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Published by 2020959747, 2022-06-01 01:45:56

Your 25th

Your 25th






This is mainly to show to the reader, specifically you, yes. You! To show that
how much I appreciate you and your existence in my life all this while. To be
honest, I don't plan any of this. It's just the idea came up to me few weeks
before your special day. At first, I thought I just want to edit few of our
pictures together. But ended up, here I am, doing this cute e-magazine for
you. I spent days and nights to edit this you know. I stayed up until late night
to find the right words. It turns out I ran out words when it comes to you. Just
the thought of you makes me happy and smile. May your 25th year on earth,
marks the beginning of your new journey and hopefully all of your dreams
will come true. Aamiin, insyaAllah.

I just want you to know that, this is fna -.
nothing compare to what you have done
to me. When you read this, please don't FATIN NOOR AFIQAH
cry (which I think you won't ahahaha)
but I hope you enjoy reading this p/s: Warning! Long content,
because this is something that I really so BACA SAMPAI HABIS!!
enjoy to do and one of the ways that I
am appreciating you. I really can't think
of anything else because words are just
not enough to describe how much you
mean to me. Kalau rasa tak paham, feel
free to ask me k? AHAAHAHAHAHAH! I am
here to explain everything for you <3

Happy 25th Birthday,
Baby !


Ingat tak apa aku cakap before this? Yang
how I have my own walls bla bla bla. And
then yang aku cakap aku takut, aku ter-over
feelings ended up orang tu tak rasa apa yang
aku rasa? Sebelum ni, aku taktau apa yang
hang rasa or fikir pasal aku. Yela sebab hang
tak pernah nak bagitau aku apa-apa and hang

layan aku baik gila. Biasa la typical
perempuan kan, mula lah nak overthinking,

nak fikir eh dia ni suka aku ka, eh dia ni
kenapa layan aku baik sangat, eh dia ni
kenapa hari-hari call aku. Tipu lah cakap aku
tak rasa apa-apa sepanjang kita kenal ni weh.
Haritu hang tanya, since bila aku realise yang
aku suka kat hang kan? Jujur, aku taktau
since bila. Know-know dah tersuka. LAH,
boleh macam tu? AHAHAHAH. Yang aku
tau, trip pi perlis tu memang aku confirm it
was the beginning of everything. Another
thing, you used to give pickup lines kan?
Masa kita selalu otp malam-malam tu? Yes,
since situ jugak lah aku slowly rasa yang
macam eh, aku suka lah kat dia ni. Gitu.

Masa awal-awal kita start contact balik past 3 months, aku tak expect apa-
apa from hang. Aku cuma niat yang aku nak fix whatever that was broken
before this. Ingat dak when I asked you about amy before this? You said you
guys were rapat sikit dari kawan. Tau dak aku menangis malam tu? Yela,

walaupun aku tak expect apa-apa from hang, tapi somehow my heart
macam broken into pieces. Then baru aku pujuk diri sendiri untuk redha
and doa yang baik-baik untuk hang. Sebab hang bagitau macam tu, aku
boleh pikir macam mana lagi? AHAHAHHAH.Then slowly lah aku build up
the walls again sebab frust lah konon kan. Tapi walls tu tak tahan lama pun,
sebab it slowly collapse when you called me bb first. Then aku saja try test
panggil hang sayang to see your reaction. Then you called me zaujah which
makes me macam eh dia ni serious ka. Makin lama the walls pun collapse
sebab idk. Maybe sebab we talk everyday, iM everyday and finally the walls
fully collapse when I hear you say the 3 words. That day was magical and

moment tu aku akan cherish sampai bila-bila.

1 thing yang buat aku terharu is the moment you
told me about hang teringat kat aku masa hang
kena covid tu. Every time aku teringat pasal benda
ni, dia macam ada satu feelings yang susah nak
describe. Second thing, aku boleh nampak efforts
hang yang trying your very best to make me smile

every single time.

Lama aku tunggu hang. Dia macam, crush yang
kita dah minat lama gila, lepastu patah hati sebab

crush dah ada someone special, lepastu lama tak
contact, tiba-tiba now rasa apa yang kita rasa. Gila

kan? From day 1, aku selalu doa yang baik-baik
untuk hang. And this time, aku macam..... speechless.

