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The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Volume 1, Number 6 (July 1972)

The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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�ors i


� �_ "Well I'd just like to know l ie s,

just why the hell Peoples' Fopd didn t

have lemons this week"? "I mean like I

could get sick with rickets or slcemuornvaydoe.�.
somethin if I don't drink that

"Lis'.ten Bruce, you have definitely
caught a flaw in this week's order, but
due to the lack of computer like tech­
nology and bureaucratic type of organ­
ization, we had a slip-up. We ought to
"git-er" next week though. Those two
dozen navel oranges you bought, with
some free sunshine will probably cover
your malnutrition for a week anyway."

Put two big frying pans on the stove. In ,..

This conversation was recorded one of them cut up one-inch pieces of whatever ;drippings and meat in there and pour in a can of
last Friday evening over a dinner of meat you have, or pieces of eggplant, and some straight cream of mushroom s Sti.r that up,
"Egg Foo Yung" at a home in Bloomington. oup.
U.S.A. All of it was fro m PEOPLES'FOOD.
oil. Turn it on low. In the other frying pan, and add one and a half·teaspoons or cubes of
Peoples' Food has come up with a
put some butter and some oil and cut up your beef bouillion and a teaspoon of sugar and soy
very interesting way for �e�ple to
deal directly with the "rising cost People's Food mushrooms and onions .in there and sauce. Keep tasting it .and adding_}>e�f b oullio�
of food". If you buy food at a lower turn those o n low. Now sit down with all .your _and soy sauce until it tas tes the way you like
price with the Peoples' Food Co- People's Food vegetables: lettuce, cabbage, Check to see if the veg e -
operative, then there wi.ll be a cut .in peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, celery, etc.· green- your Chinese food.
the "rising food costs". I know a man Cut
and woman with three kids who say they tables are hot (don't c o o k them till they're
'limp), and if they are you can pour all the s tuff
spend at least $20 less a month on these up into a colander, the proportion depending in the meat pan on top of the vegetables and
on what you like and what you have. On top of
food than they did before Peoples' stir it up and sinuner the two together for
·Food got started. those you can put one or two cans of chow mein five plates and s about
vegetables or beansprouts, depending on how much out. minutes while you get the tuff
Somewhere in here you should have made
you want to spend (vegetables are about 39¢ a an effort to cook some rice , or get s omeone
can and beansprouts are about to do it for you, so the sukiyaki can be s erved
25¢ a can). Now

rpuutn· cold water over all of this, drain it, and ,over rice.
it in with the mushrooms and onions to heat

If you want to check us out fur­ it up. Turning to the meat pan, leave the

ther, pick up an order form at one of HAW4Y.\JPKIL..� C,.IMMEA 5u({£: l oo: A
P11:cf 11 LE."'ITUCE .'
the following places: NEWMAN CENTER, J.._EA Fy UEGrETA BLE,
501 s. Main in Normal; 405 W. Market

in Bloomington; or at our office,

114. 1/2 North st. in Normal. G�t

�an order form and call in your or er

Tues. nights between 5-8 pm. at either

452-9221 or 452-9111. We'll have

lemons too I ! !


[email protected]� lfo�

J UL'f 1� 7:0()


This issue cost yoµ ten cents. ( ?) "But why?• black and white and quite together to freke
energy against insanity and Mark, Dave,,
oh why?," you cdreymo.craBtuirceacuacrp�ittailc.ismamnoangemaebneta,n Phil, Denny, BSherman, the Willers, Alfie,
Dick Nix, and Schmagles and family, Arlo, Steve, Peg, Paul
and Jeri, the Cox's, Dan and Sue, aay Waters,
eater budget are why so high. Bizo, and Harlan.

Inspiration for this issue brought to you by
Richard P. Daley, Jesus Freaks, Smack, wonder bread,
staff pregnancy, the Miller Park bomb blast, old
age, _the demofrantic convention,

and Zap one.

(Dedicated to and thanx to Robert Crumb, for ex­ Our offl.ce is your office and is lo cated at
clusive plagarist rites.) 114 1/ 2 North St. in Normal (829-9221); home,
of hope, and left armpit of this fi�e nation.
Got information? (Whatever) Send it here.

