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The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Volume 1, Number 1 (April 3, 1972)

The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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VoL 1, No.1 NORMAL, ILLINOIS April 3, 1972


Th� Machine, fn f� ....�p-:·.----. - �"rJO.�A��' &P& �·��
War of flock llodio in � \Blcomingon-
_,,.-. --_-
Blwmin�fon·Normal Normal:; Or��
r?OC I< DOE� J\JOT Problam Expo.;�
For 20 hours every day, 50,000 comPUTE !
watts of shit is poured into the Out here in the middle of these
air of Bloomington-Normal and the Th� POST·AME"IKAN : fields of corn and soy beans we've
surrounding cornfields. The source What are w" dcin5 hu�1 got a drug problem. Let's face it.
The number of people smoking grass
of this mind pollutant is WBNQ-FM, Will Bloomington-Normal support
its own "underground" publication? in the twin cities has got to be belo
101.5 on your dial, the Bloomington The Post-Amerikan is not certain of
Broadcasting Corporation's cultural the answer to that question, but we the national average for college towns
contribution to central Illinois. have enough confidence that the of comparable size.
WBNQ is not yer ordinary mediocre answer is "yes" to begin a community
radio station, however. Switch on newspaper which will be published on The figures for ISU students
your radio, tune it in, and listen a biweekly basis, even during the· are somewhat encouraging. One semi­
for a while (keeping a bag handy summer. Our number one goal is to formal poll showed that about one­
in case you're moved to barf). Now, be a community newspaper, to serve third of ISU's inmates turn on. This
dig this. There ain't no DJ spinning the people, to be of service to the is a low percentage compared to the
the discs you're listening to. And cbmmunity and bring it together. national averages, however, and the
not a single human soul is talking The paper is not meant to be any figures for �vesleyan and the local
individual's or group's ego-trip. high(?) schools are probably much
to you. WBNQ is a machine--a bunch We welcome for consideration anything worse. Bloomington-Normal's drug
problem is real: not enough people
of tape players, switching devices, you might wish to publfsh. And we here are getting stoned on grass.

and wires. That's right, baby, WBNQ welcome your suggestions as to how The solution to this problem
we ·could be of greater service to is simple, but it's up to you. Help
is a fucking computer! the people of this community. solve Bloomington-Normal's drug
WBNQ's electronic wonder stands Previous attempts to publish
in the way of rock radio in Blooming­ THAT'S ONE SMALL TOKE FOR A MAN
ton-Normal. While the youth of this a people's paper in Bloomington­
community go without the stereo-FM (OR WOMAN), ONE GIANT HIGH FOR
progressive rock station which they Normal have probably heen premature.
desire, WBNQ's computer pours out MANKIND.
its banal arid mediocre music to a The time now seems ripe. Seize the
nearly non-existent listenership The New Republic for 3-18-72 (p.20)
time�{as our beloved El Presidente reports that whenever former
(CGnt. p· ;).) Senator Eugene McCarthy is asked
recently said, quoting a well-known by college audiences what he thinks
NEW TWO gun). The anti-Laird demonstration about the legalization of marijuana,
(see page 3) was the most together McCarthy replies that they "ought
POINT PEACE thing we have yet done and should to put a warning on the package."

PROPOSAL put an end to the notion that Right on, Gene!

Atlanta's Great Speckled Bird has nothing's ever going to happen in
recently put forth the following the middle of these cornfields (fu­
two-point proposal for bringing ture grasslands for mid-America!).
peace to Indochina:
Champaign-Urbana has a paper; so
(1) The United States uncon­
does Macomb, as do DeKalh and
ditionally surrender to the
Democratic Republic of North Carbondale. Danville has a paper,
and even Terre Haute. Bloomington-
(2) The Democratic Republic of (eoJL't ..
{ o.::;).)
North Vietnam supervise new
elections in the pnited States
to ensure freedom and democracy.

This proposal should be given
serious consideration. It's
as realistic as any proposal
suggested by the Amerikan

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