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Daniel Fast 2017 2 (1)

Daniel Fast 2017 2 (1)

Day 18
Zion Calls us Higher
Psalm 63:2-4, Psalm 135:2-3, Psalm 5:7,Psalm 122:1
Psalm 42:4, Psalm 134:1-2

Day 19
Rise and Shine
Psalm 5:1-3, Isaiah 26:9, Proverb 8:17 (KJV), Exodus 34:4,
Exodus 9:13

Day 20
As unto the Lord
Colossians 3:23-24, Matthew 6:16-18

Day 21
Micah 2:13, Fasting –Mark 9:29,
The name of Jesus – Philippians 2:9-11
Tongues - Roman 8:26-27, Praise – Psalm 106:47

Service Times
Sunday School – 9:00AM
Sunday -10:30AM Worship
Tuesday 7:00PM (Corp) Prayer
Thursday 7:00PM – Empowerment Service



Deuteronomy 4:29 - But if from thence thou shalt
seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if
thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy

Pastors Kenneth and Alicia

Day 1
Joel 1:14
Calling A Fast
It is biblical that as a church the Pastor calls for a fast. It’s during this
time that collectively we repent for pride, disobedience, and rebellion.
Fasting helps us humble our souls. Humility and repentance are key
to receiving deliverance and breakthrough. To those of us that need to
return to the Lord from our backsliding; as we fast, consider what Joel
said in 2:13 the Message bible “Change your life… because God is
kind and merciful.” Humble yourself through fasting. Psalm 35:13,
Ezra 8:21, Joel 2

Day 2
Luke 4:1-2
Fasting the Way Jesus Did
Let’s be clear, when the bible speaks in terms of fasting it is referring
to food.
The scripture says for 40 days Jesus ate nothing. He was tempted by
the devil for the full forty days and the scripture states afterward he
was hungry. After referencing several other scriptures I find they
confirm that fasting is to abstain from food and drink.
We get that this is a new age and there are many different ways to
show the Lord our seriousness and our heart to seek him. However,
to use the term fasting and abstinence from food is not involved would
be an error. Without the giving up of food, the proper term for that is
denial. We should strongly consider fasting the way Jesus did to get
the results Jesus did. I do believe that God sees all that we do and
will bless us and meet us where we are, but today my friend, I think
you should know that if you aren’t giving up food in some capacity you
are not on a fast. Acts 10:30, Acts 13:2-3, Esther 4:16

Day 3
The Daniel Fast
Read Daniel 10:1-3
The Daniel fast is a 21 day fast. It is found in the book of Daniel
10:2-3. 21 days represents 3 sevens and seven represents the
number of completion.

Day 9
Proverb 19:11 (NLT)

Day 10
First Love
Revelation 2:2-4 , Meditate on Jeremiah 2:2

Day 11
Hosea 10:1, Habakkuk 2:6, Zechariah 7:6,
2 Timothy 3:2

Day 12
Areligious Spirit
Matthew 23:1-7

Day 13
Saints in Light
Colossians 1:13

Day 14
Love Manifested
Romans 5:8 (NLT)

Day 15
Deuteronomy 10:21

The Posture of Worship

Day 17
Get back into GOD
Malachi 3:7

Daily Devo*onals

Day 1
Calling a Fast
Psalm 35:13, Ezra 8:21, Joel 2

Day 2
Fasting the way Jesus Did
Acts 10:30, Acts 13:2-3, Ester 4:16

Day 3
The Daniel Fast
Daniel 10:2-3

Day 4
Matthew 3:1-2, (AMP) Matthew 14:17(AMP)

Day 5
I Peter 3:4, James 3:13,Colossians 3:12-13
Psalm 25:9

Day 6
Luke 24:26, I Peter 4:1, James 5:10, Matthew 11:12

Day 7
Proverbs 25:21, Luke 6:38

Day 8
Romans 12:3, I Peter 5:6

The Daniel fast ( Cont.)
I recently told someone that the greatest results I ever received
from a fast was when it was a 21 day Daniel fast. After this fast
was completed that which I asked for was given to me. It was
actually released before the 21 days were completed. However, I
stayed with the fast because I was enjoying what God was doing
with me during this time and also because I had made the
commitment. In Daniel chapter 10, Daniel was in need of
revelation regarding a vision he had received. After his fast was
completed his vision was explained in great detail and God let him
know He saw his humility and heard his words. You may need God
to give you a vision and show you His plan for the direction for your
life. Humbling your soul through fasting and prayer for 21 days is a
wonderful way to start your new year and to get God’s involvement
in the remainder of it. Stay focused, and rely on God to be with you
and to manifest His wisdom and His direction for your life. He will
provide any need you may have as you trust Him. PRAY FOR