"The waters in Illinois rivers green, very green corn plants, away prarie dirt and glac ier-sand (Huge, ghosting among the
each some farmer's pride, and luland Sea limeston·e and Car­ cottonwood, the owl· calmly flees
and streams are unfit for drink­ stretch hungrily upward toward boniferous fossil-fuels to the the shrieking black furies of
the invisible stars and the· fantastically ancient ski{!. of et.ernity.)
ing under any circumstances • • • " •hypervisible ultraviolet gift the third rock from the sun,
from Father Sol. leaving and filling in a geologist's The crocodile was us, a
"The current varies from 1.5 grave-trench. How old is a river? red reptilian river-swinuner, with
miles per hour during periods of A four-foot snake skin, the two pine mosasaur paddles dipping
normal water levels to 4.0 miles inverted corpse of a previous life, attnhidneewmnitelm'losriyltotoafulsw-aanyapsvreidlmr,aatieenv-edtonhmebinecayotonen:dd'.' irregularly, downstream, down­
per hour where the water is high. coiled silently in a dark glove stream, looking for the far away
The bottom of the river is muddy compartment. planet? Wil.l the Spoon see when it's in your own backyard,
in most places, but extensive the next Reich of parrots, or Dorothy. But you can't stop,
areas are dovered with sand or Losing one tennis shoe and octopi or some yet unexpressed
gravel. The banks are usually leaving the other behind to possibility of maleable proto-· the current is �oo flltil , and over
steep, and undercutting has oc­ become uniformly barefoot, lest plasm? your shoulder the place you just
curred in many places. About my father fear for his throne passed is fading as if it were
60 per cent of the distance is (his life already being forfeit). Echoes. never real. Paased, past, passed,
forested, with the rest of the past. Look around and ahead,
area open and gra.Ssed. The yPlucked out of the helm b a It was a Gauges, a Limpopo; but you're blind, anyway, but
stream is noted for the catfish troops of invisible monkeys trying is the thing.
taken from the deeper pools of mindless finger of grey•dead clambered chattering over the
the river, usually during May wood, to hang laughing in cool branching bridges while bright The bank was so steep it
and June . • • " brown earth-blood. birds screamed at a postmaster took three of us to drag our
from Calcutta on his way to dead red mosasaur out of the
from Illinois Canoeing Guide, Sky-brightenings far away, relatives in Bengal (the word Spoon. The band shell would.
Illinois Department of Conser­ as God momentarily looks for rips apart conflicting visions have been perfect for banjo-picking
vation. something he forgot, and tiny of Rudyard and Mujib), an immense and fiddle, and the stone by a
rumblings far back in lowe,st con­ grey-green snake slept off heap of covered steel read:
Driving west of Peoria on sciousness, lost among the nearer last week's meal of fawn. Vikings
150, through small towns where crickets and stream giggles. rowed into an unknown forest, the IN MEMORY OF IBE OLD GRIST
the stars and stripes fly all greatest the world had seen-- MILL
weekend and certain houses flash Arise? Definitely itchy legs from the Atlantic to the Mississ­
loveceaft-like visions of ancient and a restrictive rubberized poncho. ippi. A Portugee diamond miner BUILT ON.1HE BANK OF SPOON
and incredible family histories, paddled down river, watthing the
through sununer-lush forests that behind pools for piranha, and absently RIVER 128 FEET WEST AND 88 FEET
I never knew existed, but must Expecting a crocodile dissolved into English Bwaua,
have-been there for centuries, Bow-wave wash only him look for beginning Nile in NORIB OF IBIS SITE BY JAMES EGGERS
heart of darkest Illinois. By IN 1846. IBIS TRACT OF LAND WAS ·­
judging by the girths of some of The river was a highway thy views gently flowing, Illinois, PATENTED BY JAMES SHREEVES SEPTEM­
neglected but in good repair, the Illinois. Violet, robin red­
the aged oaks that swell with excess bounty of the long-gone breast, and oak (have they decided BER 14, 1835, AND BOUGHT BY MR.
tremendous strength in the late short grass prarie, a dream of which oak?) EGGERS FEBRUARY 10, 1844. IBE
afternoon shade. Through humid the Gulf, where water-vapor · MILL WAS TORN DOWN IN 1905. THIS
valleys where perfectly dream­ wafts Wodin-ward and porpoises And the game! The �oon and
like horses graze below the suckle, greasy eyes vaguely deer and rabbit, squrrel and MARKER ERECTED IN 1940 BY THE
mansions of the nouveau-riche, _remembering rubbery ichthysaur musk�at, beaver and snapper, CITIZENS OF LONDON MILLS AND VI­
hurtling through invisible clouds demes that ranged over the mud­ ch�el cat, mussels (the CINITY.
of alfalfa-scent, while sporadic covered coal-seams that the Spoon vanishing cougar and bear and
bolts of Ben Franklin instantan­ now cuts and strews over sand bars. wild cat),--.._the skunk and mallard The man at the Conoco station
eously weld together the in­ A twis�ing ribbon now bores and mu&hen, pheasant and quail, . was refilling the Coke machine so
congruously ominous cwnuli on through the schoals of a green bull frogs and foxes I The life-I we had one while we waited for the
the sun-splahed horizon, occasional false-ocean in Illinois, grinding car, and I guess the Spoon is
fat drops of sweet heaven-tears ti.IS flowing 128 feet west and 88 feet
dampening the pregnant wheat north of the marker right now,
heads in their-golden seas. Out unless the bed has shifted again.
among the fields, where billions of

