools up and down the east coast
to play college lacrosse. He
ultimately accepted an offer to be a
lacrosse student-athlete at Mars Hill
University, located 20 north of
Asheville, North Carolina. Zach is
enjoying his sophomore year
working towards a bachelor’s degree
in political science with a minor in
history. As a freshman, Zach excelled
in the classroom and on the field,
which earned him playing time as a
midfielder and also additional
scholarship dollars. When he’s not
studying, practicing or playing, he
can be found with his friends and
teammates cycling, hiking or
snowboarding in the nearby


Alumni Spotlights

South Charlotte Chapter

SCJJ's Carlyle Fulton is Freshman Class President at Hampton

The South Charlotte Chapter would like to celebrate IP Senior Teen
President, Carlyle Fulton, for being elected Freshman Class President
at Hampton University on September 21, 2021. Seeing Hampton’s
potential was the inspiration for him to run for office. His foundation in
Jack and Jill instilled in him the belief that he is capable and fit to lead.
Last year, he had the honor of serving as the South Charlotte Chapter
teen president. His time as chapter president showed him that the
best leader is one who can adapt and overcome obstacles placed in
front of them. As the first senior teen president with an all-virtual
program year, it was a challenge, but his Teen Advisor never gave up
on him, hence why he did not give up on himself. Jack and Jill set the
groundwork for making his dream of becoming Freshman Class
President a reality.


Alumni Spotlights

South Charlotte Chapter

Kiersten Hash: A Queen for Change

Kiersten Hash served as the 2020-2021 Senior Teens President for the

Queen City Chapter of Jack and Jill. She is now a freshman at Harvard

University. Kiersten is an advocate for change. In high school, she started

her foundation, Queens for Change, which “seeks to uplift and empower

black girls and women in the greater Charlotte area through advocacy

and service.” She has specifically focused on the Crown Act to stop race

based hair discrimination. Kiersten continues her advocacy while in

Boston through the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign and the

Harvard Votes Challenge. Kiersten attributes her time in the Queen City

Chapter and her experiences in activities such as Teen Conference and

local marches sponsored by her chapter for cultivating her advocacy and

leadership skills. 42

Want to submit an article for the next
edition of the MAR newsletter?
Click or scan below.



See every shade of burnt sienna along
the hills of sand.

Mid-Atlantic Region 2021-2022

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