Day 4
Acts 20:21 AMP
Years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend an
event that featured one of the greatest tap dancers of the day. His
name was Gregory Hines. I consider him one of the best. We
were given tickets and even a pass to meet him face to face after
the event was over. Not everyone was given this opportunity only
those that had that pass. Of course, speaking in spiritual terms,
repentance plays a vital role in giving us the ability to communicate
or get an audience with the Father. As we read 2 Chronicles
7:14-15 we can see the Father hears and responds to the person
that has repented and changed his ways. During our fast, let us
spend time repenting to God in Jesus name for our shortcomings,
our sin, our faults, our disobedience and choose to turn from those
ways. God will forgive our sin and heal our land. Matthew 3:1-2,
AMP Matthew 14:17 AMP

Day 5
James 1:21 KJV
You may be asking why would meekness be a necessary subject to
consider during a consecration? Meekness is defined as not

wanting to fight or argue. Here in James 1:21, it speaks of the spirit
in which we are to receive the word. So if I may paraphrase, it could
read “so receive without fighting or arguing the engrafted word,
which is able to save your souls. During this fast avoid two
temptations; one to fight against the word that God will be speaking
to you personally, and two to fight against your family members and

those in whom you come in contact with. Strife will ruin your fast and
cancel your petitions. Let the following scriptures share the
importance of our attitudes and our interactions with others and what
God thinks about the spirit of meekness. I Peter 3:4, James 3:13,
Col 3:12-13, Psalm 25:9


Day 6
I Peter 2:21,AMP

Fasting to some can almost be considered a form of suffering,
because dependent upon what we are fasting, our flesh could really
struggle to deny itself of its desires. Our flesh is craving the things
we have decided to deny ourselves and it will tell us that we need to

quit, stop, and perhaps even to go ahead and….“Eat it.” Because
after all, “No one will know.” Perhaps we should take this time and
consider the fact that Jesus Christ suffered more than we can ever
imagine. However, the scriptures tell us in Hebrews 2:18 AMP “For
because He Himself in His humanity has suffered being tempted,

tested, and tried, He is able immediately to run to the cry of assist,
relieve those who are being tempted, tested and tried and who
therefore are being exposed to suffering.” Denying ourselves the
pleasure of what our flesh desires may be difficult; but rather than
focusing on our temporary difficulty, think about what our sacrifice

will bring as an outcome of our endurance during these 21 days. By
all means, think about the High Priest, and remember that He is
there with us and He too has endured the difficulty of fasting.
Luke 24:26, I Peter 4:1, James 5:10, Matthew 11:12

As Unto the Lord (Cont.)

Read about it and rejoice because the same is available to us as

we fast unto the Lord.
Matthew 6:16-18

Day 21
Micah 2:13
Just for a moment think about that statement. If you've said it, or
are currently saying it, that would imply that you need a barrier,
difficulty, or hindrance destroyed in your life and you need it done
now! But let’s consider the word “breakthrough” for a moment. The
first part of that word is “break”. To break something requires a form
of violence that occurs to the point of significant damage or
destruction. The latter part of that word “through” means to move in
one side and out the other side of an opening, channel, or location.
When you say that you need a breakthrough, you are saying that
you need whatever obstacle or hindrance that is in your life to be
violently damaged to the point of destruction: so that you can move
forward to the other side of your victory. The violence that I speak
of is none other than the violence that takes place in the spiritual
realm. We become violent through faith, through prayer and
through the word. Jesus said, “the Kingdom of heaven suffers
violence…but the violent (that's you) take it by force.” You need to
take your breakthrough by force! You have a powerful arsenal of
weapons that God has given you. Here are a few more to help you
get your breakthrough. Fasting- Mark 9:29, The name of Jesus-
Phil 2:9-11, Tongues- Rom. 8:26-27, Praise-Psalm 106:47

Day 19 .
Psalms 5:1-3

Rise and shine

In years past, no matter how long I argued with myself about what

time I should get up to be with the Lord, the scriptures always were

the final authority. They always pointed to speaking with the Lord in

the morning. I believe like me, for many it’s a struggle to get up and

spend quality time with the Lord. Many of us like to sleep until the last

minute! Then we hurriedly reach for the cup of coffee and tune into

the weather channel and allow them to help us embrace the day.