Betul ka ni?? Doa aku dah termakbul ka?? Even
until now, aku still rasa macam mimpi. Macam
dreams come true sebab crush notice and crush pun

rasa benda yang sama pegh AHAHAHAHAH

Pasal aku pi Shah Alam nanti:
Aku tau hang risau sangat-sangat. Honestly,
aku tak salahkan hang pun sebab hang risau
macam ni. No matter what, aku akan keep
telling you and assure you nothing will
happen, insyaAllah. Aku tak kisah nak
yakinkan hang for thousand times sekali pun
takpa. Asalkan hang convince dengan aku,
dengan kita. Aku tau how much you put trust
on me. And aku bukan easily akan betray the
trust you give. Yes, true nanti kat sana
memang banyak choices, tapi mata ni tetap
pandang hang, hati ni tetap ada hang. You and
only you. Apa yang aku boleh cakap is, kita
communicate, talk, let it out. Everything and
anything. Okay?

We will go through
this together. You
and me. Us. Trust
dah ada kan? Then
we leave the rest to


Aku tau pasal your past relationship makes you trauma with all of
the things kan. Trust me, aku takkan pernah paksa hang in doing
things that you're not comfortable with. I cannot promise yang I can
take those pains away tapi I can hold you until all your wounds are

healed. Your past made you, yourself right now. Yang lagi
matured, yang lagi rasional in deciding what is the best for you and
yourself. Kan aku cakap, aku akan stay until the end. Susah senang.

Ingat? Lagi satu, pasal LDR. Honestly, aku pun takut. Tapi aku
berserah dekat Allah & aku percaya kat hang. Hang yang bagitau
aku, hati manusia ni Allah pegang. Kita sama-sama doa okay baby?

Aku banyak kali mention yang aku tunggu hang kan? So, let it be
another 1 year or even 5 years. I am here. Faithfully waiting for you.
The proof is here. I have waited for you ever since 4-5 years back.

Back then, I am not sure of what I feel but somehow I have
confidence in you that time. Last 2 years, I confessed to you but you
were not ready that time. I was frustrated kut. Tapi, ada part of me
cakap yang, jangan give up dengan hang. So I did not. It's just that,
last year I was lost after opah takdak. And macam aku cakap, lama
aku cari kekuatan to find you back and you are here right now. You
have no idea how happy and excited I am the moment you told me
kita kawan sampai kahwin hihi. Allah ja yang tau perasaan aku bila
hang call aku right after aku texted hang haritu. Dia punya nervous

nak angkat call tu, tak boleh bawak bincang. AHAHAHAHA

Haritu hang cakap thank you kat aku kan? Now, read carefully. Thank
you sebab approach aku dulu masa zaman poli. Sebab, kalau hang tak

approach aku, taktau la aku kat mana lani and hang pun tengah
sembang dengan sapa la kan? AHAHAHAH. Thank you sebab hadir
dalam hidup aku and buat hidup aku jadi lagi colourful. You bring so
much happiness in my life. Thank you sebab rasa apa yang aku rasa.
Rasa macam nak jerit kat satu dunia weh! AHAHAHAH. OMG! Thank
you sebab jadi diri hang everytime hang dengan aku. Thank you sebab

tak pernah jemu nak layan aku. Dari dulu lagi. Thank you sebab
bersabar dengan aku, dengan perangai aku. Aduh rasa nak nangis pulak
huhu. (Cakap kat mak, thank you sebab lahirkan seketul Ammar ni k)

Last but not least, kita kawan sampai kahwin kan? Aku tunggu hang
tau. Doa banyak-banyak, k. One more, sayang ni dah lama ada untuk
hang. Perancangan Allah tu hebat kan? Allah hadirkan hang untuk
aku at this time mesti ada sebab. Dulu maybe perasaan suka ja, and
now, the feelings grow into satu feelings yang aku sendiri hardly to

explain. Senang cerita, aku sayang hang lah! AHAHAHAH

AIllastshuirnegystioluml atythhaentovtIer’lbyle sertnaodsnyd ybeyt, ybouut



I Love You <3



ISSUE NO. 10 JUNE 2022



The best lesson I've learned Every single day, I try my Right person will come on
is don't force anything. best to improve myself even the right time. I hope this
People come and go. if it is just a little bit. I try to
keep moving forward even if time is the right one.
InsyaAllah doa yang baik-
baik. I have to crawl.

Don't rush the process. If you feel like giving up, look The best gift you can give for
Allow yourself to grow at back at how far you've come. someone is du'a, because

your own pace. Stop nothing happens without the
comparing your life to what permission of Allah.

other people are doing.

We don't grow when things Prove them wrong. Stay private. Stay lowkey.
are easy. We grow when we Stay humble.

face challenges. You must always do your
best everyday, even when
Trust yourself. you are feeling defeated.

Always do your best.

Allah will make everything Once you start loving your Be patient with yourself and
beautiful at the right place, own presence, you stop trust the process. Remember
at the right time for the best
reason. Always have faith in chasing people in your life. the tortoise won the race,
not the hare.
Allah. Trust Allah.

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