From an ex-editor's desk: call us. If you agree, call us. DS l1ave nw�a� at
It certainly is inane to welcome Better yet, come to our next meeting, CHMCOAG $ 3
July 23, 7:00, at 114.and a half �1£ClCOLOO $5 �s1-WJ ; or ""1rit� ·
everybody back, because nobody's been North St (452-9221.) Everybody is
anywhere, but the paper has been gone needed. Claudia &onion
through so many changes it almost Rl\1, blm5t.
seems as if we had. Oh yeah. We don't know what
:the TRUIB is, but if we find out, House: need two students for
This issue is the first one �e promise to print it. sumem r/50$/month utilities,
comprised by new and outside people, car space included.
a larger group than before. Hope­ Ed E. Tarr One blk from campus
fully it is better rounded. We hope
to keep it so. Interested -- 408 W. Locust

Some changes. The masthead is Normal
different. So is the price. (The
group, as a whole, decided that the What Violations?

paper, realizing a value system that

equates inexpense with inferiority,

would be better assured of an Ride needed for two to Boulder/
attentive audience that wouldn't just Denver Colorado going and
returning for the first or first
pick up a copy, never read it, and two weeks this September.
just throw it away.) National and \\Till share the cost of gas.

relevent news will be coming from now• Call Cher 452-59�3

on to us through the Liberation News
Service, which we will print as much

of as possible. (Presently, there is

a consensus that local stuff should

- have priority.) For all red baiters

in the readership, there will be a

regular column by the Coxes.

BSherman's journalism coluinn, Economic inflation isn't the only rise the
after one and a half false starts,
is being discontinued, because, he Nixon administration has seen fit to stimulate�­
says, of other projects. Anybody who
wants to see a journalism column in there are other interesting nwnber games being
played all the time.

this paper should write one and send One of these is the draft lottery. Anybody
it over to our office. who remembers back to the beginning of the year
(a longer attention span than politicians
That's it. As a paper, we hope rely on) will recall that the Nixon Secret Plan
to continue onward, with a specific for Peace (now in its fourth big year) was,·
schecule in the Fall, printing along with the withdrawals, proceeding so smoothly
material from all spectrums of the th,a,.t draft calls wo.uldn't extend beyondSO.
Left. Too often� the establishment Later, when that number was lopming rather close
press and opportunistic politicians after the three month vacation, the estimate
make a point of ignoring the many
differences, turning George McGovern was upped to 75. Now, with 75 reached in June,
in the twist of a speech into a
"radical." the nwnber has skipped to 100,

We hope the paper works to And the year's only half over. (With draft
.combat that sort of conception, calling for only three months.)

(unless you're the sort of person

who equates disagreement with any of Not to appear sarcastic or something, but

this country's asylum policies with somehow one gets the impression that our ad­

sure sign that one's a Communist, ministrat'ion is full of shit, that they are
in which case you're beyond hope.) lying to us. Perhaps the .Secret Plan is so

secret that Nixon doesn't want to spoil it by

If you disagree with anything, trying it out. .(Then everybody wi11 know.)

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