That’s ok for those of us that like coffee or are planning for outdoor

activities, but while walking to get that cup of coffee talk to the Lord,

thank Him for waking you up that morning and for His love. While

observing the weather channel thank Him for his strength and for His

presence all day. After doing these things, God will meet with us and

as we seek Him he will be there for the rest of the day to protect and

guide us. Just remember, the more time spent in His presence the

more of His presence we will experience! Isaiah 26:9, Prov.

8:17(KJV), Ex. 34:4,Ex. 9:13


Day 20
Colossians 3:23-24
Saints, what we are doing cooperatively is considered by the Lord as

a personal sacrifice as well. This scripture suggests that whatever we
do we do it heartily as unto the Lord and not to men. It also lets us
know that because we are doing it unto the Lord, it is from the Lord
that we will receive our reward. Jesus spoke in Matthew 6:16-18
teaching the disciples that what they did in secret God would reward

them openly. He was speaking specifically regarding fasting. This
passage reveals the blessing of secrecy. If it is done in secret it is
between you and the Lord and you are doing it as unto the Lord.
Secrecy mentioned here represents the matter of private petitions.
But the reward we are told God will give us openly. We can share

with rejoicing the petitions we were granted and the goodness of the
Lord. Isaiah 58 discusses the rewards of fasting. As God’s
requirements were followed He would undo heavy burdens, bring
them health speedily, manifest His glory, give them continual
guidance, strengthen their bones and etc.

Day 7
Matthew 19:21
During our 21 day fast it is our endeavor to grow spiritually. As we
spend time in prayer and in the word we should look back over the 21

days and see growth. Growth that can be directly attributed to what
we GAVE of ourselves during this time. In Matthew 19:21 Jesus gave
a man the recipe to eternal life. This recipe included giving “Jesus
answered him, if you would be perfect that is have that spiritual
maturity which accompanies self –sacrificing character, go and sell
what you have and give to the poor and you will have riches in heaven

and come and be my disciple, side with my party and follow me.” Look
inside yourself beloved, if you are a person that lacks a giving nature
ask God to help make you a giver. Givers have great riches in heaven
and on earth because they also are receivers. Don’t be afraid to give
your time, resources, service, money or whatever the Lord leads you

to give. There is a blessing on the other side. Proverbs 25:21-22, Luke

Day 8
Proverbs 16:18

Fasting is a great way to rid ourselves of pride. Pride can be defined
in so many ways. But I like to think of it in terms of a form of self-
exaltation that causes self -deception that causes self -destruction.
The Message bible states in Proverbs 29:23 “Pride lands you flat on
your face; humility prepares you for honors…” then Proverbs 16:18,

“First pride, then the crash…the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.”
These scriptures warn us that to choose to lift ourselves up, promote
ourselves and think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think is
a prerequisite for hitting a brick wall that could potentially destroy us.
Let us examine ourselves today, are there any areas in our lives that

we’ve been hard nosed and irrational? Stubborn, difficult to persuade,
feeling like we are irreplaceable, and there is nobody better? Here’s
one that is a sure give away…..the rules don’t apply to us. We are
exempt from certain things because we think we are better than the
ordinary and don’t have to do what anyone says. You are walking in

pride. Pride is the sister to rebellion.

Pride (Cont.)
Read about Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-17 He is a deceiver, but he was
also deceived by his own pride. His own pride and rebellion caused
him to be kicked out of the presence of the Lord. The same pride
that deceived him will deceive you and I if we don’t humble

ourselves. Romans 12:3, I Peter 5:6

Day 9
Proverbs 19:11(NLT)
Let’s talk a moment about anger. Many Christians have
discontinued lying, cheating stealing and committing what we call

the “big ones” in their walk with the Lord. Unfortunately, they
overlook this thing called anger. So many of us for various reasons
have a hard time letting this one go. A bad temper can be attached
to something that is deep down on the inside that we have not
forgotten or got over. Maybe it was a childhood situation or a

situation in a relationship, it may be tied to church hurt. For some it
may even be generational. Please understand that anger doesn’t
always present itself in a bad temper but rather it can be something
that just eats away at your core and inner being and causes a root

