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Published by Teresa Jentzsch, 2019-06-11 20:36:55

behavior of charge

behavior of charge

of Charge


Two positive charges

Two positive charges will repel one another.
They will repel each other more strongly the
closer they are to one another. Think about
two similar ends of a magnet: the closer you
bring them together, the stronger they push
each other away. It is therefore difficult to
bring two positive charges close to one


Two negative charges

Two negative charges will behave just as two
positive charges do: negative charges repel
one another, so it is difficult to bring them
close to each other.


Opposite charges

A positive charge with a negative charge
Opposite charges are attracted to one
another. Just as opposite ends of a magnet
will pull one another closer together, a
positive charge will be drawn to a negative
charge. This attraction grows stronger the
closer the charges are to each other.
Additionally, a positive charge will cancel out
a negative charge, so the pair will produce an
overall neutral (net zero) charge.

Buildup of charge

A buildup of charge, either negative or
positive, is very unstable. The system will try
to correct this instability, sometimes violently.
Lightning is an example of a rebalancing of
charge to correct a buildup of charges from
the collisions of small ice particles in clouds.

To be stable, most matter will have an overall
neutral charge.

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