of bitterness to swell in your heart. Whatever the case may be
anger isn’t something that should be overlooked, coddled, or made
excuses for. No, I encourage you to give anger to the Lord. The
bible speaks “Do not hasten in your spirit to be angry for anger
rests in the bosom of fools”. Eccl. 7:9 “Sensible people control their

anger; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.” Prov. 19:11(MSG)
Make a decision in 2017 that you will get ahold of anger and not
allow it to any longer get the best of you; ruining your relationships,
precious memories and your character as a beloved brother or
sister in the Lord. It will no longer slowly seep into your purpose or

your future and fulfill its will to steal from your life.

Day 10
Rev 2:2-4
First Love
In this scripture Jesus really puts it down and makes it plain. He
starts out by telling the churches that he has seen their works,

Praise (cont.)
After this, give Him a glorious “thank you Father! You are the only one
worthy of praise!” Let this day of your fast be a day of reflective praise
to God for the things He has already done.
Psalm 33:1, 34:1, 52:9 PRAY FOR LOST SOULS

Day 17
Malachi 3:7
Get back into God

As we are fasting, only we know individually our position and where
we are in Christ. We may not be where we used to be or really desire
to be in the Lord. Malachi 3:7 says, “Yet from the days of your fathers
you have gone away from my ordinances and have not kept them.
Return to Me and I will return to you says the Lord of hosts. “ Get

repositioned, shift and move into God this year like never before.
Read about Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:1-5. Hezekiah was confronted with
a warning that he would die. He turned his face toward the wall and
prayed to the Lord. The Lord in return gave Hezekiah an additional 15
years of life. Although we may not be in Hezekiah’s position in that

we’ve been warned that we’re are about to die; our lives may need a
new thrust, a new purpose, a new zeal. Just like the Lord turned it
around for Hezekiah, He will turn it around for us. But we must do
what Hezekiah did and cry out to God for another chance, another

opportunity to serve Him and love Him with a greater dedication.

Day 18
Psalm 63:2-4
During this time coming to church to worship should not be status quo.
What I mean is it should not be business as usual and there should be

an expectation for greater. We should come into the sanctuary
desiring to see and experience God on a higher level. As we come
bringing a sacrifice of praise a greater manifestation of God is bound
to take place. As we look for God in the sanctuary and our lips praise
and bless his name, He comes to dwell among us. “You who stand in

the house of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God, praise the
Lord for the Lord is good; sing praises to His name for it is pleasant.
Psalm 135:2-3, Psalm 5:7,Psalm 122:1, Psalm 42:4, Psalm 134:1-2

Day 14
It’s a true statement that love is action. In fact, the above mentioned,
scriptures are proof that love is action. Pay attention to the terms used
in the first two listed: 1-God showed His great love and 2- God showed
how much He loved. Romans 12:9 in the NLT version reads,“ Don’t
just pretend to love others. Really love them.” Meditate on this today
and make sure your words of love are accompanied by actions.

Day 15
Deuteronomy 10:21 NLT
I cannot think of a better way to begin the New Year other than being
thankful for the goodness of God. In fact, this scripture states “He
alone is your God and the only one who is worthy of your praise. The
one who has done these mighty miracles that you have seen with your
own eyes.” Perhaps you are desiring this year to see more
manifestations of the Lord in your circumstances and in your life. The
first thing you should consider is the great things He has already done;
the miracles He has already manifested in your life. After this, give Him
a glorious “thank you Father! You are the only one worthy of praise!”
Let this day of your fast be a day of reflective praise to God for the
things He has already done.
Psalm 33:1, 34:1, 52:9


Day 16
Psalm 95:6
The Posture of Worship
Read 2 Chr. 6:13-14, Ezra 9:5 and Daniel 6:10
While you are fasting consider your position of worship. God sees those
who kneel, lay and bow before Him.

First Love ( cont.)

has seen their works, and he comments on the good things they have
done for his name’s sake. In verse 4 however, he’s saying in spite of

all of that you’ve done I have something against you. He goes on to
say you’ve left your first love. Saints, this scripture reveals how much

Jesus wants to be the Lord of our lives. As I researched this scripture
the word left is the greek word aphiemi which means sent away like
divorcement. It means neglect, leave and disregard. The word first is
the greek word protos. It means first in time, place, rank and at the
first. I think you will agree from these that Jesus wants to be first?
The word love of course is the greek word agape which we know here

as affection and love. If I were to interpret this scripture based on the
above definitions it would read: I have something against you. You
left me, you’ve departed you show me no regard. I am no longer first
in your life, I’m not a priority with your time, where you go and with
what you do. Where is your affection and the love you once had for

me? Read Jeremiah 2:2 and meditate today on returning your
affection to the Lord.

Day 11
Hosea 10:1, Hab 2:6, Zech. 7:6, 2 Tim 3:2

As we read these scriptures, notice the commonality of the words
himself, yourself, and themselves. That’s really what selfishness is all
about. It’s about the “self” in our lives. It’s our daily me, myself and I
mentality. Think in terms of how many times you’ve heard someone
say or imply “I’m gonna get mine”! Basically what they mean is I don’t

care what happens to you in the process, I don’t care if you don’t get
yours, I don’t care what I got to do to get it, but I’m gonna get mine.
Of course, if we’re talking about a degree, or a healing or a move of
God in our lives that’s great. But most of the time it’s some selfish
desire that involves putting pressure, discomfort or possibly being

unfairness to someone to gain what we want. It involves us being the
benefactor of great things and the giver of none. Selfishness is
something that sometimes has to be pointed out by others to get us to
see it because most people will deny that they are selfish. Why is
selfishness so bad? It’s bad because we have a “selfless” savior

that died for the sins of the world.

Selfishness (cont.)
He is our example. The bible says He laid down His life for the sins of
the world. Our task is to be an imitator of God. No, we don’t lay down
our lives in that respect , but we do have to remember what Paul said
in Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not
I but Christ liveth in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by
the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.
Abolish the thought process of living to please yourself all the time.
Instead, live like Jesus, give of yourself for the benefit of others and
live a life of faith, which is the guarantee for all that you have need of.

Day 12
Matthew 23:1-7
A Religious Spirit
A religious spirit is a spirit that would rather hold on to tradition and
teaching that is not in line with the word of God than to embrace a truth
that is being revealed. The religious spirit causes people not to grow.
They refuse to. They are stubborn and believe they already know
everything. Some even don’t want to know due to their loyalty to
ancient or erroneous teaching. Perhaps not all that they have learned
is error, but they will never know because they won’t grow past it. The
religious spirit is proud and not humble, it won’t allow people to admit
they are wrong. It is like what the scripture mentions in 2 Corinthians
4:4, “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them
which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is
the image of God should shine unto them.”

As mentioned, stubbornness is a trait of the religious spirit. Along with
this a is lack of humility to embrace the fact that we are all learning and
don’t know everything. Learning means changing, which is why the
religious minded (not spiritually minded) person is usually stuck.
While you’re fasting, pray to God to be delivered from this spirit and all
that comes with it.

Day 13
Colossians 1:13
Saints in Light
One thing for sure, we are living in dark times. Darkness is all around

Saint in the Light (cont.)
You and I as believers however, are not to be woven into the darkness
of our present society and we are not to be participators in it. Why is
this? It’s because of what the Father has done according to what the
scripture says in Colossians 1:13. “who hath delivered us from the
power of darkness and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear
Son.” We are in a new kingdom now, we’ve been delivered from the
power of darkness. You see, darkness does have power, but you and I
as believers have been delivered from its power and grip on our lives.
Being in Him is life and in this life is the light of men. (John 1:4) As I
previously stated, as saints and sons we must not be of those that are
partakers and participators in the darkness, but instead we should be
walking in the light. Ephesians 5:8 instructs us to do so, For you were
once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of
light. It’s not enough to have the light, you have to walk in the light.
The Hebrew meaning for walk is to regulate ones self, to conduct ones
self, make ones way and to progress. The decision to walk in the light
is yours. Read John 1:1-12

Day 14

But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us
while we were still sinners.
Romans 5:8 NLT
God showed how much He loved us by sending His one and only Son
into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.
1 John 4:9 (NLT)
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his
John 15:13

Have you ever been in a relationship where someone was always
telling you that they loved you? I’m sure this was a wonderful feeling
and it brought a smile to your face. But how would you feel if those
proved to be only words and the person that you were in this
relationship with did not act like it or show it? After a while you would
begin to doubt the validity of their words and their sincerity. You might
even say, “Stop telling me that because you don’t mean it! “

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